Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 40

Published: 2 Ju1 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Rory and Bobby's house was near completion. I strolled over with Timmy one day to have a closer look, they had gotten rid of the smaller windows and had put in ceiling to floor bi- folds and it was a mirror image of our beach house inside.

Bobby was hard at it finding the right colours for the inside, it was made from wood so it would withstand the test of time and they had painted the outside orange and lilac with a hint of blue. There was nothing about it that suggested gloom, only happiness and the boys and Jamie had done a magnificent job. There was a bridge joining it to solid ground but it was permanent not a draw bridge as they wanted.

The car park had been paved and a spot put aside for the caravan.

They had installed a small transportable to attach to the caravan and it was all shaded by a big orange sail.

The caravan would be installed when they moved in.

Bobby's portrait of Rory was magnificent, there was ghosting in the background of Bobby smiling and holding a bright star, you couldn't see it at first but the star was reflecting off Rory's eyes when I squinted and Rory's face was lit up on the side it was shining on. A magnifying glass would be placed on a small table underneath the painting, in his beautiful eyes was a reflection of Bobby's face. Gordy flipped and Bobby said, "It's not for sale."

"I didn't think so Bobby but I do have several buyers at the ready," he laughed.

It was shipped off to Melbourne to be judged and catalogued and later Margaret Addams called me and we had a lengthy talk about it, she said the judges were divided but she was confident it would be in the final selection.

"Codes, he's very good but unknown and his signature is blotted out to counter favouritism, the word I'm getting is that it's a shoe in for the packing room award."

"That's great Mrs Addams, when is the voting going to happen?"

"In the next few days Codes but be aware that some of the judges may see it as a cartoon but that's not what I see, I just see brilliance."

Bobby's painting won the packing room prize and people's choice (a first ever) and he was elated when the news came through, he had also been chosen in the final three.

He got inundated with requests for interviews but declined them all gracefully.

His muse was also caught up in the avalanche but also declined.

When Mrs Addams came for coffee a few days later she was so moved when Bobby handed her a portrait of her surrounded with orchids, she cried at the beautiful array of colours.

"See, I can paint your portrait, I'm brilliant like that, just ask my muse, there's more but I'll let you do that in private."

He and Rory giggled.

I guessed there was a hidden ghosting of her husband.

That night I had nightmares and woke with a thumping headache.

Dan and I took four days off so we could visit the farm as Timmy was missing his pony or so he said but I really think it's Dan's mum and her animals.

We packed the car and took off down the road.

Halfway there Timmy wanted to go pee so we pulled over into a truck stop.

He's toilet trained but accidents happen and it happened today so we changed him on the back seat, wiped his bum with some 'wet ones' and replaced his kiddy diaper with a clean one. A woman was sitting at one of the picnic tables having lunch so we decided to have a sandwich at another table, I wrapped the nappy up and placed it in the car bin.

The young woman came up to us and asked,

"Are you Daniel Lawrence?"

"Yes, that's me."

"This is my friend Cody Mitchell and this little man is our son."

"Oh can I have a picture please? What's his name?"

I felt really uneasy and said,

"Sorry, no time for pictures." I grabbed Timmy and bundled him back into the car."

Dan came after me and asked,

"Squirt, what's wrong? She just wanted a picture."

"Dan you called Timmy our son, for all we know she may be going to sell the pictures to the tabloids," I replied.

"He is our son Codes."

"Yes he is baby but the newspapers don't need to know."

"Okay Codes, let's go."

We arrived at the farm in record time and mum and Rob were there to greet us. Mike and Deb were in town organising feed for the stock.

"Hi little man, come to see Sally?"

"No Mrs mums, Tim's come too see youse, is Sally here too?"

"Yes she is baby, come on let's see if she's missing you."

Once around the paddock then down to the gate and back. Dan had it sorted and Timmy laughed all the way, he wanted more but when Dan pulled up a chair for him to brush her down, Timmy forgot all about the riding and concentrated on his job.

We ate lunch and when Mike and Debs returned they both seem to glow, parenthood is going to agree with them. Mum was chatting about the new renovation, they were planning an extension to the house with two more bedrooms and a bathroom.

"Our family's expanding Squirt, Rob and Mike can do all the finishing up, we only need the builder to frame and secure it to the house. Rob can plaster it and Mike can do the floorboards then all we need is an electrician and plumber, it shouldn't take long before Mike and Deb will move into it with the baby."

"Sounds good mum, do you need any money?"

"No Dan, it's covered."

"Timmy want to help Mrs mums can I?"

"Yes you can Timmy, we need someone to test out the beds, so when we buy them can you come and see which ones are comfortable or not?"

"Yeth mrs mum of curse Timmy cans dos that."

"Good boy, I thought you might help."

Mum put him down then read him a story he was requesting, Prince Daniel and princess True Love but she hadn't heard that one.

Dan told her it was his story to tell so she wouldn't have heard it before.

She said, "Okay Daniel, Princess True Love would you like another cuppa?"

I said, "Yes please mum."

"Hummm," she looked at Dan and said,

"I hope there's not a naughty school kid in your story Prince Daniel," she chuckled as she made tea.

"Okay Squirt, that's it now, haircuts tomorrow and off to the photographers for some family photos."

I had forgotten about doing them and when we got to bed that night I couldn't go to sleep, finally I took a sleeping pill and eventually nodded off.

Dan and Timmy in their footy gear and me in my boardies.

