Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 42

Published: 16 Ju1 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

We slept well that night and I was woken by a super blow job but when I went to do Dan the all too familiar knock came at the door.

"Do you later," I said with a sad face while inwardly laughing.

"Come in if you are a cute pirate."

Timmy ran in and jumped in with us, he was giggling and I noticed a tear escape from Dan's eye, "Welcome back Squirt."

I blushed and started to apologise for my moods the past few weeks. He just said, "Shut up Codes."

"Mmm Daddy, you say a bad word."

"Sorry Timmy," Dan groaned.

"Do you wanna meet me at the club tonight Codes?" Dan asked.

I replied, "Of course Bubby, maybe we can go to that fancy restaurant on the way home."

"Which one was that Codes?"

"The KFC one Dan, you know with the cool toys."

We couldn't take Timmy to the players bar so I organised Rory and Bobby to baby sit, well I insisted they baby sit, they could tell him the school kid doesn't exist. I also formed a brilliant plan for our next visit to the farm.

That morning I pulled Peter and Barry aside, "How would you like to earn an extra fifty bucks boys and have a little holiday thrown in?"

"What's the deal boss, who do we have to kill?" They sounded like a couple of gangsters.

I told them and said, "Next weekend."

"Okay your on," they both winked.

They were doing a great job, they even reorganised the container to a more user friendly look, everything had a number on it so as they pulled the stock Bobby checked it was right and they packed and labelled it.

I can see potential there and a couple of recruits for my gang.

Bobby and Rory turned up with Julie in tow.

"How are you feeling now Cody?" she asked.

"Great Jules, I can't thank you enough, I can see a better future for me now."

"I never doubted it Cody, there's no more grey areas around you now, your aura looks good and I'm so happy for you."

"How did you go with Bobby's problem?" I asked when she pulled me aside.

"Codes, I told him to tell Rory how he felt and when he did, Rory hit the roof, he threatened to put him in an asylum if he kept thinking it was his fault. I think Bobby got a shock, he spent most of last night apologising to Rory over and over. My boy Rory has some smarts Codes, he had my Bobby believing he was a saint by the time I went home," she chuckled.

Okay shower, smells, what to wear, umm. Hipster shorts, black bikini underwear, belt, my kicking Wilkie boots, camouflage t-shirt and baseball cap turned backwards and hair spiked at the front. Umm, I think Dan will like this outfit, better not drop the waist too much but a little bit of bum crack would be okay I suppose. I swanned into the bar and Jamie jumped up and got a round of drinks, Dan growled, "Cody Mitchell."

I turned to see what he was on about, my shorts were being held up by my cock and balls but my bum had popped out. "Oh dear Dan I seem to have popped out of my shorts," I tightened my belt and sat down.

Then I heard Larry shout, "One, two, three."

Everybody roared, "Forget it Dan, Squirts got a headache."

I laughed my head off, poor Dan I guess he was finding me a little bit hard to control at the moment. I moved over to say hello to my boys in Dan's full view and after about fifteen minutes of the boys checking that I was okay now, Jamie handed me a note, 'Meet me in the players box.'

It was Dan's writing, I think.

I excused myself and headed for the oval. A hand grabbed mine from behind and a blindfold was put over my eyes then I was dragged down into the players race, the hands were all over my bum and my shorts were dropped. I was bent over and literally fucked hard, I guess this is my punishment for being such a slut. When Dan had finished a raspy voice said, "Don't move."

I heard him walk away but he didn't come back so I pulled my shorts up and took the blind fold off, no one there, I walked up to the bar looking for Dan.

"Squirt where have you been?" he said.

"For a walk Dan," I winked.

"Oh I've been looking for you, did you see Larry he went to look out on the oval?"

I stared at Dan then said,

"Jamie who gave you that note?".

"Umm Larry, Squirt."

"What?" The blood drained from my face .

No he wouldn't have, impossible, my guts turned.

"What's the matter Squirt?" Dan asked.

"Later Dan," I said absentmindedly.

Just then Larry came by.

"Goodnight all I'm done."

He leant over and whispered to me,

"Thanks Codes, I've been wanting to try that for such a long time," he winked.

I collapsed down into my chair and my head was racing, what the fuck did I just do?

Then I heard someone yell out, "How's your headache now Squirt?"

Dan was busting to release his laughter, Jamie started, then the room.

Larry was kicking the wall wailing with tears running down his cheeks.

"You should have seen your face Squirt, priceless, fucking priceless," he said.

I thought it through then said to Dan,

"Game on Mr Lawrence, this is not over by a long shot."

"As if," Larry said.

"Aww Larry I so enjoyed it, you're a lot bigger than Dan," I smirked.

