Castle Roland

And Justice For All

by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and Al Norris


Chapter 6

Published: 24 Jan 15

And Justice For All

Copyright © 2014 - 2015 by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and The Revolutions Universe Partnership
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One Nation Under God

And Justice For All LogoHe never finished as automatic weapon fire broke out and the agent went flying backwards to land on the concrete of the helipad. That was the signal for the rest of those who were in the helicopter to open fire with their weapons. The two .50's and the mini gun along with several automatic small arms weapons began to fire. The agents were caught completely flat footed. Operation Obfuscation was a success. A couple of the agents turned in time to get a shot off, but one of them suddenly flew into the one next to him, ruining his shot and both of them were cut down. The weapons fire continued for a few more seconds until Logan halted it.

{Cease fire! Everyone cease fire! It's over!}

The firing stopped almost immediately. There was the smell of burnt gunpowder in the air and a haze of smoke. Logan stepped off the ramp and looked around the area. The only one who was still moving was the wounded agent, probably because he had been lying on the ground and out of the direct line of fire.

"It's clear. All teams check in."

They heard the sound of a car coming toward them and guns came up and aimed at the truck coming toward them.

"Relax, that's some of Legion's men, they brought a badly wounded soldier with them. Ian, we need your talents right now."

Ian came down the ramp and over to Logan.


Logan pointed at the truck.

"In the back, badly wounded soldier. You're the only one who can save him right now."

Ian nodded and ran to the truck just as it stopped. In the back were a couple of the man's buddies. They looked as this black armored figure, opened the tailgate and jumped into the back of the truck. He dropped his medical bag beside the man and surveyed the damage that he had sustained. He stripped off his gloves, and the men noticed that his hands looked like they belonged to someone young. The hands were placed over the battle dressing that was now soaked and he let his head drop for a moment. He looked up.

"I gotta get this damn helmet off, it's bugging me."

Those young looking hands reached up and undid the helmet putting it to the side.

"What the hell. You're just a kid?"

Ian looked up at the man and then ignored him and got to work. He put his hands onto the dressing once again and closed his eyes for a few moments. He looked up again.


Another armored figure came running over from the direction of the helicopter and was removing his helmet as he ran. He put it on the tailgate and climbed in, stripping his gloves off as he knelt next to Ian.

"Another kid. What are you guys some kind of kid doctor genius', like that old TV show Dougie Howser?"

Ian glanced at the man.

"Not exactly. Okay Jamie, just like before, follow me and get the metal out."

Jamie nodded and helped Ian remove the bandages and cut away the clothing before placing his hands where Ian said. With the dressing removed, fresh blood began to flow as they put their hands right onto the wound as they began to work. No one moved as the two boys leaned over the man. Every few moments Jamie brought his hand up and the soldiers heard something metallic hitting the floor of the truck, before he put his hand back onto the man's chest. Sweat began to break out on both of the boy's faces as they did whatever it was that they were doing. It was about fifteen minutes before they sat back and let out a big breath. Ian blinked a couple of times and began to sway, before passing out. Jamie caught him, even though he was a bit worn out himself. Next to the wounded man, was a small pile of bloody metal fragments. His buddies looked at him and although he looked pale, he seemed to be breathing better, rather than struggling like he had been doing before. Janet stepped up into the back of the truck and waved some sort of electronic device over the man and then looked at the other men.

"He should be alright, but he's going to need a lot of rest."

They were looking at an unconscious Ian being carried away by one of the other black armored figures.

"What the hell just happened?"

Janet looked at the soldier.

"Something beyond Top Secret. You don't want to tell anyone what you saw, or else I promise that you will not like the consequences. That is direct from General Larkin. Any loose tongues and the tongues get cut off. Probably figuratively, but you never know. We need to try and get this man somewhere more comfortable soon. He's okay at the moment, but once we get a better location, we'll move him there. He's lost a lot of blood, so he's going to be weak. Keep him warm."

They nodded and looked down at their buddy and tried to make sure he was covered with the blankets. Janet got down and went over to where they had Ian lying on the grass. She checked him out and could tell the healing had exhausted him. She let him alone and turned to Jamie, who was sitting there and was a little groggy, but not out. She pushed him down.

