Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 19

Published: 5 Feb 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

At breakfast mum said,

"Now tell me about the house."

We prattled on about the house and how happy we are there, I suggested they should come and stay the night, there are some beautiful sunrises. She promised maybe in another three weeks, your dad wants to watch a game so we will come soon.

Mike said, "Hey Luke can I stay in your and Jamie's room you know I get scared of the dark."

Jamie said, "Hey cool, my fantasy, twins."

"No bloody way Michael, I will take care of you James when we get home. Twins indeed, we don't look anything like each other, you could stay with Squirt and Dan tied up to the porch all night with a bowl of water."Luke Replied.

Mike dropped his lip and woofed, another round of laughter.

Dan hadn't let me go all night and was still holding my hand at the table, I felt complete. We all talked about my new job and Luke's uni studies, he is blitzing it as he has read so many medical books and journals over the years he's ahead of his classmates. Before we left I saw Dan on the back verandah talking to his mum, I didn't disturb them. I just packed up and threw everything in the boot, I went to the kitchen and got my takeaway, we would zap it and have it for lunch.

"Okay boys all aboard" Jamie said (he had driven us up). We hugged and kissed each other, Mike grabbed Jamie's ass. He yelped, Luke grabbed Mike and kicked his butt.

"That's enough Mike; I sometimes think you're bipolar."

We drove out onto the freeway and headed home still laughing at Mike, he's such a treasure. I hope he finds a beautiful girlfriend soon, maybe I can ask April.

I hadn't forgotten about Adam and Rory, I was quite busy and my hair did need attention. I made an appointment and the next day I headed for the mall. Adam greeted me and sat me in the chair, he brought me up to date on Rory, they had hit it off but not in a sexual way.

He told me they had become good friends and often went out clubbing and had lunches together. Rory isn't lonely anymore and full of life.

"As long as he's being careful Adam."

"Oh he's being careful Cody I sorted him out on that one."

"Didn't I notice you both hugging and maybe getting teary on the beach that day?"

"Oh yes Codes he was telling me how he got his limp, please don't ask me, he swore me to secrecy, it's not a nice story Codes. In fact whenever I think on it I get very teary and angry."

"Okay Adam we all have secrets, I won't push you maybe Rory will tell me one day."

"Well good, now can you sort this out and then sell me one of those blonde wigs, I want you to cut it in a certain style.

"Okay do I want to know why?"

I filled him in, he was happy to do it.

My hair was cut a little shorter than normal so I could do a flip all round almost flat top but I can do spike also. I felt fabulous; a quick call into Mr Zimmerman's workshop to have some things made up then to the local surf shop for some more stuff.

I wanted to be ready when Dan came home from the club meeting. It should finish at about one and he would be home by one thirty. I set everything up on the beach behind a rock and waited. I then put the scruffy wig on; a cap turned sideways would hold it, painted some freckles on my nose, put on my speedos and my new oversized board shorts and singlet. The surfboard I had rented was just perfect.

I saw Dan drive in and I could just see him moving in the sunroom, he came out to the porch and sat there playing with his phone, my mobile began to ring. I turned it off and grabbed my board I started to walk with my head down toward the house.

"Hey mister", I said in my best little surfer dude voice.

"Hey dude."

"Hey mister can I get a glass of water from you?"

"Sure kid I'll get it."

He handed me a glass of water, I was still looking down but I lifted my head and screwed my face up and said,

"Mister, can you surf?"

"Sure kid", he said.

"Mister, can you show me how to lay properly on this board?"

"Sure, bring it up on the porch."

"Thanks mister."

He showed me how to lie on the board.

He said, "Now you have to move your arms like this."

"Show me mister."

He straddled my hips I could feel his rock hard cock by my ass. He grabbed my hands and showed me the proper stroke.

I said, "My shorts are too big mister, my mom got the wrong size, can I take them off because they're in the way."

Dan said, "If you stay there I will do it for you."

"Okay mister."

He grabbed the legs of my shorts and pulled them off me. He just drooled over my new tight speedos. I heard him gasp then swallow.

"Mister, do you think you can show me that stroke again but lay on my back so I don't fall off?"

"Sure kid, he had his face in the shaggy wig."

Fuck he was hard.

"Mister can you do what Robbie does to me and move around a bit with your hips, he does it all the time he thinks it makes him feel good."

Dan complied and started to grind into me.

"Does it make you feel good mister?"

