Castle Roland

And Justice For All

by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and Al Norris


Chapter 4

Published: 22 Jan 15

And Justice For All

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And To The Republic

And Justice For All LogoWhen the ground teams were about a quarter mile from their targets, they split off into smaller sniper teams. Most of the snipers were carrying the M110 SASS rifle. The rifles were fitted with a flash and sound suppressor, so as to keep as silent as possible. Except one, Juan had demanded that he use his Barrett. He was still a bit pissed about getting shot a few days before, and he knew that with the Barrett, there wasn't anything that he'd miss, including if he had to shoot through a wall to hit his target. One shot, one kill and he was in the mood to do some killin'.

The sniper teams had continued moving into position while the two infiltration teams, Legion's and Christina's, were getting into their positions. Legion's team was the last to report that they had arrived and were ready. When the two infiltration teams arrived, they settled down to wait for the all clear signal to approach the camp. They moved around very little so as not to attract the eye of the guards in the towers. The team members scanned the surrounding area and the sky above them as they waited.

As each infiltration team and each sniper team reached their position, they checked in with Logan to say that they were in place. Once everyone was ready, Logan made a call to the C-5s.

"In position, HALO jump, now. Good luck, bros."

On each of the C-5s, the HALO jumpers had begun pre-breathing of pure oxygen about 30 minutes prior to making their jump, to purge as much nitrogen out of their bloodstream as possible. The decision had been made to make the jump from 15000'. It would reduce the amount of time that they were in the air and perhaps lessen the chance that they would be detected. As they neared the two drop sites, the C-5s split up a little. Logan gave the order and wished them good luck, before the HALO jumpers shut down communications. In the Detrick targeted C-5, the back door opened and a freezing wind entered the cargo bay. The three black armor clad, diminutive figures of the Chipmunks walked to the door, watched by the Marines that were in the C-5. Many of them shook their heads at the thought of what these three 8 year-old-boys were about to do. There had been some arguments about letting three little kids take part in such a dangerous mission, but General Larkin told them all to, in his words, "Shut the fuck up! These kids know what they are doing and they are the best ones suited for the job."

HAOL JumpSo the Marines could merely watch as the three small figures stepped up to the open door, apparently without fear. The three boys bumped fists and if anyone could have seen inside their helmets, they would have seen wide grins on the boy's faces. The boys activated the integrated glide wings in their armor. They began to run toward the opening and then jumped. What brought a chuckle from some of the watchers, were that the three boys did a front flip as they exited, all in perfect coordination before they disappeared from view. Many of the watchers thought that they could hear a "Yahooooo!" as the boys jumped. The door was closed and the wind was cut off as they plane veered away.

In the other C-5, Rio, Chase, Gemini and Pax, waited as they reached their drop site. Once in place, the large rear door was opened and like in the other C5, the four boys bumped fists, activated their glide suits, and ran off into the cold and dark night as they plunged toward their targets. In the air, the two pairs split up and headed toward their targets. Rio and Chase were aiming for a grassy area, west and a little north of the helicopter landing pad. They didn't expect anyone to be up and working in the nearby maintenance shops at this time of night, especially since it was the middle of the weekend. Gemini and Pax had a bit more difficult target, they were aiming for a small open area about 100' northeast of the Camp Barracks, between it and the Buckeye Lodge. That was the biggest open area that they could land in, that would bring them close enough to the guard tower that was their objective. Hopefully no one was out for a middle of the night stroll, when they landed.

On the ground, the teams waited. They took turns scanning the sky, looking for the jumpers. If it hadn't been for the integrated IR and low light vision of the helmets, they wouldn't have seen the black parachutes when they deployed. Lucky for the attackers, there was just a sliver of the waning moon showing and it was very dark. The only lights in the area were from inside the facility. Because of the moon phase, they were hopeful that there shouldn't be a problem with them being seen until the jumpers got nearer to the ground. Each of the two infiltration teams watched as the chutes came down and they waited anxiously for the sound of an alarm or gunfire or any sign that would tell them that the jumpers had been detected. The most dangerous point would come when the jumpers were low enough that they could be illuminated by the lights of the compound. They watched as the chutes dropped from sight beneath the level of the trees and the team commanders turned to their team.

"Be ready. Move up slowly, pass the word."

The word was passed and the teams moved forward very slowly. When they had gotten as close as they dared, they stopped and went to ground.

