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Escape & Evasion

by Roland


Chapter 1

Published: 11 May 17

Escape and Evasion

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Escapr and Evasion Logo"Mom!" Sheldon's cry broke through the early morning air, as he crashed through the front door of his home. "We gotta get outta here!"

He flew up the steps, and almost ran over his younger sister. The fourteen-year-old had run out of her room, a bag slung over her shoulder. Down the hall, the door to the master bedroom opened, and his mother, Connie, stood there, a suitcase in one hand, and a Mossberg pump shotgun in the other. "Where's Dad?"

"I don't know." She said sadly as she handed him the shotgun, and picked up the suitcase. "He said he'd be back, but if he didn't get back in time to get out. He'd meet us at the lake."

"I packed your things…" Alisa said as she handed him a hiking backpack. In the back of his mind, he was surprised that the fourteen-year-old could have packed the backpack, let alone lift it up, since it was fully loaded.

He put the pack on, lifted the shotgun, and followed his mother down the steps. She reached the front door, as he stopped to adjust a strap. He didn't see it happen, but he heard the door open, and then a few seconds later, gunfire erupted outside.

"MOM!" Alisa shrieked, and ran for the door, just as her mother fell back into the front room, blood running down the front of her shirt. Sheldon looked on in shock for a split second, took the safety off and stepped up to the front window, and fired. The window blew out and the soldier that was standing in front of the house fell backwards as the buckshot tore several holes into him. Sheldon didn't wait, he racked another shell, and fired again, and again.

Soldiers ducked behind the two military style Humvees that were parked out front. He wasn't as good of a shot as his older brother, no one was. But with a shotgun, and targets all less than fifteen yards away, he hit what he aimed at.

He fired all six shells in less than ten seconds. When he tried to fire again, and found nothing happening, he dropped the shotgun and ducked back as the soldiers started to return fire. He scrambled along the floor, and pulled at his sister, who was screaming, while holding her mother's limp head. Sheldon knew his mother was dead, the open eyes, staring at nothing, proved it. He grabbed Alisa, and pulled her violently towards the back of the house. He didn't bother with the door knob of the back door, just lowered his shoulder, just like his football coach taught him, and plowed through.

The gunfire outfront hadn't died down, if anything, it had intensified. All Sheldon could think about was getting himself and his sister somewhere safe. So they ran.

Into the woods, and towards the stream, they ran. It didn't take long till they heard shouting behind them. While Sheldon knew it was Spanish, he couldn't hear it well enough to translate, not that he needed to. The shouting itself was enough to scare them, and it drove them on even faster. At some point, Sheldon let his pack drop, knowing it was slowing him down. They hit the stream bank, and flew down it, and into the water. It wasn't deep, but it was enough to slow them up for a few moments, before they were going up the other side.

"AHHHH!" Alisa cried as she went down, taking Sheldon with her. He feared the worst, but hadn't heard a gunshot for almost a minute. He looked back and saw her struggling to her feet. She wasn't hurt, just lost her balance. He turned to keep running, when the ground next to him exploded, as a bullet tore into the soft earth. The report was loud, and still echoing when he slowly turned around. A single soldier was standing on the opposite bank, his arms full of a large rifle, menacingly pointed right at him.

"Stand up... slow." The man said in broken English.

Both he and Alisa raised their arms, and slowly turned around. The man motioned for them to cross the stream again. They were about halfway across when suddenly the man went stiff with surprise, then slumped. He didn't fall right away, but when he did, both Sheldon and Alisa were shocked to see a young man standing behind the soldier, a bloody knife in his hand.

"PAT!" Alisa cried and started to run to him. Sheldon just stood there in shock.

"Come on little brother, we gotta go." That finally snapped Sheldon out of his stupor.

"How'd you get here?" Sheldon asked as he ran to his brother, and quickly embraced him, ignoring the man on the ground.

