Castle Roland

New Beginnings
Book II
Dogs of War

by Roland

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Chapter 7

Published: 10 Mar 16

New Beginnings Book II: Dogs of War

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Dog of War LogoAdam sighed as he walked out into the sunlight. It was cold, but not too bad. At least it was sunny out, which made things better, on some levels. Looking around he spotted Juan talking to the newest members of the family, so he walked over. When he got close enough, he heard Juan speaking. "If you guys really wanna do this, we'll have to set up a training schedule for you."

"Training?" Aaric asked skeptically.

"Yes." Juan said simply, then explained. "Every member of the UNIT has at least basic training with firearms. Mostly to make sure that if they see one, they know how to handle it safely. Not saying that you will all be required to carry one, or even use one outside of the firing range, but everyone, every member of the family, must know how to safely handle a firearm." Juan's emphatic tone stopped anyone from arguing with him.

"Okay." Aaric finally sighed out. He didn't really wanna play with guns, and he didn't want his younger brothers to either, but..." What else do we need to do?"

"That's something we're still working on." Adam said as he stepped forward. "For now though, why don't you come with me, all of you," he said looking at Juan, "and let's see what this place has to offer."

Getting nods, he went over to where the Gators were parked, just as three more came into the parking area. Two of the drivers, young teens or pre-teens, Adam noticed, jumped out, and started to go over to the third. "Hey!" Adam shouted, getting their attention.

The two stopped, then jogged over to where the group was standing. "Hey there!" The first one, a boy about thirteen called out as they got close. "Can we help you?"

When they came to a stop, Adam took a moment to look the two over. The thirteen year old boy was kinda cute, with his moppy red hair, and green eyes. He was skinny, and had a geeky sort of look to him, which obviously Adam liked. The other one, a girl about eleven looked to be the boy's younger sister.

"Yeah." Adam said as he ran his hand through his long hair and couldn't help but smile at the feeling. It was nice to have his long hair back. "I was wondering if you could give us directions to the Brown's home."

"You're the new guys, right?" The boy asked. "The ones we were delivering the Gators for?"

"I guess." Adam said with a smile. "We just got here, and don't know where anything is."

"Sure, hold on a sec." The boy said, then took a few steps away, and began talking on a radio. Adam had to stop himself from snickering as he recognized the radio as a standard issue UNIT radio. Less than a minute later, the boy came back over to them. First he addressed the girl. "Jackie, head back with Carl, and get a few more Gators over here." He then turned to Adam. "I just checked with Dax, he said that I'm to show you around, and do whatever I can to help you guys out."

The girl nodded and ran off, as Adam nodded. "Thanks. I'm Adam. This is my brother Juan, then we have Aaric, Aaron, Aart, and Ana."

Juan jumped right in. "I started calling them the A-Team!" Adam's hand hit his forehead hard enough to make a loud slapping sound. Of course that just made everyone break up laughing.

When the boy finally could speak again, he held his hand out to Adam. "I'm Sean, one of the Gophers."

"Gophers?" Adam asked.

"Yeah." Sean said as he motioned for them to go to one of the bigger Gators. "Basically we're a group of kids that 'go for' things... hence the name Gophers."

"That's pretty cool." Adam said as his mind started to spin.

"So where to first?" Sean asked as he slipped behind the driver's wheel.

"Why don't you give us a tour." Adam said with a smile. "As long as we end up at the Brown's house."

"No prob." The boy said with a grin as they took off.

"I'd like to do it Thursday." Carson said with determination in his eyes.

Conversation stopped around the room as Carson spoke up. He had been lost in thought for the last several minutes, and everyone else was talking about nothing important while he thought.

"You sure?" Janet asked softly.

"Yeah." Carson replied, then got a goofy grin on his face. "I guess you could say, I'd rather get good legs, than turkey legs."

"Oh God..." Deb was heard groaning, even over everyone else's reaction to Carson's very bad joke.

"I guess I need to get things ready." Fred said as he looked at Janet. "What exactly will you need?"

A beeping from a nearby computer caused everyone to look for a moment. Logan hobbled over and picked up the receiver and started to speak softly. Janet could tell by the look on his face that something was wrong, but she wanted to get the preparations over with so she looked back at Fred, getting his attention.

"We'll need one of the larger operating rooms, since the gestation chamber that grew the legs will have to be there. I also assume you'll be involved." Janet said.

"Of course." Fred said emphatically.

"Okay, so that means you, me, Chang, a lady named Sabrina, and one other boy will be performing the actual surgery. If you can get them, we need some nurses, but they have to be ones that know how to keep their mouths shut, since they will be seeing some things that they can't really talk about."

