Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 37

Published: 11 Jun 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

The next evening Dan thanked Adam and Rory for my new look while Luke just stared and smiled. I wanted everyone's feedback about the new shop. Adam had done his homework and it was decided not to go into the fashion hot spots but to go into a middle class suburb where rents were cheaper. He put his hand up to organise things from that end as he had reconnected with an old friend and they plan to combine their salons which will give Adam time to concentrate on our shop. I had some fun and asked Rory and Bobby to run it but they looked at me horrified. "Okay we can sort staff out later but at the moment we have to find a shop big enough and order more stock for it, there won't be enough in the container, Rory your elected to do that. Bobby the internet, Adam to find the perfect place for us, Dan and I can help with that while Luke and Jamie can help when required," I said.

"All okay Codes," said Jamie.

Adam would go to Melbourne for a few weeks and scout buildings and staff.

We decided to go three ways with the shop rent and we would take the bigger chunk.

Dan was concerned it would be too much for me to take on and Rory said,

"It's all sorted Dan, Codes doesn't really have to do much except count his money." We all laughed, I rolled my eyes.

D day arrived and we had a staff meeting at the charity offices. When I walked in I could see Brad sitting with other staff members, we were there to discuss health and safety with a government rep. His mouth dropped when he spotted me, I walked up to him put my hand out and said, "Welcome to the charity Brad, I hope you enjoy your job, how's the wife and kids?"

"Umm, good Cody, really good, I love it here." He was almost pleading me with his eyes not to say anything. I figured I would face him head on and just treat him as any other staff member, I wasn't a victim and I didn't want to be one anymore.

Later after the meeting he was talking with Dan for awhile and then said goodbye and left.

Dan told me later he was really concerned I would be crazy at him for being a royal pain in school but he needed the job desperately, his wife had threatened to leave with the kids if he didn't find work soon. The world is full of fools like that, she needs a swift kick in the ass for not sticking by him, obviously no love there anymore. He also said he would apologise when he found the right time.

I was happy with that and said to Dan, "Where's my scotsman hiding Daniel, I have'nt seen him for ages?"

Dan had that red jock and kilt on in ten minutes, he did the bum dance for me and some tweaking, I was also taking many, many photos. What a night, fuck he was gorgeous. The boys and mum liked the ones I sent to them also. He's such a man tart.

We turned the lights out to go to sleep and all we heard was bagpipe music coming from the caravan.


"Sorry Dan."

"Night night," I giggled.

His phone went, all I could hear was.

"Mum, mum but mum, Cody."

He hung up, I couldn't stop giggling.

He said, "She wants me to wear the harness next time."

I burst out full on laughing I couldn't stop.

Dan then proceeded to tickle me.

We finally settled down then did a lot of kissing, I could see where this was going so said my goodnights. Dan looked at me and put his sad face on, I said,

"Okay, let's do it."

Bobby was one week away from his exhibition, he had thirty paintings lined up plus the one he did for us, they had been packed away ready for transport to the gallery and he was as nervous a hell. He used our painting as the brochure cover and a 'not for sale' was attached to it.

We were waiting for the movers to pick up and he said,

"What if they don't like them Cody, what if they aren't good enough?"

"Stop thinking like that Bobby, they will be wonderful just like our's so stop being down on yourself, they wouldn't have asked you if they thought they would be crap."

The truck arrived from the gallery and we helped the guys load them on, Bobby and I followed them. We helped unpack them and Bobby and the gallery workers began to hang the most beautiful paintings on the walls, he had a large gallery room to himself and after shifting them around he finally was happy with the the way they looked. The owner, Gordy stuck a 'not for sale' card on our big one.

He said their lighting man would be there tomorrow to light each piece, he looked at them for ages then smiled, shook his head and winked at me with a knowing look on his face. He turned to Bobby and said, "I will spend a few hours tonight re-evaluating the prices Bobby, we have marked them too cheaply."

He then said, "And yes I did see the hidden angels in "Family", I' ll return with my magnifying glass to read the captions." Bobby's jaw dropped, "You saw?"

