Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 34

Published: 21 May 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Saturday arrived and so did a four year old pocket rocket, he was the spitting image of his father, Donny had a full head of red hair and freckles all over his face, he was adorable, a little shy at first but after a slow ride on the dune buggy and some games with Luke and Trent he felt right at home. He sat on Trent's knee for lunch while Bobby and Rory fed him bits of chicken and chips.

Tom apologised for his odd behaviour, "But he will settle down once he knows you all." We were all excited having him there, he was so cute.

Dan said to me I should tell Tom about the club's plans, I felt I could trust him so we talked about it. He was over the moon when I suggested he and Donny stay here for a couple of nights before it happens so he will get used to a new bed. "He can stay with us while you are here and maybe coach will let you put him to bed each night. Just tell the coach he's the teams number one fan," I laughed.

Donny took to Trent like a house on fire, Trent was smiling from ear to ear, he later told me his one regret was he and Joe couldn't have kids as he adored them. I spied a tear spilling down his cheek and so did Tom.

"Well Trent, you have now become number one uncle to my nearly four year old son," Tom said.

Donny started to sniff Trent's neck. "What are you doing little man?" Tom said. "Dad I'm smelled Twent's neck it's good smell, dad smell too?"

He leaned over and took a big whiff and said, "Ahhh very nice, Donny you have good taste in after shaves, De Issey is my favourite," he gave Trent a smile.

I leaned over and whispered to Dan, "Me thinks somethings started to happen over there between Tom and Trent."

He said, "I can see that Codes, keep at it you just might have something there," then he kissed me.

He immediately apologised to Tom. "That's okay Dan, I'm cool with it and Donny has to learn also, the more you do it the more I can explain it to him when he decides to notice, so it's a good thing. I don't want him to be a redneck when he grows up it's not in my vocabulary."

"Hey Donnie, Rory and Bobby are going to make sandcastles, do you want to do one too?" Trent asked.

"Yeth please Twent, can you come too?"

"Okay little squirt, let's get a shovel and bucket, we can make a really,really big one."

"Awetom Twent, see you daddy."

They played sandcastles on the beach 'til my 'kids' and Donny had to have a lie down, of course he asked Trent to tell him a story.

When he came out his eyes were red, he said it was because he was telling him the ugly frog and the princess story. "Sorry Tom I got a little emotional but Donny didn't notice, he's asleep."

I talked Tom into staying the night, I didn't have to beg, he was okay with it right away.

So I went about doing something for dinner, when I asked the boys they said they would make pizzas, all of a sudden everyone was coming, you know who stuck their faces around the corner and said, "We accept your invitation to dinner Dan and Codes, shall we dress formal?" Then they giggled and disappeared.

Three weeks of gruelling training, the club award night and the wedding,hopefully it won't wear us all out. Dan and I went for a walk after dinner and sat on some rocks just making out, he said he had something to ask me.

"Codes will you be my date at the awards night?"

"I don't know Dan, I would love that but the club might frown on it."

"Codes we don't have to kiss and dance but we can arrive and sit together,I don't see a problem," he said as he tried to kiss my nipple through my t-shirt.

"Okay Dan, put me down for a ticket, you have a date, do you think you can get Trent one too?"

"I'll ask Tom if his partner ticket is free, then the eight of us can turn up together."

We necked for awhile then strolled back. I could see Trent and Tom deep in conversation, we said our goodnights and went to bed.


"Yes Dan."

"Do you really think Tom is gay?"

"He's like you Dan, doesn't know what he wants, but he sure likes Trent from what I'm seeing."

"Yeah, I see it too Codes, I guess they need a push."

"No Dan, Trent still has a lot of issues to get worked out, Joe for one. I might just ask Debs if she knows where he is."

"Is that wise Codes, he might not like it," said Dan nuzzling my belly button and getting very close to my 'mr snake'.

I thought, fuck yes Dan, mouth, mouth, where's your mouth?

I let out a, "Your right Dan, pleeese now, do it now."

Slurp, tongue, "Keep going Dan, I can't talk anymore."

Armani are still buying designs off Rory and I but I've settled down on them, just a couple every now and then, I want to store some up for the parades at the end of the season. I had picked up Dan's, Luke's and Jamie's suits for the night, they have two jackets each, one for the club night and one for the wedding. Awesome outfits, Dan's jacket has a net insert down each side and from elbow to cuff, to highlight the white silk shirt underneath, it will show through the fabric. Something different I hoped worked. I had better get to designing myself a new jacket also, butI can wear my hipsters again, no one will notice. I rang Deb on the

Sunday, she asked how Trent was and I told her she would see a change in him next time they met. I invited her and Mike over for dinner but they were busy.

