Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 31

Published: 30 Apr 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

For Christmas Eve we all pitched in to cook a late lunch and then if people were still hungry later they could graze on leftovers, we didn't want to be too over it for mum's tomorrow, my mum came over and helped. She had just got back from England and was a bit jet lagged, I brought her up to speed about the billboard so she wouldn't run off the road when she saw it.

The table setting we left for Luke to do as he has a knack of making it look very special. The "kids" tried to change it but Jamie held them back with a stern, "House and tree your's, table Luke's, okay?"

"Okay Tarzan, keep your loin cloth on, chill," Bobby said.

Lunch was a typical seafood and ham affair but tomorrow we go for the big roast and puddings. With that over we all went outside and started on the presents, we will do some more tomorrow at mum's but we thought we would do our own tonight. The boys were handing them out to everyone and we all had a big pile. Paper was flying everywhere, the "kids" were so excited and that included Jamie and Luke, they were so funny.

We left the main ones till last.

Mum opened her's first, I had a beautiful evening gown made for her and she was so over the moon. Luke and Jamie had bought her expensive perfume and the boys got her a necklace and earrings to match. Dan didn't have to but he bought her a beautiful hair comb, it dazzled. He said, "Is all this posh enough for your pommy friends mum?"

"Oh yes Dan, the princess will be livid."

I said, "I don't want to know which one mum."

"Okay dear, she's up to her ass in horse shit at the moment otherwise I would ring her and gloat."


"Love you Codes," she winked.

We gave Jamie and Luke a two week vacation in Hawaii and they gave us the same present, I noticed Jamie wink at Dan. "Not fair Jamie they cancel each other out."I said.

He said, "Squirt we would never go away without you and Dan and that's an even better present than the holiday but thank you"

The boys did something different they said, "Stay here we have to go to the studio to get your present, we couldn't wrap it."

They returned with what seemed a rather large painting covered in a sheet and they mounted it on a hook pre-installed on the wall in the sun room.

Bobby said, "Merry Christmas Dan and Cody from us."

Rory unveiled it, we gasped at the bright coloured painting, it was blinding.

"Do you like it?" Bobby said.

We were speechless and as we all took a closer look we noticed it was all of us on our beach. Our faces were like photographs, the house in the back looked real like the sand, mum was sunning herself on a lounge sofa.

April, Rob, Larry and Mrs L at the table, he had put bright little comical bathers on them. On the stairs sat Jamie and Luke staring at each other holding hands, Mike and Debs were sitting on the beach kissing, Dan was sitting in a life guard chair and I was knee deep in the water with my surfboard. In the forefront were Bobby and Rory touching foreheads, they were dressed in school uniforms and he had painted Rory with two good legs and me with no scars.

He said, "Now one at a time come and stand on this cross, squint and look hard, you first Cody."

I did what he said and it was instant, the uncontrollable tears flowed down my face and I couldn't move. Dan moved close to me and said, "What is it Codes?"

"Dan, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I can't look away. Bobby this is just beautiful I can't move, I'm sorry everyone, mum come here."

Mum moved into place, I didn't want to move but I had to let the others see it.

She cried out, "You wonderful boy, thank you so much as tears fell into her hands she had placed over her face."

Dan moved in and nearly collapsed, "This is fucking awesome Bobby."

Same with Luke and Jamie;we just stood there and looked at Bobby.

"I told you he was brilliant like that Codes, I take it you like it?"

"Yes Rory I love it, it's beautiful."

I stared at Bobby and thought to myself where did this complete angel come from?

He had hidden ghost images, we all had halos over our heads and small wings and in the clouds was a perfect photo image of my father looking down at us, with a champagne glass in his hand. It was miraculous how he had done this, it wouldn't have been an easy task I imagined. The party went very quiet after that, Jamie handed out the eggnog while the boys explained the painting to us and the meaning of the halos; they saw us all as angels that came and rescued them from their hell. They kissed and hugged us and said,"Merry Christmas, but there's one more present," they giggled.

A beautiful hand carved magnifying glass was produced. "Now go and look at your images only, one at a time, you last Codes."

Dan went and looked at his, he came back beaming, he hugged Bobby and Rory hard. Mum did the same then Luke and Jamie and finally me.

I placed the glass over my image and I looked closely then saw writing on my surfboard, "All fucking more than sorted". I could read it as plain as day, but when I looked at it without the glass it looked like a squiggly motif on the board. Bobby came in and said, "Now read the rest, mum's last."

