Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 48

Published: 31 Aug 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

After about two weeks Donny got a cheque from the insurance company for his car. Of course he already had the new one picked out and thank god Tim liked the color so they decided to go on another first date, this one went off perfectly. They even found the time to go visit mum and Rob at the farm, it seemed like they were never home.

It was decided we had better start making appearances at the players bar and Tim and Donny were welcome to come as long as they didn't drink. A blind eye was turned and of course Donny was a team member so he had made a few friends on the team through Tom and training. His contract was signed and he would still go to school until the end of the year but we have no idea what Tim wants to do. When he goes to university he gets good grades but I havent heard him focus on one particular thing, maybe he will get it sorted this year.

We were getting ready to go when Dan suddenly went very quiet; he was looking at me intensely.

"Whats up Dan?"

"Nothing Cody, just thinking"

I knew from past experience he wasn't happy and I'm guessing its the loose Levi's and tank I had on with my ‘kikkin boots so I proceeded to bend over, stretch and generally show off but he wasn't happy at all.

"You wearing that tonight Cody?"

"Yes Dan, don't you like it?"

"Of course I do, but."

"But what Dan?"

"Nothing Cody, whats Tim wearing?"

"Dont know Dan, he will be ready in a minute."

Well when he walked out and grabbed his wallet off the table he did look fantastic. Donny followed and looked much the same. Dan groaned and left the room.

It was very rare for Dan and I to argue but surprisingly we did. It usually was in our bedroom and we tried to keep it down to minimum shouting. Of course we never went to bed angry at each other. If there was a problem we dealt with it there and then.

"Youre not wearing that outfit dad, are you?"

I thought about it for a second and decided it really wasn't a good choice. I must have been dreaming I could wear this to the bar.

"No love, Ill only be a minute," I said.

I went into our bedroom and looked in my walk-in wardrobe, grabbed some new, very low hung hipster black jeans I had never worn and combined it with a small sized emerald green T- shirt, which showed my muscles off perfectly. Dan was in the bathroom so I changed, put on my black belt, black boots and went in to re-do my hair.


"What Dan?" He was just finishing up and shaking his dick.

In two seconds he was all over me licking and kissing my neck, he pushed me onto the washstand and started rubbing against me.

"Is this better Dan?"

"Fucking awesome Codes"

I guess if I'm going to have a uniform it would be a t-shirt and hipster jeans. It always seems to get people excited, like Dan at the moment; he looked like he wanted to rip my clothes off.

"We have to go baby, later I might give you a little show if you want."

"I want it now," he moaned.

We kissed and then returned to the family room. Donny made a gasping sound and Tim looked me up and down like he was deciding whether I looked good or not.

"Donny, behave yourself he's my dad," he waved his finger at Don.

"Cody you look great," Donny said.

"Thank you favorite son in-law, I do my best."

Looking at Tim again I could just see his little mind turning around. He had the wow factor but his dad was double wow.

I went and got Dan a beer and myself a wine. As

I bent over in the fridge they all got a Cody show, especially when I wiggled my ass around, dropped the packet of cheese on the floor, then fully bent over to slowly pick it up. Three mouths were open and all eyes on me.

Thank you very much, its been a while since that happened.

"Donny I don't feel well, Codes and I might just stay home," Dan said.

"Come on Dan, I get the feeling you are going to feel a lot better later on," Don giggled.

Donny drove, with Tim in the front, giving directions as if it was the first time Don had been to the club.

Dan and I pashed in the backseat, his hand down my jeans and my hand on his bulge, I quickly got a nipple lick or two in and he groaned again.

"You okay Dan?" Donny asked.

"Oh yes Donny, Im fine."

From the moment in the bathroom till when I turned the lamp off Dan was in a heightened state of horniness.

His eyes never left me all night and when John and Matty arrived, they also joined in.

"He hasn't lost it Dan," John observed.

"No, he's gotten better and with a touch of pure class along the way," Dan replied.

"Beer Dan?" I looked at Tim who by this time was peeved I was getting all the attention.