"I went AWOL. We'll discuss it later." Patrick sheathed his knife, then bent down, and grabbed the rifle the man was carrying. "Standard Vietnam Era M-16." He muttered to himself, as he pulled extra clips from the dead man's pouches. He straightened back up, checked the rifle over quickly, dropping the magazine to make sure it still had rounds in it, slammed the mag back in, then pulled the slide to make sure it was primed, then made sure it was set to single fire, before handing it to Sheldon. "Take this. Only shoot if you have to, and only at what I tell you to… got it?"

Not trusting his voice, the sixteen-year-old boy just nodded. He'd fired rifles before, but never a military one. Pat unslung his own M-4, and started to jog back towards the house. Sheldon pulled up the rear, often looking behind him, he only stopped once, and that was to grab his discarded pack. In the distance, they could still hear gunfire, but it was a ways off.

They were crossing the backyard when someone stepped out from the side of the house, and motioned them. "O'Donnell! We gotta move. The Sarge says we got incoming."

"Shit." Pat said as he looked around. "Fuck it… let's go."

"Don't worry." The man said with a chuckle. "Banger's settin’ up a little surprise for them."

"Mom…" Alisa said softly, which brought Pat up short. He turned and wrapped the girl in his arms.

"I know Lis… but we gotta go. I saw Dad on our way into town…." He hesitated as he shook his head. "He and a bunch of others were trying to slow down the Ashwood pricks. He told us to get here and get you guys to the lake."

Just then a huge explosion came from a few miles away… They all looked towards town, and saw the plume of smoke as it blew skyward. "We gotta go." He said as he ushered them around the house, where there were four more military style vehicles, all of them with big guns on top, and ten other men standing around.

"You found 'em…. good." A slightly older man said as he jumped into the passenger side of the lead vehicle. "Load up, and let's get the hell outta here. Steiner, Collins, grab the other two Hummers."

Sheldon and Alisa were pushed into the back of one of the Hummers, and then they were moving. At that point, Sheldon pretty much tuned everything else out as he saw his mother fall backwards, over and over again."

Sheldon woke to several voices speaking. He didn't know what they were saying, nor did he really know where he was. He opened his eyes, and looked around. It only took him a moment to recognize his family's cabin by the lake. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the memories, when a voice broke through the haze. He was on his feet and running before he fully realized what he was doing. He threw open the door, and ran down the hall. "DAD!" He cried as he burst into the family room.

He stopped short when several guns were raised, then quickly lowered. "Sheldon…" A middle-aged man in a bloody sheriff's uniform said as he struggled to his feet. Sheldon ran up to him, but stopped short when he saw the blood. "It's okay…" The man said, then opened his arms. That's all it took, Sheldon slammed into the man and tried to crush him in a hug. Under normal circumstances, the sixteen-year-old would have been mortified to let others see him cry, but this was not a normal time, and he cried hard in his dad's arms.

"We need to get moving." Someone said as Sheldon started to pull back from his dad.

"I know." His father said as he turned back around. "Pat, take some of your guys and grab whatever you think we can use. I don't care what it is, if you think we can use it, grab it."

He then looked at one of the men in the military uniforms. "Sergeant, you think we can use the 4-wheelers?" Sheldon looked to the man that his father was addressing, and saw him nod. Sheldon's father turned to him and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. "I know there's a lot going on, but we need to move. I need you to go out and make sure the 4-wheelers are ready to go. Make sure they have all the gas they can hold, and fill up all the cans. Grab the two trailers and get them hooked up too. Can you handle all of that?"

"Yes sir." Sheldon said, and was out the door as quick as he could go. He stopped when he saw the large group of people outside, around twenty in all, just milling about. Of course, the problem was most of them were armed.

Sheldon shook it off, and started towards the shed when a voice he recognized shouted his name. He turned around and saw Terry, one of his friends from school running over to him. "Sheldon! What's going on?"

