Castle Roland

New Beginnings
Book I

by Roland


Chapter 3

Published: 8 Apr 14

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings Logo"It's probably not our Jack," Logan said quietly. "This universes version of him would be my guess."

"We gotta help him!" Jory said quickly.

Adam, with tears leaking from his eyes sadly spoke. "It's too far away. We don't have transporters, we…."

Adam got cut off by Simon's excited shout from the laptop. "He's in the air! What fighters he's got left are trying to screen for him, but they're falling fast!"

"What direction are they heading?" Adam called out, a sliver of hope forming in his eyes.

"They've gone transonic, and are preforming evasive maneuvers…" Simon said, as he stopped tapping on the keyboard, and looked right at Adam. "They're coming this way."

Silence reigned in the room for nearly thirty seconds, as all eyes fell on Adam. He was standing there with his eyes closed tightly, and his body vibrating ever so slightly. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked around for a second. When he started issuing orders, people started jumping. "Will, Billy, get you're asses in the Hind. Daileass, you and I are flying the Chinook. Juan, Jory, Chang, Ronnie, Tommy, Runt, and Haden, get your asses to the armory, and get us some heavy weapons." He turned to Janet and Joe. "Mom, get whatever you need for trauma victims. If we get there in time, I'm sure there's gonna be some people hurt. Dad, I need you and Khan to help get the helicopters out of the hanger and ready to go." As soon as he was done speaking people started running out of the room.

He then turned to the chipmunks. "You guys stay here, get ready for incoming casualties, and keep us apprised of what's going on. If needed, I need the satellites taken down. One of you stays on the radio with us at all times." The three of them nodded as one.

Adam looked around to see who else was there when a steady but soft voice came from behind him. "What about us?"

Adam turned and saw Hac and Barrett standing there. "We may not be a part of your U.N.I.T., but we ain't gonna sit back while a fight's going on." Hac said, and Barrett nodded his agreement.

Adam smiled and nodded. "Thanks." He considered for a brief moment, then spoke again. "Hac, can you help Khan and Joe get the helicopters out of the hanger? Barrett could you help the others get the weapons." Barrett nodded, as he and Hac started to jog from the room. Before the left, Adam called out. "I take it you guys don't need armor?"

Hac stopped and looked at him with a grin. "Nah.. we'll be fine." And then they were gone.

"Should we go to the armory to get weapons, too?" Forth asked, as he and Stan continued to stand in the line that used to exist.

"Yeah, you never called our names," Stan added.

Adam held the groan in as he saw the serious looks on the two young boys' faces. He moved over and knelt in front of them. "No, I have something more important for you guys to do." Adam turned and pointed at the two families standing together. "I need you guys to stay here and protect them. If something happens while we're gone, it'll be up to the two of you to make sure no one hurts them. Can you do that?"

"But how can we protect them if we don't have guns, too?" Stan asked as Forth whispered something in his ear. Moments later, the boy's eyes lit up. "Oh yeah, we don't need weapons. We promise to protect both families with our lives, sir!"

As soon as Stan finished talking, both he and Forth gave Adam a salute before rushing over to the families that they were now responsible for.

Adam turned to look at Logan, but before he could say anything, Ernest spoke up. "I'm going, too. Where do you need me?"

"Earnest, no!" Margret pleaded. "You promised me that you had given this up a long time ago."

Earnest kissed his wife on the cheek and then looked directly in her eyes. "If I were to let these children, who know nothing at all about President Bryce, go and risk their lives to try to save him and his family, while I stayed here, how could I ever look at myself in the mirror again?"

Margret sighed and nodded.

Adam turned and stared the older man right in the eyes. They held each other's eyes for a few moments, before Adam nodded. "We don't have any of the advanced body armor that will fit you, but hopefully you won't need any. You're in the Chinook with me."

Ernest nodded while Adam turned back to Logan. "You coming with us?"

"You bet your ass I am." Logan said, as he smiled and turned to leave the room, Adam and Ernest right on his heels.

When Adam jogged into the hanger bay, he was just in time to see the small red-headed Hac, grab the large cable attached to the front of the Hind turn, so the cable was over his shoulder, lean forward, and start to walk forward; the huge fighter helicopter slowly rolled towards the huge open blast door. Inside, Will and Billy were frantically checking over everything before they fired up the engine.

Daileass was already rushing around the Chinook, doing a very abbreviated, but thorough preflight. As Adam jogged up to him, most people couldn't help but stop and look at him. They'd never seen Adam in a flight suit, and it was a stark contrast to his normal armor. "Daileass," Adam started, "You got lead… All I can really do is back you up on the side seat."

"No problem, boss man. I've never flown a helicopter sitting in the seat, but I'm pretty sure things are the same as if I were hooked up directly to the controls." Adam nodded as he started his part of the pre-flight. While Daileass wasn't officially a pilot, before the rest of the clones escaped, Daileass had been put into many different aircraft, although it was just his positronic brain. They had hooked the helicopter up directly into his matrix, and he controlled everything like that. Unfortunately, Adam needed both their pilots in the Hind if they were going to have a dog fight. That meant the Chinook would have to be flown by Daileass, and Adam. Adam did have his pilot's license, but he never did much flying.

Once everyone was loaded up, and Daileass and Adam were strapped into the controls, Khan began to pull the helicopter out of the hanger bay. Adam was just starting up the engines when they saw the Hind take off, streaking towards the south.

Once Khan let them know that everyone was in, and the door shut, Daileass pushed the throttle forward, and the engines got louder. Moments later, they lifted off the ground. With a slight tilt forward, they too, started south, gaining speed as quickly as they could.

Less than a minute after take-off, Alvin came over the radio. "Mission lead… Be advised, estimated time of intercept is seventeen, one seven minutes. There are currently twenty four bogies chasing the target, with nine defenders. You're heading right into a hornets nest. Target aircraft is in total stealth mode, but the fighters around it are not. 'Top Dog' will reach the target area apx. three minutes ahead of you."

Adam cursed under his breath. Those odds weren't good; hopefully Jack could last long enough for them to get there. Alvin had told them that Will, using his code name of 'Top Dog' would get there long enough ahead of them to hopefully take a few of the bad guys out. The Chinook could stand against other helicopters easy enough, but trying to dog fight with jets was not something Adam wanted to try and do, not in this thing.

The next ten minutes were hard for all of them. Daileass and Adam were busy trying to fly the massive Chinook pushing it past its supposed top speed. The guys in the back were all nervous as they kept listening to Alvin give them updates. The bad guys had managed to shoot down all the friendlies, but it cost them a lot to do it. They had lost two planes to each one of the defenders, however, that left six that were now flying at supersonic speeds, trying to catch the target. "Okay, guys!" Alvin said as he came over the radio again. "We got friendlies inbound; however, they are still two seven minutes out."

"That'll be way too late." Adam muttered over the mic. "Okay guys, we're getting close, get the turrets ready. I have no idea what we're gonna face."

"We're almost on top of them!" Billy's voice called over the radio.