"I'll get it Codes, you sit here and talk with the boys," he answered.

Dan went to the bar and looked like he was humping it at one stage.

"Fuck, Dans got it bad tonight Codes, has he been taking Viagra or something?"John said giggling.

"Its not right dad, you are both acting like schoolboys," Tim chirped up, he was annoyed.

"Whats not right Timmy? Feels right to me," I retorted.

"Believe me Tim, all is as it should be," Matt added.

Just then Larry arrived and started talking to us; he couldn't take his eyes off me as I squirmed around in my seat giving Dan a crack moment.

"The time is now Squirt, Im ready," he winked.

"Did you just hit on my dad Uncle Larry?" Tim was blushing.

"Yes Tim, have been hitting on him for quite some time now, he always refuses my offers but I think the time is right now, Dans getting old and lazy and Cody needs a new man."

"Thats disgusting dad, do something," Tim looked at Dan.

"Oh I will baby, I will and very soon I should think," he replied.

Donny spied a friend across the room, Cameron, who will be playing his first season this year too.

He motioned him over and Tim got the look on but poor Cam saw only me so I slowly got up and walked to the bar and when I spread my legs I got a resounding cheer from the boys.

"Fuck, he's awesome Dan," said Matty.

"I know," Dan said.

Tim wasn't happy.

I returned and sat down, then leant over to Tim and said,

"And thats how its done properly son."

He started laughing.

"When Uncle Rory told me I didn't believe it but I do now dad that was unreal."

I winked at him.

"Thanks son."

I needed that, I was feeling a little rusty for a while but now I feel fabulous.

We all had a great night, Dan was pumped and when we got home he disappeared into the bathroom. It had been awhile since we played dress-ups and one particular costume came out of the closet, Superman.

"I thought you had thrown it away Dan," I said.

"Yes Codes, this is a new one, you like?"

"I like," I smiled. This costume was the seventh one he had bought, we kind of destroyed the others. Well, I did.

He had got the same size as before and he looked just as good in it now as he did the first time. His legs were just fucking awesome. The red jocks had been replaced with a black one and his chest was thrown forward as he flexed his muscles. The costume, of course, ripped in the right places. I took photos while he ran out the door to Tim's room. I heard him scream with laughter and Donny was giggling at Dans antics. I sent some pic's and while he was entertaining them I heard running up the stairs. It was James and Luke and they had their cameras out. I slipped out of bed, put my black jock on and harness, grabbed Maxis old dog chain and made my way to Tims room.

"Did you forget about me Clarke?" I said as I slipped the chain around his neck.

"Cody?" Donny gulped.

"Dad?" Tim smiled.

Luke and Jamie just groaned.

"I'm waiting for you to finish with your public Superman. You have someone to save tonight and its getting late. Please don't struggle; this chain is made from Kryptonite."

"Goodnight boys, the shows over, got to fly," Dan said.

I tugged the leash and led him back to our room.

There I proceeded to make love to my iron man and not one crevice was left out. We were very pleased with ourselves when we finished. Especially when I cleaned his foreskin thoroughly.

Dan, as usual, was flying high and in his own little world.

"That was the best Codes, can we do it again?"

"Sure baby, just rest for a minute."

He fell asleep straight away so I turned the lamp off and snuggled in.

"Squirt you awake?" Four hours later.

"Umm, umm."

"Squirt, we forgot to do it again."

"Umm," I rolled over as he spooned me.

"Sorry, I know you wanted more Squirt but I guess I was tired."

"Umm," I hummed.

I guess he took that as a yes.

He started slicking my butt, I was half asleep but what the hell, my Dan was happy.

It was over virtually before he really started.

He felt so good I couldn't help myself. I screamed.

"Superman you fucking rock, I love you so much."

Dan came seconds after.

"Thank you Squirt that was awesome," he breathed out.

"Umm," I squirmed.

"Goodnight Codes, I love you."

"Umm," I replied.

