Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 54

Published: 12 Oct 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Dan and I disappeared for some parental sex that was tender and very intimate, up there in the roof cavity, where my Dan grew up to become my lifetime mate.

We slept for a few hours then I gave Debs a hand with dinner while mum was in watching the boys in case they woke up frightened.

Deb told me Mike had gone off with the paperwork to talk to Barry and Peter; he had been gone some time.

I explained to Deb it may be too much for him but I thought he could handle it, with some help he reluctantly must have to achieve the bigger things.

She agreed with me and said she would talk to him.

Mike came back and started talking to his father in the den; he was followed by Barry and Peter. Me thinks the ball is rolling, and fast.

Dinner was wonderful and Debs had made some apple pies, they were delicious. I jokingly said.

"You should get a pie warmer and put it in the new shop, the guys who go to the gym love a pie when finished, not very practical but the truth. Better still, you and Daniela should put in a bid for the coffee shop.

"No don't say things like that Cody, my heads spinning as it is," Mike shouted.

"Just a thought Mike," I said as I smiled at Deb.

As it turned out, Barry and Peter came to the rescue.They had a couple of friends who were dying to get out of the city and apparently they had known them for years, since their dark days.

"We kept in touch Codes, they are top guys, Mike has met them. Mike what did you and Rob decide or is it still in the works?"

Rob took over the conversation.

"Barry, Mike is going to cut the herd in half, I think that's a must and I estimate the sale of those cattle will finance the new venture and pay wages for the next few years. It turns out he was only keeping that many cattle to please me, but I haven't had any interest for ages. Now it's Mike and Deb's farm and we are just the grandparents."

Mike bowed his head a bit.

"Dad, I would feel awful if it all went belly up."

"Mike, your mum and I nearly walked away twice, years ago. In fact if you hadn't taken over when you did we wouldn't be sitting here now, so don't ever think your letting us down, because you're not and you never will. We just want happy children, not miserable ones, who think they are tied down for the rest of their lives."

"Mike you know how much we love this place. Lease us the cattle and land to graze them and we will do the rest. Just concentrate on where the real money is going to come from," Pete added.

"That's a real good idea Pete, you will need finance and Dan and I can help with that,"I said.

"Codes, eleven years of living here, with no candy shops, the biggest expense we have had is the replacement of a couple of school uniforms and food. We feel we can do this. Besides Barry's a stock market wiz," he laughed.

Barry added, "Mike your dream is our dream. We will go with whatever you think, but please consider the offer, separate the cattle from the tours."

Poor Mike had tears in his eyes by this stage and he grabbed Peter and hugged him.

"Look after my four legged friends mate, it's a deal," Mike said.

"So have you got any good market tips Barry?" Dan asked.

Well the first official meeting of the partnership was held in John's conference room. John, Matt, Dan, Tom, Jamie and Larry were the ones running this show. The concrete foundations had been laid and the works started and it will be six months before its fully operational. The boys tried forever to talk me into joining them but I thought I had enough to do. I just want my Dan to be happy and of course now the babies are here, I really don't have time to be tied up in anymore businesses. The paperwork was done, business was voted on and a plan was set. They were like a group of excited kids except for our Johnno who is very professional at his job. Jamie was bitching about the build manager wanting to change his plans a bit just to accommodate a generator for power blackouts so we got that sorted. Then Tom was asking if we had anyone in mind for the coffee shop. It still hadn't been rented and Debs had refused the offer. She was going to be busy in the camp kitchens at the farm.

"Squirt do you know anyone?"

"Maybe Matt, I've had a bit of a talk to Gloria Jeans and they are interested in getting into the area but as you know, their stores are franchised out so it's a bit of a process. I'm very certain someone will take the area so that's about all that's left of my ideas except expanding the shops to twenty, somewhere along the line."

"Twenty?"Jamie said.

"Yes, James, and within two years maybe forty.Why would I tell you not to build a car park at the north end.That land abuts the start of the local shops, and factory outlets do very well Jamie, they bring in customers," I assured him.

On the way home Dan and I talked about how excited we were to see this all happening and couldn't wait for the grand opening. My boys had decided on staff and Mike had signed the contract for the tour desk. Rory, Will and I would take three shops and Adam would take another. A cleaning company was signed up and security was organized. The local news agent had made some inquiries on another shop and I'm quite sure someone will start a coffee shop.

Will, Tim and Donny were home playing with the babies.They were trying to teach them numbers but they were more interested in the pirate cave tent and wanted to get back to playing.

Of course they won.