"Lie down and don't move. Get some rest. You'll be fine in a little bit."

She got up and went over to the wounded agent, just as Adam, Juan, Chang and some of the other sniper teams from the south side of the camp joined them. She spoke to Chang and she had him check over the bodies of the agents, while she tended to the wounded man.

{Logan, Will's hurt, he took the brunt of at least one grenade blast from close range.}

{Damn! Okay, I'll send help.}

He turned to Janet.

"Mom, Will's hurt, grenade blast."

"Damn, why doesn't that boy know to stay the hell away from those things? Chang, go check Will, see how bad he's hurt."

Chang nodded and ran to the building nearby. As he entered he saw Rio, Chase, a couple of A Team men and two rescued kids. He ran past them and found Christina and Ram kneeling next to Will. They had his helmet off. He was just starting to wake up when Chang found them. Will blinked a couple of times as he looked around.

"Who the fuck hit me with a cruise missile. I wanna get that motherfucker."

He started to get up, but Chang pushed him down.

"Do not move."

Will heard the command and settled back down. Chang took out a light and flicked across Will's eyes to check his pupils. They removed his armor so that Chang could get a good look at him. Other than a few new bruises, physically on the outside he looked okay. The armor would need some work, but Will would be okay.

"Jesus Christ, I've got a splitting fucking headache."

"Not surprising. You're not supposed to be catching grenades. You're supposed to move away from them."

"Well it seemed to be the right thing at the time." Will said with a little grin.

"Shut up, Will. How many fingers am I holding up?"


"Good, at least there's no double vision. Do you feel nauseated and dizzy?"

"No, I just have a humongous, fucking headache."

"Okay, don't move. I'm going to get Mom to take a look at you. If you move, you know what she'll do."

"I know, I got it Chang. Besides, my heads telling me that I don't want to move right now. Even my hair hurts."

Chang nodded as he got up and went outside to get Janet. He found her still working on the wounded agent. They exchanged places so that she could go see to Will. She hurried inside and paused as she ran by the two rescued kids.

"Are you kids okay?"

They both nodded numbly, partially in shock because of what they had gone through recently. She looked at Rio and he nodded his understanding of her silent instructions, before she hurried to where Will was laying.

"How are you feeling Will?"

"Like Khan hit me in the head."

"Any double vision or dizziness?"

"No, just about the worst headache I've had, well at least since the good old days in the lab with General Dickhead Motherfucker Cocksucker Adams."

She took out her tricorder and ran it over his body. When she finished she looked at the readings and frowned. She looked at Will.

"Well it's what I suspected. You have a major concussion, which means you are off flight status for at least 24 hours."

"What, no way, I gotta…."

He saw the look on her face and swallowed what else he was going to say.

"Um, yes, Mom."

She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"That's better. I'll examine you again to see if the concussion has gone away so that you can resume full flight status at that time. Until then, I want you to take it easy. There are plenty of other people around, so there is no reason for you to do anything. I don't even want you getting on one of the helos, even if it is to wipe a bit of dirt off the side of it. If you want to spend time with your boyfriend and he's in a helo, you wait until he gets off the helo before you even give him a kiss. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am. No going on any helicopters, not even for a kiss."

Will then got a mischievous look on his face.

"What about se….."

Janet put her hand over his mouth.

"Not for at least 12 hours and even then not on a helo."

Will smiled.

"Don't worry, you'll be able to take part in the SCOTUS rescue. You guys aren't going until later tomorrow anyway, so the concussion should have subsided by then."

He nodded his understanding. She looked at Chris and Ram.

"Help him get to a more comfortable place so that he can get some rest. When Billy comes in, let him know about Will and he'll take care of him."

"Yes Ma'am."

Janet went back outside. They had seen a comfortable couch in one of the conference rooms off the command center and decided that would be the best place for Will for now. As they went through the command center, Daileass could be seen working several stations. The Lieutenant and the other Marine had by this time been taken outside of the command center once Daileass had taken the information he needed from their minds. He had not been overly gentle, but he had been careful and both of them now sported nothing worse than a headache. He glanced at Will as they came through on the way to the conference room.

