Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 43

Published: 23 Ju1 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

That evening after everyone had settled down I had a long conversation with Rory then Rob, Mike and mum, they all agreed with me and couldn't wait for it all to happen.

Mike sat with me and said, "That's a great idea Codes, I hope they go for it. I don't want to take advantage of them dad and I can do the big jobs but it's all the little things I can't seem to get around to doing. I'm so happy Codes but I do miss the fun we used to have, it seems that it's disappeared since we got married and had Dee. I know I'm being silly, I often think back to the fun we had when Dan was away and we stayed with you, seems like only yesterday. My life has been flying past these last few months, I want my ideas to work so bad."

"Oh Mike, I reckon your just trying too hard to please everyone. You don't have to look for your parents approval, they are so proud of you no matter what you do, why don't you cut your plan in half or put it aside for awhile and concentrate on a more modern approach to running the farm.

Maybe don't buy the extra cattle, you don't need the money and it will free you and Debs up to maybe visit occasionally, we miss you and anyway with so much land to spare can I suggest something way out there Mike?"

"Sure Codes, I'm listening," Mike said.

"Well, if you only buy half the cattle you planned on or just kept it at the same number as it is now and instead why not install five more transportable homes and deck them out nicely, what I'm trying to suggest is an idea that you could call 'Farm Stay'. Mike there are so many people out there that pay good money to stay on a farm for a few days or a week, you need council permits but you have the barn, the cattle, the lake and the woodlands over there and plenty of places for picnics, riding and walking. Think outside the square Mike, the boys and Rob can look after the cattle, Debs and mum can do the meals and you can do the tours. Maybe if you look at other possibilities Mike, I'm just saying it would free your time up to spend more of it with your family and also with other people staying here you won't feel so isolated."

He looked at me and said, "How did you know that was what I was thinking?"

"I just know these things Mike," I laughed.

He hugged me big time, I could see that at least I've planted the seed. My gorgeous Mike is growing up and he's becoming a man, I felt a pang of loss and decided to at least spend more time here with the people I love.

Monday morning we slept in and then played with Timmy until we really had to make a move to go home.

Sitting around the kitchen table we all were laughing at the school kid incident and couldn't wait to see the photos.

When it was time to say goodbye, Peter and Barry hugged mum and Rob then thanked them, they said they would see them next weekend but could they stay in the house if they didn't mind. Mum looked at me with a blank face.

I said, "I don't know mum, maybe they feel safer indoors."

We took Peter and Barry home with us and halfway back we had to stop to give Timmy a toilet break. Dan and the boys sat at a picnic table talking while I organised Tim.

Barry looked nervous, Peter kept looking at him.

"Barry we have to tell someone and after our conversation with Rory and Bobby I think we can trust Squirt and Dan, can I ask them?"

Barry looked down and said, "There's nothing they can do Pete, but you tell them."

He took Tim's hand and said, "Let's go look for birds Timmy."

"What's up Peter? We are good listeners you know," Dan said.

"Well, it's Barry's brother Nelson, he's a real prick, he charged us twenty-five dollars to drive us out to the farm and he is always taking money off Barry. He threatens to beat him up if he doesn't give him any and the money he earned last week went missing from his room the day Nelson was there, we think he stole it. We don't want to go to the cops but we want it to stop Codes, he worked hard for that money and Nelson doesn't work, he just sits in the mall with his mates all day smoking. He used to hit Barry when he was small so he ran away, that's when I found him and we have stuck together through thick and thin since then. Barry's parents both ran off a long time ago, they abandoned him into that mongrel's arms, we avoided him for a long time and when the centre opened I talked Barry into coming with me. I couldn't tolerate another winter outdoors and was sick of hiding, I'm sorry about your charm Codes but I just wanted to buy something that belonged to Barry for a change, his brother takes everything. I pay for his things now, he wouldn't even try to rob me, I would kill him." He took a deep breath.

"Does anyone else know this is happening Peter?" I asked.

"No, we are to embarrassed to tell anyone and we are happy at the centre, your mum, Connie and April are so cool but Nelson found us and he found out we were working for you so he robbed him on pay day. We were going to buy you something nice as an apology gift but that will have to wait. Also, you don't have to pay us for the other day we had a blast with Rory and Bobby, we really like them."

"We are scared he will find out about the farm job and he may come out there to rob us."

"Okay you are both staying at our house until we figure out what to do about this worm of a brother. In the meantime I'll ring Connie and tell her that under no circumstances is Nelson to be allowed to wander the charity property and also I'll ask her to have locks installed on both your doors, then I will talk to mum."