"It's my job to look at them at every angle son," he winked again, then walked away muttering, "Too cheap."

I finally had a front row seat so I started to look at them.

The first one was called 'Beginnings', it was two schoolboys with backpacks riding their bikes, they were laughing and looking at each other intensely, I could see love in their eyes. Bobby had painted a six part series, which stood alone.

The second was 'Commitment' and it was the two of them in Rory's bedroom playing playstation, their hands and legs touching. The third was 'Yearnings', a boy leaning on a schoolyard fence watching kids climb into a school bus, one boy had a crutch and was looking over his shoulder at the boy on the fence,there was a strange red headed gypsy woman in the background.

The next was a portrait of Rory called 'Annihilation', alone in his room, crutches at the ready, phone in hand and sheer grief on his face, a note was crumpled on the floor, my tears started. The next was called 'Desperation' and I felt the tight straight jacket he had on strangle me, it was Bobby and he was sitting on the floor in an empty cell, a chain and collar attached to his neck and high up on the wall, it was so realistic my heart thumped as I looked at his vacant eyes.

The last was two young men walking down a deserted beach, their eyes locked and their faces full of happiness while the sun was beating down on them, he had painted Rory with a good leg.This one he simply called 'Forever'.

Then he had our painting mounted which he called 'Family'. My tears were streaming down my face as I looked at this wonderful artist, I wanted to hug him so badly but the workers were there and I didn't want to embarrass him, he took the initiative and hugged me tightly.

The other paintings were of different scenes, a tent set up in the dunes, a caravan a quad bike, the farm, the fun parks, all had two boys in them and I knew who they were just by looking at the paintings.

"Just for you Codes, stand here and squint."

He placed me in front of 'Annihilation', I squinted and eventually saw two angels looking through the window, it was Dan and I, him in a mini kilt and me in my boardies, our wings were fully open and I swear I could count the tiny feathers.

He then placed me in front of the one he called 'Desperation', I squinted and there was Dan with his hand outstretched then I noticed Bobby's face again, It had changed somehow to a hopeful look.

I noticed Gordy squinting at them also, he just shook his head again. He said something to his assistant, who then proceeded to look.

I had to get out of there as it was too emotional. I leaned up against the car and started to take deep breaths for some time until Bobby's back rubbing calmed me down. "I'm sorry Codes, I had to do it, it's part of who we are today but I won't do another painting of sadness ever again, I am happy I worked through these ones and most of my emotion is buried in them now, the new owners will see each one differently, that's if they sell," he giggled.

"Coffee, I need coffee Bobby, let's go."

We sat outside a local coffee shop in silence. I finally had to say something.

"Bobby those paintings are going to launch you into the spotlight, do you think you will cope with all the attention?"

"Codes, some might sell but I don't think they are that good, he wanted to re-price them, I hope he doesn't over do it, they were done quickly and I can see unfinished parts in them which he would have noticed."

"Well," I replied, "He's the expert Bobby, leave it to him but by the looks he was giving you he seemed very impressed."

The opening evening of the show was a full house, Dan's mum and dad, my mum came and we all dressed up in our finest, champagne flowed and waiters were handing out finger food and drinks. Bobby had to be there early. He whispered to me, "Codes, he's tripled the prices, I'm so worried none will sell now."

I saw Gordy's assistant put sold signs on the six series. "Look again Bobby."

He blew air out of his mouth and looked at Rory, who had the biggest grin. He said, "Told you."

Gordy came over and said to Bobby, "The series paintings are being shipped to a gallery owner in Paris, he also offered a small fortune online for the 'Family' one. I want you to consider us doing limited edition prints of all the paintings, you can date and sign each one, the price you get will astound you."

Bobby felt faint as it was all too much for him and Dan and Mike helped him into a private room to rest a bit. Before the end of the night all his paintings were sold to collectors all over the world. My mum bought the one of our beach house with a little redheaded boy playing sandcastles. Gord was talking to Bobby's teacher and I overheard him saying Bob was too advanced for his school, he should be studying in Paris. His teacher said, "He won't leave the family, he said if he did he would slowly wilt to nothingness but there's nothing more I can do for him."

