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Sands of Time

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Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

Sands of Time

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Syth went with Killian and Mablin as they went to set up the Merchant's table. Knowing that Syth needed to stay with Mablin, Xavier quickly agreed to the plan of having Mablin 'borrow' Syth's services for a few days. Syth knew that he would have to pay attention, and listen to the man, but he also knew that Mablin was honorable enough to follow their agreement. Syth worked hard for many hours, but was quick to learn as Mablin made sure to explain to him proper Slave manners in this land.

Killian struggled with the heavy box of dishes Mablin had just traded a potter's wheel and pottery etching tools for. He knew they were breakable, so needed to be careful, but until this instant he had no clue how heavy a bunch of fancy dishes could weigh. He glanced up to the back of the wagon and down to the wooden box and let out a sigh.

As he did so, Syth moved up and grinned. He motioned for Killian to grab one side of the crate while his hand went down to the other side. At the same time he spoke in Drow, "Heavy?"

Without hesitation Killian grabbed the side opposite of Syth and between the two of them they muscled the wooden crate inside the wagon without any damage to the contents. He looked back and tried to repeat the word Syth had used, failing badly.

Syth repeated the word, made a lifting motion, then pointed to his bicep.

Killian tried the word again while flexing his muscle while giving Syth a questioning look.

Syth shook his head and moved over to the wagon, picked up one of the seat cushions and said the word for light, then jumped into the back of the wagon and picked up one side of an oak dresser while saying the Drow word for heavy. Still smiling, he picked up the pillow once again, "light." He then moved back to the dresser, "heavy."

Killian nodded with sudden understating as he repeated both words several items getting minor corrections from Syth. He then did pretty much the same thing with the Northman words so Syth could learn them. A few times the two flatly couldn't figure out what each other was trying to say. When this occurred Mablin was more than content to use Dragon tongue to bridge the communication gap as long as both boys continued to work hard.

The pace of the activity was pretty frantic for the first few hours as Mablin's goods drew good crowds, but by midday, dark clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped, drastically thinning out the number of people in the market area. Because of this the boys began to get the rain and snow sensitive items back under the cover of the wagons while Mablin continued to deal with those who were still interested in some of his goods.

As the pair continued to move goods and teach each other their primary languages, one of the town guards came up to the trading table with a teenage girl wearing leather armor, a bronze short sword on her right side, and a boot knife with some kind of bone looking handle sticking out of a custom made sheath on her left boot which were fur lined while fur collar tops. The girl wore a Training Echelon step five Warrior Adept guild pin prominently displayed over her left breast and a Healthman pin over her right breast. It was extremely obvious, the leather armor was tailor made to make the girl look as good as possible and the silver, gold and jade ring on her right hand was meant to display wealth as well. Finally her fur lined cloak with fur collar told all, but the most idiotic, she was from a well-to-do merchant family.

While the guard looked over some wood working tools, the girl's eyes fixated on a set of bracers inlayed with moonstone. She glanced over at Mablin and the guard then started to slide closer. When she got to the edge of the table she brought her cloak up as if shaking off the cold, but when she lowered it, the folds were over the table and partially covering the bracers. As her hand moved under the cloak to secure the items, Syth tapped Killian on the shoulder and nodded.

Killian, seeing what was going on, spoke up, "Thief!"

Mablin spun at the sound of the single word spotted the girl's hand moving back to her side and the spot on the table empty. Without hesitation he cast a restrain spell. Glowing vines shot up out of the ground and encompassed the girl who was shocked and scared yet very angry at Killian. She didn't even let go of the bracers as she snarled, "No slave accuses me of nothing!"

Mablin moved over as Syth started to take a step forward. He glanced back at Syth and shook his head as he spoke, "Slave, friend or not, you have no right to speak up and she has a valid point. She is your better and both of you are slaves. Now, hold your tongue and get back to work!"

Mablin spun and moved back to the girl while yanking the bracers out of her hand, "However, I can accuse you of being a thief, and my slave was simply alerting me for the need to deal with the possibility of wrong doing. He should have said the word thievery, so he was not directly accusing someone who is his better, and he will be properly punished, but at the moment I have more pressing matters. You stole from my table, girl, and I demand justice!"

The guard glared at the girl, already having been warned by the Captain of the guard not to step on the toes of this caravan, "Teasha, pay the man his asking price, which I expect to be around double what it was worth and we can call this good!"

Mablin scowled for a moment but after a deep breath gave a single nod, "Asking price was 80, but since I can see this one comes from a good family, I am sure they will not mind paying 150 to consider this matter closed, but I want the money from her parents. She can stay here in my magical restraints until they come to pay and get her. I also do not want her in the market again until I leave in five to six days!"

The guard was about to agree, but Teasha was incensed, "How dare you hold a high merchant's daughter in these embarrassing glowing vines!