It was a set up at my expense I might say but two can play those games.

On the way home we called into our favourite restaurant and I ordered two kiddie meals. Dan was still laughing and feeling pleased with himself but he soon lost his funny bone when I presented the tiny brightly coloured box to him, "Look Dan, a toy for Timmy, aww how sweet."

"Ummmp" Was all I got back. Dan loved his little nuggets and small fries and Timmy loved his toys.

"Goodnight Dan, I love you."

"Goodnight Codes, I love you more. It's good to see you happy again."

"I feel wonderful Dan like a ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't wait to see what the next results will show. I can only pray that it all will cease for good."

"Well I can already see a big change in you, it's great to see Codes."

"Want to fuck with me now Dan?"

"Oh okay Codes, if you want."

"It's okay Dan we can go to sleep, it's been a big night for you" I giggled.

"Codes I was joking with you."

"So was I, come here big boy and lay some of your man juice on me."

(The rest is unprintable sorry readers.)

Morning arrived and so did Timmy, he was a bit concerned about Donny.

"Why Mr pirate?"

"He's said Daddy Coodes needs big bath."

"No pumpkin, I don't need a bath, see I'm happy and so is Dads Dan, everything is okay," I kissed his forehead.

"Okay Coodsy you wanna come watch Barney wiv me?"

"Of course I do, I love Barney. Let's go get some brekky then we can see if he's on TV."

I had organised with Trent to take Timmy to kindy and also to pick him up later so after they left I went out to the office to see how the boys were going with the orders. Everything was running smoothly, Bobby was exactly where he had to be, in front of a canvas.

"He's very good Cody isn't he?"

"He sure is Pete, what's with the black eye?"

He looked down and said, "Barry happened."

"What the fuck?" I said.

"He didn't mean it, we were just fooling around and his elbow found my eye."

"Okay as long as it wasn't deliberate Peter, that's not cool."

"Oh Codes, Barry would never hurt me like that, he lo..."

He blushed and didn't finish the sentence but I guessed they were more than mates but I'll stay out of it for now.

"Okay, you both ready for saturday? I need you there by ten am and be prepared to fight."

"Yes alls at the ready Cody, Barry's brother is going to drop us off but maybe we can get a lift home with you?"

"Yes, no problem, did you get the stuff?"

"Yes, also sorted boss," he winked.

I cooked a roast late that afternoon but Donny and Timmy had spaghetti then they tore themselves away to go to Donny's to watch cartoons so I set the big table with the best china and my very special crystal glasses. I dressed in my wrangler hipsters, no shirt just my gold hearts and may I say I was looking fucking hot. My ass was nearly crying to be pinched and my nipples were hard as, I had attached some fake rings on them.

Jamie arrived up the stairs looking for Luke and he stopped dead in his tracks, "Fuck me Codes." He instantly put his hands in front of his crutch. Umm I thought it ain't going to happen.

"It's bloody hot today so I'm cooling off, Luke's at the charity with Dan but they will be home soon and I'm cooking a special meal for us to celebrate."

Dan and Luke came through the door.

"What the fuck Cody?" He shouted.

Luke groaned.

"What Dan?" I said.

"Go put something on now."

"Nope don't think I will Dan, don't you like my new look?"

"Yesss no! Oh I don't know, go and put a top on at least."

Jamie kissed Luke and said, "Let's go babe I'm feeling kinda hot."

Up until this point I had been in the kitchen with my back turned to the oven wall.

"But Dan I only dress this way for you and I wanted to show you something."

"Codes for me yes but for the randy neighbours too?" He lifted his eyebrows and looked at the stunned audience.

"Sorry guys, no offence intended."

"Well Dan I wanted to show you something I had done today."

"What Codes?" He was as hard as a rock and almost dribbling down his chin.

I slowly turned and they all gasped.

"What the fuck Cody Mitchell you are going to be the death of me, what have you fucking done?"

Across the top of my ass I had Bobby paint in script,

Dan and Tim's names and there was a wreath of bright flowers under it, it looked like a real tattoo.

"Is this tattoo hot or what Daniel?" I asked.

"Oh fuck Codes noo, please go put on a shirt," he whined.

"But Dan don't you like it?" I asked as I put my finger in my mouth and pouted.

"Luke, Jamie time to go home, goodnight," Dan said.

They left giggling all the way to their apartment downstairs.

"I'll bring your dinner down in a moment boys," I yelled.

"Codes, it's beautiful and I love it on you, when did you have it done?"

"Today Dan, I couldn't wait to show you, it's only fake but I'm thinking I might get it done for real but only if you like it."

He was all over me in seconds but my phone rang so I picked it up and it was mum L. (God Luke's fast). I moved to the porch.