"I know just the team." Fred said with a serious smile.

"Good. Other than that, we need Carson there tomorrow night. I want him to get a full night's restful sleep. I also think we should start as early as possible, say like six. If all goes well, we should be done by the early afternoon." Janet said, making sure to watch Carson's reactions closely.

"Can... Can Jay be there?" he asked as he reached up and squeezed the hand that was still sitting on his shoulder.

"Of course. He'll be with you right up to the time we give you the anesthesia, and will be there when you wake up after." Fred said softly as he patted Carson's other shoulder, and smiled at Jay, who nodded.

Deb also picked up on Logan's earlier reaction, and now that he was off the radio, she could tell that he had to talk to the others, without them around. "Okay, why don't we get out of your hair. We both have a lot to get ready for."

Janet nodded, but squatted down in front of Carson before they left. "I know this is scary for you, but know we're gonna get you walking again. You'll still need a bit of therapy after the surgery. Your new legs will be brand new, and in perfect condition, so we don't have to worry about atrophied muscles, but you will need to re-train your brain how to use those legs. That's not going to be quick or easy. But if you do what your grandfather and I tell you to, you'll be up and running around in a few months."

Carson fought back the tears at the thought of being able to walk again, let alone run. "Thank you." He managed to croak out, before he turned his wheelchair around, and headed for the exit.

Once everyone left, Janet looked at Logan inquiringly. "That was Sean on the Red Dragon. They came under attack, and are on the way back with a prisoner. The Army of God was after Brett's genetic equipment."

"Fuck." was all Janet said.

Logan sighed, then looked over at Daileass while saying, "We'll deal with that when they get here. Daileass, any word from Ricky?"

Daileass shook his head. "Not yet."

Seeing Janet's questioning look, Logan explained. "When the link broke it caused a feedback loop that shorted out some of Daileass's more fragile communications receivers. His pico-bots are trying to repair it all, but it'll take some time. The problem is this. The frequency that we're supposed to be monitoring on word from Haden is one that only his receivers could pick up. With those out, we can't find out what's happening with him. I thought about the kids we met in Texas, and know that one of them is a communications expert, so we sent a message seeing if he could help. Also, according to Juan, one of the chaperones, Levi, has some knowledge of the AoG... so we want to talk to him some as well."

Janet nodded in understanding. "Depending on how things work with Carson, we may be able to help their Glenn as well."

Adam was blown away. Even with everything he'd been told about how well Kettle Falls was doing, having seen it, he still couldn't believe it. This many people having come to a place, not meant to hold that many, was something that was to be expected in times like these. But the fact that they have not only handled that number, but made it work, was simply amazing.

"Come on inside, I'll show you around." Sean said as he jumped out of the Gator and started towards the door. Walking up to the main door, Adam couldn't help but grin at the tents set up there. Looking over at Juan, he knew his brother was thinking the same thing. Simple setup of the tents, but brilliant.

Once they got inside, Adam let out a low whistle. He knew that this was the main hub of activity, but he couldn't tell for sure, other than the group of people spread out working on laptops. "Hey all!" Sean said to the group, getting mainly just raised hands in greeting, and the occasional verbal 'hey'. Sean looked back and grinned. "Sorry, they're all a bit busy."

"No worries, I'm used to it with my group." Adam said, then looked around. "Question for you."

"Okay?" Sean replied as he turned and looked at Adam fully.

"Would you be willing to teach the 'A-Team' what it is that you and the other Gophers do? I like the system, and think I'll implement it with my group." Adam took the smiles from the four as indication that they liked the idea, and saw Sean's chest puff up a bit.

"Sure! I'd be glad to." He then turned to the four and spoke, almost forgetting about Adam and Juan at that point. "Come on guys, I'll show you around." And with that he was off, the other four trailing behind him.

Juan giggled then grabbed Adam by the arm. "Come on, this way. Time to freak out some Secret Service guys."

"Juan..." Adam said with a warning tone, but followed behind anyways. They went up the stairs, down the hall, and to another staircase that had two guys sitting on the steps. They stood as the boys got close and Juan just grinned more.

"Hey guys!" He started. "We'd like to see Mike if we could."

"Juan!" Adam said. "That's no way to ask to speak to the..." Juan elbowed Adam, then glared at him. "Remember, no one knows he's here. Hence why these guys ain't wearing their suits that scream 'I'm a fed!'"

"Okay, knock it off kids." The first agent said. "Just who the heck are you, and how do you know who's upstairs?"

"We're the people that brought you guys here." Adam said, now figuring out what Juan was trying to say. "Please send up that Adam and Juan are here."

