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Nightfall: Full Moon

by Roland

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Chapter 5

Published: 8 Aug 16

Nightfall: Full Moon

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"So, you like Devin?" Hank said to Jared abruptly. It had been three days since Devin came to the warehouse, and Jared was making sure the boy had everything he needed. Now though, Jared had to feed, and Hank decided he would be the one to go out with the boy to do it.

"What… what do you mean?" Jared stuttered, blushing madly.

Hank just laughed and smiled. "Jared, I've been around for a long time, stupid things like who someone takes to their bed aren't really important anymore. Hell they never were." Hank stopped and looked Jared in the eyes. "One of the reasons my Sire turned me, is because we were lovers. And yes, he was a male. So no it doesn't matter to me."

Jared just looked at Hank for a few moments, before he let his eyes drop to the ground. "NO!" Hank said forcefully. "Never lower your eyes, or be ashamed about who you like." Hank reached out and slowly lifted Jared's head till their eyes met again. "Do you like him?"

Jared slowly nodded, which caused Hank to grin. "Good, cause he likes you, a lot."

"Really?" Jared asked surprised. "How do ya know?"

Hank smiled and shook his head. "I take it no one has shown you how to read a Human's mind?"

"They tried, but I don't really like doing it." He said with a slight blush.

Hank turned serious and was silent for a few moments. "You still have no memories of being turned?" Jared didn't respond, just shook his head, as a tear came to his eye. "Okay. I know Lugh is doing his best, but he has to watch out for everyone, as well as his business. You need someone to teach you the way a Sire would. If you accept, I will teach you." Jared was about to respond, when Hank held up his hand. "Don't answer now. You need to really think about it. If you accept, I would expect you to treat me as your Sire. That means I will be taking responsibility for your actions. At least until such time as I decide you are ready to be on your own. Until that time, you would be expected to do as I tell you, to learn what it is that I teach you. It would be as if, you were an extension of myself. Meaning that whatever you do, would reflect on me. Does that make sense?"

"Sort of." Jared answered after a few moments.

"Tell you what. When we get back, why don't you talk to some of the others, see what they went through with their Sires, at least the ones that actually had one that taught them the way it should be. Make sure to know all you can about what would be expected of you, and then, if you choose to, we will move forward."

"Why?" Jared asked after a moment. "Why me?"

Hank sighed as he placed a hand on Jared's shoulder. "What I'm about to tell you is known only to a few, so I ask that you not repeat it." Hank paused until he saw Jared nod, then continued, "I have only made one Childe during my time, and that was not something that either one of us prepared for. He was dying, and asked me to turn him, so I did. I trained him in secret, because of who he was. But I have never found anyone that I would be comfortable being a Sire to, simply because of how I was turned. You. You I would have turned."

"I don't understand?" Jared said completely confused.

Hank sighed and started walking, causing Jared to hurry to keep up. After a few minutes, Hank began to speak. "The other night, when you and Bryan rescued Devin, then Deacon showed up, you stepped to my side, willing to fight. Not many would do that, especially one so young as yourself. You do know you probably would have met your final end?"

Jared hesitated, but nodded. "Yeah, but I just couldn't let you fight them by yourself."

Hank grinned. "You do realize that I could easily have fought them all off? I am a little stronger than many think."

"No." Jared said as he blushed.

"And that's exactly what I mean." Hank said seriously. "You didn't know who we were fighting, or why, but you saw someone you knew getting ready to fight, and you stepped up. Very few would do that."

"I… I just." Jared started, but Hank held up his hand again.

"Don't. I understand, which is why I am offering what I am." Hank paused as his eyes scanned the road they were walking down. He looked back at Jared and grinned. "Looks like dinner has arrived."

Jared looked around, but couldn't see what Hank was talking about. "Down that alleyway." Hank said while he pointed. "Is a guy that really needs to not be around anymore." Seeing Jared's confused look, Hank sighed. "One of the reasons you need to learn how to read a Human's minds, it makes deciding who to feed from easier. This guy… well let's just say he's not a nice guy." He paused and looked at Jared with a grin. "Would you like details?"

