Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 55

Published: 19 Oct 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Another beautiful morning and my Dan has decided, before the boys wake, he would have some of Cody's bum. He had kind of settled down on it for the past month or so but looks like he's back in the race again. He was gently maneuvering me onto my side so he could get a shot at it but in the distance I heard someone screaming,


"What was that Dan?" I got no answer as Dan was already out the bedroom door. I pulled up my underwear and started after him.

"Help!" I heard someone screaming.

Jamie ran past me, Dan was already in the surf and I could see someone through the waves. Jamie, who was not far behind, jumped through the surf and dived in,

Rory and Bobby had run down to help and I heard screaming, a familiar sound but it wasn't coming from the ocean.

Turning towards the house I saw Tim on the porch, he was a mess, just standing there screaming, I ran back to him, jumped up the stairs and held him.

"Tim, what's wrong?"

"Donny," he pointed towards the waves.

"Dear god," I muttered.

Through his violent shaking I managed to wrap a blanket around him, although it was a beautiful sunny morning there was a chill in the air.

My boys dragged Donny out of the water and laid him on the beach, Luke was doing CPR, Tim screamed again, he couldn't move.

Luke moved Donny onto his side and started cleaning his mouth out but there was no movement. Donny's arms were limp and I could see his board up the beach. Dan and Jamie were rubbing his legs.

"Oh dad he's dead, what am I going to do?" Tim cried.

"He's not dead Tim, Uncle Luke will see to that," I said as I tried to be positive.

There's no telling how long he was under the water, it happened so fast. I did see one of his arms stiffen then his legs moved and as Luke sat him up he lurched to one side and spewed into the sand, he's taken in a lot of water.

"He's okay baby, look he's moving."

Tim settled a bit but he was still shaking. I saw Donny get up onto his knees, Jamie was brushing him down and Dan held him up from behind, he was a bit unsteady but seemed okay.

I moved Tim over to the sofa as he was shaking still. I switched on the kettle then I went to check on the babies, not there, so on to Tim's room where they were sound asleep under the covers. I gave them a long look and again prayed for Steve's soul and thanked him for sending them to us.

Donny had taken in a lot of water, he had cramps in his legs and couldn't move them, his early morning surf will cost him dearly I fear.

"You okay baby?" I asked Donny as I took the tray of cups and coffee out to the porch.

"Yes Squirt, I'm okay, just a little shocked how easy and suddenly my legs cramped up, where's Tim?" Don answered.

"On the sofa, take it a little easy, he's had a shock, no telling which way he will react," I cautioned him.

"Oh," Donny breathed deeply.

"Of all the fucking idiotic things to do, you know no one goes in that surf without someone watching, it's the rule, has been for years Donny. I don't know what to think at the moment, get away from me."

Tim got up and went to his bedroom; he came out five minutes later with his running shorts on and took off up the beach towards the bluff.

Donny started after him but I grabbed his arm.

"Let him be for awhile, he's had a shock and needs to be alone for a minute."

We all sat down. Dan and Jamie congratulated themselves and back slapped, Luke looked a bit put out.

"You did good brother, I'm proud of you," I managed to say as I kissed his head. He gave me a half smile.

Tom and Trent came running up the beach, they were both looking like shit.

Trent grabbed Donny into a bear hug and wouldn't let him go, he was checking for any damage. Tom ruffled his hair and grinned with relief. Donny lapped it up as if he had just kicked the winning goal.

Rory and Bobby were spotted walking up the beach hand in hand, Rory's limp has gotten worse as he's grown but nobody noticed anymore, he was in a much better place nowadays.They will get Tim sorted.

Donny was okay, we made toasted cheese and ham sandwiches, then two little boys appeared so he helped me with the toilet and morning wash.

"He's really mad isn't he?" he said as he picked Conner up and gave him a kiss.

"Yep, don't really blame him Don, you scared him shitless," I replied trying not to get too heavy with him.

"Well it was a nice morning and the surf called to me, everything was great until I got the stupid cramps."

"You scared us all Donny, not just Tim," I replied.

"Sorry Codes, it won't happen again," he blushed.

"See that it doesn't son," I kissed his glowing cheeks.

