Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 28

Published: 9 Apr 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

All was good in my life, my friends were happy again and Dan and I were strong. I sort of missed him the past few days; everything was happening so fast around us we didn't have enough time for just us.

I started to form a plan to get us back on track. While the guys were out that afternoon I went shopping. I bought a big fold away tent and blow up mattress and pitched it down the beach among the dunes. I cooked dinner for all and while the boys were playing a game of Monopoly, I took a beer out of the fridge and handed it to Dan. I whispered to him, after you finish this game meet me down the beach, then I walked off towards the dunes.

Dan arrived fifteen minutes later, I had lit a lot of candles to show him the way, I heard him approach. "Fuck" he said as he tripped on a tree root. I stifled a laugh and sang out.

"Who's there?"

"It's me Dan, Squirt where are you?"

"Mister is that you, I'm sorry but I thought I would camp on the beach for the night, do you want to join me?"

"Sure Dude I can do that."

He pulled back the tent flap and there I was dressed in my black cap, jock strap and harness.

He said, "Dude your all growed up."

"Get in here now mister."

We made love for the next hour or so and it was awesome, I had packed what we needed earlier, he hung onto the harness and rode me till he couldn't hold on any longer, he screamed my name out loud as he came. We kissed and snuggled basking in the afterglow.

He started to stir looking for his shorts, I said,

"Where you going mister?"

"Home biker dude, I got an awesome boyfriend to sleep with, I'm sure he will be missing me."

"Stay with me mister, I know he won't mind."

I pulled a sheet out of my bag and threw it over us, and whispered,

"Im not finished yet" as I pulled out a small dildo.

Dan groaned.

We spent the night in the tent making love quite a few times in various ways, poor Dan was exhausted by the morning partly through lack of sleep.

So we slept the morning away.

I heard a voice calling me then Rory and Bobby appeared at the flap.

"This is so cool guys, can we come in?"

"Come on." Dan said.

After a lot of tickling and laughing, Dan and I left it to them, I'm sure they bonded more that afternoon as we didn't see them till dinner time. They were talking a hundred words a minute to Luke and James who kept up and suddenly said, "We got to see this."

I whispered to Jamie, "The harness and lube are in my bag" and I winked.

Luke had the biggest smile on his face the next morning as they walked up the beach then bugger me, Rory and Bobby took off down there again.

Dan looked at me and said,

"We won't see them for the rest of the day."

"How was your night Jamie?" I inquired.

"Awesome Codes, thanks for the advice." He looked at Luke who blushed.

"Ummm I am guessing Lukey gave it up last night." Dan said as he raised his brow.

Jamie absentmindedly said, "No, but I did Dan, I put Squirts harness on and Luke rode me forever."

Dan's jaw dropped.

Luke smiled and winked at me.

We watched as the boys ran into the water with no clothes on, they saw us then wiggled their dicks toward us then mooned, they quickly went back to the tent and spent the whole day there. Bobby came out at one time and picked some wildflowers then disappeared into their cubby. I took a big plate of sandwiches down for lunch. They just grabbed them and with a lot of laughing they closed the flap.

I said, "That's okay guys, anytime."

We didn't get to use the tent again, Rory and Bobby confiscated it, they slept in it for the next three nights until they went out one fateful day and I packed it up, I should have known better.

The sheets needed washing twice (no not that) they were full of dirt and grass stains from the boys' feet. They were not happy when they came home, so I told them where it was and they promptly put it up again nearer the house then ran a power cord out so they could set up a tv and DVD player to watch movies.

They told me they used to go camping a lot when they were kids and they were having an awesome time in it.

Rory did collar me later and said,

"Codes I'm sorry about getting upset about the tent but it's bringing back all our good memories.We were so sad for such a long time; we were the happiest when we went camping. Please don't be mad, we are trying to get as many good memories into our heads as possible at the moment, next week we will come back to reality."

I replied, "its okay Rory, we all understand completely, we do love you both and I guess we are being overprotective of you. It's fine mate, just be here for meals so we can at least have some contact. I think what you both have been doing is a brilliant idea, but take the time to make some new memories also."

"Thank you Codes we are making new ones along the way, it was Bobby's idea to relive some of what we remember, he's brilliant like that, always was. On the weekend we are going to my aunties place to get my photo albums, I have our school photos and camping ones in it, Bobby's father threw his away and I want to get copies for him to have, then get some done like yours and Dan's later."

"Okay sweetheart keep safe and enjoy yourselves."

"Codes if it's okay with you can I invite Adam over one night, he wasn't at work the other day and I so want him to meet Bobby."