"Thanks Will, but next time, get your dumb ass down too. It was probably just a ploy to make me do all the work in here."

Will smiled.

"I love you too, Dally."

The two boys exchanged smiles and Daileass went back to work.

"Oh and could you get some of the adults in here, especially those with communications knowledge. We need to make sure there is someone who doesn't sound like a kid in here, just in case we are contacted by other facilities."

Chris nodded and let Ram take care of Will, while she went looking for an adult.

At the front entrance gate, Ivan was crouching just outside it, as he looked at the dead bodies and the stopped SUV. There was just the one man dressed in military fatigues, in the guard shack. He heard a helicopter and looked up. The man in the guard shack came out and looked up as well. They could see a large helicopter come in. It was lit from below by some bright lights as it came in. Ivan could see that it was painted a shiny green and white. Ivan wanted to see more, so he slipped inside the gate while the man's back was turned. Ivan was able to slip into some bushes nearby before the man could turn around. When the man went back into the guard shack, Ivan moved around the front of the SUV and got behind it.

Ivan thought he knew who was in that helicopter and he wished he had a gun now, just in case he was right. He looked at the broken window of the SUV next to him and the lolling head of the driver. On the ground outside was a Marine Corps cap. He nodded to himself. Maybe the guy had a gun. He slowly stood up and looked through the windows of the SUV at the guard shack. The man in the guard shack was looking toward the entrance, not back at the SUV. Ivan looked inside the vehicle and saw that the man had a web belt with a holster attached. He glanced again at the guard shack as he carefully put his foot on the running board and slowly stepped up. He looked at the guard shack again before he leaned across the body of the driver and saw the holster attached to the man's leg. He reached for the butt of the pistol and tried to pull it out. It didn't move even as he tugged on it. He stopped and checked the guard shack again before looking at the holster and then kept feeling around the outside and his fingers found a sort of button and he pushed on it, he then grabbed the pistol butt and pulled on it. The pistol still wouldn't come out. So he used one hand to push on the button on the holster and the other to pull the pistol. It came out and he dropped back down behind the SUV.

He waited a few moments and then carefully looked through the SUV window at the guard shack. The guard was still facing the entrance, so Ivan ran as quietly as he could for the trees nearby. Once under the cover of the trees, he headed straight in the direction that the helicopter was landing. He soon found himself at a tall fence just as he heard a large amount of gunfire break out, from the direction of the helicopter. He turned and began to run along the fence back in the direction of the road that had led from the front gate into the camp. He found the road, and it led through another gate. When he saw another guard shack by the gate, he stopped and went into the trees. He observed the shack and didn't see anyone around. Right about that same time, the gunfire stopped and he looked toward where he had seen the helicopter land and giving the guard shack another look, he began to run through the gate entrance.

Once through the entrance, he ran toward the helicopter. As he neared the landing place he could see increasingly clear glimpses of the helicopter. Its rotor blades were slowly turning as they wound down. When he got to the edge of the trees, he stopped and looked at the scene before him. There were several partially dressed men lying on the ground around the helicopter. He saw men in fatigues and others in some sort of black clothes, like SWAT team police officers that he had seen on TV. The guys walking around did not look like the people that were usually around the President. The faces of those that he could see had camo paint on their faces and then he was surprised as he saw several of the black clothed people take off their helmets and they were kids or teens. He looked at the unmoving men and noticed what they were wearing, they were wearing regular civilian clothes, and then he noticed something that told him more about who they might be. He saw an ear piece dangling from one of the men on the ground and he thought that might mean that they were Secret Service and wherever they were, the President was.

If those were Secret Service agents and he could now see that they were unmoving and most of them were covered in blood, then it looked like maybe someone had done what he had wanted to do. Ivan made a decision and he walked out of the trees with the pistol held down at his side. It was only a few moments later that one of the men spied him and looked at the young teen curiously and then he saw the gun. He brought his rifle up.


That got the attention of everyone around and several of the others brought their guns up and pointed at the boy. A teenager's voice sounded above everyone.


