Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 36

Published: 4 Jun 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Dan's foot was much better, there was only a small scar as a reminder and he had started running in the surf and then on the beach. I still did my designs but no private customers and no dinners to cook. My life was a bit easier lately after Dan read everybody the riot act, everyone was cooking their own meals and helped around the yard, I only had to do the house but I insisted on everyone being here for breakfast unless they were busy. I would get a lot of messages for recipes and such, no guessing who from.

Luke and Jamie still had pizza nights but were more and more entertaining Jamie's family and spending more time with his parents at the shop. His parents were so proud to have a doctor in the family and they loved Luke like a son. Gino finally apologised and he went back to school to do social work studies, his life was so much better these days. I got my fun self back when Dan started training with my boys again, we went to the club more often and of course they were pleased to see us all.

The halfway centre opened with a gala ball at the club, it was almost standing room only and raised quite a lot of money and surprise, surprise, Dan and Jamie did a duet which brought the house to a standing ovation. Naturally the family were the first to jump up.

Donny was excited, he would start school next year and we all coached him in numbers and his alphabet and he was a clever little soul, he knew most of it anyway so Trent started on the multiplications and adding up, which he loved.

There was a knock on the door. "Codes can I come in?"

It was Trent.

"Sorry Dan, I need to talk with Cody for a minute."

"No problem Trent I am going for a walk anyway."

I looked at him and winked, he grinned at me.

(We were just going to have an afternoon nap.)

We settled into the couch and I said, "Whats up?"

"Codes I've decided to go see Joe tomorrow and I would like you to come with me."

"Okay, no problem Trent, do you know where he is?"

"Yes Codes, Deb told me it's not far, fuck me Cody I don't even know what I want to say to him and I don't want Tom to know I'm so scared, I will hurt him, I know I love him but this Joe thing keeps going around and around in my head."

"Trent, tell Tom please, tell him what you are going to do, don't shut him out please," I pleaded.

"Okay Codes but I just don't know what to say to him that's all, he knows the history but I can't hurt him, I know nothings going to happen but I have to do it," he replied.

"Tell him the truth, you have to close this chapter and start afresh and as far as Joe goes just look him in the eye and tell him goodbye. I know it sounds easy but maybe he won't even care Trent but if that's the case at least you have closure."

"I'm so mixed up Codes but I need to tell him to let me go."

"Okay what time do we leave?" I asked.

"Around one Codes I'll ring you."

We kissed on the cheek and said our goodbyes.

I looked out onto the beach, Dan was on his way back so I ran into the spare room undressed then went into our room. When Dan came in he almost collapsed, he couldn't move. I was on the bed dressed in boxing gloves and shorts striking a pose. He bounced up on it and ran his mouth all over me, he ripped the back seam of my shorts open then proceeded to take my ass running his hands through the satin folds. We lasted longer than usual, there was no need to hurry, collapsing from exhaustion Dan said,

"Squirt I'm so out of shape it's going to be hard to get back where I was."

"I'll help Dan," I said.

"Sure Squirt your good with paunches," he laughed.

I gave him a friendly punch then said,

"Time for that diet to start Dan, no arguments."

"Ohhh," he groaned.

Trent and I arrived at the computer repair shop at one thirty the next day, I must say he looked great. I parked out front, he took a deep breath and squeezed my hand, "Okay I'm ready." As we entered the store I spied a man behind the counter, his hair was cut short and dirty looking, he wasn't in the best of shape and looked like he hadn't slept for weeks, not the sort of look I would have serving behind a counter. Trent said something to him but I couldn't hear as I looked through some television adaptors that were hanging on the wall. The next minute Trent was by my side, he said, "Let's go Codes."

We started to exit the shop then we heard a loud,


We turned around and the guy who I assumed was Joe came out from behind the counter holding his hand out, Trent introduced me to him then he asked if we wanted coffee, I excused myself and went outside to look around the other shops leaving them to it.

After about half an hour I saw Trent exit the shop and stand by the car, I quickly finished buying a toy horse for Donny then made my way outside.

I could see Joe at the front window of the shop just looking out.

Trent jumped in and let out a deep sigh, he seemed to relax once his seat belt was on.

"I take it that went okay then?" I said.

"Well yes and no Codes. At first he didn't recognise me so I decided to leave, then we had coffee and chatted." He went silent for awhile.

"It's okay baby, you don't have to tell me but please did you get some sort of closure?"

