Castle Roland

And Justice For All

by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and Al Norris


Chapter 5

Published: 23 Jan 15

And Justice For All

Copyright © 2014 - 2015 by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and The Revolutions Universe Partnership
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For Which It Stands

And Justice For All LogoOnce they got across the road and into the trees, Legion gathered his forces and pulled his map out, lighting it with a red light. The map used special inks so that the red light showed them what they needed to see and it did not screw up everyone's night vision.

"These four buildings make up the barracks of the camp. Here is where the Marine guard and the Secret Service agents who are on site are billeted. We aren't sure how many total soldiers are here at the camp, but we suspect it could easily be as high as 150 total. No real ideas of how many agents are here, but we don't think there would be too many, since the President is not here."

There was some surprised intake of breath from a couple of the A Team members. Legion glanced up at them before continuing.

"Luckily, we have an advantage and should be able to take out the majority of them with this gas that our Russian friends brought with them when they came here to help. Their security forces have used it against terrorists to rescue hostages, without endangering the hostages. Let's hope it works as advertised or we're going to have one big fucking fight on our hands. We will introduce the gas through the duct system, give it time to work and then we'll go in to secure the prisoners. Remember we're not here to kill them if possible. They are just soldiers carrying out the orders of their leader, idiotic though he may be, but soldiers none the less. However, if they fire on us, we take them down, that's our job. Any questions."

Legion looked around and saw none.

"Very well. Here are the teams. Captain, take five of your men and circle around the large building to the west and then to the building just south of that. Caesar, take Hercules, and Evander and check this middle building, it's the smallest one. Spartacus and Remus, take four of the Captain's men and take the farthest building to east. I'll take Achilles, Hector, Gemini, Pax and the last of your men, with me Captain. We have the largest building to deal with but we will be able to support the rest of you from our position. You have your assignments, so let's do it."

Legion put the map away and they headed off. As they neared the buildings, Legion stopped near the largest building. The Captain led his team around the western building and then to the southern building, while the other teams continued inside the tree line to the other buildings. Once everyone was in place, they let him know. He gave the word to move in and deploy the gas. Circling the buildings, they found the duct system near the back of each of building. Spartacus and his team had moved quickly and found the duct system right near them as they came out of the trees, they were able to get into the system and began deploying the gas. Inside the building, the gas spread rapidly and the men inside were quickly overcome and sent into a deeper sleep.

Legion's team deployed the gas in the two duct systems for their target. What they didn't know was there were not as many people in this building. This building held the mess hall and kitchen for the Marine contingent along with a recreation hall. The only men in that building were the cooks in one part of the building and the officers for the Marine contingent, in their rooms.. The gas had already worked its way through the system when the alarm sounded.

At the middle building, Caesar's team passed a small building behind their target, they glanced at it as they went by, but it appeared to be empty, there weren't any lights on that they could see. What they didn't know was that this building held the armory and there was a man on duty, who happened to be in the bathroom when they passed by on their way to their target. As Caesar's team set up, the man came out of the bathroom, a faint light showing the opening door. He headed back to the armory, where he was watching a show on cable while he worked on loading magazines for an upcoming qualification shoot that was planned. He paused for a moment, because he thought he saw something moving around behind the building nearby. Just then an alarm sounded from one of the buildings. He looked again and saw some people dressed in assault gear and he ran to the armory, pulled an M249 SAW, attached a magazine, and hit an alarm button just inside the armory. Caesar had just started deploying the gas when the alarm went off in the other building. They kept pushing the gas in, when suddenly a machine gun opened up behind them. Evander was hit several times and went down. Caesar turned and shot at the building behind them where the gunfire came from. The gunner ducked back out of sight. Leaving the canister spewing the gas into the building, he and Hercules picked Evander up and they ran toward the eastern building, as it was the closest building that would give them cover. As they ran, they saw a bunch of Marines come out of the middle building, some of them coughing, nearly all were mostly undressed, some appeared to have grabbed pants or shorts and put them on before leaving the building. They heard someone yell from the building where the machine gun fire had come from.