Inside the compound the jumpers landed. When Gemini and Pax landed they turned around and melted backwards into the trees pulling the black chutes with them as they moved into the tree line. Once out of direct sight of the nearby buildings, they bundled the chutes and shoved them into some of the nearby bushes. They took their suppressed MP5s and checked that they were locked and loaded. For a few minutes they didn't move as they watched for any sign that they had been detected. When there was no movement or challenge, they turned to the west and their objective. There was no movement but their own as they moved through the woods and the two of them were completely silent. If someone were within a few feet of them, they would have heard nothing. It was about 300 yards from their landing point to the guard tower. When they reached the end of the trees near the guard tower, they stopped and observed it. As they were observing the tower to plan their approach, they heard the sound of a vehicle engine. They looked to the east where the sound was coming from and they saw headlights coming along the perimeter road heading their way. They crouched down and watched as a green painted security patrol SUV passed by their position.

Once the vehicle was out of sight, they used their superior speed, to move quickly to the base of the tower near the entrance door. Pax reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a lock pick gun. He looked at the lock and then selected the appropriate pick to attach to the gun and then carefully inserted it into the lock. The lock was not an overly complicated lock, so a few moments later they heard a click and he removed the gun, returned it to the pouch and pulled his MP5. Pax pulled the door open a little to see if it squeaked, since that would give them away. There was no squeak so he pulled the door open and Gemini led the way inside. They made sure the door was closed and locked behind them before they slowly made their way up the stairs. Near the top of the stairs Gemini paused and raised his head up so that he could see into the room. There were two guards, one was standing and looking out toward the fence line, while the other sat in front of a bank of monitors and sensor equipment. Both of them were well armed with M4 rifles. The man standing and watching the perimeter had his hands on the weapon in a relaxed but ready position. These were not run of the mill guards who stood their watch, with their gun slung over their shoulder. These were well-trained Marine guards.

Gemini looked at them and reached out with his mind to pull the guards' standing orders from their minds, before he turned to his brother and held up two fingers. He then pointed at his chest and then pointed in the direction of his target. He pointed at Pax and pointed in the direction of the other target. Pax nodded and moved up closer to his brother. When they were ready, they looked at each other for a moment and then they moved swiftly up the last few steps and into the room. They made enough noise to attract the guards' attention and the man watching outside, turned around and began to bring his gun to bear, but the suppressed MP5 in Gemini's hands spoke first and the guard was flung against the wall of the tower. The other man had barely started to rise, when Pax took him down. While Pax dragged the bodies to the side, Gemini took a look at the equipment and identified everything that he had picked up from the guard's mind. He turned to his brother and gave him a quick mind dump of the tower procedures.

Gemini made his way around to the door that led to the outside catwalk that circled the guard tower and opened it. Pax stepped out from behind him with a compressed air, line throwing gun that he had retrieved from his pack and a coil of titanium line. He placed the coiled line on the floor of the catwalk.


There was no answer for a couple of minutes. The sharp eyes of the two G Cats in the guard tower could see someone climbing up into the taller tree on the other side of the perimeter fence.


Pax sighted just above the figure and fired the gun, there was the near silent expulsion of the compressed air, followed by a slight whirring sound as the line shot out into the darkness and the weight at the end of the line landed a few feet above the figure in the tree. Pax then set the gun down and took his end of the line and secured it to a metal support post near the roof of the catwalk just above the door. He and Gemini watched as the other end of the line was retrieved, pulled taught, and secured in the tree. Gemini looked out to make sure that that roving patrol wasn't coming and then sent the word.


Outside the fence, when they heard the signal from Pax, Remus quickly climbed up the tree and let Pax know he was ready. He saw Pax aim and fire the gun. Remus watched as the weighted line flew toward him and landed in the branches above him. He climbed the few feet up and pulled the line taut, before securing it to the trunk of the tree right where a branch came out of the trunk. Because there was very little moonlight, the thin line did not show very much. When the line was secured at both ends, he heard the call that they were ready on the other end. He reached up and attached something that looked sort of like handlebars attached to a pulley, over the top of the line and then pushed off. As he neared the wall of the catwalk, he lifted his legs up and dropped at the door, Pax was there to catch him. Gemini was watching the perimeter road for any sign of the roving patrol. Remus then stood across from Pax and helped him stop the others as they slid down the line. Besides the G Cats, the Special Forces A Team came down the line as well. It had taken them a little while to climb up to where the line was attached. Legion was the last one through.

With everyone in the tower it was a little tight. Some of them had to crouch behind the wall of the catwalk that was around the building, so that they wouldn't be seen by anyone outside. Just to make room for everyone. Gemini gave two of the soldiers a mind dump of the tower procedures. As had happened at the communications building to the north, the effect staggered the men for a moment and they looked in awe at the members of this assault team. When Legion was sure that the men knew what to do, he led his team down the stairs. One of the men who was staying behind, followed them downstairs to lock the door behind them. When they were sure the coast was clear, they ran as fast as they could across the road and into the trees.