Ivan looked at the person who had spoken and saw a blond haired teen, who looked to be a little older than him, dressed all in the black SWAT clothes walking toward him. He saw the teen hand his gun to one of the other teens nearby and walked toward Ivan. As he passed one of the men, he pushed down on the muzzle of the rifle the man was pointing in the direction of the unknown boy. The others began to relax a little, but they still held their guns ready, but they weren't pointing at the boy now. Ivan looked at the teen walking toward him.

"Is he dead?"

Logan was puzzled for only a moment and then he picked up the teen's thoughts and shook his head.

"No, not yet."

"Where is he then? I want to kill that 'sukin syn' for what he did to my family."

Ivan brought the gun up, which caused several of the others nearby to tighten their hands on their rifles and bring them up. Logan looked behind him and waved them down as he slowly stepped nearer.

"He's not here."

Ivan pointed to the helicopter that had the Seal of the President on it and the dead agents all around. Tears of anger were in his eyes as he looked at the teen with anger.

"That's his helicopter and those are his agents, so where is he, if he's not here?"

He was gesturing with the pistol to make his point. The waving pistol was making several people nervous and guns were starting to come up again. Logan scowled a little and looked behind.

"I said, STAND DOWN! NOW! I'll handle this."

He looked back at Ivan.

"What's your name?"


"Do they call you Vanya?"

"My Dads do….did."

Logan began to see what was going on and he tried to convey sympathy and friendship.

"May I call you Vanya."

Ivan looked at the teen and saw that there was a caring look on Logan's face. His pistol dropped back to his side, which caused the others to relax some. He nodded after a moment.

"Okay Vanya, what happened and what are you doing here."

Ivan began to tell him everything that had happened over the last few days. He included his plan to sneak in here and kill the President, even if he died in the process, because in his mind, even though the Davidsons were happy to have him in their family, he felt like Ashwood had destroyed his family, when he had lost his dads. By this time, Logan was right in front of him and he slowly reached down and was able to take the gun from him as he listened to the boy tell him everything that had happened. The others behind him were finally able to relax when they saw that Logan had control of the gun and they backed away. When Ivan finished his story, Logan reached out and pulled him into a hug, which released all the tension from the boy and he began to cry. Logan had sympathetic tears in his eyes as well, as he held him and let him cry it out. They stood there for several minutes until Ivan finally quieted down, but he didn't let go of Logan.

"I'm sorry for being a baby."

"Never be sorry for grieving for someone you love. You have every right to be angry and want to kill Ashwood. We want that as well. We work for the real President, Jack Bryce. We came here to rescue some important people. It would have been better if we could have taken Ashwood out, but that's not what we are here for. Right now he is still in DC and it would be suicide for us to go in there and try to take him out. President Bryce has us doing something more important."

"But you're just kids, teenagers like me."

Logan chuckled a little.

"Yeah, we get that a lot. Why we are doing it, is a long story and if we have time later I can tell you about it."

By this time Ivan and Logan were side by side and Logan had his arm over his shoulders as he guided him over to the others.

"So what about the Davidsons. From what you said they seem like some great people."

"They are and Brian's my best friend. But I….I want to fight against him and I don't want to have happen to them, what happened to my dads. I'm afraid that because of who my dads were, and what happened, they might come for me too and I don't want them hurt. Maybe later, but if you guys can fight, why can't I."

"Well, we can talk about that later, for now, we have things to do and people to see. You said you came here on your motorcycle. Why don't I have one of the men take you back to where you stashed it and you can drive it back here. We'll go from there. Okay?"

Ivan nodded and Logan called one of the men over to ask him to drive Ivan to his bike. The man nodded and Logan gave Ivan a push toward the man. Ivan started and then turned back around and gave Logan another hug before going over to one of the SUVs parked nearby. Logan waved as they drove off. He turned back around and then keyed his radio.

"Eve, tell the choppers to come in and land here. Then contact the big boys and let them know that Camp David is secure."

"Yes Sir."

In the command suite inside Dragon, Eve began to give the orders. When she finished, everyone watched as the six other helicopters came in for a landing, filling the entire area between the skeet shooting range and the helipad. A short time later, they also heard the roar of the big planes as they came in for a landing on the airstrip in another part of Camp David. Now it was time to take some downtime, get some food inside everyone and make plans for the next part of this mission.


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