Castle Roland

New Beginnings
Book I

by Roland


Chapter 2

Published: 8 Apr 14

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings Logo"Daileass?!" Adam exclaimed with shock, but Logan seemed to ignore him. It was several moments of silence while everyone watched Logan and the chipmunks working. Suddenly Logan's eyes shot open.

"Alvin, Haden may have been tracked back to where they're at in Vegas. Find out who traced them and why!" Logan said sharply as his fingers flew over the keyboard.

Silence again reigned, as the two boys worked feverishly. The only ones left in the room at this point were Janet, Joe, Adam, Logan and the chipmunks, everyone else was off getting prepared, for what, they didn't know yet. Originally, it was to possibly defend themselves, but from what little Adam heard, he decided to let them gear up just in case something else happened. As it was, he told Khan to make sure that he grabbed all their gear, and bring it to the command center, just in case.

"Oh fuck!" Alvin cried out. "Someone just put a hit order out on the house that Daileass is at!"

"WHAT?" Adam exclaimed, but Alvin didn't reply right away, the boy's fingers were a blur over the keyboard and even Adam had trouble following the information that was whizzing across the screen.

Finally, Alvin fell back into his chair, and looked up at Adam worriedly. "A hit just got put out on every one in that house… they don't care about anything other than they all get dead, and get dead ASAP…"

"Will! Fire up the Chinook, we gotta go now! Everyone else, get ready for combat, meet up on the hanger!" Adam said as he and Logan dashed out of the room, with Janet and Joe hot on their heels. The last order the chipmunks got was to keep an eye on things, and let them know what was going on.

They reached the Hanger bay, just as Logan was telling Adam, "I haven't told Daileass yet, I wanna wait till we're in the air and going."

Adam just nodded as they watched Kahn, with a strap over his shoulder, pulling the huge Chinook out of the main hanger bay. Adam ran up, and grabbed onto the strap, helping his huge friend out. As soon as they were out of the hanger, Adam hollered out. "Get dressed in the bird, we're going now!"

It had been a long time since Billy slid into the second seat of the Chinook, but if they had to get somewhere fast, Will was the best pilot for that, even in this beast of a helicopter, Will could make it do things that it shouldn't be able to.

Thankfully they had done a pre-flight on the bird less than eight hours ago, so they didn't bother doing the walk around. This was a hot situation, and within five minutes of the huge blast door closing, Will had them in the air and screaming towards Las Vegas.

"So let me guess this straight." Juan said, after Adam had briefed them all on what's going on. "Daileass, Haden, his twin brother Barrett, as well as two of the Cyclones, and Hac… a friggin werewolf, are here with us. Not only that, but within six hours of getting here they managed to piss off some stuck up, self-important douche bag, so badly that he puts out a no holds barred hit on them?!"

Adam couldn't help but snigger a bit. "That about sums it up."

"What the fuck?" Juan asked in shock. "I'm slippin… letting those amateurs show me up like that… it just ain't right."

There wasn't much talking on the ride there, Will had them buzzing the tree tops to stay below the radar. It was a very noisy, very bumpy ride. Logan had sent out, along the link, to those that had mental powers to test them out, since he was finding that his were different now. Adam tried time and again to access the center of power deep inside of him that he grew to know was what made him N-Gen.

Back in the Universe they came from, Adam and a few select other had 'evolved' into what was termed N-Gen or the Next Generation of Humanity. It gave them access to almost god like mental abilities, abilities in telepathy, telekinesis, and empathy. Now though, Adam knew he had some of those abilities left, but nowhere near as strong. He knew he would have to take some time to test out what he could do now that he was somewhere else. But right this moment, was not the time to do it. Since he didn't know what he could or couldn't do, he would have to rely on what he knew he could do, and wait until he could figure out his limits later on.

Adam looked around at the faces of those that had come on this little rescue mission with him, and he couldn't help but think about everything they had all been through, everything that had drawn them together as a family, and mostly those they had left behind. He felt the tears start to well up in his eyes, but quickly fought them back. Thinking about, remembering the past was okay, but he couldn't let it overcome him, especially not when he was about to go into battle.

Will's voice came over the internal communications headsets that they all wore. "Thirty minutes till we cross the Vegas City lines. I've got the target on the map, and we'll be touching down hot in about thirty-four minutes. Figure out who's gonna man the 50. cals, and get them loaded. Once we hit the city limits, I'm gonna have to take us higher, and it's gonna get a bit bumpier. Make sure you're tethered to the guns, and remember, no one fires till Billy gives the go ahead. We'll drop the ramp five minutes out. Until then it'll be relatively smooth."

Adam nodded as he unhooked himself, stood up and looked around. He pointed at Joe, and then to one of the five machine guns mounted on the sides of the modified helicopter. With the fact that he left the chipmunks back at the base to continue to monitor things, that really only left him with thirteen bodies, with Will and Billy flying. Janet couldn't be strapped to a .50 in case someone got hurt. He nodded to Logan and pointed to the .50 that was pointed out the back ramp, and the boy quickly nodded and moved. Logan was great at a lot of things, and could hold his own in a fire fight, but frankly, he wasn't an augment, and would be better behind a .50 then one of the others, who he could use if things got bad.

Khan, Chang, Jory and Juan would be going in with him, so that left Tommy, Ronnie, and Runt to man the other three .50 cal machine guns. It wasn't the best situation imaginable, but the three smaller boys knew how to use those guns, and would be able to lay down cover fire if needed. Ever since they lost over seventy family members in Montana, when the Reynolds family came under attack by the FCC, everyone had learned how to handle a fire arm. Tommy and Ronnie, even thought they were only eight and nine, had learned how to do more than just handle a small fire arm. They decided since they were Adam and Logan's adopted kids, they needed to learn more, to show other people that even kids as young as they were, were learning how to do things that kids their ages really shouldn't. When they had approached Adam and told them their reasoning's, he was simultaneously filled to overflowing with pride, but also wept at the loss of innocence that it showed.

