Castle Roland


by Rilbur

On Hold

Dedication and Foreword

Published: 8 Apr 14


To all those who have provided me so much help and assistance... thank you!

Author's Foreword

Hello, and welcome to my "Redemption" Saga. Before you dig on into the story, which I hope you will enjoy immensely, I'd like to say a few things.

This is not simply one story, it is in fact three separate stories that tie together, tightly, as they grow towards a single, unified climax. These stories are set in the same universe as my other story, The Guardians, but several years down the line, so the events which will be told in future chapters of The Guardians have already occurred. However, whether you have read the The Guardians or not, don't worry. While several characters carry over, these stories are separate tales. While reading The Guardians may enrich these tales, and possibly provide you with information you might not otherwise have, you should be able to read these completely separately. What information you need from The Guardians will be provided.

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