Castle Roland

New Beginnings
Book I

by Roland


Chapter 1

Published: 8 Apr 14

New Beginnings

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Author's Foreword:

Hey all, as I am sure everyone knows, I am no longer a part of the Clan Short Universe of stories. I have branched out on my own, and brought together an amazing group of authors to try and help me spin a tail worthy of you guys, and the support you have shown me over the years. I really would not have made it as far as I have if it weren't for the love and support shown to me by you guys, the readers.

Often the authors complain about not getting feedback from the readers, or the readers not letting us know what they think. Well, I have come to realize that it really is a two way street. We want feedback, and you guys want to know that your feedback, your support, is appreciated. Well let me assure you right now, you guys are not only appreciated, we authors do love you guys. Without you, what would be the point of spending so much time and effort writing? I mean it's not like I am getting paid for any of this! LOL.

So before we get into the story, let me just give each and every one of you guys a heart felt, "Thank You!"

November 5th 2012

New Beginnings LogoThe boy woke up with a groan. For a moment he couldn't remember anything, as he turned to his side. Lying on the floor next to him was a long haired blond boy. He couldn't remember the boy's name, but something was very familiar about him. Beyond the blond haired boy lay several others. His eyes were blurry so he couldn't make out the features. He slowly tried to sit up and it caused a throbbing in his head so bad that his head fell back to the floor with a thump. He hadn't even noticed the pain of it due to all the other pain in his body.

He laid there, his mind swimming half way between conscienceless and oblivion for an unknown amount of time, a voice came to him. A voice he recognized, but couldn't place. He didn't even know if it was a voice from a memory or if someone was actually speaking to him. 'Adam…' That was his name, he suddenly remembered that now. 'Adam, you have to get up, you have to help your family… you have to help Logan.'

That name, Logan, drilled through him like a bullet through the heart. He sat up, and somehow pushed all the pain out of his mind. He groaned in effort and it felt like his stomach wanted to eject everything that it might have ever had out. He had to fight, but he managed to hold it in, through sheer force of will he held it in.

He didn't think he could stand yet, so he looked around. His mind quickly told him there were more than fifteen people scattered all around the room. The room… it was familiar, yet when he thought about it, it made the pain in his head worse. Not knowing why he did it, but Adam closed his eyes and tried to empty his mind; pushing away all the pain, all the queasiness. Pushing away everything, he felt himself drop into a relaxed state and he allowed his mind to float. Time had no meaning to him in that state, but what did have meaning was the pain. The pain ebbed and flowed, swirling around him like an ocean trying to break in through the walls he'd built around his mind. But no matter how much the pain raged against his walls, Adam held them firm. He was a single flame in the oppressing darkness trying mightily to snuff that flame out.

The more it rallied, the stronger Adam's walls became, until finally, in a disgusted rage, the pain tried one last time to break down the walls to stream in and over those thick walls. Adam wouldn't allow it though. With a cry of primal fury, Adam exploded his walls outward pushing the pain back and back until finally it retreated away from him.

When Adam opened his eyes, he was drenched in sweat, his body quivering in exhaustion but the pain was gone. The pain that had threatened to swallow him whole and to drag him into the dark abyss was gone. He was sure that had he allowed it the pain would have been the death of him, but Adam couldn't allow that. He couldn't leave his family, his Logan.

His eyes went wide and his head snapped to the side, Logan was still lying there, unmoving. Adam scrambled over to his love and pushed Logan so he was lying on his back. "Logan?" He hesitantly called, but got no reply. He hesitantly reached out and put his fingers on Logan's neck and sighed with relief, Logan was still alive. He tried to reach his mind out to touch Logan's but he just couldn't do it. He could feel it there, but he couldn't touch it, couldn't reach his mental fingers out and caress Logan's mind like he had always done. Logan was his love, his other, better half. The one who pushed him to excel at everything, and the only person he could truly give himself to. Logan was the only person Adam trusted enough to allow having control over him. It's what helped Adam keep his sanity when everything was going wrong. Logan was also smarter and stronger with his mind than any one he knew. Hell he wasn't really sure if Logan knew the full extent of what he could do with his mind. He was scary when it came to what needed to be done. Very few people could be as calculating and hard as Logan. He was the only person Adam knew that could create a force of nature, a Death Knight, and then turn it loose, knowing full well that the person would be able to go out there and do what needed to be done. Death Knights didn't take orders, but they had a sense of loyalty to Logan that was unparalleled by any other group he'd ever seen. Logan was truly the scariest person Adam knew and that made him love the boy all the more.

With a sigh of frustration, he turned from Logan and looked around. His mind was still a little foggy even though he knew the room they were in was familiar, he just couldn't place it. He shakily walked to the next person he saw, and a name came to his mind. He didn't know why it was happening, but in his mind he started remembering all the different things about this person…Chang. His was his eldest brother and confidant, the rock that held Adam up. The most loyal person he'd ever met, and also one of the few people that actually scared Adam. There were few people Adam had even known that could even put a fight up against Chang, but very few that would survive such an encounter. There was something strange about Chang though. Adam couldn't place it, but something was different about the boy. He looked like he should but not like he remembered. Then it struck him. Chang was fully human. He should have had ridges on his forehead. But his forehead was smooth. He looked his brother over and saw the boy dressed like he remembered. Loose fitting cloths with two swords, one on his back, the other on his left hip. He knew that the boy held more weapons, but not where. Chang was the only one that usually held more weapons than Juan….

Adam's eyes flew up and he turned looking for his youngest brother. Again, his mind wondered back in time, seemingly out of his own control. The first one he'd rescued from the lab and the boy who held a special place in Adam's heart. Spotting the boy lying on the floor curled up in a ball, Adam rushed over to him. Juan had a death grip on his stuffed bear named Rambo. It wasn't the one that had been turned into an active living bear, but the same small bear, dressed in camo fatigues that someone had given to Juan when he was still very young. The boy had been through so much horrible abuse that the boy's mind had split. They had turned Juan into a remorseless killer, or they had tried to. That little bear had so much power that very few even realized it. That little bear, and the small act of kindness that the person who gave it to him showed, allowed Juan to hold onto a shred of his humanity. It was hidden, lock away, so the boy wouldn't lose it with everything he was forced to do, but it was there.

