Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 22

Published: 26 Feb 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Jamie was stunned to hear my thoughts on who leaked the story. He said, "I wouldn't put it past him, now I'm pissed Codes, I will go see him tonight and have a very firm talk with him."

"No you won't Jamie." I said. "But Codes i have to put a stop to this as soon as possible, he can't get away with it." I replied, "Jamie, you won't be talking to him I will be this concerns me so I am going to go to the shop and have a little talk with him he's not going to get away with it."

"Nobody, and I mean nobody fucks with this little duck and his family." Dan said, "Squirt I won't let you do that we will go with you, what time do you want to leave?"

"It's okay Dan I can handle it alone, there's no need to make a big fuss."

"Not even an option Squirt, you are not going alone and that's final."

When four o'clock arrived I was prepared to do battle with Gino. Dan, Jamie and Luke came with me but I had talked them into waiting in the car. We drove to the pizza place on the outer fringe of the city and Dan parked a little way up the street and across the road so he could watch me.I said, " Here goes, wish me luck." I kissed Dan on the cheek and squeezed his hand. I walked across the road and rapped on the door. "Cody." Maria said as she opened the bolt on the door."What a nice surprise to see you, come in and meet Stefano."

"Hi Maria, I'm afraid this isn't a social call, is Gino here?"

"He will be here in a moment, I will get you coffee." She said. "Stefano may I introduce Cody Mitchell, Cody this is my husband Stefano."

I was looking at an older version of Jamie, god what a good looking man he was.

"Pleased to meet you Cody, Maria has told me nothing but good things about you, our hearts went out to you yesterday when we read the newspaper whoever would do such a thing to you, it's terrible." I looked at him and said. "Gino would."

He looked puzzled and said. "What do you mean Cody?"

"Well the little bit of the story that was true I have only told to Maria, he must have overheard her when she told you."

"It's true Cody I did tell Stefano but he wouldn't repeat it to anyone, I'm so sorry Cody."

"It's okay Maria, what's done is done but I am going to have a talk with Gino, he has to stop this vendetta he has against my family." Just then Gino arrived, I watched him park and get out of the car he looked so smug when he saw me I could have strangled him on the spot.

He said. "What are you doing here having another cry on my mum's shoulder?"

"Hello Gino nice to see you again also." He was surprised I had pulled him up on his lack of manners. I then added, "I believe we are well overdue for a little talk."

He said, "I'm not talking to you at all can you leave us alone we have work to do."

"Gino!" His father said. "Watch your manners to our guest."

"He's just another faggot dad not really important to waste my time with."

"Well why did you waste your time talking to the papers the other day Gino.? Oh and you only got the story right in one of the sentences, the rest was garbage. I've dealt with bigger fish than you mate so now I demand an apology and then you can go out to that car over there and apologise to your brother, my Dan and his brother Luke for upsetting them yesterday morning."

He looked daggers at me, "Go fuck yourself poofta you are going to rot in hell for your lifestyle." He whispered.

Then he tried to put his hands on me in an attempt to put me out of the shop. His mother saw him and screamed, "No! Gino." I struck out and he was flat on the floor in an instant. He was winded and looked totally surprised.

"Unlike you Gino I don't settle my arguments with violence but if you ever try to manhandle me again I will take you out."

"Now if you are not going to talk to me like an adult then I'm goin to tell you why I'm here and you are going to listen." He tried to get up but my foot was firmly planted in his arm pit.

"You lie barefaced to your parents, you come into my house and make trouble, you talk to a reporter about things you know nothing about, you destroyed any relationship you ever had with James. You know nothing about me or my friends and you do all this in the name of God?"

"Well I'm here to tell you that your god is a fool. My god on the other hand said, Honour your mother and father, love your neighbours and speak no evil."

Whatever that screwed up priest is telling you on sunday mornings is full of garbage, he has managed in the name of his god to destroy your family and whatever relationships you have lost over time. Now this is how you are going to play it."

"You will never ever fuck with me or my family again, this includes Jamie, he's more my brother than yours, you will go across that street and apologise to them now and you will ask your parents forgiveness for being the weak son you are."