Gordy gave the art professor the magnifying glass and pointed to 'Family'. He scratched his head so I went over and said, "Read this one first and that one last."

He was congratulating Bobby on his success, I felt sorry for him, he must have pushed hard for this to happen and now it's in the collectors hands as to how successful Bobby will be without high end training. Before he left Bobby handed him a small still life painting of a perfect orange, dimples and all. The professor teared up and said goodnight. Bobby told us the teacher always got apples and bananas from students so he thought he would give him an orange.

We opened more champagne at home, when everybody was almost gone to bed Dan and I talked for awhile, we were so proud of Bobby we were busting.

I told him about the conversation I overheard, Dan was over the moon for him but then I told Dan why he won't go.

He said, "Squirt we have to somehow make him understand it will only be for a year or two."

I replied, "Dan he won't leave us all, he feels the safest here. I sometimes think he would be quite happy digging holes as long as he's got all of us, it's not going to happen anytime soon."

I added, "We will know more after the papers come out tomorrow but if I'm correct and the reviews are good he won't have to go anywhere soon."

I was right again, he was the new face of the art world, the paper featured his paintings and excellent reviews of the exhibition. Bobby had raised quite a big nest egg and the gallery wanted to have another one in five months time. He would go ahead with the prints and Gordy will organise them. He and Rory wanted to see us about something so we made a time in the afternoon that was quiet.

Rory started. "Codes and Dan we have done some deep thinking this past month or two and we have a question to ask you, it's a bit out there and after we ask you can have all the time in the world to think about it."

Bobby added, "I know what you are thinking about and Paris can wait for a couple of years, if I get established in Australia there won't be any need for us to go."

Dan said, "Okay what's up boys?"

"Well we want to know if we can build a small house up the beach for us but not too far away from the main house, we want to know if you will sell us a small block of land, we don't want to move away from everybody," Rory blurted out.

"Just think about it for awhile, if the answers no then we will understand, we have sort of put you on the spot and we were just thinking that's all."

I could understand completely what they were doing, they felt safe here and they just wouldn't fit in anywhere but here, they were too sensitive and they have freedom here to be what they want.

I looked over at Dan, he gave me a sideways glance and winked.

I thought he was going to have some fun with them but he surprised us all by saying,

"Where would you like your house to sit boys?"

They looked at me and I added, "What took you so long?" They jumped up and hugged the breath out of us, they were weeping and talking at the same time. Dan also added, "Oh and you both have a choice of two hundred yards that way or that way." He pointed both ways.

We went to bed very happy men, we were happy for them and for us, we didn't see them as just friends we saw them as a couple of beautiful youngsters desperately needing a family. Dan said,

"How did you know I was going to say yes Squirt?"

"Oh Dan, haven't you woken up yet, I just know these things," I giggled.

"Are we going to do the same for Jamie and Luke Squirt?" Dan asked.

"Yes, if they want Dan. I was going to ask you when Luke starts his internship maybe they would like to live in the apartment, it's closer to the hospital and it's safe there," I said.

"Okay we have plenty of time for that," Dan added.

"I wonder what kind of house they will be building Codes?" he added.

"Whatever it is Dan, it will be brilliant," I giggled.

Luke arrived at lunchtime a few days later, he looked tired and worn out, his hair had gone back to curly again and he was wearing a pair of old jeans.

"What's up Luke, you don't seem yourself?"

"Nothing much Codes, I feel like I'm nailed to the books most of the time, I haven't even got time to scratch myself anymore,I didn't realise just how hard it would be." he said very wistfully.

"Ummm, well I know a solution for that. Your taking the rest of the day off, it's time for a little brotherly gay fun."

I dressed in my finest and we headed off to the shop.

I got him looking a million dollars, new clothes, hair straightened and highlighted. If it wasn't for Dan? That thought put aside we went to the club to meet the boys.

There were very few people there so we waited for the boys to finish, Jamie was blown away and wanted to go home but Luke wanted to strut a little. When he went to the bar he started talking to a good looking bloke I hadn't seen before. It turned out he was Shaun's brother from the country and Luke had gone to school with him. Shaun was a new recruit.