Sheldon couldn't help himself, as soon as Terry was close enough, Sheldon grabbed him and hugged him hard. The two boys just held each other close for a few long moments. "I heard about your mom." Terry said softly, and tears sprang to Sheldon's eyes. "I'm soo sorry."

Sheldon shook his head as he pulled back from Terry. "Thanks." He wiped his nose on the sleeve of his shirt and shook his head again, as if to clear it. "Come on, you can help." Sheldon didn't wait for an answer, just turned and trotted towards the shed.

When they got inside, the first thing Sheldon did was grab a towel and wipe his eyes. Once all evidence of his tears were gone, he turned and looked at Terry, forcing a smile on his face. "We need to get the 4-wheelers fueled and ready. I guess we're takin’ them all. Dad also wants the two trailers hooked up."

They both got to work, and it was several silent minutes before Sheldon opened the outside door, and drove the first ATV out of the shed. An hour later, as the sun started to get low in the sky, Sheldon looked out the back of one of the Humvees as his family's lake house slowly drew out of sight.

"Think there's anyone in there?" Terry whispered to Sheldon as they both knelt in the tree line. They were watching as the Rangers cautiously moved up to a large barn. It had been three days, and so far they hadn’t run into anyone. They moved slowly, but hadn't really stopped, except for a few times so people could get some sleep.

As far as Sheldon could tell they'd been heading almost straight west. Every time he asked his dad where they were heading, all he could tell his son was that they were trying to get to the Mississippi River. From there, they really didn't know. "I don't know." Sheldon answered Terry's question.

"I hope so. Maybe they know more about what's going on." Terry sounded hopeful, but Sheldon didn't have much hope about anything right now. This was not what the sixteen-year-old boy thought his life was going to be like. At least he still had his father, older brother, and younger sister. As soon as they left the lake house, he found out that Terry had no idea what happened to his parents. They were gone when Terry woke up, as usual, but never came back. Pastor Mary saw him outside his house as everything started to go down, and convinced him to go with her.

Not knowing what else to say or do, Sheldon looked down, and verified that the safety was off on his rifle. It was the same one that Pat had given to him that first morning. No one had ever tried to take it from him, and other than both his father and Pat making sure he knew how to use it, it looked like he would keep it. He just hoped he never had to use it.

"They're waving us in!" Terry said excitedly as he jumped to his feet. Sheldon looked around, and saw several of the others were heading to the barn as well. He almost started across the field too, but remembered what Pat said. "Someone always has to stay behind to guard the rear." So instead of running towards the barn like everyone else, Sheldon went back down to a knee, this time facing into the woods, and looking for anything moving.

He caught movement off to his side, and when he looked, he saw his father there, in much the same position he was in. The sheriff caught his son's eyes, and nodded in approval. Sheldon couldn't help but smile in satisfaction.

Two hours later, as the sun was going down, Sheldon climbed up into the hay loft, balancing a plate full of food. He moved over to where Pat was lying on the ground, his rifle in front of him, keeping watch on the woodline. He moved slowly, and set the food down next to him. "Thanks bro." Pat said as he started to eat, never taking his eyes off the woodline. "You know, you've done a great job so far."

"Thanks." Sheldon said, not sure what else to say.

"I know it's been rough, but you're really doing a good job helping us out."

"Not sure what else I could do."

Pat laughed slightly, and shook his head. "You could have totally lost it, and not be any use at all."

Sheldon sighed and more softly said, "Like Lis is?"

"Yeah." Pat said equally as soft. "She hasn't said a word since we rescued you guys. At least she's doing what she's told, like eating and things."

They were both quiet for a few moments, lost in their own worries. "I've seen that kinda thing before." Pat finally said, his eyes still focused on the woods in front of him, his plate now empty and off to the side. "Shock. People who can't deal with what they've seen." Pat looked over and caught Sheldon's eyes. "And I'm afraid we ain't seen nothin yet."

Sunday, November 11, 2012.