"Oh Codes we can't take advantage of you and Dan like that, it's too much."

"That's our job Peter, we are here to help and protect everyone at that centre and if it means you stay with us for awhile then so be it, you stay and we are more than happy to do that for you both."

Just then Barry came back and Peter jumped up and hugged him, if it wasn't for us I'm sure there would have been a kiss in there too.

Dan said, "Enough, I want to say something you may or may not like but I'm going to say it anyway, always be true to yourselves and never try to be what you are not and do you want separate rooms or do you want to share?"

Barry blushed and said, "Can we share, they won't let us at the centre but we are used to sleeping together."

"Fine, no problem," Dan replied.

"Let's go home boys," I said.

Dan went off to training and I set about making the boys comfortable but before we settled into cooking dinner I took them out to the container.

"You both need clothes for work and in your contract Mike and I will supply them so pick out some tough jeans for the farm and some street clothes then meet me inside, can you lock up?"

"Yes Codes but," Pete started to say.

"Shussh just do it," I interrupted.

I heard Timmy singing in his room so I looked in on him, he was listening to the Lion King tape and singing his little heart out.

"Daddy what for din din?"

"Don't know pumpkin? What do you feel like?"

"Ummm nuggets?"

"Okay, I'll get them sorted."

The boys came back and they had picked out three outfits each but promised they would pay for them. I said no need and handed two hundred dollars to Barry.

"This is your wages for last week kiddo, I will be talking to the cops tomorrow and see if there's something that can be done about your brother, my guess is he's known to them.

"I can't take this from you, I just can't," he protested.

"Okay, let's call it an advance on your salary, you can pay me back ten dollars a week," I said.

Then added, "Deal?"

"Deal," he replied smiling and he handed the cash to Peter.

They both hugged me.

"Want to help me get dinner? I think steak and chips are in order tonight."

I got Timmy's nuggets and chips organised and Peter helped him with them.

Barry lit the barbecue and got the plates out while I made a salad.

We were ready to go by the time Dan got in, Timmy jumped up into his arms and kissed his cheek.

We talked about things over dinner and it was decided that we get an AVO against Nelson coming near the boys.

I had already talked to Dan last night about my idea and he agreed, we thought we would wait for the right time, which was now.

"Okay, here's the deal boys. Rory and I were thinking we need to separate stock from the internet and the shops as there is a lot more Christmas stock coming from overseas in the next month or so, and we are going to need more storage for it. We are going to put a container on some land at the farm and we want to run our website store from there which means we need some staff to run it. The job comes with a portable home not unlike the ones out the back and it will be delivered and set up in the next two weeks."

I added,

"Dan and I have spoken to his mum and she's willing for a small price, to feed and wash for the people we hire to run it which brings me to my next question. Can you boys help us out by applying for the jobs? It would save on advertising and being there with mum's shotgun is safer than here, (I know mum would never use it, the laws here are very strict, she has a permit and it's mainly used to ward off vermin of the animal kind) no one gets on that property without her or dad knowing. There will also be a phone installed and a Lukey panic button to the house, your input is needed, any thoughts?"

"A Lukey panic button?" Peter said.

We filled them in on the one we had installed here, three rings and it's urgent, we didn't tell them about the one in the apartment.

"Well?" Dan smiled.

"What can we say but yes, we love your family Dan and Codes and the farm is a dream for us but please don't go to too much expense for us, we can sleep anywhere."

"I know you can but those days are over and it will be a good tax write off for us as well, it's a win, win for Mike, Rory and me so we can get started tomorrow. Stay here the night and we will go get your things in the morning and you can start thanking people and saying your goodbyes. We will talk to mum about the legal side of it.

We can go look at transportables sometime after that but we have to be home by three for Timmy. I can't drive yet so it all has to happen early."

They thanked us and wanted to ring mum and thank her so I said, "Number one on the speed dial," and I handed them the phone.

I also said, "When everything settles down we will talk night school."

They groaned.

Then I rang Rory and brought him up to speed, he was very happy.

We talked some more about their jobs and the isolation on the farm but Peter said,

"Codes we are going to love it there, it's been a dream of ours to go somewhere in the country to live, just us. We have done some stupid things this past year and were terrified that we would have to go back to it again."

"What things Peter? Dan asked.

"We don't like to talk about it Dan but I will say it involved sex work," he blushed.