"Ummm… not really." Jared said quickly. "I'll, ummm…. take your word for it." He couldn't help but match Hank's grin as the two of them headed for the alleyway. When Jared turned the corner, he was just in time to see the guy throw something big and bulky into a dumpster.

When the guy turned around, and saw two kids there looking at him, he was first shocked, then grinning as he thought about how lucky he was. That was until the shorter of the two moved faster than he thought anyone could. Before he could even scream, Jared had sunk his fangs into the man's neck.

The man started to struggle, but then the pheromones released by Jared hit his system and at that moment, all the pain disappeared. As a matter of fact, this was the most pleasurable thing the man had ever felt. He stopped struggling and even moved his head to the side more to give Jared better access, which the boy took full advantage of. The man didn't even know he was dying, not that he would have cared. Jared drank his fill, and released the man as he felt his heart stop beating. He couldn't help himself. He dropped the man to the ground and stood still as he felt the living blood rush through his body. It was a feeling that he could never get used to, and didn't want to.

It took more than a few moments before Jared could come down from the feeding high, but when he did he looked around and met Hank's eyes. "I forgot how good it can be for New Blood's." Hank said with a grin. "I hate to say this. While you'll always get a bit of a rush from feeding, as you get older, it won't be as good as it is now."

Jared shook his head, then looked around for the man's body. "I took care of that already."

"Uhh… thanks." Jared said still coming down from the high that all Vampires got when they feed. He was about to say something else when Hank spun, and drew his swords. "What…" Jared started to say, but then stopped as he saw a large group of people walk into the alley. He looked around quickly, and saw that the alley was a dead end. The only way out was the way they came in, which now had a lot of people standing in it.

"So we meet again." Jared heard a man say, and recognized the voice.

"What do you want this time Deacon?" Hank said with a snarl.

"Same thing I've wanted for a while. Your blood." Deacon said with a chuckle. "And this time, I got enough guys to take what I want."

'I want you to stay behind me, don't let anyone get to my back.' Hank said inside Jared's head, and Jared obeyed without question. He knew right now was not the time to question him.

"Well Deacon, it'll sure be a fight." Hank said as he moved forward a bit, making sure he had plenty of room to move when the fight started. "You may even be able to take me down, but I will guarantee you one thing... Before I fall, you will."

"Nah, I don't think so." Deacon said while laughing. "Once I take care of you, I'm gonna go to that warehouse of yours and get rid of the rest of the Half Life little shits that you have there."

Some of the others with Deacon started to laugh, and one of them called out. "Yeah, we're gonna get rid of all the Half Lifes in this city."

"You'll have to get through me first." Hank said as he prepared himself to use a few gifts he hadn't used in a long time. "If I fall here." Hank said as he started to gather his power. "Most of you will fall with me. Who will be the first one to feel my blades?"

"WHAT THE HELL!" One of the Scavengers cried out, followed by a few others. Hank glanced over to see what was going on when he saw a huge Wolf barrel its way through the Vampires, running full speed at Hank and Jared. The size of the Wolf caused Hank to take a step back. It easily stood four foot tall at the shoulder. Hank could see the muscles bulging out of the Wolf's body, and the saliva dripping from its huge maw. He was about to turn to protect himself, when a strange voice entered his head. 'Do not worry, we are here to help.'

The shock of having someone else enter his mind so effortlessly was almost enough for Hank to drop his swords. He recovered quickly though, and found the Wolf was now standing by his side, facing off against the Scavengers. The sight of the snarling Wolf had stopped all of them, even Deacon.

"I see that we have arrived at the festivities just in time." Called a voice from behind the Scavengers. Hank was still in shock over the Wolf, but that voice was the same voice that spoke in his mind moments before. "Elder." The voice said loudly. "With your permission, I do believe my companion and myself will be happy to assist you."