I really wish I didn't lose my last journal, but, I didn't have time to grab it when we fled. It's been hard, but it's not like we have a choice.

Oh yeah. My fourth grade teacher told us, when she had us start the journal to always make sure that if someone ever reads it, they know who you are. My name is Sheldon Lugh O'Donnell. I'm sixteen, and was a sophomore in the Chattahoochee County High School in Cusseta, Georgia. I say was, because three days ago, the world went to hell.

From what I've been able to find out from my older brother Pat, who's an Airborne Ranger in the US Army, the sitting President, Ashwood, lost the election. He then refused to give up power, and threw our country into a civil war. Pat saw what was happening, and went AWOL to rescue us. He got there too late, though, to save mom.

Sorry but every time I think of her I start to cry. I'm trying not to but it hurts. She was standing there in the doorway then she was laying on the floor blood all over the place. Pat says that there's a bunch of South American military guys helping Ashwood, and that's who killed mom.

All I really know is that we've been running now for three days, trying to make it to the Mississippi River. Pat said he heard reports that we might be safe somewhere in the west but no one really knows for sure. Hell we're having to try and navigate by maps and the sun. All our GPS units went out. Asswood as the army guys have been calling him somehow must have taken out the satellites or something.

Anyways I'm not sure how often I'll be able to write but my dad said I should try to write as often as possible if for no other reason than to try and record what's going on. Hopefully someday it'll be useful.

Sheldon was gently shaken awake. When he opened his eyes he saw his father, leaning close, and putting a finger across Sheldon's mouth, keeping him from speaking. In the dim light, he saw several others were up and moving quickly, but silently. Patrick Sr. leaned in real close and whispered in his son's ear. "You're brother saw some movement in the tree line." Sheldon's eyes went wide. "We don't know who they are yet, but Sarge wants everyone that can fight, up and ready to go, in case we need to."

Sheldon nodded, then looked next to him as he felt pressure on his shoulder. He smiled softly as he saw Terry had fallen asleep with his head on Sheldon's shoulder. He remembered they had fallen asleep quietly talking long after the sun went down. He gently pushed Terry off, and was relieved when his friend didn't wake up. Sheldon got up, located his rifle, and grabbed it before following his father.

When they got close to where the sergeant was standing, looking out a crack in the barn's planks, the older man looked back and nodded to the sheriff, then looked directly at Sheldon. "Your brother says that you're almost as good of a shot as he is." The way the man said it, it was more of a question than a statement. Sheldon could only shrug, as far as he was concerned, no one was as good as Pat.

"He's the best shot for his age group." Pat Sr. said softly, but for some reason, he was too quiet as he said it. He and Pat went target shooting all the time before Pat signed up.

"Good enough for me." The man said, looking at his father, then turned and looked directly in Sheldon's eyes. "If I have you go up with your brother, will you be able to shoot if he tells you to."

Sheldon was about to agree, when he saw the seriousness in the man's eyes. He was about to ask what the problem was, of course he would shoot if his brother told him to, and then it hit him. He felt the breath leave his chest as the implications of what they were asking of him, fully registered in his mind. Could he shoot….a person?

He'd been hunting ever since he was old enough to fire a shotgun. He couldn't remember how many deer, ducks, and other critters he'd killed in the past. But this… this was different. Could he shoot another human?

His eyes dropped to the floor. Could he really do it? Yes, he had shot when they were at the house, but he was reacting, not thinking about it. Then he remembered his mother falling in the doorway. He remembered the run that he and Alisa took through the woods, and the look in the man's eyes as he pointed a rifle at him. The same rifle that was now in Sheldon's hands. He looked up from the floor and met the man's eyes. "Yes." He didn't say more, he couldn't. The sergeant searched his eyes for a moment, then nodded.

"Head on up there." He then turned and went back to looking out the crack in the wall.

Sheldon's father pulled him around, and held him with both hands on Sheldon's shoulders. He didn't speak at first, but then nodded his head. "You listen to your brother okay?"