They talked for about fifteen minutes and Jamie wasn't impressed at all, he was quite angry looking by the time Luke returned. He ignored Luke for the rest of the night.

"He's being silly Codes, he knows I wouldn't cheat on him and anyway Geoff isn't gay, that's why I stopped and chatted with him. We went to school together and he was one of the main reasons I decided to become a doctor, he had leukaemia when he was young and I wanted to cure him."

Jamie got up and walked out not saying anything to us. I guess the sparks will fly when Luke gets home.

Next morning they didn't arrive for breakfast even though Dan rung the bell several times, I got a message from Luke, "He's gone."

I grabbed coffee and some toast then took it down to him. He was curled up on the couch looking like he hadn't slept all night.

"Where did Jamie go Luke?"

"I think he went to his mum's place Cody, he was so mad at me last night, I could have strangled him, he wasn't hearing what I was saying, he just shouted over me so I shut up till he finished. He called me some dreadful names Codes then left."

The day went slowly, Dan rang Jamie's parents but they hadn't seen him then the shit hit the fan.

The papers next morning had a photo on the back page sports section, Gay footballer caught in the act. WTF Jamie?

The photo was clearly showing Jamie and a blonde guy kissing outside a well known gay club in the city. I could see by his puffy eyes he was drunk. The guy he was with looked older but had a surprised look about him.

Luke was beside himself, he wouldn't eat or talk much, he just lay on the couch crying or sending messages on his phone.

"I can't find him Code's, I'm so worried he's not answering my messages or taking my calls, I think I better call the police."

Enough I thought, training was this afternoon and I went with Dan and Tom. I spoke to the coach, he said the club are not making any comments but Jamie had better clean up his act or he will be demoted to the seconds. Jamie hadn't turned up for training and they had no idea where he was.He would be fined heavily if he doesn't turn up to the next training night.

While sitting in the bar waiting for the boys I was looking around, the mood was sombre, not much in the way of laughing or horsing around like it normally was. I spied a blonde man coming through the back way, he was very familiar as he looked around the room, then his eyes locked on me. He walked up and said, "Are you Cody Mitchell?"

"Yes I am and you are?"

"My name is Bill and I think we have a friend in common, Jamie."

"Yes Jamie is one of my family members, Bill do you know where he is we are all so worried about him?"

"Yes he's at my place sleeping off another hangover, he's not in the right frame of mind at the moment and I know what you're thinking but I can assure you that I haven't laid a hand on him and nobody else has either. I met him a couple of days ago at the club and he was very drunk, all we talked about was his boyfriend Luke. He was so distraught when I offered to drive him home, the press were outside and he felt his life was over so he said fuck it and kissed me. You can tell by my eyes it shocked me, I got him into my car and he was sick everywhere so I took him to my place to sleep it off."

"Why didn't he just come home yesterday?" I said very warily.

"He thinks Luke doesn't love him and he thought the press would be hounding the house."

"Well he's got a very distraught boyfriend at home whose about to list him as a missing person, can I come to your place and talk to him?"

"That's why I'm here, you and Luke are all he talks about, I told him I was going out for more beer but I decided to come here first, it's not far."

I left a message for Dan behind the bar and left with Bill.

We talked on the way and he was a really nice guy, Jamie was lucky this guy had his head screwed on properly.

He opened the door to his house and I could see Jamie lying on a banana lounge through the back windows. "Ill make us some coffee," Bill said.

I opened the door and said,

"Hi Jamie, it's good to see you in one piece."

He jumped.

"Cody! What the hell are you doing here, where's Luke?"

He looked around.

"Luke doesn't know I'm here and I am here to take you home where you belong."

"Oh Codes I've stuffed up completely this time, I can't go back, I did a terrible thing to Luke and I'm so fucking ashamed."

"Answer me two questions Jamie then I'll leave."

"Sure Codes," he said.

"Did you cheat on Luke?"

"No never Codes, I could never do that to him."

"Okay, do you love him?" I asked.

"With all my heart."

"Okay," I said, "We can have coffee and then go home."