"Are you having fun Codes?"

"It's called karma mum," I whispered, "nothing to be concerned about, he's about to find out that this little duck can play his game."

I said goodbye and handed the phone to Dan, "Ya momma wants to talk."

While Dan went through his, 'But mum', 'Mum I didn't', 'Mum don't say that, there's children living here', I got the roast out of the oven, loaded the two platters and smothered them with gravy and then I took one down to Luke. "What are you up to Codes?" he asked, I battered my eyelashes and said, "Nuthin Luke."

Dan sat down looking very confused.

At every opportunity I flashed my ass tattoo and nipples at Dan, he was speechless.

I picked up my beautiful crystal glass and accidentally spilled my water over my chest, I started to wipe it with my hand, pinching my nipples and cooing quietly.

He was on the verge but I didn't want to tip him over the edge.

We ate in relative silence and I licked, sucked and lapped at my food while Dan groaned all the way through his.

"Daniel would you like me to put something on now?"

In his dreamy state he said, "No please Codes, thank you."

"This is a celebration night for me, let me have some fun, I've missed being me."

I went to the kitchen and pushed play on the ipod.

As I came back I took selfies and bum danced showing Dan my best moves. Running with Dan everyday gave me a hard body and I showed it off perfectly.

I said to Dan, "You look tired baby do you want to lay down?"

"Yes please Codes."

I couldn't believe Dan, he just sat there and drooled.

"Well give me a moment babe," I said.

I went to the bedroom and changed into Levi's and T-shirt.

"Codes?" he looked stunned.

The kids came bounding up the beach stairs.

"Ready Codes?"

"Yes boys," I said.

Dan was standing there looking like I had hit him with a brick.

"Codes what?"

"Sorry Dan, the kids and I are going to the shop to do some important ordering, have fun, won't be late. Better lay down Dan you look flushed and don't forget to go get Timmy."

I swear there were tears coming out of his eyes and rolling down his cheeks.

"But Codes."

I leant over and rubbed his very hard crutch and whispered,

"Gotta go Dan, you can take care of this yourself can't you?"

I said goodnight and left.

We laughed ourselves silly on the way to the shop, my ribs were hurting so much I had to force myself to stop. The stock take wasn't really hard and didn't take us long but it had to be done. By the time I get home Dan will be busting a nut to get into my pants, I know he doesn't masturbate so he wouldn't have taken care of himself.

Bobby dropped me off and goodnights were said. I checked in on Timmy and he was sound asleep, I kissed his forehead and whispered, "I love you."

Locking up I then went to the bedroom, Dan was laying there with his hands above the sheets, his eyes lit up so I changed out of my clothes, I had put a bright green jock on at the shop and it showed off my tattoo to perfection, I stretched and yawned.

I kissed Dan goodnight and rolled onto my side.

"Cody? Codes, come here."

"I'm sorry Dan I have a headache."


"No Dan I'm okay, just a small one don't even have to take a pill."

I listened for the next half hour as Dan sighed, yawned, scratched and he kept turning his head towards me (I know these things.)

Finally he couldn't take it any more.

"Codes I'm so turned on, please can we fuck?"

I turned into him and said,

"What happened at the club the other night Dan?"

"Umm I played a joke on you Codes, it was so funny," he giggled.

"Well Dan my headache is better but now I'm afraid I'm very sleepy."

"Cody Mitchell are you doing what I think your doing?" Dan asked.

"Yes Dan, payback is a bitch isn't it? Goodnight, I love you."

I turned onto my stomach and accidentally pulled the sheet to below my crack so Daniel Lawrence could have a good look.

"I'm sorry Codes, I was just having some fun with you."

"So am I Dan, don't you just love us when we are having fun?" I replied.

"Aww Codes come on."

"Night, night Dan," my hard on was about to burst my jock.

"Ummmp," I heard him snort.

He went silent then I heard him smile, he started licking my ear and neck, shoulder and then back to my ear.

"Fucking hell Dan I'm so fucking easy when you do that, come here."

It started with him licking my body all the way to my crack, then I cum.

The most passionate sexy night I can remember. Dan was the perfect gentleman until he entered me with his hard uncircumcised cock, then he called me all the fucking cock teasing sluts in the book before he jammed me full of more of his babies.

I fell asleep in his arms, happy and fully sated and planning my next move.

The next week was Armani's Australian parade, it would be held at Jupiter's casino on the Gold Coast this year and Rory and I were expected to be there along with Luke, Jamie, Dan and Bobby. We didn't have to dress formally so I thought I would have some fun with Dan.