Hank caught a glimpse of a boy, smaller than even he was, standing at the mouth of the alley. He knew the boy was a Vampire, but when he extended his senses to try and figure out how old the boy was, he almost dropped to his knees.

"Why the hell do Half Lifes always think they can do whatever the hell they want to do." Deacon said as he turned to look at the boy standing behind him. "Get the hell outta here. We'll deal with you soon enough."

"Elder." The boy said speaking to Hank. "Do they not teach the young respect anymore?" The lighthearted tone in the boy's voice, plus the fact that Hank knew this was the oldest and most powerful Vampire he had ever even heard of, made Hank relax slightly. But only slightly.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Deacon raged. "I've been in darkness for more than one hundred and fifty years!"

"Obviously your Sire did not do his job and teach you all that was needed for you to know before you were released." The boy said as he took a few steps forward, and drew a sword unlike anything Hank had ever seen before. "I give you this warning only once." The boy started softly, but then his voice took on an almost demonic tenor. "MY NAME IS RUNIHORA! I AM THE DESTROYER. FACE ME AND EMBRACE YOUR FINAL DEATH!"

'That's just a legend!' Hank's mind screamed at him, but didn't have time to think on it further, as one of the Scavengers rushed towards the boy, who swung his sword long before the Vampire was even near him. Everything stopped when his head slid from his body, before crumpling to ashes, a full twenty feet from where the boy stood. "You have made your choice." Runi said with a grin.

With everyone focused on Runi, no one was watching what the Wolf was doing, except Hank and Jared. "Oh shit!" Hank breathed out as he watched the Wolf charge forward and leap. Halfway through the leap, the Wolf's body shifted from that of a Wolf, to a creature straight out of nightmares. It let out an unearthly howl, which caused several of the Scavengers to turn towards it, right as it landed in their midst.

Both Hank and Jared stood there motionless, as they watched this beast rip into the Vampires. With two swipes of the thing's massive claws, Hank saw two Vampires sink to the ground, before crumbling to dust. Another dusted when the thing's huge maw clamped around the Vampire's head. With a vicious twist, the Wolf thing ripped his head from his body.

Seeing everyone around him back off, Colt threw his head back and let out a howl of challenge, begging someone to step up to fight him. When no one did, he pounced on the closest Vampire.

Several of the Vampires turned to run, only to find the small Vampire standing in the mouth of the alleyway waiting for them. Hank saw at least five of them charge the boy. He didn't see what the boy did, but suddenly all five fell at his feet before turning to dust.

Deacon didn't have a clue what was going on, but within moments the Wolf thing and the kid had killed over half his group. Not being a stupid person, Deacon ordered all his guys to go after the boy. While they did that, he slid past them all, going up a fire escape.

Within two minutes, there were no Vampires alive in the alleyway, save for Runi, Hank, and Jared. Hank watched as the young looking Vampire walked towards them, after cleaning his sword off, and putting it away. He was carrying a bag that he tossed towards the Wolf thing. Hank and Jared watched in absolute amazement as the Wolf beast, shrank down in size, and changed until he looked like the Wolf they had first met. It took the bag in his muzzle and moved behind the dumpster that the first man had dumped the body in, before Jared fed from him.

Hank watched until it disappeared from sight, before he turned back only to see the other Vampire only a few feet from him. On pure instinct alone, Hank dropped to a knee, and bowed his head. Jared was completely shocked, but knowing that if Hank was doing something, he had better as well, quickly copying Hank's posture.

"Lord...." Hank said in a soft voice, his eyes still cast to the ground. "Thank you for helping us, we are indebted to you." He raised a wrist to his mouth, bit into it, bringing blood to the surface, before offering it to Runi.

"It is good to see that some still follow the ancient ways." Runi said as he stepped forward and took the offered wrist to his lips, drawing a small amount of blood into his mouth. he then pulled Hank to his feet. "I thank you for the offer, but I do not have need for your services at this point."

