Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 33

Published: 14 May 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Trent looked awesome, talk about a black swan turning white within two hours. Adam had breathed new life into his mousy colour highlighted and superbly cut by Rory, Trent couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

The hipster wranglers and striped rolled sleeved shirt finished the look off, a little chest hair appeared at the collar, he looked so sexy.

His tears started as I opened the car door for him, he said it's the best he's felt forever. I said, "Well you look awesome and I'm guessing these are happy tears."

He nodded as he wiped his eyes, "Codes thank you so much, I had three fucking phone numbers put in my pocket, that's never happened to me, never."

"Oh and who would they be from?" (I'm guessing Bailey but he's got a boyfriend, that naughty boy I'll have to have a chat with him.)

He said, "Bailey, Adam and that spunk who was trying on the boardies and tees."

I couldn't wipe the smile off his face, I did tell him about Bailey but he just said he thought it was more of an ego boost for him than anything.

"I agreed, Bailey was having some fun, but Adam's one of the good guys and the surfer, well unknown yet."

"I like Adam Codes and I will call him to go to a club one night but I really want to get my head sorted before I get involved in the scene again, thank god I kept myself safe Codes. I would go insane completely if I had caught something," he sniffed.

"Let's watch the boys train for awhileTrent then we can go on up."

Dan came past, we waved and he got a concerned look on his face, the next pass he came closer looked hard and tripped over his feet. "I think Dan just realised who you were I guess now we can say our trip today was a success."

He giggled and said, "I want one of those big men looking out for me too Codes I think he was looking a bit put out on the first pass." We giggled like a couple of groupies then it happened a big red headed player came past I didn't know, he had transferred from another club and what an awesome body. A bit older than my boys, he had tats down one arm, curly red hair and an unkempt beard ummm. He kept looking our way as he trotted around the field.

I insisted when the boys came up to meet us that Trent go get us a beer, I also told him about the leg movement, he laughed and said he knew about it, Jamie had warned him yesterday. Dan said, "No Codes that's been done here

before, and it's your turn to get the beers and my turn to look at you."

"Dan I'm looking for a reaction from the new red headed player I'm getting vibes from him."

"Oh Tom he's cool but I don't think he would be gay Squirt he's got a kid he brings along sometimes."

"Bummer," I said.

We watched Trent do his thing at the bar, Tom's eyes bulged and he shifted on his stool but didn't take his eyes off him.

"Somethings not right Dan he's definitely uncomfortable on that seat,' I smiled, "maybe the kid's his nephew."

"No Squirt, he calls him dad."

I put that one aside I couldn't get so lucky the third time now, could I?

"Trent you look like a new man that's a great look for you," Dan said.

"You didn't recognise me when you ran past did you Dan?"

"No, I thought Squirt had found someone new," he winked at me.

We had a great night catching up with everybody, April arrived later to pick Larry up and we talked about her fitting; she said she could never repay me for what I had designed. I told her she already had by saving my life.The wedding was in ten weeks just before the season starts, they would honeymoon after the season,maybe in Hawaii with us? I told her they were more than welcome to join us and wrote down the dates and hotel name.

Tom kept looking at Trent who was ignorant about what was going on. I thought I would go over and introduce myself seeing he would be doing some training on my beach on Sundays. "Hi Tom welcome to the club I'm Cody I used to work here."

"Hi Cody your Dan's friend aren't you the one with the beach house?"

"Yes that's us, you will be training on our beach on Sundays, it's a good spot."

"That's if I can get a baby sitter for the day otherwise coach says I could bring Donnie along but no guarantees he can be watched all the time."

"Your wife's not in the picture Tom?"

"No she took off three years ago, she left me and Donnie. Can you believe that, her own son?"

"That's a shame mate she's missing out on his best years."

"I know, but it was over with us too and now she doesn't even want to have anything to do with him I just can't get passed it."

"So who looks after him when your not there?"

"My mum and my sister, but they have done so much for me the past three years I don't like to lumber more on them."

"Well you don't have to Tom. Between Dan's brother Luke and me we can babysit him while you're on the beach, Luke's going to medical school so there's even a doctor in the house; we can take care of him."

"That would be so cool, one less worry to think about."