"Enough said boys, we understand you had to do some crap things to survive the streets but never again, if you are in any sort of trouble you come to us. Never be afraid to come here or ask mum and dad for help, you're not alone anymore. In return we expect you to save your money and at least try to finish school or go to night school to learn something that you can fall back on, most of it is online anyway but we will talk about that further down the track," Dan replied.

In bed that night our hearts went out to them, we fondled each other, I just love the feel of running my hand over Dan's pubes.

"So young Codes and already got baggage," he said.

"Well I hope their lives improve somewhat from now on."

I turned the lights out and snuggled into Dan's neck.

"Night, night Codes."

"Night, night Dan."

"Codes what did you say to Mike that got him all excited?"

"Just gave him some suggestions for the farm baby."

"Oh do I want to know?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow, goodnight."

"Okay goodnight Codes," he kissed my head.

Nope not over yet.



"Codes you awake?"

"Umm yes Dan."

"Codes do you know any ghost stories?"

"Yes Dan, do you want me to tell you one?"

"Not tonight Codes, I might get scared."

"Okay baby tomorrow maybe?"


"Goodnight Codes, I love you."

"Good night Dan, I love you more."

He let out a deep breath and said sleepily,

"I adore you Cody Mitchell, I'm glad your back with me."

"All sorted Dan."

I kissed his nipple.

He stirred.

"Forget it Dan I'm tired."

"Owww!" he chuckled.

The next day we went to the Charity and had a good talk with mum about our plans for the boys, she said that Dan's parents could become guardians to the lads and because they are over fifteen they could earn their own money, she thought it was a great idea. I also ran Mike's problem past her and she said,

"What an excellent idea Cody, we can lease the units for a weekend once a month and get the kids here to spend time on the farm. I will sort out the legals and get a contract written up for Mike to sign. I know we were thinking about doing something like that but if he sets it up and gives us 'mate's rates' then we'll book in once a month, the kids here will love it."

"Okay mum, I'll ring Mike tonight, maybe I can get some cards done and pass them out at the club, umm maybe I can also talk to the secretary about having a B&S (Bachelor and Spinsters Ball) occasionally, the possibilities are limitless," I grinned.

"Well Cody don't take it all on, I'm sure Mike will want some input," she smiled.

"How are you feeling anyway?"

"Great mum, my arms back to normal and I don't get my panic attacks anymore, I'm looking forward to a great future."

"That's good Codes, remember I'm not always here but I'm just a phone call away," she said.

"I know your busy mum and I love you more everyday, I'm so proud of the work you do."

"Thank you baby boy, I love you too but I know I don't have to worry about you too much because you have Dan."

Dan and the boys arrived with two suitcases and we said our goodbyes to everyone then left to look at mobile homes. The boys picked out the cheapest but I ordered the better one, even if they don't stay, it will come in handy for Mike.

With that organised, when we got home the boys went over to Rory and Bobby's house to play scrabble, we had a half an hour before Tim got home so Dan and I had a round of parent sex, very urgent and very quick. We were just making some orange juice as Timmy ran in the door, he jumped up so I could hold and kiss him. "How was your day Timmy?"

"Good ares the school kids hers Coodsy?"

"They are over at Rory's place, did you want to go see them?"

He ran out the back and sang out, "Over at Rores place Donnes."

Donny came running over and they both headed down the beach to the kid's house.

I rang, "Make sure they have juice and a sandwich Rory, no biscuits or lollies."

"Okay Codes, got it sorted."

As we found out later, they just sat on the sofa and watched the boys play their game and they had their drink and sandwich (I think).

With the transportable organised and the container, the boys were on top of the world again, they couldn't thank us enough and couldn't wait to get up to the farm.

My appointment was on friday and Dan and I were early, we were as nervous as kittens but another MRI was done and the doctor sat with us and went through the results.

"How do you feel Cody? I notice your arm is more mobile."

"I feel great, no darkness or nerves, no panic attacks, no feelings like doom and gloom are coming, my arm is back to normal and I can't explain it but I feel like I did two years ago, on top of the world."

"Well, that's good Cody, the lesion seems to have stopped moving. It's at a minimum size but I'm afraid it will never clear up completely although I see a full recovery. If there are any changes in your mood Cody you must come and see me and in three months we will do another scan. Can you give it another week before you start driving again?"

"Of course, I can't thank you enough for all your help doctor, I really appreciate all you have done for me and I hope everything is sorted now."

"Well, an invitation for me and my partner one weekend would be nice, he wants to meet my miracle boy," he smiled.

