Castle Roland

New Beginnings
Book II
Dogs of War

by Roland

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Chapter 2

Published: 26 Mar 15

New Beginnings Book II: Dogs of War

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Dog of War Logo"So what do you think of this place?" Logan asked as he stepped up next to Adam. Adam had been standing on the beach of the place they came to in Bermuda, thinking. It was a small peninsula and possibly perfect for what he was thinking about.

"I think it'll work. Mostly though I think I'm pissed." Adam said as he looked over at his lover, who just remained silent, also looking out as the sun started to rise. This was one of the things that Adam loved the most about Logan, he knew when to just let Adam talk. "I'm pissed cause we got brought to this godforsaken place. In the middle of a war that's not our own. I have no idea what's going on at home. No idea how things are going in Russia, and all over the place. Yeah, I didn't like some of the things that the Clan was doing, but dammit they were our family, and we ain't there no more." He took a long moment to sigh as he just looked out over the water.

Finally he spoke again. "But I'm not about to become a whiney little bitch over things. We've dealt with the unknown before, and we've always managed to come out on top. We'll do it again. But DAMMIT! I miss them." Adam refused to allow the tears that were threatening to fall, to actually fall.

"Remember what Timmy said…" Logan started, then continued, with Adam speaking right along with him. "’Sometimes bad things have to happen so good things can.’"

"So… what do we do now?" Logan asked after several seconds of silence.

Adam looked over to Logan with a smile on his face, but not a nice one. "We do what we've always done. We pick ourselves back up, and we go and kick some people's asses."

Logan smiled and chuckled. "Good, cause you have some people worried.” Adam looked at him inquiringly, so Logan just pointed back over his shoulder. Adam turned around and saw everyone standing there watching them. A small group was standing closer to them than the rest. They were what was commonly referred to as the 'Core', or the command group. His brothers and parents.

Adam grinned as he turned back, looking out over the water. "You know, part of me says that we should make them wait and worry." He laughed softly causing Logan to as well. "But frankly, we've got a lot to do. Yeah, we lost some on the last mission… but as always, we either let that stop us, or we use it as fuel. Personally I am ready to start really kicking some ass!" Logan waited for Adam to do something, but he just stood there for several minutes. Again Logan knew something was going on in that mind of his, but Logan wasn't going to look. Even though he knew Adam wouldn't mind, Logan wouldn't do that. Not to mention, in this place, even something as simple as that used up energy. Logan, of all people, wasn't used to how much the small things were costing him to do. Now though, now they all knew it did…. And it cost a lot.

"Did you get everything ready for here?" Adam finally asked.

"What do you mean?" Logan asked somewhat surprised.

"I know you too well Logan, you usually know what I am thinking before I do." There was no accusation in Adam's voice, just a small smile.

Logan smiled himself and nodded. "Yeah. Things should start arriving here later today."

Adam simply nodded, then silently watched the sun rising for several more minutes, before abruptly turning around, and walking away from the beach. When he got close to the small family group he smiled at them. Almost to a person they seemed to relax. He walked up to Janet and hugged her hard. He didn't say a word, he didn't need to, then he moved onto Joe. When he released his father, he took a moment to hug each and everyone of them. When he got to Will, it was the first time he spoke. "How are you doing bro?"

Will shuddered a bit but then nodded. "I'll be okay. But I'll tell you this much. I ain't never flying something that I can’t shoot back with. That was bullshit… having to simply fly defensive. It shook me up… but I'll be fine."

"Good. As soon as Mom says it's okay, I want you back in the air shooting at something." Adam said with a grin.

"YES SIR!" Will said with a grin as he snapped a salute.

Adam chuckled as he moved over to Khan. He took a moment to look at the stump of an arm that ended just at his elbow. He then looked up into his best friend’s eyes. "Thank you." Adam said simply.

Khan didn't need to ask what for. He knew Adam was thanking him for many things, but the biggest one was the sacrifice he made for the Chipmunks and Daileass. "I just did exactly what you would have done." Adam kept looking into Khan's eyes, then nodded. Words were not needed.

He then stepped back from the small group and smiled. "Anyone here wanna do anything other than kicking ass?"

"DO we gotta?" Juan whined out but was grinning.

"Yes we do." Adam said after everyone's laughter died down. "Come on." Adam said as he started to walk towards where everyone else was milling about.

"COOL!" Juan said as he followed after Adam, a skip in his step. "CRY HAVOK!" Juan said loudly… "And let slip the Dogs of War!"

When they reached everyone else, Adam took a moment to look over everyone that was standing there. This was just the UNIT, no one else. These were the people he'd known for years. These were the people that he'd bled beside. These are the people that lost the same family members that he did. These were his family... and they were all looking to him now.

Taking a deep breath he began to speak to them. " We got hurt yesterday. Worse than any time since Montana. We're facing an enemy that is harder than we expected, better trained, frankly, every bit a match for the training we've had. The one thing they do not have, is the heart that this family has."

He paused, and started to pace in front of them. He saw several of them relax, and automatically move to a parade rest stance. This was the Adam they knew, and expected. "We will now call this place home. Not because our base is no longer there, and not because we can't use it. To face this new enemy though, we need to change the way we think. We need to let go of the past, and where we came from. Someday we may figure out how to get home, we will never stop looking. But until that time, this is our home, and we're gonna do what we do best." He paused and grinned his patented grin. "We're gonna take the fight to the enemy. We're gonna kick their asses, and make them KNOW that they've been in a fight with The UNIT!"

"HOOORRRAAAHHH!" They all shouted at once, making Adam's grin grow wider.