"So are the bogies!" Alvin replied. "THEY'RE HIT! Target hit!" Alvin cried over the radio, and Adam couldn't help but wince.

"We're live!" Will called out, "Billy, turn off the stealth! Give the bad guys another target to play with." A moment later, Adam saw the Hind appear on his radar screen, reaching over, he also turned off their stealth making them show up to the enemy as well.

An adult's voice came across the radios, and Adam couldn't help but smile at Will's masked voice. "Pursuing fighters, this is General Casey, back off and retreat or WE WILL take you out."

"Unidentified Aircraft," a voice replied. "This is United States Airspace; we are attempting to apprehend a wanted fugitive. Disengage immediately, or we will be forced to fire upon you."

"I warned you…" Will said. A moment later, excited voices came across the radio as one of the remaining six fighters got taken down. Will's normal voice came across Adam's headset next. "Adam, I just buzzed Jack's plane, whoever's flying is good, but they are going down. It looks like they're gonna try and land in a canyon about six miles ahead of you."

"Gotcha bro, just keep them busy enough for us to do a hot pick up." Adam said as his flipped the switching turning the red lights on in the back of the Chinook, indicating to everyone back there to get ready for action.

"We'll try, but the odds ain't that good…." Will's voice trailed off as Alvin came over saying, 'scratch two…'

The big plane came into view long enough for Adam to see it, before dropping below a canyon wall, the smoke and flames coming out of one of the engines showed just how badly the plane was hit. "This just turned into a rescue mission!" Adam called into the mic, letting the people in the back know. "We'll get as close as we can, get everyone onboard, and do it quick. I don't know how long Will can last against those odds."

Right before they dropped down into the Canyon, Adam caught sight of Will trying to dance with the jets. The planes were having a hard time hitting Will, but they were doing it. Eventually they would be able to overwhelm him.

When Adam caught sight of the downed plane, it had come to a stop, thankfully it was on its belly, and the fires were out; although that doesn't always mean anything. Seeing the emergency inflatable ramp already deployed, Adam keyed his mic, after switching it to the general broadcast channel, and spoke. "Downed aircraft, we're here to offer assistance. Again, we are friendlies here to offer assistance." He didn't get any response, not that he thought he would.

They brought the Chinook in low and fast, at the last moment, Daileass spun the huge helicopter around, pointing the back of it towards the emergency ramp, at the same time, Adam was crying out over the internal radio, "GO! GO! GO!"

Juan was the first one out the back of the helicopter, although everyone else was right behind him. His advanced sight let him see through the smoke and blowing debris. What he saw made his blood boil. "Adam, kids.. we got a bunch of kids at the bottom of the air ramp…" Juan hit the ground as a plane buzzed by firing its machine guns as it went by. It was there and gone quicker than the turrets on the Chinook could fire at it.

"FUCK, ADAM!" Juan cried as he jumped to his feet, and grabbed the shoulder mounted surface to air missile launcher he had. He took a knee, and waited. His advanced hearing pegged where the jet was circling, and even before he could see it, he fired. Just as the plane crested the canyon wall, intent on opening up on the downed air craft, it ran right into the missile Juan had just fired. "TAKE THAT, YOU FUCK!" Juan cried out in joy, forgetting that his broadcast mic was on; everyone in the canyon heard his cry.

While that was going on, Janet and Joe, along with most of the rest, were running towards the people at the bottom of the ramp. The entire time Joe was running, he made sure his rifle was pointed down and away and kept crying out, "WE'RE FRIENDLIES!"

All the guys around the plane spread out as Joe was screaming out. They then heard a voice call out to them. "Identify yourselves immediately or we will fire!"

Joe stopped and held up a hand stopping everyone short. "My name is Joe Casey. The group we're affiliated with would mean nothing to you!" Joe called out, not really knowing what else to say. He thought furiously for a moment, then, playing a hunch, he called out, "David Hathaway sent us!"

Joe could almost hear the breath leave Jack's body. It was a low blow, and Joe knew it, but he couldn't think of anything else to use. "Nice try and I don't know how you know that name, but unfortunately for you, he definitely did not send you since he's dead!"

Knowing he may never be forgiven by Jack, he had to go even lower below the belt. Although right now, things were bad enough that he didn't have time to be nice. "Would you like me to explicitly explain what your relationship was with Dave?"

Again, he could almost hear the gasps, but at that point, he heard Will curse over the radio. "I ain't got much left, guys… four down, but these last two are kickin' my ass!"

'That's it.' Joe thought to himself. "Look! We ain't got time for this… My guy's up there in a single fucking helicopter trying to keep the bogies from getting to us. We're about to pull out.. either get your asses on the helicopter now, or don't!"

"Come on then, but be advised we have injured, some severe, including gunshot victims." A new voice called out, and Joe sighed with relief. He motioned Janet and Chang up, both of them wearing their full battle armor.. meaning no one could tell anything about who they were.

As the three of them approached, he saw Jory run back onto the helicopter and come out a few moments later with a large satchel. Joe knew exactly what it was for, and couldn't help but agree. When they got to Jack, Joe stopped and saluted quickly. "We've got a base close by, totally isolated and unknown, even to you, sir. Might I suggest we load you're wounded up and get the hell outta here?"

Joe then looked at the person next to Jack and stopped short. "Mike?" He asked in utter shock.

Mike looked back with a confused expression on his face as he said, "Yes, I'm Mike, Colonel Mike Reynolds. Why?"

Now it was Joe's turn to look confused as he said, "Mike, it's me, Joe. How long have you been stuck in this universe, and what about Eric, SamSam and the Trinity? Is everyone with you?"

Mike looked shocked, and then angry, before he took a step towards Joe. Jack put an arm on Mike's arm, "We'll have more time for this later, but right now we have to get the fuck out of here, are we clear?"

"Yes Sir." Mike said, still staring daggers at Joe.

Joe shook his head and sighed. "Sorry, I'll explain later, things are a bit strange right now, but yes, Jack's right, we need to get outta hear." Joe turned around, back towards the Chinook, and waved for Kahn and Hac.

Joe turned back to Jack. "If you'll help me sir, let's get the walking wounded onboard and strapped in. "Leave the heavy people for my guys," he said pointing towards where Khan and Hac were jogging up.

Just then, a voice could be heard yelling, "I need some help here, the baby's crashing!"

Janet rushed over and looked at the readings on the monitor, and the fact that they were doing CPR on the mother, and another medic was looking after a baby that was, as of yet, unborn. "Damn…" She pulled out her tricorder and only ran one scan on it before snapping it closed. She looked up and around for a second, then spotted Khan. "Khan! Get her on the helicopter, now! We gotta do surgery right now!"

The medic that was working on her looked up and saw the doctor's badge on Janet's armor and nodded. "She's suffered two gunshots, one to the chest, nicking the ascending aorta, the other to the left shoulder, probably lodged into the spine." The medic sighed as Janet started looking the woman over. "She's gone; her body just don't know it yet. We're trying to keep her alive to save the baby."