"Done deal, I will set it up and ring you soon."

Dan kissed me and held me in the car before we drove out of the hospital car park.

Christmas this year will be at the farm,we had to pull our reigns in when it came to the littlies presents they had so much already.Luckily I was allowed to drive because I was up and down the freeway dropping food and presents off at the farm and Charity, the boys and Mike had found a very large tree it was decorated and placed out in the back yard a spit roaster was hired along with tables and chairs, the kids were in charge of decorations, everything was ready to go.

Our work party was a blast, and once again the staff all got gift vouchers.

We dropped John and Matts presents off the weekend before when we went for lunch, they were off to Spain and mum let them use the villa for two weeks, she had put it up for sale but suspended it for the time the guys would be there.

Mum unfortunately had to spend Christmas with the princesses family at Balmoral castle, way to go mum, but I will miss you.

April and Larry were already overseas we had taken them out for a bon voyage dinner before they left Larry gave me an extra big hug and thanked me for April.

The shops were busting with customers and we took twice last years total.

Many many presents were sent to the Charity and we had organised a large luncheon to be held there Christmas Day, volunteers would oversee it.

I was finding I was coping with all the goings on, no more anxiety or mood swings just feeling happy and content.

We arrived at the farm the day before, Peter and Barry met us at the gate they were so happy to see Timmy and Dan , I had seen them a couple of days ago when I dropped presents off.They were on Bella and Sally and Timmy was promptly seated and rode laughing and talking non stop back to the house with them they would do the same when Donny arrived, Tom and Trent would stay the night and after opening presents with Donny they would leave in the morning for their joint family day we wanted the babies to be together Christmas night.

Mum and Debs were busy in the kitchen Dee was playing happily in her bouncer she was growing fast Timmy played with her while Dan and I settled ourselves in then we went to see if we could help the ladies.The kids arrived through the back door hugging mum and Debs and then cooing over Dee, it was a very different arrival than what we had been used to but mum did call Rory and Bobby to come into the kitchen she had some bad news for them.They sat with us at the table, she said.

"Kids sorry about this but there was an accident in the barn last week so its not safe at the moment one of the roof bearers came loose so you cant stay in there its too dangerous."

They looked at her not knowing wether to believe or disbelieve her.

"But where are we going to sleep mum?"Bobby said.

"In with the Boys Bobby."

"No way are we sleeping there, not with them, not after the shit they put us through the last time they will strangle us in our sleep, we can sleep in the car I suppose."Rory said looking very annoyed.

"Well thats all I got Kids except the log cabin but I suppose you wouldn't sleep in that either?"

"Log cabin what? Awesome where is it?"Rory's face lit up.

"Up the back yard Boys but you better ask Timmy if you can use it."


"Well its Timmy and Donny's Christmas present so go ask if you can use it."She said.

They went into the next room and said.

"Timmy can we use your log cabin."

I heard a "Yeth"

But I suspected it was Rory doing an impression of a little boy.

They came back and said.

"He said Yeth mum."

"Okay boys lets go i've got the key, o'h hang on I have to go toilet first."

She winked at me and when she came back she had a camera which she promptly placed in my pocket.

I could see Luke Jamie Mike the boys and Rob down the yard I didn't even hear them come up the drive as we walked past the Christmas tree there was a Log cabin, only it was a very small log cabin playhouse size, the cameras flashed the Kids faces were enraged they looked at me and mum and all the cameras going off, the finally smiled and said."Cool Awesome right on dude this is the best."

They ran inside there was a single bunk bed and a fully fitted pink plastic cooker."Get your own breakfast boys." Mum said laughing so much her tears were soaking the tea towel she held.Well I think that topped it all there wasn't a dry eye in the yard that day, my poor Jamie screamed.

"Fuck I love this family."

"So do fucking I ."I yelled.

Dan had to hold me up I went all limp footed although he wasn't that steady himself. Mike collected up the disposable cameras and gave them to Rory he kissed him on the cheek and said.

"Some more happy memories for you both."

Then he hugged them.

Timmy came out and played with the kids for awhile till the boys asked if he wanted to help them pick Donny up on the horses.

"Autome school kids."

Off he went with the boys leaving Rory and Bobby to survey the new cabin which I might add didn't take long , mum had put the portable telly out there for them it was something anyway.

Julie arrived and sat with us in the kitchen we had settled in for afternoon tea, she leant over and asked me where she was sleeping, mum said."In Luke's room love he and Jamie will sleep in the boys spare bedroom."