Luke's said, "Never Give Up". Jamie's said, "I know I have the right twin."

Mike's said, "My brothers are my life", Debs was, "I found my man". April's said, "I am the one". Larry's said, "I found my true love". Mum's was, "I'm free and happy". Dan's said, "I'm here and I will never let you go". At this time I started crying again. Dad's said, "It's not your time". Bobby's said,

"Forever you're mine". Rory's said, "I am complete now".Rob's was, "I love my family". Mum's said as I laughed my emotions away, "Squirt I heard that".

Just amazing, the best Christmas present ever, this boy's going places.

Dan looked at my red eyes and kissed them gently, he hugged me to him and sat me on his knee as he started to kiss my neck and lick my ears, I was gone, you are so fucking easy Cody Mitchell.

"Fuck Dan we forgot!"

"What Squirt?"

"The boys Dan, the keys," I leaned over and whispered to him.

"Oh hell Codes, have you got them?"

"No Dan, I told you to put them in your pocket."

"Oh Squirt here they are."

He pulled out a set of keys.

"What's wrong?" Luke said.

"We forgot the boys' present."

Rory and Bobby's eyes lit up.

Rory said, "We thought you would never give them to us."

"What?" Dan and I said.

"Well, we are a couple of out of control teenagers you know, we found it while we were looking for hidden presents, what do you want us to do, beg for them, give em here."

Dan threw them over and we said, "Merry Christmas boys go have fun."

The new quad bike came roaring around the side of the house and onto the beach, we had a big light installed across the roll bar so it lit up the beach for a mile ahead. "Well, that's the last we will see of them tonight," Jamie said. "Luke is that Santa I hear?"

Luke said, "eh?"

Jamie replied, "I think I heard a ho, ho, ho coming from the flat, can we go and check?"

"Okay Jamie, good night all Merry Christmas," Luke said very slowly.

"You too boys."

Mum said, "I'll hit the sack too boys, goodnight."

She kissed us and went to bed. She will drive down to the farm with us tomorrow but she will sleep well tonight.

"Codes I'm tired do you think the boys will be long?"

"Let's go to bed Dan, we can leave the porch light on for them. I'm thinking they just might be having some other sort of fun on that bike," I chuckled.

I started to do some cleaning up and Dan went to get ready for bed, it had been a big night. I stood looking at the painting just being hypnotised by it. There were Christmas carols coming from the bedroom as I turned the lights off, the blinking of the fairy lights got my attention first as they were everywhere, all over the room. Then I noticed Santa, he said, "Merry Christmas Cody Mitchell."

He was draped on the bed in a Santa cap, red jock strap and red bootson. Fuck, my clothes were off in seconds and I was all over him like a mad whore in a brothel, He just laid there groaning as I gave him the once over, his jock was soaking wet by the time I'd finished. I turned around and held the bed head as he straddled me and slowly started making love to me, I threw my head back and I could hear Dan's panting, he was kissing my neck and shoulders, my eyes could see thousands of twinkling stars overhead. I felt warm cum spurt in my ass and Dan shuddered violently, he relaxed then relaxed again, he was slipping down my body and he didn't even have the strength to hold onto me.

He fell down on his side saying all the time, "I fucking love you Cody, I am so lucky to have found you, I never want us to be apart, oh Codes I'm so blessed."

I took him in my arms, he was crying happy tears again, I licked and kissed him as mine flowed also, and we snuggled together for a long time.

I said, "Time to go to sleep Dan, I'm all sorted." He smiled and said,

"Thanks Squirt but I don't think I've got the energy to even move, I'll get you back in the morning."

"Goodnight Codes, did you feed Maxie?"

"Yes Dan, all done."

"He's a happy doggie isn't he?"

"He is now Dan, the neighbours love him."

"What Squirt?"

"Well you never feed him so he begs at farmer Joe's door every morning."

"Oh okay Codes, goodnight."

"Goodnight Dan."

"Codes, you still awake?"

"Yes Dan, just closed my eyes for a minute that's all."

"I love you."

"I love you more Dan, goodnight."

"Nighty night Codes, sleep well."

The carols played and the lights twinkled as we went to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

In the morning I was up early. I made coffee then went back to the bedroom with it. Dan was still in his sleepy state; we kissed and then sat in bed and talked about last night. He was amazed at Bobby's painting, it blew all of us away, I don't even know why he needs to go to school, he's world class now, not that I'm an expert though, I suppose there are things they can teach him.

