Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 29

Published: 16 Apr 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

"Good morning April, how are you this lovely morning?"

"Good thanks Codes, how are things in your life lately, it seems ages since we talked?"

"All's good love just wanting some information, have you heard from Debs lately?"

"No Cody she went overseas, the last I heard she and her brother were in Europe, some extended holiday I think, they have been away months but I did hear she's coming back for Christmas. She may even be home already, do you want me to give her a call?"

"That would be lovely April thanks a bunch."

I then filled her in on Mike's venture into bogan territory and she said Debs really liked him but she had this trip planned for ages. I'll call you tonight Cody, maybe she's still single, I won't know till I speak with her and don't worry I'll be discreet.

"Thank you honey, maybe we can get them together sometime."

"Sure hope so, talk later, bye."

I cooked breakfast and took a big tray into my boys, they were all laughing and joking, Mike looked a lot better, Jamie came up kissed Luke and grabbed toast, the "kids" arrived and helped themselves, I said,

"Well I'll just cook some more and after you have showered, I'll meet you all on the porch with it."

"I'll give you a hand Codes." Rory said.

We got breakfast on the way for the second time, a big roaster of everything that's not good for you, I noticed Bobby just had cereal.

"Well which one of you butch men are going to take us shopping for a car for Bobby today?" Rory said.

It sounded like they all were going.

"Dan we can't go, you have to help me with getting lunch organised."

"Okay Codes no problem, what are we having?"

I leant into him and whispered, "Dan I need a haircut and I want you to help me do it."

"Eh? No you don't Codes, call Adam."

"Dan I need you to help me with the other hair." I pointed to my crotch.

He gulped and said,

"See you later boys, Cody needs trimming."

They all laughed, I went red with embarrassment.

"Dan did you have to tell them, I feel embarrassed now."

"Just wait till I sit you over the sink I'll show you what embarrassment is like, can I do your ass too?" He said as loud as he could.

"Of course Dan." I leaned into him and whispered.

He had fun doing my trimming, my legs were all over the place, he even did my small trail. After we showered he sat me back and put my ankles on his shoulders then fucked me almost raw, he was so hard it hurt. (A nice kind of hurt though).

We rinsed off again and started lunch.

The boys arrived back just as I had set the table, they each had picked out a different car for Bobby; he was so confused he just couldn't make his mind up. I said,

"It's okay sweetie I'll get you sorted tomorrow, we will just go on our own. Luke said, "I had a great car picked for him but he didn't like it."

"What the old lady car?" Bobby replied laughing.

Luke shrugged, Jamie laughed at him.

"For a minute there Luke, I thought you had gone all feminine on me."

He winked.

Luke wasn't impressed, Mike said,

"Its okay Jamie there's still the other twin on the market." He smiled.

Luke took Jamie's hand and said, in a very dry voice,

"But fortunately for Jamie this twin has got the biggest cock of the two."

"Okay, change of subject, who wants lunch?" I said.

"Yess" they all replied.

We said farewell to Mike and decided we would all take it in turns to keep him occupied so a couple of weeks later I took him into the shop. It would be his and Luke's birthdays soon so I wanted him to get a new outfit for it, I talked him into black hipsters and one of Rory's tight fitting shirts with a chunky belt and boots. We all decided to have the birthday party at the farm and of course the "kids" booked the hay loft. While we were there we accidentally ran into April, she said Debs was meeting her there to do some shopping, she had seen my parade on sky news and was dying to look through my stuff.

As if on call, just as Mike appeared from the dressing room looking so hot, Debs walked in and said, "Wow, fucking hot Mike."

They kissed and hugged, it had been a while since they had seen one another, I winked at April and suggested we all go for lunch and coffee, which they all agreed. Debs really was just like Mrs L in a lot of ways, she loved the country and she was so glad to be home after her brother had dragged her all over Europe, she said, "Codes it was hard because all Trent wanted to do was go to the gay clubs."

Perfect, I heard Mike say. Debs did raise a questionable eyebrow, she added, "I told you at Dan's party that Trent was gay Mike, is there a problem?"

"Absolutely none Debs, everything's just perfect, Debs are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

"No Mike I'm still waiting for your call" she smiled.