Janet shook her head as Khan reached her side. "I don't lose patients without a hell of a fight." She looked up at Khan and nodded. "Be careful with her, but get her into the helicopter as quick as you can." Khan nodded and bent down, carefully gathering the woman into his arms. He waited till the medics got all their wires and cords set before he took off at a fast walk. Janet jogged past him, and up the ramp, all the while stripping out of her armor.

Joe looked back with sympathy towards Jack. "Sir, I doubt it helps much but, Janet's my wife. She's also one of the best damn trauma surgeons I have ever seen. She's saved more lives than I can count. But sir, if we don't get out of here, we're all going to die. We gotta go, and go now!"

Joe saw Jack's eyes come back into focus as he nodded. "Let's get going." He said and Joe nodded, looking around and watching as the kids were being herded towards the helicopter, and the soldiers doing their best to cover them, in case something else came up. Once he saw everyone was loading up, he saw Jory come running out of the plane and towards the helicopter. Once Joe knew everyone was inside, he jumped on, and called out through the radio, "ADAM GET US OUTTA HERE!" Immediately, the engines revved up, and seconds later they were lifting off into the air.

Right then, Will's voice came over the radio. "Last bogie bugging out, going stealth, but not sure if I'm gonna make it back to base. We're beat up pretty bad."

"Roger that, do the best you can." Adam said as he and Daileass switched to stealth mode and began to get them out of there, as gently as they could; knowing Janet was performing surgery in the back.

Even with all the new people strapped into the jump seats mounted on to the side of the Chinook, there were still a few people walking around, holding onto various things as the Chinook was flying towards their new home.

Towards the front of the Chinook, Janet was already starting to work on the First Lady. Khan was standing right behind her, one hand holding onto an overhead hand hold, while his other huge paw was holding Janet steady so she could use both hands to work on her patient.

Chang had stripped off his armor quickly, and without saying a word, moved to Janet's side. "You monitor the baby, I'll work on Mom. We got it stabilized for now, and I don't want to cut her open if we can help it. Doing that would kill her, but if it comes to it, we'll save the baby." Janet said, to which Chang simply nodded as he gloved up, and watched the tricorder that was sitting on the woman's stomach.

Juan sighed as he took off his helmet, looking around and seeing the faces of the people whom they had just rescued. The Chinook was packed, standing room only. He took a quick count, not even really looking at the people's faces. Up front, mom and Chang were working on a lady, while Haden and Jory were working on a kid who looked to have a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Three other medics, ones that came with Jack, were working on four other patients. Two of them looked to be pretty serious; the other two were probably stable.

Juan grabbed a medical kit from an overhead compartment, intent on helping out. He might not be a doctor, but every single U.N.IT. member was trained in at least first aid. Juan and many others took even more training than that. Technically, Juan had the training to make him a medic if he wanted to, and many times he had to fill that role. He started to look around, noticing that almost everyone was bumped and bruised, not surprising with the plane crash they had just gone through. He started to move towards Jack when he saw something that made him stop short.

"Sammy?!" Juan cried out, his eyes falling on a very familiar boy who was holding a bandage to the side of his head. He looked up and had a confused look on his face. "When did you guys get here? Is the Trinity here, too? How about Uncle Mike?" He asked rapid fire, before putting his hand over the bandage covering the wound on his head. Pulling it off, Juan saw that Sammy had a nice gash on the side of his head, just below the hair line. "Ouch… you really need to protect that head of yours SamSam." Juan started to dig into his medical kit before he gave Sammy any chance to reply to him.

"That'd be me and yeah dad and the Trinity are here, too…." Sammy said as Juan took a fresh bandage and applied it to the wound.

"Looks like you're gonna need some stitches there, but I'll let Chang or mom deal with that. Knowing you, though, you don't want any pain killers." Juan looked up at Sammy and felt tears come to his eyes. "I'm just so happy to see you…" Juan's eyes suddenly went wide. "Oh shit… Vish.. did he get here, too?"

Sammy took Juan into a hug and quietly whispered to the smaller boy. "I'm sorry, I don't know how to say this that won't hurt you, but whoever you think I am, well I'm not. I don't know who you are, and have never heard of, what did you say, Vish? I'm sorry."

Juan pulled back from the hug and stared Sammy right in the eyes, Juan let his mind gently touch Sammy's, seeing that it was close to, but not the same as the Sammy he knew, he slowly started to nod. "Sorry, I know this is weird, but I'll have to explain later."

Sammy took Juan's hand and softly spoke. "Okay, I'll wait but, well I'm sorry I couldn't be that kid for you."

Juan nodded. "It's okay. It's not your fault." Juan quickly wiped away a stray tear, then turned to look after one of the soldiers that was sitting right next to Sammy.

The helicopter hadn't even landed when everyone that was left at the U.N.I.T. base, came running out from the hanger, many of them pushing stretchers for the wounded. Juan was standing at the back when the ramp came down. He had to shout to make himself heard over the engines as they touched down. "Everyone that can walk needs to exit the helicopter immediately. Please step off and to the left and wait until the injured are taken inside!" As soon as the helicopter stopped moving, and Daileass applied the engine breaks, people were rushing out of the helicopter and moving to stand off to the side. The security and military personnel doing what they could to secure the area, and watching for anything unwanted.

Once everyone was off, Juan literally grabbed one of the stretchers, picked it up over his head, and ran back into the helicopter. Jory was right behind him with the other; neither one noticing, nor caring about the strange looks that they were receiving from the other people around them.

Janet already had the woman packaged as best should could for transport, thankfully, on the way back they were able to get the woman breathing on her own and her heart was beating, slow, but beating. The baby was stabilized, at least for the moment, but they were both still extremely critical.

As soon as the woman was loaded up, Janet jumped onto the runner of the stretcher and rode alongside her patient as they hustled the stretcher out of the back of the helicopter. "Stan and Forth are holding the elevators, and we did what we could to get the trauma unit set up for you guys." Simon said as he jogged next to the stretcher as Khan and Juan hurried it down the hallway.

Right behind them, Jory and Hac were quickly pushing another stretcher with the young boy on it. Chang riding on the side of that one keeping the clamp in place that was holding the axillary artery closed, preventing the boy from bleeding to death. Every minute though, Chang had to release the clamp a little bit to allow some blood flow to get through and nourish the arm. Even though it made the boy loose more blood that way, it at least made sure the boy had a chance to keep his left arm.

With a quick glance over her shoulder, Janet saw exactly what she had expected. Jack, Mike and all of their families, as well as most of the security were following them. When they got to the elevators, Juan immediately pushed the button to take them down, once the doors were closed, Juan looked over to Janet and sighed. "We've talked about it mom, you need blood for the patients. As soon as we get them set, Adam, Jory and I are going to set up transfusion kits, and fill them up as quick as we can. Adam has already relived himself of Command, putting Logan in charge until Chang is out of surgery, since we all know how much you're gonna need."

