Castle Roland

And Justice For All

by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and Al Norris


Chapter 7

Published: 25 Jan 15

And Justice For All

Copyright © 2014 - 2015 by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and The Revolutions Universe Partnership
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And Justice For All Logo"You asked to see me sir?" Adam asked as he walked into what would have been the Commanding Officer's office inside Camp David. Now though it was being used by Colonel Sinclair, the overall mission commander. Last night had been almost entirely a Unit mission, so Adam was in command. Tonight's mission though, that was a different story.

The Colonel stood up from his desk, as he spoke "Yes General, thank you for seeing me, please come in and have a seat." Once they were both seated, after shaking hands, Colonel Sinclair sighed. "Sir, I'm gonna be straight with you. President Bryce briefed me before I came in this morning. The mission I knew about, you guys though... Not a clue. He stressed to me that every detail about you and your group is to be considered beyond Top Secret, and I understand why. Frankly sir, the fact that you are all telepaths scares the shit out of me."

Adam stayed silent, knowing that, what the man was saying was difficult for him. "Colonel, please just call me Adam."

Colonel Sinclair sighed and nodded. "President Bryce told me not to blow smoke up your ass, because you would know it immediately." He looked at Adam who just nodded. "He also told me I needed to get past what my eyes were telling me, and look at what you guys have already done, rather than what my mind tells me you can do." Again Adam just nodded.

"Son, I'm gonna level with you. Forget about rank, forget about age. I can plainly see you are a soldier. So... soldier to soldier. Do not EVER tell anyone about your mental abilities. Not unless it is an absolute, life and death situation. Especially amongst the military."

"Sir, may I ask why?" Adam said, already having a good idea, but wanting to make sure he knew for sure.

Colonel Sinclair took a deep breath and then let it out slowly. "Adam, I don't know what it was like where you came from, but here, especially in the military, lots of people are holding secrets in their heads. Secrets that they will take with them to the grave. Secrets that many have died to keep, and even more have tried to steal. When I look at you, all I see is a security risk."

"Sir, I would never..." Adam began.

"I know son, and The President knows that too. But frankly the fact that you could if you chose so... And let's face it. Others won't know you as well as President Bryce does. The only reason I am not freaking out, and ordering you lot off the mission is because I trust Jack with my life. Hell he's saved it more times than I want to count. If he says you're good, then I will take him at his word. But I feel I need to warn you about other people. They would not take it very well...not very well at all."

Adam sat there for a few seconds going over what the man said, and also what he felt from the man. He was being bluntly honest. Not a trace of deception. Finally Adam could only nod. "Thank you sir. I will let my people know."

Colonel Sinclair sighed and nodded, showing Adam a rare smile. "Good. Now for the mission..."

Will was absolutely miserable. Because of his damned injury the night before, he was forced to sit out this battle. The one that was probably one of the biggest they had even been involved in. He was supposed to be on his way to Andrews Air Force base, but no, now he was stuck here at Camp David, and not even able to fly his Hind gunship during the rescue. At least Mom did allow him to help make sure that the helicopters were all ready to go, but she would not clear him for flight duty for at least another 24 hours. Deep down he knew it wasn't her fault, but he just didn't like the fact that he couldn't get into the action. To make matters worse, he was being left in charge of the prisoners, and it was his responsibility to make sure that they were loaded on the C-5 before the main group got back.

He walked into the barracks area of Camp David and sighed in frustration. Everything was done, they were ready to go, now just waiting for the right time. An hour and a half of nothing to do but wait. He was not the most patient of people, especially when he knew he wouldn't be able to go.

"Hey Will!" Jory said causing Will to look over.

"You wanna play?" Juan asked with a sad smile. He knew what Will was going through. He almost wasn't medically cleared to go on the mission either.

"Not right now." Will said looking down and seeing his younger brothers sitting on a bed, a deck of cards between them. They both shrugged and went back to their game of War. It was enough to make Will smile, seeing the two young boys playing a little kids game, and getting ready to do something no little kid should. But, that was their family. A collection of contradictions.

"You okay love?" He heard as Billy wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

Will turned, seeing Billy in his flight suit, and almost cringed. Billy was usually his gunner, but now Billy was going to be the pilot, and someone else, a Russian pilot was going to be his gunner. Will did not like it at all, but knew he didn't have a choice. "Not really, but I'll live."