He looked down at the patch on his right shoulder, the patch that they all wore on everything they had, it was the U.N.I.T.'s crest. It had a golden skull, with crossed arrows, symbolizing that they were a Special Forces division. Above the skull was written in red lettering, 'Mourn the Loss of Youth.' While under the skull and crossed arrows was the rest of their credo… 'Give 'em Hell Kid!'

Adam watched with pride as the two youngest boys, as well as Runt, who was not a fighter, not a military person, but stepped up when needed, moved into position. Runt's husband, Kahn, moved over to help Runt get settled in and help him load the heavy ammo belt into the gun. It was sometimes amusing, to see those two side by side especially when you knew they were lovers. But, if you ever looked at their eyes when they looked at the other, no one would ever be able to doubt what they felt for each other.

Once the gun was loaded, and Runt had the protective helmet on, he nodded to Khan. The huge cat hybrid reached over and opened the side door, and helped Runt push the .50 into its firing position. Once it was in place, Runt swiveled the big machine gun around a few times, making sure he could easily move with in his field of fire. Once he was satisfied, he nodded to Khan, who reached in and gave him a quick hug, then moved off.

On the other side of the helicopter, Jory and Juan were helping Ronnie and Tommy get their machine guns set. Fluffy as always, was right at Tommy's side, and Adam couldn't help but chuckle the one time that Will suggested they make up a special set of U.N.I.T. armor for Fluffy. The huge panther just looked at Will and bared her very large teeth. Tommy hid his smile as he looked up at Adam and said, with a completely innocent tone. "Fluffy wants to know if she can eat Will. I told her she would have to get you're permission first."

Once the machine guns were set, ready and in place, the rest of them got themselves ready. Armor got adjusted, and helmets put in place, weapons got check, and made ready to fire if needed. They then turned to someone near them, and checked their armor over; while the other person checked the armor they were wearing. They'd all done this several times, and it was simply a habit that they had now. And a good one it was too.

Once that was done, all they could do is sit back down, and wait. "Fifteen minutes!" They heard Will say over the headsets, and they all got their game faces on. This was the hardest part, but a part they have all had to deal with many times in the past.

"Hold it steady!" Juan cried out as he lay prone on the floor of the helicopter. Will had engaged the stealth mode, but that dropped their speed way down. By the time they got close, Daileass and his crew had taken most of the bad guys out. However, Mr. Murphy decided to pay a visit to them, showing that he wasn't confined to one universe.

It seemed that a friend of the oldest boy, decided to stop by for a visit at a very bad time. Now, he was being held to a bad guy's chest, with a gun pressed to his head. The guys in the house were pretty much at a stale mate, since they couldn't risk provoking the guy. Will had intercepted radio traffic which said the bad guys had friends coming in, and that the local police had been warned away from the area. They were told that the C.I.A. and others were trying to arrest a known terrorist, and to keep everyone, including themselves, away.

Now though, Juan was laying on his belly, his favorite sniper rifle pressed to his shoulder, looking down the scope, the back of the guy's head in his cross hairs. He had to make this shot perfectly, or he had the chance of hitting the kid.

He waited for the helicopter to steady, then squeezed oh so gently. He was targeting the very top of the guy's head, trying to skim just the top part of his head, enough to hit the brain, but not low enough where the angle would hit the kid. This was a tough shot, even for Juan.

With a pop, he felt the rifle recoil against his shoulder, and quickly sighted down the scope again. The guy was indeed down, and someone rushed forward to try and get the kid out from under the guy's corpse. Juan was really glad that Khan had a hold on his legs as Will banked sharply to go the last half mile to the house that had seen much better days.

Will brought the Chinook in fast, then pulled up hard when they got about twenty feet from the house, the down force of the two huge rotors causes an almost sand storm around the Chinook. He quickly spun the Chinook around so that the back hatch was facing the front door of the house. Even before he stopped, Adam, Juan, Jory, Khan, and Chang had jumped out and were running towards the house. Jory and Juan took a knee and got ready for the bad guys friends. Chang ran to the guy who was probably the hostage kid's father. He'd tried to rush the bad guy when he grabbed the boy, and got shot because of it.

Adam and Khan though, ran right into the house. They were both wearing the U.N.I.T. Standard Battle Armor, and Adam called out through the attacked speaker. "Daileass!"

Before he could say anything else, gun fire erupted outside. They both spun, and took up positions on either side of the door. Adam saw that Chang had indeed grabbed the down man, and headed back into the back of the Chinook, where Janet was already going to work.

With Billy's order, Tommy and Ronnie, who were on the right side of the Chinook, started to open up with their .50 cals. Runt and Joe also were firing from the left side, but there were less bad guys on that side.

Adam and Khan were also firing, trying to hit whatever bad guy happened to stick his head out from behind cover. The same with Jory and Juan, although with them being out in the open, they were firing more often. He couldn't help but wince when he saw Juan jerk as he got hit, but the armor did its job, and all the shot managed to do was piss Juan off even more. "LET'S GO!" Adam shouted as he glanced over his shoulder and saw a group of people standing there looking very afraid.

"Okay guys, everyone run into the back of the Chinook as fast as you can. There will be people inside that will help you find places to sit. Everyone clear? Don't stop running no matter what you hear or see." Adam heard Daileass say, and when the first person was about to run, he and Khan both stood up, stepped outside the door, and started to fire an almost constant stream of bullets towards the bad guys. Just as the first person passed behind him, Adam heard the .50′s on the helicopters open up fully also laying down a steady stream of cover fire, all aimed at one thing, keeping the bad guys from being able to shoot at the people running into the back of the helicopter.

As soon as Haden passed him, Adam dropped the clip in his now empty M-16 machine gun, slammed another clip in, and began firing again as he made his way towards the helicopter, Khan right by his side. As soon as the two passed Jory and Juan, they also stood up and, while still firing, ran up the ramp of the Chinook last.

Inside the squishes were being pushed into seats, while being screamed at to hold on. Once Jory and Juan were inside, Adam was screaming for Will to 'GET US THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!'

