Castle Roland

And Justice For All

by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and Al Norris


Chapter 3

Published: 21 Jan 15

And Justice For All

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And Justice For All LogoAs they flew east from the UNIT base, everyone who didn't have a task, tried to take a little nap wherever they could. There were sprawled BDU clad bodies everywhere, both child and adult sized. The child sized bodies had UNIT patches on their shoulders, the adults had Special Forces patches. The adults were all Green Berets. The helicopters flew in formation with the CH-53 and Chinook side-by-side, a few hundred yards apart, and behind them in a line, were three UNIT UH-1 Hueys. About a mile in front of them, the Hind led the way and a mile behind them, the Black Ghost watched their six. This was just a precaution to keep an eye out for any aircraft in their vicinity, since they were invisible to all forms of detection, because of their stealth packages.

If someone did see them, they appeared to be just like any other group of military helicopters traveling from one place to another. Only if you got close could you see the differences. Both of the transport helicopters were more heavily armed than their contemporaries. The color schemes matched the current US military specs. Even Dragon's normal color scheme was covered by a well known design to assist in hiding its nature. The Hind was not a helicopter you would normally see with US Army markings and the Black Ghost had never been seen before on this planet. The stealth packages that each of them had, was what helped keep them safe.

Many miles behind them, some C-5 transport planes followed them, also with the proper paint scheme, since until recently, they had been part of the military or at least, the Ashwood military. The biggest worry that they had for the planes was that the IFF codes might be different, but with everything going on, they believed that they had not been changed yet. There were still too many things going on all over the country, that changing IFF codes might not have had too big of a priority and hadn't happened yet. If they had been changed there might be a bit of a warmer welcome heading their way when they got to Fort Detrick.

Night Flight

  The teams were split between the two big helicopters, except for the HALO jumpers, they were in a couple of the C-5s and would jump from there when it was time for them to secure their targets. In Dragon, Logan was overseeing command and control from the command center along with Eve, Sean and Brett, although Brett was mostly observing rather than participating. He had refused to be left behind with the other noncombatants. Also in Dragon was Christina's team, which now included Brett's security force and his boys. In addition they had the G Cat Assault Team. Adam and most of the Core UNIT members were in the Chinook along with Strike Team 45; Black Knights and Strike Team 47; Bloodbath and Beyond. Along with the UNIT team members, General Larkin had insisted that they take four A Teams. Two from the First Special Forces Group from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington and two from the Tenth Special Forces Group from Fort Carson in Colorado.

Dragon was pretty crowded with all the people and their gear. The Chinook had a bit more room but with everyone and their gear, room was a premium in there as well. Logan sat at the main console in Dragon's C3 suite, to coordinate the mission. They were ironing out the final details of the plan. With Logan were Legion, Will, Daileass, Christina, Brett, Jamie, Gabe and the two A Team Captains from First Special Forces Group and the Tenth Special Forces Group that would be going in with them. There were another two similar A Teams with Adam in the Chinook. On Logan's screen, could be seen Adam and his team leaders in the Chinook. Although they didn't have a command center like Dragon did, they were using one of the UNIT computers, so that everyone could see and hear everything perfectly.

Will was going in with Christina's team, rather than flying the Hind, due to his skill with electronics and with all the communication gear that they expected to find, he and Daileass would be needed to make sure that communications to the outside world were under the UNIT control, since they expected to be there for at least a day, before heading to Fort Detrick to rescue SCOTUS, where they were being held in 'Protective Custody'.

As they neared Camp David, the two attack helicopters and the three Hueys, took up a circling overwatch position, as the two transport helicopters split up to deliver their ground teams to their designated infiltration sites. They had chosen four locations at the cardinal points around Camp David. Each of them was in a small clearing about one mile from the camp. They could see that many of the trees had lost their fall foliage, so they would have to be careful as they made their way into position. They knew that there were about twenty guard towers around the perimeter of Camp David and they would need to coordinate their shots very closely. Rio, Chase, Pax and Gemini, the HALO jumpers designated for the Camp David operation, would take care of two of the guard towers, so that left eighteen to the ground sniper teams.