"Yeah, that's the UNIT I remember. We've been hurt before, and it only made us stronger. We're hurt again, and again, it will make us stronger. But, before we can fight, we need to prepare." He made a show at looking around the peninsula they were all standing on. "This will become our new home. At least it has better weather than Utah has!" That drew a lot of laughter. "Don't worry, you'll all get to dust off the surfboards. But before then we need to make this place our home. What you guys may not know is this used to be a naval base until Asswood had it decommissioned two years ago. Most of the equipment has been taken out, but the buildings are still here, so we need to figure out what we need. So with that in mind…."

He paused as he looked around the group till he saw Daileass and the Chipmunks standing together. "You four. Take the big mansion over there. That's gonna be the command center." He turned to Janet and Joe. "Mom, Dad, can you take a look and decide where you want to put the medical clinic, as well as any other buildings you guys can think of that we need."

He then turned to Will and Billy. "I need you two to go through those hangers. They look to be in somewhat rough shape, but see if we can use them. Khan, I need you and the other cats to check out the pier. It looks big enough to dock a large ship if needed, but please take a look and see if the pier is still in good condition. Jory, Juan, walk around, and make a plan for defensive measures. I don't know if we'd get attacked here, but why not be prepared if we do. Chang, please see if there is somewhere inside the mansion for a smaller clinic just for us. Get with Mom if you need to. Everyone else, start moving through the barracks. See what we need. Make up some shopping lists, and get them to Simon as soon as you know what we need. I want a full report of what we have, and what we need by noon." As soon as it was clear he was finished, Khan took his normal duty and shouted, "FALL OUT!"

Adam and Logan had been walking up the beach, looking over the outside of the peninsula for about five minutes, without a word being said. Adam looked over and smiled at Logan, before taking the younger boy's hand into his own. "You know, we haven't had any time for just us since we got here."

"Yeah I know." Logan said simply as he squeezed Adam's hand.

"I just wanted you to know, I couldn't do all this without you." Adam said struggling with his emotions.

"Adam, don't. You've never been good at emotions, and I know it. It's part of the reason I love you so much. Your mind tells me more than words ever could." Logan chuckled slightly while keeping his eyes forward. "The fact that you put up with all my weirdness..."

"You mean like the barbecue sauce?" Adam asked with a chuckle, causing Logan's normally pale complexion for go bright red.

"Ummm... Yeah. Like that."

It was Adam's turn to laugh loudly. "Don't worry about it! I actually kinda like it. Now if you had been into whips and chains, well, I might have to reconsider, but..."

Logan turned and slugged Adam in the shoulder causing Adam to laugh again. "Hey it's not like you're the only one with weird fetishes." Adam grew serious. "You seemed to know right away that I needed someone who I could turn command over to. Someone that could command me and let me just be normal. I don't know if I ever told you how much that means to me. To be able to let go of the mantle of command, even if only for a short time. I don't know if I could have done everything I have without it."

"Let's just leave it that we can't ever break up, cause no one else would be able to stand us." Logan said with a grin.

Adam stopped, turned towards Logan and grinned. "Yeah... we'll always be together." He said simply before moving in and taking Logan into his arms.

"Forever." Logan said simply before they kissed passionately. When the kiss broke Logan looked into Adam's eyes. "I don't care if the world ends tonight, it's you, me, and my favorite bottle of barbecue sauce!"

"Sir, yes sir." Adam said, while snapping off a cheeky salute.

Adam and Logan walked the entire perimeter of the peninsula hand in hand, sometimes talking about what they saw, and other times about whatever came to mind. For both of them, the two hour walk brought them closer, and revitalized their spirits. Very few people could understand the bond the two of them had. It went past physical attraction, went past just being in love. They were close friends as well as lovers. They knew the other, sometimes, better than themselves. It truly was a bond forged through hard times as well as good.

The walk helped to bring them back to what they had, physically. Mentally they were linked closer than anyone outside of the Chipmunks. They truly always knew how the other felt about them. No guesses needed. Of course, being able to be close to each other was something they both craved.

When Logan was on the flight to Canada, he knew that the chances of them going back to the UNIT base were slim. That's just how well he knew Adam, and one of the things that Adam loved so much about Logan, his ability to anticipate what Adam was going to do. So Logan had ordered the Amazons, who were now acting as the 'close-in security' for Jack's family, to load their gear, both personal and UNIT, and have it sent here. He also set up the plan for the planes to be offloaded at the airport, loaded onto barges, and brought down here.

They, of course, had to keep the cats and Chase inside the buildings, so they weren't seen, but there was still plenty to do. Adam could only grin when he overheard some of the barge workers talking about how quickly the UNIT kids were working. They obviously didn't know what a motivated group of highly trained kids could actually accomplish.

"You know, any other time I would find this more than a bit funny." They heard someone say. When they turned, they saw Jimmy Horne standing there in civilian clothes. When he saw them looking at him frowning, he grinned. "Watching kids doing the work of men, and doing it better and faster than most of them. I find it kinda funny, and scary at the same time. I may not have seen you guys fight on the ground, but I've heard the stories. Had it not been for what I've seen you guys do, especially the way Will was able to handle the C-5, well let’s just say... I'm a believer." He sighed as he stepped up next to them, and looked out over the two barges that were tied up to the pier, as well as the three that were sitting waiting their turn to be unloaded. After a moment of silence, he turned and looked at both Adam and Logan. "Look... soldier to soldier, you guys are beyond anything I have ever seen. Your training is top notch, and your skills, what little I have seen so far, gives you guys a hell of an edge. I'm past my prime, I couldn't fight the way you guys do, even if I was in my prime. I was a fighter pilot, not a ground pounder. But.. well... I wanted to let you guys know that I will do everything I can to help."