"HOLD ON!" Billy called out as the Helicopter took a sharp turn to the right were a bunch of bad guys were getting ready to fire, and Billy couldn't help but give them a good bye present. He flipped the toggle switch next to his control stick, and depressed the trigger, activating the 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher that was mounted under the nose of the helicopter. He barely heard the soft 'woosh' as it quickly dropped five grenades right on top on the bad guys. By the time the grenades blew, they were over top of the bad guys, and the resulting explosions could be felt inside as the helicopter softly rocked with each explosion. Thankfully Will was also gaining altitude, so none of the shrapnel did much damage to the underside of the helicopter.

Logan, manning the machine gun on the back ramp, had opened up to keep some of the bad guys that were on the other side down, but they were quickly out of range, and he stopped firing. For the next several minutes, Will was flying like a bat out of hell, weaving and dodging buildings as he flew as fast as he could to get out of town.

Once they had gotten out of the city, Will pushed the throttle all the way forward, and hugged the ground, flying only about fifteen to twenty feet above the sand of the Nevada desert, going just in excess of two hundred miles an hour.

Billy's voice came over the radio a moment after they leveled out. "Logan, I'm going to raise the back ramp a little bit, so we don't have so much drag. Get the civies strapped in, and hold on. We just over heard the local National Guard base is scrambling fighters to intercept. We're below radar, but it's gonna be hairy for a bit!"

Only a moment later, Billy's laughing voice came over the radio. "Well it seems the Chipmunks have been busy as well. As soon as we left, they started hacking. All we gotta do is give them the word, and all satellites in orbit over the western half of the country will shut down. God I love those boys!"

Adam quickly moved over to the grandparents, knelt down in front of them while taking his helmet off. "Hey there!" Adam said trying to give them a small smile. "We'll talk later, let's get you strapped in." It took him only about a minute to get the two older adults strapped into the jump seats. Once he made sure they were secure, he went over to help the sobbing boy, who was starring off into space, almost absently. The blood and brain matter that was covering him, quickly told Adam that this was the boy being held as a hostage.

After making sure he was strapped in securely, Adam glanced over and saw Janet and Chang working on the kid's father. He made his way over towards them, and while grabbing a bottle of water, and a few towels, he asked, "How's he doing?"

"He will make it." Chang said without looking up from the open wound he was working in. "The bullet passed through his shoulder. He will be in a lot of pain for a while, and his arm may never be the same, but he will live."

Adam nodded, clapped Chang on the shoulder, gently, then moved back over to the sobbing boy. Kneeling down in front of him, Adam took the water, and wet the towel. He then began to gently try to clean the boy up as much as possible, while softly talking to him. He knew he couldn't be heard over the roar of the helicopter, but it was enough to get the boy to start to calm down.

Logan had come off the ramp after securing the gun, and quickly, but carefully made his way to first Daileass who he took in his arms and squeezed him hard. Neither boy said anything, words weren't needed right then. When Logan released his brother, he then turned and grabbed Haden. Pulling the boy into his arms, he said loudly enough to be heard. "Thank you… I'm glad you're here." When he pulled back, Haden could see the tears in the boy's eyes as he quickly turned and began to help one of the adults strap into the jump seat next to him.

The next hour was relatively quiet, with little conversation going on. The scream of the Chinook engines was so loud that if anyone wanted to talk, they had to almost scream.

Then came the time when Will announced that they were about to hit the mountains, and that they should expect a bumpy ride. He wasn't kidding. Adam spoke briefly with Billy over the on board comms, and found out that the national guard jets were all over the place, but they hadn't found them yet. They had slipped out under neither the radar, and now the closest fighter was about one hundred miles to the south of them. Of course, a jet could cover that distance rather quickly, so he and Will were still keeping a close eye on them.

When they got back to the Box Canyon that held the entrance to their base, Will brought it in for a nice soft landing, feet away from the cave entrance that had the base entrance hidden with in the back wall.

Waiting for them was Alvin behind the wheel of one of the HumVee's. Adam looked around and said softly. "Please keep your seats for a few moments. Until we are inside the base, and the door shut, we don't want people moving around."

Everyone nodded and stayed seated as Alvin ran forward, and hooked the chain to the front tire of the Chinook. He then ran back to the HumVee, jumped in, and slowly pulled the Chinook inside the hanger bay. Once they were inside, he ran and hit the button to close down the huge blast door.

Back inside the Chinook, as soon as Alvin stopped, Will and Billy secured the controls, and then got up, and opened the door to the back. Will exited first, and got his first real look at the people they rescued. Not being able to help himself, he grinned and spoke in his normal, cocky voice. "Hey guys, we hope that you have enjoyed your flight on U.N.I.T. airlines today, as we look forward to transporting you again in the future. For now, please make sure your seats and tray-tables are in their full, upright positions while you take a moment to gather your belongings and carefully exit from the back."

One of the adults, an early thirties man with light brown hair, smiled warmly at Will, stood up and stuck his hand out. Will took it gladly, only to hear the man say. "Your father did an excellent job flying this thing. You will have to thank him for me."

Will knew what was going on, but couldn't help but play things up. He looked over at Joe curiously and said. "I didn't know you started flying again, dad?"

Joe couldn't help but chuckle, knowing exactly what Will was doing. "Actually, Desmond, that's Will Casey. He was the one flying." The man's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked between Will and Joe.

Adam finally decided to take pity on the man… knowing that adults could only take so much, and also that they don't have a ready supply of Valium yet, so they needed to be gentle on the old folk. "Okay guys, let's all go ahead and move out the back." He called out. "When we get out, I would like everyone to stay grouped up next to Daileass and Haden, as there are probably a few things that we need to talk about, now that we will be able to hear each other."

