Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 18

Published: 29 Jan 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

In the morning we just did our usual thing and blew each other in the shower. We dried off and Dan put my cologne on then started to sniff me and kiss my nipples.

I said, "Dan we gotta go have breakfast, you must be famished."

With that comment he dropped what he was doing and said,

"What are we having?"

"Oh poached eggs on toast with bacon and hollandaise sauce."

"Yummy let's go and get it started."

He was out of the bathroom and had the pots on the stove in a flash.

We talked more on Armani's offer so I signed the contract.

"I will post it back to them when I go to the shops. I have work at twelve, we will finish at about six Dan, I can wait for you in the bar or go back to the apartment."

"Okay Codes can you meet me? The coach is downgrading the training sessions he doesn't want any injuries so close to the first match, then I have a date with a surfer dude."

"No you don't Dan."

"Eh?" he looked at me.

I said, "The surfer dude lives at the beach house, he might just meet you there Sunday night."

"Aww Codes don't do this to me."

"Dan I'm running out of outfits I have to go shopping for some more."

He laughed and said he kinda missed his Cody and he wouldn't mind if he turned up again for a few days.

I went to the shopping centre and bought some stamps, went to the bank to deposit my cheque then window shopped. I saw Larry and April there, we had coffee and a small cake together, they were holding hands all the time.

She was blushing.

I asked, "Have I missed something?"

"No" she said, "Larry was telling me about your eye for fashion and I was wondering."

I put my hand up and said,

"Come with me have I got the perfect outfit for you."

She kissed Larry and said.

"Do you want to come?"

He said he would just have another coffee and wait for us. I took her into my favourite boutique, we had a lot of fun, she got two complete outfits and they were awesome, she was so excited.

"I never thought I would wear these colours but you're right, they are gorgeous on me."

"Hey" I said, "In the future you come to me I'm now a freelance designer for Armani so I'm in the know."

I told her about the offer and she freaked.

"Wait till I tell the girls."

We went back to meet Larry and said our goodbyes. Driving home I was struck with an angry thought. Wrangler shoot, fucking Dan he distracted me, I did a u turn and headed for the photographers. Dan was just coming out of the dressing room and he looked fucking hot, his hair had been cut, straightened and spiked, wow it suited him soo bad.

He spotted me and got the naughty boy look happening.

I said, "Dan how nice to see you here."

He didn't know what to say.

"Oh hi Codes glad you came."

I said, "Cut the crap big boy I heard the surfy dude has retired to Hawaii and the school kid has gone back to his mate's little dicks."

He laughed and said,

"I'm sorry Squirt you had left by the time I realised I had forgotten this shoot."

"Phone Dan phone."

I wiggled my mobile at him.

"Sorry Squirt I didn't think."

"Your hair looks awesome Dan I really like it, it suits you."

"Okay Squirt you can do it like this anytime."

"Can I?"

I looked at him with an overdone surprised look. He was called, the shoot was magic, Dan was magic, the clothes were just beautiful. I took in every stitch, every cut and committed the styles to memory. The little stylist just gushed all over him; I noticed he had a slight limp. Dan started to look uncomfortable and was talking to him; he looked at me then continued his job.

After I asked Dan what was happening? He said he got sick of the suggestive comments in the change room. Then he wanted to take me to a party tonight.

So he said,

"Enough Rory thank you for your help and the new look but see that guy over there the one with the mean look, well he's my master and he's not happy with you at the moment so leave off or he will call his dogs onto you".

I laughed my head off; Dan changed and was thanked by everyone.

I slid over to Rory and said,

"You did an awesome job with Dan's hair Rory you're a brilliant stylist."

He nervously thanked me. I whispered,

"There's someone out there for you kid but I'm sorry it's not Dan."

He smiled at me and said,

"I know, I just get so lonely sometimes I take big risks with guys, because of my limp, guys find me repulsive sometimes."

I said,

"I doubt that kid, chill he won't be far away, with your looks you won't be on the shelf for long, no need to rush."

Dan came up and said,

"Thank you for your help again Rory and thanks for the styling."

He beamed as we left, I wondered if he had any friends and I was a bit curious about his limp, mental note to introduce him to Adam my hairdresser, I think maybe they could suit each other if not be friends. I went back and got his card.

We drove home, changed then Dan drove us to the club, he wanted to do some weights and I had to get this convention over with. I told Annie about my offer and I had accepted it.

She was chuffed and said, "You would be so awesome doing that job Codes I'm so pleased for you."