Adam smiled and stuck his hand out. When Jimmy took it, Adam grinned even wider as he spoke. "Welcome aboard Jimmy. We do have some secrets left, and if you will agree to keep those secrets, we would be honored to have you helping us. God knows, we could use it right now."

"What Adam means is, we've been trying to figure out how to best fight this war." Logan said also shaking Jimmy's hand.

The man looked confused for a moment, as he looked around the peninsula, and everyone that was there. "I don't know what you mean. I mean you've got everything you need right now, to be a major pain in the ass for Ashwood. You guys are able to hit hard, and then pull back. Have you guys ever heard of a military legend called Swamp Fox?"

"No..." Adam said after looking at Logan and getting a shake of the head.

"His real name was Francis Marion. During the late 1700s, during the Revolutionary War, he was almost single-handedly responsible for the British being driven out of South Carolina. He was known for his use of nontraditional warfare. Hitting the enemy quickly and brutally. Then disappearing just as quickly, only to strike again somewhere else. He is also known as the father of modern Guerrilla Warfare."

"Sounds like my kinda man." Adam said with a grin.

"That's exactly what I'm trying to say. Use what he taught us. Hit Ashwood's troops hard and fast, then pull back. You kids could get into places unnoticed. You could easily set up ambushes in broad daylight, since no one would expect you. Then you fade back and disappear. Force the enemy to always watch their backs, because they don't know where or when you're gonna hit. Hell if they're watching their backs, they don't got their full attention on the front. Which gives our side a hell of an advantage."

Logan looked at Adam who had almost a star-struck look in his eyes. "Exactly what we were trained for..."

"Yeah... This is gonna be fun." Adam said with a grin.

"So how are we gonna set this all up?" Alvin said to Logan as the five of them stood in the back of the C-130 looking around at all the computer equipment there.

"I'm still trying to figure out how you got all of this." Daileass said.

Logan shrugged. "Wasn't me." They all turned when they heard Theodore start to whistle innocently. "What did you do?" Logan asked him with a grin.

"Wellll... what good is it being good friends with the President if you can't ask for a few things every once in a while!" Theodore said in his cutest eight-year-old voice.

"You didn't?!" Simon said. When Theodore nodded, Simon fell over laughing.

"I can't believe you did that!" Daileass said as he was leaning against one of the crates full of server racks.

"What?" Theodore exclaimed, before he too dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Logan just shook his head. "You guys are nuts." He said before he moved off to a crate he knew very well. It held one of his prized research computers. He gently ran his hand over the top of it before he turned around, the smile gone. Immediately the other four sensed his mood, and sobered up. "I really don't think I'll have much time to do research, at least not for a while. What I am thinking is this. We take one of them and use it in what was going to be the base clinic. Set it up as a clinic for Mom and Brett, giving them the best computer we can give them. The other doctors can work out of there as well. We know that Mom and Brett need to work on the younger boys to see if they can't figure out a way to stabilize their genetics."

He paused and sighed as he moved over to another big crate. "The pico-bot incubation chambers. We need to get them set up and running ASAP. One thing the battle taught me is that we need more of these and quickly. I have a few ideas on how to jump start the breeding, but I need to run them by Adam first. However, I also want to set these up in the clinic."

He broke off to make sure his brothers were keeping up. Then he dropped the real bombshell on them. "My other research computer. I want to set it up in the command center. Daileass, I agree with your feelings on this, so we'll program up a good VI for it, but put the same safeguards against it gaining sentience that we put in Drake. This will give us a real edge here, as well as the other surprises I got coming. For now though, let’s get the one set up in the clinic, then use it to program the new VI for the command center."

"Adam? Chang? Do you have a minute?" They turned around and saw both their parents standing there with a young girl.

"Of course Mother." Chang responded, while Adam nodded, putting down the blueprints they were both going over.

"First I wanted to see how you are both doing." Janet said as she stepped up to them, and ran her tricorder over them both.

"Well, other than feeling like I could eat everything on this island, and then wanting to throw up for even thinking about it, not bad." Adam said with a slight smile.

"I have felt worse." Chang said simply.

"Yeah... like when you were dead." Adam said with a grin.

Chang raised an eyebrow as he turned to Adam, then shocked the hell out of everyone by taking on a British accent. "I was... but I got better."

"Holy shit!" Adam exclaimed, his jaw on his chest. "Did you just hear that? Chang made a joke! And it was fucking funny as HELL!"

Joe just shook his head, while grinning as Janet finished up with her scan. "It seems you two are healing nicely. If you take it easy, you should be good to go on the mission in a couple days."

Both boys nodded while Adam was still chuckling. Janet stepped back, then motioned for the girl to join them. As she was approaching, Adam took a moment to look her over. Blond hair, blue eyes, could almost pass for Logan's sister, almost. "Adam, Chang, I would like for you to both meet Ana. She was one of the ones we picked up after the mission. The rest of them stayed in Canada, but, well, she asked, and we accepted. She is going to join our family."

Adam grinned as he moved in and took the girl in a hug. When he released her, he smiled down at her and said softly. "Welcome to the family." He then looked at Janet and asked in a stage whisper, "You haven't introduced her to Juan yet have you?"

"No...." Janet replied dryly.

"Good, then we have a chance to keep her for a little while. Once she meets Juan though, well she'll probably want to run away."

Adam was trying, Janet had to give him credit for that, but even with his trying, he still wasn't the happy kid she usually knew.

Adam watched from inside the small house as everyone gathered around the crates, and quietly talked amongst themselves. He was about ready to move outside, when Logan stepped up next to him. "You ready for this?"

Adam nodded as he looked Logan up and down. "Nope, but we're gonna do it anyways."