His outfit was a new style I dreamed up, a dark blue bomber jacket with leather inserts and of course hipster pants, but I had Mr Zimmerman cut them even lower at the front and slightly higher at the back they made his bulge look huge and his pubes poke over the top. Dan was embarrassed when he tried them on, he said,

"Isn't this a bit too much Squirt?"

"Not really Dan, it's a new cut I wanted to try out just to see if I get a reaction, mine are they same."

"Oh put them on Squirt please, I want to see them."

I unpacked my new jeans and did a show for Dan, the front was so short it showed my pubes.

"No shirts Dan just the jackets and pants this year," I said.

"Absolutely no way Codes have you lost your mind, I can't wear this I don't even show my pubes when I'm doing a shoot, I won't have it."

"But Dan I love the style, it suits you perfectly, come on live a little."

"And your happy if I wear this outfit Cody? Everyone there will be focused on my bulge and pubes, well, maybe that's a good thing, nothing like putting it out there. Okay, best I trim my treasure trail tonight, that will make it even sexier," he smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Okay Dan point taken, here's your Tank-top, I was just joking with you."

"No, I kinda like them without Squirt, maybe you can wear your T-shirt and I can go bare."

"Daniel Lawrence, get here I'm going to give you a good talking to."

I licked and slurped my way down his body then washed his dragon eye.

I knew we wouldn't wear the outfits without the shirts but I had to see them without, so sexy that man.

Dan and Jamie were doing some modelling for the show and had to go to a rehearsal the day before, he called me from the venue and said he had invited some guys back for dinner and could I go the extra mile with it tonight?

I asked how many were coming and he said four extras plus Rory, Bobby, Luke and Jamie, did I have time?

"Yes Dan plenty of time, it will be ready by eight, I might do a roast."

"Okay Codes we will see you about five, they want to meet Timmy and see you."

I kinda guessed who was coming, Jacques and his boyfriend and Marcel and Vincenzo from Milan may have flown over for it. I will get Rory and Bobby to do the table settings and to help cook.

They arrived at four, after looking over the house they were blown away with it and Timmy entertained them non stop. Jacques asked what I was wearing tomorrow night so I dressed and he just said, "Thought you would hide your new style from us Mr Cody, those pants will be a hit on the French Rivieria, I'm guessing that the Tank-top is just a cover up?"

"Correct Jaques, it's optional," I smiled.

"Okay we will discuss it later," he sighed.

Vincenzo and Marcel were focussed on Bobby's paintings. "You don't mind do you? They are the same but different," Bobby said to them.

"Of course not Bobby we absolutely love ours and they are different, Cody are they for sale?" they chuckled.

They were looking at the set of six paintings that Bobby had done for us and especially the "Family" one.

"NO!" I said, "Leave my art alone, you have plenty," I giggled.

"Now Bobby when are they arriving, we need to know." He was talking about the catwalk painting that a little boy and girl appeared in.

"Sometime soon I should think Marcel, better get the nursery sorted," Bobby laughed.

"God we hope you are right, we have longed for children for ages now we even started to look at other countries."

"Well there's no place like home Marcel, those kids are French, I felt it," Bobby said.

Vincenzo groaned then cleared his throat.

"Can we see your workshop Bobby?"

'Sure this way."

They went outside to the office and spent some time there talking art, I later learned that they had offered their Paris apartment to him and they knew the director of the Louvre and could set up training with some old masters that worked there. Bobby humbly declined citing he would miss us too much, they understood but left the offer open for him anytime he had second thoughts.

Bobby also packed up two of his finished works that they had bought, he was a nervous wreck when he came back inside.

"Sorry Codes," he whispered.

"It's okay Bobby, we've got plenty of time to get you sorted so there's on rush to go off to a foreign country anytime soon," I said thinking they might have talked to him about moving to Paris.

"No, sorry but Vincenzo looked at your catalogue, I tried to tell him they were your private works but he dismissed me," Bobby said.

"Jacques while you are picking up the sketches for the dropped jeans can you have a look through Cody's catalogue, there's something interesting in there you might just like."

He picked up Timmy and placed him on his knee and then looked at me and said, "I can see which toddler inspired you."

"Well sorry to burst your bubble Vince but Donny was our inspiration we didn't have Timmy at that time but we are working on it still."

I wanted them to meet Donny but Trent and Tom were up at the farm for a couple of nights, horse riding lessons.

"UMMM," he replied.

