Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 30

Published: 23 Apr 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

In the morning we all pitched in to clean up the mess, mum had boxes with plates in them for us to return to which people had brought food on.

Mike went through his presents again and Luke had given him a box with a bigger heart in it that just said, "Mike". "Now read them," Luke asked.

"You're the best brother in the world Mike."

"Two hearts Mike just for us, yours is the bigger one," Luke put his arms out and they hugged tightly.

Rory and Bobby were on the bike again and they came back covered in mud so mum said, "Shower in the barn boys you're not coming in my house like that."

I said, "I didn't know there was a shower in the barn mum?"

"Over in the far corner Cody, it's a very cold one," she roared laughing as she walked off.

Trent's name was mentioned before we left and Mike told us Deb is worried about him, he's becoming a male slut and has heaps of one night stands.

Dan said, "With all the education on different diseases around you would think he would be more careful in his choices."

Mike said, "Well she's worried about him, do you think you could talk with him Codes?"

"No Mike I buried his friendship after he hit on Dan, sorry."

"Oh you too Dan, he hit on me last night too and I told him to fuck off, he wasn't in a gay bar. I guess it's up to his family to get him settled down, pity he's a clever man apparently."

"Well, not that clever," I said. "If he's hitting on his sister’s boyfriend, that's not on Mike I apologise, we are not all like him."

"It's okay Codes, no need, I understand."

On the road home Dan was very quiet, he hadn't said boo to either of the boys all morning, Jamie and Luke were wrapped together in the back seat, the tension was uncomfortable. I tried to get them into a conversation but no one was interested in talking. We unpacked the car and they headed for their flat, I said we would see them for dinner, they said, "Not tonight Codes we are tired."

I repeated to them, "Dinners at seven, I won't let you avoid this one, your brother needs you."

"We don't know what we did Codes, so we thought we just might lay low for a while." Jamie said.

I just said, "He's feeling sad because he feels people treat him like a dumb jock, it's not all what you did, Trent's the one he's mad at, he loves you both, so just give him a break at the moment, he needs a big brother boost. He's just a bit sick of people thinking he's stupid that's all, I'll see you at seven."

Dan and I had a lay down when we got inside; I stripped him, then me, and just laid there face to face. I started to whisper while kissing his face, my left hand was placed on his butt, my finger was running up his crack and my right arm was under his neck, he stared into my eyes watching me. "I'm thinking I will do night school Codes, what do you think?" he said.

"If you want to Dan, I'll be behind you one hundred per cent, but why?"

"Codes all I know is football and modelling, I think I would like to get something else under my belt in case something happens."

"Nothings going to happen Dan, and if you think for one minute your stupid for not having a piece of paper, well sadly I can't agree with you," I kissed his eyes and continued,

"Dan you saved my life three times, you are the top football player, and goal kicker in the league, you have won so many awards for your skills soon we will have to move to a bigger house. You are the smartest person I know, you struggle through mowing the lawns but you breeze through a photo session, not many people can do that Dan, you also saved Rory and Bobby's lives. I shudder to think what would have happened if you hadn't done what you did, they both would have wilted to the point of no return."

"You cuddled Mike when he was down, you are putting your brother through medical school, everyday I am amazed at your guts and determination to be a better human being, you cry when your happy and sad, that's not what a dumb ass does Dan, that's what a breathing, feeling, loving human being does and I can't tell you how deeply I love you for it."

"I rely on your strength heavily but I'm afraid to use too much because sometimes I see fragility in your life, like now. The boys didn't know what was going on, they were just having fun, and I can see you can see that also. It's not what they did to you Dan, it's something else that's happening to you, you're growing Dan. At only twenty-one you think you are the adult but like me you have a lot of stuff to learn, not too much though, as far as I'm concerned you are "the" man, and a lot more clever than a lot of humans."

I nuzzled into his neck, and ran my hand over his chest hair, wishing I could lick it forever.

"You think I'm being stupid, don't you?"

"Not stupid Dan, just a little sensitive, and fuck Dan I can’t blame you."

"Your right Codes, I feel kinda funny now, I hated ignoring Luke and Jamie, it actually hurt."

"Well, what do you think we should do about it, keeping in mind they are teenagers?"

"Get the tent out Squirt, we may be getting older but we can still have loads of fun which brings me to the next subject."

"What's that Dan?"

"What's for dinner?"

I cooked a shepherd’s pie and chips, and the boys came up right on seven.

Jamie sat with Dan and said,

"Dan, we are so sorry, it was just a laugh but I guess we went too far, we don't think of you that way at all Dan. I personally think your one of the most beautiful people in the world. I worship you so much on field and off, and am so in love with the thought you are my brother, I feel blessed Dan and I am sorry." Jamie said very sincerely.

