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Sands of Time

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Chapter 17

Published: 5 Mar 15

Sands of Time

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Xavier dried his eyes, and even found a place where he could splash some water on his face. The water was filthy but it did what he needed it to. He then looked around with a new outlook, and was able to see small things that lent truth to what his father had said. Nothing as overt as the man who would not beg, but still, little things. He took a moment to adjust the Royal Blade on his back, before he straightened up, and walked towards the man. As he got close, the man called out to him. "Does ya gots some works me can do fer a copper er three? Me brood be hurtin' fer eats."

Xavier stopped and took a moment to get a good look at the man. It was obvious the he was not well fed, but he looked to be solid and strong. "I just may..." Xavier said as he considered. His words made the man perk up and Xavier saw hope in the man's eyes. "I find myself with much more than I had expected during our trip to this town. We have several wagons, and many goods that I would like a strong back to help load." The man was already nodding, so Xavier decided to see what else he could find out about this man. He gently opened up his Mindmaster abilities and began to read the man. "If I may ask, how large is your family?"

The man looked confused, but answered anyways. "Me's got me baby makin' gal, and three youngins. Two scrappin' lads, one of who's got sick leg. And a not so scrappy gal. Not rightly sure how old they all is, oldest be more fingers den me gots, but me oldest be bout like you, just not tall, poor eats keep 'em down, ya see."

Xavier thought it over for a few moments. They now had several wagons, but also five teens to help keep things going, not to mention all of his group. Finally though he decided to see what happened. "I will tell you what. Go gather your family, and we shall go to the inn I am staying at. In return for your help in whatever we need to get ready, I will pay for two meals, one tonight, and one tomorrow before we leave. As well as a silver for each of you."

The man's jaw hit his chin. He would have worked all night for a couple coppers, but now this boy is offering not only meals, but five silver pieces. Seeing the man was not able to believe that Xavier would have that much coin to spend, Xavier causally reached into his pouch, and pulled out a couple of silver. He made sure to not flash it around, he had learned that lesson already, but he did make sure the man saw it. The man's eyes went wide, and he started nodding. "Yes young master! Me'll go gets 'em. YA wait here... I's be back rights soon!" The man stuttered out, and as soon as Xavier nodded, the man was off like a shot.

Xavier was lost in his own thoughts, as he watched the people around him, the entire time the man was gone, but it was not long until he returned with four other people. The wife was a dirty, but other wise pretty human woman, who was carrying a small girl of maybe five years old. The oldest did indeed appear to be about his equivalent age. And the middle boy, who trailed behind looked to be about nine or ten, and had a bad limp from his left leg. The man saw Xavier eye the younger boy, and quickly spoke up. "Him no move real fast like, but him's be a strong'un and be work till next sun er longer if'n ya tells him to."

Xavier knew his look had been taken as a negative thing, as he saw the boy's head lower even more, and tears seemed to trickle down his face. Xavier walked over to the boy, and gently lifted his head so that he was looking into the dirty tear streaked face of the boy. He searched those eyes for several seconds, while the rest of the family held their breath to see what would happen next. Finally Xavier smiled. "Worry not young one, the reason I was looking is because I am a Shaman, and I was looking to see if I could help you."

"Thank... Thank you." The boy stammered out.

"Mast'r Shaman..." The father stammered out. "I... I ain't got nothin' ta give ya to help me young'un. Me spend all me's gots plus some works so's the Healthman fix him when he gets hurt."

Xavier turned and smiled at the man. "Good sir, I do not require payment for healing someone. Let us return to my inn, and while you and your eldest son help load our wagons, I will see what I may be able to do to help your other son. Shall we?" Xavier then turned and started to walk knowing that it would spur the rest of them on to follow.

Thane was really excited as he walked back to the Inn. They were almost there, and Thane could not wait to tell everyone what he had found many days ago at the animal shop. Although Thane wasn't really sure who was more excited, him, or Ev'izar. The twins had sort of shared Fluffy as a pet, but the dog really was El'izar's. Now though, the other twin had his own pet, one he'd been working with for the last three days, and could now command, and train with.

Through all of it though, Rumeck had done his best to make up to the twins for his earlier behavior. While he would never say why he did what he did, he had taken it upon himself to become Thane's shadow, and to also help protect and teach the boys in things outside of Animal training. Thane had a lot of questions for the older boy, but he would respect his privacy, and not pry.

When they got close, they could see that many of the wagons were outside, being prepared for their departure tomorrow morning. As the group drew closer, many of Thane's friends came to see what he brought back from the shop. He had not told them exactly what he found, but promised it would be interesting. "Is that!" Olpha said as she was the first to spot what was walking next to Thane.

"That it is, dear lady!" Thane said with a grin.

"Female speak!" The slightly blue tinged, scaled Lizard said as he looked up at Thane.

"Yes she does my friend. You will find many of us do." Thane said as he reached down and gently rubbed the scales of his Shocker Lizard.

"Where in the name of all the Gods did you find one of those!" Garnet asked as he walked up and looked down at the three foot tall, six foot long (not including the three and a half foot tail) blue tinged lizard.

"Do the Blues know one of their Kin is here?" Syth asked as he and Killian walked up.