It had been decided that Christina and Legion would lead the two infiltration teams. Christina would have six A Team members with her, while Legion would have one entire A Team with him, because of what his objective was. They figured they would need more men for Legion's part of the operation. The men were support troops, as the UNIT kids would take the lead with the initial infiltration. The kids knew each other well and how they worked together. They figured that the adults would get in the way, but it was handy to have them along in case they were needed. That should give them enough people to get in the camp prior to the main attacks on the guard towers when it was time.

At each of the four clearings, the transport helicopters would hover and the teams would fast rope down to the ground, fanning out to cover the others as they came down the ropes. If someone had been on the ground as the teams came down, they would first feel a man-made wind causing any debris or leaves on the ground to blow around everywhere, and the branches of the trees nearby would be moving with the force of the wind. Then the next shock would be what looked like ropes dropping out of thin air and then soldiers would be seen sliding down those same floating ropes.

As soon as the entire team was down, the helicopter lifted off to their next position. Each helicopter had two sites for the teams to get into. Once the last of the team members were down, the helicopters lifted up and hovered high over Camp David, ready to move in if needed to give support or in the very worst case, rescue. In Dragon, Logan, Eve, and Sean kept up a contact with the ground and air teams, as Logan gave orders to the two of them to pull up information, using Drake as needed to augment information flowing to Logan's console. Now that the attack was starting everyone that wasn't going in, was up and awake. Most of them were crowded near the command center, where they could watch what was going on. Sean was monitoring the helmet cams of the team members, while Eve handled communication between the air and land assets.

On Sean's large screen, the ghostly green images of the trees could be seen as projected by the UNIT helmets integrated night vision cameras. From time to time, Sean would enlarge one of the images for a few moments, before minimizing it back down to match the others. There was not a lot of communication yet as the teams moved toward their positions and were maintaining radio silence, even though the UNIT communication was a completely different, unknown frequency than any current military or civilian frequency that might be in use. They didn't want anyone at the Camp, to stumble upon their frequency by accident, if they used it too often.

There was one important item to handle first. The G Cat Assault Team had a mission to take care of first before they moved forward to the perimeter. Located about a mile north of Camp David, was a building that had been built by Ashwood. They weren't sure what it was, as it had not been there when Bryce was President. That made it an important location to take out first, since they needed to shut down anything that might communicate what was going on to Ashwood.

Once they were down, the A Team that was supporting them, were told to circle around to the east and south of the area, while Legion led his team west and south. The A Team were told to hold position and be prepared to move in if necessary, but do nothing without orders. Remus was put out at point, Caesar brought up their six, with the others spread out in between. Legion was next after Remus. They were so quiet that the few forest animals that were out barely noticed their passage. They noticed that there appeared to be more construction that had been started near the one completed building. Remus came back and gestured for Legion to follow him. The two of them moved closer to the building. On top of the building, they could see a small military satellite antenna. There were also other communications antennas on top of the building as well. The building was a one story block building, not very big, maybe 500 square feet, with narrow horizontal windows placed near the roofline, covered by a wire mesh. The light from the windows showed that the building was occupied. Legion waved his hand for Remus to follow him and they slunk forward until they were next to the building. Legion pointed at Remus and then at his shoulders and pointed at the high windows. Remus nodded his understanding. Legion moved close to the wall and Remus climbed up his back until he was easily perched on Legion's shoulders.

Since Legion was nearly as tall as Khan, it wasn't difficult at all for Remus to look inside the window. Inside, he could see a lot of electronic equipment. There were two Marines in fatigues, sitting down, facing a bank of communications gear. There was also someone in shirt and tie with a shoulder holster and pistol, lounging in a chair with his feet up. Remus could see that the man had an earpiece in his ear, so he guessed he was probably Secret Service. Standing just inside the door was an armed Marine holding an M4.

Once Remus was satisfied that he had seen everything that he needed to see, he clambered back down from Legion's shoulders. The two of them moved away from the building until they were back with the rest of the team. They gathered the team close together.