"I know it sucks, but you know as well as I do, you can't fly yet. Even as tough as you guys are, in a fight like this, you could easily blackout again." Billy said with as much sympathy as he could. He, more than anyone else knew how hard this was for Will.

Billy's frown vanished and turned into a big seductive grin. "If you want, I think I know something that could take your mind off of not being able to fly."

Will couldn't help but laugh, but before he could respond, they all got a message through their mental link, from Logan. {Uhhh, guys, we got us a major issue! Someone is attacking Fort Detrick... now. It looks like their intentions are to free the hostages.}

{FUCK!} Adam came back immediately. {Christina, get your bird in the air, I wanna see what's going on, everyone else, load up! We're going early. I have command until Colonel Sinclair is in the air.}

"Okay!" Juan cried out as he and Jory scrambled off the bed. "Who started the fucking party without us? I'm gonna kick their asses!"

Billy gave Will a quick peck on the lips, then they all ran from the rooms, Jory and Juan headed to their assigned vehicles, Billy running to his Chinook, and Will towards where the prisoners were held.

Just as the C2-Greyhounds were returning from their last refugee flight, Admiral Norris was in the CIC sipping a coffee. Operation Justice for All had started way to the north, but would not impact them for a few hours yet. The Fleet was ready, as were the Marines and Cavalry Troopers in Daytona. Everyone knew they would get hit, and hit hard, once the Ashwood forces realized what was happening. Now was the waiting game. The last update from the U.N.I.T. was that Camp David was secured and the team was getting ready for the attack on Fort Detrick. As soon as they were in the air, Task Force 9 would begin their part of the mission.

"Admiral, incoming transmission. Operation Justice for All, Phase two, is now a go."

Norris set his coffee down and looked at his watch. "Shit they are early." He stood and walked over to Captain Miller. "CAG, get Sabre Squadron in the air and on mission heading. Alert the whole task force. Sound General Quarters"

Myers picked up the 1MC, "General Quarters, all hands set condition 1 Alpha, General Quarters." All the lights in the CIC went out, as the red tactical lights flicked on. Crew members raced in to take up their positions.

Admiral Norris took a deep breath, "Listen up everyone, no matter what else happens, our mission is to ensure the safety of the Supreme Court. We cannot lose our focus, regardless of what Ashwood throws at us."

"Can you believe we're actually about to fucking do this?" Ivan Petrovich said to his partner.

"What, steal Air Force One? Nope." Frank Graft laughed

"Well it's about to get better than that gentleman. You see those other two hangers. Guess what's in those..." Lieutenant Lestnor replied with a truly evil grin.

"There is no fucking way...."

"Yup... Air Force Two, AND NEACAP."

"You are not..."

"Oh yes we are... when the orders come in, we're gonna split up. You two are going on Air Force One, while Martinez and Jacobs grab Two... Myself and Horowitz are gonna take NEACAP."

"Sir... you're fucking nuts... I love it." Graft said with a grin. "We keeping the same crazy ass flight plan?"

"Yup... the mission remains the same. We gotta keep as much attention on us so that Liberty One doesn't have to deal with everyone on their own."

"If we survive this, I want my name on a statue somewhere..." Graft laughed, only half serious.

"Archangel to Thieves Den... be advised the party has started early. Go time is now... repeat, go time is now!" All six men were silent for a moment, more in shock than anything else. They still had two hours. Finally Lestnor grabbed the mic and hit the transmit button twice. That was the signal that Sinclair was waiting on to know that they received the message.

"Fuck... I guess we go now. Good luck guys."

"COME ON! LET'S MOVE!" Adam said as he jumped into the back of the lead Stryker. As soon as the ramp was closing, the driver slammed the thing into gear and tore off down the road that led to the exit of Camp David.

During the next 20 minutes, Logan was keeping them apprised of what was going on, since he was able to more easily connect to the chipmunks. Seems that some unknown force has infiltrated the base, just as silently as they were going to, and was even now, making their way down to where the Supreme Court was being held. So far they had been able to neutralize anyone they came across before an alarm was raised, but everyone knew it would only be a matter of time.

"Do we know who they are?" Khan asked as he and Daileass were checking each other's armor.

"No clue at this point. Once we get eyes up there, hopefully someone will recognize them. From what Logan said, it is obvious they are some type of military unit." Adam responded as he moved to Juan, his partner in this mission, and started to check over his armor. It was always fun trying to make sure Juan had ALL of his weapons secured. Most of the time Juan would laugh at Adam and tell him that he missed a few. It was one of the things that Juan did to help ease tension before a battle. And it worked.