"Yes sir." Sheldon said, his voice more steady than his legs. Patrick Sr. pulled him into a tight, crushing hug for a moment, then pushed him back.

"Take this." His father said as he took off the radio he had on his belt, and the ear piece out of his ear. He then pulled the rifle off his back, and handed it to Sheldon, while taking the M-16 from his son. "You'll need this. Remember, only shoot if Patrick tells you to."

Sheldon took the radio, while nodding. He turned, slung the new rifle over his shoulder, and quickly scampered his way up the wooden ladder to the hayloft.

He quickly, but quietly, made his way over to where he knew Pat was lying, there was no light up here, but with the sky starting to lighten in the distance, he was able to make out where he needed to go. He tried to convince himself, it was just like when Pat took him deer hunting, he needed to move as quietly as possible, so as to not spook the deer. It didn't work in his mind, but he still tried.

When he moved into position next to his brother, Pat looked over and smiled a tight, humorless smile. "Move over a bit. These rifles kick the shells out a bit further than our old ones."

Sheldon nodded, and scooched himself over a bit more. When he looked back, Pat nodded. "I'm glad you decided to come up here with me. The other guys are good, but we left the other sniper behind, and frankly, I'll feel better with you up here."

Pat looked back down range, through his low light scope. "They haven't moved, I think they set up camp, but I'm not sure. I do know that they've got sentries out. I've seen at least five different people so far, but I can't see ‘em well enough to know who they are."

Sheldon nodded, but didn't say anything, as he got himself comfortable, then brought the rifle up and looked through the scope on it. He'd never used a low light scope before, but it didn't take him long to figure out what he was seeing. "I see them." He said softly, once he found one of the sentries his brother spoke about.

"You're rifle is safed right?" Pat asked without looking over. Sheldon felt the position of the safety and breathed out a sigh of relief. "Yup."

"Good... remember, until you're ready to fire, especially if you're using a scope to watch someone, you need to keep the rifle safed."

"Yes sir." Sheldon said reflexively. He felt like he was in some type of class, so he automatically reverted to how he spoke to his father, or any other adult.

"Don't sir me." Pat said with a soft chuckle. "Now, stay comfortable. We could be up here a while. Either we'll leave, they will, or we'll have to fight. No matter what happens, it may be a while before we know.”

Two hours later, they still lay there, neither one having moved much. They both glanced over their shoulder when they heard someone coming up the ladder. Terry's head popped up, looked around, spotted them, and made sure that they saw him before he came up further. One hand helping him up the ladder, the other holding two plates. He stayed close to the wall, shielding him from whoever was outside. "That's good." Pat said when Terry got close. "Shel… you first."

Sheldon nodded, then slowly backed up until he was out of sight, then stood up, stretching hard before he could really move. When he got next to Terry, his friend handed him a plate. "The lieutenant said we couldn't make anything hot, since we didn't want to let anyone know we were here."

"Good idea." Sheldon said as he took the plate full of fruits, and even a single boxed chocolate donut. He took a bite of the donut, then looked at Terry with a grin. "Why do I think this might be the last junk food I get for a while?"

"Probably because it will be." Terry said sharing his grin. Terry looked away, then looked back, the humor gone. "You okay up here?"

Sheldon knew what he was really asking, and could only shrug. "I've thought about it, and really I decided that, no matter what happens, I'm probably gonna have to at some point."

"I don't think I could." Terry said softly, almost regretfully.

"You never know till you have to." Sheldon said equally as soft. "While I've decided I'll probably have to, doesn't mean I'll be able to."

Terry shook his head. "No. I overheard your dad talking to the Army guys. He said he knows you'll be able to if needed. They also told Pastor Mary to be ready, cause if you do, they want her to talk to you about it."

Sheldon dropped his head, and looked down at the plate of food, that no longer looked really appetizing. "I really wish you hadn't told me that."