She got the family price on the items she selected and so did April.

Mike said his goodbyes and Deb said, "I'll await your call Mike."

When I got home there was a truck in the driveway, it was manoeuvring a rather large caravan up the side of the house and Rory was playing parking officer.

He said, "It's not too big is it Codes?"

"No Rory, does Bobby know?"

"Not yet Cody, it's his surprise for tonight, can you help me move our things in and set it up?"

"No problem, let's get it sorted."

We moved their clothes and Rory put a lot of candles around and some rose petals on the bed, he had it looking beautiful. We would get a plumber in tomorrow to hitch it up; in the meantime it had its own gas and water tank.

Bobby came home from his shift at the store; he wouldn't start art school till after New Year.

"Where's Rory Codes?"

"Around the side of the house doing something."

I smiled at him. (The van was hidden from the car park.)

"You better go and see what he's up to Bobby" I smiled.

I could hear him scream from the kitchen. "Wicked."

They invited us all in for a tour later on, Rory had a romantic dinner planned so we didn't stay long, it was great to see their faces.

Bobby was showing us around and talking through the features.

No doubt the bed will get a good workout tonight.

Just the four of us will have dinner tonight so I made something easy and we just sat around talking about the up and coming birthday party.

"There won't be a lot of people Codes, that's what Mike and I wanted but I'm stuck trying to get a present for him, he's so hard to buy for." Luke said.

I made a few suggestions but he liked the dinner for two at a good restaurant idea after I told them about Deb being back in the picture.

"Well I thought they were made for each other in the first place, what happened?" Luke asked.

I replied, "I think Deb had a trip planned with her brother for a long time so she put Mike on hold till she got back."

"Well I'm so glad she never met anyone overseas and I'm equally happy Miss Australia turned out to be a thorough bitch." Dan said.

That afternoon Larry and April came over, they wanted to discuss something with me. After Dan got us all drinks and chips, we sat in the sun on the porch when Larry blurted out, "We are getting married in February."

A round of applause and kisses, I was so happy for them, a tear escaped from my eye as I hugged April, I said, "Well done."

And to Larry I said, "You did good."

April started when we all settled down, "Cody can you design my wedding dress?"

"Of course April, it will be my first so thank you for asking me, do you have anything in mind or do I have free range?"

"Oh Cody you know me, I have in mind something plain and simple."

I looked at her and said, "Plain and simple you ain’t gonna get, April I know you better than that, among that plain and simple there's a young lady who has been dreaming of her wedding day for years."

Everybody laughed Dan said, "April you will be lost in all that tulle, flowers and bows Cody's going to add to your plain and simple wedding dress."

She winked at me and said, "We will talk further when the boys aren't around

Codes, now Larry has something to ask you, two things actually."

Larry stood up and looked at Dan he said, "I need one best man and two groomsmen, I would like you Dan to be my best man and Jamie and Cody to be my groomsmen, if you would do me that honour it would make my day."

We were very humbled by his proposal and said yes, we would be greatly honoured. Then he asked me if I would design April's engagement ring with matching wedding rings and he would have them made by his jeweller in the city. I of course said yes to both requests, I love a wedding and April's dress is going to be devine. I was a bit jealous that Dan and I couldn't get married, but hey it's coming.

We said our goodbyes late at night and we heard a lot of squeaking coming from around the side of the house, then a couple of nude young boys ran into the surf around ten o'clock, my heart sank when I saw Rory's leg.

Larry looked at April and said, "You need two ring bearers?"

She said, "Traditionally there's only one Larry but we will make an exception."

Neither of them had siblings and they said because we were all their brothers they wanted us included. "Mike, Deb and Lukey can do the readings and seating at the church and reception, my two girls are right to go as bridesmaids." she added.

Dan and I sat for awhile winding down by ourselves and doing a lot of light kissing. I know I didn't need to do the fantasy characters for Dan we were very hot just for each other but I wanted him to experience something different occasionally so I whispered to him, "Professor, I've been naughty again, I let Jimmy Radnell and Paul Westland fuck me today in the janitor's closet, I'm sorry professor Lawrence can you punish me again for being such a naughty boy?"

