Castle Roland


Published: 8 Apr 14

It's been two years. Two long, wonderful years of work. But at last, at long last, it is done.

Thank you to all those who helped with this project, be you editor, beta reader, or webmaster. It's been a long labor, but a labor of love. Though this is a very dark story, easily likened to a Shakespearean tragedy, I hope you understand the fundamental message behind the story, and that the sacrifice they made was worth it. Beyond that, I can only think of a quote that sums up the attitude of those involved: "Here I stand. I can do no other."

And beyond that, I owe my readers a thanks as well... without you, this story would be dead words on paper, meaningless. It is your reading that brings it to life, that brings it meaning and purpose.

This tale is over, but the story isn't over. Redemption will see new characters rise to deal with the consequences of this war. Both sides were injured in this battle... but, thankfully, the Light won. The Dark has been dealt a blow it will not soon recover from, and the stories to come will not be nearly so dark, nor will the price to be paid be as high.

But it will still, as always, be paid in blood, sweat, and pain. For that is the way of the Light and the Dark, be it in fiction or in real life.

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