"Yes and no Codes I'm more angry with myself at the moment that I will have to deal with, but as far as Joe is concerned yes it's positively over there's no going back to what I thought we had"

That comment puzzled me.

We arrived home to a very agitated Tom who was at our place with Dan, Trent took him onto the beach and they talked quietly, then suddenly Tom got up and walked down the side of the house, I heard his car start and it left down the driveway.

"Leave them alone Codes, Toms hurt at the moment, he was really worried for Trent, when you both left he wanted to follow you but I stopped him."

"I still don't know what happened Dan, he didn't tell me much."

Trent came up to the house and sat down.

"I'm still processing it Codes and Dan but I will let you know soon when I can find the right words. At the moment Toms got me worried, I love him so much and I'm scared he will dump me, he's mad at me now but not because of what I did, it's because of what I didn't do."

More intrigue I thought to myself.

I left him to his thoughts and went to get something for us to eat.

I arrived back with three plates of pasta. I looked at Dan and said,

"Tomorrow we start," then winked, he smiled.

We hardly touched it, nothing was said for a long time.

Finally Trent opened up and said,

"We talked about old times, he apologised for not recognising me and said he often laughed at the silly things we did together, he told me about his two kids and that he wasn't happy in the marriage, that he thought it would be over soon, then he asked what I was doing with myself. I told him I had been to Europe and that the website business had taken off and I had plenty of work. Codes he was more interested in what work I had lined up than me, it's as if he wanted us to join businesses, he then asked me for my number and a blow job, I said I had a man in my life and a beautiful son nowadays and was very happy and content. The realisation consumed me and I felt loved for the first time in years all I wanted to do was get out of there and come home to Tom and Donny and all you guys, it's as if all those years had been stolen from under me. I also felt the sudden urge to vomit."

"That's a good thing Trent, now you see him differently, what was Tom's problem?" Dan asked.

"He's mad at me for hanging on to it for so long, I think he understands why I had to do it but he's having a problem with the way it affected me for so long. He left and said that he would show me what real deep love was, I'm scared Dan he might do something stupid," his tears were flowing.

Tom's car arrived with Donny in tow, they came through the front door with Donny shouting.

"Twent, Twent you here?"

He was holding a very large bunch of red roses, he thrust them on Trent and said, "Twent, daddy and Donny loves you, don't go away again, naughty boy."

Tears flowed as Tom embraced him and I heard him whisper to him that he loved him with all his heart. I re-warmed the spaghetti and we ate. Donny played horsies with the toy I had bought him.

Trent's face just lit up with contentment and Dan whispered to me,

"Now that's a look I haven't seen on a certain someone for awhile."

Meaning me.

"Sorry Dan been preoccupied lately," I replied, then grinned

"It will be back soon," I added.

I guess Joe really wasn't in love with Trent, it reminded me of school and my first love, lucky my father saw sense and moved me to boarding school.

The days were fantastic, Dan and I were going to the games with Luke, Trent and Donny in tow. Dan was hanging out to get back into it and he spent most of the time strengthening his foot, then he got a game, the club doctor had cleared him but he was allowed only fifteen minutes, then they slowly increased it to a quarter then two quarters, that would be it till next year. Dan wanted to do more but it wasn't okayed, the other teams knew about the injury and tried unsuccessfully to do more harm but his ankle was heavily strapped.

The big surprise of that month was Bobby's announcement. He had been chosen by a big art gallery in town to exhibit his work. His paintings were unreal or from what I saw of them in the workroom, he had a lot of them covered so I didn't peek and he had three months to get the exhibit together. We had a very fancy dinner at the house for him as a celebration. Rory couldn't take his eyes off him all night and he whispered to me later on the porch, "Told you he was brilliant Codes, I'm not even going to buy one because I know they will sell."

Later in bed.

"Squirt are you awake?"

"Yes Dan."

"Squirt, you can draw, why don't you exhibit your stuff?"

"Because I draw Dan, I sketch, I don't do them to sell just to design."

"You can draw me Squirt."

He reached under the bed and produced a squeeze bottle of chocolate topping he had taken from the pantry and winked.

I stared at him then coated his cock and balls with it then proceeded to paint him with my tongue, the downside was he had to shower again and I felt a paunch coming on.