"What are we doing for their birthdays Codes?" Dan asked.

"Well it's next week but I have some appointments to go to so maybe these three can help. Just the usual crowd and I'm thinking maybe McDonalds," I mused.

That started the ball rolling for their big day, we would have just us, and on the weekend it will be a kiddies and parents party.

Sitting on the porch that night I held Dan while he sat in my lap. I was stroking his hair and running my hand over his lightly hairy chest when he looked up at me and said with a smile,

"Gloria Jeans franchise eh Codes?"

I stared into his eyes and replied,

"No baby but your very close, there are too many restrictions on the franchise."

"Cody Mitchel's coffee and cake?"

I smiled.


"Ah, thought so."

He's a very clever man I have here; nothing gets passed him, especially if it concerns me.

"Cameron needs work, he's from the country and out of school. He's worked in coffee shops since he's been walking and he's perfect for the look I want as a manager."

"How do you even know this, Codes?"Dan asked.

"Oh forget it, I don't even want to know."

"Did you notice me talking to Margo on the way to the farm?"

"Sort of," he replied.

"Cameron worked for her and he's from around there. I thought I recognized him from somewhere, and he comes highly recommended, he's her son," I said.

I had put the three kids in charge of the party and organized the charity to bring their small children over. We rented the mobile homes out for family and friends and it was an awesome, beautiful day. Pony rides, jumping castle, clowns, swings and slides and a big delivery from McDonalds. Jamie and Luke made pizzas for the adults and they were run off their feet until Jamie's parents arrived and Gino pitched in to help. He had passed his degree in engineering and was working for a big construction company. His life was so different nowadays with three girls and a beautiful Italian wife with dark brown eyes. Maria and Stefano were very proud grand parents and the girls were spoilt rotten. Maria was surrounded by kids and loved it and so were Dan's mum and dad with little James and DD and now Conner and Codes. My guess is she's already got the horse side of things sorted when they are old enough.

"Well mum have you decided where you are going to put the horses?"

She laughed, "In the barn already Squirt."

"Okay Mum, but any sign of you spoiling them, and all bets are off." I giggled.

Another triumph with the cake, two Tweety Pie cakes complete with Sylvester shaped into hearts and wedged together, awesome job Rory and Bobby.I did notice two little footballs hidden in the icing.

"We will see Bobby," I arched an eyebrow.

"See what Codes?" he smirked.

I moved in between Dan and Larry, and whispered in his ear, so he went and had a look then came back beaming with pride. Larry asked what was up.

Dan said, "Two more stars for the team Larry."

He looked at Dan like he was some crazy person.

The babies had a wonderful time and by two thirty the house looked like a nursery. There were sleeping bags everywhere. Mike had brought some from the farm and set them all up in the big bedroom and lounge while Luke and Jamie stayed close by in case one of the kids needed a cuddle.

I spoke to Maria and Stephano and she was so over the moon with the girls.They were her pride and joy. Then I mentioned the gourmet pizza shop to them and handed a prospectus to him.

"Just look it over Stephano, no pressure, I think Jamie's got some new ones he's tried," I winked. Jamie could manage that shop for them easily. It doesn't mean he would work there but hey, it's about family and Maria needs the extra cash for her beautiful girls.

I have no idea where all these presents came from but the babies had a great time opening them. A lot didn't even have cards on them and me thinks Dan went a little overboard that day.

The coach told me Shaun was a lot better and they were flying out to see him next week. He had finally admitted he was gay and while he was struggling with it and tried so hard to hide it. He lost the fight when he met his cousin's best mate who took his breath away. The coach was happy with that. He was also happy with the sports store manager's job Dan and the boys had offered him.

We were so tired when we hit our pillows; the boys had done a great job that day.


"Yes Dan."

"Codes, do you think Bobby's right?"

"Yes Dan, right."

"It would be so cool Codes."

"Yes Dan, cool."

"They are a bit young to start training though Codes."

"Yes Dan, young."

"Cody's so small though."

"Yes Dan, small."

"I love you Cody."

"Yes Dan, love you."

I was asleep in no time.

Somehow in the night I ended up using Dan's six pack for a pillow, it was so nice.

The lawyer's letter arrived that week while I was organizing my coffee shop. Dan called in a big panic and tried to read it to me over the phone. He was so confused. I started for home hoping he had done nothing and was calming down. I have waited so long for this.

It was a solicitor's letter stating Steve's parents have filed for custody and would be seeking the contents of his entire estate.

The cover note said, 'Is this what you were expecting Mr. Mitchell?' written on it. I smiled then I couldn't stop laughing, I had been expecting this for months now but Dan was so worried about it.