"Well they gave me ten grand just for a drawing I did at lunchtime. I'm so happy Annie I could burst."

She said, "At last Codes I hope all the dramas in your life are over now."

The convention was a bit sombre it was a big world hunger relief company; they had the usual speeches, some kids there from Somalia, talked in perfect English. It was heartfelt and sobering and the night was a success. I said my goodnights to Annie and added see you Thursday arvo. She waved as she went home. Annie didn't drink so she never went into the boy's bar after work, she served drunks from morning so by the end of the day she was pooped.

I made it to the bar, everyone was there, I got the usual hey Squirt how you going slaps. Most of them knew about the beach house by now and were asking about it, I said wait till Dan's twenty first and you can all come for the day, if the weather's nice you can use my very large ocean to swim in.

I spotted my mates and asked if they wanted anything, got the order and went to the bar. I got myself a wine for a change, hugged April and complimented her on her outfit. Nodded to Luke and Jamie and sat next to Dan.

"How was your day Dan?"

He looked at me and said, "Well some surfer dude wanted to do a dance for me, I strutted my stuff in front of a camera, a little guy did my hair and wanted to take me partying."

Then he laughed and said, "My master turned up and destroyed all his fantasies. Then I hit the gym did some weights got a boner thinking about my surfer dude now I've got a headache. Did I forget anything Squirt?"

"Yes Dan," Luke shouted, "You forgot to put your collar and chain back on."

He looked at me in shock. "Squirt! Help!"

"Fuck I love your family Daniel Lawrence."

We all started laughing.

Larry said, "Are you sure you don't have a twin Squirt?"

I said, "No fucking way Larry two of us would drive you insane in no time at all." Dan just shook his head and smiled.

"How's your headache now Dan?" I said.

"Better thanks Codes. Luke stop smiling, your teeth look like they are rotting."

Another round of laughter, Luke went his usual scarlet shade. Jamie went and got drinks; he opened his legs and shook his bum. It drove Luke crazy he leapt up and grabbed Jamie by the arm and said, "Drink up James we are going home."

They couldn't say their goodbyes fast enough, then out the door, I'm guessing they stopped on the way they wouldn't have made it home by the looks of them.

When we got home their car was there, I guess they are staying the night. We could hear some grunting from the bedroom. "Fuck Codes they have been at it for an hour or more."

"What do you want to eat Dan?"

"You Codes."

I cooked and as I was placing the curry on the table the boys came out, they sat down and when Jamie did, he moaned.

"Feeling a bit worn out Jamie?" said Dan.

"Not really Dan but my ass is a bit sore."

"Rub a little hand lotion on it, that's what I always do." Dan replied.

He wiggled his eyebrows and looked at me,another round of laughter. I knew Jamie was joking, Luke had told me Jamie had tried to screw him but as soon as Jamie's knob popped in he came. He liked that but it hurt so they didn't try again. I gave him the three fingers talk.

Thursday and Friday nights are early to bed, no drinking and definitely no sex, just three rules for Dan to comply with before the opening game, he had to turn up around noon for the one o'clock game. I thought it would be a good idea to have an afternoon at the beach house Thursday afternoon; just a few friends, no alcohol and early to bed. I also invited Adam and Rory I was hoping at least they could become friends. Just a chill out day, I would have asked mum but she was in London doing some business. Oh god not London, one day I will have to sit and have a good talk with her.

Everybody arrived on time, it was a sunny day and Annie and Joe were just in awe, they just sat on the porch and watched the view. Larry and April were astounded and Adam and Rory sat on mats on the beach. They were talking shop; Rory kept playing with his hair, showing Adam new styles he had invented.

We had set the outside table and I served soft drinks and coffee. Luke and I set the nibbles and drinks on ice out on a trestle and Dan and Matt cooked the barbecue. When it was ready, the nibbles disappeared and salads, bread rolls and meat appeared.

"Help yourself guys, grab a plate." Dan said.

They all loaded up and we all sat and had a leisurely brunch. Two things happened that day. We were all full of food and the guys started talking football. Luke and Jamie went for a paddle in the sea so April and I went for a walk down the beach. I got the impression she wanted to talk.

She said, "Cody can I ask you something?"

"Yes of course babe what's up?

"Well you know Larry, I really like him, he's so funny and he has a good heart but he's always asking me for sex especially when he's had a few too many."

"Yeah okay continue." I said.