Cody ran over to Dan, who instinctively picked him up and placed him on his knee, he immediately snuggled in to him and was again fast asleep in minutes.

Conner stared at Luke until he clapped his hands then crawled up into his lap. He looked at Jamie with a rather concerned look on his little face, I now know who snores. Again he was asleep in minutes, Luke's finger in his tiny hand.

A little later, Tim, Rory, and Bobby, came walking back and I detected a little laughter coming from them but as they got nearer, I got the feeling Tim wasn't going to let this go so easily.

Donny pulled him into a hug and apologized. Tim held his finger up and said,

"It won't happen again, will it?"

"No," a very red Donny said.


"I promise," he replied.


"I apologize Timmy."

Tim swept his arm over us pointing.


"I'm sorry everyone, thank you for the help, it won't happen again."

"Good, now can you make me some eggs on toast, maybe dad would like some too while your there. You scared him witless."

Donny scooted off; he got out of that one lightly. Tim winked at me.

I sat with Luke who was still a bit quiet; Conner was dozing on his lap.

"Everyone thinks I'm a hard ass Codes, it's my training. I have to be unemotional but this one gave me a fright, friends and children are worst."

"I know Luke, if you want to let it out, I'll take Conner."

"No, it's okay Codes, just another day at the office, at least he's all right now. I don't see any problems except for Tim," he giggled.

"Well it was a silly thing to do, those waves are fierce this morning but look on the bright side, I get extra time with you." I nestled into his shoulder, and stroked Conner's head.

"We need to get these little guys swimming lessons. I suppose as soon as the new pool is finished at the gym," I mused.

"Good idea Codes and at the same time take them to a dentist. Just to get their teeth checked so they will get used to going there, it can be frightening at an older age," he replied.

I went inside to settle our bed and have a quick shower, within seconds Dan was beside me.

"Now where were we?" he nuzzled into my ear.

"I think you were about to give my ass a bit of a thrill Dan," I replied. So he proceeded to rub his mantoy up and down my crack, then I heard him spit and the most wonderful feeling came over me. We stayed like that for ages, Dan, not wanting to move and me loving the sensations.

When we finally emerged, the boys were still sitting on the porch. Donny had his arm around Luke's shoulders and was talking quietly to him and Luke was smiling and nodding his head.

Conner was now on Bobby's knee and Cody was with Jamie. I felt so old watching them but I wouldn't change a thing. My man was standing at the railing watching Tim as he rescued Donny's board. Then he threw it up the side of the house and walked back up the stairs. Dan grabbed him and turned him around, his arm around his waist, he kissed his head and Tim folded into him. By instinct Dan's fingers moved beckoning me over and I took the other side, I felt safe and loved.

Everyone started to go their own way. Bobby headed for his studio and Rory to their house. Luke had some hospital calls to make and Jamie went with him for the day. Donny and Tim walked Tom and Trent home and they stayed there most of the day. Trent was showing Tim the new website he had also created, one for him to put his photography on.

That left Dan, me and the boys.We bathed them and dressed for the day.They were quite happy to watch the cartoon channel and Dan was happy to sit with them. He got a call around lunchtime from his agent. They talked for some time and Dan didn't look happy when he hung up.

He brooded around for awhile and kept looking at me.

"Okay, what's up?" I finally asked.

"Nothing Squirt."

"Oh, the old nothing Dan, I remember him."

He smiled.

"Codes can we talk?" he finally asked.

"Of course Dan."

"My agent wants me to do a series of tourism ads for the Government.There will be about six different ones, filmed all over Australia. The money is excellent and I thought I would transfer it into the little guys' accounts when I get paid."

"Sounds great to me Dan, I will match it, just like we did with Tim, so why the long face?" I asked.

"Well it means I will be away for a month or so Codes.That's a month out of our boys' lives and a month away from you. I don't think I can do that," he sighed.

"Well the gym doesn't open for another two months.The boys have playschool and I am busy with Will's stuff but maybe we can meet somewhere on the weekends. You should get your agent to email you the itinerary and we can go from there.It's a good opportunity for you baby.They will be seen all over the world."

"Will you bring the boys or leave them here?"

"Try keeping them home Dan, of course they will come with me. They will miss you and you can talk on the phone every night just push this number anytime, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Call him back and get the Itinerary first," I suggested.