"It's a communication building as we thought. Inside are two Marines manning the communications equipment. A Secret Service agent is lounging in a chair with his feet up. There is also a Marine guard, armed with an M4 inside the door. The two Marines at the equipment have pistols at their hip, the agent has his in a shoulder holster."

Legion nodded as he listened to the report. He was silent just for a moment before looking at Remus.

"Remus, go get the A Team Captain and bring him over here and for god's sake, tell him to be quiet. Those guys move like a herd of elephants."

Remus nodded with a grin and was gone. They had to wait several minutes before Remus and the Captain appeared. Remus shrugged apologetically because they could all hear the Captain moving through the trees, although to be fair to him, they did have better hearing than most people would. The Captain knelt down across from Legion.

"Captain, I wanted to make sure that you were kept in the loop. The building is a communication building as we suspected, there are four people in there. We're going to take it out and I wanted you and your men to know so that if they heard anything, you don't move in to help. We're more than a match for four of them."

"What about getting into the building, I'm sure it's not someone's front door. I'm sure it's a secure door and there will probably be a password."

"Password shouldn't be a problem, but I just thought of something else. Loan me one of your men and have him clean the paint off his face, so that he looks like just another soldier in fatigues."

"Do you need anything else from us?"

"No sir. Just stand your ground, we'll take care of this and then we'll move to our final positions."

The Captain nodded and faded into the woods. A few minutes later a soldier joined them and took some wipes out of his pack to clean the camo makeup off of his face. When Legion was satisfied, he gestured for his team to follow him to the buildings. Remus was sent forward to recon and returned a minute later. He waved for Legion to a follow him. They moved to where they could see the door. Remus pointed out what he had seen.

"It's a secure door, with a slight overhang. Inside the overhang there is a camera and a speaker system. If we stack up on the left side and a few feet back from the overhang and we shouldn't be seen by the camera. The camera points slightly toward the right. So it shows less on the left than on the right. Also the door opens outward and to the right."

Legion nodded and they moved back to the rest of the team. He looked at the soldier.

"What's your name Sergeant?"


"Okay. We'll stack up on the left side. Badgley you stay back until I signal you to come up to the door. Oh, and drop some of your assault gear, you look ready to start a war, rather than coming out here for guard duty. When you come up to the door, I will give you the password and you buzz them, give them the password and when they start to open the door, you yank it open and step to the right and out of our way. We'll take care of the inhabitants. Don't enter until I tell you. If they ask you why you're there, tell them that the LT sent you with some new communication and authentication codes, because with all the recent problems, there is some concern that the current codes have been compromised. Tell them it is a Presidential Order. Is that understood?"

The Sergeant looked at the armored figure and nodded. He had thought he was pretty good sized at over 6' and well-muscled, but this one and the other one called Khan, were giants. There was no thought to question this guy's orders. In fact, looking around there were three others that towered over him. They made him seem puny in comparison. They moved out, Legion pointed out where he wanted Badgley to wait and the rest of the team moved into position and stacked up. Legion closed his eyes a moment, before he looked over at Badgley and waved him forward. When Badgley was in front of the door, Legion told him the password.


Badgley nodded and pushed the button. A tinny voice came through the speaker a few moments later.



"Confirmed. State your business."

"The LT sent me with new codes, the previous ones may be compromised. The orders came from the White House."

"Wait one."

They waited a moment and then there was a click. Badgley reached out and quickly took hold of the doorknob and yanked. The surprised Marine on the other side was not ready for it and was pulled forward and off balance. There was a swift movement by Legion and a crack sounded as he brought his powerful forearm down on the back of the man's neck. The Marine dropped unmoving to the ground. The next moments were a blur as the Cats moved in faster than Badgley could track them.

Inside the room, when the Marine seemed to fall forward and out the door, the agent let his feet drop to the ground as he reached for his pistol. One of the Marines at that communication panel stood up and pulled his pistol from his holster. That was as far as either of them got. There were several coughing sounds as the silenced MP5s carried by the Cats spoke and red spots blossomed on the chests of the two men. The agent was thrown back, ass over teakettle, over the chair and onto the floor. The Marine was slammed into the equipment and slipped to the floor. The one Marine left, was younger, and sat in his chair frozen in shock and fear, as he looked at the towering, black armored figures who were pointing their guns at him. He eyes were wide with fear as he glanced around the room at the two other men who were unmoving on the floor. He slowly raised his hands.