"Well Cody I haven't got any experience I'm sort of a virgin still. I really, really like him but I'm not ready for that yet, not that I don't think about it. But I want it to be special, not with some drunk in the backseat of the car. If I give Larry what he wants do you think he will still want to date me? I've heard some horrible stories from my friends so I'm thinking I might just cool it with him and find someone else but I really don't want to.

"Okay April." I said, "Larry likes you a lot, he's used to getting just about everything he wants and yes he's played the field. If you give him what he wants so early in your relationship you become like the other girls, he eventually won't respect you and you will learn to resent him. Can you leave it to me April? I think Larry is missing something here and I would like to point a few things out to him.

"Okay Cody, that would be great but please don't tell him I was talking about it."

"My lips are sealed April." I hugged her and we walked back to the boys. I looked over at Adam and Rory. Adam was hugging him and it looked like he was crying. I didn't want to intrude so thought I would ask Adam later. My boys were chilling on the veranda.

Eventually I got Larry on his own.

I said, "Larry, April's a great girl it looks like you like each other a lot."

"I sure do Squirt I think she's awesome."

"Yeah I kinda like her too she's solid girlfriend material." I said.

"I can't wait to get her between the sheets Cody." he said.

I replied, "Fuck Larry you're shallow and as thick as a brick sometimes, is that all there is to her?"

"No of course there's so much more."

"Well don't talk about her like she's a whore Larry, you don't know yet but she could be the one and think how you would feel if you fell in love with her and maybe got married, you would feel awful sharing that shit with your mates. I reckon you missed something with her mate, I in my wisdom reckon she's just out of school, focused and I would say she is still a virgin. I would bet this house on it, she didn't get this far from being stupid."

"Oh sorry Squirt, bad choice of words mate."

"It's okay mate, I just wouldn't like you to have any regrets that's all. Take it slowly, she just might surprise you and be your one and only." I advised him.

"Okay Codes point taken, as I said I really like her and I have asked her for sex but I felt really crap after I did."

"Don't sweat it Larry I'm sure everything will be cool."

We went back to the table where James and Luke and Adam and Rory had joined the others, Annie and Joe had to leave earlier due to some family do. April was sitting on the beach while John and Matt were butched up, so was James.

Larry said to me, "Fuck Squirt they aren't like this all the time are they?"

I said, "Who?"

"These two queers and the young fairy making goo-goo eyes at Lukey."

Their jaws dropped.

"Well" Larry continued, "I thought when you're away from the club you would relax, hold hands, go for long walks on the beach or knit booties that kinda thing but you haven't even held hands today."

"What are you fucking talking about Larry?" said John.

"Well you two have been dating forever, Jamie is totally in love with Dan's brother. Dan and Squirt I already know about. So give up guys we all know about you both."

"You all know?" Matt said with a surprised look on his face.

"Yeah we worked you two out about six months ago, no sweat guys we have your backs, like you have ours on the field relax."He added.

"Hey James why don't you take Luke home and show him your etchings or something you've been drooling on him all day."

Another round of laughter.

Adam and Rory had said their goodbyes an hour ago and I was right, both their eyes were red. Rory pulled me aside and thanked me for inviting him.

I said, " Rory if you ever feel alone just ring me and come on up to the house there's no need for you to be by yourself, Dan and I would love your company."

He said, "Thanks Cody, Adam and I are going home to get changed then he is going to take me to my first gay club." he added, "Adam's just so nice we talked home and work all afternoon, he wants me to teach him some of my fancier cuts. Thank you Cody for not hating me."

"Never Rory, I know Dan's hard to resist but he is mine."

"I'm sorry Codes, he's really not my type but I get so lonely."

"Have a good night and play safe." I said. We kissed and they left.

"Okay my work is done." Larry said. "I'll go get my love and make tracks, I'll see you all tomorrow."

John and Matt were still gaping; he closed their mouths as he walked by. He went and sat with April for about twenty minutes and they looked like they were deep in conversation.

They kissed deeply and returned. April winked at me and mouthed,

"Thank you."

I said, "Your welcome."

They said their goodbyes, Luke and Jamie disappeared and John and Matt helped clean up, they were staying the night.

"I can't believe they all know about us we have been so careful."Said Matt.

I said, "Well they know but it's only the seniors that do."

"He told Dan the guys knew a few weeks ago, so you and your runt can relax now."

"Fuck you Codes." said John.

We watched a movie then went to bed. Dan and I had another awesome lovemaking session. I know no sex before the game but after watching Dan all day I was hot for it.