I rang my lawyer and told him it was a big yes from us.

Dan just looked at me while I faxed the cover letter I had signed to Mr. Jamison who handled Steve's estate.

"I told him to go ahead and release Steve's estate to them, if they signed a statuary declaration by a magistrate, that they won't pursue the kids claim."

Dan thought I had gone mad and the look on his face was priceless.

I laughed more as my gorgeous son and his even more gorgeous boyfriend came in. Dan showed them the letter.

"Dad what's wrong? They are going to take my brothers away, this is awful dad," Tim whined.

I could see tears erupting.

"No, no, no son, no, they are not getting the babies, calm down, dad has it sorted."

"Cody what the fuck is happening?" Dan grabbed me by the shoulders and by this time I was crying tears of joy.

"Dan I've got them, I've finally got them.Oh fuck Dan wishes do come true. I was praying they would do this.They can have Steve's estate but they won't get his babies."

"What the fuck?" Donny yelled.

"Donny," I said through my total elation.

"Sorry Codes," he giggled back, my laugh was infectious.

"Dan, I'm prepared to agree to them having his estate. God, he got clever when he dried out.He knew this would happen Dan."

"Knew what? This is serious Codes," Dan pleaded.

"Steve, he knew his parents would come after his money. I told you they don't want the kids, they will cost them money," I said.

"Cody," Dan shouted.

"Don't shout Dan, we can all hear you," I laughed.

"Dan, before Steve died he took a cash loan out against his MasterCard to the tune of twenty five thousand dollars which he took out of his account in cash, get it?" I wiggled my eyebrows.

"No," he said rather abruptly.

"Well, the estate is responsible for paying that debt off and his funeral expenses which he borrowed more cash for from his Visa, much the same amount."

Dan wasn't amused but Tim got it.

"Brilliant dad," he said.

"Thank you son and that is how it's done properly my boy," I wiggled at him.

"Cody please, this is doing my head in."

I smiled at Dan.

"Baby, getting the Stat Dec from a magistrate is just a formality, no one can take our babies."

I continued,

"But letting them have Steve's estate is just short of fucking awesome." I looked at Donny who blushed.

"I have been paying the interest on those cards in the hope they would try this. They are so dumb. Steve's estate consists of the old furniture we put into the container, that's why I kept it, a bank account with two dollars in it, two credit card accounts with over fifty thousand dollars owing on them and the interest I have been paying must be reimbursed. He had nothing but some cash that is in the kid's accounts, but the estate never mentioned it.It mentioned an envelope of papers to be handed to his children. Nobody knows what was in that envelope. Get it?"

Dan took awhile but he did get it.

"God, Codes, he knew they would come after it, he knew."

"Dan this is so cool.They will be in debt for the rest of their miserable lives. We will have the broken old furniture delivered to them and they even have to pay for that out of the estate. They don't get the envelope but if they insist, I will put one in the post with some old papers in it, newspapers honey, newspapers." I couldn't stop laughing, there was no doubt Steve knew this would happen.

"That's why he wanted us to have his boys, he wanted to repay us Dan, awesome."

The joy I saw in Dan's eyes was priceless. He jumped up and did an air fist.

Celebrations went until late that night, everyone was hyped up and it only took two days for our lawyer to receive the acceptance and Statuary Declaration. We arranged a time to hand it over and Steve's parents had to have their solicitor there also. We loaded up a hired tray truck with Steve's old furniture and the boys helped me dump it on his parent's front porch, it really wasn't worth anything.

When his mother answered the door with a smirk on her face, I took great pleasure along with Mr. Jamison who had to get their signatures, in handing over the rather large estate.

His father quickly opened it but I had already started to walk back to the car, doing the happy dance. Mr. Jamison was explaining the estate to them as Dan honked the horn and we left.

My high was awesome as I pulled off my man's rather large red cock. I laughed all the way through trying to pleasure him and he wasn't much better, so we gave up.

"Codes I'm so happy."

"Me too Dan, the boys get a good start in life and I got my revenge."

"And I got one happy lover," he grinned.

"That you have Dan, that you have," I said as I smelled handsome man's armpit.

"Thank you Steve," I whispered.

"What Codes?"

"Nothing Dan," I replied.

I rang Mr. Jamison the next day and he was laughing while he told me Steve's father went ballistic. He started laying into his wife blaming her for all this. The cops were called and he was charged with assault and battery. I couldn't stop laughing and I asked him to let me know when the court case comes up, I wanted to go to support them. I told Dan and we giggled most of the day,especially every time our eyes met.