He was giggling so much he dribbled all over Dan's face, I went to wipe him but the photographer stopped me, he came in close and took many shots and all three of us were giggling at his antics.

The photos were pure magic so we had another three albums and many happy memories on our wall.

Timmy was growing fast, I seem to be always out at the container getting bigger outfits for him. He had put on a little weight too, he looked healthier and was happier with every passing day. Dan still told his story to him every other night, it had grown into an epic.

Donny wasn't forgotten and was included as were Tom and Trent, they had branched out and told Tom's mum and sister their situation. They were cool with it and Trent's family had them over as much as possible, they had taken to Tom and his little boy and showered Donny with so much love.

Trent's Joe sent him a letter to tell him that he had packed up and left. He apologised to him again and said maybe down the track their paths would meet again. Trent showed the letter to Tom.

"Don't even think about it Tom I wouldn't give you and Donny up for the world, I love you both too much," then he threw the letter in the bin.

"Over and done."

He smiled and leaned in for a great kiss.

The caravan was moved and the boys set up house, we all helped. I felt empty even though they had only moved a few hundred feet down the beach.

Bobby had done some paintings of all of us to put on their wall. For a house warming present, Dan and I gave them a photographic session, they had been too busy and had forgotten. The quad bike was installed in their garage and Julie returned to their family, she would do private tarot readings at home to pay her way.

The 'Marie Clare' magazine wanted to do an article on our fashion houses so Rory and I had a lot of fun that day and at the new house they had asked if they could feature both houses about beach living in the suburbs. We okayed that, they were great to work with and became a member of our working family, we managed to get Armani mentioned a few times so they were also pleased.

Dan was telling his story to Timmy one night and I heard a yelp, I rushed in and found them on the bed. "Spider Codes," Dan pointed to the wall where a tiny spider the size of my fingernail was sitting as cool as a cucumber.

I went to get a glass and paper and removed the offending bug and laughed at Dan's face. "Did the itty bitty spider frighten the big macho man?"

"No Squirt, it just crept up on me, that's all."

"Well, he's gone now so maybe we should get the place fumigated."

They won't kill you but some do leave nasty bites like our snakes, some are the deadliest in the world. There are also spiders that can make you very, very sick.

The apartment had become vacant so we decided to move in there while the house was sprayed, I really don't care about spiders, they don't bother me that much but for Timmy and Dan's sake we should get it sorted. The apartment was amazing, it had been rented fully furnished with Dan's furniture from his flat so all we had to do was get groceries and bathroom stuff. Six floors up it gave us a beautiful view of the river, we child proofed the balcony door and Timmy knew not to go out there without us.

I took him to kindy each day and picked him up, we ate on the terrace and rang the kids every day.

They all came up to dinner one night, Jamie was blown away by the design and view, he kept looking at the walls and the fret work in the entrance hall.

"Bloody amazing Dan, Codes grandad was an artist.

"Well, Luke and James it's yours when Luke starts his residency, it will be closer to the hospital, it's only a few streets away so you two can move in here, that's if you want to?" Dan offered.

Luke frowned and looked at me. "Do you want to get rid of us Codes?" he said wistfully.

"Of course not, we just thought it might be easier that's all."

"If it's okay with you we like our apartment and don't want to live anywhere else," Jamie added.

"Well the offer is there and also the offer to build your own home up the beach," I replied.

"We don't really know what we want to do Codes, we have been working on a design for our house but Luke changes it every other day," Jamie laughed.

"I do not, you do Jamie, every time I think we are ready you change a wall," he giggled.

Jamie added, "Well when it's finished Codes we will let you know. I would really like it to sit on the bluff but it may be a major build over there, there is a road up to it but I don't know yet about sewerage, water and power. It's early stages yet Codes we can't afford it at the moment, we were just dreaming that's all."

"Well, maybe you better go back to your agent and see if he has any work for you." Dan said.

"I don't think they are going to give me work Dan, I only did the couple of photo shoots but they didn't call me so I forgot about it."

"Jamie, give them a ring, you have to get in their faces and let them know you mean business," Dan said.

"Okay, I will go see them tomorrow before training." he looked at Luke.

"No bikini shots Luke, I promise."

"Aww I was looking forward to it," Luke joked.

"Okay Luke, how about I do a private practise session on you tonight?"

"I could deal with that Jamie." They sucked face like no tomorrow.

We had a great night and we couldn't wait to see Jamie's plans.

Timmy was following me around one day and seemed so deep in thought so I asked him what was up. He thoughtfully looked at me and said, "Dads Coodes what happens to Timmy's back?"

I looked at him in shock, he doesn't remember, fuck what do I do now? Dan won't be home for another hour so maybe I will stall him and ring April.

"Well, Timmy can we talk later when dad Dan gets home?"

"Okays I was wonderfuling that's all."

"That's wondering Timmy." I picked him up and hugged him hard then put Nemo on and went onto the verandah to call April.

"Codes, tell him the truth, he's maybe blotted it out but it's best he knows and starts accepting it while he's young, you know the scars are fading and they will be gone by the time he starts school."

"I don't know April, we were going to tell him everything but when he's a little older, I'll talk with Dan and see what he wants to do."

"Okay Codes, do you want me to come over?"

"No sweetheart, we will deal with it, if we need you I'll call."

Dan eventually came home, Nemo had finished and Timmy was asleep on the sofa. We picked him up and put his pi's on, then put him to bed.

I said, "Dan we have a small problem, we need to talk."

"What's up Codes?"

