Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 26

Published: 26 Mar 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

The morning sun came through the cracks in the blinds, Dan was still asleep so I ventured to the kitchen for coffee, the kettle was still hot and when I looked out there was Rory lying on the sun lounge, with a sheet over him. He seemed to have grown a couple of inches since our last meeting, for a nineteen year old he was somewhat hot looking but also very childlike, I guess he's just got one of those faces, I don't know why he hasn't got a boyfriend yet as he's funny and beautiful inside, I can see it.

"Good morning Rory, you feeling on top of the world still?"

"Yes Codes, I just can't believe this is happening, when Jacques came to the store and looked at my clothes he nearly wet himself."

"Well you deserve all you get from now on." I said.

"I don't want to feel like a cripple all the time Codes, this has taken some of my negative energy away."

"Why do you say that Rory? You have a limp which is mostly unnoticeable."

"I know Codes, it's my inner scars that make me feel that way. So much has happened to me over the past six years and finally I have something to be proud of, I owe you so much. Please don't ask me Codes, like you I just can't talk about it."

I answered, "I understand completely Rory, Adam touched on it last month but he wouldn't tell me and I didn't ask, he's a good friend mate."

"Codes if you want to know ask Adam, I gave him permission to tell you, it's just I can't talk about it", he said. 

He kissed my cheek and gave me a hug back. This guy has been hurt badly, I saw it the first day I met him and I am glad he has his talents to propel him forward.

"Hey Rory why don't we put our heads together and release a swimwear range, maybe twelve different styles each, we can share the label? I would really like to do some really colourful boardies with matching tank tops, not the usual stuff but ones that when you put them on they blend into one another."

"That's so cool Cody, how did you guess I already have some sketches of at least nine I think will sell well."

He added, "We could get some really hunky guys to model them for us." We giggled together.

"Okay when we return home we will work on them."

Dan appeared and we kissed, he said his good mornings and proceeded to make a fresh pot of coffee. We showered then walked Rory down to the cafe and his eyes were everywhere, I guess those Spanish men are hot; well some of them are really smoking hot.

We sat for ages then I suggested a swim, Dan was ready but Rory was hesitant.

Raphael turned up and immediately tuned into Rory, he kept looking at him while pretending to weed around the pool gardens.

"Go put your bathers on Rory and give him a show." I said.

"I can't Cory, I did bring some boardies but thought I could swim at night."

I had an idea so I said to Dan we would be back in a minute, I said, "Come on kid."

He followed me in and I told him to put my spare speedos on, he looked at me puzzled but put them on.

I could see he was uncomfortable; his one leg was all scarred and smaller than his other one. I ignored it and put my speedos on, I also took off my top. 

He gasped but said nothing. I went to my drawer and pulled out two plain sarongs, I tied one tightly low around Rory's hips and did the same with mine.

He did ask if I was going to put a top on, I said, "No I'm a survivor Rory, Raphael has seen them but has been told not to ask."

We went back to the pool and Dan woof whistled at us.

"You both look so hot Codes." As he kissed me again, he whispered, "Can we go back to bed Codes?"

"Not yet Dan."

His hands were all over me especially up my slit to my speedos.

Rory looked awesome, his body wasn't hard but it was well shaped, he was very white so I rubbed block out all over his body, then I said,

"You can get in the pool now with the sarong on, in this sun it will dry in minutes." He grinned and mouthed a thank you, then he said, "Codes what a great look, we might consider putting a few sarongs in the shop to see the reaction."

We spent an hour swimming around and Raphael had disappeared, I did see him doing the driveway through the window. Gus appeared to have gone home.

We got out and Rory went to sleep on one of the lounges in the shade, he looked like he was talking to himself. Dan and I watched him but he seemed to settle in after awhile so we went back to groping and kissing,

After a couple of hours Raphael turned up again and sat at the table next to me. He asked me if I would mind if he asked Rory on a date and maybe do the clubs tonight. I said I wasn't comfortable with that idea. He understood and said,

"He's so cute Cody but I understand, what if we just go out to dinner?"

"Okay Raph, how about joining us at the hilltop restaurant tonight, can you drive us, let's say around seven?"

"Sure Cody, that's great I love it there, I think Rory will be surprised."