I heard a loud shout and the boys were slapping each other on the backs, Trent was keeping an eye on Donny sitting on the porch, they were colouring in. My guess is the coach has just told them about next week's news.

I got a lot of waves and Dan got dunked.

God knows where the kids are, probably taking photos through their caravan window of the players in there different states of undress.

I leaned over the balcony and looked straight at the curtains that moved. "You can both stop what you're doing right now," I shouted. The van moved and Rory came out all flushed.

"Please Rory if the club finds out the boys won't come here anymore."

"Sorry Codes but they were a special request, we didn't take many."

"Request? Who from?"

"Ummm mum actually, she said she wouldn't mind some nice pictures of the boys," he said sheepishly.

The phone rang so I made a noise and went inside to answer it.

"Okay Debs, see you during the week."

Deb said she and Mike would be over one night next week.

Rory and Bobby cooked a big pasta dish for that night, Tom had to go home and Donny said goodbye to everyone. He hugged me and Dan and gave both of us a kiss on the cheek. "Bye uncle Cods and Dans, see you."

Trent picked him up and walked out to the car with him. "Miss you Twent." Big kisses and dad put him in his car seat.

Tom looked at Trent and smiled, "See you soon Trent, and thank you." He looked like he was going to lean in, but shook himself back to reality.

Something about that kid, he feels Trent's pain, he headed straight to him and didn't leave his side the two days he was here, he cuddled him a lot. Thank god Tom's not the jealous type, I think Trent loved the cuddles more than the haircut.

On Monday the trucks came up the drive with four portable homes each, one decked out with kitchen, bathroom, lounge and sleeping for eight people,poor John and Matty they will have to share a room with two others, I couldn't help stifle a chuckle when they told us. I said, "Well request

Jamie and Dan as roomies, at least they will give you some space now and then, and they won't squeal on you if you decide to go for a midnight swim, and maybe they might like one themselves occasionally."

The workmen started to mount them on sleepers, tomorrow the sparkies and plumbers will work their magic.

Tom arrived back Wednesday night for a few nights to get Donny settled in,we had a great time with him, Debs and Mike. I pulled Deb aside and got her up to speed. She couldn't thank me enough; she could see a big difference in Trent already. She asked what was going on with Tom as he hasn't taken his eyes off Trent all night, I just said I didn't know for sure but maybe something's in the wind. Then I whispered in her ear, "Donny would make a great nephew don't you think?"

She looked at me wide eyed and said, "You bet Codes, Trent's always got along with kids famously, wait till I tell mum and dad, they will be over the moon."

"Well you can tell them Trent's back on track, but leave Donny for awhile, it's a possibility but alas there's also Joe."

"Codes, Joe has got two kids now so I don't think he will be in the picture anytime soon and in the meantime, maybe just maybe, this might happen. Well I hope it does, that will stop Joe from invading Trent's dreams, maybe."

Mike and Debs went home and us four sat and talked a bit, Tom finally askedTrent why he was so upset in the park last year."

"It's okay Tom, just a very bad time, someone who I thought loved me, hurt me and I have been living in a mad house for three years trying to let go."

"I know that feeling so well Trent, I'm sorry if I brought up bad memories."

"It's okay Tom, I should talk about it but I hurt still, but I'm getting better."

He walked off towards the beach; I knew he broke down from the way his shoulders shook.

I could see him sitting on a dune just staring out to sea. I pushed it further and said, "How long have you been attracted to Trent, Tom?"

He looked up at me and said, "You can tell?"

"Everybody but Trent can tell mate, his sister even commented."

"Cody I've known I am bi for a long time but I have never acted on it, when I used to see Trent so distraught all I wanted to do was hold him and tell him all would be good."

"Okay, firstly it's all cool with us but at the moment there's a very distraught young man who feels so unloved out there waiting for a very big hug,"I winked.

I added, "Don't let this moment pass Tom otherwise it will go on forever and you both might get hurt."

Tom took a deep breath, took a bottle of wine out of the fridge and two glasses then walked towards Trent.

Dan and I didn't stay up; we just left a light on, checked on Donny and went to bed.

"Codes do you think they will get together?"

"I hope so Dan, common sense tells me they will."

"How's that Codes?"

"Well Dan, they are both lonely, looking for love and have a nearly four year old firmly in their hearts, all it needs is a gentle push Dan."

"I hope your right, I like both of them and they do suit each other."


"Yes Dan."

"I love you."

"Thank you Dan, I love you too."


"Yes Dan."

"Where did you hide the French maid outfit, I've been looking everywhere?"

"Goodnight Dan, I love you."

"I love you too Cody, goodnight," he giggled.

The next morning after a very passionate time in the shower with Dan, I emerged to Trent cooking breakfast, Tom laying the table and Donny giving his spin on being a little boy to Luke and Jamie. "Sorry guys we slept in," I said.