"Timmy asked me what happened to his back tonight," I said.

"Oh? What did you say?"

"I said we would talk about it with you then I put his movie on and rang April, she seems to think we should tell him."

"I don't know Codes, he's never shown any interest and I don't want to tell him the full story baby, maybe just a shortened one. Can I ring mum and ask her opinion?"

"Of course Dan, I thought about it earlier but wanted to ask you."

He rang mum and she was of the opinion that Timmy was just curious and that we should tell him his mummy was a naughty person and didn't look after him properly so we wished for a little boy and god sent Timmy to us, or something along those lines."

We thought we would have a talk with him tomorrow but we weren't looking forward to the conversation.

"I have an idea Codes, something he will understand and maybe it might just satisfy him for the moment but he may forget all about it by tomorrow."

"Timmy forget about something? Never," we laughed.

"What's your idea Dan?"

"Codes, can I think on it for awhile, I just want to get it right in my head."

"Okay Dan, what would you like for dinner?"

"You Codes."

He swept me off my feet and proceeded to strip me, he sucked on my neck, ears and chin until I told him to stop. I was so near to the edge I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted to dine on Dan for awhile and I did.

The next morning Timmy crawled into bed with me and Dan.

We cuddled him and Dan said,

"Do you still want to hear what happened to your back Timmy?"

He nodded yes.

"Well a long, long time ago after Prince Daniel rescued Princess True Love there was a little boy living in the forest with his mummy, his mummy wasn't a very nice person and she used to hit her little boy on his back with her broom.

One day when Prince Daniel and Princess True Love were walking through the forest they noticed the little boy crying by the side of a pond, they instantly fell in love with him and wanted to take him home to their castle."

"What's the matter little boy?" Prince Daniel asked.

"My mummy hits me on my back all the time and I don't like it, shes a naughty girl."

Just then the little frog appeared, "You have three wishes little boy."

The little boy looked at Princess True Love and asked, "What will I wish for?"

"Well," said the Princess, "Why don't you wish for your mother to disappear then she won't hurt you anymore and you can wish to come to our castle and live with us as our little boy. And your third wish should be you want to live happily ever after."

"Okay," said the little boy.

He requested his three wishes and went home with the Prince and Princess.

"What is your name little boy?"

"Timmy your son Princess."

And they lived happily ever after, the wicked mother went away never to hurt Timmy again.

"So Timmy that's what happened to your back but your our little boy now and you are going to live happily ever after.

"Dads will my back gets betterer?"

"Yes it will son maybe in about six months."

Then he was deep in thought again.


"Yes Timmy."

"When can Timmys plays with the school kid, I look for him buts can't finds him?"

Dan looked at me and roared, "Rory, Bobby."

"Later Timmy, I will tell you a school kids story," I said stifling a chuckle.

"Okays can Timmy have a googie egg now?"

"Sure you can, just lay here with Dads Dan and I will get it for you," I said.

I don't know how much of the story he understood but he seemed satisfied with it for now. God Dans good. I rang April and told her what Dan had done and she was happy with that, she said it was a good way to tell him and maybe later he can be told the full story.

We buckled Timmy into his child seat and started off to the charity office to see mum and get updates on how things are getting along. She greeted us and played with Tim while we talked. She said that the accounts were more than healthy and all was good.

"Leave me fucking alone," someone shouted from down the hall.

There were two teenage boys having a scuffle and Connie and Brad were trying to break them up. Somehow Dan and I got pulled into it tripping over a chair and I landed on top of the bigger boy. "Get off me fuckhead," he shouted.

I apologised to the kid citing I had lost my footing.

"Are you okay Codes?" Dan asked.

"Sure Dan, all's okay."

I spotted Timmy in the corner crying so I swept him up and soothed him.

"Timmy was scared for you Coodsey."

"Hey look I'm smiling, I'm not hurt, sorry you got frightened."

Connie was talking to the boys and trying to calm them down. They were a couple of street kids who are now regular tenants and apparently they fought a lot, I guess it's second nature to them.

We said our goodbyes to mum and Connie and headed home.

"You okay Squirt?" Dan asked.

"Yes Dan okay but I can't help feeling something's wrong."

I had cooked a casserole for dinner for Dan and a sausage and green mashed potato for Timmy. Broccoli and potato but I told him pirates eat green mash sometimes.

I couldn't lose that empty feeling I got when leaving the charity property. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and hands and when I looked in the mirror, panic overtook me, my neck was bare, my heart and chain were gone. I lifted my shirt from my shorts hoping it had slipped down there but nothing fell out so I grabbed the car keys and searched my car but to no avail.

Dan came out while I was looking around the car park.

He said, "What's wrong Codes, what have you lost?"

I looked at him and started crying. "My little heart Dan, I can't find it."

My headache returned full on.

We rang mum and she got everyone to search for it at the Centre but it didn't turn up, I sat with Dan and played with my collar and the non-existent heart.

"I'm sorry Dan, I'm being foolish, it can be replaced, maybe it was meant to be."

"No Squirt, that heart was a gift from Luke and I know how much it meant to you and him." he replied.

"Well, life goes on baby, I will get another one made."

"Squirt it wouldn't be the same."

I secretly knew that what he was saying was true, the heart and chain were irreplaceable. They were made for me by a beautiful blonde headed farm boy who saved my sanity. 'Never give up Cody' was scripted across it, my mantra and safe haven from the trials of life, I hadn't given up and I won't now and if I go on without it, then so be it.

