Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 24

Published: 12 Mar 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Spain was wonderful, Mr and Mrs L were hardly ever home, they toured a lot and saw more than all of us. We did the museums, restaurants and some nightclubs.

I suspect Mike lost his virginity one night when he didn't crawl in till seven in the morning. Luke did try and get him to say but Mike wasn't going to budge.

He told me later that they just talked, she was from the UK and on holidays but they only kissed a lot, well at least it was something.

Gus the caretaker was lovely, his wife and daughter cooked our breakfast and we ate out for lunch and dinner there, it was so cheap. His son Raphael was a walking wet dream. He helped with the gardening and repairs, his body was hard and tight, dark brooding looks and long black hair.

Gus had told me he was worried about him, "He swings both ways Cody I'm so worried he's not looking after himself. I suspect he's working the clubs for money, not unusual here Cody but I am worried."

Raphael took us all to a gay club and we had a ball. Those spanish guys were gorgeous and the better looking ones were after free drinks and money, they got nowhere with us but it was hilarious to watch.

He didn't do anything more than a typical nineteen year old boy would do, he hung with his friends and introduced us to some guys, drag queens and money boys.

The show was hilarious, Jamie was pulled on stage where he was dressed in drag, we got some great pics and he was so embarrassed but it was all in good fun.

I was propositioned several times so was Luke, Dan and Jamie were fighting them off. Luke and I wore our hipsters and tanks but Jamie was livid when we walked out and he told Luke to change. Dan pulled him aside and gave him the talk, he settled down after that but he watched Luke all night so Lukey responded by holding onto James tight. He was asked to dance several times but declined, he just danced with Jamie and they looked perfect together. I just laughed at them, every time Luke went to the bar or toilet Jamie was not far behind him, so funny.

Dan and I danced most of the time and in between we people watched. Raphael did dance with both of us, we thought it rude not to but when a slow song came on he pulled Dan close and had his hand on Dan's butt, rubbing it and whispering in his ear. Dan reached around and took his hand away nicely and came over to me took my hand and hugged me and as we danced the rest of the next three songs he rubbed my bum and lightly kissed me.

Raphael bought us a drink and he apologised to Dan and me for being so full on then he asked us if we had threesomes, we declined, Dan was livid. He kept on apologising to me.

I just said, "Dan this is the reason I don't go to clubs, you can't just go there and enjoy yourself with the one you love, there's always someone that spoils it. I will talk to him tomorrow and set him straight."

"No you won't Codes, I will set him straight, he won't insult us again."

I started to feel unwell like I wanted to throw up so Dan took me to the toilet where I was sick as a dog, my temperature was up so we grabbed the guys and told them we were going home.

They came with us, Luke asking a hundred questions on the way.

"Codes did you hold your drinks all night or put it down somewhere?"

"Yes Luke, the only time was when Raphael bought us a drink, you don't suppose he put something in it do you?"

"Maybe Cody it's hard to tell, it could have been the meal we had earlier but we all had much the same so maybe we can rule that out."

I was a little worried if he had spiked my drink I would probably have nightmares all night. I was right, they started as soon as I shut my eyes, lucky I had thrown up several times so not much of the drug was left in my body.

Dan told me the next morning that he found me curled up in the bathroom crying in my sleep. I didn't remember anything past Jamie's drag gig.

"Okay people no more drinking out from now on, only bottled water and drinks and no more gay clubs. Last night was great but our health is more important." Luke said to us all at breakfast.

Mike was livid when we told him, he said, "I wish I had of been there Codes, I would have creamed the guy."

We all agreed with Luke. When Raphael arrived later that day Dan took him out by the pool, he was shouting and pointing at him, Dan was mad and made a players fist, Raphael flinched and moved away, he held his hands up and looked like he was pleading with Dan.

When he finally came back in I said,

"Get it sorted Dan?"

"All fucking sorted Squirt, all fucking more than sorted."

He kissed me full on then went to change into his boardies.

I didn't ask what was said, I just knew. He didn't know Dan very well.

The rest of the day we lazed by the pool and had a few beers, we weren't going anywhere except the little restaurant we preferred up the road.

The folks came back looking so red and wrung out, they had gone to see a bullfight. They loved it and recommend it to us, no bulls were killed but it was a spectacular show put on for the tourists. Mum had a bag or two filled with souvenirs so I guess she will have to buy another suitcase.

They changed and got into the pool and I mentioned to them that they should slow down. Mum L said, "Squirt don't spoil our fun, this is the first time we have ever been overseas and we are having such a good time."

She kissed me and thanked me.