When Adam rescued Juan, it took some time, but they were able to bring that spark back out and fan it into a blazing inferno that Juan used to push himself harder than anyone Adam knew. Juan was focused, driven more than anyone else to protect others, especially the young ones. Juan was a gun nut, that's for sure, and he was good. They didn't know about it till later, but when the massacre happened in Montana, a third missile had been launched at the helicopters carrying all the kids. No one had seen it since they were so focused on the helicopter that had flown in the way of the second missile, sacrificing themselves to protect the huge helicopter loaded with even more kids. Juan had seen it though. With everything else going on, only one person was still looking for threats. Juan had seen the missile launched and immediately took out the person that shot it. Then he turned his aim on the missile. It was fired at the already downed helicopter that people were rushing towards, in an attempt to save someone. It was a one in a million shot, which no one should be able to make, but Juan did. He hit the missile once, and it didn't do anything. He aimed and fired again, and again he hit it, but still nothing. Juan had quickly re-loaded with a special round, a depleted uranium round and fired again. All of this taking less than four seconds. Knowing he only had one last shot, before the missile hit the helicopter, Juan aimed for the tip, where the detonator was located… the very tip was what he had to hit. When he pulled the trigger he held his breath for a moment, and then let it out when he saw the bullet hit and the missile explode, harmlessly. Adam couldn't think of anyone who could have made that shot even once, but Juan had made it three times.

He loved the little boy that very few people knew well. He kept himself closed off because he didn't want to be hurt more, but inside that cocky exterior was a little boy screaming to be loved, and when he found that love, he flourished. He'd fought Juan once, back when Adam had lost it and attacked Joe, his dad. Juan had stepped up to protect the first person the little boy called dad. He and Adam went toe to toe, and frankly, Adam wouldn't want to do it again. He made sure Juan was alive, and then left the boy sleeping on the floor as he moved onto the next person, Jory.

Again, even though he didn't want it to, his mind went back over his past with his beloved little explosives addict. Jory was a quiet kid who had an amazing knowledge of chemicals and chemistry, mostly revolving around explosives. The boy was a mental sponge when it came to that sort of thing. There wasn't much of anything that Jory couldn't do when it came to explosives. The kid had a heart of gold, and loved with everything he had. Adam almost laughed when he thought about his little ten year old brother being considered a hard ass by some. He was far from it, but when it came to protecting his family, especially the youngest ones… well, the best term he could think of was a mama bear. He quickly made sure that Jory was okay, then set off to his other brother Will.

The tall lanky twelve year old was lying on his side away from Adam, and when Adam turned him over, the boy's red hair caught in the light. Will was the flying ace of the group. There was nothing he couldn't fly, at least not after he tweaked it to the way he liked it. Adam wasn't sure what the boy enjoyed more, flying his helicopters, or working on them, trying to make them better than anyone else thought they could be. He'd seen Will work for days just to try and squeeze a little bit more engine power out of his baby.

Moving a little ways to Will's right sat Will's love, Billy. The boy he had first met in a wheel chair had overcome everything that was stacked against him, and was now almost as good as Will was sitting at the controls of a helicopter. Will had once said that he thought Billy was born behind the controls, and was only getting better. It didn't matter to them that Billy was a 'squishy' as Juan liked to call them, a normal human. Billy was one of them. Billy and Will's love was something that you could see on both boy's faces. The smiles would brighten up the hanger bay when the two of them were there. The fact that Billy could walk now made him even more driven to help with the U.N.I.T.'s reason for being. To help protect, rescue, and save abused and abandoned kids. Billy had been there himself; actually shielding his younger brother Ronnie with his body when their father tried to shoot Ronnie. Billy embodied the old biblical saying, 'Greater Love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his brother.'

Thinking of his brother, Adam looked over and saw Ronnie laying there, wrapped in the arms of his young lover Tommy. Ronnie may have only been nine years old, and Tommy only eight, but the boys had a real love for each other that no one could deny. Ronnie distinguished himself early on by appointing himself to the position of quartermaster, and did one hell of a job doing it. Tommy has been rescued the same time that Adam, Juan, Logan and Joe rescued the rest of his brothers. He'd been captured by the military because he could talk to animals. They wanted to figure out how and try and replicate it. Thankfully Tommy had just gotten there when they were rescued. Adam didn't want to know what would have happened to the boy had they not. Lying next to Tommy was his huge Black Panther that he'd named Fluffy. Adam couldn't help but chuckle as he thought how the huge cat was so gentle and protective of the boy that barely came up to her huge shoulders.

After making sure those three were okay, he moved onto the next group of three e saw. Alvin, Simon and Theodore; the Chipmunks as they were affectionately called, were the youngest of the clones of Logan. They were only eight, but they had minds that were amazing. Adam truly thought they were one person with three bodies. They were so in synch with each other if was scary, but their angelic faces and huge puppy dog eyes made people not realize that they were every bit as deadly as any of the rest of them. They had once infiltrated a base and stayed hidden while getting Adam and the rest the Intel they needed to attack the base, rescue the kids in it, and get out all without losing a single U.N.I.T. member. Adam couldn't say enough about the little boys and how much they did whatever they could to help out, and that was usually a lot.