"Whoa, shit!"

An errant gust of wind caught Rio and Chase's chutes as they neared the ground. Along of the right side of their LZ, was a pond. The gust of wind pushed Rio right over the pond with no chance to correct where he was going to land. There was a splash as he hit the water. Chase had been farther to the left side of the LZ, so he was merely pushed closer to the edge of the pond, but still on dry land. As soon as he was down, Chase unlimbered his MP5 and came to the ready, searching for any sign that Rio's water landing had been heard.

In the field house/hangar next to the helicopter pad, there was a man on duty. Normally this was something that would be done another time, but he had arrived late for guard duty earlier and his Sergeant had assigned him this duty and this time to do it. He was listening to music on his iPod as he did the inventory. He paused and looked up with a puzzled expression. He stood up from where he had been crouching and looked around as he pulled the ear buds from his ears. He stood quietly as he listened, trying to figure out what that noise had been. He reached down and pulled his Beretta from its holster as he moved through the building in the direction that he thought he had heard something. As he walked, he thought that it must have been his imagination, because no further sounds came. He continued moving through the building until he came to the door that went out the back of the building. He looked out the window of the door and saw nothing, but there was still a nagging feeling and he went outside. Looking around he saw nothing so he moved along the back wall, checking everywhere. As he got to the corner of the building he looked around, still seeing nothing he began to go around the corner and then something caught his eye. He started to move toward the pond. Something about the surface of the water looked different, like some sort of tarp or something was floating on the surface. He began to move toward the water, when he felt three blows to his chest. He looked down and saw a dark stain begin to grow from the three spots on his chest. His arms felt numb and the pistol clattered to the ground. He looked up and the last thing he saw, was a small black shape stand up from the other side of the pond and another similarly clad but slightly bigger shape, wade out of the water with something like ropes hanging off its back leading back to the tarp floating on the surface of the pond. His last thoughts put the dots together.

"It's a parachute."

Private Webb whispered those last words as he crumpled to the ground. Chase and Rio released their parachutes and left them on the ground by the pond as they ran around the northern edge of the pond, heading toward the body of the man that Chase had shot. Chase made no noise as he ran, but Rio squished as he ran. They paused at the body long enough to check that the man was dead.

"Good shooting Chase. I'll take care of the body, if you want to check the building."

Chase nodded and went to the door that the man had exited. He secured his MP5, so that it wouldn't swing around and get in his way. He drew his swords and carefully opened the door to slip inside. While Chase was in the building, Rio looked around and saw some dumpsters so he picked the body up and carried it over there. Before he dumped the body inside, he pulled the man's boots and socks off and then lifted the body and let it drop inside, tossing the boots after it, he pocketed the socks. He then returned to where the body had been and picked up the Beretta from where the soldier had dropped it. He checked it and then slipped it into his pack. You never knew when an extra gun would come in handy. Chase returned a few minutes later.

"No dull lovers left inside."

"Is there a place inside where I can dry off? I'm fucking squishing right now. I won't be able to sneak up on a crowd of football fans like this."

"There was a restroom, but nothing else I could see."

"Well let's take a look and see what we can. I can't put you in danger by being this noisy."

"I will get the chutes, there is a lot of storage shelves inside, we can probably hide them in there."

Rio nodded as he headed to the door and went inside. He followed a short hallway that led to a large room that was part storage on one side and part garage/workroom with a large door to his right. On that side there were some golf carts parked, one of them partially disassembled and it looked like someone had been working on the drive system. He looked around until he spied something that would work. On a workbench was a roll of blue paper shop towels. He knew that they were super absorbent, so he went and grabbed them. He looked around until he found the restroom. Inside he stripped everything off and started drying his body off and then began to wipe the armor and equipment off, squeezing the water out of the cloth parts of his uniform until they were merely damp instead of soaked. He blotted the inside of his boots as much as possible and also directed the nozzle of the hand dryer next to the sink inside his boots, to dry them out as much as possible. That's where Chase found him. Once he was satisfied he had everything as dry as possible, he got dressed again. He used the dry socks that he had taken from the soldier instead of his soaked ones. The heels of the socks went up to his ankle, but they were dry. Once his boots were on again, he took a couple of steps and grinned. No squishing.

"Good as new, let's get going. They'll be waiting for us."

The two boys left the building and made their way back around the pond and into the trees. It was only about 100' before they arrived near to their objective. The tower was near the edge of the trees, so they were able to get right up to the door at the base of the tower. Rio took out a lock picking gun, attached the pick that he thought would work and inserted it. Moments later they heard the soft click and the gun was put away. Chase pulled his swords and nodded for Rio to open the door. Rio was about to do so, but stopped and held his hand up. Chase was puzzled and leaned close to whisper to him.