"No! Mum thats our room you cant do that to us its been my room forever and I wont give it up."

"Well Lucas Lawrence have I told you lately how selfish you are?"

"Mum its my room."Luke yelled.

"Well have I told you lately that I love you."she began to sing.

We all joined in and Luke gave Julie daggers,he stormed out to the porch grabbed his backpack ran upstairs slamming his bedroom door behind him.

Jamie did the same.

We could hear uncontrollable laughing coming from his room.

"Julie you don't mind sleeping in the boys flat do you?" Mum asked.

"Not at all Mrs L it will give me time alone with them, theres something I need to talk to them about, all good I can assure you."

I lifted my eyebrows.

"Promise Codes all good."she repeated.

We all busied ourselves setting up a big table and chairs, the presents were arranged around the tree it looked beautiful, the roast was on the spit and the veggies done.Mum gave me a small pink dish with some potatoes in it and said.

"Take these out to the kids and tell them to pop them in their oven for me Squirt I've run out of room." She struggled to keep a straight face.

I promptly cracked up laughing.

"You bloody do it I'm already in their bad books."I forced out.

Mike grabbed them and ran off towards the cabin yelling "Oh kids, mum said."

Donny ran into the backyard and hugged everyone then said "Bye bye."

They were going for a big ride then back to the boys place for juice.

"Make sure they brush down the horses boys." Dan yelled.

They waved as they walked the horses off on a small adventure.

Dan whispered in my ear."Want to have a nap Codes?"

"Yes Dan."

We raced upstairs moaning was coming from Luke's room we giggled as we passed.Dan knocked and ran off.

Giggling we undressed and got into bed I was onto Dans fat bit in seconds and he did my big paunch.

Dinner was ready and the sun was going down the fairy lights made the backyard like an enchanted garden.

Robb stood and said a prayer of thanks, we all held hands.Mike thanked Debs for loving him and giving him the most precious thing in the world Dee.Debs thanked Mike for being a beautiful husband and father.

Luke thanked Jamie for being his amayzing rock ,Jamie thanked Luke for his special love.

Dan thanked me for Timmy I thanked Dan for him also.

Tom thanked Trent for finding him and Donny and Trent thanked Tom for saving his sanity.

Julie thanked god her sons were now happy.Both boys thanked her for being there on their journey.

Rory thanked Bobby for never forgetting him and Bobby thanked Rory for his beautiful memories.

Peter thanked Barry for forgiving him and Barry said."I love you theres nothing to forgive."

It was heartbreaking to hear those words so fucking young and already they have crap baggage.

Julie leant over and said."Its going to be okay Codes I have news for them."

"What?"I said.

She whispered."Nelsons been arrested and charged with drug trafficking and child pornography a police officer at the station was also involved he's going down too."

I smiled then looked at them."They are going to be all right Codes I just know it."

Mike stood again and looked at his mum."Thank you for being our mum and dad, we couldn't have ask for better parents."

Then he looked at me and Dan.

"Thank you Dan and Cody you both have bought so much love into our lives its hard to know where to start.

You found Debs for me and Dee, you found Bobby for Rory, you found Jamie for Luke, and you found Tom for Trent, and you found our new brothers Peter and Barry, you are both amazing and loved dearly, heres a toast to Dan and Cody."

"Oh Julie they didn't find you but you knew that anyway." He laughed.

My tears were running down my face, Timmy had crawled onto my lap he looked at me and said.

"Dadds Princ Danil Princes Tru Love need a big Shower."

We all cracked up.

Donny agreed but he insisted it should be a big bath.

They argued back and forward until Peter said."Enough."

They both looked at him like he was some sort of policeman.

"Okays School kids."Donny said.

Then they ran off to play in the cabin.

"Don't go too far Santa's coming soon." Dan yelled.

We finished eating and were feeling happy and full.Pudding can wait.

Jamie started strumming his guitar and began singing Christmas carols we all joined in. Then Rob went off to get into his red suit and grab his sack.

He came out ringing a bell yelling HoHoHo.A little too loudly.

I went to get the boys ."Hurry up Santa's here."

They ran back with me and took one look at Santa and screamed.

Donny headed for Toms lap crying and Timmy ran for Dan, they were both hanging on for dear life.?"Daddy ise scared Donnys scared."He sobbed.

Timmy wasn't doing too well either.

"Daddy daddy your Timmys friten ." He said to Dan.