"Marines, get your asses in here and get armed, we're under attack."

The well-trained Marines turned in that direction and ran to the small building. Caesar nearly ran into Spartacus and his team. At about this time, Evander started to shake them off and growling.

"Fucking let me go. What the hell happened?"

"Someone triggered an alarm and you got shot by some guy with a machine gun. You okay?"

"Yeah, I can feel some new bruises and my head's ringing a little, but I'm okay. Where's the fucker who shot me?"

Caesar pointed to where they could see the last of a group of Marines going through the door of the smaller building.

"Spar, I'm taking command of your team."

"Yes, sir."

He started dividing them up.

"Remus go around the back side of the building and see if there is any back door or window or anyway for them to get out or that we could use to get in. Spartacus go with him. Herc, Evander, and…you, come with me, we're going to enter the middle building from the south side and check it out."

He looked at the A Team non com going with them.

"Get your mask on so you aren't affected by the gas before we enter. Sergeant, take cover here and keep their heads down, while we move into position. Keep their attention. Let's go."

The Sergeant and his fire team, began to fire as the other two groups moved off. For a few moments it was only the machine gun answering him, and then the fire increased as the other Marines joined the fight. The Marines were able to fire from the windows and use the building walls below the windows to hide behind as they fired.

The A Team Captain had just been deploying their gas canisters at the building to south and west, when the alarm sounded. The sound surprised them and they brought their M4s up in a ready position. From the front of the building they heard shouting and he sent half of his team, around the south side of the building, while he led the other half of his team to the front of the building. He saw half-dressed men carrying MP5s and pistols, running out of the building to a group of black SUVs. He brought his M4 up and fired, one of the running men staggered against an SUV and turned back to fire. The other agents added their fire to the wounded man and the Captain and his men had to duck back. The agents started jumping into the SUVs while firing at the attackers to keep their heads down.

Just before the alarm had gone off, Legion was contacted by Logan.

{Legion, an alert may have been sent to the barracks, be ready.}

At that moment an alarm sounded from the building that was the target of the A Team Captain and his men.

{Shit, sorry sir, you're right, an alarm sounded. We've got problems. I hear gunfire to the south of me.}

{Very well Captain, I'll alert the sniper teams}

Legion led his team to the building that the alarm had sounded from. As they came around the building, they could see the parking lot. They saw a couple of SUVs pulling out of the parking lot, pursued by the fire from the A Team.

{Logan, there are two SUVs with agents in them heading away from us.}

{Understood, I'll alert the Red Dragons.}

Up in Dragon, Logan looked around.

"Eve, alert the sniper teams to take out their targets. An alarm was sounded at the barracks. They've got a firefight going down there."

"Yes, sir."

She hit a key on her console.

"All sniper teams, take them out."

Logan contacted Christina.

{Captain, have you secured the communications room?}

{No, sir, we are just going into the building.}

{Very well. An alarm was sounded at the barracks, there are some Secret Service agents probably heading your way in SUV's.}

{Roger, we'll take care of them.}

{I will institute Operation Obfuscation to confuse them.}

{Yes, sir.}

Logan cut the connection.

"Eve contact the command center and tell them Marine One is inbound. Sean, have Drake jam all communications coming from the command center on my command. Do you have their communications center located?"

"Hang on a sec."

Logan grinned at the lack of military discipline. Eve called them.

"Camp David, this is Marine One, en route, ETA five minutes."

"Marine One. You were not expected."

"The President wanted to get out of DC for a couple of days, and wanted to go right away."

"Um, yes sir. Wait one."

In the command center the officer on duty turned to one of the men in the room.

"Check the IFF?"

The Marine typed in a command and watched his screen. He turned to look at the Lieutenant.

"IFF is correct sir."

"Very well alert the SAC, Base Commander and the Secret Service."

"Yes sir."

"Marine One, you are cleared to land."

"Thank you Camp David."

Logan smiled at Eve and nodded. Moments later Sean called out to Logan.

"Logan, Drake says he's got it."

"Jam the signals."