We sat down to a very Australian roast lamb dinner, the table was abuzz with tomorrow nights event and Luke and I were just as excited as Jamie and Dan, we couldn't wait to see them on the catwalk, they will look awesome. I was talking to Marcel who seemed just a bit distracted he let slip that he was born in Sydney and that his parents and sister were still living there. I was amazed as there was no aussie accent but he explained that he left home fifteen years ago and went straight to Paris to work in the Louvre as a tour guide. He had wanted to open his own art gallery but he really didn't have much cash then he met Vincenzo and they both fell in love instantly. They were in Australia for two weeks and he was going to try and see his parents while he was here but a long standing feud between them had stopped any family reunion from happening in the past. He was hoping he could at least see his sister as they had always been close but he didn't hold out much hope for his parents, they were too bigoted.

"Give it your best shot Marcel, I'm sure they miss you deeply, maybe they will be more accepting nowadays," I suggested.

"Codes from what my sister has told me on the phone they are pretty much the same but I have Vincenzo in my life now, he's my rock, he saved me from poverty in Paris and eventually when I allowed him to, he gave me the money to open our gallery and it does pretty well for itself. I want to talk to Bobby about doing some paintings so I can exhibit them, if he won't go to Paris then Paris shall have to come to him," he laughed.

I said," Good luck with that Marcel, I know what his initial answer will be, I'm not good enough," I giggled.

I looked across at Dan and he was having a very animated discussion with Vincenzo, he looked at me and mouthed, "I love you".

He had convinced Vince and Marcel to stay with us the night so they could have a few drinks and what a wonderful night it was. I was so in awe of Vince's insight into the fashion industry and Marcel talked with Bobby and Rory at length. I noticed they shook hands, Jaques left and said he would be back next week to look at my catalogue, I said I would see him tomorrow night.

The morning brought a beautiful sunrise and when I got up, I spied them both cuddling on the swing watching it so I put fresh coffee on then went back to the bedroom, opened the drapes and watched it also, cuddling my man.

Within twenty minutes Timmy was up and going so I had to get up. I gave him juice and made coffee for our guests, they just loved it here so I told them they would be welcome anytime, we had plenty of room if they wanted to spend the rest of the week here.

They thanked me but said it would be impossible as after the show there would be media crawling out of the woodwork but they would fit in a couple of days before they flew home.

"The media can be a bitch Cody, I detest doing it but it has to be done. I always feel like a fake, it's you guys who make Armani, I just pay the bills," he laughed.

"Well, don't send them here Vincenzo, they will get a very short interview, like piss off," I giggled.

I really knew what he was talking about but without the media I wouldn't have a business, I do some interviews now but prefer not to put myself out there.

We had a light lunch and then my guests had to go so we said we would see them at six. Mum was arriving at four to babysit and Trent and Tom stayed at the farm to give Mike and Debs a break, they were going to her parent's house for the night.

We arrived at the venue and were immediately ushered backstage, the crowd was arriving early and Luke and I were watching the models get ready. Well we were actually watching Dan and Jamie and I'm sure Luke had the same stretched feeling in his pants that I did. They were styled and dressed into their first outfits and the music was starting to get louder, the show was about to go on. I looked over at Vince and Marcel and they were deep in conversation with a women's magazine reporter, I knew she worked for Marie Claire. Marcel answered his phone then looked at Vince, he excused himself and walked over to an exit door and disappeared.

Luke and I joined the others out front and after a few minutes Marcel came and sat next to me, he had been crying and I noticed his hands shaking badly. I excused myself and went to the bar, I bought a double brandy and handed it to Marcel, he downed it and said nothing he just looked ahead and tears were streaming down his cheeks. He pulled out a snow white tissue and wiped his eyes, I said, "Would you like another?" He ignored me.

He eventually leant over and asked if he and Vincenzo could stay at the house tonight. I said, "Sure honey, of course you can."

Then he said something very strange.

"We didn't think we would get them this way Codes, can you help me tonight? I think I am going to need your strength later on."

"What's happened Marcel?"

The parade started, he ignored my question.

Dan and Jamie shined on the catwalk, hundreds of photos were taken and it was a huge success, the collection was beautiful. Our men were stars on the field and on the catwalk, I looked at Luke and he had a tear in his eye, he noticed me and blushed, I held his hand. Whatever is happening with Marcel he's not saying but I'm guessing it's bad news.

A standing ovation and a beautiful speech by Vince then his time for the media which he called Rory and I to do with him. It was nice and we took our lead from him then two hours later we were on the road home. I held Dan's hand and just stared at him, he smiled and said, "You perving on that model dude again Codes?"

"You bet your tight ass I am Dan."

Inside we went to see Timmy, he was fast asleep so we kissed him and went out to the porch, mum and Rob were already in bed.

About a half hour later Marcel and Vincenzo arrived in their limo. I made coffee and put some biscuits out, Marcel pulled me into the kitchen.

"I'm so sorry I ignored you at the show Cody but thank you for the drink, I needed it so badly."