Adam looked around and saw only two more that he hadn't check on; Janet and Joe. Moving over to them, he saw that they were both breathing easily. He breathed a sigh of relief, he didn't know what he would do if either of them were to die. Joe was his real father but more than that, he was their dad. He'd almost died trying to save Adam when his Para-shoot failed. It was Adam's fault he was upset, and didn't do what he was supposed to and because of that, his shoot didn't open right. Joe never hesitated as he released his own shoot, and barreled towards certain death on the off chance that he could save his boy. He did, but paid a terrible price. When he reached Adam, he'd almost passed out from the spin he was in, but Joe grabbed him, righted him, and then pulled Adam's reserve shoot, saving his life. Joe though, wasn't able to get away from Adam and pull his own reserve quick enough to slow him down to make a safe landing.

Joe hit the ground hard, shattering almost every bone in his body, from his ribs down. It was only by the grace of God, and amazing skill by Janet and Chang that Joe survived. Joe had been stuck in a wheel chair for months before he was healed. Joe never knew, but Adam over heard the man talking to Janet one time, Joe had said that he never thought about it. His son was in danger, and he did what he had to. It didn't matter to the man if he'd not survived the fall, as long as Adam was safe. From that moment on, Adam tried his hardest to be the kind of man his father was.

Janet was his mom. She was Logan's biological mother, but the woman had an amazing heart, and adopted them all as her own, never once treating them as anything other than her sons. She didn't stop with Adam and his brothers. She adopted everyone; she had room in her heart for thousands of kids. She knew all their names, she knew about them, what happened to them, what brought them to the base, and what they needed. Mostly they just needed love, and she had that in abundance. If only there were more people in the world like her, Adam and his brothers would be out of a job, and that was a day that Adam prayed for.

Looking around he spotted a very large figure over in the corner. There was only one person he knew that was that large; Amur Khan; his sworn protector and more importantly his closest friend. Amur Kahn was a huge Human/Tiger hybrid. He stood well over seven feet tall and weighed over three hundred pounds, all of it pure muscle. After his twin brother, Kuan Ti, died, Amur swore himself to protect Adam even at the cost of his own life. Sometimes it had almost come to that, and Kahn never hesitated. The huge cat boy was as loyal as anyone Adam had ever met, and frankly, was an inspiration to Adam.

When he made it over to Khan, and rolled him onto his back and saw that Khan had a much smaller person wrapped up protectively in his arms. Adam couldn't help but smile knowing that Kahn wouldn't be without the person he'd come to love.

Adam found his mind wondering again, this time, not bothering to try and stop it. It was as if, his mind was reasserting his memories for some reason. This time, he thought about Bartholomew Rollins III or Runt as he liked to be called. Runt was an interesting boy, with an interesting past. He was fourteen years old, but since he was born to a mother who was addicted to crack, Runt's first years were spent in the hospital. Because he was born addicted to crack, it gave him lifelong problems, one of which was the fact that he was physically very under developed. Looking at the boy, you might think he was ten or eleven, simply by his size. But the boy had a huge heart, as huge as the person who stole it, Amur Khan.

After making sure that everyone was alive, and at least seemed to be well, Adam stood up and looked around trying hard to figure out where they were. It took him a few minutes, but he finally figured it out. They were actually in their base in Utah, but not as he remembered it. This was the base they first found when they arrived, before it had been radically expanded and re-modeled. Taking a chance, Adam softly called out for Daileass, one of the Logan Clones and the Base's Artificial intelligence, the one that ran everything.

"I don't think you're gonna get a response…" Logan said from behind him, and Adam spun around seeing the boy sitting up, barely. He had his head in his hands, but Adam could still see those brilliant blue eyes shining with an inner intelligence that was unmatched. "Oh God, it hurts." Logan moaned, and Adam moved quickly and took his lover into his arms.

"Take it easy Logan. I know it hurts." Adam said softly, pushing the hair off Logan's face and leaning in to kiss him on the forehead. Logan gave him a weak smile and a nod. It took a few minutes, but Logan was finally able to open his eyes again and Adam could tell the pain was less if not gone.

He looked up into Adam's eyes and smiled slightly before he sighed, tears leaking out of his eyes. "The links… they're gone. I can't feel… anyone."

"Fuck…" Adam breather out as he ran a hand through his now short, close cropped hair. "Any idea what the fuck's going on?"

Logan looked up at Adam as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Help me up." He said softly and Adam did just that, taking Logan's hands and pulling him up to his feet. He then leaned in and hugged Logan hard. The hug lasted for almost a minute before Adam pulled back and kissed Logan. Logan slowly opened his eyes and seeing Adam's face right in front of his, he couldn't help but smile. He loved his Adam more than life itself.

But then Adam's question came back to him, and his smile slipped. "I… I don't know. I was sitting in my office in the Palace and I felt my eyes get heavy. The last thing I remember before waking up here is my head hitting the desk." Logan looked around then back to Adam. "Any idea where we're at?"

Adam sighed and looked around. "Yeah, it's the main command center at Camp Bam Bam… before it got re-modeled…"

Recognition dawned in Logan's eyes as he looked around. "Yeah… holy shit… what happened?"

Adam shook his head. "I have no idea. When I first woke up though, someone, or something spoke to me. Told me I needed to help my family, to help you."

"Any idea who?" Logan asked concerned.

Adam was going to answer, that he had no idea, but he was interrupted by a groan from behind him. He turned and saw Juan starting to stir. "Ohhhhhh… who the fuck hit me?" The boy asked as he rolled over and buried his head into his hands. "Chang, I swear to God…"

Adam moved quickly to his youngest brother's side, Logan by his side. Although Logan peeled off when they heard Janet groan in pain. Things got real busy then.

Once everyone was awake, and Adam was reasonable sure they were okay, he looked at all of them and spoke. "Okay, what do we know?"

"I know I got a massive fucking head ache!" Juan said, still clutching Rambo to his chest. Adam knew had there been anyone else there, he wouldn't be doing that, but Juan was comfortable around everyone here.

"I don't know where we are, or how we got here, but I do know this much. We're somewhere I've never seen or heard of before." Logan said softly.