"Yeah. They need this as much as we do." Logan said to which Adam nodded, then he leaned in and quickly kissed Logan then turned, straightened out his uniform, and exited the house, Logan two steps behind him, and to the left.

The Unit quieted down as they saw Adam and Logan walking towards them. By the time Adam jumped up onto the top of the crates, everyone was quiet, waiting to hear what he had to say. He took a second to look around at all of them before he spoke. "We got kicked in the balls on Sunday. We lost eight of our brothers. They will be sorely missed. But each of us knows, when we go into battle, we may not come back." Adam glanced over to the side as he saw several vehicles come up the drive. When they stopped, he saw Admiral Norris, Bucky, and several others climb out, and stand a ways away. Adam nodded to them, then turned back to his troops and spoke again.

"We all know that each and every time we suit up and go out to fight, we may not be coming home. Those eight not only accepted that fact, but they lived it, and they died knowing it. They were our brothers in arms, and will never be forgotten." He paused for a moment, then straightened.

As soon as he did, Khan, who was standing next to the stage spoke loudly. "UNIT! ATTENTION!"

As one, everyone there jumped to attention. It took a moment, but then Adam called out. "Captain Legion Casey! Report for duty!"

Caesar, acting commander of G-Cat Assault Force stepped forward and saluted. Adam nodded to him. Caesar then dropped his salute and spoke. "Sir! It is my duty to report that Captain Legion Casey has fallen in battle. He is now taking up station with our other fallen brothers and sisters as they stand watch over the family here."

Adam nodded fighting back the tears. "So be it." He then turned to Logan. "General Hayes, please remove Captain Legion Casey from the active duty roster. His name will be placed next to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in our fight against those that willfully harm the innocents."

Logan saluted Adam, then held the salute as he spoke. "Sir! Yes sir!"

Adam then turned back to the troops, then called out again. The response was the same. Five of the G-Cat Assault Team had been killed in one fell swoop. By the time Adam called out the fifth and last name, calling for Remus Casey, Caesar was openly crying, as were many others. Yet he never allowed his stance at attention, nor his proper reply, to be halted by his tears. He would not dishonor his fallen brothers like that.

When Caesar stepped back, his job done, Adam moved on to call for the final three UNIT members that had died, Logan replying for the UNIT. He was really struggling at this point, as the tears openly fell down his face. Each time he called out a name, he thought about the person... his brother, his friend. Each and every one of them were family, and he was saying goodbye to them. Yes they were warriors, and this thing was to be expected, but that did not mean it was easy.

After Logan responded for the final time, they heard Juan call out from across the field. Adam and Logan then turned and saluted the Unit Crest that was flying on the flagpole in front of their new command and control facility. As soon as they did, they felt everyone behind them respond to their actions, saluting the embodiment of everything they believed in. A moment later several rifle shots shattered the silence, causing almost everyone to jerk. Exactly three seconds later, a second round of rifle shots were heard. Then finally, a third report filled the air.

What none of the UNIT members knew was that Admiral Norris knew what was happening. As Logan's voice faded and Juan was beginning the first of the three rounds for the twenty-one gun salute, Myers spoke softly into a radio. As the last reports from the twenty-one gun salute echoed across the land, they all heard fighter aircraft come screaming in from the east. When they were right over top, one of the fighters pulled up sharply, performing a perfect missing man formation.

Adam held the salute for several seconds, seeing out of the corner of his eye that Admiral Norris and his group were also saluting, and smiled through his tears. Finally he let it fall, and turned. This was his family, and he would not hide his tears from them.

"UNIT! Parade Rest!" He called out. As one everyone moved to rest, they looked expectantly up at Adam. "Eight of our family passed their duty to those they left behind. We will not allow their sacrifices to be made in vain. We WILL be taking the fight to those that harm the innocents. We WILL be reigning death and destruction down upon our enemies. They may never know who we are, but they will NEVER forget when we strike!"

"UUUURRRRAAAH!" They all called out. Even though there were only a few, the sound they made would strike terror into the souls of their enemies. Thankfully, as far as Adam was concerned, the enemy wasn't close enough to hear. He didn't want to warn them.

Once silence reigned again, Caesar fell out of formation, and moved to stand in front of Adam. With each step he felt as if his heart were being ripped out. Had this not been protocal, he would never have been able to go through with it. The fact that his own tears were mirrored in Adam's helped a lot. He came to attention, and snapped a salute. When Adam returned it, Caesar tried to speak. At first he was not able to, but after clearing his throat, he finally was able to force the words out. "Sir. I regret to inform you that The G-6 Assault Team is no longer able to fulfill our mission." He faltered for a moment, then squared his back, and forced himself to continue. "As a team, we have carried out one thousand four hundred and nineteen missions. We have rescued six hundred and ninety eight people from abusive situations. Stood in judgement of one hundred and sixteen people that have been found guilty of crimes against children." Again he faltered, and not a sound was made as he gathered himself enough to speak again. "I ask that you allow what is left of our team to be absorbed. I also request that no team in the future be given the name G-6 in honor of those that founded the team and made it the legend it was."

Adam nodded his head once then spoke. "So be it. From this day forth, we shall never again have a G-6 Assault Team. Forever will that name be known for the accomplishments of the founding team members."

"Thank you sir." Caesar said as he spun around, and moved to stand in front of the five remaining members of the team. Only four of them actually physically able to continue fighting. "Team! Fall out!" With that order, the four physically fit cats moved to the other two teams. Since this had been co-ordinated, they already knew where to go, and the other teams seamlessly opened up their ranks to allow them in.