The first agent looked at them both for a moment, then nodded to the second agent who stepped away for a few seconds. Even before he came back, the door upstairs opened, and they heard footsteps descending. "Hey guys...." Eric said then trailed off as he caught sight of them. "Ummmm..." He started to say, but Juan interrupted.

"Nice to see you Eric. We'll explain upstairs if you don't mind."

"Okay..." Eric said with a shake of his head. "Come on up."

When they reached the top of the steps, they saw Mike talking to General Adams. "Hey guys..." He said as he turned around, then just stared.

"What can I say?" Juan stated with a grin. "Growth spurts are a bitch." Adam couldn't help it. He wanted to be pissed at Juan, but instead of a stingy rebuke, he found a laugh escaping from his mouth.

"I don't think I want to know." Mike said with a shake of his head.

"No you don't." Adam managed to get out, before he got himself under control. "Every time Logan tries to explain it to me, it gives me a headache."

"Gotcha." Mike said with a shake of his head. "So what can we do for..." Mike started to say, but was interrupted by a voice from the doorway that led deeper into the rooms.

"Adam?" Everyone turned to see Danny, one of Mike and Eric's sons standing there.

"Yeah?" Adam said as he smiled at the younger boy.

"I... I just wanted to say thanks." Danny said in a soft voice.

"What for?" Adam said as he walked over, and squatted down in front of the young boy.

"You know.. for saving us, and stuff." Danny said softly again.

"Hey..." Adam said as he opened his arms, which Danny immediately fell into. "I'm just glad we were there. You know, your dads and Uncle Jack are pretty cool people. We're happy to help cool guys out."

"Yeah they are." The boy said with a grin.

"So how are you guys liking it here?" Adam asked as he pushed Danny back a bit, but stayed squatted down.

"It's great!" Danny bubbled. "We're even helping and stuff."

"Oh? Whatcha guys doing?"

"Well originally we were helping the big groups that came to Kettle Falls, you know, stay together and stuff. Making sure no one got lost or forgotten about." The boy said with a grin. "Now, well Dad's got us watching the news, and checking out the internet to see what's being said about everything that's going on. That way they know what's happening, and if they need to correct anything that the jerks are trying to say."

Adam arched his eyes as he stood up and looked at Mike who nodded. "That's really important stuff." Adam said sincerely. "Maybe you guys could help us out too, since we need all that info, too."

"Really?" Danny asked, almost bouncing up and down. "You want us to help you, too."

Adam grinned and threw his arm over Danny's shoulder. "Let me talk to your old man, and see what we can come up with." Adam paused, before he added. "How's Sammy doing?"

"He's doing good." Danny answered with a grin. "He's on shift right now, but his arm’s not hurtin' as much anymore, and he can even take the sling off when he needs to."

"Great!" Adam said with a grin. "Tell you what, let us old folks talk over some stuff, then Juan and I'll come back and see the whole gang."

"Sweet!" Danny said as he hugged Adam one more time, then ran back into the other room to tell his brothers what Adam said.

Adam waited to turn around until after he wiped a tear from his eye. When he did he saw everyone smiling at him. Even the sight of General Adams didn't break the mood he was now in, although he did see Juan keeping a very close watch on the man. "So, how's things going here?"

Chang found Emily sitting and talking with her children. He stayed back for a few moments, a small smile on his face as he watched one of his favorite students playing with her children. Finally she noticed that he was standing there, and got to her feet. "Chang? Did you need something?"

"Yes sister, if you are not otherwise occupied." Chang spoke formally which had an immediate effect on Emily. Her smile dropped from her face, and she stood up straighter.

"How may I assist you?" She asked with a slight bow.

Chang sighed heavily before he spoke. "I find myself having difficulties since we have returned. My body… it does not react the way it should."

Emily nodded and smiled slightly. "I think I understand." She said, then bent down and whispered to the older boy. He nodded with a grin, then gathered up the other children and ran off. "Come." She said softly. "I have set aside a place where I keep myself in shape. Perhaps it will help you."

As they walked, Emily spoke softly to Chang. "You have grown five years in only a few days. Your body is now at complete odds with what your mind says."

"Yes." Chang said with a rare smile. "I am realizing that. I am just unsure how to fix it."

Emily smiled realizing that, while Chang may be a gifted martial artist, a skilled doctor, and absolutely deadly on the field of battle, he was still a young boy. Admitting that he didn't know how to deal with what had happened had to be one of the toughest things that he had ever done.