"Archangel on station, getting video feed now." Colonel Sinclair said over the radio. "I have tactical command. Relaying video back to base for a possible ID. Broadsword 1, how far out?"

Adam looked to the vehicle's commander who flashed four fingers, before he keyed the mic. "Archangel... Broadsword 1 is four mikes out. I say again, we are four mikes out." Adam said using the military term for minutes

"Roger that Broadsword. Do not engage until we have ID on forces. So far it's quiet on the base."

"Roger." Adam said, trying not to sound aggravated. He really wasn't used to not being in overall command, but he knew as well as everyone else did that with their diminished mental powers, there was little chance that Adam could actually see the full picture of a mission, and be able to react accordingly.

Three minutes passed and the vehicle came to a stop. Adam wanted to ask what was going on, but knew better. What he did do was keep in close contact with Logan. The battle had just started and now the unknown force was fighting off the defenders of the base. Adam wanted nothing more than to get in there and help out, but he knew that would be even worse.

If they went in there without knowing who this other force was, they wouldn't know if they were facing two enemies or one. If they were friendly, then they may not know that Adam and his team were friendly, and start firing on them. This is easily one of the worst positions to be in. Less than a mile away there was a battle raging, and Adam was just sitting there.

"Broadsword 1... we have an ID. They are a merc unit named Blood's Honor. Seems they decided to get involved. General Larkin is attempting contact now. Stand by for orders."

"Roger Archangel." Adam said into the radio, then changed to his operational frequency. "Okay everyone, lock and load, as soon as we make contact with the friendlies, we're going in hot. From what we're hearing the battle is getting intense, so prepare for a fight."

Paul looked around from his hiding spot nervously. He was the youngest member of the Junior Corp of Blood's Honor, and this was his first real mission. It wasn't much really, the eight person team was ordered to hold back, and protect the main force's route of escape. Paul knew how important it was, but it was boring. Especially with that fact that he was hearing everything that was going on over the radio.

"Blood's Honor Command this is General Tom Larkin, please respond." Paul heard over the radio.

"Uncle Tom?" Paul asked silently. What was he doing calling in the middle of a mission?

"This is Blood's Honor Command, Go ahead General." Paul heard Tony, his father say. If anyone else was listening, they would have thought he sounded normal. Paul though could hear the surprise in his voice.

"Blood's Honor. Please state the purpose of your current action." Paul could hear the tension in Uncle Tom's voice. 'Oh shit...' He thought to himself

"General, Blood's Honor is performing a high value target extraction." Tony said with a bit of confusion.

"Roger that Blood's Honor, we have friendlies in the area. They are heading your way." This time Paul could hear the grin in his uncle's voice. "I am patching in the commander now. Blood's Honor Command. One last thing. The troops coming to you are the ones I spoke to you about."

"Huh?" Paul asked himself.

Tony was actually laughing when he started to transmit. "General, this oughta be fun. Go ahead and patch the commander in."

Moments later another voice came across the radio. "Blood's Honor Command, this is Archangel. I hear we had the same idea."

"It seems that way Archangel. And right now, we could really use some help." Tony said. Paul was really starting to hear the gunfire now.

"Roger that, we're just around the corner."

"Perfect. Blood's Honor command popping smoke." Tony said as he grabbed a canister pulled the pin on it, and threw it down on the ground a few feet away. Moments later it was pumping out a purple smoke.

"Blood Honor Command. I have a visual on purple smoke."

"Affirmative Archangel, Purple smoke. Please have your forces come in from Grid 205489 to avoid friendly fire." Then across the other channel, the one they used, Tony's voice came through.

"Attention all Blood's Honor. We have friendlies joining the fight. Make sure you check your targets."

Adam waited for several moments before Sinclair came back over the radio, his voice loud and full of tension. "Broadsword 1, this is Archangel. Operation Justice for All is a go. Be advised, friendlies on the ground. We have confirmed their purple smoke. Repeat purple smoke equals friendlies. They are almost ready for the bus. Get in there, but make sure to stay to quadrant 2B to stay clear of their line of fire."

Before Sinclair was done, the driver already had the Stryker moving. "Roger, Archangel, purple smoke is friendly, stick to quadrant 2B."