"What do you mean?" Adam asked slowly. Logan was able to walk the Astral Realm. Something that not many people knew he could do. Logan has seen many places, many of which Adam didn't even know about. For Logan to say that he didn't know where they were, well that said something… he just wasn't sure yet what that was.

"It means, this is someplace new; maybe not new as in just created, but it is certainly someplace that I have never had access to before. The Astral Realm here is different from the one I know. It has a different feel, a different taste. I can't explain it any better than that." Logan said with a shake of his head.

"Okay, in that case let's see what we can get figured out." Adam said and started issuing orders to that end. Everyone, including Adam felt better about having a somewhat clear course of action.

Adam had the chipmunks start looking at the computers that they found there and the boys groaned. They'd already done this once, and they didn't enjoy it then. However, they found out that these computers weren't nearly as powerful as the ones they ran into the first time, which in their opinions, were pitiful.

"Just get me something so we can figure out where we are!" Adam said as he turned back to Janet and submitted to her checking him out. She had insisted on checking every one out, including having Chang check her out.

"Well… I think everyone's fine. At least I haven't found anything wrong, even with Chang and Juan going back to what they were like before. It's as if they'd never changed." Janet said as she closed the medical scanning tricorder.

"So can we go look around now?" Juan asked impatiently. "I wanna see what the fuck's going on."

"Sure go ahead." Adam said, then added. "Take someone with you."

Juan gave Adam his favorite feral grin, then pulled out a pistol and tossed it to Jory. "Come on bro, let's see what we got here."

Jory grabbed the gun in midair, checked it over, made sure a round was chambered then looked to his brother with excitement in his eyes. "Let's Go!"

Janet just shook her head as the boys ran from the room. Adam looked over at Logan who was sitting over in a corner by himself with his eyes closed. Just as Adam's eyes fell on his lover, Logan's eyes opened and he sighed heavily. They locked eyes and silently Adam asked Logan what he found out. "Well… I can say this much. We're not in the universe we knew. There some differences and I'm locked to this planet. I can't go anywhere else to look." Adam knew that Logan was troubled; the fact that he was locked here is something that Logan had never been before, and Adam could see it troubled the boy greatly.

"I've made a link for us, so we'll be able to talk, but it seems more difficult to do things here. I'll have to look into it more." Logan looked apologetic, since he wasn't able to do more. But Adam knew he'd done his best.

"Okay, if I remember right, we should be on the second sub level." Juan stated as they slowly and carefully moved through the hallway checking each room as they went. Juan's eyes lit up as they came to a big armored door. "Oh.. I remember this place!" He said as they looked at the key pad lock. He holstered his pistol, and pulled out a utility knife. Using the knife, he popped off the outer cover, and then used the pliers to cut and strip two wires. When he touched them together, the large door started to rumble open. "Yup.. just like the first time!"

"Calm your hormones bro!" Jory said with a laugh as the door opened showing rack upon rack of rifles, rocket launchers, and other various weapons. Juan slowly made his way towards the back of the room, where another large vault style door was located. It had a combination lock, and Juan started to spin the dial. "I hope it's the same." He said as he got to the last number, and then spun the wheel. The door chinked and he was able to pull it open.

Just like he thought, the vault was full of gold and other precious metals and jewels. Jory grinned as he looked over at Juan. "Looks like we still got lots of money to play with."

"Yup!" Juan said as he closed the door back up, and they started to leave the room heading for the next level. "So, what the fuck do you think's going on?"

"No clue." Jory responded as they hit the steps and decided to go up. "I'm sure between Logan and Adam they'll figure it out."

Juan nodded as they covered each other going up the stairs. Finding out that the second sub level was the same as the one they first encountered, mostly having offices as well as the main command center, and then the vault. They figured the first sub level would be the same. It was; for the most part.

They'd cleared the medical wing, and the helicopter maintenance areas then went through the office space and everything was just like they thought it would be. Then they got to the housing areas. The first door they came to was the first room that Juan had when they first got there. When they opened the door though, Juan stood there in shock, his jaw hanging on the floor. The room was fully furnished… just like it was back home. There were gun racks on the walls, all loaded with his personal weapons. There were even posters on the wall. Juan hesitantly walked up to the closet and opened it up. Inside of it was his prized T-Shirt collection.

Jory turned, without saying a word, and walked across the hall. It was the room that Logan and Adam first shared. He walked in and sure enough, one side of the room was a computer system set up like a mini command center. On the other side, was Adam's side of the room with his work out area and weapons. Jory couldn't help it… he walked over to the bed, then the night stand, and opened the top drawer. Just like he thought… he couldn't help but laugh out loud at what he knew would be there. Juan came running into the room just as Jory picked up the bottle and turned to show it to Juan. "Oh shit!" Juan cried out with laughter at seeing the 'Bubba-D's BBQ' sauce bottle.

Knowing the link was back up, Juan couldn't help it. 'Uhhh… Adam, Logan…'

'Yeah what's up?' Adam answered immediately.

'You're not gonna believe it. Pretty much the base is the same, but we got to the first sub level and things got weird.' Juan said trying to keep things serious.

'How so?' Logan asked, and Juan could hear the concern in his voice.

'Well… we got through most of this level with no problem till we came to the housing section. And well… it's like we already live here.' Juan said trying not to giggle as Jory made a motion of pouring the bottle all over his crotch and then masturbating himself.

Before either Adam or Logan could respond, Jory couldn't help himself. 'You got a full bottle of BBQ sauce in your nightstand! Almost as if it had you're name on it!'

Even through the link, they could feel Logan's blush as he growled out, 'you put that back, or I'll really have to hurt you.'

Jory laughed out loud as he put the bottle back. 'Yes Sir General Kinky SIR!'