Everyone slowly made their way out of the back of the helicopter, and gathered around the back of the helicopter, looking around in wonder at the sight of the huge underground hanger bay. The last two off the helicopter were Janet and Chang, each of them at the end of a stretcher carrying the sedated form of the father of the hostage. The man was bandaged up around the shoulder and upper chest. Joe, knowing that the boy may do something he shouldn't, put his hand on the boy's shoulder just as he called out "DAD!" and tried to run towards him. "Is he alright?"

"He'll be fine, son." Joe said soothingly as Chang and Janet rushed the man towards the elevator. Joe knew that as soon as they had him down in the medical wing, one of them would stay down there to monitor him, and the other would return.

Adam gave the new comers a few moments to look around in wonder, before he got their attention. His first order of business was to get the Chinook back to operational status. "Will, Billy…" He called out, and all eyes fell onto him. "I want you two, with Jory and Juan to get this thing back to operational status… as quick as possible. I doubt we were followed, but just in case I want us ready. Also get the Hind up here and ready to launch."

The four boys nodded and ran off. Adam then turned and looked at the eight new comers. "Okay, I am sure you guys have a whole lot of questions, so I'll leave it up to you. I can have you guys shown to rooms where you can freshen up, maybe take showers or whatever. Then, in say a half hour, we can meet up in one of the conference rooms, and let you guys know what's going on. Or we can get the introductions and explanations out of the way now, and you guys can freshen up after. It's up to you."

The older man, Earnest, Adam learned from the intel that Daileass had given them, looked around, then finally allowed his eyes to settle on Joe. "I have to admit sir; you have a very nice setup here, and a very well behaved group of young lads. Given the situation, however, I'm guessing that at some point you would like to sit down and discuss where we go from here, away from the children?"

Joe glanced over at Adam fearing that the boy may have taken offense to what the man said but thankfully Adam seemed to take it all in stride. "Actually sir." Joe started, picking his words carefully. "I am sure you meant no offense, but in truth, Adam IS in charge."

Seeing the clear disbelief in the man's eyes, Adam sighed and ran a hand through his short hair. He still hadn't really gotten used to it being cut short, but eventually he would. "Sir, I guess a brief explanation would be in order before we go any further. I have been told by Daileass that he feels you are all trustworthy individuals, so I will not sugar coat anything. As you know, we all came from a different place. At this point, we are still not sure how we got here, or if we're going to be going back. However, on the Earth that we are from, there was a Military General who decided to try and create super soldiers, using children. He was rather successful as far as things go, and he was able to create myself and my brothers." Adam was intentionally leaving out many of the details since they weren't really relevant.

"While Joe Casey IS my biological father, I was kidnapped at the age of six, and 'augmented'. Each of my brothers and I were 'created' for a specific reason, mine was command. So yes, I am in command here. Both my mother, Janet… The doctor, who took Andy's father to the infirmary, and my father, are fully comfortable with the situation, and when the situation calls for, they follow my orders. However, outside of military situations, I prefer to allow them to be the parents that I grew up without."

Earnest slowly shook his head in disbelief. "In that case," he began as he redirected his focus towards Adam, "Adam, please accept my apologizes sir. I spoke out of place, without fully understanding the situation. Seeing how well you and your boys worked together as a well-oiled team would put even the best seasoned teams to shame. And trust me; I've seen some of the best." After pausing a few to allow Adam to see his sincerity, he continued. "Anyway, on behalf of my wife and my grandchildren, I would like to thank you. I have no doubt that we would not be alive right now if it weren't for you. If there is anything at all that we can do to repay you, you have only to ask it."

"I don't have the military background that Earnest has," Desmond, the thirtyish year old man that spoke to Will earlier, spoke up. "However, I know skill and perfection when I see it. So the same goes for me and my family."

Adam shook his head slowly. "When we have more time to share stories, I am sure what I am about to say will make much more sense. However, you are already doing what I would ask as payment. Loving you're children and grandchildren. There is nothing I could ask for more than that." Adam said with sincerity.

Adam smiled as he saw all four adults nod in understanding. "Good, then why don't I show you all to some rooms that you can make use of while you are here." He walked over to Ronnie and threw his arm around the young nine year old boy. "Ronnie here will come to your rooms in about a half hour. I want you to let him know everything that you will need to make the rooms a home for yourselves. Obviously I would strongly recommend that you all stay here, at least until things calm down and we find out who is responsible. However, if you wish to leave at any time, we will be more than happy to take you were ever you want to go."

"That's a very kind of you," Margret, the grandmother, spoke up. "From what little I saw of what was left of our house, it doesn't look like there is much to go back to at this point."

Haden began to blush in embarrassment. "Erm… umm… yeah, I'm really sorry about that. We weren't expecting so many people to show up."

"It's nothing to apologize for, young man," Earnest replied quickly. "Given the situation you were faced with, you got everyone out safely and alive. I know of a number of other teams who would not have come close. The loss of a few old trinkets is nothing in comparison to the lives of our grandchildren."

Adam, as well as every other U.N.I.T., member smiled and nodded with the words that Earnest had said. That was exactly what Adam was speaking about.

"Excuse me," Sarah hesitantly raised her hand, until Adam looked toward her. "I know you said you are not looking for anything in return from us, but I would personally feel bad if there was nothing at all that I could do in return for you. Perhaps this is not the best time or place to discuss this, but I would love to discuss that further at some point. I don't know what you guys have in terms of say cooks but I have nearly ten years of experience as a culinary chef under Bobby Flay. Up until two weeks ago, I was one of the main chefs at the Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace"

Every child in the room perked up at her announcement. Adam grinned as he stepped up to her, and put his arm over her shoulder. "While we may be from somewhere else, I can tell you from personal experience, food is always the best way to a growing boy's heart. Although I will warn you, my brothers and I can eat someone out of house and home rather quickly, and then there's Kahn…"

Adam said as he motioned towards Khan who was leaning up against the helicopter still in his full armor. How someone that large could make himself unseen and unobtrusive as Khan does, was still a mystery to Adam. He motioned Khan over, and he pushed off the helicopter and started to move towards the group. Adam then turned back to the group. "When I spoke earlier about my brothers and I being experiments, I forgot to mention those like Khan. The rest of us are based on humans. Khan however.." Adam paused as Khan reached up to pull his helmet off.