"No you dint Codsy, you had long wash with Uncle Dan, we heared you," he put his hands to his ears and giggled.

"Oh sorry," I blushed.

Tom said, "No problems Codes, he's a bright boy but he thinks it's funny you have to take really long showers."

The back door opened and in walked mum and dad Lawrence. "Good morning all, what's for breakfast?" they smiled.

"Mum, dad great to see you," Dan said.

"What's the occasion?" I asked.

"Oh we heard we might have another addition to the family and your mother wanted to meet him, plus Anna's got an appointment at the hospital for test results," Rob said.

"Well mum and dad this is Tom and Donny, they are staying here for a few weeks."

"Well aren't you a big boy Donnie and your father's not so small either,"she said as she hugged a very red Tom, Donny then Trent.

"Do you have a horsy?" Donny blurted out.

"Yes I do Donny and some cows and sheep, when are you coming to our farm to see them, I know they will like you?"

Donny grabbed mum around the legs and said, "Can we go now? What's their names? How many is there? Have you got a puppy, my dad's going to get me one when I gets biggest, I'm gonna call him Spike. My friend at play school

has one, his named Benny but he's not nice to me cause he lick me on my bum." He shook and added, "Sorry Mrs mum I said naughty word."

"It's okay motor mouth you obviously have been hangin' with my man Cody too long," she shrieked.

She took Donny on her knee and played with his hair and listened to his babbling on about school and his friends, then the kids heard the ruckus and bounded up the stairs to greet their adopted mum and dad.

It was like a bloody circus; I tried to help in the kitchen but was shown the porch door quick smart.

Dan leaned over and whispered, "Let's go back to bed Codes."

Mum said, "No you don't, Dan we need to talk."

Donny said through his hands, trying to whisper to mum, "Day have long shower mum, I was worried they fall down the plug."

"Well Donny I don't think there's much hope of that, Dan's too big to go down, he would block it."

"Like mine daddy and Twent, dey have bath last night, I seed them. Twent was cry and daddy make him better. My daddy always make me better now Twent good, isn't he daddy?"

Tom blushed, "Out of the mouths of babes," he said with a small grin.

I noticed Trent and Tom didn't take their eyes off one another all through Breakfast, which looked like one of Rob's, all served up in a big roaster.

Mum fussed over Donny all the way and made sure he ate enough. Rob said to Tom, "Sorry son, you just lost him but rest assured he will be well looked after." Tom said, "I'm happy to share, it's been a tough few years for us but I think all's getting better now." He looked at Trent blushing, Trent snaked his hand into Tom's and squeezed it.

Mum pulled us aside and told us she felt better than ever so not to worry about her visit to the specialist. We insisted on coming with her but she said she just wanted to go with Rob and thanked us but said they would call in around dinner time to update us. She added she wanted to see that darling little boy again so we promised to bring him up to the farm soon.

"God Codes, I didn't see that coming last night."

"Well everybody but you saw it Trent, I'm happy for you both,"

I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Just when I was ready to throw the towel in, life threw me a curved ball and a lifeline, thank you."

"So are we going to see more of Tom and Donny?"

"I hope so Cody, we just talked last night, we did have a bath and it was so good but no sex, he's a novice and I don't want to scare him away, god it was beautiful waking up with someone who cares about me again."

"Well you enjoy the ride Trent, you deserve to be happy."

Tom was out talking to Dan, I guess getting some pointers, my Dan's an expert now.

Everybody went their own ways, mum to the hospital, Bobby and Rory to work, Jamie and Luke went looking for "things?", which left us hanging with Trent, Tom and Donny. They were talking about their lives and Tom was telling us he lived in a one bedroom flat which gave him no privacy but itwas secure for Donny but no backyard. He was going to look to buy something but never found the time, his career would be over in a few years so he was thinking of moving down the coast and looking for a coach's job, but Donny is his main priority. "I'm so happy; I switched clubs and met you guys, it's like a dream," he said.

"Squirt!!" Dan screamed.

"Let me, please," he said.

"What on earth are you on about Dan?"

"Please don't say it Squirt, let me, go on let me."

"Fucking hell Dan, what are you talking about?"

Dan got a shit assed grin on his face and was so excited I thought his eyes would pop.

"Well here's a thought," he paused for effect, "Squirt you approach the club secretary about renting one of the mobiles while they are sitting there doing nothing, Tom and Donny can move into one, they've got two bedrooms, their own power and gas meters, Tom you've got babysitters coming out of your ass and Donny gets a whole beach to play on, problem solved."

Everyone went silent and looked at Dan.

"I wasn't thinking that at all Dan, that's a brilliant idea."

