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Nightfall: Full Moon

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Chapter 7

Published: 5 Sep 16

Nightfall: Full Moon

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Colt sighed as he woke up. The room was dark, with only a small light coming from the stairway. They didn't have much time last night to do anything more than go to the basement of Lugh's parent's house. Most of the Vampires were already feeling sleepy as the sun was starting to rise.

The basement had a bunch of military style bunks set up in rows. Lugh said he had set this place up as a bolt hole, whatever that meant. All Colt knew was that there was lots of stuff here.

For a few minutes he just sat on the edge of the bed. He'd kept himself so busy the last couple of weeks that he hadn't had time to think about his family, and what had happened to them. He wasn't sure why, but waking up in this place, brought all those feelings back to him. He couldn't hold back the tears as he thought about not only his family, but also his friends. The Vampires had destroyed his world. They had killed his family, and made it so he could never see or talk to his friends again.

If it weren't for Runi, he'd have no idea what to do now. Hell as it was, he was just kind of going with the flow. Something he wasn't really used to doing, but didn't see any other choice. He really had no idea who or what he was anymore, or what was going to happen in the future.

Before his tears started to fall, he got out of the bed, and walked upstairs. As far as he could tell, everyone was still sleeping. When he made it to the first floor, he knew why. The sun had not quite set yet. Knowing Runi the way he did though, the ancient Vampire would be up soon. He wasn't sure about the rest, but Runi had said that the older and more powerful a Vampire got, the earlier they were able to wake up.

He made his way outside, looked around, and saw an old rocking chair on the porch. Slowly he made his way over to it, and almost fell into it, as the tears started to flow down his face. He couldn't help but be drawn back into the memories he had of his family. The stupid fights he had with his brother... the birthday parties... Christmas... holidays with friends and family... even school. He hated school, but right now, he missed it so bad.

As the sun disappeared, Colt felt the weight of his grief bearing down on his shoulders. He really didn't know if he could handle everything that he knew was coming. Runi had been very careful not to try and push too much on Colt, but he knew what was coming. Could he really do it?

"I have seen that look before." Runi said as he sat down next to Colt. "The look of someone who has the weight of the world upon their shoulders. Someone who is questioning who they are, what they are supposed to do, and most importantly, if they are up to the tasks that fate has laid before them."

Colt didn't look over, but he didn't need to. "I'd ask how you knew, but I don't think I want to know."

Runi laughed and slapped Colt on his knee. "No my young friend, I don't need any gifts or powers, I only need my many years of knowing people."

Runi paused for a few seconds, then looked up into the sky where the moon was just starting to become visible. "The question should not be ‘can you handle it?’, the real question you need to ask is, 'do you really have a choice?'"

That time Colt did look at Runi with a question on his face. "The choice is not can you do it, but can you not? You are who and what you are. There is no changing that. Your nature, your fate, has brought you to this point. The only real choice you have is, do you let those that killed your family win, or do you do everything you can to destroy them?"

Colt was about to respond when he suddenly looked up. He sniffed the air a few times, causing Runi to get to his feet and look around himself. "What is it?" Runi asked after a few seconds.

Colt didn't answer, but slowly got to his feet. He was still sniffing at the air as he slowly made his way down off the porch. "I do not sense anything." Runi said softly, even though his hand was now gripping the hilt of the sword he always wore.

"I don't know." Colt said almost trance like. "I smell something, something that's causing the Beast to almost rip out of my skin." Runi was about to say something, but suddenly Colt snap shifted into his Wolf Form, and took off running.

Runi shook his head, then took off after Colt. He had a pretty good idea what was going on, and if he was right, there was nothing to do but see where this led.

Runi was surprised by just how far he ran following Colt. If it did turn out to be what Runi thought, then Colt was even stronger than Runi originally thought. Or at the very least, gifted with instincts that were far stronger than any Alpha he'd known in the past.

When Colt stopped they were standing outside of a small house in the country. Colt was still in his Wolf Form, and was panting from the run he had just made. Runi also winded, extended his senses, confirming what he thought. Colt had sensed another Wolf Folk.