We sat on the sofa kissing and touching, Dan was very attentive but when four little eyes started looking at us like we were mad, we straightened ourselves up and I went and made some lunch, winking at Dan, I mouthed,

"Later Dan." My crack was showing, Dan groaned.

He rang his agent back and then went to look at the build while I had some work to do with Will and Rory.

I think Will deliberately hid a lot of stuff from us, which isn't what we wanted. Hell we had made a fortune out of our designs; we weren't going to make him think he couldn't grow. We knew we would struggle at some stage because the fashion world is fickle and we were just so grateful we had such a long run. I'm not saying we are losing a lot of sales because of Will. If it wasn't his line it would be someone else.

So that afternoon we handed back his revamped styles and I said to him,

"Okay, now Will, I want your evening wear and underwear designs on this table within ten minutes." We had given him ample time to produce the drawings but they hadn't appeared. He wouldn't be a designer if he didn't have any stored away.

"I don't have any Codes, it's not my style," he said and blushed.

Rory said, "You got ten minutes son, now go get em," he giggled.

"Okay dad," he smirked.

They were wonderful; it was like opening an Aladdin's cave. We sat and looked through a hundred and fifty drawings. I put aside the Armani ones, both Rory and I decided years ago they got first choice; it was our 'thank you' for giving us the opportunity to do our jobs.The rest we started sorting into sections.

"The underwear, where is it?" Rory growled and snapped his fingers.

"Oh enough men, I've got enough out there," he pleaded.

"Get em," Rory again growled.

"Do you want the swimwear, bridal and high end vamp?" he asked quietly.

"Get everything; this is going to be another long night Code. If I have to turn his room upside down I will fish out the lot while he's at school."

"Okay, okay, I'll get it all."

The stack was mindboggling, what has this kid done?

"Please don't pick a lot Cody, the evening wear is your thing, and underwear seems to be Uncle Rory's thing. I am happy with what I have to put out there," he said.

"No Will, we have both made a small fortune out of our designs and before you even came on the scene we had decided we would give young designers the same chances we had. Don't feel bad Will, the fact you're a great kid helps but doesn't define how we feel about your art," I replied.

He smiled then went back to his room.

"How's school going for him Rory?" I asked.

"Really good Codes, his grades are up and his confidence has returned. He's a great kid and we love him so much. You know he insists we check that his room is clean and his homework done and to tell him when it's time to go to bed, because that's what his mum and dad did and he says that's the way it should be, so I don't think we will have any worries from him," Rory smiled.

Walking back I spotted Dan and the kids playing in the sand, so I stopped and joined in. We played for an hour but then my boys were looking a bit tired so we put them down for a nap.

Dan went off to look at the new building and I headed for the studio. I started sorting through Will's drawings, acquiring eight for Armani; I tweaked a few and sent them off to Jacques. My eyes were tired by the time I finished looking through them. Something wasn't quite right with some of them and I couldn't put my finger on it. The baby monitor warned me the boys were stirring so I will have to go and get them sorted and I'll come back to the drawings later. I took the ones that bothered me inside and left them on the bench then I went and checked the boys were okay. One was already on the toilet chuckling and the other was holding his wee wee and waiting for it. I grabbed him and headed for the other bathroom. Dan arrived just in time and he was happy with the way things were going with the shopping center. The boys were watching us and after their cartoons and drinking juice.

"What are these Codes?" Dan was looking through Will's designs.

"Will's drawings, Dan, there are something about them that's wrong. I can't put my finger on it so I will have a good look tonight. Maybe I just looked at too many of them today and they are starting to all look the same," I replied.

"Oh okay," he replied.

Later in the day while I was cooking dinner he said,

"I'm going over to talk to Bobby about something, do you want me to take the drawings over to Rory? Maybe he can see what you can't?"

"Sure Dan, is everything all right?" I replied.

"Yes Codes, I need to see Bobby because of this tourist thing. The producers are looking for typical Aussie locations and I thought Bob might just know some that are different to the standard ones.My agent rang for me to ask him," he answered.

"Okay baby, dinner's an hour away, why don't you ask them over but its just pasta."

"Sure Codes."