When they reached the rooms that Donnie, Emily, and their family had assigned to them, Chang followed her in, and then to another smaller room that was set up much like the dojo she had set up back in the universe they came from. Chang smiled as he felt comfort in this place. Emily walked over to a small chest of drawers and pulled out two gis, one for herself, and one for Chang. As was often remarked about, none of the UNIT members had much in the way of modesty. Those that joined the UNIT had trouble adjusting at first, but after a while, it was natural to see both males and females in several states of dress, and undress. Neither one of them bothered to cover themselves as they each changed into their gi. They both also knew that conversation was unnecessary at this point as well.

When they were both dressed, Emily led Chang out to the middle of the room, and faced him. This was slightly odd to her, since he was always the 'master' and the one leading these trainings. However, she had trained many other UNIT members as well, so was used to being in this position, even if she was not used to having Chang as a student.

Again neither spoke as Emily started to lead Chang through some basic katas. After a few minutes, Emily saw that Chang was indeed having issues. When she spoke, it was in the same monotone voice that Chang always used when talking to his students while they were working through katas. "You have not forgotten how to move, but your body is not as you remember it. Your muscles, while knowing what to do, do not know what size they are anymore."

Chang nodded in agreement, but continued moving, just like Emily did, even as she spoke more. "You have said to many students to stop fighting your body. Your body knows what to do, it will adapt quickly to the new size. You must let it." Emily said as she started to speed up. Chang matched her pace, but was still having some problems. "Chang... don't think about it, just do it!" Emily said emphatically. Seeing that Chang was having some issues she sighed and made a painful decision. In the middle of the kata, she changed, and attacked Chang. He wasn't prepared for it, but reacted quickly, sending her flying over his shoulder. She did a kip up, and pressed her attack. She was nowhere near as fast as Chang, but she was good enough to keep the fight going for almost a full minute before he ended it.

Panting she looked up at Chang. "I told you... just do, don't think." Chang smiled, backed off, and offered a hand to her. When she was back on her feet, he bowed to her, then took up position again across from her. This time when they started the katas, Chang had his eyes closed and after a moment, a small serene smile came to his face.

When Adam left the Brown’s home a while later he was rather happy with everything he'd found out. He knew that they had a lot of work left to be done, but with what was happening, things were starting to look up. He and Juan collected the four kids, and started back towards the lab that was now their base. Sean had given the 'A-Team' maps of the entire area, as well as assigned them each a Gator to get around in. Since they were not assigned to the Kettle Falls Gopher Team, they would get the rest of their equipment, including data pads, from the UNIT supply. Adam let Juan drive the one they came in, as they followed the other four back to the base. The brothers didn't talk, as they were both lost in their own thoughts.

Adam barely registered the trip as he set up lists in his mind of all the things that he needed to do. The biggest thing that was bugging him right now was the fact that he seemed to be tripping over his own feet. He had to remind himself that he was several inches taller than he was just a couple of days ago, and he needed time to get used to it. Didn't mean it was any less frustrating.

When Juan brought them to a stop, Adam had to look around to realize that they were back. He climbed out of the Gator just as he spotted Apollo pushing Eve in her wheelchair into the building. "I'll catch up with you later Juan." Adam said as he took off at a jog.

When he got inside, he saw where the two were, and moved over towards them. "Apollo, Eve." He called out, causing the pair to stop and turn around. "You guys have a moment?" Adam asked as he got up to them.

"Sure." Eve said slowly. Adam motioned for them to follow him to one of the offices near by, then held the door open as they went in.

Once they were all seated, Adam sighed and smiled at them. "First off, I do wanna thank you guys for deciding to stick around."

"The Dragons are our team now." Eve said simply, almost challenging in her tone.

Adam nodded. "I know, and Christina has remarked several times at how well you are all gelling together." Adam paused, then continued, "You both have become very good friends to everyone on the team, and for that, more than anything, I thank you."

Neither Apollo or Eve knew how to respond, so they both just stayed quiet until Adam continued. "Eve, I know that you and I will always have a bit of animosity towards each other. It's only natural with where we came from. However, I want you to know that you all are welcome, trusted, and loved members of the UNIT family. As with every family, we may have some in it that we don't particularly like, but they are family nonetheless."

Eve nodded as she adjusted herself in her chair. "I know how that is." She paused as she looked at Adam hard. "So what did you really want to talk about?"

"Right to the point." Adam sighed, but then smiled. "I've looked over the information that Christina has sent in about the actions of you and your team, since the two groups connected. I can easily see in all of that, that you and I are very similar. The only difference I see is that I escaped, and have been fighting now for a long time." He paused as he tried to figure out what he was trying to say. "You're every bit the leader I am, save I have more experience. That makes you a very valuable asset, and one that Christina has remarked several times that she is very glad she has had."