It had taken several hours, but finally Juan and Jory reported back to the main command center on the second sub level. They had found out that while there were a few changes, things were pretty much set up like they were when they first came to old gold mine, turned presidential emergency bunker. Adam, Logan, Joe and the Chipmunks were the only ones still there. Will and Billy were in the hanger and the mechanical bay under the hanger looking over the helicopters. Chang and Janet went to check out the medical wing, while Ronnie, Tommy, and Fluffy went to check out the store rooms, and see what they had. Khan and Runt decided they were going to check out the hydroponics bays that were above the hanger, as well as well as check out the few emergency access tunnels that were able to reach the outside.

The Command Center was already being ripped apart as the geeks started their work. It seems Logan got the computers out of his room, and brought them down here. Now he and the Chipmunks were trying to figure out how to hook the advanced system up to the local hardware. Juan grinned as he heard Alvin using some of his favorite words, and was thankful Mom wasn't there to hear it.

"So, find anything else interesting?" Adam asked as he walked over to his two youngest brothers.

"Not really…" Juan said as he shook his head. "You ever figure out what the fuck's going on?"

Adam sighed deeply and shook his head as well. "Not a clue. So far everyone's said the same thing. They were doing 'something', and suddenly they felt extremely tired and literally fell asleep where they were. Next thing that happened, we all woke up here."

"Where's here?" Jory asked, not really sure he wanted to know the answer.

"No clue really…" Adam said, then sighed. "I mean Logan's pretty sure we're not even in the same universe that we started out in, but how we got here, what's happening, and shit like that… we ain't got a clue yet. Personally I'm waiting for a Mikyvis to show up at some point and start laughing at the joke he played on us… but honestly I don't think anyone of them would do something like THIS!"

"No…" Juan said knowing that wouldn't happen. "So, no idea how we're getting home?"

"Not unless someone shows up to take us home." Logan called out from behind some piece of computer equipment.

Jory and Juan stood there with their mouths agape. It was starting to sink in that they may never go home. Jory finally spoke in a soft voice. "I'm sure it won't be long till Kyle or Levi, or some other Mikyvis shows up…"

Logan pushed himself out from behind the equipment while the chipmunks stopped what they were doing, and looked over to Jory. Adam though was slowly shaking his head. He opened his arms and stepped forward to take his younger brother into his arms. "Sorry, Jor, but we've gotta move on like they aren't going to show up. Don't get me wrong, I really hope they show up in the next few minutes, but we gotta be prepared for the fact that it might take them a while… I mean there's a lot of universes they've gotta look through."

"You mean…we…we might be stuck here?" Juan asked as Jory shuddered in Adam's arms.

"Maybe.. I just don't know Juan." Logan said as he too moved over and took the youngest of the brothers into his arms. "I've done everything I can think of, tried contacting everyone I know, and there's nothing. What ever happened to bring us here has cut us off from everyone. I don't even know where we are, what universe we're in. Nothing…"

"What.. what are we gonna do?" Jory asked from Adam's chest.

"We're gonna do what we always do. We're the U.N.I.T…. We were made to deal with impossible shit and kick it back in people's faces. We're gonna figure out what's going on here, then we're gonna take this world by storm and do what we do best." Adam said, trying to inspire his family.

Jory pulled away and forced a smile on his face. "I don't know if this world is ready to handle us… especially Juan."

Adam grinned. "You're right they're not. But, when has that ever stopped us before?" They boys smiled tiredly back at Adam. "Now, why don't you guys go get some sleep, set up you're rooms and do whatever you want for a few hours? I want you guys to take over in six hours. I'll brief you then on what's going on, and what I want you guys to do."

They both nodded and wordlessly turned and left the room. Logan turned to Adam and pulled him into a hug. "How are ya holding up?"

Had anyone else asked him, he would of course, have told them that he was fine, but this was Logan, the boy who knew Adam better than Adam knew himself. "I'm okay… scared but okay." Logan searched his eyes for a few moments, and then nodded.

"We'll be fine." Logan said reassuringly. "You need to get us set up and then see what's going on outside."

Joe, who had been silent up until this point, walked over to the two of them and spoke softly. "If we're stuck here, and you guys are planning on doing what I think you are, then we need to get the command structure set up. We need to account for the holes that we have and the fact there's so few of us. I know you guys never play it small, and I also know you're not just gonna hole up here and let the world do whatever it's doing outside this bunker. We need to get the structure set up before we go much further."

Adam nodded, while Logan voiced his agreement, and then they both started working in those directions.

Chang looked over at Janet as they both worked at getting the medical center organized. Most of the medications needed to be thrown out as they had already expired, but this was the way it was before; nothing new there.

"Do you think we'll make it home?" Chang asked softly.

Janet sighed as she turned and looked towards Chang. Very rarely would Chang show his vulnerable side, and only to very few people, Janet, as mom was one of the few. "I don't know Chang, I really don't. Something deep down inside of me says we'll be here for a long time, if not forever."

She saw the boy fight off the tears as he nodded and got back to work. "That is the same feeling I have." It was only moments before he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. She didn't say anything, she didn't need to. Just her presence was enough to comfort the boy. He may have been the martial arts master, the one who was rock solid and the one that everyone was in awe of, but he was still a boy, who was feeling something he rarely felt, fear. They worked in relative silence for the next hour, quickly making it through the entire medical ward, taking a complete inventory, and making lists of what they would need to get everything stocked and working properly.

Chang then made his way to the bottom level, the Third-sub level, and found his way to the gym. He stripped down to his boxers and then proceeded to slowly go through his routines, letting his mind wonder and process the new challenges. This was his way of centering his mind, and meditating. There was a lot to process, having lost everything they had built up, the army they had, and the resources that they had and now was all gone was something that shook the boy to his core. However, as his mind settled down, he realized that they were the U.N.I.T. They started out with nothing once, and built themselves into a military division that made countries tremble. Chang knew they could, would do it again. If this world was anything like the one they came from, there would be plenty of children that needed to be rescued; plenty of wrongs to right, and plenty of evil that needed to be combated.

When he was done, the twelve year old boy was drenched in sweet, but Chang now had a determined grin on his face. Come what may, they were the U.N.I.T., and they would not back down, no matter where they were.