Friday I finally caught up with some work, I sat in the den and planned my attack. I sketched an idea that had been running around my head for ages, hipster evening pants with a fake lace up fly, an invisible zipper and snap on the side, satin stripe down the legs, an almost bolero style evening jacket with the same lace up on the cuffs.

I teamed it with a white skin tight v necked tee shirt and a large Armani belt buckle. I had Dan in mind when I continued to sketch this outfit maybe I will get it made up for him if Armani doesn't like it.

The next one was much the same but just exposed button up fly again with short sleeved White V neck tee; a perfectly normal sixties styled jacket but the jacket had latch type highlights on the sleeve cuffs. I know I am focusing on the crotch department and my favourite hipsters but hey it's so now, this one is for James.

I finally did the detail sketches; there were ten separate sketches of each design right down to the buckle. I left the designs on the kitchen table as I wanted the guys' opinions on them. They all loved them, Luke went ape shit over the button set. He said it would look gorgeous on Jamie. I gave him a smile, "Who did you think I had in mind when I designed that one,

I know an excellent tailor Luke I'll write his address down."

He said, "Do you think Armani would mind?"

"Just think of it as free advertising."

I put them in a large envelope and posted them off.

No training tonight, early to bed. Season opening game tomorrow and Dan and Jamie were pumped and ready to go. I was excited and couldn't wait to watch it and Luke was worrying Jamie might get hurt.

"Are you sure Jamie, maybe your not ready, this is your first senior game don't you want more time to think about it?"

"Oh for fucks sake Luke leave him alone he's got all of the guys on his side, nothing's going to happen to him. It's his first senior game he won't be on the ground for more than the first quarter." Dan said.

Jamie and I were cracking up at Luke, he's so sweet.

"Hey Doc you can nurse him if he breaks his fingernails." I said.

He glared at me and said, "Fuck off Cody."

That started another round of laughter.

"Jesus your like mum Luke." Dan roared.

"At least she cares Dan, don't you go and get Jamie hurt, you look after him on that ground brother or I will drop you."

More laughing.

"Fuck I love this family." I said.

"Are you all ready to go to the farm Sunday Luke?"

"Yes nothing much to pack, Jamie's a bit nervous though."

"Well he shouldn't be, your parents are gorgeous. Why don't we go too Dan? It's not far from here; we could stay the night and check on your mum. We could come home early Mondayand maybe you can show me that lower cow paddock again."

"Okay Codes I was just thinking about that but thought my surfy dude friend might turn up Sunday night, I guess he's around somewhere."

"Don't worry about him Dan I rang him he's coming down for a swim Tuesday afternoon."

Jamie and Luke looked at us like we were mad.

I said, "Tell you later boys."

Dan just rolled his eyes.

The game was great, Dan managed three goals and surprise, Jamie one. I only had eyes for Dan he was a powerhouse on the oval, nobody messed with him but Matty and Larry they were the engine that ran this team. I sat with April, Luke, Annie and Joe. Joe was a quiet person he didn't say much but at the footy he was an animal, he kept high fiving me and Luke, his whole demeanour changed.

Jamie had the ball ready to kick his goal and some redneck up the back shouted,

"Break a leg ya pansy."

Luke shouted, "Why don't you asshole?"

Jamie let fly, "Yes, yes, yes". Luke screamed, "Take that dickhead."

He gave the guy the finger. The insults went back and forth all through the game it was so funny, Luke was loving it, Joe just didn't hear it and April and Annie were pissing themselves laughing.

We had a great time our boys won by a big margin but when we were leaving the nasty guy slapped Luke on the back and said,

"Thanks mate I had a great time today even though we lost."

It would be another hour before the boys showered, debriefed, and preened. We went up to the bar, it was crowded we had to push through the fans to get a drink, god they are going to have to extend if this keeps up. I got the drinks and April had found an empty table. There was just the three of us as Annie and Joe went on home, Joe wanted to catch the replay on TV.

Dan, Jamie and Larry joined us later, they had been held up by kids wanting autographs. Matt and John were still there and they came in ten minutes later. "Bloody hell" Johnno said, "I gotta get out of here It's too crowded." I suggested we go to the beach house and chill so we all set off for the short journey home. Dan poured drinks and I got the nibbles out as everyone basked in the sunshine and took it all in.

Dan and the boys were on a high from their win. They chatted about the game and patted each other on the back, then for the umpteenth time sang the club song.

Larry said, "How was that goal you kicked Jamie first game, first goal, fantastic mate."