Down in the command center, a radio call came in.

"Command we are under attack. An unknown force is attacking the barracks."

"What the fuck? Who is attacking?"


"Shit, Marine One is coming in. Get down here and protect the President."

"Wave them of….."

At that moment, static filled the speakers. The duty officer looked up at the other men in the room.

"Shit. We're being jammed and the President's coming in. You three, get out to the helipad and try to wave them off. Hopefully the Secret Service can get there soon."

He turned to the Marine handling communications.

"Try all communications. Make a fucking phone call, I don't care what, but get through to Washington and tell them we are under attack and the President is landing."

"Aye, Aye, sir."

As the man began trying to break through the jamming, the three Marines that were being sent out to the helipad, checked their weapons and headed outside. A few moments later those inside the room, could hear the sound of gunfire from nearby. Everyone in the room looked up as the gunfire got nearer.

"Shit. Everyone get your weapons."

They started to get up from their positions. The communications officer pointed at the soldier working on breaking through the jamming.

"No, you keep trying to get through, get us some fucking help."

The agents in the SUVs, sped down the road while they talked to the command center.

"Command, do you read me? Come in Command."

The agent threw the mic down.

"Fuck, no answer. Something's wrong, head to the helipad, we've got to get the President out of here. What a fucked up time to choose to visit Camp David, couldn't he have waited a few hours. Shit!"

Outside the perimeter fence, eighteen sniper teams sighted in on their targets when they heard Logan's command. The snipers sighted in and fired two shots each. The targets appeared to go down and the teams got up and moved in. At the entrance to Camp David, Juan sighted on the door of the green SUV that had pulled up. One of the guards was at the window of the SUV, talking to the passenger. Juan sighted down his Barrett. He glanced at Adam who was sighting in on the other gate guard.

"These squishy's are making it too easy. I'll get three for one."

The young boy turned back to his sight and a moment later the Barrett spoke. Adam fired a split second behind him. They saw the results of the shots. Adam's target staggered out of the guard shack from the bullet that had struck him in the chest, as he had stood up to go out of the shack, instead of his head, where Adam had been aiming. At the SUV, the man at the door, slammed forward against the door before slipping down to the ground. Inside the vehicle the large .50 caliber round tore through the door and hit the passenger, tearing sideways through him and hitting the driver. That shot was followed a moment later by a second round, finishing the job and tearing through the far side of the SUV. Both of the men in the cab were flung back and away from the direction of the shot. The driver's head struck the side window with enough force to shatter the window. The passenger pulled himself up for a moment before slumping against the passenger window.

With all of the targets were down, the teams were all moving forward to the fence line. Bolt cutters were pulled out and a hole was quickly cut into the fence so that they could move in. As they moved in, some of the teams found out that they hadn't gotten all of the guards in the towers as some of the survivors popped up on the catwalks and began to fire down on the sniper teams. A short firefight ensued between the men on the ground and those in the towers. The survivors in the guard towers first tried to contact the command center but could not get through, so they did what they could to hold off the unknown attackers. Most of them were eventually killed by well-placed head shots as they looked over the wall to fire at the attackers. One or two of those, who had been wounded and weakened by their wounds, surrendered and were taken prisoner. A few of the guards had defended well and had struck some of the attackers. A couple of the A Team members were killed, and a couple of the UNIT kids were hit, but because of the armor they were merely knocked down and received a bruise from the bullet hit.

At the barracks, the situation started to get difficult for the A Team members who were trying to keep the attention of the Marines in the small building. If it hadn't been for the bravery of one of the men on the team, more of them would have been hurt. They were firing at the building when something came flying through the air toward them.


The man jumped up and landed on the grenade, taking the brunt of the blast and protecting his buddies. They renewed their fire and the man who had thrown the grenade was shot by several of the men.