In between the shop and charity we were quite busy but didn't have to be there, we promoted Bailey to store manager so Rory could concentrate on his designs as he didn't have to be in the shop for long hours. We also decided to get him to find a second shop to rent in Melbourne, the heart of the fashion world. He was a hidden surprise because he organised Adam to go have a look as Adam had been at me to open another store like the Brisbane store. He jumped at the chance as he was from Melbourne originally and also wanted to catch up with old friends.

Then there was Dan's birthday to organise, we had it at the house last year but decided we would just spend it together. Donny was a little miffed but we had a small luncheon at the house with another amazing cake. April and Larry called in then mum and Rob, Annie and Joe, Mike, Deb, John and Matt then most of the boys from the team so we cancelled the dinner and hung around home calling the local pizza shop to deliver twelve family sized pizzas. Luke, Jamie and Rory sorted the salads and garlic breads.,We had a wonderful night full of love and hugs for Dan. Donny hung onto mum's "good dress". Mike was watching like an eagle, he didn't want him to spoil the fingerprint he had made years ago with vegemite.

Mum winked at me and said, "He's already marked it with chocolate cake Squirt but all's good, looks like I can't rinse that section now," she laughed. I brought Tom up to speed with the story, he was very emotional and said, "Thank you Cody." I reminded him that it wasn't me he had to thank, it was mum's dress, so he did the same to her.

It was a late night and Dan got drunk so I put him to bed around ten. Tents were set up again and the keys to the units handed out, the coach and his family had turned up so it was a nod from him.

I crawled into bed around midnight.

Dan moaned,

"Is that you Codes?"

I said, "Yes Dan."

"Did I have a good birthday?"

"Yes Dan, you did."

"Oh okay."

"Codes can you get me a bucket?"

I leapt out of bed and grabbed a bucket from the laundry but by the time I got back he was looking around frantically so I grabbed his head and shoved it in the bright yellow bucket. He spewed his guts out all the time saying, "sorry, sorry Codes." I giggled and went to clean the bucket out and Dan started heaving again. "Fuck me Dan, give me a minute."

I got there on time then just sat by the bed and wiped his forehead with a wash cloth, he dozed and coughed for ages. I had turned him on his side, took some photos and kissed his face, he had one more go but there was nothing coming out just dry retching.

I did hear a 'I love you so much it hurts Codes' before I drifted off.

But that was four am, so after three hours sleep I decided to check him out, he was responsive and full of beans (if you know what I mean, wink, wink). Taking advantage of Dan in that state was awesome, he just rocked back and forth silently, his hips moved slightly and he pushed his "beans" down my throat, I gulped them down like a hungry calf on his mother's teat.

I let him sleep most of the day after I organised breakfast for everyone, the local supermarket was hit for bacon eggs and bread. Ben, one of the teams ruff nuts took over the cooking. The guys helped and the house looked like it was going to be just one more party again by eleven am. Dan appeared at one, he looked like shit so I tried to talk him into having a lazy day but all he wanted to do was hold me close, he followed me everywhere I went. Finally at five I gave up and lured him back to bed, I gave up on the party boys. I actually took a sleeping pill and slipped him one too, they were herbal so it was okay.

Two am he was at it again and I tried to stop him but the sensations were too strong, his legs were up and down my body followed by his cock rubbing my ass, then I drifted off again. He had fallen asleep on my back and I couldn't breathe so I shucked him off me.

"Codes you still awake?"

"Yes Dan."

"Codes can we just go out, the two of us next year?"

"Okay Dan, done deal."

"I feel awful Codes."

"I know Dan, try to get some sleep."

"Codes where's that bucket?"

The house was empty and spotless when I went out to put the coffee on the next morning. Today we had to go to my mum's office to sit in on some interviews for the driving position, she always liked us to have input and included us.

We showered and Dan looked a lot better. He had a light breakfast, got dressed and we arrived at the other property by ten am.

I nearly passed out when I saw his name on the list, all those memories surfaced, I rocked back and forth. Dan said, "Are you okay Codes?" I replied, "Need some fresh air Dan." And with that my past caught up with me big time, memories flooded back strong and full on. Memories buried so deep they felt like razorblades in my stomach and brain. Brad Michaels was in Mum's office applying for the drivers job and as soon as I saw the back of his head and heard his voice I knew it was him. I whispered to Dan, "Go ahead without me I'm okay, just need some air."

"Okay Codes, this won't take long, I'll see you outside."