I said, "Merry Christmas Dan with all my heart," and pulled a present out from under the bed, he did the same with mine. I went first and paper was flying everywhere, it was a photo album with all the photo shoot shots in it; I flipped through and drooled at each one. When I got to the last page there were several he had taken of the billboard. I thanked and kissed him as I secured his balls in my left hand and started to play with them.

I gave him a red kilt and sporran, his jock would match perfectly. "Try it on now Dan."

He did and it was perfect. I had to face him while he screwed my ass and there was red everywhere, it was the most erotic thing I could imagine. Poor Dan just couldn't get his ass into gear all morning, he wouldn't let me go, I couldn't get the image out of my head and constantly flipped through my album.

We packed three cars with gifts and food then hit the road to the farm.

Mum and I chatted about Spain and London then I told her about Rory's appearance and that it was a welcome surprise. She was telling us about her London holiday, she apparently was involved in some charity events there. "The princess is the patron of the homeless children's fund and she does a wonderful job for battered kids Codes. When I was thinking about what to get you and Dan for Christmas she suggested this."She handed me a large manila envelope and a Christmas card with a cheque for two hundred thousand dollars. "Mum stop that, I don't need money anymore, please give it to the charity."

"Look who it's paid to Codes."

I did and it said, "Never Give Up Foundation" kids charity.

"Mum what's this about?"

Well, all the material you will need is in the envelope, I have sorted out the legal work and this charity will run in conjunction with the UK one. The princess will pop in from time to time unannounced to kick it along the way. What I'm proposing is this, Dan and Codes; I envisage a drop-in centre with councillors, a kitchen and food van and accommodation for battered homeless kids. I need you and Dan on board to be the media faces, some hands on care, plus be on the board of directors. The cheque is to kick it off to a good start, you and Dan can match it if you like and the UK sister charity will also donate a sizeable contribution. It's all done. I thought we could put portables on the fourteen hectares of land up the beach from you which will be leased to the charity. Maybe a manager, like April, she is doing her social work certificate, you know Codes."

"Mum how embarrassing, I've never asked her what she was studying, how wonderful, I fucking knew she was special."

"Don't be crass Cody."

"Okay mum, sorry."

"What about it Dan, want to look after a few kids?"

"Codes we have to talk about it but if you want to do it I'm in, I can get the boys and the club on board too, and maybe we can have a small farm and veggie gardens on the property."

"Spoken like a true director Dan, keep thinking along those lines and we will be in sync," mum said.

Well I didn't expect that one, a chance to help more kids that have had a rough time, I know it won't be easy but maybe it's just what Dan needs.


"Yes Codes?"

"Can I suggest we take a few courses like, foster parenting, maybe get some sort of social worker certificates that will give us a future if our careers wane?"

"I'm thinking already Squirt," he smiled at me and mouthed, "I love you."

"Well while you're thinking Dan don't forget to say goodnight to me."His eyebrows lifted then he smiled.

Mum said, "Dan and Cody you would be perfect for fostering, the parenting part, I would like grandchildren you know, lots of them."

"We are still working on that one mum," Dan absent mindedly said, then he blushed.

Nothing more would be mentioned until we were ready to launch, with my organisational skills the first charity night will be a blast. I know for sure the boys will be in on it also, the six musketeers, onward and upwards.

Arriving at the farm we were greeted by Mr and Mrs Santa Clause, mum and dad were all decked out for the day in Santa costume, the "kids" headed straight for the barn after collecting their sheets and pillows and yes

then they tore the place up in the buggy. I noticed a bucket of champagne in the back when they sped past.

Mum said to me, "Do they ever stop?"

"Only to eat mum," I giggled.

Mike and Deb came out to greet us also in Christmas attire if I had thought about it I would have brought Dan's kilt along.

"Look Jamie, mistletoe on my head," Mike said.

"Doesn't it mean something to you?" he wiggled his eyebrows. Deb stepped in and said, "Only in your fantasies Michael Lawrence."She grabbed him by the arm and marched a shamed faced Mike inside.

"I fucking love you Debs," Luke yelled after them.

We settled in and all I could see was red and green fairy lights everywhere. I was helping mum in the kitchen when Dan appeared in his kilt, he at least had a red tank top on, he looked fabulous and my heart jumped a beat, I just had to man handle him.

"You look nice Bubby, one of Squirt's creations love?"

"No mum but I know he's thinking about a Scottish themed line."

I was too.