"How do you want to do this?" Runi asked softly. The response he got wasn't the one he expected, and it didn't come from Colt. Instead, he heard a Wolf's howl from inside the house, then suddenly one of the second story windows blew out, as a Wolf in War Form jumped out and down.

Colt howled a challenge as he snap shifted to War Form. The challenge was answered as the new Wolf charged into Colt, snapping with fangs, and trying to tear with claws.

Runi jumped back knowing that this was one fight he did not really want to get involved in if he didn't have to. Especially when the new Wolf picked Colt up and threw him into and through the wall of the house. Runi watched as Colt came flying back out of the hole in the wall right into the new Wolf, driving it back into and through a medium sized tree. "The destruction caused by two Wolf Folk in combat is truly amazing." He said to himself with a small chuckle.

His attention was drawn away from the fight by the front door being thrown open, and a man and woman came rushing outside. In the man's hand was a pump shotgun that he racked a shell into the chamber as soon as he saw Colt and the other one fighting. Moving faster than either Human could see, Runi moved next to them and calmly spoke. "I would not do that if I were you."

"What the hell!" The man shouted as he turned to look at Runi, then back to the two Wolves.

"Why not?" The woman shrieked in near hysteria.

"The one with red fur is your daughter." Runi replied, causing both to look at him like he was crazy. Neither was able to say anything as Runi moved with blinding speed, pushing both of them off the porch just as the red furred Wolf went crashing through the opened door, and into the house, Colt right behind her.

Runi shook his head to clear it, then looked at the woman below him. "Is there anyone else in the house."

"Yes…" she replied shakily, "my son."

Runi shook his head as he heard a young male scream from inside the house. "Nothing is ever easy." He got to his feet, looked at the house, then back to the adults. "Stay here!" He ordered.

As Runi ran into the house he watched as Colt picked up the female and threw her through another wall, then quickly followed her. Thankfully that meant that the boy, standing at the top of the stairs, was now out of the line of fire. Runi sped his way up the stairs and grabbed the boy. "We must leave." The shocked boy was only able to manage a nod as Runi picked him up, and ran down the stairs. "GET BACK!" He cried out at seeing the father who was now standing in what was left of the doorway.

He was almost to the door when he saw, out of the corner of his eye, Colt come flying at him. He tightened his grip on the boy, and flipped in the air, feeling Colt brush by underneath him. When he landed, he handed the boy to his father, and pushed both of them out of the house, and down onto the grass.

"What's going on?" The father demanded.

"I will explain later!" Runi said as he continued to push them back away from the crashing, snarling, and howling that was coming from the house. "We need to get back further."

"What about Chris?" The wife asked quickly as she moved back.

"Colt will not kill her." Runi said, hoping that it was indeed true. "Right now, they are just deciding who is dominant."

"Say what?!" She shrieked again.

"We shall discuss this later." Runi said as he turned and looked back towards the house. All four of them were silent for the next several minutes as they heard, more than saw, the house being destroyed from the inside out.

Finally the noise died down, and it was quiet, for all of a few moments until they heard Colt let out a roar of victory. Runi turned to the family. "Stay here. Let me make sure all is safe." He didn't wait for a reply, just ran for the house. When he found Colt and the new Wolf, they were in the back of the house, both of them in Human Form, naked, and panting from exertion. Both of them had several cuts and scrapes that were already starting to close. "You both need to find some clothing." Runi said causing them both to look up at him and blush.

"Do not be concerned, I know what happens when an Alpha Male has to prove dominance over a Female. I will not say anything to your parents." Runi continued with a grin.

She then looked at Colt. "Who the fuck are you?"

Panting, but grinning, Colt chuckled out his response. "I'll explain in a few… You got anything I can wear?"

"Yeah…" She said in confusion. Runi knew that she was trying to reconcile what her Beast was saying about Colt, and what her Human mind was saying. Thankfully he knew which would win.

He turned and walked from the house, also chuckling, as the two combatants searched for something suitable to wear. When he made it back to the very anxious family, he smirked. "They will be out in a moment, and then I promise, everything will be explained."