Luke was sad to learn it had been lost and he did offer to buy me another one but I refused his offer because there would only be one.

I was thinking back to the night I received it. He had left it on my pillow and I thought it was from Dan but my phone had gone off and it was Luke's message.

I mean every word Codes 'never give up'.

A tear escaped from my eye and I tried to pull myself together but I wasn't having much luck. Luke held me and whispered. "It was symbolic Codes, only you and I and Dan know why it existed and the true meaning behind it. Please let's put it aside as a solid object and hold the words in our hearts."

"I know Luke but you went to so much trouble for someone you hardly knew, your little heart is the most precious thing I have ever owned, it meant so much more to me than what was written on it."

"I know Codes, I'm so sorry it's lost but maybe it will turn up again and your wrong, I knew instantly when you answered Dan's door we were destined to be best friends forever."

The kids came over with Julie and they gave me big hugs.

"When did you see it last Codes?" Julie asked.

"I never take it off Jules, I think I had it on at the charity centre and I felt weird when I left but didn't know why but now I do."

"What happened at the centre?" she asked.

I told her what had happened and how Dan and I had got into the scuffle.

"Do you know the name of the boy you landed on top of Codes?"

"I think it was Peter, why?"

"Just a funny feeling Codes, stay here I'll be back." Julie said.

I looked at her perplexed at her statement then watched her and the kids walk out the door.

"Can we borrow your car Dan?" Bobby asked.

"Sure boys, the keys are on the hall table, what's going on?"

"Sherlock Thompson is on the case, don't stress we will find it." said Rory.

We drank coffee then Dan told Timmy about the

Prince and Princess. He was a very happy little boy and drifted off to sleep quickly, we kissed him and joined the others.

I felt a lot better, somehow I knew all was going to be okay.

The kids and Julie arrived back with big smiles on their faces she handed my heart and chain back to me and said, "The charming Peter had ripped it off your neck when you fell on him he was going to pawn it tomorrow. I'm sorry Codes but the chain is broken however it can be repaired."

I hugged her tightly and cried a heartfelt thank you to her. Luke and I held each other for ages, too long actually, Dan had to break us apart.

That night in bed we just cuddled, I was happy again and although I wanted to get my chain repaired I decided not to wear it, I would buy another one to wear and store my original in the safe, I can't lose it again it is too precious.

"Squirt can I ask you something?"

"Sure Dan, what's up?"

"Squirt if you and I were just friends would you have fallen for Luke?"


"Answer my question Squirt, would you have fallen in love with Luke?"

"Dan is this a loaded question because I'm not finding it funny."

"I just want to know if you would have fallen for Luke if we were just mates?"

"Dan if we were just mates and Luke had come onto me yes I would have dated him, he's the sweetest person apart from you I know." Here it comes, I've hurt him but he asked.

"Good Codes I can't imagine what my life and family would be like without you in it, I love you so much, you have my blessing."

"Your blessing on what Dan?" Fuck talk about a weird conversation.

"To date Lukey."

"Dan I don't want to date Lukey, I belong to you and I love you."

"Oh that's nice Codes but I'm straight and we are just mates."

"What the fuck?"

He giggled into the pillow then turned onto his back and roared with laughter.

I stared at him thinking he had gone mad.

"Only joking Codes, smile."

I did then proceeded to tickle him, I had my finger on his tight hole getting ready to shove it in if he continued.

I looked over to the door and saw a little green eyed boy staring at us.

"Timmy's has bad dreams Cods."

"Well my little pirate hop in here with Dads Dan and me and we will protect you."

He didn't need asking a second time, he was under the blankets in no time.

I turned the lamps out and Dan and I spent the next hour touching, stroking and kissing our little boy.

When I picked up my new chain and heart it was identical to Lukes and Dan put it on me.

"Read it," I said.

Dan scooped it up and read the script.

It read, 'Dan Cody Timmy'

All sorted.

He hugged and kissed me then took me into the bedroom. We had forgotten Timmy and as Dan proceeded to kiss me and undo my shirt buttons Timmy appeared and got on the other side of me and started to kiss me too.

Dan groaned but he played the game beautifully, that gorgeous man hunk of mine started tickling me and Timmy, what could we do but laugh our selves silly.

All sorted.

Julie was a lifesaver, she told us that when she went to the charity centre she told Connie what had happened and asked if she could have a look in Peter's room. He was in there listening to his iPod and screamed at them to get out but Julie had moved over to his bed and put her hand under the pillow and retrieved my heart and chain. She said she felt a lot of warmth coming from it and it was radiating so she knew where it was. Peter was asked to leave the centre but Connie relented when he promised to pull himself together, he was on his last warning. He also later apologised to me and mum.

I told Luke what I had done and he was happy if I was happy, he hugged me and Dan growled. He came up to us and made two fists then laughed at our faces and we hugged him and kissed his cheeks.

"Timmys wants kissed Dads Dan too."

I pulled him up and he started kissing Dan then me and then Luke. We had a little party and Luke and I made fairy bread and scones for us all, the kids arrived and joined in. "Fuck Jamie... I left him tied up in bed," Luke said.

His face went beetroot and he rushed down the stairs. When he returned with Jamie in tow he screamed, "Sucked in."

Jamie went to the shops and he brought back some pizzas for dinner and then suddenly Julie, Trent, Tom and Donny arrived. Tonight was a celebration of family, we hugged, kissed and generally chilled out while Donny and Timmy decided to play horses with my brooms.