Bill came out with a tray of coffee and some cakes, Jamie started to weep.

Bill hushed him and made him drink.

I asked Bill if he had someone in his life and he told me he had but he was a heavy drinker and fooled around a lot on him and he had finally left him for a young salesman. "I've been on the receiving end Cody, that's why Jamie's here and not with some stupid queen, they were hanging around him like flies to a dunny the other night and last night we just had a few beers here and talked, didn't we honey?"

"Yes Codes, I couldn't cheat on my Lukey, I only went to the club cause I was pissed off."

"Jamie the guy at the bar was Luke's old school friend and he was the reason Luke did medicine, he was very sick as a child. Luke wasn't slutting, he was being a good friend, end of story. Now do you think you could message him, he's beside himself and trust me he will call in the police."

Jamie pulled out his phone. "Dead," he said.

I got mine out and sent Luke a short message,

'With Jamie, all's good, be home soon xx'

Bill had Jamie's car in his garage and after we hugged and exchanged numbers we were on our way.

Luke was a mess when we got there, he was sitting on our porch drunk as a skunk.

Jamie took one look at him and not feeling the best himself said,

"Time for bed Lukey, I'm fucked."

Luke answered,

"Well the great Mr Rosano is fucked finally, did you hear that Dan?" he laughed, "Jumbo's gone and got hisself fucked."

Jamie picked Luke up and took him downstairs to bed.

"What happened Squirt?"

I told Dan the story and added that I believed Bills take on the events.

Dan said Luke was drunk when he got in, he had tried to get coffee into him but Luke was adamant he needed to get drunk.

"You really believe this Bill guy Squirt?"

"Yes Dan, he's one of the good ones."

"I guess Lukey will have a very large hangover in the morning, he's not used to drinking so much."

We cleaned up and went to bed, neither of us felt randy so we cuddled.

Dan said, "I hate to bring this up tonight Codes but theres something I want to say."

"Okay Dan I'm all ears."

He hesitated like he does when he's trying to find the right words so I put my finger on his lips and said,

"I'm sorry Dan, it won't happen again, I should have waited until you arrived at the bar to go with Bill, it was wrong and I apologise."

"Ummmp," I got off Dan.

He nestled me into his tree trunk arms.

During the night I heard shouting, I got up and looked out the window, Luke was on the beach shouting every vile word that came into his head, he also had a bottle of wine in his hand which he was swigging.

I dressed and grabbed a rug, I walked onto the beach spread the rug, took Luke's hand and gently sat him down. He was paralytic and sobbed between gulps of wine, I figured there wasn't much left in the bottle so I didn't attempt to take it off him. I gently talked to him and stroked his hair and back.

"Dan was right Codes, he was spot on about you."

"What do you mean Luke, what was Dan right about?"

"He said I loved you and he was right, I denied it at the time but I can tell you now, I loved you the second you opened the apartment door."

"If you think I will believe that Luke your mistaken, I know you love me and I love you but we are brothers, saying that won't fix it with Jamie. Nothing happened Luke, listen to what he's telling you and for your sake believe him, I do, your just acting the way he did."

"Jamie got fucked," he said.

"He did no such thing Luke, it's all in your head," I replied.

He wasn't listening. I rubbed his back and he fell asleep so I held him till the sunrise started then went to make coffee. He roused himself about seven when the sunshine got to him.

I watched as he walked down the side of the house and returned walking up the beach with another bottle of wine in his hand.

Dan arrived with hands on hips looking out at this boy who was still hurting. My guess is it's more shock than disappointment, he's never really had a big fright like the one he got the other night except for my meltdown of course.

I saw Jamie take off after him.

He returned not long after.

"I can't reason with him Dan, he's not talking and I'm so worried."

"Time to call in the big guns Codes?"

We brought the kids up to speed and they took off down the beach, whatever healing powers they held worked. A very sheepish, drunk Luke came strolling down the beach, he sat with us all and we had breakfast. Nothing was said.

Life went on as usual. Bill became a good friend and he visited often.

The newspapers had a field day, they were following us around like we were some sort of hollywood celebs. Jamie wouldn't stop apologising and we were all fed up.