When I got outside I walked to the car and left a note for Dan, 'Am walking home Dan see you there.'

I ran down the sandy beach until I couldn't take anymore memories of high school and Brad flowed through me like a storm looming overhead. I sat on the dunes and played with my little heart, never give up Codes. For one year I put up with that pricks abuse, he had come onto me and I did play with him, he was my first love, we played a few times but it was always him that got the better deal, then out of the blue him and he mates were abusing me, calling me filthy names tripping, punching, paint in my locker all that sort of stuff. After the first year I talked dad into sending me to private school which is where I found my mojo. I played the game there for two years then left. I never saw him or his mates again, that's up until now. I flipped my phone and called mum, "Hi Cody darling what's up? Dan said you weren't feeling the best."

"Umm mum, I'm okay, have you made a final decision on the drivers job yet?"

"No darling but Brad Michaels is a shoe in, he's over qualified but Dan wanted to talk to you before we finally decide," she said.

"Okay mum, just wanted to know that's all, I'll call you back tonight."

"Love you baby."

"You too mum."

I hung up feeling a bit better, I can simply tell Dan he's not suitable.

I walked the rest of the way and was so tired when I got home. Dan was already there and he was waiting for me on the porch with coffee and some cold cuts.

"Hi baby, long walk hey, want coffee?"

"Thanks babe, yes please."

Dan poured me a cup and looked at me with knowing eyes.

He said, "Before you start Codes, can I remind you of the time Jamie's parents were coming over and you said we had an appointment with our accountant?"

"I remember Dan all too well."

"Well do you remember what I said to you that day?"

I slumped and said, "Yes Dan."

"And do you remember at the farm I said I knew what was going on?"


"Well when you have had your coffee, can you tell me what this was all about?"

"It's not much Dan but you need to know, I suppose," I said.

"Let's eat then you can talk."

We ate lunch in silence, I was trying to find the right words.

"Dan, Brad Michaels made my life a living hell for a year at school, him and his mates tormented me all year then I begged dad to send me to a private school. I just forgot about it but today even before I got into mum's office I recognised his voice, I just didn't want to face him that's all."

"Why?" Dan asked.


"Why did they torment you?"

I took a deep breath, "He and I fooled around a couple of times, nothing full on but I thought I was in love with him and told him so, he freaked out and the rest is history. I didn't fool around with anyone else until I met Steve."

Dan had a puzzled look on his face then he said,

"Thank you Squirt, I see now but we have to address this and he is certainly what we are looking for but I will leave the decision to you. Maybe facing him again won't be so bad and it can be buried with the rest of the shit."

I started to clear the table then Dan handed me Brads file, I looked through the reports, job history and personal stuff, he certainly didn't come across as being a bogan. Then I saw it, married with two little kids. I had to think about this, I cant be responsible for keeping him out of work.

"My answer is yes Dan, we will hire him."

"Take your time Codes, there's no hurry."

"Dan, he's been out of work for six months, he's got little kids, I think the sooner the better, so I'm saying yes. I'm not there most of the time and if I run into him I'll deal with it there and then."

"Okay, if your sure Codes."

"I'm sure Dan."

So the subject of a few nightmares and bashings is going to be working for us, I hope for his families sake that he's reformed his ways.

"What do you want to do for the rest of the day Dan?"

"At sometime today I have to go into the club and talk to coach about playing full time but that's later on, do you want to fool around a bit?" he smiled.

"Okay Dan."

So we spent the afternoon in bed, showered then we both went to the club. I wanted to go by the shop to get a couple of new outfits, my wardrobe was getting old, my favourite hipsters sadly had died in the wash last month and I felt gloomy without them so I had a good clean out. All I had been wearing were old sweat pants the past few months, it was easier to help Dan.

I told Dan I would meet him in the bar in an hour or so.

Rory was talking with Adam when I walked in, they went silent as I looked through the clothes racks, I guess my long face showed. Within two minutes I was sitting in one of Adam's chairs and he and Rory were arguing over cuts and colours. I started to protest but was quickly shushed. I heard Adam say, "What about Dan?"

Rory replied, "Dan will get an instant hard on and won't even think about what we did."

They giggled.

The result was amazing, my hair had grown and they had shortened it a lot, almost shaving the sides, the colour was white with black and green highlights, I looked like a hair model. The top was left long and flopped over the sides to my ears and it felt great.

"Okay Codes let's get you sorted," Rory said.