I sat on Dan's knees and he held me gently, Trent and Bobby had taken over from the broomsticks and were giving horsy rides to the kids while Julie played with her tarot cards and Luke asked, "Do mine will you?"

She got him to cut the cards twice then proceeded to tell his fortune. She oohed and aahed then said, " A tall dark stranger is coming to sweep you off your feet, maybe next week."

"What?" A shocked Luke looked at Jamie then Julie.

"Don't fight it Luke, my cards are never wrong," she winked at me.

"Luke, what the fuck?" said Jamie.

"What mumbo jumbo nonsense, I don't believe it," Lukey snorted.

"Wait Luke," she paused and then turned over a card.

"His name is Havitold."

"Havitold? what sort of a name is that, I've never heard of it," Luke was getting panicky. Jamie was stifling a laugh, he got it.

"Yes Luke, his full name is Haveitoldyoulatelythatiloveyou," she sang it to him.

We cracked up and Luke's face was priceless, we started singing that song to him in between loads of belly laughs.

"Sucked in," Julie screamed.

"Squirt are you awake?"

"Umm yes Dan."

"I'm glad you didn't date Luke."

"My god Dan, don't you ever give up?"

"No because your sooo easy to fool with."

"Go to sleep Dan."

He nuzzled my neck and licked my ears.

I was moaning and ready for another round with my man.

"Goodnight Codes."

"Dan what the fuck?"

"See, I told you you were easy."

"Get here stud."

We decided to head for Melbourne for the grand opening of the new shop and I wasn't disappointed in the least, the night was fun filled. Adam had it all sorted out and the place looked amazing. Dan, Tom and Jamie did the big boys wear, Donny and Timmy did the kids stuff for Rory and Luke and Trent did the swimwear. Adams two stylists did the ladies evening wear.

A few reporters and fashion mags were there and I met the staff Adam had hired and also met Tony, Adams suave friend. He was a dreamboat on legs and he would run their salon while Adam ran ours.

After a few champagnes he started hitting on me quite blatantly. I knew Adam and he weren't an item but it's usually my big hunky footballer that gets the attention, I was embarrassed and not used to it.

I told him I was honoured but taken but he insisted on putting his number into my phone anyway.

Dan and I posed for photos and a small interview followed then we said our goodnights to everyone and returned to our hotel. After a story Timmy was out like a light, he had a big afternoon and needed an early evening. The next day we had tickets to go see the 'Lion King' in the city so I was looking forward to seeing his face light up, it will be his first live show.

Dan was a bit restless and couldn't get comfortable, I tried everything but he was still wide awake. He sighed and then the penny dropped around eleven 'don't think I don't know Codes' rang in my head so I turned the bed lamps on and rummaged for my phone.

"What are you doing babe?"

"Something I forgot to do earlier, deleting a number on my phone."

"Oh whose number Squirt?"

"Tonys, it's taking up space and I'll never ring it. I don't know why he gave it to me in the first place, he could see you outranked him in the size and looks department."

"Goodnight Dads Dan I love you."

"I love you too Dads Coodes, thank you."

"Oh my fucking pleasure Dan."

We then drifted off to sleep and it was wonderful to be held by Dan all night and at one stage he had brought his powerful leg up my body and rested it at my waist, our cocks rubbing together, I thought I heard him say, "Mine."

But I could have be mistaken.

Timmy was so excited as we all boarded the tram that was taking us to the theatre, he and Donny went crazy and they didn't know which window to look out of first as the tram rattled it's way down the road. It dropped us off outside the Regent theatre, we had matinee tickets and would make the short walk to chinatown after for an early dinner. I was already going over in my head what to order Timmy to eat, I decided on mini spring rolls and hoped they would make some chips for him also but as it turned out they had a kiddies menu with all his favourites on it. The show started and we watched the boy's eyes light up. My initial feeling was that they both might take up theatre work in the future they were so riveted to their seats not missing anything that was being played out in front of them. By the main interval we hadn't heard a sound from them.

Timmy insisted he wanted Dan to buy him and Donny a programme so Dan went over to the sales desk and bought two kids packs which included the DVD of the show. This movie would be played continuously at both houses, I noticed Rory and Bobby buying one also.

We listened over dinner at the boys exciting babble about the show, they wanted to see it again so I said that when it comes to Brisbane we could go again.

We arrived back at the hotel just in time to catch Adam and Tony leaving.

We invited them up for a drink and they had dropped by on the off chance we might like to go out clubbing with them. We declined but the kids decided to go and Trent and Tom said they had something on. Trent had told me that Tom was going to give him a bath in their spa, I smiled and thought the same thing but I was including Timmy in ours.

Tony caught me off guard when he said, "Come with us Cody, we will have so much fun." He then did something I didn't take to well to, he started fondling my crutch and ass and licked my ear. I instantly dropped him then I twisted his arm and said, "Apologise to Dan and my family Tony or I will give you more pain than you can handle."

"What? What are you doing?" he said.

"I said apologise to Dan and my family for embarrassing me in front of them."

"I'm sorry guys, it was just a joke," he said.

"Adam please, I love you but can you go now, boys you're staying home with me, I want you here," I ordered.

I became very territorial and protective all of a sudden and there was no way the kids were going out with this idiot in tow tonight. Adams fine but I don't trust anyone that thinks I'm an easy target, I'm Dans and if Dan left me I would still be Dans, no one else's. Not Steves, Stewarts or Luke's, no one owns me but Dan. I played with my heart and thought, 'Dan Timmy and Codes'. All sorted.