In the afternoon Dan disappeared. I was doing the final touches to a few designs I had come up with and the boys were sitting on the floor, near Bobby, playing with their Legos. He was drawing the scene and later he would paint it so I asked if I could buy it, when it's finished, and he said,

"No Cody, it's for Dan."

"Oh," I replied and left it at that.

"Bobby, how are things with Will being there, are you coping?"

"Sure Codes, he's a great kid and we love him to death. Rory wants to adopt him, but I think Karen would have something to say about that."

"So have you found a college for him?"

"Yes Codes, he's enrolled at the Brisbane school of arts where he can do his design course. Rory is looking at property tomorrow," he mused.

"Well that's the school Tim's enrolled in and he's starting just after Christmas."

"Yes we know Codes, that's why we are sending Will there too, some company and a familiar face."

"Well tell Rory to hold off on the property search, maybe the three of them might like to share," I suggested.

I included Donny because there's no way he will let Tim live in the city without him. He would only have a short commute to work from there as it's not that far away.

"Sure Codes, I thought that might be the case," he giggled.

Dan came in, he had been hours and I was intrigued.

"Bob can you watch the boys for a minute, I want to talk with Dan."

"Sure Codes, they will be fine, have fun," he winked.

"Where you been babe?"

"Had something to do honey bun, something I've been waiting years to do but had to put it off till now."

"What's that hunky man?"I was putting him in the mood.

"Just wait pretty boy, wait here."

He walked off to the bedroom and shut the door.

After five minutes he re-appeared in a pair of electric orange speedos, I went limp all over.

"Wow and fucking wow Dan, they are beautiful," I said.

He strutted over to me.

"Take my tank top off Codes."

"You bet I will."

I did, then saw it, over his right nipple were scripted words, I read, 'Family First' followed by our names underneath.

"Dan it's so beautiful, I love it."

"I've waited years to have this done Codes, now our boys are here it felt right."

"I love it baby, fucking love it," I licked his nipple.

"Umm, Squirt you can kiss me now."


We ended up having a quickie and it was awesome. The tattoo fitted Dan like a glove, and so did the speedos.

He put on some shorts and looked even hotter. Everyone saw it and loved it. Later, I helped put some ointment on it and covered it, just to be careful.

"It happens Tuesday Codes, I'm a bit worried it won't work."

"It will Dan, your surgeon is the best and the good thing is you will only have one night in hospital," I added.

"I understand your concerns Dan but it will be all right. They are only going to do a repair to the ankle and it's small so hopefully there won't be any more pain. Don't think I don't know you're in more pain than you let on. I've always known that Dan," I said.

"Your right Codes, as usual, I guess I'm just a little concerned that's all."

"Well put your mind at ease.If I thought for one second it wouldn't work I wouldn't let you do it."

"Kiss me," he said.

"Of course my handsome man."

Willz range was flying out the door and Will was on top of the world.

Karen and Rory were over for afternoon tea and we were going to discuss apartments for the boys to rent in the city. Something close to the college and Karen thought Will ought to buy a small unit but if so; there probably wouldn't be any room for the others. Considering the money he had to play with, he really wasn't in the big league just yet, but getting closer every month.

"Why don't we just cut to the chase Codes," Rory suggested.

Karen looked confused.

"And don't play the 'What do you mean Rory' card." He mimicked me.

I put three sets of keys on the table with cards that had the address on them.

"There sorted," I said.

"More coffee Karen?"

They were the keys to Dan's penthouse apartment in town. I will take the boys shopping next week, after Dan's operation, to get new furniture. The stuff in there was old now, it was Dan's stuff he had in his old apartment so many moments ago.

"Yes please Cody, do I need to ask?" Karen said.

"Not really Karen but I will tell you anyway,"I smirked at Rory.

"Dan owns the apartment. It's a four bedroom penthouse in the heart of Brisbane and there's no rent but they will have to pay the outgoings, gas, phone, food and such. Dan and I will continue to pay the body corporate fees.

It's a secure block with a security guard at night so the boys will be perfectly safe. You can stay anytime you like and of course we will also."

The boys were chuffed and of course Donny and Tim have both stayed there several times so they know the area and it's only a short walk from the arts college.

I took Dan into the hospital and admitted him, then got him ready for his operation. I waited until they prepped him and dosed him full of drugs then they wheeled him off to the theatre, it was only an hour's surgery. Tim, Donny, Trent and Luke were with me. I wasn't nervous because it was done ten times a week but when the doctor told Luke it was successful, I let my breath out. I'm glad that is over and no; I wasn't worried, oh, maybe a little bit.