"My underwear is still damp and it's stuck in the crack of my butt."

Rio fumbled around under his armor for a few moments and then nodded and brought his MP5 up.

"Hey, a man's gotta be comfortable."

Chase shook his head and readied his swords. Rio opened the door and they made their way inside and started up the stairs. At the top, both of them moved up until they could see the guards. Rio pointed at Chase and the one at the door, he nodded. One of the guards was at the door that led outside to the catwalk and the other was looking out the window to the tree line. The one at the window lifted a pair of low light binoculars and began to scan the tree line. They saw him stop and focus on one area.

"What's that?"

The other soldier turned from where he was standing by the door.

"What do you see?"

Rio and Chase had to move quickly now, before the soldiers called in a report. Chase practically launched himself from the stairs and to the man by the door. The man obviously saw the movement from the corner of his eye, because he had turned to look at the other guard. He continued his turn and began to bring his rifle up, but Chase had covered the space too swiftly for the man's slower reaction to help him. The two swords entered his chest and Chase's weight and momentum carried the man to the floor. Chase released the swords and reached to his belt and pulled out a shuriken and turned to the other man, but he was sinking to the floor leaving a blood stained window behind him.

Chase returned the shuriken to his belt and pulled his swords out of the dead man that he was standing on and wiped them clean. They dragged the two bodies to the side and out of the way. Rio pulled his line throwing gun and a coil of titanium line out of his pack, and went to the door that Chase had opened for him and sighted on the tree.

{Ready Chris!}

Chase watched the targeted tree as someone moved out of the woods and began climbing. A few seconds later Rio heard the command.

{Aleks is ready. Do it Rio.}

Rio fired the gun and the swishing sound of the line playing out as it flew across the intervening space to the tree could be heard. The weighted end landed near Aleks and she was able to quickly get it taut and secured. Rio secured the other end under the roof above the door to the inside of the tower and signaled to the team. Aleks was the first to slide down. When she was off the line the others came across one at a time, including the six members of the A Team assigned to them. Unlike the tower that was attacked by Legion's team, they didn't have 7' or nearly 7' guys inside, so they had a bit more room, but there were still plenty of people in the tower. Rio and Chase met with Chris.

"You guys got the SOP for the tower."

The two exchanged looks and shook their heads.

"Sorry Chris, we could not get it. I think one of them saw you guys with these."

Chase held up the binoculars and handed them to Chris.

"We had to act fast, before they sent out an alert and blew the whole thing."

Chris looked at the binoculars and nodded before setting them down on the desk. She started looking around and under the desk as she spoke.

"Well, I guess there should be some sort manual around here somewhere……Oh good, here it is."

She pulled a book out from the underneath the desk and turned to two of the Special Forces guys.

"Here guys, this is the SOP for the tower; read it, know it, live it. The rest of you guys, check your equipment and we gotta get moving to our objective. You guys hold the fort down."

She looked at Rio and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Good job….."

She pulled her hand back and touched him several other places.

"Um, why are you wet?"

"Well you see, that's an interesting story. It was like this….."

"Forget it, I don't know if I want to know. C'mon Red Dragons we gotta move."

They followed Christina down the stairs and to the door. She cracked the door and looked outside. Because of the location of the tower at the edge of the trees, they were able to quickly melt into the nearby woods and move away from the tower. She stopped them and took out her map, motioning for everyone to gather round.

"Okay, so this is where we are. We need to first head to this place called Cedar Lodge. That's the home of the Commanding Officer of the camp. Once we get around these buildings, there are none between us and Cedar Lodge. Once there we will go in and quickly take care of the commander, capture if possible, otherwise we take him out. From there we will move north to the camp office at Poplar Lodge, here near Hickory Lodge. This is where the communications hub for the camp is located, we think. By this time Legion and his team should have taken out the building to the north, so this should be the final communications hub that we have to worry about. Once we've got that secured, we'll let Logan on Dragon know and he can give the order to the sniper teams. Once that happens, then things will start getting real interesting. We'll have to watch for any stragglers and capture or kill them. Once the camp is secure, then we call in the big boys to come in and land. Any questions?"

She looked around and the faceless helmets of her team and the camo painted faces of the four A Team members, just stared back at her.

"Good. Let's move. Chase and Rio, you're on point. Jamil, cover our six. Aleks and Ollie, flanks. The rest of you behind me. Use your MP5s as much as possible. With the suppression on them, they shouldn't make too much noise. If the shit hits the fan, Jamil, pull that 249 you've got on your back and tear them in half. Quiet won't matter anymore."