He paused again, and again Eve and Apollo stayed silent. "Look, let me level with you." Adam said after a few seconds. "I have heard that the same people that helped us age, MAY, and I emphasize MAY, be able to help you." He paused and she leaned a bit forward, now clearly intrigued. "I do not know the details of it, but it should cut your recovery time down from months, to weeks. I wanted to ask you first, before I had the doctor, that came with us, talk to you."

"Yes... yes please." Eve said making sure to keep her emotions in check.

Adam smiled. "Good. I will set it up as quickly as we can." Adam then leaned back, and looked at them both. "Once you are back up to 100%, we may have to see where you can best function. I don't think it would be as part of my team even though you would make a great asset, I don't think it would work out well." He said with a smile that she copied while nodding.

"Probably not." She remarked.

"What I may suggest, if you are willing, is filling out your team with members of other teams, and give you a command slot. This would of course be up to you and Christina to discuss, since you guys work so well together. There is no reason to break up something that's working, unless you all agree." Eve nodded, as Adam turned his attention to Apollo. "I've also heard that Christina is teaching you how to fly Drake. Which I might add is high praise since she doesn't let anyone other than Will and Oliver fly him. And Will only because he's our Wing Commander, and helped develop a lot of Drake's systems."

Apollo couldn't help but grin. "Drake's a hell of a machine."

"That he is." Adam agreed. "However, as a pilot, I was wondering if you wanted your own bird? It may take a bit to get it modified as much as we're able to, but it would be yours."

Apollo was shaking his head almost immediately. "No thank you sir. At this point I don't see it necessary. Perhaps in the future, but for now, having a third pilot for Drake makes it possible for both Christina and Oliver to be on the ground if needed. While I can fight up close and personal if needed, I prefer to be in a helicopter."

Adam laughed and nodded. "Just like Will." He nodded again, then stood up, which had Apollo jumping to his feet as well. "Let me know if you change your mind." Then he moved over and opened the door. "And again, thank you both. If either of you two need anything, remember, we are family. I'm always available." As they moved past Adam, and out into the open bay, Adam spoke softly. "And Eve, I'll have that Doctor find you shortly, to discuss the options." Her nod was the only reaction Adam got, and all he expected.

"Hey Adam, got a minute?" Donnie asked as he knocked on the door to Adam's 'office'.

"Sure Donnie, what's up?" Adam asked as he put the tablet down that he was looking over.

"I wanted to know if I could borrow the Chinook and the Amazons." Donnie said as he sat down.

"Okay, what for?" Adam asked, as he sat forward in his chair.

"Well I told you what we were doing before we got here." Donnie said, to which Adam nodded. "Well I wanted to make another run. Mr. Rodchenko, the guy that organized the whole thing, just sent word out that a large group is waiting to be brought in, and there's no one around to do it. I figured we could take a few of the security personnel from here to guide them in. We'd be there long enough to make sure they have everything they need, and handle anything that came up."

"Sure. Get with Billy and see if the Chinook is ready." Adam said with a nod.

"Thanks bro." Donnie said as he got up and left the room.

Adam had barely looked back down at his desk when another knock came on the door. "Come in!" He called out. The door opened and he saw Joe and Jimmy Horne walk in.

Adam got up, came around the desk, and hugged Joe, before shaking hands with Jimmy. "What can I do for you guys." He said, then motioned to the seats. "Have a seat."

"Well, Jimmy and I were talking." Joe began once Adam was seated himself. "I had to explain to him that you're not used to having someone above you in the chain of command." Adam looked completely lost, as he looked between Joe and Jimmy.

"Well, thankfully I have been in contact with the Reagan." Jimmy began. "Had I not been, your commanding officer would not have known where you are, what you're doing, or anything that had happened to you since the battle of Orlando."

"Oh shit..." Adam said as he dropped his head into his hands. "I forgot..."

"It's no big deal." Joe said with sympathy. "There's been a lot going on, and frankly, as I explained to Jimmy here, this is something new to all of us, so there's a bit of a learning curve."

"Thank you, Jimmy." Adam said with an embarrassed smile.

"It's okay Adam. I just wanted to bring it up so that you knew. I've been in contact with them, letting Admiral Norris know where you guys are at. However, I have not told him about you guys aging." Jimmy gave a bit of a nervous laugh. "I'm still not sure how he's gonna take that."

Adam nodded while laughing himself. "Hell I'm still having problems dealing with it." He paused as he looked at Jimmy. "So what do we do from here."

"Well that's simple really. Since I am the liaison with the Navy, you let me know what you need them to know, and I'll make sure they know it." Jimmy said with a small smile.