Then turned to Tom and said, "Well?"

He was stunned into silence, a tear escaped from his eye.

Trent broke the mood, "That's a great idea Dan."

"Thanks," Dan said, smiling at me.

I turned to Tom and said, "The rents two fifty a week, you have to go see the club secretary this afternoon to sign a lease, you move in after the training camp and move out when it's on again," I looked smugly at Dan.

"Squirt! I told you, you knew?"

"Sorry Dan, done deal last week but I had it in mind for Trent but Tom's just as welcome and there's three mobiles left, oh hum," I yawned.

Tom got really excited and kept saying they wouldn't get in our faces much, but he really appreciated the help with Donny while he went to training.

Trent said, "Well I'll get him to kindy and pick him up." Tom said, "We both can take him to kindy, I leave the car and you pick him up, it's got the kiddy seat in it, I go and come home from training with Dan and Jamie, while you cook me a smashing dinner," he wiggled his eyebrows. (it's catching.)

"Okay," Trent replied cautiously.

Tom added, "My mum and sister will help but I'm afraid I've used them up something badly over the past three years but they didn't mind, they love Donny to bits but a rest for them would be great."

The training camp started and the boys were pumped, the first week flew past, Donny was put to bed by Tom and Trent each night then Tom had to go back to the unit. There wasn't any urgency to see one another as Dan and I talked every morning and during the day, the coach relented and allowed phone calls at certain times. One night player's families arrived for a big barbecue which went on 'til quite late, there was a lot of bush walking done that night, Dan and I just snuck away to our room and had fantastic sex, followed by a long talk, we caught Trent and Tom emerging from the other bedroom looking flushed but happy.

April stayed a couple of nights and she and Larry were caught having a midnight stroll on the beach, the coach turned a blind eye. As long as the sessions went to schedule he didn't seem to mind, it helped when we put his wife and kids up for a few nights, they were adorable and Donny had a ball following the kids around talking nonstop.

Luke and I entertained him by taking him to the fun parks and sitting watching Nemo on TV for the tenth time.

I got a call from Dan one night he said, "Codes, quick go look out the laundry window." I ran to the laundry and looked, there he was at the unit window with his jock on, he was dancing around giving me a show, all of a sudden the door opened and Matt walked in on him. I could feel Dan's shame from where I stood. I opened the window and started laughing so loud Dan closed the blinds. Later on I got a message apologising for the brief show he wasn't expecting anyone to come in. I replied it was the funniest show I've seen in a long time.

The next weekend the guys went home and we tried to get back to normal, there were early nights and long showers. Donny was over the moon that Tom and Trent were there, he hung off them all the time. As they got closer,

Donny got happier. Trent was busy selling websites to local businesses and he picked up quite a few jobs for new sites and some that needed updating, mine and Rory's were finished on the Thursday. Bobby asked if he could borrow my chain and heart, I felt lost without it and although it was for only two hours I sort of felt naked and vulnerable. He returned it and I quickly put it on like something was going to happen to me if I didn't replace it.

The website unveiling was a family affair, as Trent ran us through it he explained the workings and gave me very plain instructions on how to load up my items. The logo Bobby had drawn was a cartoon surfer dude with a surfboard coming out of the water, his clothes changed as he walked up the beach from boardies to jeans to slacks to dinner suit, it ran across the top of the site in brilliant colours. Rory's was a small boy looking very much like Donny in similar dress building sandcastles in brightly colored boardies then shorts then jeans as the boy got older, it was amazing. Both had a picture of my chain and heart on them for the 'Never Give Up' kids foundation, click on it and it took you to the donation site, he had blanked out the 'Cody' on it. Trent said he would launch them as soon as the stock went in.

I hired Bobby to do the shots and got some of the players to model my outfits, Dan, Jamie and April did the evening wear ones, that was done the week after the camp was finished, Bobby took most of the photos on the beach and around the house.

With that nearly finished, award night arrived and we all dressed at the house, I had to do a rush job on Tom and Trent's suits which I must say looked wonderful. Rory and Bobby babysat Donny and we would go back to the farm with them the next day so Donny could get his horsy fix.

The night was spectacular; I caught up with Annie and a few other club members, the cameras were on me when we arrived but I was uncomfortable with it, I quickly went inside leaving the boys to follow after their interviews.

The shock of the night was a big birthday cake being wheeled out, everyone sang happy birthday to me and I had a stack of presents to take home, the president handed me a signed jersey framed and numbered. My thoughts were with memories of a beautiful night with family and Dan's song. My grey thoughts were about a young man and a signed football with presents strewn across the road at a horrific car crash which took his life. Tears came easily as I excused myself to go talk with Annie, the secretary had offered her the website job and she was so happy with the arrangement.

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