Bacon and eggs were on the menu again. I had showered and dressed while Dan was still sleeping. Luke and James came up and Tim with Donny arrived to the smell of cooking. Donny helped me with the toast and Luke set the table. Dan came out in his boxers and as he went to kiss me good morning through half closed eyes, Tim and Donny screamed,

"Superman, you fucking rock," they started giggling.

"I love you so much," screamed Luke and James.

I started laughing at them while Dan went red.

I grabbed my son around the shoulder.

"And that Tim is how its done properly," I bowed.

Breakfast was nearly ready when two gorgeous boys bounded up the porch.

"Good morning everyone; we heard you all didn't sleep well last night. Boy, does noise travel up the beach at three in the morning. Did you have fun Clarke?"

"Shut up and eat Rory," Dan said.

"Umm, umm," they both hummed.

"What the fuck?" Dan shouted.

They started giggling among themselves as I leant over to Dan and whispered,

"Batman I'm feeling a little naughty, do you want to go shopping today?"

Dan growled,

"Of course Robin, to the bat mobile."

I licked his ear and again he groaned.

So fucking hot was the smile that filled his face.

Tim cleared his throat. "So gross," he said.

Working that day was hopeless. I couldn't get anything done, not that I was stuck for ideas. I still had plenty but although I was still on a high from last night, I felt uneasy, nothing I can pinpoint but I knew something was in the air.

Bobby was listening to his iPod while painting his heart out so I moved up to the other end of the shed and looked at his art work.

A beautiful rose was being created, nothing out of the ordinary but alarms were going off in my head.

"Whos the painting for Bobby?"

He jumped.

"Uh, oh Codes, sorry I didn't see you there. I was miles away. This rose is for mum, I just felt like painting her one. I guess I've done enough for my adoring public this month, I just had the urge to do this one."

"Don't finish it Bobby, don't ask me how but I know, I just know you cant finish this one, please."

"You know Codes, I didn't know until you walked up this was for her and your right, I wont finish it," he looked concerned.

"Feelings Codes, just feelings"

"Well I felt it too, promise you wont continue."

"I do Codes."

"I think I'm going to ring her just to see if shes okay," I said.

I went inside, put some coffee on and rang mum. Mike answered the phone.

"Hello Squirt, how are things?"

"Great, beautiful brother in-law, is everything okay there?"

"Sure Squirt, mum and dad are in town, she had an appointment, everything's sweet."

"Okay, how are the kids, they okay?"

"Yes Squirt, the boys are complaining as usual, they want to go down to your place for a bit of a holiday but don't want to leave us. I keep telling them to just go but they are worried we will stuff your orders up again," he laughed.

There was a time they banned Mike from doing the online orders because parcels went everywhere.

"Okay Mike, I'll get it sorted, I'll talk to Trent about it. Maybe we can run it from here for a week or so, but wont need them around the farm?"

"No Codes, they work fucking hard and need a break. God knows we have had plenty of work and they don't seem to want to let us down."

"Thats silly, they hardly ever go out and they really do work hard. Leave it to me, we will come up on the weekend. With the season starting soon I dont know when we can get away again."

"Okay Codes, got to go, Ive got a boy here with a grazed knee that needs my TLC, talk later."

"Bye Mike."

I made Bobby and myself a sandwich and took them out to the shed.

"Everything's okay Bobby, mum has a doctors appointment today but Mike said alls good."

"Okay Codes, fingers crossed, nothing happens," he said.

Later that day I talked with Trent about the website and he fixed it so it could all be done in my office. I can get Tim to help, he knows our stock backwards.

Dan and I will go to the farm on the weekend and I think the kids will follow; but Donny is not sure which day they could come. They have a party to go to on Friday night so they said perhaps later on Saturday afternoon. They of course would be sleeping most of the day away.

Dinner that night was dull; my Luke wasn't feeling the best so Jamie was nursing him. He thought he may be getting the flu and didn't want to spread it around the family, so they just cuddled by the TV. Jamie's mum had sent some chicken soup home with him, for Luke, and said to tell him to concentrate on getting well.