With that he started down the stairs; the boys began to moan, so he waited for them to catch up, and they walked off, hand in hand, to Rory's.

The six of them came over about an hour later and they seemed to be a bit quiet. Will handed back the drawings and I put them on the bench for later.

"Rory did you see the problem?" I asked.

"Yes Codes, Will has fixed it now, he was repeating the same necklines, all good," he replied.

No that wasn't it, that's the first thing I would have noticed. I picked up the first design and saw Will had redrawn it, the problem was solved, I saw nothing wrong but it still bothered me. Serving dinner was a mammoth task but everyone pitched in, Jamie improved the taste by adding his special herb mix, hey I'm no cook, all right? We all sat outside and ate. Dan opened a bottle of wine but I refused a glass because my stomach was in my chest and I felt something was terribly wrong.

For no reason at all I started tearing up, I got the weepies but I still didn't know why. Dan spotted it first.

"What's up Codes, you not feeling well?' he asked.

"Don't know Dan, I just felt cold and now there must be thousands of butterfly's in my tummy, maybe I'm getting a flu but I can't shake this feeling that something's wrong."

Luke was onto me fast, he took my blood pressure, temperature, and listened to my heart, but nothing was out of order.

"Just a moment Codes, that's all, we all have them," Luke said as he gave me one of his gorgeous smiles.

I noticed Dan over on the swing talking to Jamie quietly. He was red in the face and his fist was opening and closing, my second sign something was amiss.

That night the boys had a sleepover and after settling them into Luke and Jamie's bed, Dan disappeared while I gave them a last hug and went upstairs.

I could smell candles and of course they were in my bedroom with that handsome man who was wearing his kilt. He looked more gorgeous in that lighting so I was out of my jeans in no time, slipped into my jock and then I was in his arms.

I went to work on him but I didn't know where to start first; so I thought why not start at the bottom and finish at the top. So I started at his toes and ran my tongue up to his legs and then to his balls. He was moaning quite loudly while I rimmed him so I started on his cock then ended up on the tip running my tongue around inside his foreskin.His lube was running free, his legs everywhere, they stretched and cracked, then I heard a gasp and he filled my mouth and the afterglow said it all.

"Codes I love you so much, you are the most precious thing I have, only you can make me feel this way, only you."

I kissed his beautiful pink lips and said,

"Like you have something to compare me with?" I lifted an eyebrow, but it wasn't very good, he does it better.

"You know what I mean Codes, don't spoil my moment," he whispered.

"Sorry baby, only kidding," I replied.

"Well there was this Surfer Dude once that nearly came close to you, but I decided you're better."

"That's okay Dan, surfer dudes are so superficial, so into themselves."

"Codes what can I do for you tonight, I want to make you feel like I do."

"You already have Dan so let's just cuddle."

"I came when you did, been awhile since that's happened."

We moved into each other, perfect fit, my nose smelling his slightly hairy chest and his hand stroking my neck then peacefully I slipped off to sleep.

During the night I got legs shoved between my thighs, my neck being thoroughly licked and kissed.

"Codes you awake?"

"What now Dan?" My cock was hard.

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes Dan, it was lovely." I started humping his leg, and yes, moaning.

"I loved it when you rimmed me, I can still feel it."He washed my mouth out with his tongue.

"That's nice Dan," I squirmed.

"Codes do you want to put your underwear on?"

"Why baby?"

"I just want to hold you with them on," he nuzzled my neck.


"Codes I love you."



"I heard the boys crying so they will be here soon."


I put my hand on his iron ass.

"Oh shit, they snored, where's my underwear Dan?"

He held them up and was grinning from ear to ear; I snatched them putting them on as quickly as I could.

Sure enough, two tired, whiney boys climbed into bed with us and they were asleep in minutes.

"How's your boner now Squirt?"


Of course there were giggles, what else would he do?

I noticed Conner's eyes open slightly and he smiled at me.

I breathed them both in. Dan shook for ages.

I woke with a start, something was very wrong so I thought I would talk to Bobby about it this morning.

While I was getting breakfast Tim came up the stairs, he looked good and was smiling like he had just been to see Santa.

"Good morning baby, did you both sleep well?"

"Morning dad, Donny will be here soon, he's running." They had slept over at Donny's place.