The team members nodded and Rio and Chase were soon out of sight. The team moved as quickly as possible, but they moved carefully as well, so as not to make much noise. They paralleled the road but stayed in the trees until it joined a north-south road. Chase and Rio were already on the other side and gestured for them to cross. From there it was a short distance to the Cedar Lodge, the camp commander's quarters. At the edge of the trees, there was a small outbuilding that was empty. From the trees, they looked at the house. It was single story and in an L shape. The garage was in one part of the L; a small patio in the back near where the two parts of the L met, had a door into the house. She looked at Rio and Chase and pointed to them and to the door on the patio. They nodded and moved to the door in question. They looked inside the window on the door and could not make out any movement. Rio reached to the pouch that held his lock picking gun, but stopped when Chase reached out and turned the knob and pushed gently on the door, it opened. He turned to the trees and waved for them to move up.

Christina led the way inside. They found themselves in what looked like a den or living room. She paused as they slowly entered the room. To the left was a dining room and beyond that a kitchen. Chris pointed to Jamil and the back door. Jamil stationed himself at the back door watching the back of the house. Three of the men were told to take positions around the house, while the fourth one came inside with them. She sent Will and Fiona toward the kitchen. She sent the soldier to the front door to watch that direction. She sent Rio, Chase and Aleks to the other part of the house where the bedrooms were located. They nodded and moved down the hallway. The rest spread out through the room. Chase entered the first room and found what they were looking for, the master bedroom. The other two continued down the hall.

Chase entered the master bedroom and saw a lump in the bed, he silently pulled the swords from his back. He made no sound as he snuck close to the side of the bed. He saw a man lying on his back. He put the point of one of his swords against the man's chin and the with the other sword, he rested the edge against the man's throat. The man snorted a little and reached up to move whatever it was that disturbed his sleep.

"Good morning dull lover."

The man jumped a little at the squeaky voice nearby and started to sit up, but he felt a couple of very sharp things pushing against his neck and froze. His eyes popped open and without moving his head he followed the line of the two swords to the small hands and the black armored, faceless figure behind them. He saw someone who was about the size and shape of a young boy, but the shape still looked a little different, sort of longer torso than you would expect and the voice had sort of a young squeaky quality to it. He looked at the figure and thought that a Marine Major with his years of experience in hand to hand should be able overpower this child. He thought he could surprise the child, knock the swords up and away, roll out of bed and take this child down in the dark room, and then he'd find out what the fuck was going on. He started to tense up when he felt a point pushed under his chin where it penetrated the skin slightly and the edge of the other sword was pressed against his Adam's apple. He froze again.

"That would be your last mistake, dull lover. Slowly move your left arm to move the covers out of the way. I sense the slightest wrong move and you will join the other dull lovers."

The man grimaced but followed the instructions of the child. He didn't know what this kid meant when he said dull lovers, but he figured he'd find out. He moved the covers out of the way, as he did, he remembered that he was naked and paused a moment, but the point that had been withdrawn was pushed under his chin and he continued until he was uncovered. He thought that maybe he could use the covers that he held in his left and right hands and could use them to protect his hands long enough to grab the swords and then kick the shit out of this kid and then he'd teach him a real lesson. There was a giggle from the helmet.

"Go ahead."

The man suddenly found something cold resting on his pelvis, right above his patch of hair. He hadn't even noticed the sword across his neck move. The sword slid across his skin and he felt the hair, as it was shaved off, until the edge rested at the base of his penis.

"I have heard it is a very painful way to bleed to death, but if you want to try, go ahead and we will both find out. I have not seen that type of death yet."

Then the high squeaky voice changed and became deeper, more serious.

"You will now move very carefully as you get up. If you try to move too fast, I will do more than this."

The sword moved and more of his hair was shaved off. He felt the loose hair as the edge rested once again against the base of his penis. He thought he could feel a slight cut and sucked in a breath.

"Oh, sorry. I did not mean to do that…..yet."

The menace was clear. The Major, moving very slowly rolled to his side, both swords stayed in position as he moved, one at his neck and one at his crotch and easily matched his movements. He pushed himself to a sitting position. He wanted to glance down at his crotch, but the sword under his chin prevented that. As he moved the figure shifted and backed away a little, but the sword pressure never changed. As the man stood up, he felt the shaved hair drop away from his crotch. The short figure had to close the distance a little, to keep the pressure on the taller man's neck. For about a second the man thought he might have an opening, but he felt pressure on his groin and gasped as he felt the sword pierce his pelvis right above his penis and he froze again.