"Oh sweet… oh sweet!" Robert, the eleven year old son of Sarah, began jumping up and down. "It's a real Cyrstarian from the planet Xylus! Can you shoot lasers out of your eyes like they can in the movie?"

"This isn't the movies, dufus!" Glenn shoved Robert hard.

"Oh yeah? How do you explain that then?" Robert retorted as he pointed to the huge seven and a half foot tall orange and yellow furred lion hybrid.

"You heard what Adam said," Glenn answered. "An experiment from whatever Earth they came from."

"Oh yeah? How do we know the person running the experiment wasn't from Xylus? Huh? Huh?" Robert replied as he glanced around and saw several people looking toward him. "Um, he he he… sorry."

"Well, I'll say this much. That's certainly one large boy you have there," Margret stated, before she whispered to her husband. "Remind me when we get back home to have my reading glasses checked."

Runt quickly moved over and wrapped an arm around Kahn's waist. He looked at Robert and almost snarled. "He's NOT an Alien… He's my boyfriend!"

Robert tilted his head as he looked at the small less-than five foot tall Runt who looked like he couldn't be more than ten. "Normally, I would probably come up with some kind of smart remark to make. But seeing as how you guys don't seem to be like any kids we have ever met before, I think I'll risk believing you on this one, and just congratulate you instead. I can't wait for the day that I get to call Glenn my…. erm… nevermind," Robert ended by putting his hands over his mouth, and internally began to curse himself for what he nearly said.

"Robert?" Glenn asked a question obvious in his voice.

"It's nothing," Robert did his best to blow it off. "So, anyone else up for checking out those rooms? I know I am."

Adam sensed that something was happening, that probably shouldn't happen in public, so he jumped in. "Right. If you guys will follow me." He said as he turned around and began to walk away. "You guys need to decide. I can put you in four different rooms, Earnest and Margret in one, Sarah and Desmond in another. Andy and his father in one, and then Robert and Glenn in another. The other option is a large suit of rooms that you could all fit into. It has five different bedrooms, all connected by a single large common room. It was meant for the president and his family if they ever needed to live here for a time."

Margret looked toward her husband for a few moments before looking toward Adam. "I don't think we need anything as luxurious as a presidential suite, so four separate rooms would work fine with us."

Sarah and Desmond shared a similar look before Sarah spoke for the two of them. "My husband and I agree. It's already more than we could ever ask for, that you would be willing to take us in at all. A presidential suite seems way over the top."

Adam chuckled. "It's up to you guys; however, it's just sitting vacant right now, since we already picked our rooms." Adam then spent the next twenty minutes showing them the things that they would need to know about on the way down to the living quarters on the second sub level. "Now, I will leave you guys to freshen up. We'll serve some food in the main conference room, the one I showed you all, on the ground level, in about forty five minutes, at which point we can get the more formal introductions out of the way, and discuss what you guys will do from here. Sound good?"

Adam walked away from the rooms with a smile on his face. He couldn't help it, even with the fact that they were 'somewhere', with no idea how or if they were going to be able to make it back home, not to mention the fact of everyone that had NOT come with them…helping these people made him feel really good.

He made his way to the rooms he shared with Logan, intent on changing out of his battle gear, and taking a nice hot shower. When he got into the room, he saw Logan sitting on the bed, his head in his hands, softly sobbing.

Adam quickly ran over to his lover, and knelt down in front of him. Taking the slightly younger boy into his arms, Logan began crying heavier, his head now buried in Adam's shoulder. "What's wrong love?" Adam asked softly.

Logan couldn't reply vocally, but he did let Adam know. Not with words, but in Adam's mind, pictures of Logan's clone brothers, the ones that weren't here, flashed through his mind. Then after the brothers went through Adam's mind, they were followed quickly by the slaves that Logan and Adam had rescued. They had become very close to Logan, and the boy was having trouble dealing with out them being around. Then, in rapid fire succession, the faces of everyone in the Clan, every member that was in the Link that Logan had set up, flashed across.

It started to become clear to Adam. The links that Logan had set up were very personal. Logan became very intimately linked to everyone that he had brought into the links, and now, here, they weren't there anymore. Literally, tens of thousands of people, all of which Logan had shared a mental link with, were ripped away. Logan was finally allowing himself to feel that loss.

There really wasn't anything Adam could do to help ease this, except what he was doing, kneeling there, holding Logan, and rocking him back and forth softly whispering words of love into Logan's ear.

Logan allowed himself to cry himself out in his lover's arms for several minutes. When he was done, he slowly pulled back from Adam's embrace, and wiped his arm across his eyes, pushing away the damned tears. "Sorry…" He started, but Adam placed a finger gently over Logan's lips.

"Never be sorry for what you're feeling. You had a connection with people that no one will ever truly understand. Don't force yourself to hold it in. Never be ashamed of your feelings Logan, it shows how much you love, how much you care. Don't ever loose that." Adam spoke softly, and poured his heart and love into his words.

Logan looked up into Adam's eyes and smiled. "Thank you." He said softly, to which Adam just smiled and nodded.

Adam stood up and held his hand out to Logan. They smiled at each other, as Logan took the offered hand and got pulled to his feet. Adam slowly lead Logan into the bathroom, where he lovingly stripped Logan then himself, before leading them both into the shower. There were no sexual overtones to this at all, it was all about love. When they were done, Adam toweled Logan off gently, then helped the boy get dressed. When they were both fully clothed, Logan took Adam into his arms and hugged him hard. "Thank you." He said softly into Adams ear.

Adam smiled softly when they broke apart. "No… thank you." He said causing Logan to look at him confused. "Thank you for letting me love you."

Adam and Logan were milling about their room, moving a few things here or there, just trying to waste some time when a knock came on the door. Adam looked quickly to Logan who nodded. Adam then called out, "Come in."