Bill came up with the solution, he sold his story to a women's magazine. It was partly the truth and part fantasy, he said Jamie was an old friend and they were joking with the press. The proceeds of the interview went to our charity.

He called with a copy of the magazine and a fat cheque to forewarn us and we were all pleased with the outcome. He ran his own business and had been out for years so he didn't mind.

Of course Donny was oblivious to all that went on, Trent and Tom protected him so he didn't see anything and all he knew was Uncle Luke and Jamie were busy doing things.

"Cods mumma wants to see Donny."

"Okay sweet pea, we can go on the weekend."

"Cods, do you think Bella will still be there?"

"Sure she will, she's happy there Donny. Mike and mum are looking after her for you."

"Okay, Donny happy now."

"Why Lukey not happy Codsy?"

"He's happy baby, just a bit sad like Trent was for awhile but he's good now."

"Did dey have bath Cods?"

"Yes Donny, big bath, Jamie washed Luke's smiles back."

He giggled, "Not like long shower Dan give you?" he giggled.

"No honey, not long shower."

I collared Rory one afternoon and said, "Two words Rory."

He replied, "Toddler range Squirt."

We began on it that afternoon.

Adam had found a large shop and after some discussion we signed the lease, Adam would manage the shop and hire the staff, his friend in Melbourne would look after the hairdressing side of things.

Adam would move to Melbourne soon, he wanted a change of scenery and I suspected he had found more than an old friend there.

We went over the plans Jamie had done for the kids house, they wanted a stilt house with a bridge entry, only three bedrooms and they would donate the caravan to our charity.

Dan and I took the time to become foster parents, it was a precaution in case we had to take some overflow.

Dan was healing well, we ran on the beach every day and every day I thanked god for sending him to me. We were looking forward to Hawaii after the season, there were a few of us going and we pooled our resources and gave Mum and Dad a ticket each and Tom and Trent bought tickets for themselves and Donny. April and Larry were coming also.

Mum was reading up on the tourist things and was looking forward to having Donny along. Mike unfortunately was too busy with the farm.

Luke was looking a lot happier nowadays, he had apologised for his behaviour and we just hugged him and told him it was not needed. Jamie was back on top of the world, he had a great season and was leading goal kicker. End of season celebrations were great, we won the cup again.

The four of us had lunch one day and were discussing the years trials and tribulations. Trent was so happy he could burst, Luke beamed with love, Rory's face lit up every time he talked about Bobby and I'm sure my face glowed. Trent said that he heard from Joe, they talked but he was still focused on Trent's business so he had asked him politely not to ring again.

Rory was excited about the new house and about showing some of the world to Bobby, he said they both probably wouldn't be alive today without Dan's help and he's forever in debt to him for bringing Bob back to him.

Luke thanked me for having faith in Jamie and for all I did for them.

I smiled and said, "Your all my family and I need you more than you know."

I played with my locket and looked at Luke I said, "Thank you."

He whispered, "My pleasure Codes." Then he winked at me.

I received a strange call from Jacques, he wanted to have lunch with me and Dan one day soon so we set up a dinner date the next night, he hadn't said much on the phone but he sounded excited. That night in bed,

"Codes do you know what Jaques wants?"

"No Dan he didn't say."

"Maybe he's going to offer you a job."

"And would that be bad Dan?"

"Not if it was in Australia, but if it's in Milan we will have to think about it."

"Dan, it's not going to happen, even if it was here I wouldn't do it."

"Well Squirt I'll leave it up to you."

"We will discuss it Dan but I would kinda miss the club and seeing the guys every other night, my business is booming and yes it's thanks to Armani but my designs are stand alone anyway so I don't think I'll do it."

"Well babe let's just wait and see what he wants, I really don't want to go to Milan."

"Isn't going to happen Dan."


"Yes Dan."

"Can I say something without you getting upset?"

"Of course Dan."

"You won't get mad?"

"No Dan I won't, what is it?"

He snuggled into me so he was near my ear and whispered,

"Codes can we go back a year and get back to where we were, the footballer and his barman, I kinda miss us Codes, I'm not saying we should give up what we have achieved but can we sort of knock back big projects and be us again, I know what I'm saying but I cant find the right words."