"Of course you can, any night will suit us. It will be good to see him, it seems like ages,"

I said as I rubbed my hands through my hair.

Bobby sat with us for a little while that night while Adam and Rory caught up on gossip, he looked very uneasy and was looking at them constantly.

Dan leaned over and said, "You have nothing to worry about Bobby, he's your's forever, he was never with Adam. You should count Adam as a great friend, he looked after Rory."

He relaxed, then got into the conversation with them, they all hit it off but Adam drew the line when it came to sleeping the night in their tent.

I said I would see him in a few days as my hair was out of control.He just laughed and said I was being paranoid, my hair did need a trim but maybe it's time to change it a little.

Dan jumped up and pointed his finger at Adam he said,

"Trim it, don't change it Adam or you will have me chasing your ass for the rest of your life."

Rory looked over at me and winked, I laughed.

"Well buster what are we going to get up to tonight?"

"Don't know Codes maybe just chill in front of the TV, maybe watch a movie or something, or maybe I just might feel like getting my butt played with."

"You got one second to get in that bedroom Daniel Lawrence." I said.

He ran so fast he stubbed his toe on the door jamb so I spent the next hour licking and sucking on it which gave me a huge boner. Poor Dan was in agony, he didn't know whether to cry or have sex, I haven't laughed so much since the farm, poor Bubby.

The next morning Rory and I started on our new range, Bobby sat with us and made some very valid suggestions, so we included him in everything and got a lot done. We faxed what we had to the agent, along with coloured drawings of the fabric; Bobby did a beautiful job, so I looked at him, and mentioned he should be thinking about going to art school.

I said between Rory, me and Dan we would get him sorted; consider it a done deal.He hugged me and said,

"I don't have the money.You, Rory and Dan have done so much for me now and I can't accept more from you."

I said, "You have talent Bobby and I'm not going to sit back and see it wasted.You are family now and we look after family, which reminds me, would you boys like to spend a couple of days with us all on Dan's parent's farm, it's got a great loft in the barn?" I wiggled my eyebrows.

Their eyes lit up and they both said, "Would we, awesome."

When the boys arrived home I told them of my plan for Bobby and they agreed to help in any way they could. I also mentioned the farm on the weekend, they were cramming for exams so they couldn't go but said maybe in a couple of weeks.

Rory went to see his accountant on Friday and they worked out if his sales kept at their current level he could buy a small place out our way, he was thinking of Bobby's future and he confided in me when he got home.

"Codes, I really want us to have our own place but I don't want to make any mistakes choosing it and I really want to help Bobby go back to school, he's a wonderful artist and I want to do that for him. He's going to need things like a car to get to school and he really needs personal things, he's got nothing. Also, his father is a concern so I have to make Bobby's life more secure."

"Okay Rory, I will tell you mine and Dan's concerns.We don't think he will but he may look for Bobby.We want you and Bobby to move here with us. I think you can still look at properties but I would rather make sure his father is really out of the picture before you move, can I make a suggestion?"

"Of course you can, you know I value your opinion highly", Rory replied.

"Okay just a suggestion, buy him a car and get him settled with school.Also buy a good sized caravan and park it up the side of the house, we can hook it up to power, water and the sewerage. Live in that for as long as you want, until everything's settled down. Bobby can work as a casual at the shop to make food and petrol money. I will get Jamie to create a space for him in our work shop for his studio; there are stacks of room for him. Sometime in the future you can both start looking at houses out this way. Dan and I won't charge you any rent but we insist on us all having breakfast together every morning plus you can cook a meal or two if we are running late, how's that sound?"

"Wicked Codes, a caravan, I never thought of that, Bobby will be stoked. Can we keep it a secret from him? I want to see his face, but his car he has to pick himself. Oh that sounds so cool but I insist we pay rent to help with the bills, no argument Cody."

"Okay you can argue about that with Dan when he gets home, that's if you can get him to listen that is", I laughed.

When Bobby arrived with Dan and Jamie (they had taken him to the club,he was a fan), Rory kissed him then leaned in and said something to him which made him grin from ear to ear. Then he yelled, "My life just gets better and better."

Dan lifted an eyebrow and I said, "Tell you later."

We loaded up for the night at the farm arriving mid-morning we piled out and were greeted with mum and dad's big arms and smiles.

"Whose this cute dude you have on your arm Rory?" Mum said.

"This is my boyfriend, Bobby, Mrs Lawrence, we have been together like forever now."

"Well welcome to the family Bobby, I've put you and Rory out in the barn that way."

They both screamed, "Wicked, awesome" then they raced off leaving a stunned woman in their tracks, Dan and I pissed ourselves laughing at the look on her face.