Janet sighed while pushing her stubborn lock of hair out of her eyes. "You guys know I don't like doing that, but… we don't have a choice." Her eyes met Juan's and said sincerely. "Thank you."

Juan nodded his head, just as the doors opened, and again they were rushing down a hallway, taking a sharp turn into the trauma area, where Theodore was already waiting.

Janet jumped off the side of the stretcher and brought over the trauma kit, tearing off the top of it, and pulling out the sterile gloves. She couldn't help but smile, thinking that the sterile gloves were kind of a moot point, as she slipped them over her already blood soaked hands.

She looked up as Jory and Hac rushed the other gurney into the room and stopped five feet next to them. Chang jumped off, and also grabbed the trauma kit standing there. He pulled his own gloves on as Jory hooked the boy's monitors up to the ones that were stationed in the room. They weren't as good as the tricorder's, but right now, they only had one tricorder between the two of them and it was being used to monitor the baby.

As soon as they were done, both Jory and Juan quickly exited the room, letting Simon and Theodore replace them as assistants to Janet and Chang. The two Genesis boys quickly went next door, where Adam was already stripped out of his flight suit standing there in nothing but his boxers, and hooking up three different transfusion sets. It was times like this that Adam was actually glad that the doctors that made them, gave them blood that could effortlessly be transfused into anyone. It was all part of the mindset that they were there to make sure that normal humans could survive. It was believed, that even if they had to kill the augment by draining them dry, at least a normal would survive.

"Mom's not happy, but she knows what we're doing… and she said thank you." Juan said as he made his way over to one of the chairs. Adam just nodded his head as he sat down in his own chair. Almost at the same time, the boys each hit the button on the modified blood pressure cuff, using it as a tourniquet. Once the pressure built up enough, they each felt for the vein in the inside of their arms. Once they were ready, they each took their respective needles, removed the cap, and inserted it into their arm. All three of them were relieved when they released the clamp, and blood started to flow into the bags. Now all they had to do was sit and wait for the bags to fill up.

Back in the trauma room, Janet had just fully opened up the woman's chest, when two of the military medics jogged into the room, one of them letting out a low whistle as they walked in. "Damn…" he said, "What is this place?"

Janet ignored the comment, focusing completely on saving her patient's life. "I need one of you to monitor the baby. I think we can save them both, but not if we take the baby out now. However, the second the baby starts to turn south…" She left the rest of her statement unsaid, as the medics nodded, and the one who has whistled hurried over to the side opposite of Janet, positioning himself so he could monitor the baby fully.

Adam had just closed his eyes, relaxing all the stress from his body, and trying to will the blood to flow faster. His eyes opened wide when he heard Jack and Mike's cry from outside the room, "If you do that, you'll kill them!"

"Guys," Haden called out, doing his best to get their attention, "I know it might look bad, but please give them a moment to explain what's happening."

"No Haden…" Adam said as he looked over. "Let them in… they both need to know what's going on."

Haden nodded and stepped into the room, opening the door wide for Mike and Jack to follow. Once they were in the room, and before Mike could say anything, Adam spoke. "I know you have a lot of questions, and I promise to answer them. Why don't you guys take a seat, and we'll begin."

Reluctantly both men sat down, Adam leaned back and closed his eyes. Juan sniggered quietly as suddenly all six of them, Adam, Jory, Juan, Haden, Mike and Jack found themselves sitting in Adam's office. Only this was the office back in the universe they came from. Adam had pulled everyone into his own mental scape so they could have more time to discuss things. Not to mention that while they were here, neither Mike nor Jack could physically do anything.

He watched as the two men jumped to their feet, spinning around and taking in everything that there was to see. They first noticed the three holographic tables that showed the entire planet on one, all U.N.I.T. troop deployments on another, and where all active calls for rescues were at on the third. All along one wall was bank after bank of monitors, with another desk in front of that, usually where Logan would be if he were in there with them. After a few moments, the two shocked men settled their eyes on Adam. "Just what in the hell is going on and where in the hell are we? Because this technology is beyond anything we have." Adam was almost amused, and given other situations, he might have laughed, but it was then that they saw the uniform he was in; his full dress uniform.

He was able to make a small joke though. "Sorry, sir, but fainting is not allowed here. As a matter of fact, it's not possible."

Mike, after opening and closing his mouth several times finally got out, "Do we really want to know where 'Here' is?"

"Well sir, the easy answer is very complicated. However, in all actuality, you all are in my mind." Adam started, but was ready for the interruption.

He was not disappointed, "WE'RE WHERE?" Jack exclaimed.

"This is what is called a Mental Scape. Basically, I have brought all of you into a creation of my mind. I just used this room because it is actually a reconstruction of my office where we came from." Adam then looked directly at Mike and Jack and spoke mentally to them. 'If you think about it, you already know some people who have a bit of the same mental abilities I am showing now.'

Both men were stunned. Mike breathed out, "Sammy and the triplets". While at the same time, Jack said just as quietly, "Chris and Andrew."

"Very good." Adam said with a smile. "They have not been trained as far as I can tell, but they're doing pretty well. But, that is something we can get into later. I brought us here to explain a few things to you guys, and make it so we had plenty of time to answer all of your questions before going back. See, the time in here passes differently than in the real world. Here, conversations happen at the speed of thought."

It took Jack a few moments, but when he started, he went full force. "We're…ah….in your mind? How is that possible? You said this was your office, how? It has things in it I'VE never seen and I've seen a lot. Just who are you, and what do you want? Are you aliens? Why are you in a uniform like that? Those are Special Forces uniforms and the medals….how did you get those if they're real? How did you know about the kids?"

Adam sighed while smiling. "Sir, I promise you that you will get the answers to most if not all of your questions; however, it will make much more sense if you allow me to tell you everything from the beginning. So, if you would please sit down, I will begin. I only ask that you hold off on any questions you may have until after I am done." It took a moment, but finally Mike and Jack nodded and sat down.

Adam moved and sat on the edge of his desk, while Juan, Jory and Haden all took seats of their own. "First, you have to know something about the place we are in. I can't really get into all the details, cause I don't know exactly how it works, that's Logan's area of expertise. What I can tell you is this. If you think about it long and hard, you will be able to tell exactly what I am saying is truth or not. It is impossible to, when talking mind to mind like this, to say something that is deceptive and not have the feeling of deception come through." He paused, and waited. Finally both Jack and Mike hesitantly nodded.

Adam offered them a small smile, then got into the meat of things. "To truly understand what we are doing right now, you need to know a lot more about whom, and more importantly, what we are. No we are not aliens. We are all humans, for the most part. We arrived in this universe only a few hours ago…" Mike opened his mouth to say something, but Adam held up a hand, stopping him. "Please, let me finish."

Mike closed his mouth and nodded, before Adam continued. "Yes, we are from a different universe. How we got here, or anything else like that, we have no idea. But if you look around, this was my office. As you can see, the technology we're used to is a lot more advanced than what you have here. The reason I bring that up is to help you understand the next part, and that is who we are."

