Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 44

Published: 30 Ju1 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Christmas day was much the same, more gifts were handed out and plenty of leftovers were eaten, we finally got around to devouring the pudding with heaps of custard. Rory and Bobby decided the log cabin wasn't to their liking, they would stick to their loft, they felt more secure there. Luke was sporting a new watch, it was beautiful and Dan and I presented a card with a cheque in it to Jamie to put towards their house. Luke said to me later on that they were in no hurry to move out, they kind of liked living at the house with us.

I gave Mike a list of bookings for the future which he can put in his diary and he told me and Dan that it was going through council after New Year and they saw no problem with it at all, anything that will bring tourists and travellers into the area was a good thing and they were all for it.

Mum and Rob got a holiday in Paris from the kids, they would stay in Vincenzo's apartment. Bobby had started the paintings for Mark's gallery and Rory said they were brilliant.

When all is said and done, we had a wonderful Christmas but couldn't wait to get home, the car was full of presents and food and as soon as we arrived home, Timmy ran into Donny's to start organizing his sleepover in their pirate tent.

"We got the rest of the afternoon to ourselves Dan, what do you want to do?"

"Umm we can tell ghost stories Codes," he replied.

"Fuck that, stay here," I said.

I went to the bedroom and changed to my hipsters and tank.

I grabbed my iPod, found the song and put it on the speaker dock. I pushed play, Gaga's 'Born this Way' blasted through the house. I did my usual dance, my hips were swaying like crazy and I mimed the song with my phone in my hand, "I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way."

Dan was taking a video and I'm guessing he's sending it to his phonebook.

My tank came off so I flung it into the house then I started to undo the buttons on my jeans letting them slip even lower showing pubes and crack, I swayed back and forward then let them drop, out came the phone again, he didn't know what to do next, he sucked on both my nipples, lunged at my belly button and wet my underwear, all the while I was feeling fantastic and horned up.

The track ended so I repeated it, I bent over and spread my legs, I had my hands through my legs and slid them up my underwear to rub my bum.

Dan helped a bit then got into the groove and did the same, we gave each other a great show and the house rocked then the phone rang so I danced over and grabbed it, turning the music down I said, "Hello."

"Cody can you and Dan move slightly to the left, we can't quite get you in frame." It was Rory and my guess was he is on his porch with his video camera.

"It's for mum Codes," he said.

"Sure it is, you little pervert," then I hung up.

"Wave to Rory Dan then let's take this inside," I giggled.

Poor Dan, he went beetroot and ran inside.

We danced some more then ended up on the couch screwing like rabbits. I was screaming filthy expletives into Dan's face, he was trying to not laugh so he screamed some back at me accusing me of being the biggest cock teaser on the planet and he was going to get his boys around to show me what it's like to be gang banged by real men.

I screamed, "Get on the phone now Dan I need more cock than you're giving me, maybe they will teach you how to fuck, like real men do."

I cracked up laughing, he had already cum but was trying to work up another orgasm which he succeeded to do. I was fucked by the end of it and we collapsed into a ball of laughter, giggling at the crazy things we said.

I looked over at him and said, "Were you serious then Dan? Cause if you were, I'm in."

He punched me on the arm and said, "Mine, mine, mine, no one else's, mine, got it?"

"Okey dokey Dan, yours," I pouted.

His phone rang, "Mum, but mum Cody's good, yes mum I'll treat him gently, but mum we were only dancing, oh shit NO!! mum bye."

He fell to the sofa in fits of laughter, when he settled he said, "She wanted to give me tips on how to treat you gently, fuck if she only knew." He burst out laughing again and I joined in. That was the end of our quiet day and when we got back to normal we headed for the porch swing and just watched the seagulls and water, we fell asleep in perfect harmony.

When we woke it was dusk. Dan pulled me closer and said,

"You make my life so complete Codes, I thank god morning and night that you loved me back that day on the balcony. I was so scared for so long that you wouldn't love me. I took a big chance kissing you, my heart was bursting with so much pain and fear, I think life started for me at that very moment."

"Dan you didn't see me but I had been checking you out at every opportunity, secretly I was in love with you for such a long time I couldn't say anything, I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable. I died a thousand deaths when Susan was in your apartment and for so long I thought you had slept with Stewart again, I knew there was no sex involved but it should have been me in your arms. I am so happy you found the strength to kiss me, I don't even want to think about my life without you in it, I love you so much, Timmy and I are so blessed."

He drew me to him and kissed me deeply, when we parted we laid there and watched my stars come out, three shooting stars crossed the sky.

"Never give up Cody, I will always be here holding, loving and protecting you, I love you with all my heart," Dan whispered into my ear.

A tear dropped onto my cheek but it wasn't mine.

This ends the early years.

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