"Oh Dan I know exactly what you mean, and I agree wholeheartedly, thank you for being you."

I kissed his cheek and nibbled on his nipple.

He didn't know it but I got a great idea for the very near future.

Dinner with Jacques was great and nothing like we imagined, he asked me to design next seasons evening wear and wedding outfits.

I had eight months to do it, I told him I would send off the first twenty designs tomorrow and will get the rest to him in a few months, I was tied up till then.

The next day I rang the coach.

After training that night he got Dan to do a lap of the block, it was dark as he entered the oval but I caught up to him and said, "Hey, aren't you Daniel Lawrence?"

He took a double take, I was kitted out in footy gear, boots, socks, tight shorts and club gurnsey. He slowed up and said, "Yes mate, wanna run with me?"

"Sure," I said.

We did one lap. I ran ahead to give Dan a good view of my ass and said to him, "I heard you liked guys, is it true?"

He answered, "Maybe."

We were coming up to the players box and I slowed down to a walk.

I said, "Let's sit down here for a minute."

I could easily tell Dan was as hard as a rock.

"Well have you ever been with a man?"

"Maybe Codes."

I let my hand rest on his thigh and he gasped,

"So what kinda sex do you like?" I said as I stroked it.

"I like sucking, fucking and I love my ass rimmed."

I slid my hand up to his crutch and squeezed his hard cock.

"You wanna come back to my place?"

"Okay Codes."


"Yes Daniel."

I squeezed harder.

"Oohhh," Dan strangled a cry and I could feel the wetness coming through his shorts. He had a real goofy smile on his face.

"You ready mate, it's not far?"

"Okay," he replied.

We showered then he did my smells and I said to him,

"Just lay back, it's your night."

I then proceeded to lick his nipples and chest then down to his treasure trail. I did his iron ass and balls then to the prize, I brought him to orgasm four times then after him begging constantly, I gave him release.

He was in a dream like state so I wiped up and snuggled into him.

He knew I was all sorted.

We drifted off to blissful sleep.

We cuddled most of the day not saying much, I said I would meet him in the bar after training, his eyebrows lifted and I repeated, "In the bar Dan."

He groaned.

"We've got three weeks before we go to Hawaii. I wasn't looking forward to it because I remembered how homesick we were in Spain but it would be different this time, all our family would be there, minus Mike.

We got to the airport and checked in and while waiting in the lounge I noticed a couple of familiar faces coming up the stairs, it was Mike and Debs, we all hugged and he pulled me aside, "You didn't think I would propose to Deb in the cow paddock did you?"

My eyes lit up, this was going to be a great holiday. "Not one word Squirt, I'm just telling you so you can get the dress sorted, there's something else we have to tell you all but that's one I'll keep for when the whole family are with us," he winked.

I said as a tear fell from my eye, "Two things I have to tell Dan, I promised no secrets, congratulations you will make mum so happy." I hugged him and then went over to Deb and hugged her.

"What was that all about Squirt?" Dan said.

"It's two secrets you have to keep to yourself Dan, promise me."

"I promise."

"Mike's going to propose in Hawaii and Debs is pregnant."

"What?" he almost shouted.

Mum came over with a big grin, "He told you then."

"Uh? how did you know?"

She looked me square in the eyes and said,

"I just know these things Squirt."

She let out a roar of a laugh leaving me and Dan grinning at her response.

On the flight over after dinner, Mike was talking to the hostess about something, her face lit up and she nodded. She picked up the phone and announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen your attention please, we have an important announcement." She then handed the phone to Mike who looked straight at Debs who had a shocked look on her face.

"Debby Smith I love you with all my heart, will you do me the honour of being my wife forever?"

Debs jumped up and ran to him saying, "Yes, yes, yes."

He put a ring on her finger, then leaned in for a very delicate kiss.

We all clapped then splits of champagne were handed out.

The ring was beautiful, it belonged to Mike's grandmother, Mike had asked mum if he could have it for Debs.