"First off, my official rank is General Adam Casey, commanding officer of ALL U.N.I.T. Forces. U.N.I.T stands for the Universal Next-generation Infiltration Team. Everyone here, except for Haden, was genetically engineered to be a super soldier. Faster, stronger, more agile, heal quicker, goes days without sleep, everything a soldier would need to be. I mean who would think of someone like Juan…" Adam said as he pointed over to Juan who put on his best 'innocent little kid' look. "Was someone who had the ability and training to kill someone from over a mile away? Can use almost any fire arm created, and is good enough to knock out a surface to air missile in mid-flight."

"Then we have Jory, he has an advanced doctorate degree in chemistry. He's our munitions and explosives expert. He's been known to, just for fun, rig up explosive charges to the bottom of trees, just to see how far up in the air he can get the tree to fly, while trying to keep it mostly intact."

"What?" Jory exclaimed, giving his most childish grin. "It's fun!"

Adam laughed at Jory's excitement, and the looks on the faces of Mike and Jack. "You remember the Helicopter that buzzed you as you went down?" Both men nodded. "That was flown by another one of my brothers, and his boyfriend. Both of them are only twelve. However, in a single Hind-D gunship, they took out four of the jets that were trying to shoot you down. One of the remaining being shot down by Juan, which you saw, and the last one deciding to bug out instead of facing Will one on one."

"You know he's gonna be insufferable now. I mean he already had a huge Ego, but now!" Juan said loudly laughing.

"Anyways!" Adam laughed, then got a bit more serious. "In the universe we came from, I had well over ten thousand troops under my command, almost a full quarter of them being genetically enhanced, the rest, normal people who went through our training. Our main job was to protect and rescue abused and abandoned children, no matter where they were at. Now though, we're here. We're not going to stop trying to figure out how to go home, but it would be completely against our creed to just sit by and allow things to happen when we might be able to help."

"Okay…" Mike said, shaking his head, trying to clear it from an information overload. "What about what you guys are doing now… your blood and all?"

Adam smiled. "Yes that. When the doctors created us, they also made it so that our blood can be transfused into any human. The way we were trained, and the mindset they instilled in us was simple. We're less than human, we're there to do the things that would be harmful to a normal, and that our lives are not worth as much as a normal's. So, it was expected that if a normal was ever in a situation where they needed a lot of blood, and needed it fast, there would be no problem draining one of us dry, to save their lives. Not to mention we can rebuild our blood supply a lot quicker than say, you two could."

It took Mike a few seconds of opening and closing his mouth, before he could say anything. "If you ever get back to your universe, you're taking me along for the ride, cause I gotta little errand to run when I get there." He wasn't smiling as he said it.

Jack quickly added in his own thoughts. "You can add me to that list of passengers." The man had tears in his eyes, and Adam couldn't help but have to reign in his anger, knowing the man was only doing what was natural. "I can't….I don't know what to say except I'm so, so very sorry."

"Sir…" Adam started calmly. "While we all appreciate the sentiments, the persons who were involved with this have already been dealt with. Also, one thing you will never see from us is regret at what we have been made into." He turned and looked Mike right in the eyes. "You, well you in our universe, had the pleasure of killing the master mind behind the Genesis Project. Before you killed him though, you delivered my thanks to the man. Thanks for turning us into what we are, so that we could rescue and protect so many others."

"Me?" Mike asked in disbelief. "There's a me in your universe?" His shock quickly gave way to a feral grin,that was so much like the Mike that Adam knew it was almost scary. "At least the other me got to take the bastard out, but nothing can make what he did right."

Jack then stood up and walked over to Adam placing a hand on his shoulder. "From what you've told us, no one here expects you to regret who you are and what you've accomplished, but son, what was done to you, the way you were raised, and the way you were treated no matter how you feel about it now; was terribly, terribly and horribly wrong." Adam's anger flared, and he could feel Juan also getting pissed. Thankfully, Jack continued before Adam could get really pissed. "That isn't pity son, its genuine sorrow for what they did. No one should be treated like a dog and even worse, but that especially applies to children. From what little you've told us, you turned that horrid abuse around and made something extremely good out of the pain and terror that was thrust upon you. That, son, means you have a whole hell of a lot to be proud of and every right to feel that pride. Not only for what you have accomplished on a personal level, but also in being able to turn hell into something good and fight for other children that suffered under abuse, even if it wasn't as bad as yours was. Do you understand what I'm saying, Adam?"

"Yes sir, I do. And.. thank you. However, there is one more thing that needs to be discussed before we can go back." Adam started. Jack nodded, turned and re-took his seat. "We have found that there are some… unusual properties about our blood." Jack immediately got a worried look, to which Adam held up his hand, and quickly continued. "The effects are not damaging, but you still need to be aware of them."

Mike nodded and sat back slightly, allowing Adam to continue. "The first time we did this, it was for Joe, my father. There was a sky diving accident, and my shoot wouldn't open right, putting me into a dead spin." Seeing both men cringe, Adam knew that they both knew exactly what he was talking about.

"We had done a static line jump, so all the shoots opened automatically. However, when mine misfired, Joe was already flying. He released his primary shoot, and nose-dived trying to catch me. I was trying to release my primary, but even with my strength, the spin had me unable to do even that. He did catch up to me, got me righted, and released the misfired shoot. Then he pulled my reserve. The problem was, by the time he kicked away from me, and pulled his own reserve, he was way too close to the ground to get slowed up enough. When he landed, he shattered almost every bone from his mid chest down."

Adam had to wipe away a stray tear as he re-told the story. "The point of this is sir, when he was in surgery, while Chang and mom struggled to save his life; he needed blood, lots of it. I gave him mine, close to three times what was in his body to begin with. It almost killed me to do it, but I wouldn't allow mom to stop.

To bring a long story short, we quickly found out that dad healed a LOT more than he should have. Hell, you saw him today in the rescue. Mom originally said he was lucky to only be bound to a wheel chair. But, there's other effects besides that. He's never gotten even a sniffle since then. He's markedly stronger than he should be, faster, and heals better than a normal human. He's not up to our standards at all, but he's more than human. Mom says our blood went in and re-arranged some of his genetics to make that happen. It wasn't what the doctors thought would happen, but it had never really been tested before dad got hurt. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Jack stood there, a look of deep concentration on his face. Finally he raised his eyes and met Adam's. "I think so. You're basically telling us that Chrissy and Linda will have their genetics altered to be like you, to some degree. They'll have these….abilities, but probably not to the degree you have them if we do this."

Jack thought for few moments, before he continued. "What…umm…What about…the baby….What about our unborn child?"

Adam shook his head, "Sir… we have no idea. The child may be just like your wife and son, but with the child still being unborn, it might make the effects stronger. We just have no way of knowing."

Jack took that answer with a nod, before he implored. "At this point, it doesn't really matter Adam, please, I'm….begging you, do whatever you can…to…to save them, please."

"We will, sir.. I give you my word on that." Adam said gently as he stepped up to the man and opened his arms. When the man hugged him, Adam whispered into his ear. "I promise you, everything humanly possible is being done, and a few things that normally aren't. Just pray, that's all we can do at this point."