"Well it was just luck Larry. Dan was defending me, pushing players out of the way, tripping, elbowing, slapping them in the face just so I didn't get my butt hurt, I got the ball somehow and fluked it."

Luke just seethed and said, "Jamie come for a walk now, we need to talk."

Everyone fell about laughing at what Jamie said. My guess was they were going up to the quiet end of the beach to make out.

April was paddling in the sea so I went and talked to her.

She said, "Thank you, he's backed off Cody I feel safer now, I know he won't hurt me but I'm just not ready."

"That's good April I'm pleased, if you had of given in it might have been a different story but knowing Larry maybe not, he's already hooked on you, it shows in his face."

She smiled, Larry was coming so she said, "My gentle giant comes, want to collect shells Larry?"

"Awesome haven't done that since i was a kid."

He had a goofy grin on his face.

Dan and I just walked to my crying rock, we sat and looked at the sea for awhile then we paddled in the water. He kissed me; we got naked in the water and had a great time just being together.

"You were awesome today Dan I had a boner all day watching you it was hard to follow the game."

He said, "I knew you were watching me I could feel you, I did get one but it threw me off my game. Isn't this a magic place Codes I'm so happy here, are you?"

I said, "Yes Dan very happy I want to grow old here with you it's so peaceful. Who would have thought four months ago, I had nothing, Dan not even enough money for hair gel and now I have everything."

He said, "You deserve it Codes your one of the most beautiful, intelligent people I know and that's apart from the fact I adore you so much. He leaned in and kissed me gently, sucking on my lower lip, licking my neck and sucking my nipples."

We stopped there, I hated salt water and sand and he knew it. We went back and everyone was ready to go. Luke and Jamie went downstairs and Dan and I cuddled on the swing chair and talked about the future.

"How are your designs going Codes?"

"Good Dan I've done twenty so far but I'm only going to send them off two at a time."

"Why squirt?"

"Well that way I can have some in reserve in case something happens and I can't do any I can just send the reserves in."

"Okay sounds good to me, can I see them?"

"Sure Dan."

I went and got the folio and he looked through it. He just went quiet.

"These are amazing Codes they are all soo good. Why don't you give Armani the flick and do your own label, I could model them, Jamie and Luke could too. You could open a shop in that big mall you like and the orders will start pouring in."

"I don't know if I'm ready for that Dan but your idea is good, I'll just think on it for awhile."

"Take your time baby. Do you want to shower now I'm so stiff and sore?"

"Well I guess I'll have to give you a massage Dan."

He was up and in the shower within seconds. We showered and dried each other I put large towels on the bed and grabbed some oil. Dan lay on his tummy and I straddled him, I poured the oil on his back and started massaging his powerful shoulders and arms, he groaned,

I said, "Too hard Dan?"

He said, "No Codes, it's wonderful."

"I thought the club masseuse did you after the game?"

He said, "No Codes I wanted you to do it, he's not as good looking as you Codes."

I rubbed down his back and spent a lot of time between the shoulder blades with both hands. I did the sides then I slipped down the bed ignoring his ass to do his legs, the lower muscles were tight so I kneaded them till they loosened up. Then moved to his thighs as I slid my hands up near his ass I stuck my thumbs out and they hit his ample ball sac with each stroke.

He was moaning with pleasure. I moved to his tight bum cheek put more oil down the crack and kneaded his buns touching his balls in the process, my finger started to slip in his hole and he spread his legs wide, I fingered him till he said, "Stop Codes I'm gonna cum."

I said, "Flip over."

Then I started on his chest, shoulders and abs, he was as hard as rock. I did his legs all the while hitting his balls. I left his cock till last then I oiled it up and gently sat down on it as I kept up with the shoulder and arm rub. He came within minutes. I got a wash cloth from the bathroom and started to wash the oil off him, he was just laying there in stunned silence.

He pulled me up and kissed me gently then pulled me further and sucked on me till I came. Wow another mind-blowing orgasm, I was cumin and relaxing with each spurt, I ended up leaning on the bedhead breathing heavily, exhausted.

We cleaned up and spooned, he said,


"Yes Dan?"

"Thank you for loving me so much."

"Dan" I replied,

"That's a very easy thing for me to do."

"But Codes you're so much better than me, I'm just a footy jock but you're an awesome designer."

"Well Dan I don't see it that way, your an elite athlete come top model come total babe, you're the most caring considerate man I know. I'm just a good sketcher who can organise parties."

"Oh goodnight Codes."