For almost a full minute, no one said a word. Adam knew he was next to speak, but he couldn't. At least not yet. Finally though, he was able to force the words to come out. "Now, we need to make changes. With Ronnie's help we have redesigned our uniforms. Over the next few days, you will each find a crate with five new sets. Some how Ronnie was able to find ones to fit everyone from Khan to Chase, so everyone is set up."

"Next, Logan and I sat down and drew up a new ranking system. We will be using the rank insignias of the United States Army, as we will more then likely be working closely with them. The President of the United States has already said that our official ranks will be treated just like those of any other foreign nation. When he declared us a Government in Exile, it gave us certain rights within the US. One of those is that our ranks are recognized. Just like they were back home. However, we also decided that we should have different names for them, since we are not part of the U.S. military. This rank system is based on the lowest rank troop being called a Trooper. Each Strike Team will have Troopers, Senior Troopers, Master Troopers, Command Troopers, Sub Commanders, and Commanders. The leadership will have Senior Commanders, Master Commanders, Sub General, and then finally, myself as the General. You will each find a breakdown of this, as well as the equivalent rank in the crate that you will receive. If you have any questions about this, please speak with either myself or Logan after we are done here."

Adam waited for nods before he continued. "Next. We have five of our Brothers who sustained injuries severe enough to keep them out of the fight for a while. While they may not be able to join us in the battlefield, all of us have been cross trained so that we can perform different jobs as needed. They will now be working in training, as well as helping to staff the command center. Every single one of them is expected to recover, but we do not know how long that will take." Adam paused as he looked out over the injured and sighed. "Okay everyone, get your uniforms, your gear, and get moved into the barracks. I would advise all of you to get what rest that you can, because," He glanced over to where Norris and his group were standing. "if I don't miss my guess, we're going to be heading out on a mission soon."

"ATTENTION!" Khan called out, and again the group snapped to attention and waited.

"UNIT! FALL OUT!" Khan called after a moment. As one the UNIT snapped a salute, held it for a second, then dropped it, and started to gather up the crates that had their names on it. Meanwhile, Adam, Logan, Janet, and Joe went over to speak to the patiently waiting Admiral Norris.

Adam nodded to Norris and thought for a moment before he turned towards where everyone was milling about, looking at the new uniforms, and rank patches. He placed his two fingers in his mouth, letting out a shrill whistle that made everyone stop and turn. "Christina, get the Dragon ready for command and control duties. Grab what staff you need." He then spotted Blake Hayes, the commander of the Black Knights. "Blake, get your team geared up, we're wheels up in fifteen!"

Before Adam could say anything else Janet opened her mouth to speak, but Chang beat her to it. "Adam, neither you, I nor Will are medically fit for duty. I estimate we are only at 50% combat effectiveness. We can not lead this, and Will can not fly."

Adam frowned for a moment thinking quickly. Finally he nodded and smiled. "Yeah you're right. I doubt I could fight my way out of a paper bag right now." He laughed bitterly before nodding. "Fine, you and I will be on the Dragon. SEAL Team 4, the Black Knights, Juan and Jory will be on the Chinook." He waited till both Janet and Chang nodded in agreement before looking around again. "Will, sorry to do this bro, but you're still grounded, I want you coordinating with the Reagan. Find someone to run the Hind for you. Runt, spin up your helicopter, we're going in for a possible hostile action."

Shortly after Adam and crew left to go on their mission, the next grouping of barges pulled up to the pier. Theodore was the first one to notice, since he'd been waiting for them. With a shrill whistle, he called everyone over. "Okay everyone, more of our equipment is here. Let’s get it unloaded. If it is part of the command center, it goes to the mansion. If it's got someones name on it, take it to where they are staying. Remember, the command staff is staying in the mansion. All of the bedrooms should have the names of the occupants on the outside."

Theodore looked around after making sure that everything would be taken care of, and spotted a man he had not been introduced to yet, but everyone in the Unit knew who he was. Turning on the charm that only an eight-year-old blond boy had, he walked over to the man. "Commander Horne?" He asked, causing the man to turn from where he was watching the ship being unloaded, and look at the boy who had silently moved next to him.

"Yes, what can I do for you...." Jimmy said not sure exactly who he was talking to.

"Theodore." He said with a grin. "I'm one of the Chipmunks. Specifically I am the Commander of Procurement Operations." The boy couldn't help but laugh. "That’s the fancy way of saying I'm the kid that gets what we need. That's why I need your help."

Jimmy cocked his head to the side, giving the boy a half grin. "And what exactly is it that you think I can get for you?"

"What the heck is going on there?" The oldest of the three boys asked his younger brothers.

"I don't know Aaric... but they're unloading a lot of stuff." Aaron said as he glanced over to his older brother, while the three of them lay on the ground, hidden by the bushes.

"It don't look like the stuff they were unloading before." Aart, the youngest of the group, at only eight said, then looked towards the seventeen year old Aaric. "Were you supposed to work here?"

"Yeah I was, but I don't know now. With everything going on in America..." He shook his head. "I just don't know."

"What the heck is that?" Aart said as he pointed. The other two gasped in shock as they saw a large cat like figure walking around, carrying a large trunk over one shoulder.

"That would be Caesar." A voice said from behind them, causing all three boys to spin around, jumping to their feet. Immediately Aaric placed himself between the two boys he saw standing there, and his brothers. It didn't register until after he had done it that, both boys were younger than Aaron, or that they were both armed. All he knew was that he was putting himself between danger and his family.

"Who... Who are you guys?" Aaric said slowly, his eyes looking between their faces, and the guns they had strapped to their side.