"Sure does surfer dude."

"I am slipping off the board do you mind taking my togs down so I can get more grip."

"Okay no problem."

Dan slipped them off and there I was surfer dude naked. He lay down again and started grinding on me.

"Gee mister your cock is big."

I said, "Mister, do you want to fuck this little surfer dude?"

"Oh fuck yes Codes, sorry surfer dude."

"Well I got some oil so can you use that cause Robbie's small and you are big, don't hurt me mister."

"I won't."

He greased up and slid into me after a few pumps he was groaning, moaning and swearing.

"Fuck Cody I fucking can't hang on sorry surfer dude, I've gotta cum."

"That's okay mister, can you ram it into me I like that and can you cum in me, I like that too mister."

Fuck I'm good, Dan came buckets and I came also, it was a hot day and a hot scene.

Dan rolled off me and was breathing heavily. I got up while his eyes were closed picked my board up and scurried around the side of the house. I redressed in hipster shorts and shirt wiped my face and stashed everything in the linen closet.

I grabbed two drinks and went out to the front porch and sat down at the table, Dan was still playing with his nipple and rubbing his cock.

He looked up andI said, "Did you see that kid with the surfboard running down the beach,

I wonder what he wanted."

Dan jumped up and took his drink, he was buggered. He kissed me and said,

"Fuck you're good Cody you are awesome."

"Dan I just got in, what's been going on?"

He leaned over and touched my nose.

He said, "You missed a freckle."

We snuggled in and he just wouldn't stop talking about it.

He said, "You had me when I pulled your boardies off, I was on the verge of coming then. Codes there was so much pre-cum I really didn't have to use the oil"

"Im glad you liked him Dan, he's a cutie."

"Sure fucking was Codes, sure was. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck me he yelled, do it again Squirt fuck."

"What are you talking about Dan? What do you want for dinner?"

"Not now", he cried, "Please not now."

"Maybe later he might come back and climb through the window in the middle of the night."

"Ow!" was all Dan could say.

We warmed up the leftovers and had dinner on the porch. I noticed Dan only had water, thinking back a few days he hasn't touched a beer, I asked him why.

"Oh Codes I just want to settle down on the beers especially here. I don't think I'll miss it too much, maybe one or two at the club but not here. It's just so perfect and I don't want to miss any of it by getting drunk."

"I see", I said. "Dan!" I shouted.

"What's wrong Squirt?"

"Dan you're not getting a paunch are you?"

"Fuck off Squirt", we roared with laughter.

The boys came in looking exhausted; they also had their leftovers in hand. Jamie had a beer while Luke had a wine." Are you off out tonight kids?"

"Nah nowhere to go."

"You don't like the gay clubs?" I said.

"Nah" said Jamie, "I told my parents I would stay clear of the mainstream gay scene, I've got enough gay friends at the moment and I don't need the hangovers, bruised butt and drag queens hanging all over me. My footy career is taking off so I need to be unseen; you know what I'm talking about Dan."

"Sure do but I've got all I ever wanted here", he held my hand and kissed it.

"But Dan, what was that surfer dude doing here when I walked in and you were on the porch naked?"

"Oh he just called by for a glass of water Squirt." Luke and Jamie both said, "Yeah we know, you'll tell us later."

Surfer dude didn't arrive that night but Cody Mitchell in his new speedos did and gave Dan an awesome performance, Dan got a blow job and I got one in return.


"Yes Dan."

"That was awesome today thank you."

"That's okay Dan, surfer dude's pleasure."


"Codes, if you want to go to a gay club I'll go with you."

"Only if you want Dan but I really don't like them."

"Okay Codes, I don't really want to get into that scene, goodnight Codes."

"Goodnight Dan"....


"Yes Dan."

"Do you know any sailor dudes?"

"No Dan, good night, I love you".

"Goodnight Codes, I love you too".

The morning was great; Dan was still worked up from yesterday so we had a good time in the shower. Luke and Jamie arrived for breakfast, they could cook their own but I decided we should have at least one meal a day with them otherwise we wouldn't see them as much; they are both studying so hard. Jamie looked a little off colour so I asked if anything was wrong, he just said he was tired.

"He's worrying about his family coming here tomorrow." Luke said. "They rang last night."

"I'm sure they will be okay Jamie." I said.

"Luke, are you going to entertain up here?"

"I did suggest we cook up here but Jamie wants to use our apartment."

