Castle Roland

Operation Black Pearl

by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and Al Norris


Chapter 3

Published: 21 Sept 15

Operation: Black Pearl

Copyright © 2015 by Eric Aune, Ken Barber, Roland and The Revolutions Universe Partnership

All rights Reserved

Operation Black PearlBucky keyed his mic. "Romeo, this is Juliette, The Devil is in the house of the rising sun."

Just as he finished saying it the most enormous thunder rolled across the building, rattling windows and doors. It sounded like God unleashed all his might at once.

"What the fuck was that?" Lieutenant Gibbons was standing in the middle of the room."That, Gibbons, was the complete annihilation of the Magic Kingdom." Bucky looked at his watch. "Here comes wave two."

A second roar echoed and the ground shook beneath them. The effect wasn't quite as strong this time but it was still unnerving.

The radio caused them all to jump. "Cougar 6 this is Fox 6 sitrep over."

Gibbons grabbed the mic. "Fox 6 this is Cougar 4, Cougar 6 and Echo 6 are down. That group of soldiers from Georgia were infiltrators. We have the Command Center under control and on lockdown. What is your status? Over."

"Massive explosions from the north. Vicinity of Brigade Command."

"Roger. Move your element out to Buena Vista Drive, secure the access point. Ghost 6 expand your perimeter to cover Fox's move."

"Fox 6 Roger Oscar Mike"

"Ghost 6 Oscar Mike"

Gibbons looked up at Bucky. "That puts Fox Troop out in the open and Ghost Troop spread out a little."

"Godfather, get the GLIDS up and start painting those Strykers with lasers for the incoming choppers. Gibbons, get on the radio and tell everyone the assault is coming from the north."

Everyone moved quickly getting setup, except Bucky; he knelt beside Big Bird and removed one of the dog tags from the slain warrior and placed it on his own chain along with Tigger's tag.


Bucky looked up to see Godfather shouting for him.

"What's up?"

"We have a problem, there are at least four Avengers out there and from the looks of the terrain and their position there is no way the choppers can take them out and we can't get a laser on them because of the trees in the way."

Bucky jogged up the catwalk and looked out through one of the windows with a pair of binoculars.

"Well, shit." He thought for a minute and then turned to look at Josh. "You're quickly becoming my ace in the hole. Come with me. Mouse, Silver Spoon and Pee Wee with me, the rest be prepared; once we do this they are going to know their Command Center has fallen.

Bucky trotted out of the room and down the hall to the entrance. Beer Can and Giant were still in position on the door.

"Any activity out there?"

"None, they are all focused outward."

"Good, here is the plan. We are going to use our vehicles as cover to move us to those trees at the end of the building, from there we are going to dart across the service road to another tree line. The Avengers are in a clearing just across the highway. We will be about 200 feet from them."

Everyone nodded. "Giant, Beer Can, you cover our asses. As soon as we are done we are going to hightail it back here, so get the Javelins ready. They will attempt to retake the Command Center."

Once again everyone nodded. Bucky carefully looked out the main entrance and saw no sign of anyone, so he gave the signal and everyone followed him out and to the vehicles. They put their backs to the vehicles and checked the area again. It was clear, so they darted to the trees on the eastern side of the building. The sound of gunfire and the faint flashes of explosions in the distance near the Detention Center let them know that the battle there was starting. Once in the treeline, Bucky used the low light binoculars and found the four Avengers. He handed the binoculars to Josh and pointed out the Avengers and gave Silver Spoon the signal to set up his sniper rifle.

In a whisper Bucky explained his whole idea. Everyone stayed quiet and listened, and then moved into position.

Josh tapped Bucky's shoulder. "I have never tried this far before. Are you sure this will work?"

"Nope, but we are going to try."

"Okay let's do it then." Josh focused for a second then shook his head. "It's too far."

"Shit. Ok, let me think for a second." Bucky took the bino's and looked around. He looked up and down the main street in front of them separating them from the Avengers position. "Everyone else stay put and cover us. We are going for the trees across the road." He double-checked the area and got up and ran across the street not even thinking to check if Josh was behind him. He dove into the brush at the base of the trees and felt Josh slide in beside him. They lay perfectly still for a minute just listening to see if they raised any sort of alarm.

Once they were sure they hadn't been spotted or heard, they crawled forward to the edge of the tree line. The four Avengers were in a semicircle facing away from them.

Bucky tapped Josh and pointed at the closer vehicle. Josh nodded. Bucky keyed his mic twice to let the team know he was in position.

"Juliette, this is Silver Spoon. My best shot is on the vehicle at your one o'clock." Bucky keyed his mic again acknowledging the message and looked at Josh. Josh just nodded.