Luke was a bit different, he came close to Dan and said, "Our joking around is not reality Dan, it is what it is, a joke between brothers. Jamie and I would never think of doing the things we do with anyone else, just you and Codes. What's real is my love for you and knowing I will always be safe in your shadow, whatever I do to you in fun, and god forbid in bad, I know you will always be my big brother, the one I idolise. I see your heart Dan, and every time your near me I feel it beating, I love you so much and I also apologise for being a little, silly sometimes."

Dan just said, "It's not you boys it's me, I apologise for being a rude prick, but thank you for giving me a boost."

They hugged and I said, "Ring the boys and see if they have eaten."

"They're not home yet Codes," Jamie said.

"They should have been home hours ago."

I rang Rory's number.

"Where are you Rory we are a little worried?"

"Oh okay, don't be late."

"A pitstop at movie world, they will be home soon."

I should have guessed.

Out of control teenagers and I made him manager of my business? Well, I'm glad I did he's a wonderful manager and friend.

We ate and joked around for another hour then the "kids" came home, they bought fairy floss for all of us. "Aww I want the pink one Dan, Jamie tell Dan to give me the pink one."

"Shut up your whining Luke or I'll fuck you into next week."

"Let's go home Jamie, now."

Last laugh for the night as we watched them scurry down the stairs.

The "kids" hung around for a while till they started to yawn, it had been a long weekend for them.

"Goodnight boys, don't forget to call mum and thank her for your cool weekend."

"Already sorted Squirt, goodnight."

Dan sat at the table deep in thought and after another wine the light bulb moment dawned on him.

"Codes I've got it, I know what to do, let's go to bed. Want a hand with the dishes?"

"Dan don't do that, and no the dishes are done."

"Do what Squirt?"

"Make a statement like that and not elaborate."

"I'll tell you later."

Off to bed we go, no amazing sex tonight just cuddles and a lot of deep thinking.


"Yes Codes?"


"Codes I'm still thinking about it, can we talk tomorrow."

"Okay Dan, no problem."

"Dan did you feed Maxie?"

"Oh shit no, he will be hungry, better do it now."

"It's okay Dan, I did."

"Goodnight Dan, sweet dreams I love you."

"Eeeerr okay."

(Shit he must be really thinking if he's ignored me.)

"Codes you awake?"

"Looks like I am Dan, what's the time?"

"Umm late, I just wanted to say I love you and goodnight."

"Sure Dan, goodnight."

He pulled himself up on his elbow and looked at me.

I just had enough energy to smile and finger wave at him.

"Ummm better than nuthin I guess," he rolled into me muttering.

Morning wasn't much better, our shower was one sided and my groping wasn't doing anything for him so I got out and dried myself, got dressed and made coffee then I heard the water shut off.

Dan was calling my name but by this time I was sitting on the porch.

"Squirt why are you out here, I should be drying you?"

"Did it myself Dan once I remembered how it was done."

"Oh Codes that's my job."

"Well, you better get your brain into gear Dan or you will miss the next football season."


"Dan what are you thinking of, it's driving me crazy."

"Oh nuthin' now Codes, I don't think I want to be a dentist anymore, I hate the sight of needles.


"Coffee Dan?"

"Yes please Codes."

He was sitting there looking quite happy with himself.

When I didn't move he said,


"I'm still thinking about it Dan."

"Okay Codes."

I stared at him for a long time.

Then went and made coffee.

During the week Dan asked me to go to a photo session with him, he said it was for a big fabric warehouse, and they were doing an in house catalogue. I said okay.

When we got there the photographer asked me if I could stand in for the other model who had just rang and cancelled. I agreed and we both went to get made up and dressed. My jaw dropped when Dan came out, he had a Red tartan kilt on, he looked gorgeous; I couldn't take my eyes off him. I said.

"Dan is it true what they say about scottch men, that you're not a true scot if you wear underwear?"

"Yes codes but for today I've got a red jock on." he replied.

I tried to get a peek at it all afternoon but Dan wasn't playing the game, he's very professional like that. They had me in a blue kilt no shirt, the first photo was Dan lying down with his kilt opened to show his strong legs, and showing a hint of red jock, they had me standing behind him looking in the distance. We changed kilts several times my favourite was the sarong ones.

Dan said not to worry about anyone seeing them in the magazines it was just an in house catalogue,

That finished we arrived home and I immediately had him naked in the bedroom giving him one of my special blow jobs, I was so worked up I came, no hands.

Two weeks later I was arriving at work when I noticed a new bright billboard appearing opposite the shop, I nearly ran off the road when I saw it. It was me and Dan in our kilts the first picture, I parked and walked to the front door of the shop not taking my eyes off the picture, with tears in my eyes I read over and over again the writing, I love Cody Mitchell was printed across the top with Merry Christmas Cody across the bottom. I felt hands on my shoulders, I knew whose they were, Dan whispered in my ear "Happy Christmas Codes"

I turned around and said."Daniel Lawrence my office now."

That started another round of love making over my desk, lucky the shop was closed.

Because it was Christmas we were flat out in the shop, everyone pitched in, we refilled the shelves several times and every time I looked outside I would see that billboard and Dan’s smile.

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