"It's okay Marcel, I could see something had upset you so I did what needed to be done, that's all."



"My names Mark Cody, call me Mark. I changed it when I met Vincenzo because it sounded more French," he kinda nervously smiled.

"Okay Mark, do you want to talk?"

"Where do I start Codes? Vince is going to be very upset tonight, I don't want to do it but it has to be done. We have to fly home tomorrow, there's been an accident. Vince's niece and her husband have been involved in a fatal car accident, they didn't survive, they were all the family he has apart from me. She was his right arm at Armani, they worked and played very closely and he adored Pierre her husband, he was going places in the tourism industry. They were celebrating in the city when a car sideswiped them, she was thrown through the window and they both died at the scene." He started crying again so I held him. "How the fuck am I going to tell him Cody? This is going to rock him so bad," he said trying to hold it all in.

"Mark go take a shower then you both change, then you, Vince, Bobby and Rory need to go for a walk on the beach, it's a beautiful night and the boys believe it or not can help you both, don't ask how, not even I know the answer but I do know you need them."

"Okay Codes thank you, there's one thing more I need to tell you, they have left their twins behind, a boy and a girl, we didn't want kids this way Codes, it's killing me inside so bad."

I held him and thought, fuck me can this get any worse? I hope Bobby and Rory can pull one out of the hat to help them.

He left me and went to shower, changing his suit to shorts and t-shirt shortly after, Dan, Vince and I did the same. I told Dan what was going on and we quickly dried then brought the kids up to speed, they borrowed some clothes and by the time our friends came out we were all ready for the fallout, it was going to be a long night.

When they eventually went for that walk Dan and I sat just staring out to sea. We waited for awhile then decided to go to bed, my guess is that Marcel and Vince would stay with the kids tonight.

I was right.

Dan slipped into bed and pulled me into his giant arms, he kissed my face for awhile then said,

"Codes are you okay?"

"Yes Dan, just a bit sad for them, it's a terrible thing to happen."

"But you're okay?"

(I knew what he was on about, a beautiful boy on his twenty-first birthday cut down instantly, just someone I had met for a moment.)

"I'm okay Dan, I see what you meant by knowing and not knowing the people that were killed, your whole concept on it is taking place right at this very minute, I love you Dan, is there something more I can do for you to make your life happier?"

"No Squirt, you do it all for me already, I love you."

"Goodnight Dan, I love you."

"Goodnight Codes, I love you more."

Whatever the kids did is beyond me, Mark and Vince were looking fresh and alive the next morning at breakfast. Mum and Rob were fussing over us all, she made breakfast and fed and bathed Timmy. The kids absentmindedly held them while they chatted about Vince's niece and nephew, both of them cried while talking about the much loved but unexpected gift they had received. Their car eventually arrived to take them to the airport so we all said our goodbyes, hugged and kissed, we waved as they drove out of the car park then sat in silence for the next hour not wanting to break the spell. Jacques was handling the media and then he would make his way to Paris for the funeral. I asked Dan if he wanted to go but he said he would feel like he was imposing, this was a private time for Mark and Vince. The kids said they were going to go over after christmas. I lifted my eyebrows and Bobby said,

"Forget it Squirt, we will be back, you would miss us too much."

He broke the spell and laughed loudly. I tickled him and said, "You wish."

The next saturday arrived and it was time for a horsy fix so we all descended on the farm.

On the way I rang mum, "Did my packages arrive mum?"

She affirmed that they did. I smirked.

Dan said, "Okay what are you up to Squirt?"

"Nuthin Dan, let's just say Rory and Bobby's weekend is about to get better and better."

He gave me a really funny look.

As we pulled up mum was first to kiss my cheek and she gave me the thumbs up.

"Hello Timmy and Donny, are you here to go for a ride on your horses?"

"Yes plus mums, where Dee?"

Mike and Luke were at it in the background. "But Jamie I haven't had it for two months now, I'm so horny," Mike was pleading.

"Mike stop it, Jamie's not interested in an old married man and you smell like a farm yard animal, go wash," Luke said.

"Jamie can you give me a shower, Debs won't do it, can you?" Mike pleaded.

"Mum tell Mike to stop, it's old and boring."

"Mike stop it, maybe Luke will get a headache later then you can take Jamie on," mum said laughing looking at me.

I could see the kids getting their bag out of the car, they kissed mum and Debs then said, "We'll be back after we settle."

(I thought, sooner than you think.)

Just as they started to pick up their knapsacks, two kids in school uniforms ran past screaming, "Awesome, wicked, cool thanks mum."

Timmy and Donny were wide eyed and I handed them each a camera.

"Take some pictures boys."