"Go to my office Mitchell, I'll deal with this straight away."

My bum was so sore the next day no amount of aloe vera stopped the burning sensation, it was an erotic feeling and by lunchtime we had made love several times, poor Dan he's so easy.

Dan's training was full on again, the coach had the boys doing all sorts of exercises, the best was when they ran on the beach and swam because of the crowds they attracted. His coach asked him if they could use our beach to train on, he ran it past me at the club that night so I said, "Wait until I get a larger lens for my camera Dan."

He said, "Closed shop Squirt, you have to go into your office for the duration and do some work." I said, "But professor I like watching the boys in their speedos, Jimmys are filling out nicely now he's a little older, maybe I'll invite him around to help me with my itchings."

"You are trying to kill me aren't you Codes?"

"Yes Dan." I smiled.

The boys started training every Sunday on our beach and they were quite happy about that because they weren't annoyed by fans asking for autographs and they sometimes got a sausage sizzle afterwards. They could use our showers if they wanted, I couldn't help imagining the scenes but somehow it was always Dan I saw.

Rory and Bobby have settled into their new abode and Rory has stored all his furniture in the container at the back. No word on Bobby's father which is a good sign, they went off to work each day together sometimes staying to go to the clubs with Adam and sometimes just to eat out, they still held each other like they were one.

I was half way through tweaking some of Rory's designs he had thrown out when Luke came into the workroom crying.

"What's the matter Luke, what's upset my beautiful brother?" I took him in my arms and hugged him tight. He sobbed bitterly on my shoulder."

Through the sobs and tears he said, "Jamie's having an affair Codes and I can't take it anymore, he didn't want me to pick him up today or yesterday, he's seeing someone. I followed him today and he went into a house, there was a tall good looking older bloke that answered the door, they are making love now, I had to get home otherwise I was going to lose it."

"I don't want to see him so I'm going up to mums for a few days."

I thought about my answer and said, "Luke I don't believe he's doing that to you, he adores you so much maybe it would be best if you just talk to him about it instead of coming to your own conclusions."

He dropped down into a chair and grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped his eyes.

I took pity on him and said, "Luke what's happening next week?"

He looked at me deep in thought, "My birthday?"

"Well there's your answer, do you think this guy is helping Jamie with something? Maybe something to do with next weekend?"

"I didn't think of that Cody, maybe the guy was, maybe I read it wrong again, can you find out for me Codes? I don't want to seem like the jealous type in front of Jamie."

"Don't sweat it Luke I'll get it sorted for you, just act normally when he gets home and I'll see what I can do. He's making the pizzas tonight so he won't be too far away, he has to make double because there's no way Rory and Bobby will miss out on them."

"Okay Cody thank you, I hope your right."

When Dan arrived looking totally exhausted I said, "Luke thinks Jamie's having an affair and he's very upset, do you know what's going on Dan?"

"Codes what happened at the club ball early this year?"

"Many things happened Dan, they met for the first time, Jaques dressed you, you sang for me." "Bingo." Dan said, "James is having singing lessons, I don't know why because on the beach last weekend he sounded pretty good to me, it's a surprise Squirt so keep out of it." He winked then started to sing to me, we slow danced around the kitchen. "We got time Codes?"

"Let's go Dan." I beat him to the bedroom and after we stripped I gave him a tongue massage, his balls were as tight as rocks as I took both into my gob and lapped between his legs at the same time, reaching his hole.

I sucked on his big stick ‘til I could feel him nearly cuming then stopped, then began again, it was ages before I would let him squirt down my throat, his glassy eyes told me all I needed to know. Dan was happy. He's even letting me kiss him without brushing; he's come a long way. I'm so in awe of him every time his image pops into my head, which is every minute of every waking moment.

We all sat at the table and devoured Jamie's pizzas, lucky I had made salad and a few chips because there was nothing left when they had finished.

I had winked at Luke when he came up. "Everything's on the up and up Luke, you have no need to worry and that's all I'll say for now."

"Jamie do you want me to pick you up tomorrow night?"

"No thanks baby boy I'll be a little late, have stuff to do?"