I guess its part of his job, even doctors get sick and he's probably picked this up from one of his patients.

By Thursday night he wasn't any better and I was getting worried, even though Ray, his clinic partner, had called each day. I talked to him on the phone at least every hour he was not sleeping and he sounded awful.

I couldn't take any more so went down to see him, he was gaunt, no energy and looking dreadful.

We talked about what was being done to ease it. He had a humidifier but nothing was helping. On top of that he had a chest infection that was affecting his lungs to the point they hurt when he breathed.

My darling Luke was in pain but he was being brave. That night Jamie rang an ambulance then rang the bell three times. I knew then this wasn't going to be good.

Luke was taken to hospital, one of his lungs had collapsed and he had pneumonia, Jamie was beside himself with worry. They had put Luke in an induced coma, he wouldn't leave his side so I urged him to go get coffee with Dan. he was adamant he would stay and I couldn't blame him. We adored Luke, he was my healer and if anything happened to him that would be it for me. I loved him so much and it hurt me to see him like this. I prayed silently as I stroked Dans neck, he was trying so hard not to cry. Donny was holding Tim, and Bobby held Rory, we were all trying to be brave.

Tom and Trent arrived followed by mum and Rob with Mike who was a complete mess. He went straight into the room to see Luke not saying anything to us at all, not even after seeing Dan and I.

I heard sobbing coming through the door Jamie was crying loudly and saying Luke's name over and over, mum started then Tim, then me, then Dan, Rob was just stunned.

I couldn't say anything; my tears flowed down my cheeks as Dan and I held each other. Mum and Rob stood to go in and see Luke, she grabbed Dans hand and stood him up and then the three of them disappeared into the ICU.

Ray appeared with another doctor and asked if Luke's parents were here yet so I pointed to the room. They said they would be back in ten minutes as they wanted to talk to them.

I followed them up the passageway and talked to Ray, on his own. He told me Lukes condition was very serious and they had tried twice to re-inflate his lung with no success but they would try again in another hour.

"Its the infection Cody; we have pumped him full of antibiotics. Its a waiting game. Im just as worried as you but Doctor Stevens is confident we can get his lung inflated, however it takes time. We may have to remove it if theres a lot of damage but the MRI will tell us more."

I slumped into a chair holding my face in my hands, I've never prayed so hard or so much in my life.

A priest passed by heading for the ICU, he was there to administer the last rights. Not to Luke but to an elderly lady who was dying. He stopped by Lukes bed and said a prayer with his family.

Dan came out and was speechless so I pulled him down to the sofa and he sobbed bitterly into my neck."I'm so scared Cody, I cant fix this one, I should have seen the signs, I should have insisted he go to hospital."

"Shush Dan, there was nothing we could do, don't start blaming yourself its no ones fault, shit happens and it happens to the best people."

"Cody, Cody." Someone was calling my name.

I opened my eyes to see it was mum and she looked terrible.

"No!" I whispered.

"He's okay Codes, you have been sleeping."

I felt awful, I looked around and I was the only one there.

"We sent them home an hour ago but we knew you wouldn't go so we let you sleep," she said as she sat next to me.

"Hows Luke?"I asked.

"They got his lung inflated and they don't see any damage so now its just a waiting game. Whatever it is that brought this on will be attacked by the antibiotics. Rest is what he needs; they will bring him around in the morning.

"Can I see him?"

"Of course you can, come on."

She took my hand and led me in. I've seen enough of hospitals to expect exactly what I was seeing. Luke was white, his chest was uncovered and there were tubes everywhere. Jamie was over in the corner with Dan and Rob, while Mike was holding Luke's hand. I took my little heart off and placed it around Luke's neck then kissed his lips whispering,

"I love you Luke more than you know. I pray our heart looks after you like it did for me. My healer, my clever boy, my best friend, get well, everything's going to be all right, we are all here with you and we are not leaving until you tell us to."