"That was not a smart move. Follow me."

The man obeyed, his eyes darted down and around, trying to find something that he could use to knock the swords away. He noticed the figure did not look away, but walked unerringly to the open door. That was it, the door, if he was fast enough, he could grab the door and slam it against the swords knocking them out of the way. His pistol was on the dresser, he could grab that, and teach this kid that it was a bad idea to bring a sword or even two swords to a gunfight. He'd try not to kill the kid, because he had plans for him instead, but if necessary, he'd take him down. As they neared the door, he tensed his left arm to reach out and slap the door closed against the swords and began to lean away slightly in preparation of jumping back.


The voice from the faceless helmet suddenly took on a very deadly tone. At that time he knew, there was nothing he could do. This little kid or maybe it was a midget, whatever, he anticipated everything the major could come up with and was obviously ready to counter it. He had no choice but to go along. He let the tensed muscle relax and followed where the kid led. The kid continued backing up down the darkened hallway, the swords never wavered.


The squeaky voice was back and the answering voice sounded female.

"Chase, I told you to quit calling me that!"

"Oh, sorry. I forgot."

Behind the short kid, he saw another similarly armored figure came into view at the end of the hallway, behind it he could see other figures, dressed the same way. Standing by the front door to the cabin was a man in fatigues with his face painted. The female figure held an MP5 and brought it up to point at him.

"I got him Chase."


The swords dropped away but the figure kept walking backwards the swords still held up as they moved into the living room. He was able to look down and see where he had been shaved, there was a little bit of blood where the short kid had pierced his skin. In the room, he could see several other figures, as someone had turned a table lamp on that gave the room a dim light. The female motioned with the gun that he was to go and sit in one of the chairs. He assessed the situation and there was someone at the front door, another at the back and two coming from kitchen and dining room. Just after he sat down, two more figures came from the hallway. With the two figures was a young Hispanic boy, about ten years old wearing just a pair of briefs. He was wiping his eyes. When he came into the room his eyes opened wider as he took in the room filled with armed and armored figures, some of them were not much bigger than him. He saw sitting in the chair, the man who had been using him and he looked at the man in disgust. The man was sitting in a chair, completely naked. One of the figures held a gun on him.

"Chris, we found this one locked in a small room. There was only a bed in there, nothing else. This is all he had to wear. No clothes in the closet, no dresser, nothing else."

The figure named Chris looked at the man.

"No fucking way."

She brought her gun up.

"What's your name asshole!"

The man stared back for a moment before answering.

"Do you know how much fucking trouble you're in right now, young lady? This is fucking Camp David and I am the commanding officer. If you surrender now, I will see to it that you don't get the death penalty. Do you know how many men I have on this base? You think, that this measly bunch of….kids it looks like, can take on a bunch of trained Marines. Just surrender and we'll go easy on you, don't and you're dead."

"Chase, close shave."

The man barely saw the small figure called Chase move, but suddenly he felt something cool at his crotch, a slight scratching feeling and a sword came back into view, on the flat of it was a tuft of hair that was shaken off to drift to the ground. He watched it drift down to the ground.

"Yeah, cut the fucker's dick off!"

Several looked at the Hispanic kid who was standing there looking at the man with undisguised hatred. Chase looked at the kid and he started to walk over to him and hand him one of his swords.

"No Chase."

Her eyes never left the man and she saw the bravado melt away, as the man had seen Chase's movement as well and knew what would happen if he completed it.

"Now, let's start again. What is your name, com….no you haven't earned that….dickhead. Name! Now!"

"Major Wilcox."

"Very good Major. Now, why don't we talk a little, or I'll let Chase give his sword to that boy over there."

She looked at the boy.

"What's your name?"


"Carlos, go have a seat over there. You're safe now. Ram check him over for any injuries. Carlos, don't worry about Ram, he's a medic. We just want to make sure you're okay."

Carlos nodded and went over to the couch where she indicated. Ram slung his MP5 and pulled his medical bag as he went to tend to the boy. At no time, did Chris waver from looking at Major Wilcox.

"Now Major, some questions. Other than the barracks, and the guard towers, where are your men on duty."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I'm growing really fucking tired of this and I don't fucking have the time to do this the hard way."

She looked into his mind and found the information that she needed. She found the information easily, because when she asked the question, the answer came to the surface of his mind.

"Where is the command and control room?"

"There is no such thing needed, we use the telephones."

She once again pulled the information from him. They already had a good idea of how many men were stationed here, so she didn't need to pull that info.

"How many Secret Service Agents are here and where is their SAC?"