"Okay beautiful, don't be late, I hear there's a very naughty school boy in the neighbourhood that needs a good spanking."

Jamie looked at Luke like he was an alien.

Dan and I laughed at them and so did Rory and Bobby. Rory said, "That bloody school boy knocked on our door a few days ago, he wouldn't leave till we kicked his sorry sore butt to the curb."

Dan lifted his eyebrows and said, "Is there anyone alive you haven't told Squirt?"

I said, "Yes Dan, our mums."

Jamie said, "Did I miss something?"

"No babe just be home early, he's been a very naughty little boy and I want you to punish him professor Rosano."

The look on Jamie's face was priceless, he said, "Let's go find him now Luke!"

They almost fell down the stairs.

I guess it's just me washing up again but I must say Dan in all fairness helped by kissing and nibbling my neck while I was elbow deep in suds.

The party day had arrived and we got there early to help Rob set up the yard, of course mum met us with pillows and sheets in hand. The boys kissed and thanked her then yelling they headed off towards the barn. Luke just said, "Good one mum." He kissed her cheek and she answered, "Be really afraid Luke I've seen Mike's present for you."

"Hi Jamie, hi Lukey" Mike said in a small voice as he hugged them both, "Happy birthday brother."

He kissed Luke and Luke did the same.

Maybe no jokes this time but I wouldn't discount it.

"Jamie, would you like to see what I bought for Luke before I wrap it?"

Jamie blushed as Mike rubbed up against him. "Mike don't start that again, not today, it's our birthdays."

"But I thought Jamie would be pleased at what I bought you, and I wanted to get his approval."

"Leave us alone Mike or I'll get Dad to send you to your room with no cake."

"But Lukey don't you want Jamie to know I got you a penis enlarger for your birthday?" sad faced Mike said.

"Mum that's gross tell Michael off for being so crass."

"Oh you didn't Mike, that's what your father and I got him, and a school sweater." Mum L said.

"Mum" Luke screamed, "Don't do this it's a special day for me, school sweater what?"

"Yes darling, I know your just a naughty little school boy, happy birthday, would you like mummy to help with the pumping thingy? Wink, wink."

She was almost choking on her stifled laughter.

"Jesus Jamie, talk about spoiling my birthday, let's go to the barn and talk to the "kids", we will get better sense out of them."

Just then we heard the roar of the quad bike and out of the barn door came two very happy souls, Bobby was driving and Rory was standing with his arms out screaming all sorts of profanities.

Rob said, "Come on guys let's get this party on the road."

We settled in but could hear lots of laughter coming from Mike's room, Luke and he were having a pillow fight.

Dan hugged me to his chest and said, "We got time?"

I said, "Always got time for my hunky footballer, what would you like to do Dan?"

"I thought I might like one of your super dooper head jobs Codes, that is if it's okay with you Codes."

"Always Dan."

We took our time but eventually had to finish quickly as Rob was shouting up the stairs to get us all to help him.

There wasn't much to do, Luke and I helped mum in the kitchen, she had everything nearly ready. Rob had hung the Chinese lanterns and fairy lights. It was just the tables that needed erecting and setting and Luke had them sorted in no time.

The boys came back and mum handed them two brown paper bags and some fruit, she said, "Go out the back and have your lunch then I want you two to do something special for me."

They took their bags and sat on the lawn to eat their sandwiches, they were giving orders to Dan and Jamie on where to place the flowers and present table.

With all that finished mum told us to all scoot from the kitchen, we all went and had an afternoon nap while mum put Rory and Bobby to work decorating the birthday cakes.

"Are you sure about this mum, they might end up doing a Barney or Thomas the tank cake?"

"I'll keep my eye on them Codes, you go have a nap, I hear Dan doesn't like sleeping alone and there's a feral school kid lurking around the farm, I'll have to get my shotgun out in case he turns up tonight." She laughed and kissed my cheek, "I love you baby."

"I love you back mum."

The boys snickered so I said, "Don't think I don't know you ring mum every other day boys, I know where she got the schoolboy story from."

They both blushed and said, "Sorry Cody."

I ached with laughter going upstairs.