Adam dropped the radio, and resecured his armor, and weapons. Three minutes later, Adam heard the Stryker start to fire with its main gun. Even before the vehicle came to a halt Adam gave Khan the signal to drop the rear gate. Before the gate crashed to the ground, Juan and Jory were out the back, searching for targets. They didn't have to wait long.

"THERE'S A LOT MORE TROOPS HERE THAN WE THOUGHT!" Adam heard come over his radio, as troops still were pouring out of the barracks to join the fight.

"Okay guys, we need to clear a path for the bus." Adam said as he launched a grenade into the enemy troops. "Archangel! Let the friendlies know we are clearing a path to the main building so the bus can come in."

With the precision of a well oiled machine, the Stryker drivers formed the wedge, with the bus right in the middle of them. Just as he was about to give the order to move out, he caught sight of several of the helicopters engaged with other helicopters. It still made him shiver to see a Huey going toe to toe with an Apache.

"OKAY!!!! Lets punch through this!" And with that order they started forward into real battle.

{ADAM! Get everyone down!} Runt said through the link, and immediately all the UNIT kids dropped to their stomachs. He shouted a command over the radio, and the rest of the soldiers did the same. Even before the last one was on the ground, Runt flew over head with the 'Black Ghost' laying down a line of death in front of him. His front mounted turret barking off continuously, destroying everything that was in front of them.

This was a lot more than Adam had even imagined. Not because he hadn't fought before, everyone knew he had, but this was easily the most well trained, well armed, and fiercest enemy he ever had the honor of meeting on the field of battle. He'd even heard Juan mumbling about how these guys were obviously not 'squishy'. Somewhere in the back part of his mind, Adam was starting to think that maybe he had gotten soft.

What they needed to do was simple, really. Push through a group of troops, and get the bus to the main building. The problem seemed to be, these troops did not fight the way Adam was used to. They were using tactics that he would have thought of. All in all, it was making this a bit more difficult than he had anticipated.

Adam had positioned himself next to the bus, directing the action, and taking out targets as they presented themselves. They were almost there, two more turns, and then a straight shot to the building that held the Supreme Court. According to the Blood's Honor people, they were starting to bring them up, so, shortly after Adam and his crew arrived, SCOTUS would be ready to go.

The lead Stryker, being flanked by UNIT Genesis Team members and US Special Forces, started to turn the corner, with Adam and the bus a few meters behind, when all hell broke loose. "Badger 1 PULL BACK!" Sinclair cried over the radio, but it was too late. Adam heard the shot ring out, followed almost immediately by the ground next to the Stryker exploding. The ground where many of the troops were standing.

Stryker Fire

Less than five seconds later, another shot rang out. The Stryker was trying to pull back around the corner, but there wasn't enough time. The 120mm shell fired by the M1A1 Abrams tank, slammed into the side of the Stryker, causing the thing to tip to its side.

The area was silent for a second as everyone stared in disbelief, then Adam was on the radio. "ANGEL 5! Take out that tank!!!"

Moments later the Hind came into view, firing a good supply of its anti-tank rockets into the M1. The Hind had to peel off though as the first volley, while it damaged the tank, it did not take it out. Runt followed up a moment later, and fired his 20mm cannons at it, but that didn't even scratch the armor on the tank.

The M1 fired again, this time into the building that was providing cover for the stalled out Stryker line. Adam was thrown to the ground, and the troops around him took shrapnel damage, the round did not get all the way through the building. "TAKE THAT FUCKER OUT!" Adam cried out over the radio, even as his ears were still ringing from the explosion. The Hind came around again, and this time lined up and fired one of its Hellfire Missiles. Even though it did not look like it did much damage to the tank, Adam knew it was dead. The outer charge of the Hellfire punched a hole in the armor, then the inner charge exploded inside the tank.

Right after the Abrams was taken out, Billy in his Chinook, as well as Runt, and two of the Huey's came in low right over top of the Strykers, and proceeded to clear the path to main building. Before Adam could get to his feet and give the order, several others had already ran forward, and started to drag the injured and dead troops into the back of the new lead Stryker.

Yes, Adam knew that he lost Unit members to that hit. He felt their bond to him snap close, as they died. However, they had a mission to perform right then. He could grieve later. "MOVE! The road's been cleared, get us to the main building now!" Adam said over the radio, as he rushed forward, grabbed one of the injured, and helped them into the back of the Stryker.