Four half carat, brilliant cut diamonds set in filigree, perfect for Debs.

We arrived with gusto and were shown to our rooms, Dan and I were on the ninth floor and we chose this one for the spa bath. We unpacked then took in the view, it was sad to see all the high rise buildings, I couldn't help think that all the beauty that was Hawaii was built over, it must have been a beautiful place a hundred years ago but I guess that's tourism and the almighty dollar.

We made plans to meet at the tour desk in the foyer and then go for lunch.

Mum and dad were ready to go see some of the island. It was easy to go around the island, just catch a bus for two dollars fifty and get off wherever you fancy, there was a bus every half an hour.

Mike was looking a bit bleary eyed, Donny ran up to us and started talking non stop about the view and how high up they were. Tom and Trent and April and Larry decided to bus it around the island and find a small cafe to eat at while Luke, Jamie, Dan and I decided to head for the local gay beach, what a sight, we perved all the way.

Dan and Jamie were strutting like big headed peacocks, Luke and I giggled at the display, there were gay boys everywhere. Of course we were prepared for this beach so we took our tees and shorts off, both of us had our Aussie bums on. Some guys started to chat to us, Dan and Jamie got stuck with the big muscle guys and we ended up with four italian model types. One was putting oil on my back and I could hear Dan yell, "Cody Mitchell don't you dare." I looked his way and a pretty ugly guy was spotting Dan on some weights, I stretched my arms up and opened my legs wide and within seconds Dan was by my side and my italian guy was flat on his back.

Luke got the same treatment but Jamie was one step ahead, he dropped his shorts and tee and started chatting to some of the guys in Italian. Luke was livid so he dressed and walked off in a snoot. Jamie took off after him and we caught up then sat at a cafe and had coffee. Luke was still miffed until Jamie said, "I shouldn't tell you this Luke but the guys I was talking to wanted to know where you were staying and wanted your number, they thought I was just another italian tourist but they loved your aussie bum."

Luke giggled and kissed him, "Sucked in, I know, don't think I can't understand a little Italian when I listen carefully, your momma is teaching me. Also Dan, the guy you knocked over in the sand stole Cody's phone so you did a good thing."

I searched around for my phone but Luke handed it to me, "It fell out of his pocket," he winked.

We strolled back to the hotel giggling and hugging, two guys walked past and one said, "Fucking poofters."

I turned and said at the top of my voice, "Yes mate, did you know the gene is passed down through the fathers, hope you don't have any kids."

We all laughed, and kept walking. "Wankers," Jamie said, "I pity their kids if they turn out gay."

"We see it all at the charity Jamie, battered broken kids, it's heart breaking."

Everyone was back and we congregated in mum and dad's room, there was a knock on the door and the waiter pushed in a trolley with champagne and glasses.

Rob stood and said, "Would you all charge your glasses and welcome our first daughter in-law to the family." We each took a glass and drank to Deb's health and I noticed she didn't have any. Mum leaned over and said to Mike, "Anything else to tell us Mike?" He looked surprised at her then Debs, "We are pregnant mum and dad," he beamed.

A round of applause and hugs and mum was crying and holding Deb's hand, she was over the moon.

Rob then said, "Please charge again and drink a toast to our second grandson, may he be as special as the first."

We all got his meaning and laughed, it was heartwarming to see Trent and Tom hug them and thank them for including Donny.

The family grows bigger, I guess it's out of my control now.

Dan looked at me and said, "Don't you dare start knitting booties Squirt, I don't think I could take listening to needles clicking all night."

Debs butted in, "No, I've got two mums to do that." Then she looked at Luke and said, "And a brother in law."

We all roared with laughter, poor Lukey.

The doorbell rang and in walked the "kids" they had been out all day. They went to see the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbour and they talked about it for ages, they said it was very sad to see and read up on the history.

We all dined together then Dan and I retired to the spa bath. We soaked for some time just holding each other and Dan whispered in my ear, "I'm so happy Codes, thank you for pushing me to be the best I can, I feel so complete with you in my life." He started to hum our song, I thought of darker times then relaxed in his warm embrace. Life was good.

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