He hugged him close and rubbed his back talking in his ear and telling him that Santa's a good guy he's come to give him some presents.

They both wouldn't hear of it they cried their little eyes out.

I realised it was Timmy's first encounter with the man in red.

Rob disappeared and when he came back he looked human again in the kids eyes.

"That worked well Rob." Mum said, laughing her ass off.

I sat with Dan and Timmy he crawled across to me."Your Timmy son dont likes Santh ."

"He's gone Timmy look grandpas there now he shooed him away, now wipe your tears and go see what he's got for you."

They both took their dads hand and went to where Rob was sitting, he handed them both colourful presents which they bought back to the table, Timmy wanted Dan to open it for him, it was a train set, his little eyes lit up.

"Look what ise got Donny look look, daddy look grandma"

"Look what Donny's got Timmy." He had a full set of farmyard animals.They rushed over to compare presents, I thought if that was all they get tonight they would be very happy little boys ,Trent looked at me and winked I'm guessing he had the same thought.

Presents were handed out and gift paper flew everywhere.

The Kids bought Peter and Barry a big screen TV we bought the surround sound, Luke and Jamie got them an iPad mum gave them cook books and pots, they were crying with happiness and Barry said."We feel awful now we didn't spend that much on you guys, please this is too much for us."

Luke said."Your setting up house boys, we wanted to help its not about the money i'm sure your presents are just as special."

As it was they had bought us CDs and chocolates, we loved their presents because we knew how hard they worked to buy them for us and a lot of thought was put into the type of music too.

They gave me a small box wrapped in green paper, I opened it and pulled out the most beautiful pair of gold studs they complimented Luke's emerald ones so I put them in they looked fabulous together. "Thank you Codes for believing in us."I kissed them both and said.

"Our fuckng pleasure boys."

Timmy was getting tired he crawled onto Dans lap and he rocked him to sleep, he still had more little presents to open but I'm afraid that will have to wait till tomorrow morning.

Donny was put to bed and Timmy wasn't far behind him, we put them in our room to give Tom and Trent some space.

Julie gave me another small box and said."I think this is yours Cody, it screamed at me last week when I looked at it and then I saw it around your neck."

Tears streamed down my face I hugged her to me."How?"

"Well I was looking in the pawn shop window last week and it spotted me, your face flashed so I went and inquired about it, the shop owner said it had been there for years and because it was expensive no one was interested but I could have it for a good price if I wanted it."

"So is it yours?"

"Yes Julie My mum bought it for my 21st my boyfriend at the time had pawned it for drug money I can't believe its back, thank you."

It was my gold chain.

I showed it to Dan, he just stared at Julie and shook his head."You shittin me right?"

"No Dan I knew it had something to do with you or Cody so I bought it."

"Now I have to make two more boys happy."Julie moved over to Pete and Barry and started a deep conversation with them.They gave me the thumbs up I smiled and blew a kiss.

"Dan can we go to bed now its been a big night?"I said.

"Sure Squirt we can have pudding tomorrow."He looked disappointed.

We said our goodnights and left.

In our loft we sat on the window seat looking down at mum and dads magical backyard then the lights went out and my stars were visible, billions of them, Dan handed me an envelope.I opened it and said."Whats this Dan?"

"Well its a map of the stars and the one circled is yours I bought it for you for Christmas its star number xy25 I named it Cody Mitchell."He kissed me he had bought me a star.

"Only seven billion to go." He smiled.

I was moved and I leant into him and gave him his envelope and giggled, "The Daniel Lawrence star is nearby we must have seen the same advertisement."I said.

We undressed to our boxers cuddled and kissed we wouldn't have sex tonight the babies were not far away.

Timmy suddenly let out a cry "Dadds Dadds I'm scard santah." he must have had a bad dream. Then Donny started to cry too.

"Okay come on."Dan said as he lifted back the blanket.

Two little boys ran into our bed and in no time the big scary santa was forgotten and they were fast asleep.

"I love you Codes."

"I love you more Dan."

"Night night."

His arm stretched across the boys and he caressed my face.

Fuck I love this man.

looking at my boys in the morning was all the Christmas presents I needed, a message on my phone from mum said."why don't you bring the boys down so you and Dan can celebrate."

I gathered up the two small kids and took them downstairs, kissed mum a happy christmas then left them to eat their cereal and juice, I ran upstairs just as Dan was getting under the water I stripped and joined him we washed each other slowly and did a lot of Christmas kissing,and we did a lot of loving also.

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