At the back of the building, Spartacus and Remus were unable to find any back doors or windows, so they continued until they were around the other side of the building. Caesar and his group entered the building to the south and found several Marines lying on the floor. They appeared to have been trying to get out when the gas hit them. They did a quick sweep through the ground floor and found a mixture of men on the ground and men still in beds. They headed upstairs and checked the floors upstairs and found some of the same things. They found one Marine sitting on the toilet fast asleep. He must have gotten up in the middle of the night and was there when the gas hit. They looked across to the smaller building and they could see the Marines in the building. From the second story, they could see down into the windows and behind the outside walls that the Marines were using as cover as they returned fire. From the west side, renewed fire came, this caused some of the Marines in the building to shift their fire in that direction. It was Legion and his team coming into the fight, along with the other Special Forces fire team. Evander looked at the other two.

"The SAW gunner's mine."

They nodded and took aim down into the building. They opened up, full auto and their 9mm bullets sprayed down through the windows and into the hallway that ran the length of the building that they were using as cover. Several of the Marines were hit, including the SAW gunner. Another SAW gunner brought his gun up and fired at the second floor windows of the barracks, causing Caesar and his group to duck down below the window. They changed magazines and popped back up, but firing bursts instead of full auto. Their controlled fire, plus the supporting fire from both of the enemy's flanks, kept the Marine's heads down. The supporting fire, allowed Caesar's fire team on the second floor to get plunging fire down on them from above. It finally proved to be too much for the Marines in the building. They began to drop their rifles and arms were being raised. The teams moved forward to take possession of the prisoners. Hercules and Achilles were called over to tend to some of the wounded men, especially the man who had jumped on the grenade to protect his teammates. The others who needed care were members of the sniper teams and some of the A Team soldiers that were with them during the firefight. Legion called to Logan.

{General Hayes. Barracks secure. Some minor casualties and one serious casualty among the A Team members. The man jumped on a grenade.}

{Is he alive?}

Legion looked over to where Hercules and Achilles were working on the man and could see that the man was alive at the moment, his flak vest took most of the blast, but he looked bad.

{As of now, yes, but I can't guarantee he will be alive much longer.}

{Okay, find transportation and get that man down here to the helipad. We'll see if we can save his life.}

{On our way, sir.}

Legion looked around and spied Pax.

"Pax, find transportation, a truck or SUV would be best, we need to get this man down to the helipad ASAFP."

Pax went over to the Marines who had surrendered and began talking to them, after a few moments he pulled one of them out of the group. He and Remus brought the Marine into the barracks and immediately pulled him back when he started coughing. They asked one of the Green Berets for their gas mask and had the Marine put it on. They entered the barracks and to his room, where he handed over the keys to his F150. They brought him back outside and took the gas mask back before putting him back with the others. They went out to the parking lot and started looking for the truck, eventually finding it. They drove it back to where the injured man was and with a mattress from one of the rooms and some blankets, they placed the man in the back of the truck and headed south.

Christina and her team made entry into the building and followed the signs in the hallways to the command center. They had just turned a corner when they saw three Marines trotting down the hall toward them. Both groups froze for an instance and then gunfire started. One of the Marines went down right away from Christina's fire. She had her team duck back to either side of the hallway and they started firing down the hall. The Marines kicked opened doors on either side of the hallway and used the doorjambs of the rooms as cover as they returned fire. About that time Oliver arrived with Chase, Rio and the girl. Christina looked over her shoulder.

"Glad you could make it. There are two Marines down there. I think that around the next corner leads to the command center. We got one of them, but we need to get those other two, so we can move up."

Chris looked at the girl, and a little beyond her the boy Carlos, that they had rescued from the commander's cabin. She looked at the A Team men who were with them.

"You two, take these two kids back to a safer area and keep them out of harm's way. Rio and Chase you go with them, in case someone comes in behind us. Don't give anyone a chance to do anything. If you see someone that you don't recognize, kill them. Don't screw around. We don't want anybody coming in behind us. There are some Secret Service agents who may be on the way."

Outside they could hear the sound of Dragon coming in for a landing.

"Here comes the cavalry. Let's take this place down."

"Yeah, I'd really appreciate it. I'm helping Drake jam their signals, but it's getting harder, someone in there is really trying to defeat the jamming. I don't think they will but, if we don't get in there, I'm going to be wiped out."