"Okay, just bring him along and we can find him something to do to amuse him, you keep looking over at our table do you want to join us?"

"Nah I'm okay, I just thought I knew the tall guy with the brown hair that's with you, that's all."

"That's Dan's brother's girlfriend's brother, Trent Smith ring any bells?"

"No but he's familiar it will come to me maybe at three in the morning," he laughed

"Well got to go my little man is waiting for his papa to read him a story, have a good night Cody, and thank you."

"Anytime Tom, keep safe."

"New pickings Codes?" Dan said.

"Maybe Dan, maybe," I said vaguely.

"What are you up to now my little miss, fix it all nurse?"

"Dan, I'm shocked you would think that, tell you later," I smiled.

"And I'm not a miss nurse either," I said.

"Growl," replied Dan.

Dinner was nice Luke had it all organised, Trent rang Deb's and his mum and said he would be home on Thursday for the night. He had picked up a couple of jobs and wanted some things then he talked to Bobby about the website

business, Bobby said he would get started with the Cody Mitchell and the Rory logos and then the 'Never Give Up' charity one.

I rang mum and talked to her about it, she asked to speak to Trent. They were on the phone for ages and he was making all sorts of notes.

He looked pleased with himself when he got off the phone; I think someone's confidence is coming back.

He said, "God Codes, your mum sure does know what she wants with this site. She's given me a list of things I would never have thought of."

"That's my mum, I wouldn't even try to guess how she knows about websites."

The three amigos disappeared out to the office after dinner, Luke and Jamie went for a walk down the beach. "Feel like an evening stroll Dan?"

"Sure Codes, let's go."

We were talking about his three weeks away as we strolled hand in hand; of course we were dreading it. He said the coach wasn't sure they would go to the Gold Coast for a weekend, the club board was thinking of something else but he didn't know what it was.

I knew what it was and was busting to tell Dan but I was sworn to secrecy, the club secretary had called me I had to go in tomorrow to get the final plan and sign some papers.

We stopped and kissed some more then Dan wiggled his eyebrows so we walked into the trees. "Fuck me" was all we heard before we ran into Jamie and Luke. He had Luke up against a tree and he was fucking him like no tomorrow, we had surprised them, Luke went straight for his shorts andJamie just stood there, boy was the Italian built and I ain't talking about his six pack either. We started laughing and turned on our heels giggling our heads off. "Carry on boys." Dan yelled out. I could feel Luke's embarrassment, as we laughed our way back to the house.

We didn't see them come back but boy did I ever get a buzz out of that image, lucky Luke.

Everybody was out so we thought we would just get ready for bed and maybe make out or watch TV. I said to Dan only twenty minutes then I get ugly okay? He nodded as he kissed my upper thighs getting ready for the ball licking work over he was going to give me, he groaned.

It didn't take us more than twenty; I think we both had poor Jamie's image in our minds. We watched a bit of TV then Dan started to rub my belly and suck on my nipples. I got up and went to the bathroom, in the wastebasket was a pair of Pooh Bear shortie pyjamas and a toy teddy bear. I messed myhair up and went back to bed, Dan freaked. "No Dan twenty minutes you said

I'm ready for bed, look I'm messed up and ugly now."

"But Codes you look sexier than ever and your turning me on big time."

"Well Dan I'm going to sleep, this is what you wanted now deal with it I don't want to wear you out."

"No Codes I was joking with you, please can I just play with your butt, please go on?"

"Dan what you do to me after I go to sleep is okay as long as you don't wake me up." So I stuck my thumb in my mouth and rolled on my side.

I pretended to cuddle my teddy, very gently Dan ran his hands all over my pyjamas, he pulled them down and pushed his rock hard cock in me, he gently screwed my butt he was kissing my neck and I was making little noises fuck I was aching to cum again. He grabbed my cock and started to pull it I came within seconds. I won't tell you what I was imagining but know this, it is never going to happen.

Thoroughly spent he laid on his back and I cuddled into him. He kept saying, "No more no more."

I said, "That's a shame Dan, I'll have to take the French maid outfit back tomorrow then."

"Nooo Codes put it on now, now, now."

"Go to sleep Dan."

I turned the lights out and we went to sleep.

During the night I woke and Dan was blowing me, I came, then did him.