"Oh shit…" Terry said, realizing his mistake. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Sheldon said, while putting the plate down on a bale of hay.

"Finish it." Pat said from where he was still looking out the loft door. "You'll need it." He then glanced over and shook his head. "Terry, you always say the worst things at the worst time." Pat then chuckled as Terry's face went red. "But that's one of the things we love about you."

Sheldon couldn't help but laugh softly, and nod his agreement. He did pick his plate back up, and even though he wasn't really hungry, he forced himself to eat some of the apple pieces.

"Well I better get back down there." Terry said after a moment, but lingered as he looked at Sheldon. Finally, he couldn't stop himself as he reached forward, and pulled Sheldon into a quick hug. He broke it quickly, then almost ran back to the ladder, and was out of sight before Sheldon could even react.

When he was done eating what was on his plate, he moved back over to his position, and got settled in. After a few moments, Pat backed out of his position, moved over to where the plates were, and quickly wolfed his down. Less than three minutes later, he was back in position. "They teach you how to eat that quick in the Army?" Sheldon asked with a bit of a tease.

"Had to. When you were late to chow as often as I was, cause I was doing extra work, it was learn how to eat fast or not eat at all."

"Why were you late?" Sheldon asked, never having talked to his brother much about the training he went through.

"Oh I usually did something wrong, so I was doing push ups, or running extra, or something." He looked over and grinned at Sheldon, who couldn't help but laugh. "I know you're shocked to know I wasn't the perfect student on training."

"Yeah right." Sheldon kidded back, remembering a lot of the pranks Pat played on him growing up.

Pat looked back over the woodline, then back to Sheldon, this time though, all humor gone. "You know he likes you right?"

"Huh?" Was all Sheldon could get out.

"Terry. He likes you." Pat said, still being serious. "Like really likes you." When Sheldon still had the blank look on his face, Pat just shook his head. "I knew it. You're clueless."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Sheldon asked, getting a bit upset, but still keeping his voice soft.

"You know Terry's gay right?" Pat said as he looked back out the loft, towards the tree. "He's had a crush on you since you were both like thirteen."

"He did?" Sheldon said while shaking his head in amazement. After a few seconds, he looked over at Pat. "How would you know?"

"I overheard Mom and Dad talking about it. I guess Terry's dad saw something on his computer, and they talked to Terry about it. His parents were real cool about it, but they let Mom and Dad know since, whatever it was they found, mentioned him liking you."

"Oh." Sheldon said, not really sure how to handle it.

"You like him don't you?"

"No…" Sheldon squeaked out, causing Pat to look over and shake his head.

"Come on Shel, I've known about you since you were like eleven or twelve. Remember we used to share a room."

"Oh…" Sheldon said again, not knowing what to say, this was so much to take in.

"Don't worry man." Pat said reassuringly. "Mom and Dad know as well, they don't care. No one does. I just can't believe you and Terry haven't hooked up yet."

"I… Ummm…"

"Shhhhh." Pat hissed out, then pressed something by his neck. "I got movement."

Sheldon's mind flew away from Terry, and his thoughts about his brother finding out about his deepest secret, and came crashing back to the present. He pressed his eye to the scope, and saw the movement. There were a lot of people heading towards the barn, about to breakout of the woodline. "I count twenty, maybe more. No ID yet." He heard through his headset. He looked over just to make sure Pat was still there, since he didn't hear his brother normally, only through the headset.

"Hold fast till we get an ID." Sheldon heard, and he waited. It seemed like hours before the first person came out into the open. He was wearing a military uniform of some sort. Others then came out, rifles at the ready, sweeping in front of them.

"Combat patrol." Pat said, again Sheldon only heard him through the radio. "They're heading right for us."

"Hold…." The sergeant said through the radio. "Wait till we can see them all."

"Roger." Pat said through the radio, then Sheldon heard his voice normally. "Shel, I need to know right now. Will you be able to do this?"