Jack had tears in his eyes as he allowed Adam to take him in his arms. "That's all I have been doing and I'm not going to stop. Thank you. Seriously, I owe you all our lives and especially those of Chris and Linda. Thank you from the bottom of my heart with everything in me, thank you because there'll never be a way to pay you back adequately, although I'm going to make it my mission to make sure you're welcomed here and have the best of anything you want or need. It's not much, but…well, thank you."

Adam stepped back from the hug and gave the man a sad smile. "We'll discuss that later, as well as the millions of questions I am sure you still have. But remember one thing, sir. We still have an asshole to take care of, and make him pay for what he did to your family."

Jack nodded his head with a look that was very familiar to Adam. The look that he knew he had other things to 'deal' with in the near future. "I haven't forgotten Adam, but right now, everything in me is focused on my family, not only the ones here, but the ones upstairs. I don't know if you have one, but I think we may need some professional help for them. The time will come, though, I promise you that. As to the millions of questions, yeah, we definitely have them and when it's possible, I'd like to get to them. You know Adam, I don't know why, but I'm sure as hell glad I trusted you and your people tonight, I really am."

"So am I, sir. Let's get out of here and do what we can to help your wife and son." Adam said nodding in finality.

Shortly after they 'came back to the real world', Jack and Mike were standing by the window, silently watching, when Adam spoke up. "Sirs…" When both men turned around, Adam blushed slightly. "We have a bit of an issue here that we need your help with."

"Oh, what do you need and if we can, we'll do it?" Jack asked with concern.

"Well, with everyone rather busy, we didn't think to keep someone out of the action. Haden here can disconnect the blood bags, and reconnect new ones, but.. well, can either of you set up IV's? It'll help us replenish our supply if we have an IV set up to put fluids back in."

"We both can." Jack said with Mike nodding in agreement.

"Cool,if you go to the cabinet over there." Adam said while pointing with his free arm, towards the right. "You'll find everything you need, including bags of saline. You can get 18 gage needles in all of us, just put them in, and let the bags empty out, then hook up more. Haden will deal with unhooking the blood bags and taking them to mom."

Twenty minutes later, Will and Billy rushed into the room. Billy was limping slightly, a bandage tied around the top of his thigh. "What happened to you?" Adam asked, as he looked Billy up and down.

"Nothing much, just a piece of the window stuck into my leg. We'll deal with it later." Billy said, as he sat down hard on one of the seats.

Will went over to the seat next to Jory, and started to get things ready for himself. "Jack, Mike, I'd like you to meet Will, and his boyfriend Billy, they were flying the Hind Gunship that took out the other jet fighters." As Adam introduced them, Will raised his hand absentmindedly. But it was Billy that finally made him look up.

'Dad…" He breathed out, his face somewhat pale, seeing the blood all over the man's chest.

Mike and Jack both started for Billy, with Mike getting there first. He grabbed Billy up in his arms, and moved to lay him onto one of the other beds in the room. "Son, right now we need to get you an IV going to replace the blood you've lost, before you pass out."

Billy's eyes went wide with shock, when Adam's voice was heard in his head. 'Billy… that's this universe's Mike, not your dad.' While at the same time, Adam spoke out loud. "Mike, he's not injured that badly. We'll explain it later, but.. well long story short. Where we come from, Billy's your son."

Mike had been about to look at Billy's leg wound when he stopped dead; first looking at Adam, then Billy. "Your… dad?"

Billy was fighting it, but still, a few tears leaked from his eyes. "Oh, son, I am so sorry…" Mike said as he pulled Billy into a tight hug. Billy had been fighting it, but the man's hug was just too much like his 'Mike's', he just couldn't help it. Billy broke down crying. He'd tried hard to fight it, ever since he got here. He's only found his real father, a few short months ago, and now he was here, and was never going to see him again. But then he saw Mike, here, and for a moment, he was so happy; so happy that his dad had somehow managed to come here with them. But it wasn't meant to be. All that, after Billy was in the single worst fight in his life, a fight that he honestly thought that not even Will's skills would be able to get them out of, then this. It was just too much.

For several moments, Mike held the sobbing boy. There wasn't much else he could do. Adam had to telepathically ask Jack to get the IV's set up, since he didn't want to interrupt the scene, but he was already starting to feel the loss of blood.

Adam watched with pride as Mike handled Billy. The man, no matter what universe he was in, was a good dad, and a good man. Someone that really cared about kids, no matter who they were, and someone that had a heart big enough to take a kid he never knew, and spend time trying to heal their hearts. That was something special that Mike had, both in the universe that they came from and this one as well. He didn't even notice when Jack put the needle in his other arm, and started the bag of saline flowing wide open.

Once all four of them had IV's going, and were working on filling their third bag of blood, Mike was holding a now sleeping Billy. Jack moved over and together they gently removed the bandage around Billy's leg, and saw a large piece of glass sticking out of the meaty part of the small boy's leg. Both of them sighed with relief, seeing that the glass had not hit anything really important. Billy barely even stirred as they gently removed the piece of glass, and then sowed him up with a few stitches.

Then it was a waiting game. The two men stood at the window watching Janet, Chang and the medics working feverishly to save their two patients. More than once, Jack caught one of the medics commenting about how Janet was doing things that they had never seen before, and doing things they didn't think were possible. That alone gave him more hope than anything else. These men were men he trusted, and knew they were some of the best. To hear them speak so highly about someone they just met meant that she had to be that good.

They had been there for a little over an hour when they watched Chang take a step back, and one of the medics take his place. Knowing what they did about medicine, they knew that the medic was taking over to sew the boy up. Chang moved to the head of the bed, and gently placed his hand on the young boy's forehead, and closed his eyes. After a few moments, Chang slowly lowered his hand and opened his eyes. Next, he stepped over and did the same thing to Linda, putting his hand on her forehead, and closing his eyes. This time though, he spent a much greater amount of time there. Those close by could see little beads of sweat form on his forehead, before he lowered his hand and stepped away. He watched Janet for a moment, before he turned and walked towards the door that led him into the room where everyone was waiting.

All eyes were on the young twelve year old oriental boy as he wordlessly walked into the room, and made a beeline for the decontamination sink. After the water was running, and Chang started to wash his hands and arms that were all coated with blood, he finally spoke up. "You have a very strong boy there, Mr. President."

Jack couldn't find anything to say, and after a moment, Chang continued. "All he was worried about the entire time was not how he was doing, or if he would die. He was worried about his family."

"How… how do you know that?" Jack breathed out, tears starting to form in his eyes.

"Chang is almost as strong telepathically as I am." Adam stated softly.

"That is correct. After I finished repairing the damage to his shoulder, I spoke to him mentally for a few moments. Some of what we shared is private, but I will tell you the same thing I told him about his injuries. He is going to be sore, and his shoulder will always probably be a bit sore, but he will heal completely from his ordeal."