"They won't stay that long Codes, they have work at four o clock." Jamie said.

I could see he was struggling with something, when it hit me I felt both insulted and sorry for him. I said, "I understand Jamie, it's a pity Dan and I won't be here to meet them."

He looked up at me.

"We have an appointment with our accountant."

"We do?" said Dan.

"Yes Dan, I was going to tell you about it last night but it must have slipped my mind."

"Oh okay Codes."

"Maybe next time Jamie."

He looked at me and said, "Maybe Codes."

I could see the utter despair in his eyes, maybe he will tell me about it later. When they left Dan said, "What was that all about Codes?"

"What was what all about?"

"Nuthin." he answered.

We sat on the porch watching dark clouds roll in. I guess this is the start of a beautiful storm, I could see the rain in the distance. Dan was very quiet, he seemed to be mulling over something.

He said, "What time is our appointment Codes?"

I said, "Eleven thirty, then we can do our shopping."

"I might cancel it, then we will be free to get it all out of the way."

He just glared at me, then said, "So very disappointing Squirt."

He arose from his chair and went inside. I felt bloody awful so I followed him; he was too quick for me. He ran down the stairs I took off after him I could hear him shouting at Luke and Jamie.

"If you ever treat Cody like that again I will break every bone in your body you pricks."

He hadn't laid a hand on Jamie but was in his and Luke's faces."

"This is Cody's and my house; how fucking dare you treat us that way. If your fucking parents don't think they can cope with us then there's the phone, they are not welcome here you pieces of shit."

Luke was trying to calm Dan down; I grabbed his arm and said.

"Dan its okay, I understand."

"No! You don't fucking understand, you do everything to make these pricks feel welcome, you give them free rent, you even feed them and they treat you like shit and then ho, ho, ho the crowning fucking glory, you fucking dare to look me in the fucking eye and bareface lie to me."

He started tearing up.

"Dan, I was going to tell you after, Dan please let it go."

"Now you asshole, get on that phone and tell your prick relations they can't come, they are not welcome in our house."

Jamie was bolted to the spot, Luke was crying.

"Dan stop it, stop it." Luke cried.

"Fuck you Luke; I thought you had more brains than this. How could you of all people treat Cody like this?"

Then he turned to me and said, "And how fucking dare you", he glared at me.

He stood and then went upstairs.

"I'm sorry boys, I didn't say anything to him, he worked it out."

"We know Codes", James said.

"I'm sorry Codes, my parents understand to a point but they barely just accept Luke and me. I didn't mean to be so obvious; I wouldn't hurt you and Dan for the world."

"I know Jamie, I really do understand."

"My parents are old school Italians, my brother was coming with them and he's pretty much the same Codes, it makes our situation just that much harder."

"Don't worry about it Jamie, Luke. I'll talk to him, leave the phone call for now, I did lie to him but I think he's more hurt about other things than some luncheon."

I went upstairs, no Dan, I looked up the beach and spotted him jogging. I went and changed to my shorts and runners then ran after him. I finally got to the rocks and spotted him behind my crying one. I thought about leaving him to it but I couldn't leave him there.

I sat down next to him. He was trying not to weep; I put my arm around him.

And said, "Get it out Dan, I'm here get it out."

He wept for a further few minutes then looked at me.

He said, "I'm so sorry Cody, so fucking sorry, what you went through must have been hell compared to what I'm feeling at the moment."

"I had to do what I did Dan, I couldn't take anymore. I'm sorry Dan I didn't take into account the effect it would have on you. What the boys did today wasn't the brightest thing to do either; they should have come to us."

"But I do understand why they did it."

"I understand too Squirt, it's the way they went about it that hurts, they insulted you and fucking disappointed me."

"I told you I wouldn't treat you that way ever again and I won't have anyone, and I mean anyone else treat you like that Squirt. My own family can't trust us enough to come and explain the situation. I don't mind giving them some space but shit Codes this is too much."

I'm sorry I lied to you Dan, I thought we could talk later."

"I'm sorry too Squirt." he said.

"I didn't mean to accuse you in front of them but I had to get my point across. I knew you would tell me later, you couldn't keep that lie to yourself."

"God Dan I love you so much."

"Me too Codes, never leave me."

"I won't Dan, besides if I did surfy dude would come back to keep you company, he would wear you out."