The guests started to arrive just at twilight and the yard looked just like a fairyland. Debs came with her brother Trent, a good looking man of about twenty six or seven and Larry and April were there. Jamie's parents brought along a stack of pasta dishes, Maria had been cooking all day and we touched on Gino's progress, they said he wanted to come to apologise but they talked him into doing it properly when no one else was about, he was still on a very long probation with conditions, it was good to hear his therapy was progressing in leaps and bounds.

I had forgiven him awhile back but Dan and Jamie insisted I get a personal apology. They also brought presents from him.

The night turned out to be a great success and I handed Larry and April their drawings for the rings, they were stoked. All three matched but I said I drew the line at the inscriptions, but I suggested something along the lines of,

"I love Cody Mitchell." We laughed all night whenever our eyes met.

The cakes came out carried by the "kids".

They were so proud of them and mum couldn't stop crying at the magic job they had done on them, they were superb and the detail was awesome. They had carved the cakes into two cherub angels covered in white icing with blue and silver highlights. Glitter stars burst from the cakes and joined together a foot high. The baby rug photos in miniature were sitting on top in frames done in icing, ribbons bordered the bottom and they had tweaked them to look like clouds, many photos were taken before it was cut.

Luke wanted to take his half home, he was trying to get Bobby to cut only Mike’s but he didn't succeed. Eventually Jamie pulled him away and took him to the back of the garden, I could see he had pulled out his guitar, he sat Luke on a rug on the grass and started to sing to him.

We moved closer to hear the song; it was an old one, "Unchained melody". The opening line started, "Oh my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch."

He did a great job of it and everyone was in tears, even Mike. Luke cried all through the performance. Dan filmed it. I said to Luke later, "Now you know what Jamie was doing with that singing teacher."

He smiled through his tears and said, "Thank you for not telling me Codes, you're the best."

"Now it's pressie time." I shouted.

They started to open their presents, first Mike then Luke, of course there were the joke ones and some lovely stuff also, Dan and I had got them both a new iPad and some very sexy underwear.

Mike gave Luke a penis enlarger pump but Luke topped it with a plastic model of a brain with the words, "I found your brain Mike" written on it. My giggling started, they also gave each other some nice presents, Luke got a beautiful gold bracelet and Mike along with the dinner for two, got a very similar neck chain, with a gold engraved heart that read, "Your the best brother in the world."

Luke said to me, watch this Codes, "Mike what does the inscription say? Read it to me."

Mike looked at it. He said. "Your the best brother in the world" Luke said, "Aww Mike thank you."

My ribs were screaming out and mum, dad and Dan's tears were streaming as we rolled around laughing. Luke finally said, "Gotcha."

Mike looked confused but when he got it, he said, "Watch this." He then showed it to James, who read it aloud,

"Thanks Mike so are you." Jamie said before Mike could speak.

A very deflated Mike shrugged and started to walk away laughing to himself.

Debs came over and pulled Mike away, she wanted to give him his present in private. I could see them kissing a lot up the side of the house and when Mike came back he was wearing a beautiful Rado watch. It must have cost her a small fortune but it was exquisitely designed. Mike didn't stop smiling all night.

Her brother Trent told me she bought it duty free in Germany, he also asked me if Dan and I were a couple. I told him we were and he said, "That's a shame, I could do him big time." I said, "Trent, what shame? It's a shame Dan's very happy or it's a shame he's with me?" He went beetroot and said, "Sorry Cody poor choice of words, I apologise, I didn't mean to make you feel unwanted."

I'm fucked if I know what he's up to but the conversation was confusing me.

Why, if Dan and I are happy would he call it a shame? Just because he fancies Dan, he wouldn't say that to any straight couples, fuck me.

Anyway, I just put it down to nerves perhaps but then I noticed him with Dan in a deep conversation, I thought you won't get him mate stop making a goose of yourself.

Mum L came over to me and said, "I’ve got this one Codes."

She walked over and took Dan's hand, she took him onto the small dance floor and they danced. Dan looked at me all the time.

The night was winding down so I helped Maria and mum do the dishes and clean up, the majority we can do in the morning, lucky we had photos of the cake as there wasn't even a crumb left. The stars and photo topper ended up on poor Luke's head and yes more photos.