Bucky put his hand on Josh's shoulder and leaned over to him and whispered. "Ok Josh, when you're ready."

"Ready." Josh began concentrating on the vehicle as Bucky watched. At first nothing appeared to be happening, then slowly the missile pod began to glow like an ember.

Bucky waited a few more seconds, then keyed his radio. "Scorpio." The shot rang out from behind them, they barely had time to register it before the bullet impacted the superheated missile pod right where the warhead would be. The .50 caliber bullet pierced the softened Kevlar and drove into the High Explosives that made up the missile warhead. The result was better than Bucky had hoped for, the heat provided by Josh and the pressure and friction from the bullet acted as a detonator setting the explosives off.

The resulting explosion threw the remnants of the pod that was hit sideways, causing it to crash into the missile pod of the vehicle next to it. The fragments of the pod, missile and electronics ripped into the vehicles weapons system tearing it to shreds. Simultaneously the second pod on the target vehicle flew into the weapon system on the Avenger to the other side like a high speed battering ram. The impact tore the system from two of its mounting points disabling that vehicle.

Bucky heard another shot ring out and saw a soldier running across the clearing toward them drop. He pulled up his M4 and fired a well aimed shot into another.

"Juliette, we do not have a shot on the fourth vehicle and you need to get out of there."

"Roger, pulling back." He tapped Josh on the shoulder. "Come on Josh let's go."

"Hold on one sec." Josh was concentrating on the fourth vehicle.

"Josh we don't have time or a shot."

"One more second."

Bucky spotted an enemy soldier using the wood line to try to flank them and dropped him with a burst. He heard Silver Spoon firing at a target.

"Juliette, they are moving in closer we cannot hold. You have to get out of there NOW."

The back of the fourth Avenger exploded, lifting the vehicle into the air at a 45-degree angle before it came crashing back down. Bucky threw himself back to the ground, as did the soldiers trying to approach. He grabbed Josh by the gear and tried to pull him up.

"Come on, we got to go now." The kid was unresponsive and Bucky's heart sank. He rolled him over and checked for a pulse.

"Cover me, Josh is down. Not sure what is wrong but he is alive."

Bucky picked the kid up and threw him over his shoulder like a rag doll and sprinted across the street. He heard Silver Spoon's Barrett .50 bark out twice during his run. He crashed right through the brush where Mouse, Pee Wee and Silver Spoon were lying and didn't stop.

"Move now."

He felt, more than heard or saw, the three jump up and follow him. As they neared the edge of the building they heard rifle fire from the windows above. Knowing they were covered by those inside the building they kept running. As they rounded the corner, Bucky threw Josh to the ground and shielded his smaller body with his own, as three Strykers came flying around the corner from far side of the building, .50 cal machine guns spitting lead everywhere. Bucky looked up in time to see two Javelin missiles streak out from near the center of the building and blast into two of the offending vehicles, leaving them a smoking hulk. The third vehicle began backing up laying down an impressive amount of fire towards where the missiles came from.

The roar of an attack helicopter reached them just as the Marine Sea Cobra crested over the top of the building and unleashed a salvo of 2.75 inch rockets into the remaining Stryker.

"Can you get off me now please. I mean you're cute and all but I have a boyfriend."

Bucky rolled off Josh. "Very funny smart ass. Where are you hit?"

"I am not. I just passed out from exhaustion. Finding and heating a fuel line on a vehicle causing the fuel to ignite and blow the tank is a little tough. Especially right after superheating Kevlar."

"That's a relief. Can you run?"

"I am still a little light headed."

Without saying a word Bucky grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder again. "LET'S MOVE."

The four of them bolted for the entrance and dove through with Giant and Beer Can right behind them just as a hail of gunfire impacted the front of the building.

Mouse and Beer Can had already gotten into position and started firing back by the time Bucky set Josh down.

Bucky knelt beside Mouse. "What are we looking at?"

"A full platoon dismounted, from the way they are moving they have the building surrounded."

Bucky grabbed his radio "Montagues this is Juliette, we have company and they are playing ring around the rosey. Snipers take as many as you can, the rest of the team move to the defensive positions. Be ready when they assault."

"Juliette and the Montagues this is Sandman put your heads down we are coming in hot."

"Roger, Sandman hostiles have us surrounded."

"Not for long."

The sound of the helicopters coming in at high speed almost drowned out the gun fire from both sides. Eight Seahawks and four Cobras joined the battle, miniguns firing and rockets blazing. Within a few seconds the enemy fire had ceased completely and soldiers began to stand with their arms raised in surrender.