Sheldon took a deep breath, then nodded. "I need to hear you say it, little brother. I'm going to be counting on you. Everyone downstairs will be. If you freeze, they could die."

Sheldon took a halting deep breath, nodded again, then spoke. "I'm good."

"Okay." Pat said then reached over and clapped him on the shoulder. "I'll pick your target. The rifle you have will punch through anything but the best body armor, and I don't think they got that. Just aim for the chest. If they go down, don't worry about 'em, move to the next target. Okay?"

"O… Okay." Sheldon said, his palms sweaty, and his heart threatening to beat out of his chest.

"They got prisoners!" Pat said, again, Sheldon only heard it over the radio. "Looks like four or five. May be a family. They're in chains, near the center of the group. Two guards on them."

"Take them out first, when I give the order. I wanna wait till they get a bit closer."

"Copy that." Pat said, then spoke to Sheldon again. "You take the one on the right. I'll take the one on the left. Once we start shooting, we don't stop till we're told to. However, make sure to pick your target's carefully. One shot, one kill. Got it?"

"Uh huh." Sheldon got out weakly, as he adjusted his target, so he was looking at the guy that was right next to the family. And it did look like a family. Older guy, older woman, three kids. The oldest one, maybe his age. He looked them over, and saw that the guy, and the middle kid, the only boy, both looked like they've been beaten up. He then looked at the mother, and she too had bruises on her face, and looked like her shirt was ripped at the top. Same with the oldest girl. The youngest one, maybe eight or nine was sucking her thumb as they walked. He quickly moved back to the target Pat had told him to take, and switched off the safety. He didn't want to see the family anymore.

"Stand by." Sheldon heard through his radio, although it was almost drowned out by the roaring of his heart beat. The enemy line was about halfway to the barn when the next command came over the radio. "GO!"

Sheldon only hesitated a moment, his finger tightened on the trigger. His and Pat's rifles roared almost in the same moment. He only noted that the man was going down, before he swung his sights onto another target. As soon as his sights had settled, he began squeezing his finger. With a slight start, when the rifle fired, Sheldon was moving to yet another target.

As he settled on his third target, the man went down. It was only then that he became aware that several others were shooting at the enemy. Still, Sheldon quickly found another target and squeezed off another round.

It could have only been a few seconds or even a few minutes. Sheldon couldn't have told you, other than all of a sudden there were no more soldiers standing, and the world had grown quiet. Deathly quiet.

Sheldon surveyed the area once more before he took the rifle off his shoulder. Shakily he stood up next to the door frame in the hayloft, looking out at the carnage. "Don't you puke Shel," Pat said to him. "You need the nutrition. Just swallow it back down."

Monday, November 12, 2012.

I killed someone today. Actually, I think I killed four or five but I only remember the face of the first one. They were South American and they had a family of hostages. I don't know what they're doing here or why they're fighting us but they are.

I just can't believe what I heard though. I mean I don't know how I really feel about the fact that I killed people. But I mean when I heard that they had raped and beaten every member of that family. Pastor Mary was supposed to talk to me after but she's been busy with them. Hell the little girl hasn't stopped sucking her thumb. I just can't believe it.

Part of me is happy I killed the bastards, but well I don't know. I mean I know it's wrong to kill, I know what they say in church but are there times when it's okay?

Both Dad and Pat said I did a good job today, and throughout the day every member of the army, even the Lieutenant slapped me on the shoulder and said I did good but. I don't know. Part of me is happy they're dead but another part of me. Well hell I don't know. Maybe tomorrow I can ask Pastor Mary.

I mean all I really feel is numb. I found out that Pat and Dad know about me and that Terry is gay too and that he likes me. I should be scared, but not even thinking about that gets the pictures of the guys I killed out of my head.

Maybe I'm thinking about it too much. I mean they raped people. They deserved to die right? But if that's true why do I feel the way I do?

I just don't know.

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