"You have choices Gino, what you do from here on will either heal or haunt you for the rest of your life. Now get up and start acting like a man."

I let him get up and I could see that he was thinking about having another go at me, he made a fist and his face was beetroot red, he screamed. "Fuck off."

As he tried to have another go I dropped him again but didn't lose momentum, I shoved his arm up his back and marched him across the road. Dan was the first by my side then the others, I just said. "Got it sorted boys."

"Now Gino has something to say to you all."

"Well?" I said.

"Fuck you all, sodomites will burn along with murderers and rapists."

I said, "Along with bigoted, hate filled assholes like you Gino don't ever forget that." I let him go it was clear that he wasn't going to apologise. I guess his family has lost him.

We all said our goodbyes to Jamie's mum and dad, I apologised but they said there was no need, they will get their priest to talk with him maybe he can get through to him. I was a bit sombre on the way home this wasn't over by a long shot.

Dan finally realised that the phones were unplugged, he fixed them and they started to ring continuously. The first call was to get confirmation on a story they just received that Jamie Rosano was in a gay relationship with Dan Lawrence's brother, I hung up but it continued to ring. "Fuck me Dan I've made it worse." I cried. He hugged me to him.

Jamie was upset when he watched the news that night, he wanted to kill Gino, he was the only source this story could originate from. The coach rang and said they had to have a press meeting to deny the story, the club was being over run with reporters wanting a statement. James agreed to be at a meeting the next morning to nut out a statement with the club lawyers and advisers, he would deny them and not mention Gino's vendetta. Dan said he would go with him for support. We all sat at the kitchen table and thrashed it out.

"It had nothing to do with you Cody so don't take this on board. Gino has the problem, what you did had to be done. I spoke with Papa and he has disowned him, he's moved into his priest's residence. I really want to announce that I am gay and Luke is my lover but it would drag more attention towards Dan and you, not to forget Luke."

We all agreed if he wanted to go that way we would be behind him one hundred percent, after all he is family and we loved him. Just then the door bell rang and Dan answered it, John, Matty and Larry came in. I got them a drink and we sat outside at the bigger table. They said they had heard the news and that they wanted to go to the meeting with James and Dan, they also said they were prepared to "Come out" in support, Larry said he would turn gay for an hour. I lifted my eyebrows and said, "Larry you disappoint me just an hour, it would take me that long to lick down to your belt?"

"Oh okay Codes, for you three hours, and don't say things like that it turns me on."

A round of laughter.

We also got calls from most of the senior team supporting Jamie. He was really humbled that they also said they would be there. The few that weren't going to turn up had previous appointments but supported also so we agreed to deny the accusations for now, maybe later things would improve. Everybody left Dan locked up and we showered and went to bed. We made love which was wonderful, I couldn't stop kissing him, he ran his hands all over me not wanting our night to end, not wanting to be parted by sleep.


"Yes Dan?"

"Codes you wouldn't mind if I "came out" would you?"

"Of course not Dan but it would make your life so much harder."

"Would it effect your business?"

"I doubt that Dan, I'm sort of expected to be gay, it goes with the designer thingy but you play macho football and the ladies love you, it might just make it more difficult for you. You would get targeted by the dickheads on the other teams to put you off your game."



"Yes Dan?"

"Is there such a thing as male groupies?"

"I'm sure there is Dan, why?"

"Well just wondering that's all."

"Goodnight Codes."

"Goodnight Dan."

Ummmm wait.


"Yes Dan?"

"I'm a bit scared they will be all over me if there is any, like I might get stalked."

"No you won't Dan."

"Why not Codes?"

"Because I would hire a bodyguard to protect you from those big bad groupie gays."

"Okay, goodnight Codes, I love you."

"Goodnight Dan, I love you more."

Eventually we drifted off, no dreams just a deep undisturbed sleep.