Adam was issuing orders to get the bus backed up to the main doors, and for the Strykers and troops to set up a defensive pattern around the bus, when a familiar man walked up to him. The man looked at Adam, and shrugged, then spoke. "They told me that you're Broadsword 1?"

Thinking quickly, so as not to give away that he knew this man in the world they came from Adam smiled and nodded. "Yes sir I am."

The man laughed and ran a hand through his longish blond hair. "Well I am sure there is a story there, but for now..."

"Agreed sir. How long till SCOTUS is here?" Adam asked trying to turn the conversation.

"About ten minutes. They have to go through three different elevators, since they were being held in the lowest level. They are gathering at a secure location on the ground level, and they will all come out together." Tony said as he kept his eyes peeled.

Adam was about to respond when they both heard the order to hit the ground, which they both followed without thinking. Right next to where they now lay, the turret on the Stryker moved incredibly quick and started to fire. The RPG that had been fired towards them blew up about fifty feet away. Getting back to their feet, both Tony and Adam shook their head, and took up defensive positions, and started to help cover the troops that were now sitting and waiting.

Paul lay prone on top of the two-story building, and watched the fight from a long way off. The only real connection he had to the fighting, besides seeing flashes of light, and some spectacular helicopter dogfights, was his radio. He was trying to paint the picture in his mind of the fight he was hearing. For a long time he had waited for the first time he could go on a mission, but now... now it was coming home just how real it was. He wasn't having second thoughts, never that. But he was starting to see what it was really like. He was Blood's Honor through and through. His adopted father, the commander, and his mother, one of their best snipers, were both right now fighting for their lives trying to rescue the Supreme Court of the United States.

They may only be a mercenary unit, but most of the people in it were former Military, most of them US military. When they heard about the Supreme Court being arrested, and then found out they were only an hour's drive from where they were resting after their last mission, no one hesitated. Normally they would never pull off an action like this, with so little planning, and absolutely no payment guaranteed. But this was different. This was a Civil War in their home country.

He'd heard his father already speak about how money was worthless. Everything that had held value before, in this country, now meant little. Unless you could eat it, drink it, or shoot it. Paper money was more useful to start a fire to keep people warm. Coins, really only as shrapnel. All because of a mad man, and a group of people who wanted to change this country into something it was never meant to be.

Paul was not born in the United States, but this was his home. His father adopted him when he was only five. He didn't remember much of his time before then, but knew it was not good. He grew up a Mercenary BRaT (Born, Raised, and Trained), just like the rest of the kids. None of them had to be soldiers. Hell most of his friends were not here right now. But everyone, somehow or another supported the fighters. They had to, or they didn't eat. Now though, now they fought, because if they didn't, the country they all loved would be gone.

So now here he was, just two weeks past his thirteenth birthday, laying on the roof of a building. Binoculars in hand, and his mother's old sniper rifle laying by his side. Out of the group of eight kids in the 'rug rat brigade', what the rest of Blood's Honor called them, he was the youngest, but also the best shot, having been trained by his mother for hours on end. Their job in this mission, keep the escape route open. Not a glorious job, but essential. Jordan, the oldest, and their Lieutenant, had told them that they were not likely to see much action, but they had to be ready in a moment's notice in case something did happen.

He felt a single tap on his shoulder, and dropped the binoculars, instantly grabbing his rifle. Doug, his spotter, and one half of the only twins within Blood's Honor motioned towards a target. Or at least that's what Paul thought he was doing. The problem was, where he was pointing was behind them.

Paul turned and looked. His hands started to shake as his face lost all color. He stared for a moment before he fumbled with his radio. As soon as he hit the transmit button he quietly but urgently spoke. "Clear the net!" He winced when he heard his own voice crack, but he didn't care.

Instantly all radio communication ceased, but it still took him a second to make his voice work. "Shortstop 3 to Lancer 1. Be advised you have a large infantry unit, backed by several Light Armored Vehicles coming in from the outfield. ETA 7 to 8 mikes."

"Shortstop 3..." Paul's father said immediately. "How many?"

"Lancer 1... several hundred. Estimate six to seven hundred, with no less than eight armored vehicles behind them." His voice still shook as he looked over the ground troops that were moving fast towards the fight.

"Shortstop 1." Tony said now addressing Jordan, Paul's commanding officer.

"Go Lancer 1." Jordan said in a steady voice.