I kissed him again then sat in the chair holding his other hand.

Mike looked at me and said,

"I know he's going to be okay, I feel it Codes. I feel him talking to me; I felt energy when you put your heart on his neck, real energy."

His tears returned as he stroked Luke's face then kissed him, and then he got up and went to the toilet. Jamie was by his side in an instant and held Luke's hand, rubbing his fingers.

A nurse and doctor came in and advised us we should all go home and get some rest, in fact they insisted.

The doctor left and the nurse said,

"Luke's mum and dad can stay but the rest of you must leave, I'll get into trouble if I let you all stay, I'm sorry but those are the rules."

Mum said,

"Mike and Jamie you stay, I want to get my boys home for some rest but we will be back in the morning."She bent over and kissed Luke and said,

"One thing at a time son, youre on your way home, I love you."

Rob did the same and then Dan kissed him and nuzzled his face, he took a deep breath and walked out. I whispered to Luke,

"Never give up Luke, Cody's here with you."

I put my arms around Jamie and kissed his neck and then did the same with Mike.

When we got home the house was quiet. Its the quietest it has been since we moved in and it felt cold and empty, so empty.

Tim and Donny came out and hugged mum and Rob then us.

"Hows Uncle Luke, dad?" he asked me.

"He's going to be okay Tim, they have to get rid of the infection but his lung is working on its own again. We will know more tomorrow," I kissed his head.

Mum and Rob moved to the porch, it wasn't cold out as yet and my guess is they wanted to be alone. Mum was leaning on Robs chest crying. I took Dans hand and we said our goodnights to the boys and I took him to bed.

That night I dreamed of two blonde, curly haired teenagers standing at my front door smiling, Luke was wearing our heart.

We slept until late and when we awoke, mum and Rob had already left for the hospital.

I phoned Jamie but he had his phone turned off, so I tried Mikes, he answered.

"Yes Codes he's starting to come around, I'll call you back," he hung up.

I gave Dan the news and he nodded his head.

"Codes are you okay? I was so worried about Luke last night I ignored you," Dan held me.

"Yes Dan I'm fine, just as worried as you are but I could do with a hug," I said.

"Me too," he replied.

We held each other for a long time, no crying just feeding off our strengths.

"He's going to be fine Dan, I just know it."

"Me too Codes, I get the feeling Mike and Jamie have got it sorted," he managed a smile.

I was overjoyed to see Luke's eyes open and some color was returning to his face. When he saw me he was trying to say something but I couldn't make it out. I leant in and he whispered,

"You okay Codes, I'm worried about you?"

I burst out bawling but they were tears of joy, my Luke was more concerned for me than himself, I smiled through my tears and managed to say,

"Of course I'm good Luke my beautiful friend and much better now I've seen you."

I kissed his mouth and put my arms around him as much as I could.

His breathing was noisy but he looked good. Mum hugged me and I could see the relief in her eyes.

Mike, who hadn't moved from Luke's side, stroked his brothers cheek while James was kissing his hand.

It would be a week before they discharged Luke. They did every test available and even consulted with him over his medication. He was fussed over abundantly even the nurses loved him; it was just his nature, people were drawn to him.

The third day I took some magazines in and at last Mike had come back home, to sleep a little, shower and change. Jamie was a different story, he never left his side and as much as we tried he would not budge, to the point he had a go at Dan.

"Dan would you leave Cody if this was him lying there?"

Dan shook his head, "no."


That night I thought my life had ended. I woke to Luke's touch; he wasn't breathing too well and kept trying to tell me something. I finally heard ‘I love you, that was it. I immediately called the ambulance and then Dan and Cody, who sat with us until it arrived. The ambo said it sounded like a collapsed lung. I went blank as if someone had punched me in the stomach, nothing was registering. My Lukey was extremely sick and he was unconscious by this time. I held his hand as much as I could while they loaded him onto the gurney and took him away, then I panicked and started for my car. Dan put his arm on my shoulder and said, "You come with us."