The morning brought us piss woodies so we didn't linger in bed long before we really had to go. We showered, Dan did my underarm and scent, he loaded my toothbrush and kissed my neck and back forever. I did the same for him, I just didn't want to let go of him. Eventually they had to leave for the club, Luke and I went with them so we took two cars. I thought I would catch up with Annie then go to the store and check that alls as it should be. Annie was great, she couldn't talk long as she was organising a ball in the big room. Her new assistant was Lincoln, a very cute, dark headed straight guy with broody eyes but very nice to talk with. He took my card and said he wanted to talk to me about the job sometime, just some questions about suppliers and stuff, I was more than happy to help him.

At the store I talked with Adam, he had installed two more chairs to meet the new influx of customers, he was very happy with our arrangement. He started to do my hair and I asked him to turn the TV on to see if there was any news on the press release from the club, nothing yet. Rory came over and gave me a rundown on what he was ordering, he said he would fax it to the makers at the end of the month but wanted me to approve it because it was a very large order. The stock had run down to half so we badly needed to restock the shelves, plus there were a lot of orders pending. I told him to put a rush on the urgent stuff and fax the order today and when it arrived we will look at maybe storage for another lot as backup. I have a lot of new designs I want to incorporate in the next order so he left and did his thing.

I don't know where he gets his energy, while I was there he was all over the place serving customers, I wanted to tell him that he should slow down. If he was that busy why not hire someone who could take some of his workload? Adam said, "I am watching him Codes, he thrives on being busy, it's his thing but if I see he's doing too much I usually just take him up the street for coffee. Somedays he forgets to eat or have his lunch hour so I kinda got to watch him."

I thanked him but said it wasn't his job to watch Rory, I would have a word to him. He replied, "Codes when you get back ask him for a look at his sketch book." I gave him a quizzical look and said a slow "Okay."

My hair looked stunning and as I went to pay, Adam just touched my hand and said, "No charge today, thank you Cody." I grabbed Rory and said, "Come on you need a break let Mark and Bailey take over for awhile." I took him to the coffee shop across the road, ordered sandwiches and we sat at the back.

"Now Rory, I want to talk to you about your work."

"Okay Cody, what's up?"

"Well I hired you to be the manager but I'm not happy with what your doing at the moment." His face dropped, I felt awful saying that to such a lovely young man but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

He said, "I'm sorry Cody I am trying really hard to do the job, I love it."

"Well you are doing your job but you're also doing everybody else's job and I'm not happy."

"Oh Cody I'll work harder I promise, please don't fire me."

"No Rory, I would never fire you but I will insist you cannot serve anymore customers. I am banning you from the floor, you can only go into the shop to stocktake and to total the register and to help only if it's very, very busy. Also, you go to lunch at the right time, perhaps with Adam. I want you to manage my store not run yourself ragged while I pay other salesmen to do that job, I only pay you to be a manager, that means you give the orders, you are in charge, you organise the rosters and you do the ordering, end of story."

"But Cody I love my job so much and I love you for giving it to me, I want to do all I can to please you."

"Rory I love you and thank you for that but I can't have you getting sick on me ,I rely on you so much to do just these thing's otherwise I would have to come in and do them."

"Now I want you to do just those jobs you were hired for or I will be asking the boys to remove you from the floor if you so much as put a foot out of line." I smiled at him and added,

"Thank you Rory I am moved that you want to impress me but you really don't have to. I already know what you are capable of so from now on take some time for yourself, do a little shopping just for you, have some fun." I gave him a two hundred dollar gift voucher for the shop and said it was his reward for being so loyal, I suggested he wait till the new designs come in to use it, he nearly kissed me.

I noticed the press conference was on the TV so I asked the waitress to turn the volume up. I listened to what was being said and was very impressed with Jamie's speech, he said whatever his orientation it really was nobodies business but his and he did support Gay rights. Dan moved in and said, "So do I." Then Larry, then the rest of the team that turned up, they all hugged James and each other, it was a very successful interview. I was pretty proud of my boys they did well. I then walked Rory back to work, took him to the office and hugged him. I said, "Now I want to look at your sketch book." His eyes lit up and he pulled it out of his knapsack. "They are only doodles Codes not that good but I'm improving them as I go along."