Rory and Bobby looked at mum and me with shock.

The others started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Game on," said Bobby.

They took off after the school kids and by the time they got to the barn my other boys were perched up on the hay loft door. They started abusing the kids and then it happened, flour bombs and water bombs were hurled down on them. They ran halfway back while my team were re-grouping and taking photos.

Bobby tried again but was driven back by the fire hose drenching him thoroughly.

They ran up to me and said, "What's going on Squirt, Mum?"

"They're your friends Rory and Bobby, we just invited them up for the weekend, you will make sure Donny and Timmy get lots of photos won't you?" The sarcasm was dripping from my lips, then I added,

"Payback is such a bitch, isn't it Rory?"

They tried and tried to get to their loft and I heard a lot of giggling and screaming. Timmy and Donny sat wide eyed on a log, they were mesmerised by the school kids and occasionally they would take a picture.

Dan and Tom got the horses out but the babies were not interested.

"Come on mum, let's go see DD," I screamed with laughter.

She was perfect, all baby clean and smelling of talcum powder, I held her for ages as she slept. One by one the boys came in to see her, they each had a nurse then Debs put her down.

The siege on the barn had settled a bit, Rory and Bobby were planning their attack but at every turn my team won.

They came up to us and Rory blurted out, his face was apple red,

"This is so not fair, that's our loft Mum? Codes? Tell them to stop."

"You tell them Rory, they are your friends. Have you thought of a white flag, that's always a good way to start negotiating," I howled.

Mum handed them a white pillowcase and a stick, she was crying with tears streaming down her face.

Luke and Jamie held each other, "This is so funny Codes, we are nearly pissing ourselves."

Dan held onto me, "Fuck Codes have a look at the little kids, they're glued to the loft."

Rory screamed, "Tell them to stop Squirt."

"No, don't think I will boys."

I walked over to Donny and Timmy. "Here's another camera boys those ones are full," I giggled.

Rob eventually lit the barbecue and we heard the quad bike start up. Peter and Barry shot out of the barn door as they were chasing the kids with flour bombs, once around the yard then they ducked back in and closed the door.

My phone rang, "Keep it up boys your wearing them down."

Mum took a large plate of sandwiches and drinks out and Luke was behind her waving a white flag. Peter opened the door and quickly took the basket.

I called the littlies over to have a sausage with bread but they didn't hear me.

Dan and Tom sat with them and made sure they ate and had juice, not even when the ice cream and bananas arrived did they move.

Jamie was giving the kids some strategic pointers. They finally waved their flag then walked up to the door, I could hear a lot of arguing but eventually Barry let them in.

Nothing was heard for another hour then Bobby came in and asked mum for an extra set of sheets and pillows.

They had decided to share the loft.

Everything settled down and mum hugged the victors, "Welcome to the family boys and thank you for the great show."

Rory was seething, "We have to share because of you Cody, it's going to be a boring night now," he pouted.

I whispered to him, "Maybe not honey, your gaydar must be down

I think."

He stared at me then he got my meaning and smiled, "Well we won't be the only ones abstaining tonight and also Cody bloody Mitchell, watch your back," he hissed at me.

I walked past Trent and Luke and they were still laughing, they stopped when I looked at them.

"Don't worry your both safe," I giggled.

There was no one else on my list, ... except Larry.

I joined Dan and the littlies. "Cans we talks with the school kids Codsey?" Donny asked.

"Okay let's go see them."

The boys were awestruck when Peter and Barry came down from the loft and they hung on every word they said. They had been at kindy when the kids had been packing orders so they had never met them.

Donny was the spokesman and he invited them for a sleepover in their pirate tent.

They said not on a school night but on the weekend. The boys slapped hands with them and then they started to get a bit horsie focused.

Trent and Tom took them around the paddock and up the road for an hour and by the time they got back they were ready for a nap.

"No Daddy no!" Timmy screamed.

"What's up pumpkin?" Dan asked.

"Donnys and mes sleep in barn wid school kids."

I looked at Dan and nodded.

"Okay boys let's get it sorted," he said.

"But for now can you just nap in our room because DD also needs to see you when you wake up," I said.

"Okays Daddy."

We didn't want them to sleep in the loft without it being baby proofed so Dan, Tom, Mike, Rob and Luke checked out the logistics, they nail gunned chicken wire across the railing then made a wire gate for across the top of the stairs.

The kids were okay with it and mum and I sorted out an air mattress for them to sleep on. I wanted to sleep there also but Dan had other plans. Unfortunately Donny and Timmy only lasted till eight o clock and then they started missing us all.

Bobby and Rory brought them in around then and they were both crying.

Timmy ran to me and climbed up.