"I'm Jeremy." The blond haired boy said, "And this is my friend Ronnie." He wanted to laugh at the astonished looks on their faces, but the situation was too serious. Silence ran to the point of being uncomfortable before Jeremy spoke up again. "Okay, so you're gonna make me ask. What are you guys doing here?"

Surprisingly it was the youngest boy that spoke up first. "He works here!" The little boy said pointing to his oldest brother. "He was helping keep the grounds nice... mowing and stuff."

Jeremy looked at Ronnie and smiled. "Hmmm.... Well we could certainly use that sort of help."

"Yeah we could.." Ronnie said, then looked at all three of the boys. "Where do you guys live?"

The three boys looked at each other then back nervously. Aaric was the first one to stutter out. "Ummm.. well we live over there." He said pointing to the land on the other side of the bay.

Both Jeremy and Ronnie frowned a bit, knowing what the boys weren't saying. Ronnie was the first one to speak. "Would I be right in assuming that you guys don't have a home at the moment?"

"How"? Aaron started to ask, but clamped his mouth shut when Aaric glared at him.

"I know because I lived on the streets not that long ago. I know the look, as well as what boys sometimes have to do to survive..." Ronnie was saying when Aaric jumped in.

"I never let them..." he started to say but stopped himself.

"I figured having a big brother, they never had to deal with the more... unpleasant, side of being homeless." Ronnie said with a small smile. "However, you guys need a place to stay, and we need people to help out here. Would you guys be willing?"

"What... what would we have to do?" Aaric asked softly.

"Well," Jeremy took up the talking. "You can keep going on the lawns if you want, and your brothers can help. If you want to do something else, we can look at that too."

"Won't your parents get mad at you?" Aaron asked still not knowing what was going on.

"No they won't." Jeremy replied with a grin. "Things work a bit differently here. Come on, we'll introduce you to everyone else."

"Okay everyone, here's the plan." Adam said as he came over the radio. They were about thirty minutes into the three and a half hour flight to Moores Creek. "First off, call signs. While we need to change them soon, we'll keep the same ones from last mission. Dragon didn't have an Angel call sign, so it'll be will be Angel 3. Billy you are Angel 1. Veny is 5, and Runt is 2. That work for everyone?"

"Angel 1. Copy that Angel 3" Billy said crisply, followed by Veny and Runt.

"Okay, now. The Dragon will stay high and provide situational details, and orders. Billy, when we get there I want you to hang back, and let Veny and Runt make sure the area is clear, before you land with the back gate open towards the building. I want those documents and people loaded as fast as possible. We know Ashwood's people will be looking for them as hard as we are."

"Roger that." Adam heard and then sat back and relaxed. He knew that Eve, Sean, and Logan were working the intel side of things, so he didn't have to worry about that now. Sitting back he closed his eyes, and was soon asleep.

Over in the Chinook, Bucky and his team mates were getting to know the UNIT members. Of course, not being shy, Juan and Jory were the ones doing the most talking. Finally there was a lull in the conversation, as Bucky was looking at Juan. When their eyes met, Bucky spoke, "I heard what you guys are and, hell I met Chase, but. Well. I guess I'm just trying to figure you guys out."

Jory laughed. "There's lots of people who have tried, not many have succeeded." The Black Knights that were nearby laughed along with Jory, Juan, though, stayed serious, his eyes locked with Bucky's.

When Juan spoke his mouth never moved, yet everyone there heard him loud and clear. 'Do you really wanna know who we are?' Bucky's eyes went wide with shock, as a few of his team members moved back, also clearly in shock. 'If you really wanna know about us, there is only one way to do that.'

Even though Bucky was shocked, more so than he'd ever been in his life, he was also curious. Perhaps his curiosity overrode his better judgement, but he couldn't help himself. "How's that?" He asked hesitantly.

'It's simple really.' Juan responded still using his mind speech. 'If you guys really wanna know what it means to be a UNIT member, then you need to know what we went through to become what we are. You need the memories of what we have gone through. To know why we fight the way we do, why we can not stop or be stopped, you have to know us as only we know each other.'

"How the hell can we do that?" One of Bucky's guys, Snoops, said now leaning forward.

'Simple... I share with you most of my memories. Some I can not show you, but those aren't really needed.'

Bucky looked at his team, then back to Juan. After several moments of looking into the boy's eyes, Bucky nodded hesitantly. That’s all it took. If someone was watching that did not know what was happening, all they would have seen was Juan slowly close his eyes, then all ten men of Bucky's team closed theirs. Nothing else happened for almost twenty minutes.

When Juan opened his eyes, he looked at Jory and smiled. "It'll take them a bit longer to process everything."

"That was mean of you, you know." The blond headed boy said with a shake of his head.

"Maybe. But before we left, Logan told me that these guys would probably be working with us often. So he told me that I can share anything that wasn't too personal with them, if they asked. Well they asked, and I didn't feel like having a several day conversation about it. So I cheated." It took a moment, then every UNIT kid in the back broke up laughing. That was so like Juan.

When Bucky finally opened his eyes he looked around at the kids with a newfound respect, and hell, he'd admit it, some awe. While he was searching for words, Squeaks spoke first. "Does this mean that... well you can read my mind?"

Juan sighed and chose his words carefully. "Yes it does, within limitations. I can read your surface thoughts if I wanted to. However to read anything deeper than that, I would have to work at it, and trust me... you'd know."

Jory picked right up where Juan left off. "Also understand, we do not go around reading everyone's thoughts. We only do it when we need to. If we didn't, I'm sure Master Takamura would figure out a way to come here and kick our asses!"

"Ain't that the truth!" Blake said with a giggle. "That's one old man I would NEVER want to piss off."