We walked back to the house arm in arm. Luke met us on the porch, he apologised to me and Dan. He said he had no idea what was going on, he's had a talk with Jamie and he will ring his parents later at the shop, in fact he had insisted he do just that.

"Cody you know I wouldn't treat you like that."

I hugged him and said, "I know you wouldn't Luke."

Dan said, "I'll be back in a minute."

Luke went to go with him; I took his arm and said,

"Leave them Luke they are both hurting."

I don't know what was said but everyone had calmed down. We all sat on the porch with the rain pouring around us, thunder and lightning danced in the distance. Luke and I had made dinner while Jamie talked to Dan.

Dan said, "What would you like to do tomorrow Squirt?"

"Well I was thinking Sea World Dan."

"So was I Squirt, we can feed the dolphins."

Luke whined, "Oh I wanna come."

"Stop whining Luke or I'll call mum and dad and tell them you're no longer a virgin."


Jamie did apologise, he just said he felt awful and was stuck between loyalty to his parents and love for me.

"Jamie I understand about Italian families, your dad's word is law and you can't go against it. He's done well accepting you and my guess is Luke's a work in progress. I accept your apology but please come to us first, we love you too you know."

I gave him a big hug.

"Thank you Codes."

We had a great day out, it's been awhile since I was there, Sea World is amazing. We stayed on the Gold Coast for dinner at a swanky restaurant, KFC; then made out in a truck stop halfway home. When we got there all was quiet, I will see the boys in the morning, it was still raining but nice. Dan and I snuggled up but no sex tonight, we were exhausted from our big day out, I just played with his balls and cock as I nestled into his neck.

The next morning Luke said Jamie's parents didn't come, they cancelled at the last minute. Jamie was very upset; he agreed with Dan that maybe his parents didn't accept him and Luke at all.

The next day I had to go into town to collect my orders from Mr Zimmerman's workroom.

He had done a fantastic job so I paid him and left three more designs with him. When I arrived home Dan had gone to training so I stored the gifts till they were needed. Also, I had to ring Jaques; I made coffee and sat on the porch.

"Oh Mr Cody I'm glad to hear your voice, we are very excited with your designs they are spectacular."

"Thank you Jaques, I'm very flattered are you arriving tomorrow?"

"Yes Cody I want to see them."

"Well these ones are for my boys, but I am guessing if Armani wants the designs they won't mind if the boys wear them before the collection comes out, free advertising is always good."

No, no Cody you are quite correct."

"Okay I'll wait for a very special night and get the guys to wear the designs. So I will see you at one for brunch tomorrow."

Okay Mr Cody I'll see you then, with my photographer and stylist."

I then rang April and confirmed brunch with her tomorrow, not telling her my plan. She was looking forward to it. I came up with the idea three weeks ago and ran it past Jaques, he was very excited. I was pleased Luke had kept his hair straight and no one had appointments. I cooked a special dinner for tonight.

Dan and Jamie arrived home while Luke was helping set the table. He put my grandparent's best china and my crystal out, candles and all the trimmings and the table looked stunning, my mum will be arriving soon.

"What's this all about Codes?" Luke said.

"I'm not telling til everyone is here Luke, so no questions."

Dan and Jamie were having a coffee on the porch, my mum arrived and I got everyone seated, poured the wine and served entrees.

The meal was a huge success, everyone was talking, laughing and in high spirits, so while Luke served the coffee I went and got the five brightly wrapped boxes and put them on the coffee table.

"What are they Squirt?" Dan asked.

"Sort of presents Dan."

I handed them out to each one of them leaving April's on the table.

"Before you open them I want to make an announcement. Armani liked my two designs so much, you have already seen them Dan, Luke, James."

"Yes Codes we loved them", said James.

"Well Armani bought them."

"Oh that's awesome, friggin awesome", Dan added.

"There's more Dan."

"Oh okay Codes go ahead." He winked.

"Well they asked me to design their Australian summer collection with the guarantee that some of the designs will be seen in Milan at their summer Euro launching parades."

Everyone went wild, I got hugs and kisses, my mum was crying and Dan gave me a loving kiss. Luke found some champagne and glasses and they toasted me. More hugs.

My mum said, "I told you it's in your genes."

"Okay" I clapped "there's more."

"More?" They said.

"Yes more, in your boxes are outfits I've designed and had made up for you all. Dan you have the lace up suit." I winked.

"Jamie you have the button up one, Luke you have my new zippered one and mum you have a special black satin pant suit."