Between him, Bailey and Adam we got six outfits.

"Rory don't you think I'm a bit old for this one ?"

"Absolutely fucking not Squirt, it's perfect for you."

Black, fuck me hipsters with a bright mesh t-shirt with a green insert down the front to accentuate my waist and silver belt, I looked like a high end call boy.

"Leave that one on for tonight Codes, you are going to knock some boys out of the ballpark when you walk in."

We giggled and joked around for ages till Dan rang wanting to know where I was.

"Be there in twenty minutes Dan."

I packed up my stuff, thanked the boys and invited Adam for dinner the next night to discuss the new store then started to the club, all the time giggling to myself.

I parked and got out of the car and Matt and John were just leaving, Matt said, "Fuck me."

John replied, "No fuck Squirt."

I said my hellos and they kept leering at me.

"Wanna come onto the oval Squirt, John and me want to show you something."

"Forget it boys, just lust from afar," I giggled.

"Squirt can you wait here for a minute then make your entrance, I want to see Dan's face when you walk in, he's always good value for a laugh."

"Okay boys, off you go."

They ran up the stairs ahead of me.

I made my grand entrance, the bar was full and among other things I heard was a very loud 'Squirts here' then dead silence as I walked to the bar and ordered a wine. 'Fuck me Squirt', and 'What a knockout outfit' were some of the comments I heard some of my boys say.

Everyone wanted a piece of this ass and as I looked sideways at Dan he was suspended in time, his glass halfway up to his mouth, his eyes moist and the biggest bulge in his shorts ever.

"Sorry I'm late Dan, I had a haircut."

Jamie said, "Fuck me Codes, sit here with me," as he tapped the chair next to him and leered.

"As much as I would love to sit next to you Jamie it's Dan that's paying this little call boy tonight."

I giggled at Dan's face.

"How did your meeting go Dan?"

He didn't answer, he didn't look at me.

I did hear a growl escape from his beautiful pink lips.

It was Larry that spoke, he said,

"It's a no go till next season Squirt, we all put in a good word but the board didn't hear us, they don't want to endanger him, now let's talk family affairs."

I looked at him and smiled,

"Give up Larry and Jamie, I don't do affairs."

"Let's go home."

"What was that Dan?" I inquired.

"Let's go home Squirt, I'm tired."

I laughed and said,

"We can't Dan, your all stiff and sore, you can't move yet, let's have another drink and then your stiffness might relax a bit," I wiggled my eyebrows.

Those within hearing got my meaning and roared with laughter while Dan shook his head and said, "Fuck me Cody Mitchell you are going to be the fucking death of me."

"Oh Dan silly boy, want me to massage your stiff bit?"

More groaning.

I got us all another drink and took my time, I started to spread my legs but Dan was at my side in an instant.

"Don't you even think about it."

I said, "I'm a five hundred buck an hour rent boy mister, don't you want a show?"

He was on the verge already, then he touched my hair, his face screwed up, he puffed a few times and his legs buckled a bit.

"All sorted now Dan?"

"Yes Codes all done."

His wet patch didn't go unnoticed as he ran back to his seat trying to hide it with his hand.

More laughter and clapping from my boys.

Larry came over and whispered, "You sure Squirt?"

"More than sure stud," I winked.

The drive home was uneventful but the amazing sex was out of this world, my top was off by the time we parked and my nipples were kissed, licked and pinched in the car, Dan was about to undo my jeans when I said, "Not here."

He gave me one of his sorrowful looks. I said,

"Save it for the cameras Dan."

We went inside, he pulled me down on the sofa and made sweet love to every inch of my body, he wouldn't let me do anything to him except kiss and stroke.

It was no more than ten minutes when Dan had his second, hand free orgasm for the night, when he entered me he had his third.

"Codes I love you so much, was that a sparkle in your eye I saw tonight?"

"Only for you Dan."

"Well I love your new look, I better not have a go at Adam," he said.

"Better not Dan, he's a little worried."

"Maybe I better tell him to move to Melbourne," he laughed.

"Well Dan, he's coming to dinner tomorrow night so you can thank him then," I smiled.

"Squirt I love your new hair, he did a great job only you can get away with any style. I suppose you better start designing yourself a new wardrobe."

"All sorted Dan."

I then put my hand out.

"What?" he said.

"Five hundred bucks man."

Dan said, "Will you take a cheque?"

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