"Okay, I can do that." Adam said as he nodded. "I'll just have to make sure to invite you to the briefings we have."

"That'll be a good start." Jimmy agreed. "Also, just to let you know, if there is anything that you do NOT want the Navy to know, make sure I don't know. As was said at the beginning, I'm not here to spy on you, but, if things are said that I think Norris needs to know about, I will tell him. However, if they are of a personal nature, I will talk to you about it before hand."

"That's all I can ask." Adam said with an easy smile. He really was beginning to like this man.

"Now, I also feel it my duty to talk to you if I see anything going wrong within your own military structure." Adam hardened a bit at that, but nodded for Jimmy to continue. "First off, let me say that I have been extremely impressed with the discipline, and commitment I have seen from all your soldiers, even more so is that kind of dedication at such a young age. It really has made me re-think a lot of the junior programs that we have for the armed forces. When this is over, I am thinking about bringing a variation of the training I have seen you guys do to the powers that be, and see about including a lot of it into the training we do of the youngest men and women in the services."

Adam sat back stunned. Hearing Jimmy say what he just said was almost like a punch in the gut. Not a bad thing, but that impactful. "Thank... thank you." Adam managed to say. "That's probably the biggest compliment we've ever gotten."

"And one that is well deserved. Now, if you would permit me, there are a few things that I think could be improved upon. I spoke at length to Joe about this, and he agreed that we needed to discuss this with you." Jimmy said, and after a look at Joe, Adam nodded, and Jimmy began what ended up being a lengthy discussion.

They were just wrapping up when another knock came at the door. After checking with Joe and Jimmy, Adam called out for whoever it was to enter. When the door opened, Adam saw a small figure walk in, being followed by a larger girl. "Robin!" Adam exclaimed as he got out of his seat, and walked over to the small ferret hybrid, who bowed before him, the girl with him, bowed as well. "Who's this with you?"

"May I present my adopted sister and Gakusei, Belinda."

Adam reflected for a moment about Robin. He was one of the more fanatical students of Chang, finding the Samurai culture to hold what he wanted for life. Thus, this made Chang his Sensei, but Adam his Lord.

Adam looked down at the small figure in front of him, then the girl that was also bowing next to him. Adam wanted to sigh, but knew that to a lot of those he helped rescue, they had built a world for themselves, and it was his job not to destroy it. "Robin." He stated, then paused. "You had decided to put up your weapons, and try to live what others would call a normal life."

"Yes Lord, I did." Robin answered softly.

"I am curious." Adam began to slowly walk around the bowed pair. "When we arrived, why did you not join the others that joined us? You were by no means required to, as was told to all of you, yet, being a hybrid, I was surprised to find out that you were in this universe, yet did not join us. Something must have held you there. May I ask what it is?" He had made it back around, and was standing directly in front of Robin.

"I had taken a student Lord. I had sworn an oath. Donnie said that you would understand." Robin's voice never broke, but Adam knew the young ferret was very uncomfortable.

"He was correct." Adam said with a smile. "Please stand up straight Robin. I have something I need to ask you, and I wish to see your eyes as I do."

Both Robin and Belinda stood up straight, allowing Adam to look down into Robin's eyes. "When the Red Dragons formed, Christina asked us to allow her to try a different template with the team layout, adding Recon Specialists to the team. I had at first thought it wasn't needed, as we're all trained that way. I am happy to say that I was wrong, and have been shown many times that Recon is a good addition to any team."

He paused as he looked down at Robin, "What I would like to ask you is if you would become a member of the command team, as our Recon Scout."

"I would be honored to Lord, as long as I can fulfill my oath to train Belinda." Robin said completely serious.

"Of course you can, as a matter of fact, if you will agree to it, I think we can all help her out some." Robin grinned a toothy grin then turned to Belinda and gave her a big hug.

"Congratulations." Joe said as he walked over and bowed to the small ferret, before he pulled him into a hug. "I think you and your bow will be a great addition to the Core Team."

Jimmy looked at Robin and shook his head. "You know, even though I had seen the hybrids before, I'd never been this close before. Truly amazing..."

"Thank you sir." Robin said with his normal formal tone. "It is nice to see one who is not afraid of someone who looks different."

"You lot have taught me to never let my eyes make decisions for me." Jimmy said with a laugh. "A lesson I had to learn quickly on the plane, and haven't looked back since."

Logan grinned, knocked on the door, and waited for a response. "This is gonna be fun." He said, before the door opened.

"Logan, right?" Jay said as he opened the door fully.

"Yup. Not sure if you remember their names, but these are my brothers, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Daileass." Logan said as the four laden down boys walked into the room behind Logan who was still using his crutches.