When the door opened, Chang was standing there with a somewhat grim look on his face. Adam put the shirt that he was folding down on the bed and took a few steps towards him. "How's the boy's father?" Thinking, that Chang's grim look may be related to his patient.

Chang sighed heavily as he stepped into the room, nodding to Logan as he came in. The twelve year old walked over to a chair and sat down. "He will make a full recovery, although he will be in a bit of pain for a while."

"Okay." Adam said softly as he sat down on the couch across from Chang, Logan sitting next to him. "So, why the long face?"

Chang's eyes dropped, and immediately, Adam knew this was something big. "There are so many of us here, yet… yet there are many who are missing." His voice was soft, and full of emotion, something Adam was not used to from his stalwart brother.

Adam knew what he meant, and had been trying to force it from his mind. There were many family members that were not here. For Adam and Logan it was two of their children. For Chang, it was Korris… and the Wolf Pack.

Both Adam and Logan quickly made their way, and pulled Chang into a group hug. For many moments, the three of them just soaked up the love radiating from their brothers. It didn't matter that they were barely related by blood, they were brothers; brothers who were hurting.

"I try to be strong like he would want, but I miss him so much." Chang said barely fighting back the sob.

Adam's mind couldn't help but wander to Juan. He knew the boy would not admit it, at least not with others around, but his youngest brother was hurting just as much. He'd not only lost his lovers, but also his son. Juan was trying to cover it with his normal macho exterior, but soon, Adam would have to make him break down, or Juan would never be able to deal with it. For now though, he and Logan would have to deal with Chang, and the pain he was feeling.

Adam and Logan made their way up to the main conference room, with a quick stop off at the armory/vault. When they got there, they found most of their family already there. As soon as Adam walked in the door, he was almost tackled by Juan, who was almost crying.

"Juan, what's wrong?" Adam exclaimed as he pushed the boy back a little bit to see if he was hurt.

"Nothing's wrong!" Juan said with a grin, and happy tears flowing out of his eyes. "I just… well I love this family!" He bubbled out. "Do you have any idea how long it's been since anyone's allowed me to kill anyone, or go on a mission?" He spoke excitedly. "I was starting to think I might go stir crazy! But then we come here, and within hours you find a place where I can do what I was made to do. And do it with my family! I'm.. I'm just so HAPPY!" He cried out as he almost tackled his eldest brother/commander, with a crushing hug.

Adam looked amused as he looked to an equally amused Logan. The blond boy just couldn't help it. "Well Adam, you know what they say. The family that kills together stays together."

"Oh don't you start that too." Adam said with a chuckle as he patted his happily crying youngest brother on the back.

"Speaking of which, I had our 'guest' put in one of the locked cells. He ain't going anywhere for a while. It seems the Cyclones whacked him over the head with a large frying pan… twice!" Logan said with a chuckle.

"Ouch!" Adam winced. "He's gonna have a hell of a headache when he wakes up."

"Yup, and then I plan on giving him an even bigger one." Logan said with a suddenly serious look on his face.

Adam shook his head as he looked around the room. Spotting the adults all standing together, Adam with Logan by his side, walked up to them. He gave Joe and Janet a quick hug, with Janet placing a kiss on his forehead, before he turned and looked at the other four adults. "Hey, Hope everyone's feeling better after a little down time."

"Yes, thanks," Sarah replied. "You would be surprised what a warm shower can do for you."

"Actually, I know what it can do." Adam said with a smile. "Before I forget, I have a few things for you guys." When he stopped at the armory he picked up a few things, one of them, he now offered to Earnest. "I'm not sure what you're used to, but I have come too really like the Beretta 9mm. With your training, and experience, I figured you might feel more comfortable with one. If you would like something else, I am sure Juan wouldn't mind taking you down to the armory and letting you pick out anything you would like." Adam then leaned in close to the adults, and whispered conspiratorially. "Although, he is rather attached to the shoulder mounted surface to air missiles…" He let his sentence end with a chuckle.

"Well, I'll be damned," Earnest exclaimed as he accepted the pistol and began to look it over. "This is almost exactly like the Beretta M9 I use to have. It looks like it's in near mint condition too."

"Earnest?" Margret asked in a worried tone. "Is that really necessary?"

Earnest nodded gravely toward his wife. "After what happened today? I don't see any other way."

Margret sighed, but knew that her husband was right.

Earnest spent a few more moments preforming a quick field check of the pistol before looking back up toward the black-haired fourteen-year-old. "Thank you Adam. It's not that I question the skill of you or any of your boys, but this does make me feel a lot more comfortable. I don't suppose you have a…" Before the man could finish, Adam held out a holster for him. Smiling, the man accepted the holster. "I guess you do."

Adam smiled then turned to Margret. "Ma'am, I know you are probably going to try and refuse, but I ask that you take this." Adam handed a small bag to the woman who took it with a curious look, then Adam turned to Sarah and held out another small bag. "Same thing goes for you two. Please accept this as a small token."

"Oh my," Margret exclaimed as she looked in the bag, and then back toward Adam.

Sarah shook a few of the small sparkling crystals out of the bag and into her hand. Staring at them in shock for a few moments, she became very light headed and nearly fainted. Fortunately, Desmond was standing right behind her for support.

Carefully putting the gems back into the bag, Desmond looked toward Adam in shock. "I know you come from an Earth that is somehow different from this Earth, and maybe things work differently there than here. But I'm not really sure if you fully understand exactly what you have just given us."

"Actually sir, I do." He said with a smile. "Please understand, what we are probably going to be embarking on will cost a whole lot of money, money that we have a lot of. However, both your families will need a good amount of money to re-start your lives. All of you have already passed the only test I have; you love your children, no matter what. To me and my family, there is NOTHING more valuable than that."

All four adults nodded in understanding toward Adam.

"I wanna see, I wanna see!" Glenn and Robert both began to eagerly jump up and down as they ran next to their respective parents and grandparents. Even Andy seemed to perk up, and showed a great deal of interest in seeing the shiny stones.