"Thank you." Jack breathed out, finally losing the battle to keep his tears in. "Thank you so much."

Chang turned around so that he was facing Jack and Mike. "It was my honor." Chang said seriously. "You are a good father, and a good man. You are someone I could easily swear myself to, and it may soon come to that." Adam couldn't help but gasp at Chang's words, and Jack looked at him wondering what was wrong.

"Mr. President." Adam said, after straightening himself up as much as he could, with two IV's in his arms. "When we were being trained, we were all taught about Honor. Honor in the sense of the ancient Samurai. Chang took those lessons to heart more than any of the rest of us. He truly IS a Samurai. Saying that he could swear himself to your service is the greatest honor Chang could bestow on someone. Only once did any of us swear ourselves to someone else, and that was me. However, because it was me who did it, I bound all of us to his service. Simply put, any of us would gladly lay down our lives to protect the one we are sworn to. Not only that, but we would fight though the armies of Hell itself to protect the one who holds our oath. I hope you understand what I am saying."

Before Jack could respond, Chang spoke again. "I also spoke briefly to your wife, and unborn son." It was almost as if Jack had been physically hit, the way he responded to Chang's words. "I am equally impressed by the strength they have shown. She asked that I share two things with you. The first one, while she would not tell me what it meant. She asked me to remind you of the vows you took. Not your marriage vows, but the vows you gave to each other when you decided to run yet again for the office of the Presidency." Tears were now openly falling down the man's face, but he was nodding in understanding.

"The only other thing she told me was this. I will quote her word for word." Chang paused until Jack's eyes met his, and he held the man's gaze. "Make that fucker pay."

Adam waited almost thirty minutes before he spoke again. Jack had taken up station at the window again, and Adam knew that, while he was watching as Janet worked on his wife, his mind was also circling over the messages that Chang had given him.

As much as Adam didn't want to do it, he knew there were things that needed to be discussed sooner, rather than later. He also knew that Chang had sent him a subtle message when he spoke about 'swearing himself' to Jack. Simply put, Chang was making it clear what course of action he thought Adam should take. He wasn't sure why yet, but something had happened to convince Chang that they needed to back Jack with everything they had; coming from Chang that was something that Adam would weigh heavily.

As it was, he had already talked to everyone that was in the link, except for Janet, and they had all said basically the same thing. Since Cory wasn't here, none of them had a problem with backing Jack. However, they would never stop looking for a way to get back home. Adam had to agree with them on all points.

Finally, he sighed and straightened himself up. All four of them, Jory, Juan, Will and he, were on their 7th bag of blood, and ninth bag of Saline. He knew Juan and Jory were really starting to feel it, and so was Will. Adam was, as well, but not as badly as the two youngest members. He was thinking that he might have to make them stop soon, if it wasn't enough.

"Jack." Adam said after making sure he was seated properly. When the man looked over at him, he saw a haunted look in the man's eyes. Not that he could blame him in the slightest, but it was simply another strike against Ashwood, that Adam would make sure was taken out in blood. "I hope you don't mind, but, I think there are a few things that need to be discussed, sooner rather than later."

Jack sighed as he rubbed his eyes; then looked over at the wall. Adam knew what he was looking at, the clock. It was now nearly four thirty in the morning. Adam could only imagine how tired the man must be. But he watched as Jack took a deep breath to steady himself, then met Adam's eyes, the strength showing again, before he nodded.

"I can only assume that you have some military that you know is loyal to you; people that you would entrust you and your family's lives to?" Jack nodded seriously, so Adam continued. "This base is not native to your world, or so we believe. In the universe that we come from, this was an old gold mine that the government converted into a Presidential Bunker. I'm not going to try and explain or figure out how it happened, but… what I am getting at is this. There is NO ONE in this universe that even knows of this base's existence, because, before yesterday' it did not exist." Adam saw understanding dawn in Jack's eyes, as he started nodding.

"Now, this base can handle up to a thousand people if they are cozy. Right now we have your guys, plus the twenty plus of us. So that means we can have a whole lot more come in." Adam knew it was the blood loss that was making him stumble over his words, and it frustrated him. "What I mean to say is that if you want to bring other people into the base. You're welcome to. I trust that you won't bring in anyone other than those you trust, cause of your family, and I am trusting that too, for my family."

Mike saw the seriousness in the boy's expression and nodded. He was about to say something though, when the door to the room opened up, and Janet walked in. She had a haggard look and a serious expression as she looked around the room, her eyes falling for a moment on her boys who were still filling blood bags. She pulled the tricorder out of the pouch on her hip, and walked over, starting to scan the boys. All eyes were glued on her, as she scanned first, Juan, then Jory, Will, then Adam. She sighed as she snapped it closed and replaced it. "Juan, Jory, this is your last bag, at least for a little while." Juan was about to protest when she just shot him her look, and he clamped his mouth shut. "Your Iron levels are dangerously low. You're both showing the first signs of Hypovolemic shock. After this bag is done, you're both to disconnect, eat a big meal, and sleep. Neither one of you is fit for duty till after you see me and get cleared… is that understood?"

Both boys nodded sheepishly, but replied. "Yes, Mom."

She nodded, then turned to Will. "I'll let you do one more after this one, but then you're under the same orders." Will nodded and she turned to Adam. "You get two more bags, that's it." Adam also nodded, knowing better than to try and argue with her. She nodded and sighed, then softened her look. "I know you guys are trying to help, and without what you've done, both of them would have died already, but you can't kill yourselves doing it." Again all four boys nodded, then Janet turned and looked and Jack and Mike.

"Let's sit." She said simply, as she moved over to the small table that was in the room. Both Jack and Mike had worried looks on their faces as they sat down across from her. She took a deep breath, then started to speak in a soft comforting voice. "First, let's start with Chris. I know Chang gave you the basics, but I'll go a little bit more in depth. He took a bullet to the shoulder, while the bullet did make a tear in the artery there; the most damage came from the bone fragments. We've been able to repair the damage to the shoulder, and sew up the torn artery. He will be fine, but he will be in a lot of pain for a while. We did have to give him six units of blood, and, although I would have liked to give him more, he is in no further danger."

Even though Jack was worried about Linda, he felt a great weight lifted from his shoulders hearing that Chris was going to be fine. Yes, Chang had told him, but he was still trying to wrap his mind around kids with the skills that these kids were showing. Somehow, it just seemed to be easier to accept from Janet. "Thank you…. Thank you so much." He said in a husky voice trying to fight back tears of relief.

"You're more than welcome." Janet said with a smile, as she reached across the table and took Jack's hands in her own. This was so eerily similar to the time she had to talk to Jack after Dave was shot, and they didn't know if he was going to survive. "Linda and your unborn child." She started.