"Search the bodies for any intel."

Legion turned to the door.

"Sergeant Badgley, do you have a communications man with you?"

Badgley came around the door and stepped past the dead Marine just outside.

"Yes, sir."

"Get him and bring him here. Oh and I suppose you should ask your Captain to join us."

Badgley nodded and went to the A Team's position. Caesar pulled the young Marine to his feet and held him in a secure grip. Legion looked at the young man.

"Now, let's have a little talk. What are your standing orders?"

The young man was frightened by he merely tightened his lips and shook his head.

"I can't give you that information. I only have to give you my name and rank. Brennan, Patrick, Lance Corporal."

Legion reached out and patted the young man on the cheek.

"Good answer, there's hope for the Marines yet. Thank you anyway. Caesar, please secure Lance Corporal Brennan to the chair after you make sure he has nothing that could be used to assist him in causing us any problems."

Caesar began to search Brennan. Caesar removed his web belt and tossed it to the side. He was thoroughly searched, and his pockets were emptied, before he was pushed into a nearby chair. Caesar pulled out some zip ties to secure the soldier to the chair.

"Spartacus, Hercules, take the bodies out to the woods, so they don't start stinking up the place."

The two tigers effortlessly picked the bodies up and took them outside. On the way, Hercules reached down and picked up the dead Marine by the door and carried the body outside as well. As they left the building, Badgley returned with the Commo Sergeant and the Captain. Legion waved them in. The men eyed the two blood stains on the floor and the young soldier secured to the chair.

"What do you need Captain?"

"Captain, I would like you to assign your Commo Sergeant and Sergeant Badgley to this building for the duration of this operation."

He then began to spell out the standing orders and procedures in regards to the operation of the communication building. The young Marine's eyes widened as he listened to the armored figure recite everything he knew about the workings of this building. How did he know all of that? There must be someone on the inside that gave them that information. When Legion finished everything, he looked over at the young Marine. If the young man could have seen his face, he would have seen a wry grin, of course on Legion it would probably be sort of scary to see. Legion looked at the Commo Sergeant and could tell that he didn't have it all and Legion didn't have time to impart it again, except one way.

"Oh, hell. Sergeant, I'm going to give you the information another way, because I don't have time to deal with this, we gotta lot more important job to do. You're going to have to trust me on this, but you need the info to run this building, so I'm going to give it all to you and Badgley here, so you can do a credible job."

Legion glanced at the young Marine secured in the chair and looked at the two A Team Sergeants.

"You two come with me."

They looked at their Captain and he motioned with his head that they should follow Legion. He took them outside and then turned the Commo Sergeant until he was facing him and put his hands on his shoulders. A couple of moments later, the man staggered back looked up at the large figure.

"What the hell was that?"

"Mind dump. You needed the info and now you've got it."

The Sergeant looked down and slowly nodded as it dawned on him, that he did know everything that he needed to run the equipment. Legion repeated it with Badgley and he too, was floored by what had been done. When they reentered the building, the two Sergeants immediately began to check the equipment as if they had been doing it for a long time. The Lance Corporal was looking back and forth between the two men, again thinking that there must be someone on the inside who had the knowledge that allowed them to easily know what to do. Legion looked over at the A Team Captain.

"Captain, we need to get moving so that we can be in position in time."

The man nodded and he led the way outside. Remus turned at the door.

"Now, don't let anyone in the house while we're gone boys, and take care of junior here."

The door was closed and Badgley made sure it was secure before he went to work alongside the Sergeant.

"What just happened?"

The Commo Sergeant glanced over his shoulder at the young Marine.

"The beginning of a whole bunch of whoop ass, with more to come."

The man glanced at the two bloodstains before glancing back to the Lance Corporal.

"Be happy that you're in here with us. Out there is not gonna be such a pleasant place fairly soon."

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