Adam put a hand on Andy's shoulder, and gently turned the boy towards him. "Don't think I have forgotten about you. Your father will be fine; Mom and Chang have both assured me of that. However, he may be in pain for a while. When he wakes up, I am sure you will want to spend a lot time with him. When you think the time is right, please give him this." Adam then handed Andy a bag that was obviously more full then the other two had been.

Andy carefully opened the small bag, and peeked inside, as both Glenn and Robert watched closely. Moments later, the ten-year-olds eyes opened wide in shock. "Thanks," he whispered as he threw his arms around Adam, and hugged tightly as if he never wanted to let go.

It took a few moments, but finally Andy released Adam. Adam patted the boy on the shoulder, then turned towards everyone else in the room raising his voice loud enough for everyone to hear. "Line up everyone. Parade Rest, time for an inspection!" Without a thought, everyone lined up, and went to Parade Rest, including Logan. Robert and Glenn couldn't help but smile when both Haden and Daileass joined in just as quickly.

Adam then turned back to everyone else. "Full introductions are probably in order now." He said, but waited to see the adults nod before he walked to the line, and started at the end. He waited till everyone was with him before he started talking. "First off, let me start off by introducing our parents. Both of them hold the Rank of General, Joe Casey is the Base Commander, and Janet Hayes is the commanding officer of the Medical Division. Then we have Major General Amur Khan." No one, other than those that did not know before hand, missed the raise in Rank Khan just got. "He is second in command of Combat Troops, heading up the Black Ops section."

Adam then moved on down the line after Khan nodded to the small group with Adam. Next we have Captain Bartholomew Rollins the Third, better known as Runt. He is the Civilian Liaison Officer. Next are collectively known as the Chipmunks, Colonels Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. They are the seconds in command of the Intel Division, respective fields are, Filed Ops, Electronic Ops, and Procurement Ops. "

Adam then moved on to the two the group already knew. "You already know these two, but let me introduce them officially. First we have Brigadier General Daileass Hayes, Intel Division, Detached Duty. Next is Colonel Haden Rothwood, also Intel Division, Detached Duty."

Taking a few steps forward, Adam then stopped in front of his sons. "These two are mine and Logan's adopted sons; Captains Ronnie Tompkins and Tommy Maxwell. Together they are the Quartermasters for the U.N.I.T." Adam was about to take a step, until a quiet(ish) growl was heard from next to Tommy. "Oh yeah… I can't forget about General Fluffy, Commanding Officer of the Feline Division."

Moving forward again, before Fluffy took offense, Adam spoke quickly. "Colonel Billy Tompkins, Second in Command of the Air Forces; next to him is Major General Will Casey, Commander of the Air Forces. Major General Logan Hayes, Commanding Officer of the Intel Division. Major General Juan Casey, Commanding Officer: Weapons and Training. Major General Jory Casey, Commanding Officer Explosives and Ordinance. Finally, we have Lieutenant General Chang Casey, Second in Command of all Combat forces, as well as Commanding officer of the Military Medical Division."

Adam then turned towards the group of civilians, and saluted. "I am General Adam Casey, Commanding Officer of the U.N.I.T."

"Don't we get cool names?" Stan asked looking slightly hurt.

"Of course not, silly," Forth replied. "We're not in the U.N.I.T."

"But, there were U.N.I.T. guys were we lived," Stan protested.

"So?" Forth stated.

Adam smacked his forehead. "Sorry guys, I can't believe I forgot. We also have Captains Stan and Forth Cyclone, Stan runs the Pots and Pans Division, while Forth is in charge of protecting the Popcorn."

Stan and Forth looked at each other in shock. "Did you hear that?" Stan asked as they both began to jump up and down in place. "I get to help out in the kitchen!"

No sooner had they started, both boys stopped. "Shouldn't we be in line then?" Forth asked with concern. Stan nodded, causing them both to quickly run to the end of the line and stand at Parade Rest, in the exact same stance the other kids in line were standing in.

Glenn glanced back and forth, looking at his grandparents as well as Robert's parents to see if any of them would speak up. Seeing none, he spoke up himself. "Well, since all of our parents seem to be stunned in silence, I guess I'll do our introductions. I'm Glenn Brooks, that little guy over there is my little brother, Chad Brooks. And there are my grandparents, Earnest and Margret Brooks. Then this geeky kid next to me is Robert Jenkins."

"Hey!" Robert protested.

Ignoring Robert, Glenn continued. "And you have Robert's parents Desmond and Sarah Jenkins. And finally, the kid next to Robert is Andy."

"I just have one question," Desmond began. "I'm not going to question your seriousness or legitimacy, since we all saw you in action first hand earlier. However, I have to ask… Here on this Earth, seeing an army made up of young children is almost unheard of. How could the events on your Earth have turned out so horrendously that a country would turn to training its children to fight the battles of adults?"

Adam sighed but nodded. "In the world we come from, things are a lot different. Until we have more time to look into things, I can't really tell you how different. I mean we haven't even scratched the surface of figuring out what's going on outside this base yet. But, really things were we came from weren't all that bad, for the most part. See, my brothers and I," Adam said as he pointed out Will, Jory, Juan, and Chang, "Aren't your normal children; we were all created, or changed, in a laboratory to turn us into a super soldier, a 'Genesis Augment'.

"We were created for one thing, and one thing only, to wage war. And frankly, it's something we do rather well. Back in the universe we came from, we were part of a group that was tasked with safeguarding children worldwide. Safeguarding them from abuse, exploitation, or any other harmful situation that children, unfortunately, often find themselves in. Obviously, we were the military side of things. Before we left, we had over ten thousand U.N.I.T. troops, only about a quarter of which were Genesis Augments."

Adam had started to pace, but now he stopped and looked, first to the group that was lined up, then to the adults who were not. "While there may not be many of us now, we will still work to fulfill our mission, a mission that each and every one of us has sworn a blood oath to. We will find and rescue those children that need it. No matter where we find ourselves, as long as there are children in need, we will not forsake our duty." Adam spoke so passionately, that every single member of the U.N.I.T. had stood up straighter, had puffed their chest out a little further, and to a man, their eyes burned bright with duty, honor and passion.