"Hey guys!" Carson said from where he lay on his bed. "What's up?" He asked as he watched the brothers carry computer equipment over and set it all down on his desk.

Logan slowly walked over to the spare wheelchair in the corner of the room, opened it up, then sat in it, sighing loudly as his legs protested too much use. "I checked with Mom first, and she agreed. As a true geek, working on your computer won't raise your stress level as much as NOT being able to, so she agreed to let us come over and have a geek party."

"Oh no..." Jay said which got laughs from everyone.

"Not a geek?" Daileass asked with a grin.

"Not even close." Jay said as he brought Carson's wheelchair over, and then helped him get into it.

"If you wanna spend time with some of the others..." Carson said with an apologetic grin. "You know how I get..."

"Yeah I do." Jay said with a grin. "We'll see."

Carson smiled at Jay, then looked at Logan. "Okay, so what are we gonna do?"

"Well..." Logan said with an evil grin. "I've heard so much about Dizzy that I wanted to get a look at him myself. Then... if you want, we brought the equipment to give Dizzy an upgrade of sorts."

Carson looked skeptical for a moment. "What kind of upgrade?"

"You've had some time to look over trinary." Logan said, to which Carson nodded. "Well, where we came from, we had to learn how to bridge the gap between a binary based system, and a trinary based system. What we came up with will allow a binary based system to have full access to trinary subsystems."

"How?" Carson asked excitedly. What followed was enough to drive Jay from the room, not that anyone else noticed. The geek party had officially started.

"Wait a minute." Carson said as he held up his hand. "We can't put all this in place on Dizzy right now. If anything goes wrong, our entire operation shuts down."

Logan nodded but smiled. "Which brings us to the next point. We were wondering if you had a base copy of Dizzy's programming so we could set it up over at our base. We could write our own, but Dizzy works really well, and would save us days of programing."

"No." Carson said as soon as Logan was done. "Dizzy's one of a kind." Logan was about to argue, but Carson wheeled himself over to his workbench and pulled out a hard drive. "This is one that I've been kinda working on, on the side, trying to streamline a few things I did with Dizzy as well as a few new tweaks I figured out after bringing Dizzy online." He wheeled over to Logan and handed it to him. "If you wanna use one, go ahead and use this one."

"Sweet!" Logan said as he struggled to his feet. "Let's go."

"Where?" Carson asked in confusion.

"Back to the base, and load this thing up." Alvin said as he stepped behind Carson's chair, and started to push him out of the room.

It only took them a few minutes to get to the lab that the UNIT had taken over. As they were walking in, they saw Sean and Brett chatting off to the side. "Hey Sean!" Logan called out. "We're having a geek party! Wanna join?" Sean looked at Brett who grinned and nodded. Sean picked up Dusty, his laptop, and jogged over.

"What are we doing?" Sean asked as he got over to them.

"Carson's letting us use an updated VI that he worked up over here. So we're about to load it up and see what we got." Logan said as he started towards the command center.

"Sweet!" Sean said with excitement. "I've been wanting to get a look at Carson's code ever since I heard about Dizzy."

When they made it into the empty room, Logan moved over to a table that held a large desk top tower. "This is one of the trinary servers that I used for my research back home. Right now, it's set up to power the entire command center." He sat down and moved the mouse to bring the system out of sleep mode. Daileass, meanwhile, was grabbing some cords from a pile on a side bench, and hooking up the hard drive that Carson gave them to the back of the server Logan was sitting in front of.

"Okay, so let's get a look at what we got here." Logan said as the main monitor wall lit up, and he accessed the code that was sitting on Carson's hard drive. As soon as it was on the screens, everyone started to discuss aspects of the code, and making tweaks here and there to better integrate it with a trinary system.

Time had no meaning to any one of the boys as they dug through the code. They did notice at some point someone brought in food and drinks, but none of them knew when.

"So by linking them together, this system and Dizzy can back each other up, and if something happens to one, the other can seamlessly take over." Carson explained.

"Right, and even though we will be having top secret information in here, Dizzy's security protocols won't allow him to release it to anyone that's not authorized." Sean commented as he looked over another section of tweaked code.

"Right." Logan said as he looked over everything. "This will also let Dizzy share processor load if things start to bog down on his end." Logan sat back and looked around the room. "So, are we ready to load it up and see what happens?"

"Let's do it." Simon said out loud while everyone else nodded eagerly.

Logan leaned forward as his fingers started to fly over the keyboard. "Okay, let's see what we can see." He said as the code was replaced by a loading bar. They all watched as it slowly filled and the program was being implemented in Logan's trinary server. When the bar reached the end, the screen flickered and an attractive young woman's face showed up on the screen. "Hello... I'm Daisy."