"Master Takamura taught us something more important that any of the military training we've ever had. He taught us about Honor. Not just Honor towards other people, but also how to Honor ourselves. How to not allow ourselves to go down the road where we could become just as bad as those we fight." Connie, the twelve-year-old medic spoke passionately. "With what we can do, it wouldn't be all that hard for us to become that which we hate the most. People who use power to hurt others."

"But if you wanted to, you can figure out if someone is lying?" One of the other guys asked almost excitedly.

"Yes we could, and can. Mostly it is Logan who does that sort of thing, since he can do things with his mind that we can't even figure out. Such as, everyone that showed up at the base where the President is staying, was scanned to make sure that they were not a threat. He didn't dig into minds unless he had to, but just a simple conversation, with a few innocent questions, was enough for him to tell who was safe and who wasn't." Jory responded.

"Well shit boss, we got us living, breathing, lie detectors." Germs laughed, seemingly completely at ease with the situation.

Ghost then laughed out. "How the fuck do I learn that?"

"That we do." Bucky said with a small smile. "Honestly, I am going to have to think on this a lot. Frankly having telepaths around is weird. It'll take some getting used to."

Juan smiled and nodded. "Yeah, we know. Take the time you need. Hell, I plan on getting in a nap before we get there."

"That sounds like a great idea!" Bucky said as he made himself comfortable in the jump seat. "I think I'll do the same." Of course Bucky didn't sleep at all, his mind was too busy processing all this information, not to mention all the memories, that Juan had shared.

"Angel 1, 2, and 5. Slow up some, Angel 3 is moving forward to get into position." Adam said as they crossed the coastline. After getting their replies, and seeing them back off some, Adam turned towards Christina and Oliver in the cockpit. "Go high and set us up where we can see everything that's going on down there."

"You got it boss!" Christina said, then it was just a waiting game. Unfortunately it is well known that Adam is not the most patient person in the world.

"We're coming into ra... ohhh shit...." Eve said as she stared at the computer in front of her.

"What?" Adam said getting to his feet, with Logan right beside him.

"There's a whole lot of people down there." Eve said as the thermal imaging brought up a wooded area with what looked to be hundreds of people surrounding a small group of buildings.

"Bringing up Audio!" Sean said from his seat.

"Director Reed!" A man in a suit said through a bullhorn. "This is your last chance. We have an entire battalion of infantry troops surrounding you. We know you are in there and that you have illegally stolen several things that the President wants back. Come out with your hands up, and you will not be injured."

"A Full Battalion!" Oliver cried out from the cockpit. "How the hell we gonna deal with that?"

Logan, Eve, Christina, and even Sean started throwing out ideas, however Adam was silent as he watched the screen. Slowly all conversation stopped as people started to look at Adam. After a moment, an evil grin started to spread on his face. "Oh shit..." Logan said quietly. "This ought to be good."

Adam nodded then patted Eve on the shoulder. "Open up a channel to the rest... time for a change of plans."

Tigger looked over at Juan as they were all standing ready at the back of the Chinook. "You're boss is fucking crazy! You know that?"

"Yeah!!!! Ain't it great!" Juan grinned as he checked the magazine in his rifle one last time.

"Angel 3 in place... Angels 2 and 5 begin your run. Angel 1 as soon as the shit starts flying, make your drop and then fuck up as much as you can. Let’s show these ground pounders what real fire power is!"

Less than five seconds later, Runt in the Black Ghost, and Veny in the Hind made their first run. Runt came in from the west, and then broke south around the building, while Veny came in from the east, then went north. Their entire mission was to lay down as much fire into the woodline as they could.

The Chinook had been hovering high enough so the down draft would not have been felt on the ground. As soon as the Hind and the Black Ghost turned off their stealths to make their runs, the Chinook dropped like a rock until it was about fifty feet off the ground. When Billy dropped their stealth, all five guns started to open up, as well as Daileass firing off the rockets and laying down a field of death with the automatic grenade launcher on the front.

"The fucking planet's exploding!" Bucky called out grinning as he dropped the ropes for them to fast rope down to the ground.

"GOD! I've got a massive hard on!" Juan cried out as he, Jory, and more than a few of the Black Knights just jumped out of the back of the Chinook. Bucky shook his head for a moment then rappelled down to the ground. His eyes wide as time seemed to slow for him. All around them, the tree line was being completely destroyed.

When the fast ropers hit the ground, the ones that had jumped already had a perimeter around the main building and were adding to the destruction of the tree line, and all the soldiers waiting inside of it. Even though they couldn't see anything, since the Dragon was still under stealth, they knew it had just landed in front of the front door. The Chinook had moved over top of it to hide the down draft.

Once Bucky made it to the front door, Adam and Logan were right behind him. Just as he opened the front door, he glanced back and saw the Hind and Black Ghost making their second passes. Bucky couldn't help himself, he walked in like nothing was going on, grin plastered over his face. He looked around until he spotted a man he recognized from pictures he had been shown. "Director Reed?" He asked. The man was in utter shock, but was able to hesitantly nod. "Sir, President Bryce wanted me to ask you if the Widow of Moore's Creek was packed and ready to go?"

The man nodded as he looked around wide eyed. It was then that Bucky saw the man was holding his side, and there was blood on his shirt. The other men in the room quickly moved to large crates and started to try and move them. Adam ran over to one, where the guys were struggling and grabbed on. "I got this one, get the others!" He said while easily lifting the whole thing, he started for the door, when he stopped and looked around. "Which one's this?"

A man across the room shouted out. "What's the numbers on the case?"

Adam looked down at the case, then quickly the called out over the war going on outside, "2 - 9 - 7 - Echo - Tango - Foxtrot - 4 - 1 - 9 - 8 - Xray."