"WE are the U.N.I.T., and we will not stop. Not while even one of us draws a breath." Adam finished intensely.

"I see," Desmond replied somewhat shocked, not really sure how else to respond.

"ANY child?" Earnest spoke up before anyone else had a chance to say anything.

Adam didn't say a word, just allowed his eyes to bore into Earnest's. After a very brief moment, he simply nodded.

"Then, perhaps it's fate, because lord knows you will have your work cut out for you," Earnest began as he looked at his wife, who promptly grabbed the man's hand in a sign of support. "You see son, this country is in the middle of a silent epidemic, one that is costing the lives of thousands of kids each time. One that many people are aware of, but no one is really willing to admit."

Seeing the somewhat confused look in Adam's face, Earnest continued. "You mentioned you boys aren't up to speed yet on our history. So let me give you a quick run-down. Up until about four years ago, things were going well in this country. Then, a fellow by the name of Ashwood was elected to one of our highest offices, the President of the United States, who also happens to be the Commander and Chief of all of our armed services."

Adam nodded his understanding of this, and prompted Earnest to continue. "Well, it's no secret that Ashwood is against certain lifestyles, to be more specific, homosexuals. For some reason the man seems to be deathly afraid of them. Through the first three years of his term, he's fought to try to get various legislation passed to remove the rights that they had been granted up to this point and time. Finally, last June he went and signed an executive order banning said individuals from having any contact with children, and requiring any children, including adopted children to be forcefully taken away from them."

"Fortunately, a lot of states have flat out refused to follow the order, making it somewhat of a hot topic over the last five months," Earnest continued. "However, there are a number of places that are following it. And you see, over the last ten years, a lot of gays had begun to adopt and raise families. When that all went south, well, let's just say a lot of kids have found themselves without any parents. And with the foster care system already overloaded in this country, there just ain't anywhere else to put them. So in many places, they are simply thrown out onto the streets. Kids that are anywhere from two to twelve, forced to fend for themselves, and fight for already sparse resources."

Seeing the looks on faces of Adam and the others, Earnest continued. "Given the power that Ashwood and his supporters have been gaining, most news organizations know enough to stay away from covering such stories. But the truth is out there, starring anyone in the face who is willing to look. For example, if you look at the public school records for Atlanta, Georgia, one of the places that very quickly implemented Ashwood's orders, you can see that over the last three months, school attendance has dropped by five percent, and is continuing to fall. Given that it's estimated that gay families may represent up to ten percent of the population, those numbers are expected to get a lot worse before they get better."

"I guess what I'm trying to say, son," Earnest stated in a more solemn, almost pleading voice. "If you boys truly have sworn to protect the young folk, that might be a place for you to look at. Although, I don't really know what I'm expecting. Trained or otherwise, I'm not really sure what a group of ten to fifteen kids could really accomplish. You saw first-hand some of the firepower Ashwood controls. And we were considered a rather low priority target."

Adam silently stared at Ernest for a few seconds before he finally spoke. "Sir, given your history, I am sure you are aware that the Special Forces are normally given the tasks that are seen by some to be impossible. What the Special Forces would consider impossible, is exactly what we were MADE for."

When Adam paused, Juan couldn't help himself. "As far as firepower goes… I'll see whatever he has, and raise him three m-50 Machine Guns." Juan then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black book. He flipped to a page, then brought out a pen. Adam couldn't help but groan, but grinned at the same time. "Okay. I'm starting up a pool on how long Ashwood has left to live. Everyone throw in five hundred bucks and the person how gets the closest wins." He took a moment to consider, tapping the pen on the end of his chin, before he spoke again. "I give him nine days."

As the number of days that each person thought Ashwood had left were called out, Adam turned and whispered to the assembled adults. "Juan's our.. ummm.. bookie. He takes his job very seriously, and is always good on the payments." He said with a smile at the astonished faces of the adults. After a moment, Adam turned and said, loud enough to be heard over everyone else. "Thirteen days, but the last two will be very painful for him."

Juan looked over at him with a savage grin and nodded. Before anyone else could say anything else, an incessant beeping came from the other side of the room, where Alvin had set up a laptop.

Alvin ran over to it with almost everyone else right behind him. He started tapping on the keyboard, and almost immediately, he was cursing under his breath. "Holy fucking shit….." He said, his fingers almost a blur over the keyboard.

"Report…" Adam said calmly.

It was a few seconds of strained silence before Alvin spoke. Part of Adam wanted to order him to report sooner, but he knew the boy was trying to get a clear picture of whatever was going on before he said anything. Simon moved up behind Alvin without a word being said, and seamlessly took over when Alvin stepped to the side, looking at Adam with severe concern.

"A massive military strike has just started in Texas. A small National Guard base is being hammered by the normal military from outside the area…" Several gasps could be heard from around the room, before Alvin continued. "It seems that the challenger for President Ashwood was hiding in that base.

Adam stood there with a shocked look on his face, trying to process what Alvin just told him. It just wasn't possible for him to believe that US military forces would be attacking another US military base… much less one that was housing a Presidential Candidate. "But… but.. that's not possible." Adam finally stammered out.

"Unfortunately son, it is." Ernest said in a soft, yet serious voice.

"Adam… There's no real chance for him to survive this." Alvin started, and tears started to form in the boy's eyes. "They're attacking with over four hundred planes, fighter bombers, troop transports… hell they're throwing everything they can at him." Alvin paused, but before Adam could say anything he continued. "Adam, you need to know. The challenger… It's Jack."

Adam was stunned for a moment, not really understanding, till a moment later. "Jack… Bryce?! Our Jack?"

Editor's Notes:

What a mess, that these boys have been tossed into. Adam and the U.N.I.T. really stepped into one screwed up world! But, as Ernest said, must have been a reason for it because they seem to need them.

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