"Okay Rory." I flipped through the many pages of drawings. "Rory do you mind if I take this home to look at them later?" Some I saw were brilliant, they were designs for young teens.

"No problem Cody you can use any of them for your label if you think they are good enough." I said, "Thank you Rory." Then it was a small peck on the cheek and I was off to the boys bar to meet up with my men but not before I called into a small shop down in the next lane to get some supplies.

What Rory had handed me looked like a little goldmine for him, not for me, I wouldn't do that to him. Luke had stayed with Jamie for support, he's never going to let anyone harm him. It was warming to watch them both interact with each other, much the same as Dan and me and really kinda sweet. Luke was fawning over James like he was a patient I got the feeling Jamie felt smothered. I whispered something to him, his eyes lit up and he turned to Luke,

"Luke I need to go to the toilet."

"Okay babe, I'll still be here when you come back."

"Luke I really need to go to the toilet now."

He wiggled his eyebrows at him.

Luke gasped when he got the message and headed for the mens room with Jamie in tow.

"Good that gets rid of them for ten minutes now how's my man?"

"Good Codes, just great, all went well today and I think we have them off our backs for awhile, did you watch it on TV?"

"Yes Dan I took Rory out for lunch and watched it at the cafe, I am impressed and so proud of you all."

"How is Rory Squirt?"

"He's good Dan he just has to slow down a bit that's all."

"He handed me his design book it looks interesting, there's some great outfits in it and If I'm any good at my job they will be very popular. I'm going to have some made up and put them in the store under the label Rory."

"You think they are that good Squirt?"

"You better believe it Dan and it is my guess that his clothes will be as popular as mine."

After talking for an hour with the boys who were excited by the days events, I said it's time to head for home. James and Luke had returned and Luke looked more settled than before, James just sat and smiled at himself, I guess this time it was a lot different for them.

We did the trip easy, no traffic this time of night, I flipped through the notepad and was so excited at what was coming for Dan tonight I couldn't wait. Dinner was an easy affair and then we said our goodnights. Dan and I showered and I said I forgot to lock my car I would be right back.

I called from the lounge room, "This is a bust are you ready to be arrested?"

"Dan didn't reply, his jaw just dropped and his cock grew rapidly as I walked into the bedroom, I had bought a black bikers cap, black leather thong type briefs with the ass cut out of them, a leather jacket and a cop's baton. I flipped the iPod on and the music started, I swivelled, swayed and danced to the tune, all the while Dan was trying to get to me. I teased him with the baton and them rubbed it up and down his ass I licked it and sucked on it while I turned and showed him my firm ass cheeks that were on full show, I then bent over and gave Dan a show he wouldn't forget in a hurry.

He was begging to mount me, I held off till the music stopped then I straddled him, he came almost instantly. I was impressed when he blew me while rubbing the baton on my hole. He managed to get some of it in then he came for a second time almost as I did. His eyes did their thing and glazed over I fell on top of him exhausted, I was royally fucked. We stayed like that for ages till I had to piss. I took the hat and jacket off and went to do the briefs.

Dan said, "No, not yet Codes."

I snuggled next to him and he couldn't stop repeating, "I love you so much Cody Miller" as he rubbed his hands all over me.

"Codes that was so excellent, thank you."

"All my pleasure Dan."

"I love watching you dance it's awesome."

I said, "Maybe you might like to try it next time Dan."

He laughed and said, "Well Codes I'll try but I'm nowhere as good a dancer as you."

"Yes you are Dan and you also come with a body that makes me turn to jello when its near me, that is the main turn on."

"Okay Codes."

"Codes can I slip my cock between your legs?"

"Sure Dan." I flipped over and he started to do little pumps while making little noises, I think he was too spent to do much else tonight but I did like the feeling of his chest hair scratching my back and I had to keep reminding myself that it was real. Dan loved me and I loved him, I was complete.

No jokes tonight just small kisses on my neck.