No wonder he's bloody tired in the mornings he will never keep his strength up this way, it's all his fault you know.

I told Dan I would meet him after training. I wanted to go in and see Annie for awhile; I hadn't seen her since Christmas. Luke wasn't seen for breakfast but Jamie came up and he looked flushed he talked to Dan about going away. "Excuse me Jamie where's Luke the toast is getting cold?" I inquired.

"He's too embarrassed Codes, so am I, but shit happens; so I'm trying to move on, but Luke's finding it hard," he chuckled.

"Okay," I said.

I went downstairs and found Lukey at the table eating toast and coffee.

"Luke we know how you feel, but you weren't doing anything Dan and I haven't done at that spot before, so don't be silly come eat with us, it's yesterdays news hon."

"I am being silly aren't I Codes, I was so embarrassed Dan saw us. To be honest Cody I love it when Jamie takes me up against a tree, reminds me of home," he giggled.

"Okay Luke from now on we go north you go south and don't be embarrassed.

Dan fucks me into next week leaning up against that big old tree in the lower paddock."

"He does? Do you think we could use it next time we go to the farm Codes?"

"Sure you can, we don't have exclusive rights to it."

I winked and added, "Your one lucky boy Luke Lawrence, but that's between you and me."

He blushed and said, "Was very hard at first Cody but it's okay now, no more said."

We went up and joined the boys, the three amigos arrived looking very excited; they had been up for ages, Rory winked and said, "You're going to love what these two have conjured up for your website Codes."

"I thought we were doing a combined one Trent?"

"No Codes it's best to separate them, that way you cover more of the market,I will link it with advertising for Rory's and the charity will have a link on each for donations. Dan I want to go and talk to your club's secretary.

Sometime, the club website is so out of date, if they go with me I can also link it to businesses in the area who take out advertising and so the ball starts rolling. It may not be easy Codes but I'm hoping the small businesses will want websites also, there's a huge market out there for shopping online now.

They will all have checkouts linked to banking, PayPal and credit cards. You'll see, your business will double overnight."

"Sounds great Trent but don't over tax yourself take it one at a time."

"It's okay Codes, I shouldn't say this but it's easy for me, but a bit harder for Bobby, and I have to say it before we begin properly, it's family rates for you and Rory, the government pays for the charity one. There's no dipping into the donations at all. The club will get it half price because I want this to happen."

"Okay we will go in there today and I will introduce you to the secretary. I have an idea rolling around in my head and I want to suggest it to him."

"What's that Codes?" Jamie asked.

"They will need someone to run it for them, like keep it up to date and I think Annie would be perfect, once some training has happened, she hates working in the bar. She can sit at a computer and run the site, for a couple of hours, then do the event bookings."

"Codes when did you start running the club?" Dan piped up and said.

"You have no idea Dan what I'm capable of running," I gave him a wry smile.

"Oh yes I do Pooh Bear."

The boys all looked at me and said, "Tell all."

"Later boys, more coffee?" I grinned.

I told Trent to go and play the machines for awhile I had business to attend to and would be away for about an hour. Then I went to talk to Annie; we had a great catch up, she was looking forward to the season so she can see us more.

The secretary was happy to see me also; he gave me insurance papers to sign,

and wavers, then a nice fat cheque in the charity's name. "Thank you Cody, you have just saved us a bundle of money, we are very grateful, now we can begin the new buildings in earnest."

"My pleasure sir, I have something else to talk to you about, your website."

"Oh I know it's not up to date and looking old hat, we have it on the list of things to organise, but haven't had the time to find anyone."

I lifted my eyebrows and said, "Have I got a deal for you."

Twenty minutes later I found Trent and said, "Your on, go get him tiger."

He was beaming when he came out, a tear escaped from his eye.

He said, "Codes, words can't tell you how I feel for you at this very moment."

"It's okay Trent, you're family, your allowed to feel loved and protected."

We went to find the boys; I noticed Tom had joined them also. "Hi Tom, good to see you again."

"Hi Cody I got the night off so thought I might hang around for awhile."

"Tom, this is Trent, where's Dan?"

"Hi Trent pleased to meet you, Squirt Dan's gone missing.He took off, in his car, straight after training."

"Oh," I lifted an eyebrow.