Trent leaned over to kiss Dan as he left and just as I walked out the door, Dan looked horrified. I leant in and said to him as quietly as I could, "It's a shame Dan's happy Trent and it's a bigger shame we will never be friends. I love your sister, she's is older than you isn't she?"

"No, she's seven years younger" he grunted to me.

"Oh sorry, I thought she was the older one, she's so much more mature than you, safe trip home Trent."

"And fuck you too" I said under my breath.

Dan kissed me and we went inside, I left Mike to say goodbye to them.

Jamie's mum and dad said their goodnights and we headed for bed, Dan and Mike picked Mum L up and carted her to bed. "Rob, Rob this is how it's done" she screamed with laughter.

"Oh okay Anna" he dryly said back.

We went past Luke and Jamie's room and we could hear Jamie was yelling, "Fuck me, oh fuck me Lukey, that's nice, harder."

The door was open.

Dan’s face went white, Jamie said, "Oh Dan you got to try this, it's amazing, Luke harder, harder."

Dan slammed their door shut.

I stood and watched Dan trudge upstairs, when I got to the loft Dan was going for a shower, I said, "Not waiting for me Dan?"

He grunted and started to strip his underwear off, "I don't like people trying to take the mickey out on me all the time, I'm quite aware who tops in Luke's family. There was no need for that display Cody, I felt I was being treated like some dumb fucking jock."

"Oh Dan, maybe they have gone too far, maybe if you have a talk with them tomorrow, the one thing I love about your family Dan is you can all give and take a joke, it sometimes holds the hurt and sadness at bay. I see your point and I apologise for being a part of it, I certainly don't see you that way Dan, I only had to look out the kitchen window at you and Trent tonight to see your intelligence and integrity. He was being a plastic queen, one of the other reasons I don't do clubs, they can't understand that two people that love each other are happy and don't need a third person in their lives. If you want I'll talk to them, it is getting a bit dry, maybe."

"No leave it Codes."

"Okay Dan, can I come in with you?"

"Of course Codes, I'm not mad at you, never."

We had a lovely hot long shower, I could hardly walk by the time Dan did his thing on me, we climbed into bed very tired.


"Yes Dan?"

"Why was Trent hitting on me?"

"He's lonely Dan."

"He's good looking in a kinda sense Codes, he shouldn't be lonely."

"Well Dan you know what Rory was like when you first met him?"

"Yeah, he was full on too Codes."

"Well he was desperately lonely like Trent."

"I don't think he was lonely Squirt, it was creepy actually."

"In what way Dan?"

"Well he was saying things like he's the best fuck in the world and he had a big cock, and he can get anyone into bed. He also said he could look after me like no one else. I got sick of listening to it Codes, for god's sake, he was in my parents home for my brothers’ birthdays and he was hitting on me."

"What did you tell him Dan?" I asked.

"I said he should take a good look at his lifestyle, I know who and what I am sleeping with but he certainly doesn't because there were too many players through his door. He ignored me and kept going on about how we were meant to be lovers, I know he was drunk and I made allowances for that but he just went on and on."

"Codes it's not Jamie and Luke's fault, I kinda like the way they have fun, it was Trent."

"What do you mean Dan?"

"Well Squirt I can't put it into words really, I guess it was creepy but he sort of was treating me like I was a really stupid uneducated idiot, like I have to go to bed with him because he knew what I wanted best. Apparently you’re not good enough for me, like where did he get that idea from Codes? He made me feel stupid because I didn't want to explain the love I have for you with a stranger, but he was insisting I go home with him.

Squirt, I don't mind people hitting on me as long as they respect that we are together and to be honest Cody, I wouldn't know what to do with anyone else."

"Keep thinking like that Dan and I'll be your friend for life."

We cuddled up, I was super tired, Dan was heavy duty when he was thinking.

"Codes you asleep?"

"Not yet Dan."

"He isn't really good looking."

"I know Dan."


"Yes Dan?"

"Do you want to try and make a baby again?"

"No Dan, go to sleep."

"Okay Codes, sorted till the morning then?"

And we got it sorted that morning first thing.

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