James and Luke came down dressed as very sexy looking elves and mum had tinsel all over her red dress, and in her hair, she had put Dan's comb on.

"I didn't know it was a fancy dress theme mum, you should have told me and I would have done something, Dan why didn't you tell me?"

"Umm sorry Squirt, I bought something for you it's on the bed," he said. I gave him a wary look.

"What have you done Daniel?"

"Nuthin' Squirt," he shrugged and blushed.

I could hear the sniggers in the background as I headed for our room, onthe bed was a fucking nurses outfit complete with a bloody hat. I've never been so humiliated in my life but not wanting to be the only one out of costume, I sucked it up and put it on (it looked good on me actually), he had even packed my white Nikes.

I swanned downstairs to a waiting audience, who proceeded to take hundreds of photos.

"I'll get you for this Daniel Lawrence," I sneered at him.

Lunch was ready and Rob was rounding up the boys, he made them shower.

"Where's our costumes?" they whined.

"In my bedroom boys," mum said.

All we could hear was "Wicked, awesome, how good are these?"She had laid out two very colourful sarongs and tank tops with a flower each for behind their ears. They looked adorable, more photos.

A big Christmas dinner was destroyed amongst plenty of joking and laughing. Presents were handed out, Bobby had done a portrait of the whole family, Mum L was in tears and it was another triumph, no ghosting this time but they gave her a magnifying glass and said, "Read what's on your apron mum."She did and hugged them tight and cried, "My flipping pleasure boys, I love you too."

"I'm sorry everyone, the message is for mum and dad only," Bobby said.

We didn't invade their privacy but suspect Mike did, he was found with tears in his eyes. Rob whispered to me later that it said, Thank you for helping to save our sanity, we love you mum and dad.

I had a good talk with Deb about Trent, she told me he had a boyfriend at school who went on to get married and have a kid. "It destroyed him Codes,he never came good after that, he did apologise to me and Mike but he also has to do the same to you and Dan."

My heart sunk and I felt so guilty, forgiveness is a good thing. I told her I would try and get to know him better, maybe there's a story unfinished in there somewhere.

My mum took Dan's car home, she had a party to go to that couldn't be cancelled. I found out later she was being honoured at a party by her friends as she was named in the government's Christmas honours list for charity work. When I rang to congratulate her she said, "You will be there when I get my Order of Australia medal won't you?"


"Gotcha," she laughed.

Fuck me, why don't I know these things.

We said goodnight and went up to our room, the two single beds had been replaced with a queen and a Christmas card from mum and dad was by the bed.

Dan in his kilt gave me a hard on all day so I groped him at every chance. He lay back on the pillows and I wasn't prepared for the iron rod that greeted me, poking it's dragon like cloaked eye out of his jock.

"What can I say Codes, your dress is such a turn on," he giggled. I wondered about that statement as I settled in to breathe fire into its engorged head, it spat at me seven times then went to sleep.

My nurses outfit was unbuttoned and laid open for my man to return the favour, he was rubbing his cock dry humping my leg and when he came I felt his cum drip down my knee, a big wet patch was made on the sheets.


"Yes Dan?"

"Did you know your mum was going to do that?"

"No Dan she never tells me anything."

"What do you think about fostering some kids Codes?"

"It would be awesome Dan, you would make a great father."

"So would you Squirt."

"Codes at least we would save on doctor's fees."

"Yes Dan with Luke in the family I'm sure he would get them sorted."

"And a nurse too Codes," A muffled chuckle.

"Goodnight Dan."

He started, he just couldn't help himself it became a full on belly laugh. When he stopped he said,

"Goodnight I love you more and more every day ...Florence."

"Fuck you Dan."

I started to tell him off but when I saw his big smile I melted into fits of laughter.

"I'll get you for that Danny Lawrence, boy will I fucking get you."

He rolled around trying to stop me tickling him but I had him by the balls so he couldn't get away.

We ended up abruptly going quiet when there was a knock on the door. Stifling a giggle I said, "Enter."

It was Jamie wanting to borrow the nurse outfit.

We couldn't help it and burst out laughing again.

"Be gentle with him won't you?"

Jamie thanked us and left.

"God I love this fucking family."

The poor uniform ended up in the rubbish bin, guess I have to go shopping again.

Goodbyes were said and the ride home was a happy one. The sound of that quad bike was giving me a headache; thank god it had toned down by New Year's Eve. We had a very large party at the house, all my boys were there and we watched the city fireworks from the porch. There were tents everywhere and every bedroom was booked, people wanted to drink so they brought their own beds.