We got to see him for an hour later on but he was too drugged up to make much sense so I left him there regrettably.

During the night he rang me seven times; he was wide awake all night and was talking to me under the covers so the nurses couldn't hear him.

"Codes I wish I was there with you," he moaned.

"Me too baby, just hang in there, I will come and get you at lunchtime," I said gently.

By the seventh call;

"Cody I really want to come home now."He moaned.

"Will you stop fucking ringing me Dan. I need sleep, don't ring again because I won't pick you up at lunchtime, I will fucking leave you there for a week. Goodnight, I love you," I turned my phone off.

Cody Mitchell, when he's tired gets very irritable and when he washes, dresses and feeds two whiney, tired babies who start to throw their toys around the room, he doesn't get any better.

"Hey you two, go to your room and don't come out until you can behave yourselves," I barked but not loudly, I couldn't go that far.

They gave me such a confused look and grabbed each other crying.

My heart broke; I hate it when kids cry.

I went to say I was sorry but they were too quick, they screamed and escaped down the stairs over to Rory's house.

I watched them from the porch.

I rang Rory and told him to keep them for an hour, then send them home. I tried to explain what was going on but I felt so bad I almost cried into the phone.

Later, sitting on the swing and holding my coffee, I had calmed down somewhat and I certainly had by the time I spied my boys coming back, with Rory holding their hands.

I got a kiss from both of them and they got big hugs. The only bright light that day was when I went to get Dan. He had crutches for a couple of weeks but other than that he was pain free, but that could be the drugs.The kids didn't leave his side all afternoon, they even napped on our bed with him.

I gave them their favourite dinner that evening, nuggets. Donny and Tim had the same and it was beautiful to watch.

I had an early night and the boys slept in Tim's room. Dan tried to get me to snap out of it but all I wanted was a good night's sleep.

He apologized for his stupid antics, I didn't blame him, I just wanted to sleep. I snuggled up to him and his foot was heavily bandaged so it wouldn't be a problem for him.

The morning was a lot better and I was back in the kitchen making boiled eggs and soldiers for my babies. I thought,'why not do the lot', so Dan, Tim, Donny and the kids got them for breakfast today, Jamie and Luke had toast.

I wanted to go to the build to see how it was coming along,as I believe it's nearly completed and then the fit out begins. I loaded the boys and Dan into the car and the babies were asleep by the time we got to the freeway. Dan was animated and looking forward to getting stuck into it. The fit out won't take long, the permits to fill the pool have passed council and it was being filled when we got there. It looked magnificent, all shiny and new and the boys wanted to paddle but it was unsafe for them, surprisingly they didn't argue. Dan just distracted them as he went to find uncle Jamie who was in a makeshift office on site.

He was making changes as they built it, nothing is a given until you get down to actually doing it.

He gave the boys a biscuit each and they decided to sit in the sun by the window while we talked to James.

"Where would you like to go now Dan, we got plenty of time till the kids get home?" I asked.

"I don't know Codes, let's go see Tom at the charity."

"Okay, I haven't seen Connie for ages," I agreed.

We bundled the boys up and drove to the charity offices. Connie has never changed; she is still the same sweet person she was years ago and ready to take over mum's position when Tom leaves. He was a godsend to her when he started, the position had come up and she made Tom take it as she was going through a very tacky divorce and couldn't concentrate.She was on top again now and Tom had done such a good job.

He was excited about the gym and came up with some great ideas to get memberships. He said Trent was working on the website and would have it up and running by the end of the month. He will miss the kids but they are not that far away that he can't visit every other day. He also said he and Trent would like the boys to move into their downstairs for the two months they have left of school. He thought it might be the right time for them to start living full time together. To get comfortable with housework and cooking so they don't make a complete mess out of the apartment. We agreed and said we would talk to them tonight.

As it turned out Tim wouldn't budge. He wanted to be close to his little brothers, as usual poor Donny gave in.

Next on my list was the crèche, the boys needed other kids around them at this age and so off we went to speak to the manager of the one Tim and Donny had gone to. It's in a convenient location and we were glad the same lady was still running it. She was so happy to see us and her first question was,

"Are they like Tim and Donny?" she chuckled.

"Not a thing like them, just two little kids who love their toys," Dan answered.

The boys played, for awhile, with the other kids and they seemed to fit in beautifully. That done, we headed for home where Jamie was in the kitchen making pizzas so that's one thing I didn't have to do.

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