"Guess that worked well mum" I said through tears and aching ribs.

She made a defeated kind of noise and said indignantly, "Help me with lunch Squirt." then added,

"Dan don't you dare tell Luke and Jamie."

"But mum I'm already dialing his number" he cried out holding his stomach.

She turned on her heels and marched into the kitchen quietly giggling to herself.

We chased up the boys, they were in the loft making a big bed out of straw. Dan said, "Guys she was only joking, you know there's a spare bedroom in the house for you both."

Their faces dropped.

I said, "Well if you are going to sleep here at least put a sheet down and use pillows, that hay plays havoc with your butt."

They answered, "Seriously, can we stay out here for the night?"

I said, "Go ask mum, I'm sure she will let you." Dan and I giggled so much he had to run to the toilet.

"Where's Mike?" I said to Mrs.L.

"He's at Miss Australia's place for the weekend getting his knob polished. "

We couldn't stop laughing. "God I love this friggin family" I shouted.

"Mum" Dan said.

"Well she's a nice looking girl Dan and I'm happy Mike finally found someone. You will meet her soon, they are driving up to have lunch with us all tomorrow, I think you will like her, she's a bit opinionated though for my liking but we are happy for Mike. Please do me a favour and be yourselves tomorrow, there's something I'm trying to figure out, I will let you know before you leave."

"Sounds good to us mum, can't wait to meet her." Dan said.

"Okay, now for my next problem, hyperactive teenagers." She went to the linen closet and pulled out a pair of sheets and a couple of pillows. "Want a hand mum?" I said.

"Got it sorted Squirt but thank you, just keep an eye on the stew for me, it's nearly ready."


I snuggled into Dan and kissed him tenderly then whispered, "I love you."

"Do you want to have a lie down before lunch Codes?"

"No, I'm okay Dan, not tired at all." I smiled.

"But maybe an afternoon nap later."

He snorted and whinnied like a horse.

When mum came back I said, "All sorted?"

She replied, "Yes son."

We then sat down and I filled her in on what happened with Rory and Bobby. I had Rory's permission to tell their story, mum was in tears when I finished, she hugged me tightly saying all the time, "Sorry, sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry mum." Dan said.

"Yes I do Dan, there's a lot of awful parents out there who don't seem to want to protect their children, I'm sorry they are in your lives and the opposite of what Rob and I believe in, it makes me ashamed they exist still to this day. Promise me something sons, if you need a safe place for the boys, please send them here, I have a very handy shotgun ready to go."

She was being sincere so we said we would without hesitation.

Lunch was ready and we called the boys, they were excited to be here and thanked mum and dad many times.Mum watched as they whispered to each other, she looked at me and lifted her eyebrows. I said, "Tell you later."

Dan said he would show them where the quad bike was and they might like to ride around the farm on it.They suddenly weren't hungry and wanted him to show them immediately. "Finish your lunch boys, there's plenty of time." Rob said, "And a toast to our newest family members Rory and Bobby.May you live long and prosper, nanunanu." I think he got his TV shows mixed up. We all laughed.

It was what we needed, a good family laugh.It's been too serious lately and the boys milked it for all it's worth. They had to de-gas the bike twice, boy did it get a workout that day. I hope Mike's not expecting to get on it tomorrow cause there will be a fight. We had our afternoon lay down and I gave Dan some extra loving by milking him forever.Our lips were so sore and Dan's cock was an angry red.He was very sensitive after my workout, he couldn't touch it.

"You're gonna cripple me squirt but don't ever stop trying."

"I promise I won't Dan, maybe I'll even try harder."

"No Squirt, I've got enough memories."

The boys literally hit the hay early.The barn was secure and warm and they took a little TV out with them to watch. I'm guessing they played hide the sausage mostly because Rory borrowed a few condoms off me and some lube. He told me it was their first time, I gave him the three fingered talk.

The next day they arrived for breakfast, Bobby and Dan stuffed themselves while Rory and I looked on, he said to Bobby, "This afternoon we talk about diet Bobby." Dan grinned at me.

Mike and Miss Australia whose name was actually Mia arrived around ten am, she was a nice girl, well groomed but like mum said, there was just something about her I either didn't like or couldn't put my finger on. I was helping mum in the kitchen to get the roast ready and Mia was asking me about my collection and shop. Mike had taken her there and she bought a few things, she just loved my designs. Mike and Dan were deep in conversation about football at the table when Rory and Bobby burst in giggling like they had done all week. Introductions were made, Rory already knew Mike so he introduced Bobby to him and Mia then asked mum if she wanted a hand with lunch. "No thanks boys, Squirt and I have it sorted, why don't you bring your sheets and pillows in from the barn and throw them in the wash for me?"