"Juliette, this is Sandman you are clear. Four Strykers made a break for it towards our boys at the Air Defense Center but we will make sure they won't make it, Sandman out."

Less than a half mile away from where the troops floated in the water, the night exploded as the three sixteen-inch shells impacted the ground, and six more impacted into three different buildings. But for the members of the UNIT, it was like it never happened.

Adam slowly turned and looked at Chang who was only a few feet from him. Their eyes locked, the fire and rage burning in Adam's versus the cold and control of Chang's. The thought that there was a Genesis Base here… Nothing was said for moments that spread into years. Nothing needed to be said. The inferno inside of Adam was close to erupting outwards, but the control his brother gave him allowed him to reign in that fire, reign in the volcano that could have easily engulfed everything around him.

Around him, he knew that Jory and Juan were letting the rest know what was going on. He felt their rage as he let it begin to fuel his own, but then that calm; the cold control that Chang had taught them all, was beginning to take effect and overcome the blind rage. 'Harness it, brother.' Adam heard in his head. 'Harness it, and use it. Do not let it use you. Failure lies down that path.'

Adam shook himself hard, but he had control. Without breaking eye contact he spoke softly. "We've got confirmation that Cadet Peters is alive, and inside. Chang, you escort Dr. McCray and Germs, take five others with you." Adam said in as steady of a voice as he could manage. Out of all of them, only Chang had the mental discipline to not lose it in there. He was their best chance of getting the cadet out alive.

"Everyone else, you know what we're facing, and how it just got worse. Keep your wits about you. We are NOT burying any more family members. I want the doctors alive, at least for now. Soldiers.... shred 'em. Victims and prisoners... they WILL get out alive." Adam paused for a moment, then started to move. "GO!"

Juan's eyes were burning yellow. He knew it, and he didn't care. He was on the razor's edge that he loved so much, but it also scared him. Part of him wanted to go into the target building and just start tearing things apart by hand. Another part though, the other part knew that they had to be methodical in this operation. If not, someone may get away, and that would just not be good.

When they hit the beach, the UNIT forces split into two groups, one led by Adam, the other by Chang. Adam's went to the southern 'wing' of the building, while Chang's went to the northern. Adam didn't bother firing, just ran as hard as he could. Behind him, the rest of the UNIT, led by Juan, was showing why they were so dangerous. The firing discipline they showed was something that many 'seasoned' veterans didn't have. Each shot found a target, most not needing more than one.

When Adam saw the two guards that were covering the doors start to sight down on the group running at them, he didn't slow, if anything he sped up. Just before he was expecting to see the muzzle flashes, both guards spun to the side from gunshots that came from behind him.

Lowering his shoulder Adam grunted as he hit the doors, blowing them inwards. Had it not been for the war that was going on out front, that would have been enough to let everyone know that they were under attack.

Once inside of the five story building, Adam slowed long enough to extend his senses. After mere seconds of concentration, Adam sent to the rest of his team, 'all the hostages are being kept on this floor, near the western edge. Juan, take a team and clear the upper floors, then take overwatch. Everyone else, follow me.'

Adam watched as Juan and three other ran up the stairs, then he took point, and started down the corridor. At first, Adam never went into a room, he simply went past it, then found cover to make sure that any enemy coming down the hallway had to get through him. The troops behind him were responsible for clearing the rooms. He knew there was no one in the rooms, but he wasn't about to take anything for granted, not after what happened just a few days ago. Never again would he make that kind of mistake.

Chang's smaller group used a bit more discretion to enter the building, but were just as deadly when they found the enemy.

'Guide me little brothers.' Chang said through the link to The Chipmunks, as they cleared the first few rooms.

'You'll need to get to the top floor, that's where all the energy is being used.' Simon sent back, while giving the impression of all three of them, as well as several other Navy soldiers, working hard to get them all the information they could get.

'Roger.' Chang sent back, then motioned for the rest of his crew to follow him up the stairs. As he bypassed the other floors, he knew it may be a mistake, but his top priority at that point was to get to the lab.

When they got to the top floor, Chang motioned for the other five UNIT troops to go right, while he, McCray, and Germs went left. Almost immediately, he heard the others start to engage the enemy. While he desperately wanted to turn and help his family, he knew that the mission, this mission, was more important. That tore him up inside, but he also knew that his family would want, no, demand, that he do what he was doing now.

Chang stopped at a corner and held his hand up to stop the other two men. He closed his eyes for a moment, then motioned to the other two men that there were five men guarding a doorway.