Raphael came out and started weeding, he was looking at me then Dan. I took my shirt off and jumped in the pool with the others, he kept looking at me like I was poison. I didn't care if he saw my scars and I will be fucked if I ever tell him my story. I also told Dan and the others if they were asked, it was off limits. At the end of the day mum paid his wages and he was there to do a job that's all.

We fooled around a lot with the ball then I got out and sat between Dan's legs in the shade. He hugged me to him, he whispered in my ear that he loved me forever and then said he was planning a night just by ourselves tomorrow night, he was going to ask Gus about a restaurant he had heard of.

He also said Raphael denied spiking my drink, so we left it at that.

The night was full of laughter, we sat on the pavement and ordered bottled drinks and food, I think Mike had everything on the menu and I tried to look shocked but he didn't take any notice. Well he did, but I could just hear him saying, "Get over it squirt" under his breath.

A street band was playing across the road and it was just magic, we sat there for ages and were a bit merry when we left. Dan and I went for a midnight swim and we were joined by Luke and Jamie, we took an end each and just cuddled in the water then we left them to it.

Gus was talking to Dan about the restaurant for tonight, he looked in the phone book and got us a table, it wasn't far away so suggested he drive us there and we could catch a cab home.

We dressed in our finest outfits and said our goodnights to everyone. Mike was meeting his English rose to go clubbing. Mum and dad were going to eat up the road with Jamie and Luke. I told Luke if it was a great place we would make bookings for them for the following night then I would bring the others there in a couple of days.

We drove up a winding road to the hilltop, the restaurant was part of a hotel that was built into a cliff face that overlooked Madrid and it just took our breaths away. We were seated near the balcony rail and I felt like if I reached out I could capture the sparkling lights. We had champagne and talked about the holiday so far. I noticed two very well dressed older men a few tables away. "Armani, eight thousand dollars US a suit", I told Dan. He turned and looked, lifted his eyebrows and said,

"A couple?"

"Your gaydar is spot on Dan", I replied.

Just then one of the men came by, he was looking at us both and smiling, I guess he got the same vibes. As he walked back he said, "Enjoying your evening gentlemen?" He had a slight Italian accent.

We both said, "Yes thank you sir, this is an amazing place, we hope the food is good."

He held his hand out and said, "Vincenzo Cartassa, the food is wonderful."

Dan introduced us and said he hoped he and his friend had an enjoyable evening.

He said, "Well you kids enjoy your time in Spain, pleased to meet you."

He went back to his table as our entrees arrived, they looked delicious, the food was a mix of French and Spanish, very upmarket and judging by the prices very reasonable. We ate and tried each others food, Dan was wrapped.

"Codes can you cook like this, it's wonderful?"

"Not quite Dan but I guess I could learn just for you."

He held my hand, no one was near and I thought what the hell.

I did see Vincenzo move to the balcony and use his phone.

He had it up to his ear and a finger in the other. It was a little noisy as the band had struck up and people started to dance. He looked surprised and looked our way.

The main course was a statement plus we didn't want to ruin the presentation, but our stomachs pleaded with us to try. Again we shared our meals and discussed us all coming here in two days for our sort of farewell dinner, we still had another week then Dan and I would be on our own. I was starting to feel a little guilty and we will miss everyone, I will still book a table for Luke and Jamie for tomorrow.

We finished our meal and started looking at the desserts when the waiter came over with a bottle of champagne, compliments of the gentlemen sitting at the other table. We were awe struck, it was just like it was out of a hollywood movie, we both lifted our glasses and nodded, they also did the same.

Dan said, "Codes you don't think they are trying to pick us up do you?"

"I don't think so Dan, by the way they were looking at each other over their dinner I think you will find they are very much in love."

"Oh!" he said.

"Disappointed Dan?

"Codes, how can you say that, they're old enough to be my dad and mum."

I laughed, "Gotchya."

Dessert was fabulous, I wanted to take some home for Mrs and Mr L but decided I was getting too excited.

"All finished?" I heard a voice say, it was Vincenzo.

"Yes thank you, it was awesome and thank you for the champagne."

"That's okay, may my partner and I join you for a few minutes?"

"Sure, you can help us finish the bottle." Dan replied.

They both came over and he introduced Marcel to us, he was french but spoke english fluently.

Vincenzo started, "I believe we have a mutual friend Cody, Jaques from Armani in Australia."

I was speechless, Dan said, "Hey it's a small world, we do know Jaques and he's counted as a good friend."

"He's a gorgeous person Dan, I'm not just saying that because he's my cousin you know", he laughed.

"I was just talking to him on the phone and I asked him to describe you two, your name is big at the moment Cody and I wanted to make sure I had the right Cody Mitchell."