When the two did come out of what was left of the house, Colt was dressed only in a pair of shorts that were a bit too big for him, and she was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Now that Runi could get a good look at her, he realized that she was a beautiful girl, but also well-muscled. Her red hair was down below her shoulders, and out of sorts due to the fight, her skin was milky white, which set off her emerald green eyes beautifully.

"CHRIS!" Her mother shouted as she ran up to her, and grabbed her into a tight hug. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Mom." She said softly, while Colt went and stood next to Runi.

After making sure that she was okay, the father turned to Runi and Colt. "Would one of you care to explain what just happened?"

"I thought that would be rather obvious." Runi started out with a slight smirk. "Your daughter is a Werewolf."

"Excuse me?" He stuttered out.

"My apologies." Runi said becoming very serious. "This evening Colt," he motioned to Colt, letting them know who he was talking about, "sensed another of the Wolf Folk, and came to investigate. I believe that when we got close, the Wolf inside your daughter sensed him, and was brought to the fore."

"Yeah…" She said softly, in almost a dream like state. "I had just gotten out of the shower, and was getting dressed when I… I can't really explain it... but... well it was like this rage bubbled up inside of me. I knew there was someone close that… well... that I had to fight."

"It's called the Beast." Colt said softly. "It's the part of us that houses our base Wolf instincts."

"Beast..." she whispered, as if trying the word out. After a very brief moment, she nodded to herself. "Yeah. That works."

"Why'd you have to fight?" The young boy spoke up for the first time.

"Wolves are pack animals, so are Werewolves. Just like a normal wolf pack, a Werewolf pack needs to have a Pack Alpha. Colt is the Alpha. However, when your sister first sensed Colt, her Wolf, her Beast, would not accept someone else being the Alpha until they proved that they could best her. Does that make sense?"

The young boy, only eleven years old, nodded his head slightly. "Kinda." He then looked at Colt, then his sister. "My sister's a Werewolf… that is SO AWESOME!"

"DANNY!" His mother scolded. Then turned and looked at Runi. "How… I mean why… I mean, why Chris? And how do you know so much about it? Are you a… I can't believe I'm saying this, but... are you a Werewolf too?"

Runi chuckled. "No my dear lady, I am not. However, the reason I know as much as I do, is because I've known, lived with, and fought beside many Werewolves."

"But you're just a kid!" The man said in disbelief.

"I am sorry to say sir, but you will have to stop believing everything your eyes tell you. I am not a Werewolf, but I am not Human either."

Chris moved forward, looking hard at Runi. "You….” her nose crinkled as she sniffed, “... you're dead!"

"Actually he prefers 'Anemically Challenged'.” Colt piped in, although only he laughed.

"Very good." Runi said with a grin, ignoring Colt. "Keep listening to your senses like that, and you will become very strong, very quickly." He moved his gaze from her to her parents. "You would know my kind as Vampires."

The father started to shake his head. "No… Werewolves, now Vampires. They don't exist!"

Runi grinned, then slowly allowed his fangs to drop, and his eyes to turn bright red. "You must forget about what you used to know to be true. You have entered a new world now. Be assured, we are not all evil. If we were, all of you, including your daughter, would already be dead."

"I… I…" He stammered then looked back towards the house, or what was left of it.

After a few moments of silence, Runi spoke softly. "I think it would be best if you came back to where we are staying. There is a lot more to explain, and we can do it best there." The father didn't react at first, but finally he looked over at Runi and nodded.

"Why don't we go inside and get some of your things." Colt said as he motioned to the house. "And, ummm. Sorry?" Both he and Chris blushed when he said that, looking at the rather large hole where the door used to be.

The father shook his head and sighed. "We'll deal with it. Although I think your friend is right. With everything going on, it would be best if we get a few things together and go with you." Colt watched as both Chris's mom, and little brother nodded, and then followed the father into the house. After a moment, Chris followed them in.

Colt looked at Runi then to where the family just disappeared inside the house. "You're doing something to them, aren't you?"

"Yes." Runi answered simply, then explained. "The parents were not dealing with events well, so I am helping them stay calm."