Will and Billy rode the elevator up to the first sub level, then moved first to the room they had shared originally. Even though they were told that all their stuff would be there, it was still a shock to open the door as see everything in the room set up in a way to make it like home. Even Billy's prized model collection was sitting in the display case that he had gotten to hold the painstakingly assembled and painted models.

Will looked in the closet while Billy was looking at his models, and sighed with confusion. It was just like it should have been; his and Billy's uniforms properly pressed, and hanging in the closet ready to be put on. Next to the uniforms were their field uniforms, and then their mechanical overalls. Knowing that Adam would want to know the readiness status of all the helicopters, Will took out one for him, and then threw another one over to Billy. "Come on Billy, let's go look at the birds and see where we stand."

Billy put the model down of his favorite helicopter; the Chinook variant affectionate called the 'Guns-A-Go-Go', and stripped down to put the overalls on. Quickly they made their way down to the helicopter hanger, located right below the main Hanger bay. They found almost exactly what they thought there were going to be, except for one major difference. Instead of the Chinook being in the main hanger bay like it was when they got to this base the first time in the other universe; it was down here, sitting on the huge helicopter elevator.

To make it even better, when they had originally found it, it was the Special Forces variant, this one wasn't. This was what they had turned that one into, a modified, and stable version of the Guns-A-Go-Go. Will and Billy just looked at each other, Billy's eyes shining with excitement. He'd though he'd never be able to see one again since the one they had made got destroyed during the battle of Montana. Will sighed with a grin. "Go ahead, you check your baby out, I'll start working on the others."

Billy grinned excitedly, hugged Will quickly, and then ran over and up the extended ramp in the back of the helicopter. Will couldn't help but smile, anything that made Billy happy made Will happy.

Of course, Will spotted something he wanted to check out and when he did, he couldn't help but grin himself. Sitting in the back corner, was a helicopter that he had fallen in love with after they had come to the base. It was a Russian designed helicopter, and one of the most heavily armed of any helicopter. The Hind-D Gunship was just as the name said; a gun ship. The thing was so heavily armed and armored that even jet fighters could fall to one of these in the hands of the right pilots. Will was just such a pilot.

He lovingly ran his hand over the helicopter that he and Billy took weeks tearing apart, and putting back together the way that they wanted it. They weren't able to put any more weapons on it than it already held; the damned thing was already loaded to the teeth, but they were able to get some better performance out of it, get a bit more speed, and generally optimize the performance of the beast. It was one of the projects that drew them so close together, and by the time they were done, Will flying the things and Billy gunning it, they were in synch like two people could rarely reach.

It took more than an hour; the two boys gave a quick check of the helicopters, making sure that the Chinook, the Hind, and all four Hueys were serviced and ready to go. As they stood around the Hueys, Will shook his head and spoke to his lover. "I can't believe we got ours here.  At first I thought that they would be this world's versions, but they're ours!"  Will said in wonder.  I can't wait to try and modify some others with some of the parts we found.  It'll be interesting to see if we can turn a helicopter from this world, into something that we'd use… but DAMN, that'd be a lot'a work."

"You'll love it and you know it!" Billy said with a grin as he threw his arm over the boy he loved.

Will couldn't help but grin and nod, as they started to clean up to go report to Adam what they had found.

Ronnie, Tommy and Fluffy made their way all the way down to the lowest level, the third sub level and made their way to the store rooms. When Ronnie first did this, they had a lot of MRE's and other things that could stay on shelves for a long time, and this time it was much the same. More freeze dried meals ready to eat than anyone should ever have, but then again this place was set up to try and hold about five hundred to a thousand people for years on end, without any re-supply.

There were some differences in what was available, but the general supplies were still there. The two boys started to take an inventory of what they had and what they might need, assuming they would be able to get anything. It would be a while, but they hoped to be able to get some other stuff in here. Next, they headed to the kitchens and began the process of getting everything uncovered and working. "So…" Ronnie asked after they had been working for a little while. "Where do you think we're at?"

"No clue." Tommy answered, "But I can tell you this much, there's some animals around here that I've never seen or heard of before."

Ronnie looked confused at his boyfriend for a moment, prompting Tommy to explain more. "Well, in a den about a mile and half from here is a bear with her cubs, when I looked through her eyes at the cubs, their smoky brown color with a longer face than a Black bear. I've never seen any bears like that, so I don't know what they are. Also, there's a lot less animals around than there where when we were here the first time. I just don't know yet. Fluffy and I want to go out and take a look around, but I don't know if Adam will allow it."

"I doubt it for a little while yet, but maybe in a couple days he might." Ronnie responded.

"I wonder what's going on back home. I mean, what's gonna happen to Elwyn, and the Eryrdain?" Tommy asked fighting back some tears.

Ronnie moved quickly, hugging the boy he loved tight to him as Tommy started to cry. He'd just found the twin he never knew he had, not to mention finding out that he was some long lost God to an alien race. He was just starting to get used to all of that, and now they were here. It was a lot to try and take in, especially for an eight and nine year old. But then again, they were U.N.I.T. members; they would move on and make the best of it.

Khan looked down and Runt and smiled. "How you doing little guy?"

Even though he didn't feel like it, Kahn could always make him smile. Anyone else calling him 'little guy', would have annoyed Runt, but not Khan, to Khan, everyone was little. But even more than that, Runt knew that Khan didn't mean it in a mean way. "I'm okay I guess."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess it hasn't really sunk in yet." Khan rumbled softly.

Runt reached out and took the huge paw into his smallish hand and gave it a squeeze. The two of them, side by side was almost comical, but Runt knew that no matter how big, and tough and intimidating that Khan was, there was another side of the boy that few ever saw. He felt so lucky that Khan allowed Runt to love him, and that Khan loved him back.

So far they had checked out two of the three hidden escape routes, and were heading to the hydroponics bays. Khan had done some work in them in the first base, so he knew what it would take to get them started up. Of course, they should have guessed that something would be strange here.