I said dryly, "That's if they are still in one piece after last night."

Rory said, "It's okay mum we didn't destroy them but you're right, that straw does make your ass itch."

When they left Mike said, "What's going on with those two, has Rory finally found someone?"

I noticed Mia lift her eyebrows.

"Yes Mike, Bobby and Rory have know each other since they were small, they lost touch for a few years but now they are happier than ever, they found each other again. Long story, I'll tell you later." I said.

Mia's whole demeanor changed in front of me, she suddenly got edgy and excused herself saying she had to go to the bathroom. I looked at Mike and whispered, "Mike she does know we are gay doesn't she?"

Mike looked blankly at me and replied, "Well Codes I don't think I have told her. Come to mention it, I don't see the need to; it's a label I don't use Codes. Dan is Dan and you are you, Luke and Jamie are my twin and his mate, why?"

"Oh nothing Mike, just curious that's all." I gave mum a quick look and she was shaking her head, she said, "Bingo."

"What was that mum?" Dan said.

"Nuthin Dan."

Rory and Bobby came back with the bedding and headed for the laundry, their mouths yapping full on.

Mia returned and said to Mike, "Hon can I see you outside for a minute?"

"Sure sweetie, what's up?"

They went outside and mum and I moved to the sink, it had a big window overlooking the backyard; she had opened it earlier so we could hear some of the conversation, some words we definitely heard like poofter, homo, and aids. She was pointing her finger at Mike and he just had a stunned look on his face, mum went to move away, she muttered, "Don't fuck with my son lady."

I grabbed her arm and said, "Stay here mum, he has to grow up sometime.It will be interesting to see what he will do but you and I already know the answer to that."

Dan had moved over as he had finally caught up on what was happening.

Mike turned on his heel, he didn't shout or get upset but he came into the kitchen and got his keys. He looked at us and winked, going outside again he walked Mia to his car and gave her the keys then walked inside again. She stood there for a minute then drove off leaving a big trail of dust behind her.

Mike said, "Sorry mum, one less for lunch, Mia had to go home. I'll get a lift off Dan and Codes to pick my car up later today and maybe stay the night, if that's okay?"

"Sure son, is everything okay?"

"Yes mum, more than fucking okay."

No arguments from mum this time.

The boys came back and were very quiet over lunch, I realised they were in the laundry and must have heard the conversation as it was closer to where they were standing. Rory did apologise for being a bit over the top and he said everything will get back to normal soon.

Mum said, "It's been a bloody pleasure having you both here and please come anytime. I miss the laughter now my little ones have grown up; you two beautiful boys have made my weekend more than you know." She looked at me. I knew she wasn't comfortable with Mia, now she doesn't have to put up with it but poor Mike, I could see the hurt in his eyes.

We said our goodbyes and said we would come visit again soon, Rob was talking with Mike quietly, and then he said, "See you tomorrow son, and try to get a good night's sleep."

It was very quiet on the ride home, even Bobby and Rory fell asleep.

We drove by Mia's flat; Mike went to the letterbox and retrieved his keys then followed us home. I made coffee then went to call Luke and Jamie, I gave them a bit of a rundown as to what had occurred and passed them their take away mum had sent home for them.

We all sat at the porch table, then Rory spoke, "Mike, we are so sorry we caused you pain, it wasn't our intention. I know we are out of hand sometimes but we just found each other again, after years apart, and we just wanted to be ourselves with no one telling us it's wrong, I apologise.

Mike said, "Absolutely nothing to apologise for Rory, Mia's the one with the problem, she wanted me to take her home, but I said she could drive herself, I was staying with my family and friends. She's completely thrown me Rory but I'll get over it. I just don't understand how someone can be so free and easy but closed minded when it comes to anything important to me. It's like no one else exists in her world, only her. Maybe I'm wrong but I just haven't got a clue what's wrong with her and I don't intend to find out either. It's over as far as I'm concerned, no one treats my friends like that."

Rory and Bobby said their goodnights and went to bed, they were exhausted. Luke took Mike for a walk down the beach for awhile and when they came back Mike had been crying. Luke whispered something to Jamie and they disappeared downstairs. Mike left and Dan looked at me. "Go Dan he's hurting, I'll see you later or in the morning." As I was putting the dishes away Luke arrived, I pointed to Mike's room. He went in also and as he opened the door I heard Mike's sniffling and Dan's hushed voice, they weren't going to let him sleep on his own tonight.

I left a lamp on then went to bed, Mum L did message me. I replied, all's well mum, Dan and Luke are in with him tonight, will ring tomorrow xx.

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