"Wow Cody how wonderful, can I see it darling?"

"Not yet there's more. Tomorrow at one I want you all here for brunch, Jaques, a stylist and a photographer are coming. I want you all to model your outfits for him and have photos taken around the house, just natural posing I think he has in mind. The last box is a surprise for April. Now I would like you all to change into them and check the fit I'm sure they will be perfect except your's Jamie. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. Well I couldn't figure out whether you hung to the right or left so I did a lot of crotch watching, I apologise."

He went bright red.

"No I didn't, just having a lend of you, god you're so easy to bait."

I clapped him on the cheeks and roared with laughter.

"Now go scoot I want to see my designs come alive. Go play dress-ups."

Mum was just speechless as I turned to her and said,

"Got ya."

She smiled and replied,

'That you did son."

"Scoot." I said.

Mum was first out, she looked divine and she was so in love with the style. She said, "Cody you are amazing, I love you more and more every day this outfit is stunning and fits perfectly."

"I'm glad you like it mum, I designed it for you, only you mum."

"Thank you darling."

Jamie and Luke arrived next; they were out of this world. I had designed a grey sateen suit for Luke with a silver zipper exposed fly and a small silver heart hanging from it. The double breasted jacket is done up by a hidden zipper, also a tiny heart hung from it. The hearts I had inscribed with, "Never give up", with his long blonde hair he looked beautiful.

Jamie had my button up creation, it fit like a glove and I was in awe of these boys. I had to sit down, I started getting teary, I never thought my life would come to this; they crowded around me and hugged me.

Dan kissed me on the head, he blew us all away and we couldn't stop touching him, the lightweight suit was perfection. I took some photos just for us as a family. We had more coffee and said our goodnights. Luke just stared at me.

He whispered, "Thank you Codes, I feel awesome, are the buttons easy to manage?"

I said back. "Well I designed Jamie's suit with you in mind and I designed your's especially for you, if you look at yourself in the mirror you can see the doctor influence."

"Fuck Codes you're awesome, I just fucking love it."

"It's yours Luke, I love you", I smiled.

They all left and it was just Dan and me. I looked at him forever; he was a walking wet dream.

He said, "Codes I'm so proud of you."

He started tearing up, "I just don't deserve you Codes, you are so much better than me."

I took him by the hands and kissed them then said,

"I can draw Dan, I can't play football, I can't model to perfection and I wouldn't exist without your love and strength."

"Now let me show you why I designed this suit especially for you."

I turned the iPod on, our song playing and we slow danced. Dan smothered me with kisses and I responded bykneelingdown, I undid his belt and pulled the zip down on the side and gave him the most sensual blow job ever. Dan came buckets and nearly toppled to the floor with his spasms. We locked up and went to bed; Dan did me forever, it was almost like he wanted to consume me. I came plenty and Dan lapped it up.


"Yes Dan?"

"Where do you get your ideas from?"

"They're in my head Dan; your suit was designed specifically for you, the bolero styled jacket was designed because of your strength, you have the strength of a bull, nothing can get in your way, you are so strong you rise above adversity and stamp out the oppressor. Your strength is your shield. It is the shield to your loving soft heart and your love for your fellow man. The laces are what hold you all together, they are the fibres of your being they are strong and will never break. The belt is your solid commitment to whatever you do and your Achilles heel at the same time but it can only be undone by your true love, who knows where the secret opening is hidden. The white V neck represents your pure heart and soul."

"Oh Cody that's beautiful, thank you."

"Well Dan if you really look at the others you will see what I see, why I designed them specifically for them. When I design I always think of the person not the actual design. Does that make sense Dan?"

"Perfect sense Codes, perfect."

"Codes can you explain the others or is it too personal?"

"Well Dan Jamie's is a straight jacket, it represents his families hold over him and his inability to break free, his pants were designed for the long way he has come, the buttons say I'm nearly free. His high neck t-shirt also means pure at heart and innocents. See Dan I saw that in Jamie weeks ago when he was with Luke in the bathroom at the club. I had initially read him wrong, what I thought I saw was ego, but I was wrong it was his desperation to break free of his shackles."

"Luke's is grey; the unknown cloud he walks under the big zipper will free him from that cloud. If you look closely his jacket looks like a doctor's jacket telling him he will lose the cloud eventually. His suit says don't ever give up."