When they walked into the entry way to the bays, they were assaulted by the smells of turned dirt and growing food. When they made it into the bay, they saw that all around them, the bays were in full bloom. Speechless, the two walked around looking at everything that was growing. Tomatoes, apples, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, just about everything they could think of, from fruit to vegetable, were growing in the huge four section hydroponics bay. They also found three huge chest freezers full of frozen meat.

"You know, I am really beginning to think that someone brought us here for… something." Khan grumbled.

"Yeah…" Runt said as he looked around in shock, but also suspicion. "I just wish we knew who, and most importantly why."

"I got it!" Alvin called out from where he was sitting. They had pulled the computer that mysteriously appeared here, the one that was in Logan's bedroom and used that as the main system to power the control room.

The problem was, the 'simple' desktop computer that Logan had built in the universe they came from, was far and away superior to what they had here. It could easily act as the mainframe for the entire command center, but that also meant that they were extremely limited to what they could do compared to what they were used to. Of course, adding into this that there wasn't a Daileass here to help them out made what they had to do even slower. It literally was, a case of they could work faster than the computers could.

However, Alvin had finally gotten around all the lock outs, alarms, bugs, firewalls, and other such traps, and gotten into the outside world all without letting anyone know that he was there. "Ummmm…. Guys…. you gotta see this…" He called out in a shaky voice.

Immediately, the other two chipmunks, Logan, Adam, and Joe came over, to see what had rattled the boy. Alvin's first job was to synch the computers with the world time net. And he'd done so. But now he was staring at the results. Joe was the first one to be able to speak. "November 5th…2012…"

"Oh hell…" Adam breathed out, and then took a deep breath. "Okay, so we're eight years in the future in a strange universe." He said as he looked over at Logan, whose wheels were already spinning.

"Looks that way," Logan stated then closed his eyes for a brief moment. When he opened them back up, he had a very determined look on his face. "Okay Simon, I want you combing the internet and finding out what's different here. I want to know the political, military, social and economic differences. Theodore, I want you looking into the United States specifically; I want to know what's going on here and now." He then looked at Alvin and spoke. "Alvin, start doing searches on the Clan and its members. I wanna know if there even is a Clan here. Find out about Starfleet and other groups like that. Let's see what we got going on out there." He then looked at Adam. "I know you hate it, but I need you on a terminal figuring out what's going on with the League of Nations and other super national organizations." Adam nodded as he turned and sat down at a terminal. Falling back into a structured organization, and actually having something to do, seem to make everyone feel better.

Joe, not having been given an assignment, sat down at an empty terminal and said, "Okay guys, send me what you get and I will try and organize it."

"Good idea dad." Logan said as he shot the man a smile. For a long while, nothing was heard except that tap of keyboards and an occasional sigh as they got frustrated at how slow things were here is this Universe.

After just a few moments, Logan cried out "YES!"

"What?" Joe exclaimed as everyone's eyes shot towards him.

Logan calmed down a bit and blushed as he quietly mumbled 'nothing…'

"What is it Logan." Adam asked softly, but with a determined edge to his voice.

After a few moments of intense blushing, Logan looked back to his screen and starting typing away while he started to talk. "I just looked. Bubba D's restaurant is up and running in Des Moines."

Everyone in the room groaned as they went back to work.

Joe sat there in wonder as he tried to organize the information that was coming to him. In between the mutters of Logan and his brothers about how different everything was, and how archaic this internet was, Joe was starting to get some information in. Reading it over when he got the chance, he began to see a picture emerging, a picture that was very different from the world they came from.

First off, the tech base was so much lower than what they were used to, but then again, that's probably because there was no Star Fleet in this world, hell, as far as they could tell, there had never been any real contact with Alien races. They had no real development in high end computer processing with things like positronics, or things like that.

The governments seemed to be more interested with fighting against each other, both internally and externally, than they were in advancing the good of the people. The League of Nations was turned into something called the United Nations, but even that was ineffective and was eventually disbanded when it tried to force the views of other countries, onto the big and more powerful ones. To say the larger more prosperous nations rejected the idea that they needed to pay a penalty for being so prosperous, didn't go over so well, would be an understatement.

Great Britain was probably the biggest change. It seems in this universe, Great Britain was able to retain most of it's power from the middle ages. The Monarchy was still very much in charge of what could easily be called an empire.

Joe had to sit back though when he came to the information on the World War(s). It seems that the horrific events at the start of the 'war to end all wars' didn't. Not only did the War not end there, it grew bigger involving more nations until it finally ended in 1919 with something called the 'Treaty of Versailles'.

Then there was a Second World War that was almost as bloody as the first one, at least until it ended when the United States dropped something called a nuclear bomb on two cities in Japan. Curious, Joe did a search on it and come up with something called 'YouTube'. He was able to watch a video as a plane flew high overhead of a Japanese city and drop a single bomb. "Oh my God!" Joe breathed out as he watched what happened.

"JORY! I need you to come to the Command…" Joe started, but realized too late that there wasn't a Daileass to summon Jory for him. He reached up to hit the comm badge on his shirt before letting his hand fall.

He looked over at Logan who was walking over to him and Logan nodded. "Jory's on his way, what's going on?" Logan asked as he looked at the screen Joe was using. Joe used the mouse to repeat the video, by now everyone there was gathered around.

"Holy shit!" Adam breathed out in horror as they watched the bomb fall and the explosion that followed. They watched the video two more times, no one able to speak until Jory and Juan burst in the room.

"What's wrong?!" Jory exclaimed, running over to the computer that they were all gathered around. Seeing tears on the faces of many of them, Jory and Juan watched the screen as Joe started the video again, the Chipmunks moving off to get back to work not wanting to watch it again.