"Goodnight Dan."


"Codes you still awake?"

"Yes Dan."

"You missed something."

"What Dan."

"I'm a great fuck."

"Go to sleep Dan, goodnight Dan, I love you."

"I love you too Cody goodnight."

It was early morning when Dan and Jamie had to go to the players meeting to recap the game and to plan next week's game. The one after will be held interstate and we will fly down with the boys and stay at the same hotel on the Friday night. Dan and Jamie arrived home at noon and we departed for the farm soon after. It didn't take long to get there and Mrs L would have a roast waiting for us when we arrived.

She grabbed me and kissed me.

"Squirt I've missed you. And who is this gorgeous young man?"

"Boy he's tall, you sure you can handle him Luke?"

Luke said, "Mum, dad, Mike this is Jamie, and mum stop it."

She hugged him and Rob shook his hand, "Welcome to the family James."

Mike hugged him and kissed his cheek, he said, "Come inside brother have I got some photos for you."

"Mike!!" yelled Luke, "Go away."

Mike ignored him and leant into Jamie's neck and said,

"Jamie come to my room I want to show you my etchings, I have a great speedo photo I can show you."

"Mike, leave him alone."

We were all just pissing our selves laughing.

Mrs L said, "Oh sorry James your in the barn, that way."

"What? No mum you already did that joke with Cody, James stays with me."

"Oh" she said holding James other arm.

"Luke's no fun, are you sure you picked the right twin dear?"

"Mum! Come on James we are going home."

I grabbed Luke and shouted,

"I love your f… friggin family Luke, you crack me up."

Luke pushed Mike out of the way and started laughing.

Rob said, "Welcome to the mad house James, I hope you survive it."

Lunch was great, I didn't stuff myself but got two take aways for tomorrow before Luke did.

"Mum, Squirt took all the leftovers, where's ours?"

"In the fridge Luke, stop wingeing, god James how do you put up with that all day?"

She added.

James was so confused he just said,

"Well what do I do Mrs Lawrence?"

"I would have picked the other twin he's less whiney in the morning." she said with laughter, tears running down her cheeks.

Another round of laughter then Rob clinked his glass.

"Charge up boys and girls, a toast to Luke and Jamie our newest son-in-law, Anna and I are so blessed. Skull."

The photos came out and all we could hear was Luke's whiney voice.

"Mum, don't show that one and mum please not that one."

(Oh no, that's no surprise, no bunny rug photos, been there done that.)

"Check Luke's back pocket Jamie." I said.

He put his hand into Luke's pocket and found them.

"Jamie please, don't look at them."Luke whined.

Just then Mike came back and shoved his famous Speedo photo at Jamie.

"Here look what your missing Jamie, if you want I can do a private show just for you."

"Dad can you take Mike out to the barn and give him a whipping?"said Luke.

"No son I can't but Jamie might."

He wiggled his eyebrows, my god I love this friggin family, I slapped Dan on the back.

"Wanna check out the barn Codes?" He said.

"No thanks Dan."

"Why not Squirt?"

"Because I hate straw in my butt crack."

My ribs ached from laughing at Dan's face.

Mrs L said, "Me too Squirt."

"Mum eww" said Luke.

"Well where did you think you and Mike were conceived Luke, down the lower paddock?"

"Eww, don't say that in front of Jamie he's a good boy."

Luke held his hands to Jamie's ears. Jamie was laughing hysterically by this time; he had tears running down his face.

He turned to Luke and said,

"Luke show me the way to the barn."

Mike popped up and said.

"I will."

"No you flipping won't Michael Lawrence."

"Come on Jamie I'll show you." Luke said.

They ran out the back door. We didn't see them for two hours.

We eventually settled down. Mrs L and I just sat in the kitchen while the boys watched the game rerun.

She said, "Squirt did you and Dan get it all sorted?"

"All sorted Mum, Dan and I are happier than ever, you know I would never deliberately hurt him Mum and he would never hurt me. I love him so much, it hurts."

Just then Dan moved over to me. (He had been at the doorway listening, how much he heard I don't know). He took my hand and said, "Lets go look at the moon Squirt."

We sat on the back verandah and kissed forever just looking at the stars and moon.

"You okay baby?"

"Yes Dan your mum was just asking me if everything was sorted."

"Oh Codes, I love you so much I am giving you a present to prove it."

He pulled me to him.

"What Dan? "

"All these billions and billions of stars, they are all yours. My clouds suddenly disappeared that night."

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