"Mums is different it says freedom, freedom of the pain of dad's death, elegance for her stature, she is one of the most elegant women I know, flowing for her free spirit and gold tee for her never ending generosity. These things I see in people Dan maybe it's the keen eye, maybe it's my heart but I draw what I see."

"And April?"

"Well April's was different, I don't know her that well but I am drawn to her. Her skirt is knee length that says I'm not easy, her jacket says I'm strong and will achieve my goals; her white blouse says purity and fragility. She has a belt that says only one man will unlock me."

"God I love you Cody Mitchell what did I ever do to deserve you."

"You loved me Dan, you saved me, you made me feel beautiful and you shared your strength with me. I shudder to think where I would have been today if you had never come into my life Dan. You have done so much for me my only regret is I can't love you any more than I do already."

"Goodnight Codes I love you so much."

"Goodnight my Dan I love you more."

We all had breakfast on the porch. It turned out to be a beautiful day, the sun shone in our eyes. Dan lowered the see through screens. I asked Luke if he managed the buttons, he just nodded and smiled. We all prepared a smorgasbord luncheon, mum had arrived then April then Jaques who had three men in tow, two stylists and a photographer.

He screamed and said,

"Mr Cory, Mr Dan this place is amazing, your furniture is exquisite my god Phillip get some pictures."

They were all over the house and beach. We didn't see them again till lunch was served.

April said.

"What's going on?"

I took her by the hand and sat her on the couch.

"That is Jaques the top stylist from Armani."

"Oh my god," She exclaimed.

I told her about the photo shoot, she just sat there stunned as I picked up her box and handed it to her. I said,"This is your outfit I want you in the photo shoot."

She was shaking with happiness.

"This will be something to show the girls. Maybe Armani will use some of the photos in their ads." I told her.

"That would be so ace," She replied,

"Thank you for thinking of me Cody."

I did tell her what the outfit represented and she was gobsmacked.

"You described me to a tee Cody, how do you know these things?"

"I don't ignore the people around me April, I observe them and I get my inspiration from the way they are inside, not their looks. Not that I think you are not a beautiful young woman April, there is so much more inside you that I see."

It took all afternoon to take the right photos, Phillip must have taken hundreds. The stylists did an awesome job on everyone; April looked gorgeous in her outfit. She and my mum got on like a house on fire. My favourite was mum and April surrounded by my boys sitting on the porch. Jamie was sitting on the steps just looking out to sea he looked the odd one out, when Dan and I were looking at the photo later.I said to him, "Have a good look at where Luke's looking, it turned out Luke's eyes were firmly fixated on Jamie, there was a small look of concern in them."

He could see it, he saw what I saw. Dan looked at me and smiled,

"I see it now." He whispered.

"Does he know about the suit?"

I said I would tell them later.

"Better still you can tell them Dan, I would love you to."

As everybody packed up I handed out some old fashioned wood hangers.

"No wire ones please, I want to wait for a very special occasion for us all to get together in them again."

In the boot of my car was another package but that is for my other mum. That night I threw rocks at my bedroom bifolds, Dan was in bed reading and when he got up and opened them, surfer dude was there.

"Hey mister can I come in, I've been surfing all day and I'm cold?"

Instant boner and we made love for the next two hours, Dan was absolutely exhausted.

"Goodnight surfer dude, I love you Codes."

"Good night mister, thank you for fucking my tight ass again, I love you."

The days went by and there weren't any major hassles. My boys won the next two games, I had handed out Dan's birthday invitations. The big day arrived so did my other family. We all went to the game and I managed to get a corporate box that wasn't being used so we all had a great time. Jamie was sent off at half time but came back on in the fourth quarter.

He managed to kick two points, one goal. Dan kicked five goals. The crowd went crazy. After the game we all headed home to prepare for Dan's twenty first the next day. We were having it catered for, a lamb and beef spit and the caterers would be here early to set up tables on the beach. Dan and his dad had done the esky's loaded with champagne and beer. Matt, Luke and Mike did the decorating, set up the volleyball net and generally ran around cleaning.

I stacked the towels and placed three big bottles of sunscreen on the porch. I really didn't have a clue who was turning up, maybe a hundred but I catered for two hundred. It had got to the stage people were verbally accepting or declining the invite so I gave up, so much for my organised plans.