Hank let out a deep breath and was about to speak when Colt walked out from behind the dumpster dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. He ran a hand through his mousy brown hair trying to get some control over it, but gave up with a sigh. He looked at Runi with a grin, then spoke excitedly. "Oh man! That was such a rush!"

"Who… what are you?" Jared asked, and Hank turned to scold the boy, but Runi stepped in first.

"It is fine Elder. I am not offended." Runi said, then turned to meet Jared's eyes. "His name is Colt. I can tell that you are still very new to Darkness. I can also tell that you have not had the proper training as of yet. I think I should speak with your Sire about this."

"Lord, if I may." Hank said with a bowed head.

"Please." Runi said with a smile.

"Jared has only been in Darkness for a few months. No one knows who his Sire is. I have offered to take on that role, but Jared has yet to decide if he will accept."

"Your Sire did not teach you the ways of the Vampires?" Runi asked completely confused.

"No." Jared said softly, his eyes on the ground, but not for the same reason as Hank's. "I don't even remember being turned. All I remember was someone attacking me, then I woke up like I am now. It was only a few nights later that Lugh found me and took me back to the warehouse with the others."

"Others?" Runi asked, prompting him to go on, but it was Hank who responded.

"Yes. We stay at a place that is populated primarily by Half Lifes that have been abandoned by their Sires."

"Abandoned?" Runi said darkly. "And this Lugh he spoke of. He is in charge?"

"Yes. He has only been in darkness for five years, but he uses the resources of his Human life to try and help out the Half Lifes that he finds needing shelter." Hank answered.

Runi looked completely perplexed, not understanding what Hank was talking about.

"Most Vampires don't like us." Jared said. When Runi turned to look at the boy, he saw a fire in the boy's eyes which actually made Runi smile. "Most don't feel the Half Lifes should be allowed to survive, since we were just kids when we were turned."

"I see." Runi said then paused as he thought things over for a moment. "I would like to meet this Lugh, and the rest of those that live in this warehouse."

Hank's eyes went wide in shock, but he quickly nodded. "Of course My Lord. If you would like, I can have someone bring the car, or we can walk. It is up to you."

"I am still not comfortable with the concept of sitting inside of some contraption as it moves for me. I would prefer to walk."

"As you wish." Hank said then motioned for Runi to follow him.

Lugh sat back from his desk in shock. It took him almost a full minute before he shook his head. Leaning forward he grabbed the phone, punched in a code, and waited. A moment later, when he spoke, his voice was heard throughout the living area of the warehouse. "I need everyone to meet in the living room immediately." He didn't say anything else, just hung up the phone, got up, and headed out of his office.

When he got to the living room, everyone looked at him with questions in their eyes, but no one said anything. Lugh waited till he was sure everyone was there. He was somewhat hesitant when both Bill and Devin came into the room, but after a quick question to Hank, he decided to let them stay. "Hank and Jared were just attacked by Deacon and a large group of Scavengers."

"Are they okay?" Bryan asked quickly.

"They're fine." Lugh said with a shake of his head. "But that leads us to the issue at hand. Someone showed up and helped Hank and Jared. Actually from what Hank said, this guy and his friend took on about fifteen Scavengers, without Hank or Jared doing anything… and they did it easily."

"Holy Shit…" Alex breathed out in shock.

"Yeah." Lugh said as he looked around at everyone. "This Vampire is an Ancient…." He let that draw out as he made sure everyone understood what he meant.

"Ummm… If I may, how old's an Ancient? I mean it sounds pretty old." Devin asked hesitantly.

"Well, to be officially classed as an Ancient, one has to have been in darkness for over five hundred years."

"Oh wow…" Devin said breathlessly.

"Yeah. And according to Hank, this Ancient is the oldest and most powerful that he'd ever heard of… and they're on their way here." Lugh said watching as everyone stiffened in shock. "Hank explained to me what we need to do to properly welcome an Ancient into our home. We don't have much time, so here's what I need you guys to do."

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