"Teasha…" the guard spoke in warning, "it would be in your best interest to shut up now."

Teasha's face turned red as she saw more people looking at her, 'NO!" she screamed, drawing even more attention to herself, "I was accused of being a thief by a slave, even worse, a Drow loving slave!"

The guard made one last try while nodding for one of the other marketplace guards to run to get the girl's father. "Teasha, the good merchant already noted this and said the boy would be properly punished. I am sure, we could even stand and watch as the boy gets beaten for his mistake, but you did steal. You cannot say you didn't, and the more you scream and holler the worse this will look on you and your family."

"I don't care!" the girl snarled. "I will not be belittled by no Drow lover!"

Mablin moved a step closer and grabbed the girl by her jaw, "Wench!, and as a Teaching Echelon Mage which outranks your father and therefore you, I can justify calling you whatever I damn well please, so 'WENCH!!' it is…" He took a deep breath, forcing himself not to squeeze too hard. "The Drow slave said nothing to you, nothing. In fact he has said nothing at all, but he will still get disciplined for trying to step up towards you. Of this I can assure you. Now, wench, unless you want to join the other guard who is going to face the Drow gladiator slave in the arena in a no-holds-bar match tomorrow, you need to shut up. Otherwise I will demand justice in the form of you facing my slave who so unwisely spoke up and accused his better. But I will demand it be part of a two on two match with the Drow slave, my slave against you and the guard in the same pit at the same time. I will also announce to the world you are a thief and with the skill you displayed, must be a member of the local robber guild." Mablin looked over the girl for a few seconds, "Ah, there it is." He reached into his glowing restraints and pulled up one of the outer armor covering of her breast protection, revealing a Training Echelon step five Lockmaster guild pin while also showing just how snugly the armor fit, even around her developing breasts, "Hmmm…Form fitting armor, able to move silently… nice touch, but this also means your father must know who and what you really are, girl!"

A shrill voice from the far end of the market place, drew everyone's attention from the girl for a moment. "Let my daughter go!"

Mablin spun at the sound of the woman's voice, but as he looked, the smirk on his face grew. He waited for the woman to get close, "Ah, you must be the mother of this robber guilded wench."

The woman's eyes went wide as her mouth opened but no words came out as she saw Mablin playing with his Teaching Echelon Mage Guild pin.

"Well, there is some degree of common sense in the bloodline, then." Mablin spoke as he saw the woman cover her Secondary Echelon Swordsman pin. He then focused on the woman's Channeler of Seriff holy symbol with the Secondary Echelon step two pin inlayed into it. "So, lady of Seriff, how does one of his priestesses allow her daughter to become a member of the robber guild?"

The woman clutched her hand into a fist, knowing she was being backed into a rather nasty corner. If she said anything to defend her daughter, this man could spread the word and the offerings at her small temple would drop significantly. Knowing this was going to hurt her purse, but not seeing a good way out, She sent a glare over to her daughter and opened her rather large pouch, "How much to settle this, good Merchant?"

"I was going to say 150 and she can keep the bracers she tried to steal, but keeping them is now looking like less of a possibility…"

"Mom, no!" the girl hissed, "His slave called me a thief!"

Seeing the look on the guard's face, combined with the number of witnesses still around, the woman waved her hand, "Teasha, hush. You have brought enough shame on me this day, and you know your father will be extremely unhappy. He does not need such attention, neither do I. How am I supposed to hold sermons about the blessings of the great Goddess of Mystery, when my daughter is known to be stealing from the merchants, including a high merchants who happen to be Teaching Echelon? Now I heard something about an arena match. Unless you want to take the good merchant up on the offer, hush and behave."

"Fine, I'll face the Drow lover slave for his slight to me as long as I get to keep the bracers!"

Both the mother and Mablin's jaw dropped as they slowly turned to look at the girl. Already a pair of guards was moving across to stand close to the group while another bolted off to get the Captain of the Guard.

Mablin's lead guard Drathmore moved over, put a firm hand on Killian and pushed him out beyond the table while Syth looked on in total confusion.

Teasha's mother shook her head, "Do you realize what you have just done?"

"No…" the girl looked totally confused.

The Priestess of Seriff shook her head, "You have openly called out an honor dual. As of this moment the slave boy and you are on equal level until the match, and I am forced to pay the price set for the bracers. Everyone heard it and heard you admit you are indeed a thief, which makes the words spoken against you by the slave true. You are now honor bound to fight in the pits against the boy in the manner suggested by the good merchant here or be exiled from Welleger. The guards are going to take your statement and the Captain of the Guard will decide if you need to be held in captivity until the match, but since you admitted to thievery, there is very little chance he will release you, even to me."

Mablin shook his head, "Priestess, I have no issues with her going with you until the pit match. I think my word to the Captain will assure you she can go home with you. The rest is now out of my hands."

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