"Shortstop 1, you are ordered to remain hidden. Do not, repeat do NOT engage the enemy. Let them pass by you." This was a direct order, in Tony's command tone, that brokered no argument.

"Understood Lancer 1. Shortstop will not engage."

It was now official, Adam was worried. There was absolutely no way they could hold against that many troops. But they were going to have to. He listened as Tony spoke to the team inside. From the sounds of things, they were going to have to hold against this onslaught for close to two minutes.

Adam grabbed his one mic and depressed the 'talk' button. "Broadsword 1 to Liberty One. We're not gonna be able to hold here. You need to get into position now, and you're gonna be on your own. Repeat, you're gonna be on your own."

He listened as Liberty One acknowledged, then switched to setting up a perimeter to try and give them enough time. Next he put into place their bug out plan. and that's what they were going to have to do... Bug out as soon as SCOTUS was secure on the bus.

Will was leaning against the bulkhead of the C-5 listening to the battle, and waiting for the orders that the landing zone was secure and they could come in. At least that was the plan. Then they all heard Adam's voice over the command channel, "Broadsword 1 to Liberty One. We're not gonna be able to hold here. You need to get into position now, and you're gonna be on your own. Repeat, you're gonna be on your own."

The pilot jerked and started flipping switches while the co-pilot pressed his mic. "Roger Ground Command. We'll be in position in six minutes." He then looked over his shoulder, only to see Will already leaving the cockpit.

When Will got down to the bottom level, and at the rear hatch he saw the soldiers were already strapping in, and ready to go. They all had a look of apprehension on their faces, since they now knew they were heading into a possibly hot LZ. It would be their job to make sure that the landing field stayed secure long enough for the bus that SCOTUS was on, was able to get there, and get loaded into the back of the plane. A big job for one 6-man team, and one Stryker assault vehicle.

As Will passed them, and he was about to exit the back of the aircraft, he stopped and looked. Finally he shook his head and muttered under his breath... "Mom'll have my ass, but I ain't sitting this one out." He didn't have his armor on. Hell all he was wearing was his normal flight suit. He didn't have his weapons, but they had extras. He nodded to himself as he motioned the crew chief to close the ramp. The man looked at him for a moment before giving him a grim nod, and a small smile.

As soon as the hatch was closed, Will felt the plane start to move as it made its way down the runway. Quickly it gained speed, and then leapt into the air. As soon as the G-forces were low enough, Will made his way over to the weapons locker they had down there, and pulled it open. He grabbed two pistols, checked them over, and put them into his pockets, along with two clips extra. Then grabbed an M-4, after checking it over, he slung it over his shoulder, then grabbed a grenade launcher. Once he made sure he had a full load of grenades he smiled as he shut the locker and looked at the rest of the soldiers, all of them grinning.

"You kids sure love your big guns dontcha?" One of the soldiers said with a grin.

Will just laughed. "As they say, go big or go home."

Any response was cut off as the co-pilot's voice came over the speakers. "Get ready, we're coming in low and fast. Make sure you are secured. When we hit the jets, if you're not secure, you're gonna be paste on the bulkhead."

Will quickly secured his weapons and himself, barely making it in time, as he felt the wheels touch the ground, first the back, then the front. As soon as the front wheels hit, Will felt like something reached out of the ground and grabbed the entire plane, stopping it almost where it landed. For a moment he had to battle against passing out as the sudden G-forces made his head start swimming, the severe concussion that grounded him, suddenly hit him again like a vengeance. He actually had to stay seated for a few moments after the plane had come to a stop, as he fought against passing out, or puking, or both.

"Broadsword 1, this is Archangel." Came next over the radio. Adam did not like the tension in Sinclair's voice.

"Archangel... go."

"Broadsword 1. Be advised, you have a full squadron of heavy assault helicopters inbound from the west. ETA 9 mikes."

"FUCK!" Adam cried out. That was twenty-four heavy assault helicopters, probably Apaches. He knew his helicopters were great, their pilots the best, but not even his six modified helicopters, and the two BH Apaches could take on that many.

Before Adam could say anything though, Runt came over the radio. "Angel 3, 4, and 6, take up attack pattern Short Alpha 3. Blood's Honor stay behind us, and move to frequency 314. We gotta buy Broadsword some time." Adam looked up just in time to see the Black Ghost fly over, heading due west.