The man sighed heavily before saying. "That's the Declaration of Independance!"

Adam's eyes went wide as he shook his head. He then nodded to himself and quickly moved it out to the Dragon.

Bucky quickly moved over to Director Reed as the rest of his team came into the room. Before he reached the man, he spun and grabbed onto Bucky. "The Constitution! We didn't think you would get it in time, so we hid it. It's in the well, about halfway down!" He said before he collapsed into Bucky's arms. He gently laid the man down, as he looked up and over his shoulder. Already Germs and Tigger were out the door, with Juan, Jory, and a few others following behind.

They all sprinted to the well, firing the entire time. Germs and Tigger slid in behind the well for cover. Germs grabbed the rope and started to pull, while Tigger and the rest laid down cover fire. "HURRY THE FUCK UP GERMS!" Tigger roared out, "RELOADING!"

"GOD I LOVE THIS SHIT!" Juan cried over the gunfire, grunting as he got hit, but shrugging it off, aiming and letting loose with a stream of bullets of his own. "RELOADING!" He cried when his MP-5 clicked. He dropped the magazine on the ground, slammed another in, pulled the priming handle and started to fire again.

Germs grunted as he jumped up and pulled the case that housed the Constitution out of the well, then started to untie the rope around it. He only fucked with it for a second before grabbing his knife and quickly cutting the bindings.

He had just cut the last rope when Tigger cried out making his asshole pucker. "GRENADE!" Germs looked up just in time to see the small, circular grenade roll towards him. Before he could move, he saw Tigger move quickly, throwing himself on top.

"NO!!!" Germs cried out as he heard a muffled explosion, and saw Tigger’s body jump slightly.

"COME ON!" They heard Adam call out over the radio. "Angel 3! As soon as the documents are on board, get the fuck out of here, the rest of us will get out some how. Those documents MUST make it to safety!"

Germs meanwhile had set the Constitution down, and scrambled over to Tigger's body. He barely noticed Jory run over, grab the Constitution and bolt back to the main house. Nearby, the Hind and the Black Ghost were making another pass, trying to keep the enemies heads down.

"GRAB HIM!" Juan said as he grabbed onto Germs and shook him hard. "He's still alive! But he won't be, if we don't move. You grab him, we'll cover you!" Germs nodded as he slung his rifle over his shoulder, reached down, and as gently as he could picked Tigger up. Normally he would have struggled to carry the dead weight of the youngest member of SEAL team 4, his best friend and teammate. Now though, he didn't weigh anything.

When Germs stood back up, Tigger in his arms, he nodded to Juan. Juan keyed his mic and shouted through it. "I NEED COVER FIRE ON MY POSITION! WE'RE BRINGING IN AN INJURED!" He didn't wait. He and the others that came with them, started to open fire, just as the Chinook moved slightly so that it could unleash it's air to ground rockets. "MOVE SOLDIER!" Juan called out, and Germs took off running as fast as he could.

When Germs rounded the corner of the building, he saw Adam's arm spinning, telling him to get onto the helicopter that he couldn't see, yet knew was there. Germs never slowed down as he followed Adam's directions, and suddenly he found himself running up the back of a helicopter ramp that a second ago wasn't there. Before he was two steps into it, he heard Adam screaming from beside him. "ANGEL 3! GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

"Come with me!" Chang shouted as the Dragon lifted off. Germs followed the young boy into the treatment room and laid Tigger down. Thankfully just before the Dragon banked hard, and accelerated as fast as it could.

Meanwhile on the ground, Bucky was calling everyone back as the Chinook was coming in for a landing. Even after the multiple passes by the two attack helicopters, and the Chinook’s guns firing non-stop, there was still return fire coming from the woods.

Josh Hayes, one of the Black Knights, slid in next to him, and looked up. "Fun, huh?" He laughed as he settled the tripod mounted Fifty on the ground and started to fire.

Before Bucky could respond, he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He looked over and his eyes went wide. "RPG!" He cried, getting ready to throw himself on top of Josh. Josh though, just turned, half stood, and smirked.

"I don't fucking think so...." He waved his hand, and Bucky watched it amazement as the RPG suddenly turned around, and went back the way it came, causing a large explosion in the woods, right where it was fired from.


Josh laughed out loud as he looked at Bucky while picking up his machine gun. "Looks like our bus is here."

Even through all the shock, Bucky couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, and it don't sound like he wants to wait."

Josh slapped him on the back, while Bucky pulled the MP-5 back up to his shoulder, and fired again, before turning and running into the back of the over crowded Chinook. Bucky took a quick look around, then keyed his mic. "Let's go! We got everyone!"

A little over three hours later, the Dragon landed perfectly on the back of the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier. As the back ramp came down, Adam saw Admiral Norris, as well as most of the command staff of the newly formed International Strike Team Neptune, standing there in full military regalia. Adam kept his face neutral as he, Chang and Germs marched out of the back of the Dragon. When he was five feet away from Admiral Norris he stopped, came to attention, and saluted. "Admiral Norris, I would like to present you with the Constitution of the United States."

Admiral Norris returned the salute, and spoke. "On behalf of the President, and the People of The United States, I thank you." He then dropped the salute. Adam stepped crisply to the side, as Germs and Chang walked up and let Norris look on the casing that housed the single most precious document ever written in the United States.

Moments later, Adam turned and looked back into the back of the Dragon just as several people pushed out a gurney carrying a body bag. Adam stood back as Norris went and looked down at the body. He knew how hard Norris was taking this, he was as well. But this is what happened in war. Adam patiently waited until everyone stood back, then turned and moved away, ready to get away from everyone else. He was not really comfortable with this many people knowing about them.

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