He smiled at us and added, "He told me if there were two very good looking and well dressed young men there, one would be blonde with either flipped or spiked hair and with the cutest smile on earth then that would be Cody and if his partner was a tall, ruggedly built footballer type with tight buns, that would be Dan, then he added, yes they are in Madrid on a family holiday, give them my love."

We all laughed so loud that people were looking at us.

"How bazaar is that, it sure is a small world, I did notice you were wearing Armani earlier, do you also work for them Vincenzo?"

"In a way Cody, I have staff that do all the work for me but from time to time I have to make decisions", he laughed.

"I am the general manager Cody, top dog as you would say in Australia."

I felt like I had to posture myself in front of him and kiss his ring but all I could manage was,

"Oh my god, no."

"Yes", he said.

"Well are you enjoying your holiday boys?"

"Yes sir, it's been wonderful so far, none of us have been overseas before. It was a family treat because my store is doing so well and it's my thank you gift to my wonderful, extended family."

"Well I would love to meet them all Cody but I have to fly back to Milan tomorrow as work beckons me. I would love to stay here with you for a few days but I have an idea, why don't you both come to Milan as my guest for a few days next week?"

"You can stay at my villa, you will be picked up and dropped off at both ends, I would love you to be there for the next showing which is on wednesday."

"Dan can we?"

"Squirt you don't even have to ask, of course we can go to Milan, it's your dream isn't it?"

"Yes Dan, Vincenzo we would love to come for a few days, can I ring you with our flight details?"

"No need Cody, I will send my private jet to collect you at Madrid international, just give me your number and address and I will get my driver to collect you and take you there."

I looked at him in awe. "Private jet? I can do that", I laughed.

He said, "Cody Miller, it is my pleasure and I can't wait to show you off to the team, you are held in high esteem Cody, my company adores your designs and so do I."

"Okay we must away, we will see you next tuesday. Pack lightly and bring bathers and both your smiles, dinner is on us tonight so have fun and goodnight."

Dan and I just smiled at each other, mine was bigger. He was happy for me and I get to show him the most awesome place in the world, Armani headquarters.

He said, "Jaques is right Codes, you do have a beautiful smile."

"Let's go home Dan, I want a feel of your awesome buns."

We had the waiter call us a cab and waited out the front, a limo pulled up, compliments of Mr Cartassa and the concierge opened the door. I felt like a queen riding home in that car the driver opened our door and said he would pick us up at nine thirty tuesday, we thanked him and said goodnight.

Everyone was up wanting to know how things went, I just swanned around in the clouds, what an unreal situation, "what are the chances?" I kept saying to myself as Dan recounted the night.

Jamie and Luke were excited, Mike wanted to go with them the night after we all go, but I said no.

He put a sad face on so I said, "Why don't you invite Miss UK Mike, maybe you can go one night before you go home."

He replied, "She went home today Codes but all's good, I don't mind having my mum as a date for the night." Mrs L hugged him, kissing him on the head.

Luke said, "Suck."

We roared laughing as Mike moved over to his mum's knee and cuddled her, he said, "I'm the favourite son, aren't I mum?"

She answered, "Yes Mike but only for one reason, I want grandchildren. So can you hurry up and lose your virginity so we can get started on them?"

A round of laughter followed.

Dan and I showered and groped for ages, he dried me, put my smelly stuff on and loaded my toothbrush. We brushed together, him behind me, his cock rubbing my bum. It wasn't long before we were going at it on the bed, he took me completely and made love like it was his last, I came, no hands.

The afterglow always brings on questions.


"Yes Dan?"

"Codes, thank you for everything you do for me."

"It's my pleasure Dan, you don't have to thank me."

"Yes I do, you have done so much for me these past months you have no idea how much I love you."

"I do Dan, I feel it every day, I breathe it, I soak it up, I love that feeling you give me every morning when I wake."

"What feelings that Codes?"

"Comfort, safety, caring and protection."

"Mum was right when I spoke to her, she told me my most important job was to protect you, she didn't really have to tell me that but I loved the way she said it, like she was doing the same to me."

"She's your mum Dan, she promised to protect you no matter what when you were born, I see it everyday with her also."

"Goodnight Codes, sleep well my love."

"Goodnight Dan, I will, you also."

Waiting, waiting.

"Codes you awake still?"

"Yes Dan"

"Codes do you want kids?"

"Yes Dan, only yours though."

"Okay, we'll keep trying."

I heard him shaking with laughter.

"Goodnight Bubby."

"Goodnight Codes."

He was struggling to stifle a giggle, I couldn't help it and burst out laughing , it didn't stop till Mike banged on the wall.

"Goodnight Mike", we both shouted.

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