John and Matt couldn't shed any light on it but after half an hour he arrived pleading he had something to do, but not saying what.

"Where you been Dan?"

"Not here Codes, later."

When Trent went to the toilet, Tom's eyes were all over his ass, which was mighty fine, I must say, since the makeover he's looking pretty good. It gave me a chance to talk to Tom.

"So Tom did you remember where you know Trent from?"

He whispered to me.

"Yes, three o'clock this morning," he giggled.

I laughed, and said, "Okay I hope it's all nice"

"It sort of isn't Codes, can I trust you not to say anything?"

"Of course you can."

"Well I remembered I had seen him in my local park lands quite a few times, when I was running around it, he usually was drunk and very distressed looking a couple of times he was crying but I never got up the nerve to talk to him. I know you can't see it but I'm painfully shy. It took me ages to come and sit with you all, I guess the fear of rejection looms with me, still."

I laughed and said, "Just remember whatever you hear on this table stays here, I think I know what you saw was all about, but I can't betray his confidence. He will have to tell you. I will say he has been hurt very badly and he's only just beginning to get his life back."

"Okay Codes I won't push you, and by the way I know about you and Dan also, I just wanted to let you know it's okay with me and just be yourselves, I kinda like you both and John and Matt. I haven't met Luke but Jamie seems like a very happy man, between you and me I think I'm bi but I've always been too scared to do anything about it."

I lifted an eyebrow and said, "Thank you, now when are we all going to meet this little man of yours?"

"Sunday morning Codes, he's also a bit shy but when he warms up to you, you won't know what hit you."

"Why don't you bring him over for lunch Saturday, that way you will be there and he can start getting used to us."

"Great, that's the first invitation I've had in ages, that included Donnie."

"He's not that bad is he?" I laughed.

"No Codes, he's a good kid it's just the guys like to kick back, without kids around, that's all, I am beside myself with this hinterland training camp thing, I will miss him so much."

"Don't worry too much about it Tom, I'm sure things will look brighter after Sunday," I smiled to myself.

"Codes I'm going to miss you so much while I'm away, I wish they would let you come with me," Dan said that night on the porch.

"I'm sure they have their reasons."

I have to put him out of his misery, poor Dan he's so depressed and trying to please me to no end with sex before he goes.

"Dan can you get me a glass of wine, and get yourself a beer I havesomething to tell you."

"Codes sure, but I hope it's not bad news I don't think I could cope with that at the moment."

"Thanks Dan, no it's the best news you've had all year."

"Your pregnant?"

"Dan, wine," I replied.

When he came back I went and rang the bell three times so Jamie and Luke could hear the news too.

"Get yourselves a drink boys, we have to have a family meeting."

Trent and the kids were out in the office working on the web sites, I guess they will be there all night. I will have to speak to them, always the grumpy father figure I am.

I handed some papers to Dan and said,

"Before I explain what these are I want all your solemn promises what's said at this table tonight goes no further."

"Okay Squirt, what's this all about?" Luke asked.

"Well I had a call from the club secretary last week, he wanted to talk with me about something, I thought I might have kept it a secret 'til Sunday but I'm sick of looking at miserable faces all the time and Dan your wearing me out," I laughed.

"I went to see him today and he gave me this cheque for the charity and I signed paperwork to rent the club the land up the back near the container."

"What for Codes are they going to store stuff there?" Jamie asked.

"Yes Jamie they are going to store twenty five full blooded, pumped, six-packed, monster cocked football players."

"What?" Dan said with a surprised look on his face.

I waited then continued after sipping my wine.

A shit assed grin on my face, I said, "Your not going to the hinterland this year, your staying here. There will be four transportable homes installed next week and hooked up. You two get to stay here with us."

"What? Are you shitting me Codes?"

"No Dan, you and I have rented the land to the club and they are going to put the homes in and your training will be on this beach in the dunes up to the rocks with some day trips to the hills over there."

A slapping of hands and kisses flew across the table, they were so happy, Luke started to cry lifting that weight off his shoulders.

"Codes does this mean we can stay in here?"Jamie asked.

"Sorry, that's the downside you have to all bunk together, grease your ass up Jamie." I let out a rather loud laugh then continued,

"But hey, we get to see you each day and who knows maybe a tree or two might get some loving some nights."