Adam turned to Tony only to hear him scream into his radio. "I don't care if you have to carry some of them. We can NOT hold longer. Get your asses out here!"

Three long minutes. That's how long things stayed quiet; three VERY long minutes. Adam was scanning the area, trying to find targets, but all the bad guys had pulled back. Obviously aware they had friends coming in.

Juan was the first one to see them. He was laying on top of the three story building that they were guarding. "Here they come!" He said, and not even a second later, he fired his first round. Then all hell broke loose.

"Lancer 1, get that bus ready, we are thirty seconds out!" Adam heard over the radio, even though he was surprised he heard anything with all the gunfire going on around him.

"Badger 6." Adam said through his radio. "Once Caretaker is loaded, I want you to load up everyone around you, and run to the airport. Badger 2, you will take up rear guard, once we load. Angel 5, I want you right on top of Badger 6, Angel 1, you sit on top of Caretaker. We're gonna punch out and run like hell."

Tony was doing the same for his troops. It didn't matter at this point if they were Blood's Honor or UNIT. They were to get into the closest vehicle when the bug out order was given. They would then all head back to Camp David. "Archangel to Lancer 1."

"Lancer 1, go Archangel." Tony said as he fired again.

"Lancer 1, be advised Dragon Lead will pull out Shortstop, and meet you at the rally point."

"Understood, and thank you Archangel." Tony said, one stress off his mind.

Moments later the building doors behind them slammed open. Adam, and the rest of the UNIT members there jumped up and started to lay down a massive amount of cover fire. He didn't even turn to look, but knew that people were streaming out of the building, and into the back of the armored bus.

"Broadsword 1! Be advised you have an M1 heading up the side of the building!"

Before Adam even had time to register that, he heard Khan's voice answer back. "Affirmative! We've got it!"

"We're loaded!" Caretaker called over the radio. Adam looked back just in time to see the last person jump into the back, as the back gate started to lift.

"ANGEL 1... ANGEL 5! Get in here. Badger 6! GO! GO! GO!" Adam saw the enemy start to rush towards them, and grabbed a grenade off his belt. He threw it just as he saw Chang do the same thing.

On top of the building Juan was firing as fast as he could, there were so many targets he barely had to move the scope. He sighted down on a target, but something caused him to hesitate. He started to shake it off and then stopped … the target was so small, too small. As it dawned on Juan, the child dropped his weapon and started to run away. Juan was stunned and wasn't able to react fast enough to stop the adult, standing next to the child, from turning and shooting the small child in the back. However, Juan's first bullet entered his head before he could even lower the pistol, his second bullet entered the targets throat ripping out the neck. Juan didn't even see the body fall as he started searching out the adult sized targets intermingled with the kids. If it were not for the battle raging everyone would have noticed a rapid increase in the pace of fire from the Barrett as Juan focused his rage through the powerful sniper rifle.

All other sound was drowned out as Billy took up station right above the bus. The two side guns on his Chinook opened up, laying down another massive amount of cover fire, and causing the enemy ground troops to back up, or find cover. Over top of that, in the distance, Adam heard a large explosion, followed almost immediately by Alvin on the radio. "M1 immobilized. I need help here. We need a medic and evac here, NOW!" Adam could only imagine what had just happened.

Adam had just sent Tony off to his vehicle and was loading into the back of the rear guard Stryker when he heard that. "Badger 2, wait up, we need to wait for Khan and the others." Adam said over his radio.

"BELAY THAT!" He heard Veny say over the radio. "You get them out of here, we'll take care of the Tank, and pick up the rest." A moment later the Hind flew back over them heading around the corner of the building.

"Badger 2! Get us the fuck out of here!" Adam said just as Juan dropped down from the roof and jumped into the back of the overloaded Stryker.

Will was almost out of it, until the sound of automatic gunfire brought him back around quickly. He threw the straps off, picked up his weapons, and almost ran into the co-pilot. "I think they have an entire SWAT team guarding this fucking airfield!" Will knew it had to be bad for the pilot to have ordered the co-pilot to get into the action. He ran out the back, and immediately had to duck behind the Stryker for cover, as bullets hit the ground near him.

"How the hell can Juan love this soo much!" He asked more to himself than anyone else, as he got the grenade launcher loaded up. Once he was ready he hefted the heavy launcher, stepped out from behind the Stryker, and started to fire into the vehicles he saw in the distance. Almost immediately, he was rewarded with explosions as the 40 mm grenades impacted the vehicles. Unfortunately, that didn't stop all of them, and he had to quickly throw the launcher down, and grab his rifle.