"Okay mate wait till he wakes up and go ask him." I smiled.

Same age and both very cute but worlds apart, poor Rory I am going to make it my mission to get him a solid boyfriend when I get back home.

"No you're not Codes."

I said, "What was that Dan?"

"Well I know what you're thinking; you're planning to find someone for Rory so I just said no you're not."

"Why not Dan? He's so lonely I've got to do something."

He replied, "We will find him a boyfriend Codes, together and that's that."

"Okay Dan we will find him a boyfriend together."

"Good I'm working on it now Cody."

"Okay Dan, get it sorted." I giggled.

Dinner was superb and I must admit Raphael and Rory looked so good together. They swapped Facebook pages and seemed to be getting on. Dan watched Rory all night and took over the conversation many times; I guess he was as nervous as me.

Rory and I went to the men's and he said to me on the way,

"I'm not going to get involved with him Codes, can you tell Dan it's okay."

"Sorry Rory, Dan gets a bit territorial with his friends and we don't have a really good opinion of Raphael, we were just worried you might just get hurt."

"No Codes I'm very careful nowadays, thanks to you I have a wonderful career and a brighter future, when I find someone to love me Cody he will be very similar to me, he will be quiet, maybe shy but with a bubbly personality and have the same interests."

"Okay Rory we will back off." I laughed.

He had a great night and more than once he facebooked photos of the view and the food. 

"What are your plans when you get back Rory, do you want to get together and work on the new swimwear collection?"

"Cool Codes, I will come to your place on a weekend and we can do it together."

"Good I'll look at the diary and let you know."

Dan piped up and said; "Codes can I help?"

"Yes Dan, just be our model, we can try new ideas on you."

"Okay Codes I can do that."

I winked at Rory then said to Dan,

"You will have to be nude Dan so we can drape fabric on you."

"Forget it Squirt, I'll go fishing."

"But Dan you don't have a boat."

"I'll get one."

Raphael did ask him to go clubbing but he said he was so tired he wanted to get to bed so he dropped us off and went home.

During the night I heard weeping, I looked at Dan and he was also awake.

"Do we go to him Squirt or just let him be?"

"Lets just see if it goes on too long, I'll go in and give him a hug." I said.

"Okay Codes let's wait."

It didn't let up, we heard him move to the pool area, I looked out the window and he was rolled up in a ball on one of the lounges with a sheet over him.

Whatever it is it must be bad, I know the feeling and it's not fucking nice.

Dan said, "Squirt do you mind if I go?"

"No of course not Dan, I don't think I would be much good anyway this is way too close to home, it's cool Dan, go see if you can help."

He proceeded to put on his shorts and t-shirt.

"I love you Codes, more than ever, be back soon."

I watched out the window as Dan snuggled into Rory and held him, he was whispering in his ear and stroking his face. I wasn't jealous I know Dan loves me more than ever and wouldn't cheat on me, far from it. Rory needs some of Dan's protection at the moment and I am more than happy to lend him out for a few hours.


I went out to the pool area and listened to this kid's sobs, all I know is it was just like Code's breakdowns, I had to let him know I was somehow protecting him. I climbed in behind him and stroked his face all the while saying I was there, let it out and I will protect him from his nightmares.

He settled down a bit, my words were working then an almighty sob escaped from his mouth, he whispered to me,

"He hit me with his cricket bat Dan, I was in so much pain, he didn't even call an ambulance, he left me there to die", he sobbed.

"Who hit you Rory?"

There was a long pause then he said,

"My father Dan, he hit my leg so hard it shattered, I was only thirteen Dan, thirteen years old and my father fucking crippled me."

He sobbed and shook like the whole world was after him, he said he was so scared of the dark; he hardly slept much at night. That's all I could get out of him so I picked him up and took him to Code's and my bed.

I said, "Code's someone needs a big hug and a good nights sleep."

I flipped the sheet off and Dan put him in between us then I pulled the sheet up again, we both hugged Rory and stroked him til he fell asleep. We kissed and said our goodnights then also went to sleep.

"I love you Code's, good night." He said.

"Me too Dan, me too, goodnight."

Nothing was heard for the rest of the night and I'm sure Rory had a deep sleep, no nightmares.