They left after Adam apologised for the tenth time and as he went out the door he clipped Tony's head with his hand and said, "Don't you ever listen to what I'm telling you?"

Tony howled as Adam pushed him to the lift.

I went and turned the spa on and then got some candles out of my suitcase.

I took some 'panadol' for the blinding headache that tried to cripple me.

When I went back into the lounge all eyes were upon me.

"Way to go Codes, your the man," said Tom and he raised his hand and I slapped it. They all did the rounds and after some hugging and slapping I pulled Rory and Bobby into my arms.

"I'm sorry boys but no way was I going to let you go out with that guy, no telling what he's capable of, you can be mad at me if you like but I would prefer you to stay in tonight."

"It's okay Codes, we understand we really didn't want to go out anyway, we were just going for Adam's sake," Rory said.

"Okay heres a present for you both, Dan, Timmy and I are going to have a spa," I winked at Bobby. I had put some candles and massage oil into the bag, I hope they have fun.

We got Timmy into the spa and I turned the jets down so they wouldn't scare him and Dan and I slipped in each side of him, Dan brought his leg over mine and kissed us both. I pushed play on my iPod and 'The Lion King' sound track started up. We had a wonderful hour in the spa and then it was time for Timmy to hit the sack.

Dan told him a story while I readied the bedroom for some Dan loving.

I put towels on the bed and warmed up the massage oil.

I paid particular attention to his hard ass and constantly slid my fingers so they would rub against his balls. When I turned him over he was as hard as a plank so I gave him a super dooper blow job then proceeded to massage his front.

By the time we had finished it was two am, well spent we were too tired to even say goodnight and slept where we fell.

We went into the shop the next day on the way to the airport and it was busy so we all pitched in while Dan took Timmy to look at the other shops. Customers wanted photos of me and Rory which we were happy to do, I spoke to Adam and he said Tony was a classic Casanova but he suspected he got less trade than he bragged about. I agreed with him and said all was okay, I was just a little insulted he would think I would do that to Dan, I may be from Brisbane, a smaller city than Melbourne but I'm not backward.

Dan arrived back with cooing, laughing young girls following him and they were all over Timmy, what a chick magnet he was. Dan blushed and said, "Codes can we go now, I'm not comfortable with all this."

Of course it wasn't Timmy that attracted them but footy stud Danny Lawrence.

We said our goodbyes and I told Adam to do what he must, if he needs more staff then hire them. We kissed and left in the hire van.

Timmy did the ultimate kiddy thing on the way back to Brisbane, it's a three hour flight but in his wisdom he decided halfway through the flight to throw a tantrum. I couldn't reason with him, he wanted to fly the plane and of course I had said no, well that started him off, he screamed, held his breath, hit me and Dan and some guy behind us said, "Can someone shut that kid up for Christ's sake?"

Dan yelled, "Why don't you come here and say that you gutless wonder?"

The hostess got involved and was wonderful, I apologised for his behaviour several times. "It happens Mr Mitchell, let me have a go at calming him down."

She took him up front to show him the galley, I noticed she gave him a small juice and stood shaking him on her hip holding him up to the window so he could look outside.

When she returned he was a different little boy, he sat on my knee and nodded off to sleep. Unfortunately we had to wake him up when we were landing but he was quiet and excited to get home again.

I thanked the hostess sincerely and quickly looked at her name tag, I would write a letter to the airline praising her efforts.

We opened the front door of the house and immediately hugged, we were home again and very glad to get there.

Timmy was still tired so we took him in for a nap, of course butter wouldn't melt in his mouth his tantrum all forgotten, he wanted a story so Dan came to the rescue and told him more about Prince Daniel and Princess True Love.

In no time Timmy was fast asleep.

Dan and I went to have a lay down (wink wink).

I showered then started on dinner and it was then I noticed the answering machine blinking, I wiped my hands and pressed the listen button. There were two messages that were both from mum, the first said she couldn't get through to our cell phones but could we ring as soon as we got in.

The second was from Mike, he was at the hospital with Debs as she had gone into labour a month early and he went on to tell us which hospital.

I got Dan and asked him to listen to the messages and then ring mum, I was going out to see Trent. I knocked on their door and Donny answered, "Hi Cods, daddy's sleep can I wake him?"

"It's okay Donny baby, I need to see Trent, is he here?"

"Yes Codsy, Trent, Codsy at door."

I let myself in and Trent came out of the bedroom in his dressing gown, I guess they had the same idea we had.

"Have you heard from your parents or Mike Trent?"

"No Codes but I haven't switched my phone on since Melbourne, what's up?"

"There were messages from Mike and mum, Debs has gone into labour and Dan's trying to get through to them now."

"Oh shit, it's too early isn't it Codes?"

"Don't know Trent maybe, I'll go get Luke,could you meet me at the house?"

I went back inside and rang Luke's bell two times to get him upstairs, Dan was on the phone to Mike so when Luke arrived I filled him in on what I knew. He said there was no need to panic as it does happen, it's not ideal but plenty of babies survive premature birth.

Dan got off the phone just as Trent and Tom arrived. He told us that Debs had given birth to a girl a half hour ago, mother and daughter were fine and they were doing everything they can to help the baby sustain her life. She was in a humidicrib and they expected her to grow strong, he told us that visitors would be kept to a minimum tonight but we were more than welcome to come by tomorrow.