"What's his name?" Malachi came up and reached out to pet it, but stopped, as he knew he had to when he got close. The Shocker Lizard looked up at Thane with a question.

"They are all friends." Thane said. The Shocker Lizard nodded his head slightly then stepped forward into Malachi's hand, where the boy began to scratch his scales. Thane couldn't help but grin. "There's only one name for one of these... Zap." Then broke into a fit of giggles making all the other kids, at least the ones that could understand them, giggle as well.

Mablin walked over with a confused look on his face. "Zap?" He ask, then spoke again. "And what did you mean about Blue Kin? Do you mean Blue Dragons?"

Thane looked around and sighed. "I think that would be a conversation best held in private. As far as why I named him what I did, he... is a Shocker Lizard. They normally live in the deserts, where they prefer to wait under the sand for their prey to come close, then grab them with their tail. Which shocks their prey until they are incapacitated."

Mablin's eyes went wide as he stepped back a little bit. Making sure he was out of the range of the Lizards long tail. Tillcor though looked at Garnet, and after getting a nod of approval, spoke softly to the Lizard as he walked up. Zap didn't bother looking at Thane this time, he just pranced right up to the boy, stood up on his hind legs, putting his front legs on the boy's shoulders, and proceeded to lick the boy with his long blueish tongue. "Hey!" Tillcor laughed out. "That tickles... Gods! Me feels a charge as it's lickin me!"

"Thane! You never cease to amaze me." Xavier said as he walked up with a small group behind him. The entire group looking very out of place with their obvious beggar class clothing. Most of the people heard Mablin groan out in almost pain as he saw them. What did impress the group though, was that even though the entire family stared in wonder at how diverse the group was, and of course openly stared with awe at Syth, none of them were hostile looks.

As they got closer, the entire group moved over to meet them. Since Xavier was wearing one of the necklaces that allowed everyone to understand him, even the people from Mablin's caravan were near by listening. "Everyone, I would like you to meet a family that I have asked to help us get our wagons loaded, and prepared for our trip. First, we have Cael. A general laborer, whose last job was loading the wagons for a local farmer." Xavier ignored the shocked looks coming from the family, since they had never told him such. "Then his wife Brana, who was a cook at one of the Inns in town. Finally we have their children, the oldest, Eleg, who wishes to learn how to play a musical instrument, and become a minstrel. Gare, who, before his accident, wanted to learn how to ride a horse, and is very good with a bow." When Xavier said that part, he looked at Olpha who nodded in understanding. "And finally we have the little princess of the group, Salie, she would like nothing more than to be able to make pretty clothing for everyone to wear."

"How... how you know all dat?" Cael asked in a stutter.

Xavier turned and gave the man an embarrassed smile. "When I first decided to offer you some work, I had to make sure that neither you nor your family would be a threat to myself or my friends."

Before the man could ask anything else, Xavier turned to Tillcor. "Do you still have some of the coin left?" The slave boy nodded his head. "Good, would you please run to the market and find some clothing for our friends here. Please make sure that they are of a proper quality. Also, if you would stop at the mystic shop and get what is needed there as well." Tillcor nodded, looked to one of Thane's 'servants' and took off.

Xavier then turned to Garnet and Olpha. "After dinner I will require both you and Garnet. Before bed this evening, we are going to properly heal Gare." Brana broke into sobs at hearing that her boy was going to be healed, however, Cael's reaction was not the one that Xavier expected.

"Mast'r Shaman..." He started out hesitantly. "Is you fixin to make me boy a slave?"

Xavier looked confused as he glanced between the man and Mablin. Mablin sighed and stepped forward. "Xavier and his friends are not from this area, and are not used to our ways." He said to the man, then turned to Xavier. "What you are offering, if I do not miss my guess, is something that would be charged many silver, or even gold to do. Since they have no way of paying, the common thing would be to take one, or even all of them as your slaves to pay for the healing you are offering."

Xavier's head fell to his chest as he shook his head. After a moment he looked up, and looked at Cael. "Sir, it is obvious by your actions that you love your children. I could not, will not take them away from you, or you away from them. What I am offering is to heal your son, not for payment, but because it is the right thing to do. Everything that I am offering to you today is not with any expected payment. Where we hail from, things are much different than they are here. I can only ask that you trust me, and believe the words I speak."

Cael searched Xavier's eyes for many moments looking for any deception, and finding none. He finally nodded. "Me's guessin I ain't got no choice. Thank ya."

While this was going on, Olpha moved over to Killian and whispered to the boy, after casting a spell to make sure he could understand her. "Killian, please look at the middle boy. Do you see magic around him?"

Killian nodded, then looked at the boy hard for a few moments. Then, with a confused look on his face he turned to her. "Yeah, but it's not like something I have ever seen before."

"Hmmmm...." Olph said as she thought for several moments, then, thinking back on her discussions with King Rathort she started asking Killian to describe what he saw, and even had him watch as she cast a very low level spell on the boy. For the first time Killian was able to see as someone's magic defiance flared up. After he described what he saw, Olpha grinned. "That is what I thought." She then grinned and Killian. "You know, what you just did, the guilds charge people a lot to do, from what I have seen. You just tested a person to see how trainable they are. Learn a bit more about it, and you can do it yourself. And just so you know, that boy has about as much Magic floating around him as Xavier does."

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