Colt just shook his head. "Probably wise." He said then followed the family inside. Runi stayed outside looking around for a moment, before he also followed everyone inside.

When he got inside, he saw the family standing there looking at the destruction. "Well I guess we really do need to find somewhere else to live for a bit." The father said as he turned and looked at Runi and Colt.

"You may stay with us for as long as you like." Runi said softly, while Colt nodded.

The father turned and looked at the boys for a long moment, then nodded. "Thank you." He started to turn back, when he stopped and looked back at them with a smile. "Sorry, where are my manners?" He held out his hand to Runi. "My name's Daniel Perry. This is my wife, Sheila, and you know my kids, Christina, and Daniel Jr."

Runi took the man's hand with a smile of his own. "It is an honor to meet you all, even if I wish the circumstances could have been better."

Dan just nodded, then looked to his family. "Sheila, can you get stuff from our room? Chris, Danny, pack what you want, but try and make it light, okay?"

The kids just looked at their dad like he was insane, but then went off to do what was needed. Sheila waited till after they were gone before asking Dan, "What are you going to get?"

"I'm going to the basement." He said simply, then walked off.

Being the curious sort, Colt and Runi followed Dan down to the basement. They first entered what Colt expected to find in a basement, that was until Dan moved over to the only door, and went through that one. Once they followed him into that one, both Colt and Runi stood there slack-jawed.

Dan turned, looked at them, then laughed. "I get that reaction a lot."

"I bet!" Colt said as he looked around. "Wow!"

"May I ask where you acquired all these?" Runi asked after a moment. "I have only seen one collection bigger, and that is mine."

Dan turned and looked around, then sighed. "Tell you what. Go into that closet, and bring out all the cases in there. While I'm getting everything ready to move, I'll tell you about it."

Runi and Colt started bringing out the case that Dan had asked for. As soon as Dan had the first one, he started to talk. "When I was nine years old, my parents died in a car crash. For a while after that, I was pissed at the world, and took it out on anyone I could. That was until I picked on the wrong kid. He was smaller than I was, so I thought he'd be easy pickings. I was wrong. For the next year, I kept going after the kid, thinking I could take him if I surprised him. Turns out I was wrong. Finally, after getting my ass kicked yet again, I asked how the hell he could fight so well. That's when he told me that his father was a martial arts instructor. One week later, I convinced my foster parents to let me go. It was the best thing that happened to me. Not only did I learn how to fight, but I also learned discipline.

"When I got out of high school, I was approached to join a new sport that was just becoming big. I agreed, and next thing I know, I'm competing in MMA." He saw Runi's lost look, and smiled. "MMA means Mixed Martial Arts. Two people enter a ring, like that one, and fight until one can't continue."

"Ahhhh… I see." Runi said with a smile.

"I wasn't the best, but I wasn't too bad either. Unfortunately, my knees didn't like it as much as I did. I ended up having to go into rehab to try and fix my knees back up. Two things happened there. First, I found out I'd never fight again, at least not professionally. And second, I met Sheila. She was one of my physical therapists.

"A year later, we were married, and then came Christina. The thing was, I still wanted to do something like MMA, so I went back to my second love, swords. So now, well I work with a group that does reenactments, as well as teach people how to fight with swords, and not get hurt."

"That's cool." Colt said as he brought out the last case, and watched as Dan pulled another sword off the wall, and placed it in one of the cases.

"This will be very advantageous for you." Runi said with a small smile.

"Why's that?" Dan asked as he stopped and looked at Runi.

"Simply this. Vampires and Wolf Folk are alike. That gun that you had earlier... That would have only annoyed the one you shot… greatly. However, you take their heads off, and they are dead. Swords are better than guns. Even if you do have to get a bit closer." Runi said with a grin, then stopped as the grin vanished from his face.

"What's…" Colt started to ask, when Runi shook his head.

"You need to lead them back to the house. I will meet you there." Runi said simply, but with anger smoldering beneath the surface. Without another word, he turned and ran up the stairs, and out what used to be the front door. Once he was outside, he disappeared into the woods.

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