What seemed like hours later, but was only a matter of minutes, Will heard the pilot's voice coming across the radio again. "Pull back! They're almost here! Palmer! Get your ass up here!"

Will started to back up towards the plane, laying down as much cover fire as he could. Palmer, the co-pilot, was just passing him when suddenly the man was thrown right at Will. Had it not been for Will's superhuman reflexes, the man would have collided with him, driving them both to the ground. As it was, Will was just barely able to jump out of the way, firing a burst at the enemy as he did. He looked down and swallowed back bile, as he saw that most of the back of Palmer's head was missing.

"FUCK!" He screamed as he reached down with one hand and grabbed the man's flight suit. With the other he kept the rifle level and continued to fire. There was no way he could be accurate as he ran backwards, but right now, all he wanted to do was keep the enemies heads down as he retreated back to the plane. The adrenaline was pumping in him so much that he barely registered the sting in his side as he ran.

He had just reached the top of the ramp when another Stryker came into view, tearing ass down the runway, the armored bus right behind it, and the Chinook flying cover above. "MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Will heard someone shouting, as they grabbed Palmer's body, and pulled it off to the side. Will then ran back down the ramp while he re-loaded the rifle. He kept laying down cover fire at the enemy while the vehicles charged toward them. He felt, more then heard, the pilot revving up the engines ready to take off as soon as the cargo was on board. The first Stryker barely slowed down as it hit the ramp and vaulted into the back. The Bus was a little bit more cautious, but still, it entered the back well over the 'safe entry speed'.

Finally, the trailing Stryker drove up the ramp, and now the only thing left was the Stryker they came with. It slowly backed up the ramp, the main gun still firing. "GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE AND STRAPPED DOWN!" Will heard someone shout even as the ramp started to rise. Off in the distance, he saw Billy fly over the enemies emplacement firing everything he had, cutting them down before they too flew off.

Knowing that Palmer was dead, Will sprinted for the cockpit at the front of the plane. He had never flown something this big, but he was a pilot, and perhaps he could lend a hand. Personally, he wouldn't want to fly this bitch solo. He was just about to reach for the cockpit door when suddenly he heard a loud pop, and the plane veered hard to the right. He just got himself righted when the plane veered to the left. He yanked open the cockpit door. What he saw made even his blood run cold. The pilot was trying to get the plane back on track, after a sniper hit, took out the cockpit window. One quick look told Will all he needed to know. The man was hit in the shoulder, but that wasn't the worst of it. When the cockpit windshield shattered inwards, the glass cut the man's face to ribbons.

More on instinct than anything else, Will leaped over the center controls, and slid into the co-pilot's seat. With practiced ease, he reached between his legs, and grabbed the seat controls, bringing the seat as close to the front as possible. Will may have been tall and lanky for his age, but he's still only a tall and lanky, 12-year-old. Next, with one hand on the controls, he grabbed the straps of the 5 point harness, and secured himself in. "I can't see!!! Palmer do you have control?" The pilot said.

"Sir..." Will said slowly. "Palmer's dead."

"Fuck! We're too far to abort the take-off. Are you a pilot?"

"Yes sir I am. Just not very familiar with this craft." Will said as he reached down and pushed the throttle levers forward, as far as they would go.

"Well shit." The man cursed, as he sat back, his left arm useless, blood pouring down his flight suit. His face was a mess, and it was obvious he couldn't see anything. "Okay, you need to get this bitch going as fast as you can, when were about 100 feet from the end of the runway, you need to hit the rockets. It's the toggle switch under the word ′RATO′." He then reached down and hit his mic button. "Make sure everything is secured. We have about 30 seconds before we hit the rockets."

This time Will was better prepared, and when the C-5's RATO engaged, he didn't have nearly the problem he did the first time, which was good, since he didn't want to think about how bad it would have been had he passed out then.

Almost as soon as he was in the air, he banked hard. A little harder than he had to. This thing was actually more responsive than he thought it would be. Something that the pilot commented on. "This thing may not be as nimble as a jet fighter, but she ain't bad. Just take it nice and easy." Will didn't respond, just nodded. Next thing he heard the pilot was speaking into the radio again. "This is Liberty One, Liberty One is changing call signs. Liberty One is now Justice One. Justice One is in the air."

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