Again she pulled the information from him and then she dove in a little bit to find out about the boy, expecting what she would find. She also found out that the SAC had a young Black girl, who was a little older than Carlos, in the cabin he was staying in, Witch Hazel. The rest of the agents were up in one of the barracks. It was a skeleton staff, since the President wasn't in residence. She'd decided that she'd send Ollie and part of the team to get the SAC. Legion would find the other agents.

"Will, guard this piece of shit."

Will moved over and stood behind the man. He pushed the barrel of his gun against the man's head to let him know he was there, before backing off a little.

"Listen up. This is what we've got, there are about 150 Marines stationed here. There are two men in each guard tower and at the front gate. There is a roving patrol in a green SUV, which drives the perimeter road and stops at the front gate to check in for a few moments before continuing their circuit. There are eight agents at the barracks, and the SAC is in the Witch Hazel Lodge. He isn't alone, he's got a young black girl in there with him. The command center is in the U shaped building just north of the helipad, not in the camp office, like we thought. There is a man on duty in the helipad building."

"Not anymore."

She looked at Rio and nodded.

"Okay, that's one less. So we'll let Legion take care of the barracks. Ollie, you take Chase and Rio with you, and Ram to Witch Hazel cabin and take one of the A Team guys with you. It's over by Aspen Lodge."

She pointed to the map that she carried and Ollie nodded.

"So you guys take care of the SAC and the girl. I'll let everyone else know about the other security."

As she talked the Major was surprised at the amount of information that she knew. He knew he hadn't said anything, so there must be a traitor on the base, maybe one of the Secret Service pukes, they always thought their shit didn't stink. He easily believed that they'd take a bribe to reveal such information. She stepped away and stood with her back to him. She turned back a couple of minutes later.

"Okay, Legion and his team took out the comm shack up north, they killed three and captured one. They took the two in their guard tower and the green beanies have control. He knew about the roving patrol and said that they'll take care of it, the next time it comes around. The others are in position and waiting for our signal. Ollie, once you guys take care of the SAC, head over to the command center and we'll meet you there."

"What about the Major?"

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about him."

She turned to him, putting the map back into a pocket on her leg, her MP5 held loosely in her hands.

"Major, where I come from, what you've been doing with Carlos, is illegal. It appears that under Asswood's administration, it's acceptable. Well it's not acceptable to us. Just another of the many reasons that he needs to be eliminated. Raping a child in this country, pretty much guarantees you up to maybe life in prison, if you're lucky and the other inmates don't hear about it. Where we're from, it's a death sentence."

She just looked at him and he didn't notice her turn the safety off.

"On behalf of the UNIT, I sentence you to death. Sentence to be carried out immediately."

Christina started to raise her MP5 when suddenly it wouldn't move.

"Chrissy... no."

Christina's eyes hardened as she turned her head slightly and looked at Chase's small figure.

"You are dangerously close to crossing the line. This country does not work this way. What you are about to do is what the dull lovers would do here. Remember what Adam said. We have to play things by this country's rules. Just ask any of the military members here... this is not right."

His squeaky voice gone, showing just how serious he was. All of them were familiar with Chase's deeper voice.

Christina let her mind reach out and 'taste' the A Team with them, everything that Chase said was right. Several of them would have stopped her had they had the chance, even if it meant they died. Not just because it was wrong in their opinion, most of them would have liked to kill the piece of shit themselves, that wasn't why they would try to stop her. Each one of them believed in the rule of law, even when it wasn't what they would want.

Growling out in pure rage Christina slammed her fist into and through the table next to her. Instead of saying anything to Chase she looked the man right in the eyes.

"You are lucky. But perhaps not. Perhaps they will let me be the one to sit in judgment. At that point you will wish that I had not been stopped.".

For several moments she stood there getting her anger back in check. Then turned to Ollie,

"You know what to do. Go get that bastard. We'll see you at the command center."

Ollie nodded, he motioned for the others to join him and they slipped out the front door to take care of the SAC. She noticed Carlos was just sitting on the couch watching what was happening.

"Aleks, take Carlos to the bathroom to clean up and find him some clothes. Check Major Dickhead's room. Once he's ready, we'll head over to the command center. Carlos, do just a quick clean up, we gotta a lot of stuff to do and not a lot of time."

She glared at the man sitting there and looked away shaking her head.

"Someone get Major Dickhead covered up. I'm tired of looking at the sick fuck's old naked body. Secure him and don't worry about hurting him. Just make sure he's under control. We'll drag his ass with us. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will accidentally shoot him. Several times. Just get him out of my sight for now.