Logan snickered and leaned forward. "Yeah... we're gonna have to change that name."

"No you're not." The voice said from the speakers. "I happen to like my name."

Logan sat back in stunned silence. No one even breathed in the room as they stared at the face on the screen.

"Oops..." Carson breathed out quietly.

Janet looked around the small conference room at everyone and smiled. "Thank you all for coming. Before we get started, Dr. Murten, would you care to introduce the O.R. nurses that will be assisting."

"Of course Dr. Hayes." Fred said as he stood, and motioned to the four nurses that were sitting next to him. "First is Finnegan Tiernan. He will also be assisting me in caring for Carson once he is recovering at his home. Also we have Garrett Simmons, Silvia Gutierrez, and Martha Gibson." The four raised their hands as their names were called, then Fred sat back down.

"Thank you." Janet said with a smile. "I'm sure Fred has explained that we're going to be doing something that is a first ever procedure." The four nodded, all of them looking like they wanted to ask questions, but were better disciplined. "I will ask that everything that we discuss, including everything that you see in the operating theater, remain a secret. If what we are about to do got out, not only would Carson's life become even more difficult than it already is, but so would ours."

She smiled, as she was about to drop the bombshell on them. "Please forget for a few moments everything that you think is possible. Everything that I am about to explain is not only possible, but will be happening in a few short hours." She paused as she once again looked around the room. "I am sure you are interested in the makeup of the team, especially the children here. Please trust me when I say that everyone has a part, and that they are more than able to perform the tasks that I am about to lay out. Now as to exactly what we will be doing." Janet said as she played with the controls in front of her to lower the screen behind her, lower the lights, and bring up the latest set of X-rays done on Carson's legs.

"As you can see from these X-rays, the patient's legs have been crushed from just below mid-thigh. This was due to blunt force trauma sustained in an automobile accident approximately three years ago. Using normal medicine, the patient would probably never be able to regain use of his legs, and if he were able to, it would be minimal at best." Using the control in her hand, Janet brought up the next slide. "What you see here are two cloned legs. We used samples of the patient's DNA to create brand new, and genetically identical replacements for his crushed legs."

"How is that possible?" Silvia asked in a slight Hispanic accent.

"All I can say about that is that we have some technology that is not accessible to others. Frankly, had it not been for everything Carson has done, and the friendship he has struck up with my own children, he would not be benefiting from what we can do." Seeing that the nurses were about to protest, Janet raised her hand. "Please. I know very well the moral arguments against what I just said, but please realize that this technology is well above what is currently available, and cannot be recreated, yet. Once we can do it, more people will be able to benefit from it, but for now, we simply do not have the resources to do more." As much as they may not like it, they all understood what she meant.

"Now, what we will do is this. To save trauma on the patient, we will be working on both legs at the same time." She indicated Sabrina as she went on. "Dr. Ziegler will lead the team working on the left leg, while I will lead the team on the right leg. Dr. Murten will be monitoring the patient during the entire procedure. We don't expect any complications during the surgery itself, but we will be monitoring him closely, just to be safe." After getting nods, she continued.

"Assisting me on the right leg will be Dr. Casey." She said motioning to Chang. "He will be concentrating on fusing the blood vessels, connective tissue, as well as connecting everything to the pelvis. Jamie MacLeod, will be doing the same with Dr. Ziegler." She paused before dropping the bombshell on the new nurses. "They will be using Micro-Kinesis to do what they need to."

"Yes it is possible." Jamie said from where he sat, just as the four water glasses in front of the nurses rose off the table. All four of them stared at the water glasses with astonishment, but Janet was pleasantly surprised that none of them freaked out. "That's the first of the interesting things we will be doing." She paused as she motioned to Ian. "Ian Kelly will be working on both legs during this. His abilities allow him to force a body to accelerate its own healing. With guidance from his mother, Dr. Kelly, who is a neurosurgeon, he will be focusing his talents on forcing the nerves to regrow and connect...."

"Meaning the recovery time will be a fraction of what it would normally be." Nurse Martha Gibson said somewhat breathlessly.

"Correct." Janet said with a grin. "All told, I see Carson being able to stand, and start to walk, within the week, and be fully functional in about four to six weeks depending on how well he sticks to the physical therapy regimen. Remember, he won't need to worry about the muscles being atrophied, since they are in pristine condition. What he will have to do is re-teach his brain that the legs are there, and able to be used."

"Amazing." More than one nurse breathed out.

"Exactly." Janet said as she raised the lights, and looked around the room. "Okay, questions?" Immediately a forest of hands went up.

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