Dan grabbed me and held me tight, he kissed my lips and slowly licked and sucked down my neck, I let out a moan, you're so easy Cody Mitchell, my crotch was instantly hard.

"Oh by the way, they are bringing in a catering truck and if it all works out it will be a twice yearly thing, so the homes stay here permanently."

"There's something else, I need to talk with the kids and Trent about, if Idon't get their approval it won't happen."

Jamie looked at Luke and said, "Cody Mitchell, you haven't signed Luke's mouth and ass away for the boys pleasures have you?"

I roared laughing, poor Luke looked stunned, he thumped Jamie on the arm, then he rubbed it.

"So what James? I can take them on one at a time, two if the moneys good,"Luke ribbed him.

"The size of your cock is like having three normal ones up me," he added.

Jamie blushed and said, "Sorry Luke, I can get it made smaller for you."

"Impossible James, I'm a doctor, trust me and don't even entertain the idea," he roared laughing.

"Okay I'll get the boys in here and let them know what's happening. Also, I want to ask you all if you will help me look after Tom's boy Donnie, he's beside himself with worry because he thinks he has to leave him with his mum. I thought with me here most of the time we could kinda baby sit him, they are coming for lunch Saturday so he can meet us all and we are goingto babysit him this Sunday."

"So cool Codes, I'm in for sure, I adore kids they can teach us a lot, if we listen hard," Luke said.

"Good, happy now Dan?" I said.

"More than happy Squirt, let's go to bed," he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Dan it's only eight and we have to tell the boys. The coach is going to announce it on Sunday so please don't let the cat out of the bag, I think he wants to win some brownie points. On one of the weekends the boys will be allowed to go home for two days, so that's a bonus; the club is saving heaps by moving here as it costs a fortune to rent that lodge in the hills."

I got the boys up to the house and told them, they were more than happy the

team would be here and were eager to meet Donnie. When I got Trent on his

own I asked him what he thought about Tom, he said he looked familiar the other day and earlier tonight he realised where he knew him from.

I said, "You should talk to him Trent, he just might surprise you."

Where have I heard that line before?

He said he would but was too embarrassed to start a conversation with him.

"Leave it to papa," I replied.

"That brings me to another problem, don't over tax yourself with these

websites Trent, go have some fun too."

"I will Codes, we are just waiting on Bobby's artwork, he's a perfectionist you know, otherwise your's and Rory's are nearly done."

"That quick?" I said.

"Well, it's all there, all I have to do is insert the logos, get some

Hosting, then you and Rory can start uploading your pictures and stock, it will be all up and running next week."

"Fuck me," I said

"I guess I had better get moving on the photos, maybe I could ask some of the team members to model."

"Oh Codes can I watch? That Tom is one fine dude but I know he's married so don't get worried, I won't hit on him," he laughed.

"Well actually Trent, his wife left him and Donnie three years ago, he hasn't seen her since."

"Oh?" he absentmindedly muttered.

That done, Dan and I showered, he did my smells and loaded up my toothbrush and disappeared.

I got into bed, no Dan?

Then the door burst open and there he was standing in a superman suit that was so small he had ripped it trying to get his hulking frame into it, boy did he look sexy in it, fuck, it was ripped in all the right places. His red jock poked out menacingly. He said, "Umm sorry Squirt I got the wrong size."

I answered, "Oh no you didn't Dan, it's perfect," I got my phone ready and

took some photos.

"Get here iron man, I need to feel some of your strength."

Wow, what a night. I was so sore, my bum throbbed, my jaw I think left the building, I couldn't even feel it anymore, and my Dan was splayed out across the bed snoring, so I took some more photos.

I sent the first one to Luke, with the caption, 'Superman is finally defeated.'

I got a 'lolol' back.

In the morning Rory said to Dan, "Was that Clark Kent I saw entering your bedroom last night?"

I looked at Luke he smirked.

Dan said, ignoring the muffled giggles,

"More coffee Squirt?" he winked.

Rory's phone rang.

"It's yo momma wantin to a speak to you Clark."

Dan's face went ashen.

"Fuck I love this family," I screamed

I had the photos printed, I couldn't resist it and added them to my 'have a wank' album.

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