The next day I went out early to my little studio and looked through Rory's sketch book, I photocopied a dozen designs and worked on another ten. I tweaked those ten and emailed them to Rory with a note, "What do you think of my changes?"

Jamie came in and we had coffee together while he sat at his desk. I asked him to design a space in the shop for a new range I was thinking of adding, he got the plans out and started on them right away. He said, "Codes I have exams coming up and want to submit these plans along with John and Matts renovations for my final freelance project, it counts for sixty percent of my results. I just wanted to run it past you before I go ahead, there's no one else in my class that has done any kind of work like this."

"That's cool James, I don't need these plans right away, the line hasn't been made final yet so just concentrate on your exams."

"Thanks Codes."

"Codes can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can Jamie, what's up?"

"Well you know what you and Dan can do to spice up your love life occasionally."

"Yes, do you mean Surfy Dude?" I chuckled.

He blushed.

I said, "Say no more, have I got a cap and jacket for you but you have to buy your own leather briefs and baton."

He thought about it for a minute, his eyes lit up when he got it.

I said, "A cop on heat or a biker running rampant? Your choice."

We laughed together and I said if he was too embarrassed to go shopping I would do it for him this afternoon when I called into the store. He agreed that I would be better at the shopping.

"I'll also pick up some other items for you and you can store them in here till you feel the need to impress Lukey some more, what school did you go to? I giggled."

My day was great I did call to the sex shop and got some stuff for Jamie then I called into the shop. No sign of Rory. Bailey said he was busy in the office. I knocked and let myself in.

"What do you think of my changes Rory?"

He jumped up and hugged me, he said, "Cody they're great, I was just going through them again, I'm amazed at how you tweaked them, now they look finished."

"Okay, now do you mind if I use the twenty two designs?"

"No of course not, they're yours. I'm just so pleased you want them, by all means take what you want."

"Okay, I will think on them some more and let you know. In the meantime here's your sketchbook back and thank you, now how about we grab Adam and go to lunch?"

"Great Codes." We had a fun filled lunch hour but while we were having fun I received a phone call, it was a very distressed Gino on the line.

I said, "Slow down Gino what's happened?"

"Twenty one Smith street okay, I'll be there in ten minutes." I hung up and said to the guys that Jamie's brother was in trouble I had to go meet him.

We said our goodbyes and I started to drive towards the address he had given me. I thought about calling Dan but he was at the club meeting so I didn't want to disturb him. I arrived at the address, it was the vestry of St Josephs church. I alighted the car went to the front door and rang the door bell, a small pinched faced priest answered. He said, "Mr Mitchell come in, Gino's through here."

I went into what I assumed to be a sitting room, a bag was thrown over my head and I felt a sharp pain then blacked out. When I came to I was naked and my hands were tied to a cross beam, I was in the church. I could see hundreds of candles around me giving off dark shadows, it must be night time I thought, I could see the sky through one of the big windows and I smelt blood as it dripped down my face and neck.

A voice said, "Repent sinner or you will be damned to the fires of hell."

Then I felt the pain across my scarred back I screamed out in agony. The voice was Ginos.

I screamed, "You are the ones that are going to hell, you fucking cunts."

Gino came and faced me, he punched my jaw as hard as he could, I tasted acrid blood. Another electric shock, another scream, I started to panic I couldn't move, I screamed in my head. "Dan save me, oh please save me Dan, I love you. I am going to die tonight, I don't want to die. Oh god take away my pain, I'm sorry Dan I need to go."

I started to fit I pissed myself and I shook like never before, I was so scared my visions came back, I bit my tongue and tasted more blood. I saw Dan being raped by Stewart, Luke was falling to the driveway his beautiful hair covered in blood and Jamie went through a car window and was followed by beautifully wrapped presents. My nightmare was real I pulled at my shackles and screamed as they took it in turns to taser me in my heart area, I gagged and threw up, the shocks were running through my veins.The priest chanted from the Bible as Gino pressed two guns to my my flesh.

He said, "All faggots go to hell, if we exorcise you now you may be saved, repent sinner or be damned forever."