She looked at Daileass and nodded.

"You heard him, let's go."

They opened up on the two Marines. One of them had grabbed their buddy and they were laying on covering fire as they dragged him around the corner. One of them stayed at the corner firing down the hall to keep Christina's team back, while the other dragged his friend to the command center. Inside he pulled the wounded man in there.

"Sir, there is an armed force coming down the hall. Bass was hit and Tapia is holding them back, but it looks like a bunch of them. They're dressed like a SWAT team, except with full face helmets instead of Kevlar helmets."

The Lieutenant looked around the room. He only had two more guys in there besides the private who had just returned and the one working on breaking through the jamming. He went over to a locker on the wall and opened it, and pulled out three grenades and handed them to the three Marines.

"You three, take these and head out there, blow the shit out of those fuckers."

"Aye, aye, sir."

The three Marines, checked their guns and looked out to the hallway. Tapia was still shooting down the hall and holding them off. He glanced back as they came up to him.

"Tapia, give 'em a full auto burst and then we're going to throw these down there. That ought to take 'em out."

Tapia nodded his understanding, slapped a new magazine that one of the guys handed him into his M4 and looked over his shoulder to check that they were ready. They nodded, ready to pull the pins and throw them down the passageway. He aimed his rifle around the corner and went into full auto. At the other end of the hallway, Christina's team ducked back as the rounds flew down the corridor. As Tapia's rifle clicked empty the three Marines jumped around the corner and threw their grenades down the hall. Will was just leaning back out to fire when he heard the first grenade hit the ground and bounce. He looked up and through the link he yelled.


He turned slightly and gave Daileass a hard push, which sent him sliding backwards from the intersection of the three halls, as he tried to fall back and away from the grenade. Christina had already put actions to words, when she heard Will and threw herself backwards, taking those who were behind her, with her, down to the ground and sliding away. Will was the only one who couldn't get out of the way in time.

The three grenades exploded at almost the same time. Two of them had hit the ceiling and fell several feet short, but the one that was tossed underhand, rolled to within a few feet of Will and when it exploded, he was thrown backward against a wall, hitting his head hard enough to leave a dent in the wall. As the smoke cleared, a couple of small fires were burning and the ceiling fixtures were hanging down. The others saw that Will was not moving, and they leapt forward, firing. The Marines were smiling and starting to congratulate themselves when they saw the unmoving figure at the end of the hall, so they were caught totally unprepared as they saw several black armored figures come boiling around the corner. They tried to get their guns up, but they were way too late, the speed of the figures was too fast and bullets ripped through their bodies, tossing them back. Tapia was trying to get another magazine in his rifle when he was hit and thrown back, his rifle clattering to the ground. He tried to reach for it, but a black boot came down on his wrist hard and he screamed. He stopped moving as the muzzle of an MP5 was thrust into his face.


The Marine looked up into the faceless helmet that stared down at him. He could only watch as others passed him and headed to the command center.

"Freeze motherfuckers, don't move a muscle or twitch a hair. If I even think you're moving, I'll blow your ass away"

In the command center, Christina had the Lieutenant covered and Jamil had knocked the other Marine to the floor, his 249 pointed at the man's head.

{Logan, command center is secure.}

{Good, we're just landing. I see the agents moving up. Wait there until I tell you guys to come out.}

{Got it, awaiting orders.}

Marine 1 LandsOutside Apollo could see the half-dressed agents piling out of the SUVs. A couple of agents were helping a wounded agent to the grass near the helipad. One of them was running over to the helipad and waving his arms. Apollo ignored him and brought Dragon in for a landing. The agent backed off, once he saw that the helicopter was going to land and waited where the stairs would be let down. The other agents surrounded the helicopter with their backs to it, looking for any threats coming at them from the outside.

The agent waited as the blades started to slow down and the door was opened and he saw a uniformed person let the stairs down. The back ramp began to lower at the same time. As soon as the stairs were down, the agent hurried forward and started up the stairs.

"Mister President. You need….."

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