Chang grinned to Germs as he handed the man his MP-5. "I'll take care of this." He said softly, then drew two of his throwing stars. Germs was about to protest but Chang was already moving. He spun around the corner, and threw both stars before the men even registered he was there. He drew and threw two more before the first two hit. Germs came charging around the corner just as the first two hit their targets right between the men's eyes. Chang was already half way down the hall before the first bullet was fired.

Two more men went down to the other two stars he'd thrown, while at the same time, Chang drew his sword and struck in one fluid motion, separating the final man's head from his body. Chang reached down and cleaned his blade off on the dead man's jacket before turning towards Germs and Dr. McCray who were just staring at him. "Cadet Peters should be inside." Chang said softly.

"Never leave your rifle behind." Germs said to Chang as he handed the boy's MP5 back to him. Even though he was serious in tone, Chang could see the amusement in the man's eyes, so he just nodded.

Germs nodded back as he took up position next to the door, motioning for Dr. McCray to take up position to open the door, and Chang to be the second one into the room. Once they were all ready, Germs gave the signal to the doctor who threw open the door, then backed away.

Germs was through the door with Chang hot on his heals. There was only one man who was on his feet, at least he was standing until he saw Germs and Chang rush in. The moment he saw them, the doctor dropped to his knees. "DON'T HURT ME!" He screamed. "I'm just a doctor!"

Germs barely noticed the man as he continued to scan the room. There were no other doors so he made a quick walk around the room to make sure that no one else was there, then he slung his rifle. "It's clear."

Dr. McCray slung his rifle, and walked over to the beds, looking over the equipment that the five people were hooked up to.

Chang, for his part, was looking at the doctor with astonishment. "Dr. Anthony Marcus Jr." Chang said softly, causing the man to gasp, and Dr. McCray and Germs to look at Chang questioningly.

Chang pulled his sidearm and walked towards the man. The man started to mumble incoherently but Chang's expression never changed. Chang placed the barrel of his pistol to the man's head, which caused the man to lose control of his bladder.

"Chang…" Germs said in a soft, but dangerous tone. A tone that Chang completely ignored.

Chang looked into the man's eyes for several seconds while the world seemed to pause. "Tell me, Dr. Marcus." Chang spoke in a low and very dangerous voice, never letting the pistol waiver from the man's forehead. "What do you think would happen if your greatest creations were able to escape, and decided to take up arms against you?"

"What… what do you mean?" Dr. Marcus asked.

"You are messing with the genetic structure of humans. What do you think will happen in the future?"

"Do you mean he's one of them?" Dr McCray asked softly.

"Yes, yes I do." Chang replied without ever looking away from the man's eyes.

"You know Dr McCray, every fiber of my being wants to kill this man right here, right now." Chang stepped back, while lowering his pistol.

Looking Dr. Marcus in his eyes, "If we, my brothers and I, were in charge, I would have done just that. Thankfully for you, we are NOT in charge of this operation. I would strongly suggest you do whatever it takes to stay on these men's good side. If not, you may just end up disappearing." Drawing his Katana with his other hand and presenting the tip to Dr. Marcus' throat, "You would not like the way you would 'disappear'."

Chang holstered his sidearm, sheathed his Katana, all without looking. Then he turned away from where Dr. Marcus was kneeling, and over to where the five were laying on the beds. He only glanced at four of them, before he stopped at the fifth bed. "This is Cadet Peters." He said somewhat unnecessarily.

"Adam." Came over his radio.

"Go Billy."

"You got foot troops making their way to your location. We stopped some of them, but a lot got behind cover. I estimate you'll have company in less than two."

"Copy that." Adam said then looked around. They cleared half of the first floor already, finding about twenty hostages. Most of them, he'd found out, were ambassadors, or other foreign officials that Ashwood was going to use as leverage against the home countries. He knew that there were more, but he also knew that if they didn't intercept the reinforcements, the chances of them getting out with everyone would be reduced significantly.

"Okay. So, who wants to go on a suicide mission with me?" He called out. The hostages all gasped as every single one of the UNIT members not only raised their hands, but many of them laughed.

He looked around as the idea started to form in his head, finally he nodded to himself. "Josh, Lisa, you're with me. Everyone, hand over all but two clips of ammo. We'll need it a lot more than you will." As that started, he looked at Zack. "You're with me also. I need all the explosives you can carry.

Less than two minutes later, the four of them rushed off down the hallway leaving Jeremy in charge of getting the rest of the hostages to safety.

Outside the Wilderness Lodge, Runt and Tommy in the Black Ghost, and Veny in the Hind were both having a good time. Not only did they miss most of the concussive force that almost downed Billy's Chinook, but they were now strafing armored and unarmored targets.