By two am they were dwindling off to their beds, it was a fun night.

The New Year brought a few new things, in eight weeks Dan would go away again for the annual team training get together, the anniversary of our get together and my beating and mum's one year cancer report.

One afternoon I arrived home from the shop to find a marquee had been erected on the beach, I asked Dan what it was all about and he said, "All will be revealed Squirt, let's shower."

"Dan I have to get dinner ready."

"Let's shower Codes, I want one."

"Okay Dan, we shower."

We did and took a long time caressing each other, I knew what this was all about but I didn't want to spoil Dan's work.

We dried each other off and he put my aftershave on, underarm and I brushed my teeth. In the bedroom he had laid out our suits. We dressed, he had his lace up one and I had my hipster one, he looked so handsome I nearly cried.

He took my hand and we walked out to the marquee where a small table and chairs were placed. He pulled my chair out and opened the champagne, we clinked glasses and then he toasted me, "To the most beautiful man in the world, I love you forever." We had a sip then he leaned over and kissed me deeply, like only Dan can do. Rory came onto the beach in a dinner suit and a smile from ear to ear, he handed us a menu and said, "I will be back in a minute with your entrees sirs." He pressed the start button on the iPod that had been placed on a small table, giggling as he walked back inside. The music enhanced the setting. After ten minutes he came back with our entrees and refilled our glasses. "Would sirs like anything else?" he inquired with a smirk on his face. Dan gave him a dirty look and said, "No thank you Rory, why don't you toddle off back to the kitchen."

"Yes sir," he said with a droll tone. I laughed and said, "He's having a ball with all this Dan, I can almost hear him squealing with laughter."

"Squirt this is a serious night for us, I want to make it really nice."

"Oh Dan you already have, just doing all this is fantastic and I love you for thinking of it."

"Squirt, I′m so in love with you I can't even tell you how much, you have taught me so much in the past months, and I am a much better person for it,

I want you to know I will love you forever, protect you always and cherish every moment I have with you, like now."

He got up and pulled me to him and we slow danced to a beautiful song, he nuzzled my neck and chin as he gently licked and kissed my face and breathed in my scent, I did the same to him, then we heard a very loud cough. We broke apart it was Bobby in his tux, no shoes, I started to giggle.

He said straight faced, "Sirs dinner is served." He pulled my chair out and

I sat down. "Thank you Bobby where's your cohort?"

"He's on the porch taking a video so keep it in your pants, sirs."

"We cracked up."

I said to Dan, "Dan thank you for being so sweet tonight but seriously I'm okay, I did have a flashback this morning about that awful night when I went to the flats and sat in the car park, but it wasn't the image I thought I would have had, it was an image of you, your sweet face, your eyes, and you were standing on your balcony waving to me, beckoning me to come upstairs where I would be safe. There have been no dark clouds for a lot of months now, you took them away for me"

"I love you more and more Dan, what you have done for me is nothing short of a miracle. I will never give up and I do get stronger every day just knowing you are in my life. Thank you for tonight, now can we ask the boys to join us, I kinda think all of us survivors should stick together, besides, it will stop the sniggering."

Dan laughed and pulled his phone out to call them.

They ran down with dessert, big plates of ice cream cake covered in marshmallows. I looked at Dan and said, "Relax Dan, I kinda love marshmallows."They all laughed.


"Yes Dan?"

"Did you feed Maxie?"

"No Dan the neighbours did."

"Oh, that's nice of them."

"Well, seeing they are his new owners I thought they would feed him."

"What do you mean new owners?"

"I gave Maxie to them five weeks ago Dan, their little boy adores him."

"Oh is that why I haven't seen him around?"

"It's okay Dan he sent you a Christmas card thanking you for adopting him out, he's very happy."

"That's nice Codes."

He started to fondle my balls.


"Yes Codes?"

"You just had sex twice."

"Oh did I?"

He was running his hand down my crack.

"Are we pregnant yet?" he asked.

"No Dan," I replied

"Well don't you think we should keep trying Squirt?"

"No Dan I'm done but you can always go see if the sheep are feeling frisky."


"Goodnight Codes I love you."

"Goodnight Dan I love you also."

2 am.

"Codes you awake?"

"Mmm yes Dan."

"What did you mean by that sheep comment?"

"Mmm, Shhh let me think on it."

I pulled him to me and had another wonderful dream of my man.

I seem to have heard Dan giggle as I drifted off.

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