"I miss you daddy, Timmy got scared in barn."

Donny ran to Tom, "Sorry Daddy me gets scared too."

They both wept for a few minutes then dropped off to sleep in our laps.

"Telling the school kids ghost stories were we Rory?" Tom asked.

"Sorry guys, we thought they were asleep," he smiled at me.

We sat around until DD woke for her feed, it had been a big day for everyone so tomorrow we decided to have a picnic and go out to the lake. Mike was so tired with the baby home he was sleeping with one eye open. Debs had tried to get him to sleep but he wanted to be there for her every waking moment.

I suggested he put a couple of school kids on over the weekends to do repair work or feeds so he immediately hired Pete and Barry to do four days work on the farm. Mike agreed to pay them cash in hand and if they decided farming is what they wanted to do then he would put them on full time.

He felt a bit guilty about not being able to cope like his dad did when mum had the boys, but his fears were put aside when Rob said, "Mike my brothers helped me enormously around here when you were little, don't you remember? It wasn't until you started school that I coped on my own and then I had backpackers working here off and on."

"I had forgotten that Dad, thank you," Mike replied.

I also had a light bulb moment and had to talk to Rory.

Timmy was put into bed and we all slept well that night in our private hideaway. Tim woke full of beans and his little feet were ready to go after his bath.

The kids helped Mike and Rob load the hay cart and hitch the horses. Debs and DD went in the car with the eskys full of food, it wasn't far to the lake and we all climbed aboard. Peter and Barry were eyeballing Rory and Bobby, I overheard Peter say, "Did the boogyman scare you last night Rores, didn't I hear you crying like a baby girl?"

"Shut up Peter, you don't know what your talking about, I had a nightmare."

At the first opportunity I wanted to have a word with Peter to give them some slack.

Timmy and Donny were recruited with Mike and Luke to ride on the big horses pulling the cart, they were ecstatic and wanted to go faster. Dan hugged me and Rob hugged Mum and Jamie played the farmer to a T, he had a cowboy hat, plaid shirt and straw in his mouth, wow.

Dan noticed me looking so he stretched out and put some straw in his mouth so I immediately took some photos of him and Jamie and the horses of course.

"Everything okay with Rory, Bobby?"

"Yes Codes it's just that sometimes he has a nightmare but when I cuddle him it goes away. It's not bad but last night on top of the ghost stories my guess is he was overtired and his brain was working overtime."

"Okay honey I shouldn't have done what I did yesterday, I promise it won't happen again."

"No Codes we had an awesome time and still are, we like Peter and Barry and want to be friends, we are just fooling with them, they know that."

"Would you mind if I talked with them a bit about you and Rory? I don't want them stirring you two, they are very street wise Bobby and sometimes they can be a bit blunt and pushy."

"No Codes please don't do that, Rory will talk with them if need be. My guess is they are pretty much like us, we figured there's more to their story than they let on, but for now we just want to build up a friendship."

"Okay baby but let me know if I can help."

The lake was beautiful and there were kids everywhere playing and swimming, it was the local pool and a beautiful day. Debs had found us a nice grassy spot to picnic at and the horses were hobbled and unhitched.

Timmy and Donny were in such a big hurry to go swimming Dan helped Timmy into his boardies and took him in for awhile but he wouldn't let go even though the water wasn't deep, each time Dan tried to get him to stand up he screamed and held on for dear life. Donny did much the same but Trent at least had his hands and was pulling him around in circles. We got them out to get dried and have some lunch and Timmy was shivering like crazy so I wrapped a large towel around him and rubbed him dry then mum dressed him in warmer clothes and sat with him in the sun. He had some sandwich and juice then laid on a blanket in the shade and went to sleep, Donny wasn't very far behind him.

What a lovely day, we met some of Rob's family there and they had come to the wedding but we didn't get around to talking to them. They were the same as mum and Rob, down to earth country people, they all nursed DD and had photos taken.

Time to go, we were staying an extra night at the farm, Dan, Tom and Jamie had training but not till late the next day.

The school kids decided to pitch a tent and sleep in the back yard and I watched as they installed the blow up mattress and pillows.

I guess the kids will have a great night in the straw.

No one was hungry but we made sure our babies were fed, they hadn't eaten much at the lake.

"Mums can Timmy and Donny havs som magik pirate potatose?"

"What are pirate potatoes Squirt?"

"I'll get them mum, they are special magic green ones only little pirates eat," I winked at her.

I had to sneak the broccoli into the pot while mum distracted them.

She lifted her eyebrows.

"Wait until you see the magic seaweed pumpkin cakes."

"Okay Princess True Love I can't wait, I hope there's no blended magic frogs in them," she giggled.

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