My heart was jumping, my head was thudding, my arms ached, I could feel my heart giving up it was so loud I was counting the erratic beats. The pain was unbearable and I let out an almighty scream.

I blacked out again.


I was leaving the meeting with Jamie and we went for a beer at the Players Bar. I kept calling Codes but his phone was turned off which in itself was unusual. I know he was going into the shop to see Rory so I assumed he was still there with him. John and Matt joined us and then Larry and April turned up. We were all talking about the last few days events and I was getting worried by this time, Codes hadn't turned up. I confided to Jamie that I was concerned about him. He said, "Call Luke and get Rory's phone number Dan."

I went to a quiet space in the room and rang Luke. "No Dan he's not home yet."

"Okay mate let me know if he does come in."

"Sure Dan" Luke replied.

"Luke can you do me a favour and go upstairs and get Rory's phone number out of Code's address book?"

"Okay Dan, I'll message it to you." The message came through in a few minutes later, I called Rory.



"This is Dan have you seen Cody? I mean is he still with you?

"No Dan we had lunch but he got an urgent call and left in a hurry why?"

"Well he hasn't been in contact, his phone is turned off and he hasn't turned up here at the bar, he's not at home either, do you know who the call was from?"

"Someone called Gino, Dan."

"Oh fuck", I said as I looked at Jamie, I felt the blood draining from my face.

"Any idea where he could have gone Rory?"

"Yeah, he repeated an address while he was on the phone, twenty one Smith street, I'm assuming it was near the shop as he said he would be there in ten minutes."

"Okay Rory, thank you I will be in touch."

I told Jamie, "Gino's got him." I went back to the boys and told them what was happening. They grabbed their keys and said, "Let's go see what's up."

The six of us drove to the address, Cody's car was out the front so we knocked on the vestry door as the lights were on but there was no answer. I looked through the window and saw blood on the floor and Cody's phone on a table.

"Oh my God no, I started shaking, oh my god Cody's phone and blood Jamie." He looked and panicked. "Where is he? where is he? fuck that cunts got him."

A terrifying scream came from somewhere across the property. April said, "The church, he's in the church." Matty called the cops as we ran to the church, we burst through a side door, I could hear Cody's screams.

"Fuck, Fuck, no not now, please god not again." Jamie ran ahead and I heard a sickening smack, skin on skin, Gino's body flew through the air then I heard someone say, "Repent sinners."

It was a priest, he was ranting on, he ran over picked up the two tasers from where Gino was knocked out and began to run toward a bloody headed figure who was tied up to a beam. Larry whacked him as he ran by and he flew across the tiled floor.

I screamed, "Cody, fuck no, it's Dan I'm here, hold on."

"Dan I'm dying you can't save me this time my heart, I love you", he whispered, "Goodbye Dan."

April found some scissors in her bag, she cut Cody down and John and Matty gently laid him on one of the pews. She tore up some white vestments she found in the adjoining room and dipped them in water and began to dab Cody's blood streaked face and head all the while gently talking to him. "Stay with us Codes, we all love you, we want you to stay, you need to be strong, you are our strength and we won't ever let you go, never give up."

I caressed his face and rubbed his arms they felt cold, he felt cold, I tried to warm him up. He came to and opened his eyes.

He whispered,

"Thank you for loving me Dan, I will always be with you. His last breath left his lips and his body collapsed. "Forever" He convulsed and April screamed, "Get him on the floor, he's having a heart attack, quickly."

April yelled, "Never give up Cody."

They gently laid Cody on the floor and April started to give him CPR, I could hear sirens somewhere in the back of my mind. The confusion that followed was unbelievable. I watched Jamie's face turn to stone.

I watched in total shock as my Cody's life slipped away from me, I screamed his name and held my head sobbing, "No,no,no,no dear god help him." John whispered in deathly silence,

"He's gone Dan."

I looked at my beautiful boys face, it was white.

He was dead.

"NO! God don't do this to me, please."

I let out a last almighty wail.

"Cody I need you, please don't go."

I fainted from grief and a broken heart.

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