When we woke in the morning he was nowhere to be found, we finally saw him having coffee out the back.

"Good morning baby did you manage to get some sleep?"

"Oh Cody, Dan, thank you so much I had the best sleep, it's been years since I slept like that."

Dan said, "Well if you feel lonely in the next few days just crawl in with us, the bed's big enough for three."

"Thank you Dan but I should be okay now, I left my pills at home so if you don't mind can we see a doctor today sometime, I will get some more."

"No problem mate."

I prepared breakfast but I didn't feel like going out so we did the same as we did yesterday, Rory went to get his medicine then we settled by the pool.

Dan looked at me and shook his head as we watched Rory splash in the pool; he was playing by himself like a little kid with endless energy. Dan whispered, "Im sorry Codes, I know what it looks like but Rory's not Stewart."

"I gave him a small smile and said,

"I knew you would be thinking that and you are right, he's no Stewart he's a friend who's frightened and in a lot of pain and he needs both of us. Did he tell you anything Dan?"

"Yes Codes do you really want to hear it though, it's terrible."

"It's okay Dan, what did he say?"

"He only told me his father hit him with a cricket bat, it shattered his leg and then he left him there to die."

I gasped in horror, my tears began and I ran inside and threw up.

There are some mad fucking assholes in this world; we have got to help him somehow.

That night we walked down the street to our little cafe and had dinner. Rory was breaking his neck trying to look everywhere, it was a busy night and the guys and girls about were dressed to go out to the clubs. He grabbed a pencil from his bag and started to draw, by the end of the night he had almost filled his book in.

He did show me them and they were more than good. He said he took a piece of one man's clothes and paired it with another's clothes, like a jigsaw puzzle. I better look out with this one, he just might be my biggest rival, I laughed to myself.

Having coffee by the pool he seemed to be in better spirits and he took a deep breath and said, "Okay.'"

"When I was small I had a best friend called Bobby Thompson. We grew up together, did everything, had sleepovers, went roller blading, he was my right arm and I was his left, we even invented a language we would whisper to ourselves, no one could hear us talking. One night after we had turned thirteen we discovered we were both gay so we experimented with each other, I was so in love with him it hurt and he felt the same about me, we were inseparable."

"My Dad caught us just cuddling one night, he pulled me out of bed and dragged me out to the backyard, he picked up his cricket bat and hit me so hard it shattered my leg then he went inside and went to bed leaving me screaming in pain. I laid there in agony for ages until Bobby and his father found me and called the ambulance. Tears were escaping from his eyes and so were mine and Dan's.

He continued, "I spent five months in hospital and the only visitor I had was my Aunty Bess, my mum's sister, my mum had died when I was small. She took me home with her as my dad was put in jail. I never saw Bobby again, he got a note to me which I keep in my wallet to this day telling me he loved me so much he was going insane. His father forbids him to have anything to do with me because I was a filthy faggot."

"There's more but I can't tell you, it involves the bullying and total destruction of my school days. I left as soon as I was allowed to within the law. I did my hairdressing school diploma, and now I'm here."

He then let go and bawled his eyes out.

We hugged him and stroked him forever, Dan's tears were flowing and mine were mixing with Rory's as we touched each other.

Dan got behind me and drew us to him; we stood there for ages and just cried.

Rory thanked us again and said goodnight, he would take his sleeping pill and try to get a good nights sleep. "They make me a bit hyperactive the next day Codes, that's why when you came to the shop I was all over the place, I'm sorry."

"Absolutely nothing to be sorry about Rory, we understand much more than you know, we both have awful nights but thanks to Dan and Luke mine have gone a bit silent now but we have to fix your's."

"Have you ever tried to contact Bobby, Rory?" Dan said.

"They moved towns not long after I got out of hospital so I don't know where he is or what he's doing but I guess he's married and got kids now, I just don't know Dan." 

"What's his fathers name?"

"John Thompson, Dan, why?"

"Nuthin Rory just wondering."

We kissed goodnight.

Dan and I went to bed.

"I'm so over this Codes, I can't wait to get home."

"Me too Dan, do you think Rory's okay Dan?"

"Want me to go get him Codes?"

"If you don't mind Dan."

Within five minutes Rory was fast asleep in between us again and the following night was the same.

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