Trent had called his mum and she was at the hospital, she said all was good and Debs was sleeping, Mike was by her side and they were heading home in about an hour. She then sent a photo of the baby through her phone to Trent and we all cooed and smiled at the tiny little girl.

Donny was over the moon to have a little girl cousin and when Timmy woke he joined in and wanted to go see her right away.

"Shes needs Donns and Timmy to plays with her Coodes."

"Tomorrow baby, she's very tired tonight so her mummy has put her to bed."

"Okays Coodes Timmy cans wait."

Now that everybody was awake I took some meat out of the freezer and thawed it out. There would be a barbecue tonight so I rang the kids and invited them and Julie to celebrate with us but they said they had eaten and were tired so they would see us tomorrow.

I looked at Dan and whispered, "Lucky we bought pink jumpsuits and dummies."

He smiled back, "One down and one to go."

We all talked about names and it was decided that we didn't have a clue what Mike and Debs had in mind.

"Knowing Mike he will have a boys name ready and I don't think he would be prepared for a girl," Luke laughed.

We chatted for ages and a message came through from mum, 'All's good and we are all heading home now baby, Debs great but Mikes a mess lol.'

We couldn't wait to see her the next day and everyone turned up at visiting time. Timmy and Donny were over excited to see the baby girl and they both had flowers and cards to give to Debs. Her room looked like a florist shop and after kissing and shaking hands we all strolled down to the nursery to have our first look at the new baby girl, the nurse wheeled her over and we took many pictures. Two little boys wanted to go in and play with her but mum explained to them she had been working so hard to come and see them she was very tired and needed some rest, they bought it and were just satisfied to look for the moment.

Bobby pulled me and Dan aside,

"One down, one to go, shall we go find out how good I am?" he whispered.

"When are my boys coming Bobby? I'm missing them."

He giggled at Dan's question and replied, "Long after Timmy starts school Dan, enjoy him while he's small because he's going to be fiercely independent and stubborn, a bit like you Codes I should think," he laughed.

'Oh shit,' I thought to myself how will I cope but I'm glad the twins may or may not arrive till later on, I kinda like it being just us three for awhile.

Back in the room we asked the all important question and Mike said,

"Well we had a small list of names to call her and at the top is Louis but it's too gay for a girls name," he laughed.

I heard a lot of stifled sniggering behind me and looked at a straight faced Dan and snarled, the kids cracked up laughing and Luke blushed as he tried to avoid eye contact, Dan's stifled laugh was only given away by the tears running down his cheeks.

"Later Dan," I gritted my teeth like an angry dog before he attacks.

Mum came over and said, "You okay Squirty dude you look a bit flushed?"

I gave her a look that would turn her casserole rancid. God I loved this fucking family but I'll not show it today, no one gets the better of Cody Mitchell.

"Be serious Mike, tell them," Debs said.

"Daniella Donna Lawrence or Dee Dee for short."

Bobby and Rory slapped hands smiling from ear to ear and they did the chicken dance while wiggling their bums.

"Told you he was brilliant Codes."

"What made you call her that Debs?" I asked.

"Well we argued over names for weeks but when we saw Bobby's suggestion that sealed it and Donna came to mind when a cute little nephew arrived at Trent's house."

"You knew?" Bobby asked deflated.

"Of course we knew Bobby, why was it a secret or something?" Mike giggled.

"Not really Mike, I just thought," his words drifted off as his face fell.

"Oh Bobby come here love," Debs beckoned him in for a big hug.

"We didn't see it till last month honey but we had already decided on Daniella as we wanted to use Dans name in it somewhere. Bubby was also too gay, thank you baby, your little message just confirmed that we were spot on," she kissed his cheek.

Bobby's face lit up again and his chest puffed out, he was back on top.

Dan's face dropped.

"Ha ha fucking ha Bubby Lawrence," I sneered at him again.

"Squirt, da babies in da house," mum said waving her finger.

We took the littlies up to the cafeteria for lunch and they devoured a big plate of chips. Dan and I had salad and he was eyeing off the apple pie dessert but I scoffed at him, he wasn't out of my bad books yet and he bloody knew it.

Bobby was on top of the world that he was right again but then as I watched him watch Rory eat, his face clouded over and he shook his head to return to reality.

Later that day I saw a very rare sight, Bobby had walked from his house to the dunes then disappeared, they were rarely seen apart nowadays.

I grabbed my hat and started walking through the dunes that separated our houses, I spotted him sitting by himself and he was weeping loudly, rocking and hugging himself he was in some sort of inner agonising pain.

I deliberately made some noise so he would know someone was coming, when he saw it was me he opened his arms and I sat and held him while he continued his inner fight to regain his sanity. For ages I stroked, kissed and caressed his face, I didn't want to say anything to break the moment, I somehow knew he had to do this.

His sobbing abated and turned into sniffling.

"You feel a little better now sweetheart?" I asked quietly in his ear.

He nodded yes.

"Sometimes I do the same thing when the world gets too much for me, I understand completely how you are feeling so just get it out and thank god you have Rory in your life now, that is all that really matters at the end of the day Bobby."

"I let him down badly, I knew something bad was going to happen but I didn't know it was going to be that bad Codes," he whispered to me.

"I think I know what you are saying baby, please don't blame yourself anymore. You didn't know, it wasn't anyones fault just his fathers twisted mind and perverted arrogance," I said.