I sat in the back seat not even listening to what they were talking about; I just wanted to be by Luke's side.

They wouldn't let me in to see him but luckily I had a copy of the power of attorney in my wallet. After Cody's incident years ago we all had them done. Dan and Cody were right behind us and we seemed to wait forever. As people started to arrive I just wanted to scream ‘go away, leave us alone but I knew I would never do that, they were our family.

When the doctor told us they couldn't get his lung right I gave up, I literally gave in. My Lukey was going to die and there was nothing I could do, so I prayed. I know it was all in my head but thats the way I felt. I even planned to go with him. I started having dark thoughts about our funerals. We would be buried together then a strange thing happened, Mike arrived and sat on the other side of the bed.

It was maybe the lighting or just my mental state but when I looked up I saw Luke and he was smiling at me. His hair was bright and a halo had formed around it.

He passed me a single rose, the most beautiful flower I had ever seen then mouthed,

"Its going to be okay, I love you my beautiful Jamie."

I snapped out of it and noticed Mike weeping, I looked at Luke, he hadn't changed and his breathing was still labored; I rested my head against his hand as he slept.

They disturbed me an hour or so later. I heard Luke's mum and dad in the background. They took hold of Mike and me and hugged us. Then a nurse came in and said we had to go as they were going to try again to get his lung going.

They wheeled Lukes bed to the end of the ICU where an operating theatre was ready.

One hour later they were successful, his lung was inflated and working, the news was good. They got him settled and then I drifted back to his bed. I slept by his side and at one stage I had slipped my hand under the sheet and rubbed his leg wanting desperately, needing to be closer to him.

His eyes opened and my heart lifted, singing Gods praises. I couldn't stop kissing him and he was thirsty so I fed him water. Mike laid his head on his stomach, his shoulders in spasms. My Lukey played with his curls until he finally settled down.

After a week we took him home and he looked much better. The drugs had done their job but he barely remembered a thing.

It was one of the most horrible times in my life and it made me aware how short it is.

"Will you stop fussing Jamie, everything's okay," Luke said I tucked a rug around his legs as I got him on the sofa. We were all there and Mike never left us, he slept in the spare room. During the night I could hear him weeping but I didn't go to him. I had to stay with Luke. Dan and Cody slept with Mike most nights until Deb arrived.

Mike did the one thing I always knew he would do, he fell into a big heap. This was the real Mike, stripped of his bravado he was just as beautiful as my Lukey, and he was a scared little boy.


Luke had been home a week and was a hundred per cent better. Sitting on our large porch on Tuesday morning Bobby arrived with a parcel in his arms. He had coffee then handed Jamie the parcel.

"I believe this ones for you Jamie," he smiled.

Jamie looked confused as he opened the gift.

It was the rose painting, not finished but still looking absolutely beautiful.

I looked at Bobby and he winked.

"We didn't look close enough Codes, it wasn't mum, it was Luke."

Jamie's tears were back, he was speechless as he stared at the picture.

He moved to the stairs and started walking down to the water.

"Whats going on Bobby, Codes?"Luke asked.

"This was a painting I had started before you got sick, Cody got a feeling and asked me not to finish it. I was doing it for mum and we thought she might be sick again because when Cody rang she was at the doctors so I never finished it. But we didn't look at it closely enough. It was for Jamie. At first I thought it was for you Luke but my feelings were leaning towards James and by the reaction it got it means a great deal to him, look closer Codes."

I did and within the petals was another painting of Luke and Jamie naked and entwined in each other and wrapped within the petals.

Luke went to Jamie and after a lot of kissing they came back.

Jamie told us his little story about the rose Luke gave him at the hospital.

We sat stunned for ages until Bobby broke the silence,

"I will finish it for you Jamie now everything's good with Luke."

"NO!!" we said in unison.

"Leave it as it is," James said.

I agreed.

It takes a proud place on their bedroom wall, next to a photo of Jamie in his football shorts, naked from the waist up Luke had done years ago. Oh, and the one of me in my hipsters.

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