Jory stood there in shock, it was one of the most amazing explosions he'd ever seen, part of him was having an almost orgasmic reaction to that large of an explosion, but as he watched what happened the other half of his mind could only imagine how many people died and how 'dirty' of an explosion it was. "There's only one thing I can think of that could do that, nuclear fission, but… fusion is so much more useful, nobody ever tried to develop fission, plus if something went wrong… shit…" Jory ran a hand through his hair as he looked around, then down next to Joe who was seated in front of the computer.

"Someone actually used one of those?" He asked, praying that this was some sort of joke.

"Yeah… Not once, but twice, three days apart." Joe said softly, not believing, or, more appropriately, not wanting to believe.

"TWICE?!" Jory breather out in horror, "Who the hell would do that?!"

"We did… The United States," Joe's quiet reply could barely be heard, as he and the rest watched again as the explosion happened.

They'd been there for about four hours, when Janet informed everyone that they needed to take a break and eat something. Adam was about to refuse, but when Janet gave him one of her patented 'mom' looks. He simply deflated, smiled and agreed.

The meal was actually a lot more than anyone had expected. After Runt and Khan reported back about what they'd found, Janet immediately took the boys back up there and tricorder in hand, scanned all the food they had found. She found no reason that it couldn't be used. Khan even smelled everything trying to use his sensitive nose to see if there was anything in the meat, and there was nothing.

"Well I really doubt someone went to all this trouble to bring us here, only to poison us with the food." Runt said, as he picked up an apple and took a big bite out of it.

So, there they were, sitting down to a good home cooked meal. Janet may not have been the major cook for the U.N.I.T., but she was still a mom, and she knew how to cook and cook well.

They had gathered around a table brought into the control room, no one wanting to miss what information they were finding. Logan had just begun trying to decrypt all the military networks. Thankfully, the base had most of the codes already stored, but many of them changed constantly so those were the ones he'd have to work at.

Juan and Jory had showed up about an hour ago, having been able to catch a few hours of sleep, being all that they would need for the next few days if needed. There were some other advantages to being a Genesis Augment, and one of them being the need for less sleep than a normal. Of course they could sleep more if they wanted to, and normally they slept like a normal, but they did not have to.

"So, let's take a moment and bring each other up to date on what we've found so far." Adam began after everyone had eaten for a few moments. Just like most kids, food was the most important, so Adam waited till they had all eaten some, including Fluffy who was happily munching on a large T-Bone steak. If anyone had a problem with her eating such a prime cut of beef, they didn't say anything; which was good, because she might have decided to eat them instead. "Logan, what have you found out about how we got here and where here even is?" Adam knew the answer, but this was a time to bring everyone onto the same page.

"How we got here?" Logan started. "No idea, I can't tell if there was even someone behind it. All I know is that every one of us had the same thing happen. We were doing whatever, and then suddenly we got sleepy and woke up here." He paused to look around and all he got were nods form everyone, including fluffy, who was now standing next to Tommy, fully taking part in the little meeting.

"As far as where here is? I don't have any idea on that either. I mean obviously we are on Earth, but not the Earth we remember. Things are vastly different in many areas, yet surprisingly the same in others. All I can say with certainty is something or someone is blocking my ability to see into other universes through the Astral Realm. I have been completely cut off from anything outside of this planet." Logan ended, shaking his head, and feeling bad about not having better news for everyone.

"Okay…" Adam said after many moments of silence. "So we've gotta play this as if we may not get back. Personally I don't feel like hiding out here waiting for something that may or may not ever happen." Adam said, and again he got nods of approval from around the table.

"Okay dad, you're been compiling the intel that Logan and the Chipmunks have been finding. What's you're assessment of this new Earth?" Adam asked, knowing that everyone would be interested in his information.

"Well…" Joe said as he sat back in his chair, organizing the thoughts in his head, putting them in something of an order. "I can tell you this much. As Logan said, things are vastly different in some areas and surprisingly similar in others. This world seems to be much more war prone than ours. They obviously did not learn what we did after the short World War that we had. They had two of them, both of them combining to kill hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions. There have been a large number of wars and skirmishes since then, since there wasn't an international body to make sure things like that didn't happen. They did have a League of Nations, and then that grew into something called the United Nations, but bluntly the United Nations was as corrupt as it was ineffective. It wasn't that long ago that the major powers in the world, dissolved it due to its insistence that the larger nations support the smaller ones."

"Shit guys…. I got a problem!" Instantly, everyone was away from the table, and gathered around Alvin who was furiously pounding away at the keyboard.

"What's going on?" Logan asked quickly.

"I was doing a search on various Clan Members when someone started to try and hack the server I've taken over!" Alvin said deep in concentration.

"You mean the one you gave yourself the administrative account on?" Logan asked as he slid into the chair next to Alvin and grabbed his own keyboard trying to figure out what's going on. "Damn… Whoever's doing this is good." He said absently, his fingers flying over the keyboard.

Adam looked over to Simon who was next to him, and whispered, "What's going on?"

Simon leaned in a whispered loud enough for the others to hear. "Right now it looks like Alvin found someone who is trying to remove the forward taps that we've put in place… which could lead them back to us."

"So someone in the government is trying to trace you guys back to here?" Adam asked, somewhat alarmed. With a look, the rest of the U.N.I.T. members ran from the room. They didn't need to hear the order, it was clear… 'Suit up, and get ready for some fun'.

Silence reigned for several moments when Logan started to curse, not even Janet said a word to what he said. "What the fuck? He just jumped to 1024 bit encryption!"

"I didn't think they had better then 512!" Theodore said with concern.

"I didn't either, hold on, I'm gonna try something…" Logan said deep in concentration.

Moments of silence went by as they waited for the mysterious person's next move. Then the screen blinked, and Logan pulled up a message. All it had was a string of numbers and numbers. Logan stared at it for a moment before he closed his eyes. Moments later Adam felt something pulling on his mind. He knew this feeling; Logan was adding others to the link.

'DAILEASS!' They all heard Logan cry out with relief.

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