"I'll never forgive myself Codes, I could have taken him away for the afternoon but I didn't know what was going to happen or where so I kept him in his room, it seemed like the safest place to be and when it happened I just froze."

"You were thirteen years old Bobby, what could you do, stand up to him? I don't think so, it just wasn't your fault so if you have to blame someone then blame his cunt of a father but please don't blame yourself hon," I said.

I added, "Does Rory know baby?"

"No I never told him, I feel so guilty when I watch how happy he is now and I could have saved him all that pain, I feel like such a fake."

"Bobby can I tell you a story about love and pain?"

"Okay Codes."

"Well have you noticed how Dan dotes on me, how he's always looking out for me like he's waiting for something bad to happen?"

"Sort of Codes but that's just Dan being protective."

"Well it wasn't always like that." I proceeded to tell Bobby about Stewart and how I was on the brink of dumping Dan for the single life. I told him how Dan felt so responsible for my mental state and I told him that Dan suffered badly for what had happened. I said that I never stopped loving him with my whole heart but hated what it had done to us. It was a wake up call for both of us and Dan is constantly trying to make sure I don't get hurt like that again, by anyone." I can never change that Bobby and the day I do is the day he will stop caring for me."

"What I'm saying is although Rory suffered badly, he also sees that you have suffered more mentally that's why he's so protective of you, it's not that he's concerned for himself, just you. So I think you will find that he knows, it just makes so much sense, give him some credit honey he's a very clever young man who loves you deeply, that part of him has never changed, even in his darkest hours."

"So you're saying I shouldn't say anything?" Bobby asked.

"Maybe not yet, maybe never, unspoken words are sometimes best left that way. Personally I think you're being silly, how at your young age would you know it would happen, a feeling is all you had, none of it was your fault and none of what you were sensing at the time was solid fact so take it easy on yourself, don't be so hard."

We hugged for awhile and I could see his sparkle slowly coming back. I heard Rory calling his name and when he rounded the corner and saw us, he smiled.

"Well Codes did you get it all sorted?"

"All sorted Rory baby."

"Good, now can I have my man back, he looks like he could do with a good bath and I'm the lucky one that's going to give it to him," he wiggled his eyebrows and giggled.

They kissed and walked towards their house, I strolled back and Dan was sitting on the porch waiting for me.

"Everything okay Squirt?"

"Yep Dan, how about a bath, I'm feeling a little dirty at the moment?" wiggling my eyebrows. Two minutes it took for Dan to strip us both and strap on my harness while I slipped his ripped jock on.

The bath was still filling by the time he let me off the wash basin where he was pillaging me royally, we jumped in and held each other not wanting to ever let go.

I had always known that Dan felt he had let me down, he couldn't stop the rape and he couldn't stop my body being ripped to shreds but he could stop the Stewart incident. In a way I guess he's still paying for it inside but he's never mentioned it. I forgave him a long time ago but I guess self forgiveness comes with a price, it's so hard to do. Bobby has to go on and forgive that teenager he was, even if he was psychic he wouldn't have known for sure.

Dan had a modelling job the next day so I was alone. Timmy insisted on going to kindy with Donny and Trent so I cleaned the house and then decided to do some sketches. I went out to the office and Bobby was hard at it, not painting but packing orders from the websites. I gave him a hand as it was getting busy. "Bobby, we are going to have to hire somebody to help do this, I won't let it interfere with your art. Maybe a couple of the older kids from the halfway house, we can pick the orders early and they can pack them, if they prove themselves then we can get them to do both. I'll give mum a ring."

"Thank you Codes, it is getting busier now Christmas is coming and I haven't had time to put paint to canvas these past few weeks. Thank you for the talk yesterday, I am going to talk to mum about it later today. I won't say anything to Rory cause it's history but I would like to mend me inside and mum thinks she can help. But thank you for the hugs," he hugged me tight.

"Just remember that this is now not then and Rory is the sweetest man I know, I'm sure he doesn't blame you and I think he would be sad if he thought you blamed yourself," I said.

I steered him to his studio and said, "I'll ring mum and then make coffee for us, you go create a masterpiece."

I talked at length with mum and she was happy to let us have a couple of the older boys, they were allowed to earn a certain amount on top of their welfare payments so she suggested Peter and Barry. I reminded her about my heart and she said they were the best kids to do it, they fight a lot but they do have some sort of connection and she added that it would give Peter the opportunity to apologise to me.

Well, I thought it can't hurt, they won't be handling any money just packing clothes into post packs.

The next day they turned up, two sixteen year old kids full of cheek and street smart attitude. Before I showed them what to do Peter pulled me aside and apologised. He said he didn't have any money and wanted to buy Barry a CD that he wanted for his birthday but he felt awful afterwards. "I'm sorry Cody, it was a stupid split second decision, when I get some cash together I will pay for it's repair."

"Okay Peter, we won't mention it again, did you get Barry the present?"

"No, I gave him an IOU note for one CD, he was more pleased with that present but he gave me shit over trying to steal from you."

"Okay here's what we do, Bobby and I will check the orders and pick them from the stock in the container and line them up on this table. The size of the jiffy bags you use will depend on the size of the order, we will put a bag with the item on top and a packing note, you and Barry will address the bag, pop the items carefully into it, seal it and stack it by the door. That's for starters and over the next week or two Bob or I will show you where the stock is kept and how to choose the right items, then you can run it by yourselves. The pay will be standard rates but when you take over I will push some to you both under the counter, it's only a few hours work but some days it's really busy."

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