We had invited Jamie's parents and brother but didn't get a reply so I figured they wouldn't come, much to my disappointment for James. The crowd started to arrive at eleven in the morning; we had everything ready to go. It was a great day and the water was very inviting. Mrs L and mum manned the kitchen, warming up trays of food to be handed out, April and her friend Debs helped pass them around. It was a very informal day, some kids were building sandcastles, some of my boys were playing volleyball, I could watch them all day, some in boardies some in Speedos.

Dan settled for the boardies. Luke and I decided to have some fun; we changed into our speedos wrapped towels around our waists and walked down to the beach, as we got near the game we dropped the towels and walked through the middle. Suddenly the wolf whistles, the oh gods and the "Squirt! Luke! What the fuck?" from Jamie and Dan. They raced over to us and tried to get us to change but we resisted and went for a swim .They stood on the beach looking at each other so they dropped their boardies and upstaged us, fucking two very hot dudes were posing for us, my god, Luke and I were off, chasing them all over the place.

I caught Dan and begged him to put his shorts back on but he just looked at me and said,

"Well it's like this Squirt, where are your shorts?"

I said, "I'll go get them now Dan."

He smiled and said he and Jamie knew what we were up to so anticipated it. All was as it should be within three minutes.

Later I noticed Jamie talking to a guy I hadn't met. I turned to Luke and said,


He said, "Yes Gino, he just turned up. Jamie's trying to make him feel welcome."

I could see the similarities although Jamie was more buff looking.

Luke grabbed my arm and started walking me over, he introduced me to him, he wasn't the friendliest guy I've met but pleasant. I went to find Dan; he was at a table eating a roast beef roll.

"Hey Codes, this is such an awesome day, thank you so much."

"You're welcome Dan."

"I think everyone's enjoying it Dan, no problems so far ready for cake and presents?"

He blushed and said, "Codes do I have to?"

I said, "Yes you do."

It was all set up on the verandah, the cake was awesome with a big "happy twenty first birthday Dan" written on top. Rob gave a beautiful speech, it was heartfelt and funny. I said a few words then so did Larry. Mike tried but was booed off by the family. April had introduced him to Debs andthey went back to their conversation, April grabbed my hand and said,

"Is that what you had in mind Codes?

I said, "Perfect April."

She added that Debs was from the country and missed it but had got a job in the city and she wasn't happy. "I think we are going to see more of her Codes she kinda likes Mike."

"Great April, I can see that already." They were holding hands.

"Good choice Squirt and April"

Mrs L said in passing, she was handing out cake. We burst out laughing, nothing gets past this woman.

Dan got a lot of really nice presents so I went to the spare room and rounded up mine. I had another one but this one I had to get outside. I walked the little puppy out onto the porch and quietly slipped the leash into Dan's hand.

"Happy Birthday Dan."

He fell to his knees and kissed the little mutt all over; I think it was love at first sight.

"What's his name Codes?"

"Don't know yet Dan he's yours so you have to name him."

"Oh Maxie I love you, thank you Squirt where did you find him?"

"At the shelter Dan, he's three months old but I'm sorry there are no papers or anything I just wanted to rescue him."

"Good job lover he's beautiful." Dan spent the rest of the day passing Maxie around like a proud parent.

I was sitting with Larry and April people watching. She said,

"What's the other present Codes?"

I said. "I designed a ring for Dan set with diamonds I hope he likes it."

Larry blew us away again with his next comment.

He said. "Babe we should get Squirt to design our wedding rings."

April's jaw dropped he looked at her and said,

"Don't be so surprised April, you know we are meant to be together the more I see you the more I love you."

She said. "Okay Larry."

He replied, "I take it that's your version of a yes is it?"

She looked embarrassed and said, "Yes, yes Larry."

When she went to the toilet to fix the streaming tears on her face, Larry leaned over and said,

"Thank you Squirt I now know what you meant by no regrets I do love her deeply and yes she's the one."

I said, "I saw it that day Larry that's why I spoke with you she's your perfect match."

He did say, "Well Squirt you were my first choice but Dan got in the way and you don't have a brother so I'm happy to be straight for the rest of my life."

We chuckled together then April came back and said. "Sandcastles Larry?"

"Awesome." He Replied.

I went to the bathroom then thought I would go check out what Dan was doing, last I saw him he was headed up the side of the house. I opened the back door and was confronted with a very upset Luke and James. Dan was screaming at someone in the car park, he had Gino in his grip who had a shocked look on his face. Dan was screaming, "Don't ever come here again and tell your fucking stupid parents to stay away from my family, now get the fuck off my property."