While that was being taken care of, Chris pulled her map out and studied it. Five minutes later Carlos and Aleks came back into the room. He now had on a pair of jeans and sweatshirt. He was wearing a jacket that was a bit too big for him, probably the major's and Chris nodded.

"Okay. Carlos, you stick by me. You do whatever I tell you to do, no questions, no hesitation. If there's any shooting, you hit the deck until one of us tells you to get up. Understand?"

He nodded. Moments later the major was hauled into the room dressed in his fatigues. She scowled at him for a moment and then a sly smile came on her face as she walked toward him. She had held the MP5 in her hands as she advanced on him to check that he was secure. His hands were zip tied tightly behind him. The man showed no real fear, some concern maybe, but not fear, he was a Marine after all.

"You know that part about hoping that you get accidently shot several times."

She smiled at him, but it was not a friendly smile. He glanced down to see if her finger was on the trigger. When he saw that it was not, he looked at her and gave her a hard stare.

"What are you going to do, little girl? Kiss me?"

Chris just smiled.

"Nope, just this."

Her brows furrowed quickly as she stared at him. His eyes opened wide for just a moment before they rolled back and he slumped against the soldiers and fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. One of the soldiers bent down and checked him.

"Don't worry about him. He'll be out for a long time. We'll come back and get him after we have secured the camp."

She looked around the room.

"Okay people saddle up, we gotta go shut down the comms on this place, so no word comes in and no word goes out. Aleks, take point, Jamil cover our six, Will and Fiona flanks, let's go. The rest of you with me."

With Aleks in the lead, they crossed the backyard and into the trees, retracing their steps.

Ollie led his team the short distance to the Aspen Lodge where the President stayed. Just a little south of it was where Witch Hazel Lodge was located, where the SAC was supposed to be staying. They crept up to the Lodge. When they neared the place, they noticed a light on in one of the rooms at one end of the lodge. He sent Rio to the window, while he and Chase went to the back door at the far end of the house. Ollie checked the door and found it to be locked. He motioned for Chase to follow him and he headed around to the front of the cabin. As they came around the corner Rio caught up with them and he looked pissed.

"That bastard is in there. He has the girl naked on his bed and is whipping her with his belt."

As they neared the front door, they began to hear the screams of the girl. Ollie was about to kick the door in, but Rio stopped him for a second and tried the door and it was unlocked. He opened the door and they slipped inside. Ollie led the way. What they didn't know was that the SAC had a sensor on the front door that alerted him to someone coming in, that way he could stop what he was doing with his slave before he had to see who was there. Normally when he worked with his slave he had to gag her, but it was two in the morning, no one should be here, so he had ungagged her so that he could hear her screams and pleas for mercy. He didn't notice the sensor going off, because he was too busy enjoying himself. Ollie and the others could hear him yell as he whipped her.

"Wench, you will do as your master says, whenever he says, because I own you."

He brought his belt down on her back again raising another welt to join the numerous others already on her body from the top of her back to her knees. There was a pause and they heard him say something.

"Who the fuck is that?"

They didn't know what he was talking about but it seemed like they were out of time. Ollie kicked in the door and brought his gun up as he took in the scene. The man was looking at a bedside table where a light was blinking, the belt he had been using was hanging at his side, the girl was lying on the bed, welts crisscrossed her body. Ollie took all that in, as Chase and Rio entered on either side of him. Rio and Ollie brought their guns up and Chase reached to his waist. The man dove for the drawer of the bedside table, trying to get to his gun, just as two MP5s were fired and a shuriken flew through the air at him. He was struck multiple times and his blood sprayed onto the girl, as she screamed from the surprise of the assault. The man fell against the end table and as he died he reached over and pushed a button on the phone on the table. Ollie raced over to the girl, while Chase vaulted over the bed to make sure the man was dead. Rio joined him and looked down at the phone. The man's hand was still next to it and Rio glanced at the button he had pushed. It was labeled 'Barracks'. He looked at Ollie who was trying to calm the girl down.

"Ollie, there may be a problem. The button he pushed is labeled barracks."


He keyed his radio.

"Chris, let Logan know that he may need to move up the time for the snipers…."

{I've got it Oliver. They'll be ready. What happened?}

{Sir, the SAC triggered a button on his phone labeled barracks. It may have sent a signal to the barracks alerting them.}

{Ok, I will let Legion and his team know about it and ready the snipers. The SAC?}

{Worm food. We have custody of a black girl that he was whipping.}

{Understood, take care of her.}

{Yes, sir.}

Logan's presence was gone.

"Ollie, get over here as soon as you can. I don't like my team being split up if the shits going to hit the fan."

"Roger, we'll get the girl cleaned up and get over there as soon as possible."

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