I heard a moan.

"Want to get that for me?" It was little Cody, he heard Tim's voice and wanted up.

He went and organized his morning toilet and wash while making sure he brushed his teeth. One thing I can say about Steve, he looked after his boys beautifully, their teeth were perfect, but unfortunately they were only their first ones.

Steve, I thought to myself, my horror was back, I grabbed Will's drawings but the neckline hadn't been changed but the face had been altered.

"Dad, what's wrong?" I heard Tim's voice.

I gave him a blank stare.

It wasn't Steve's face; it was Stewart's; that asshole that did more damage to Dan and I than Steve ever did. It was Stewart's face I was looking at yesterday, my head ached and I panicked. Luke, he nearly killed you, why Stewart, Will? Why would you draw his face? I haven't heard a thing about him since he was committed.

"Dad?" it was Donny talking to me while Tim had hold of Cody. I ran and I ran and I ran, trying to put mileage between my family and me. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I wailed into the wind and screamed, "not again, my Dan isn't responsible for what happened, he wasn't, but I was, I let it happen.I made Dan's beautiful life a misery for a long time, it was all my fault." Then I dropped.

Donny was talking to someone but I could barely make out the words then I heard Dan's raised voice.

"Over my fucking dead body," he said slamming the bedroom door behind him.

I felt the bed move and two strong arms move around me, he was sniffing like a little lost boy.

I turned around and held him.

"I'm sorry Dan, so very sorry."

I slept.

It was nighttime before I crawled out of bed and into the shower. Dan wasn't with me but he was up by the time I finished.

"He's not in our lives Codes, he can't hurt us unless we let him," Dan muttered.

"He is Dan, he's back.How the hell does Will know him?" I asked calmly.

"He's not back Cody, he's the agricultural teacher at Will's old school. He lives in Buderim with his partner, male of course. Will just drew his face on the designs; he didn't know Stewart was someone we knew. Donny wants to go and see him but I want it left alone; and I fucking want you to stop blaming yourself.It was my fault too and if you ever, ever start feeling guilty again, I promise you Cody Mitchell, I will walk out that door and never come back, because I will not go through that shit again." He was pissed off.

I snapped my head up and looked at my god of a man.Tears threatened, but I caught them in time.

"Got it?" he added.

"Got it Dan," I replied.

"Now mother, your boys need a hug, starting with me."

"It was just a shock Luke. I was staring at the drawings, straight into his face, and I didn't see it until Will had changed it. Then I still saw it, just weirded me out that's all, another Cody Mitchell moment," I breathed out heavily.

"Well, I want you to go get some tests done just to be sure Codes."

"Okay Luke, just in case."

It was left at that and it was the last time we mentioned Stewart and the last time we had any news on him. I thought of the turmoil his parents went through and wondered if he was okay nowadays. Will said he seemed normal, he even helped him by making sure he was never alone in the gardens. He liked him and had met his partner; he also said his friend looked a lot like me.

"Do you want to go over this Itinerary with me Codes?'

"Okay Dan, what's our plan of action?" I smiled.

"Bobby's recommended our beach for one shoot, with us all in speedos, of course," he grinned and wiggled his eyebrows.

"The farm, to do a couple more, forest, lake and cattle, and then some camp spots that backpackers use."

"Sounds like a plan coming up Dan," I giggled.

"Maybe a caravan built for four and a road trip then you all can come with me," he smiled.

"Sounds perfect, I'll get onto it tomorrow."

We made love beautifully that night. My fears quashed and the moment forgotten.

"Squirt, you awake?"

"I am now Dan." It was late.

"Squirt, you know I wouldn't leave,"he whispered.

"I know because you would miss me and the boys Dan."

"True, but I hope you know I would never do that."

"I know Dan, go to sleep, enough said."

I rolled over and he folded me in.

I waited and waited until it got the better of me.

"No, I would never leave you either," I said.

"That's okay Squirt, I already know that."

Then he said,

"You couldn't exist without my big cock anyway." Of course he laughed. I let him get away with that one, because I knew it to be true.

"Goodnight Dan, I love you."

"Goodnight Codes, can I get one of your awesome head jobs off you now?"

I smiled.

"Sure Dan."

The End. Or maybe not. LOL

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