"She is one hell of a strong woman. I've seen many patients give up and die with less serious wounds. She's gotten eighteen units of blood, so far, and frankly, the last seven are going to go right in as soon as they are ready." She took a moment to take a deep breath, and steady herself. She was exhausted and knew it. "I'll be honest, here. It's now up to her. Her and whatever God she believes in. Her brain scans are as normal as I would expect them, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of brain damage from the loss of blood. We'll only be able to tell if she wakes up. The blood has already started to do its thing, and her body is changing slightly. Whether it'll be enough… I'm not sure. However, I can give you this bit of good news. The baby is going to be fine, I think."

She looked over just in time to see Juan and Jory disconnecting the blood bags, and then removing the needles. Even though they were a little slow, they were able to help Haden change out the bags on Will and Adam.

She looked back and met Jack's eyes. "The next 24-48 hours will tell the tale. I'm sorry; I wish I had better news for you…"

"No." Jack said forcefully as he squeezed her hands. "You've done more than anyone could have asked; you and your family. No matter what happens, I know you've gone far and above what could have been expected. For that, I thank you."

Janet nodded her thanks, pulled her hands back, after giving Jack one more squeeze. "Why don't I take you in there to see them? They are both still sedated, but I think I'll let Chris wake up in a few hours."

Jack and Mike both stood up, and Jack had a ghost of a smile on his face. "Thank you, I'd like that."

Right after the three of them walked into the other room, Chang walked into the room pushing a large cart piled high with food. "You all need to eat. I am not a chef, but Dave did teach me a few things." He said with a hint of a smile.

"Thanks, bro." Adam said his stomach growling at the smells that came in the room with his brother. Jory and Juan attacked the cart with a vengeance, while Chang brought a tray over, first to Will, then to Adam. Neither boy could eat anything yet, since they had needles in both arms, but Chang had made sure that they both had large protein shakes with big straws so they could start to drink those.

Just as Will was getting his needle taken out, Janet walked back into the room. She took a look at the food cart and smiled. "Good thinking, Chang." She reached down, and took a large red apple off of it, and took a big bite out of it. "I need to go get some rest. I just finished hooking up Jory and Juan's blood bags. As soon as Will's bag is ready, hang that one, but keep Adam's back. If it doesn't look like she'll need it, I'd like to give it to Chris." Chang nodded in understanding. "I'm gonna take the bunk in the room next door. If you need me, wake me up." Janet finished up.

"Of course mother, however you will be of no service to your patients if you are too exhausted to think properly." Chang said, probably the only one that could say such a thing to her without receiving the 'mother glare'.

As it was, she simply nodded, then looked at all her boys in the room. "I just want you all to know how proud I am… of all of you." They all beamed with pride as she turned and walked out of the room.

Adam had barely started to eat, after having his last bag of blood disconnected; When Alvin's excited voice came through his mind. 'Adam! We got an issue!'

'Fuck! What now?' Adam asked as he shoved a big amount of food into his mouth, not sure if he would actually get to eat. 'Logan's on his way down to conference room 3-C. It seems Ashwood is about to announce the death of the most wanted international terrorist… Jackson Bryce.'

'Like hell he is.' Adam almost exploded. 'Logan… We'll be there in a few moments.'

'Gotcha. I'm getting the video equipment set up, so Jack can make a statement.' Logan replied through the link. Judging by the looks on his brothers' faces, Adam knew they all heard what was being said.

Adam pushed another bit of food into his mouth as he got up. He paused at the door to swallow his food, then gently opened the door, seeing Jack sitting on a chair between the two beds, each of his hands holding one of his wife's and son's hands. Mike was standing right behind Jack, slowly rubbing the man's shoulders. Both men looked up when Adam opened the door. "I am sorry to disturb you, Mr. President." That title was more than enough to let Jack and Mike know that something was happening.

"It's okay. What's going on?" Jack asked as he slowly untangled his hands from the two patients.

"It seems that President Asswood…" Yes Adam misspoke on purpose, and it was enough to get a faint smile from both men. "… Is about to make an announcement regarding the death of a wanted international terrorist…"

"That bastard…" Jack breathed out, the anger seething in his voice.

"Sir…" Adam broke in before Jack could go on. "We have the ability to send out a live broadcast from this base, completely secured; if you would like to…'correct' his mistaken impression."

He took a moment to look at Linda, then Chris, then down at his own rumpled and blood covered suit. When he looked up, there was a fire in the man's eyes that made Adam grin with a feral look. "You're damned right I do." The man said as he stood up, patted Chris on his good shoulder, bent down, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He then did the same thing to Linda, as well as placing a hand on her belly, and speaking quietly to his unborn baby. Then he looked up and met eyes with Adam. "Lead the way."

It was a grim procession that followed Adam down the hallway to the conference room. Jory, Juan, and Will had each grabbed a bunch of food, and were eating as they walked, while Chang was following behind them all, at a more sedate pace. Jack and Mike were right behind Adam, and more than ready to take on Ashwood.

"Normally, sir," Adam said as they turned a corner and continued down a different hallway. "I would suggest you change into something, less… bloody. However, I think, given the current circumstances, it is appropriate."

"You're damn right it is. Let the world see the innocent blood covering me from Ashwood's cowardly attack" Jack said stonily.

Adam sat back and watched as first Ashwood did his 'announcement', then Jack gave his reply. The entire time Adam couldn't help but wonder what he was getting them into. What he was subjecting his family to. But it was at the end of the press conference, after Jack had his say, is when it all come to Adam as to why they had to do this.

Jack had walked out of the room, and made it just outside before he broke down. Logan had motioned for Haden to keep the camera going, and at first Adam had no idea why. But then it became clear.

"DAD! UNCLE JACK!" A young boy's voice could be heard crying out, and the running of feet could be heard. Sammy and Brian clad in nothing but their white briefs ran up to the two men and pushed their way in, trying to comfort them. Jack and Mike quickly brought both boys into their arms, and more so, into their emotional release.

Adam knew that Logan was still waiting for something, since he hadn't given the signal to stop broadcasting, but Adam wasn't sure what it was. Finally it came, and it shouldn't have surprised Adam when it came from Sammy. He pulled back and kissed Jack on the forehead, then pulled back again. "He was wrong Uncle Jack… None of us died… Not Chris, not the baby, and I just know Aunt Linda will be fine. He didn't kill us, and he won't beat us. It's just like you always say… love and happiness will beat lies and anger every time."

That is when Logan gave the signal to cut the transmission.

Editor's Notes:

My God!!!! We are three chapters into this new Universe and story and we have seen the last two chapters with the U.N.I.T. in action!!! Roland is staying true to his writing style and there is definitely action!!!

Poor Adam, he has a lot to deal with and this new battle and realizing that Chang was right that they might have to take sides; big decisions have to be made. Can you even imagine what might be in store for these guys! I have to admit, I love seeing the U.N.I.T. in action.

Poor Billy, I felt so bad for him. But, Mike really did treat him right. Billy wants his dad back and misses him. Let's hope that this Mike in this Universe has just as big a heart as he did in the other Universe. Billy is a great kid and just maybe; this Mike will bring him into his heart as well. As far as Asswood, I think that he needs to be eliminated and just maybe, Adam and his team are in the right place at the right time!!!

I can't wait for more!!!!

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