He pushed him in the back towards his car; Gino gunned the engine and sped off. "What's going on here can someone tell me?"

Dan looked at me and smiled,

"All sorted Squirt."

He left me there gaping while he took the boys downstairs to their flat.

I followed in his wake, when I got through the door he was talking to them very calmly.

"Now boys this is the way we play it. Jamie you ring your father and tell him you quit. If you feel the need to make pizza I will help you open a shop. If you don't, Squirt and I will also set up a trust for you. If you continue with the modelling you can make big bucks though no more bikini shots."

James just nodded yes, Luke was tearing up. He ruffled both their hair and said sporting another killer smile, "Now kids wash up and let's have some cake and ice cream."

"Dan! What the fuck is going on?"

"Tell you later Squirt." He said.

Luke just started to laugh and James joined him.

I followed Dan out, I nagged him forever but all he said was.

"It's sorted Squirt."

I gave up and returned to the kitchen where they were heaping cake, ice cream and chocolate sauce all over, They grinned at me then took off like naughty schoolboys to the porch. Guests were leaving and the clean up was starting. Mike and Debs never left each other's sides. When it came to say goodbye I spied them kissing by the new dog kennel, Maxie was fast asleep.

We all sat on the porch, Jamie and Luke had gone for a walk, mum and Dan's family had departed, he said to me.

"Thank you so much Codes, I'll never forget this birthday."

I just said, "My pleasure Dan, now give."

"Well I heard an argument in the car park while I was putting Maxie to bed. Gino was shouting at Jamie and Luke calling them faggots, pooftas and such, he also said James should turn back to his parents and god and leave this heathen fag. He said momma and poppa are very disappointed in him and he should beg their forgiveness. He called Luke some filthy names and started to drag Jamie after him. Jamie got clear and when I came over I just said, "Little brothers go inside I've got this one sorted."

"Jamie's parents had sent Gino here to fetch him home so he can ask their forgiveness, what a crock of shit. It should be the other way around so I let him know that too and to also tell them Jamie's got more faith in god in his little finger than they have in their whole miserable lives. The rest you know Squirt."

When the boys came back I asked Jamie if he was comfortable with what had happened. He just said he wasn't going to change, he loved Luke and he was now his family, he added that includes everyone around him.

He said it hurts that his parents don't want him but he can live with it. He wanted to go on with the modelling, no bikinis (he looked shyly at Luke), and his football. He thanked Dan for his intervention and his offer but he had enough money saved for a rainy day and he will speak to his agent tomorrow.

With that we just talked for another hour and they went to bed. Dan came looking for me as I had disappeared, he found me in the bedroom.

"Surfer dude your back"

I said, "Hi mister, I've been waiting all day for you."

He came over, pulled me off the bed, took my wig and hat off, wiped my face clean with a wet one and said."Tonight's just Cody and me dude."

He dropped my overlarge boardies. Dan sat on the bed and started to lick my nipples then my abs and treasure trail as he slowly pulled my speedos down. He gasped when he saw it around my cock, I had tied a blue ribbon bow around my dick, threaded through it was his ring, he untied it.

"Oh Codes it's beautiful, thank you."

I said, "Happy birthday Dan."

He looked at it closely.

He said, "Codes what are these markings on the ring?"

I laid down on the bed my stiffie forgotten.

I said, "Dan they are Celtic symbols for faith, hope, love and trust, I had diamonds inserted between the symbols."

"Oh Codes it's wonderful, I love it so much."

"Well" I said as I took it from his fingers and placed it on his wedding finger.

"We better see how it fits."

It was a perfect fit and so was Dan's member when he collected his third present. We laid in each other's embrace afterwards, just us cocooned in our own nest face to face.

"Codes, don't leave me in suspense."

"Okay Dan, faith, hope, love and trust is about the two of us and the faith we have in each other, the hopes we have for each other, the love we have for each other and the trust we have woven into our lives, if you couple these words with the inscription you will get a clearer idea."

He looked at the ring and read the inscription.

Sorted forever.

"Codes? Thank you."

"My absolute pleasure Dan."

"Goodnight Codes."

"Goodnight Dan."


"Yes Dan?"

"Do you think Maxie's lonely out there by himself?"

"No Dan he's got the sheep for company. Goodnight Dan, I love you."

"Goodnight Codes, everyday you amaze me and every day I fall in love with you all over again."

"Same, same Dan."

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