"SAM!" Tommy called out just as the alarms started to go off inside the helicopter. Runt banked it hard, and fed the rotors full power as quickly as he could to try and put some distance between the launch site and himself.

As soon as he saw the power gauge drop to a safe level, he called out to Tommy, "Engaging Stealth!" As soon as he got confirmation that the helicopter was now invisible, he banked hard again, and watched as the missile flew by where he had just been.

"Where the hell was that launched from?" Runt asked Tommy, who was frantically looking around, knowing they had to find and take it out.

Before Runt or Tommy could find it, Veny fired and took out a large stand of trees to the south of the building. "You are clear my friends." Veny said over the radio.

"Thanks!" Runt said as he spun the helicopter back around, and lined up for another run against the armor that was still trying to cause problems, not only for the helicopters, but also for the UNIT members that were now at the front of the building, trying to get those they had rescued, out.

'Adam.' Chang sent as he was looking over the equipment that the five people were hooked up to. 'I am in need of assistance. There are five people here that are in need of medical attention. Also, please send Juan or Jory to my location. I think we need to capture as much of the computer equipment as we can.'

'Gotcha.' Adam sent back. 'Help's on the way. Juan's taken up overwatch for our escape, so Jory's on his way.'

'Very well.' Chang said, then added in. 'Adam, you better warn anyone who comes. Dr. Tony Marcus is here. However, he is not one of the good guys.'

'Does that mean...' Adam started to say only to get cut off by Chang.

'Do not think any further into this while we are in the middle of combat.'

Adam forcefully shoved the thoughts of Dr. Marcus away as he and his small team rounded the corner and came face to face with several enemy troops. The UNIT's reaction time was much faster than the enemies, so the four of them cut down the enemy troops quickly. Adam knew though that these were just the first. Using only hand signals, he sent Josh and Lisa up to where they would have the best field of fire for anyone coming in. "Conserve your ammo." Adam said softly. "I don't know how long we'll have to hold out here."

Getting nods from the two, Adam moved quickly over to Zack and knelt down next to him. "So, you ready to get ingenuous?" Adam forced himself not to look as Lisa and Josh started to fire.

"Whatcha got in mind?" The boy asked with a grin.

"That's simple. This corridor, I want it rigged to come down as we back up. I want to draw as many of the enemy in here as we can, then as we withdraw, we will blow the whole damned thing down on top of 'em."

"Ouch." Zack said with a grin while he looked around. "Give me three minutes." Adam nodded, slapped the boy on the shoulder, then turned and helped the others give Zack the time he needed.

"It's Jory!" The young boy shouted before he turned into the room that Chang was in. "Adam said you needed me for…" He said then saw the kneeling man. Before he even knew what he was doing, Jory drew his sidearm, and fired.

Faster than anyone could follow, Chang moved, drew his sword, and knocked the bullet out of the air with the flat of his blade. "We can not kill him till after Logan gets a chance to find out what he knows." Chang said softly as he stepped in front of Jory and took the handgun away from his younger brother.

Jory, for his part, barely even noticed his gun being taken away, all he saw, as he looked around, was a lab. A lab that looked a lot like the one he was 'raised' in.

McCray looked over just in time to see the young boy start to shake slightly, and go pale. It didn't take a genius to know what was happening. These kids were born and raised in a lab. He didn't know what was done to them there, but he knew it couldn't have been good.

He moved over and knelt before the boy forcing him to meet his eyes. "I can only imagine how difficult this is for you, but we need you to focus. Chang called you up here, I'm assuming, to try and get as much of the computer information as you can, to see what the hell's going on here. We NEED you, Jory." It took a moment but finally Jory nodded and moved over to a computer. He made damned sure not to look at Dr. Marcus as he worked.

Dr. McCray watched for only a moment before he moved over to continue getting the patients ready to move. He barely noticed as Chang looked up, then quickly moved out of the room. Moments later he came back in. "The rest are waiting outside. Please let me know as soon as we can move the patients. I will radio in for our ride."

"I'll only need three more minutes." McCray said never looking up from Cadet Peters. Chang nodded, then looked around the room till he found what he needed, a small cloth bag. He moved over to stand in front of Dr. Marcus and glared down at the man. "If you wish to leave here alive, you will do exactly as I say. Is that understood?" The man nodded quickly, to which Chang just sneered. Before he lost what little control he still had on his emotions, he took the bag, and put it over the man's head. "This way, no one will know who you are, and you MIGHT make it back to the base in one piece. I would also advise you to keep your mouth shut." Not waiting for a reply, he moved around the man, and pulled his arms behind his back, where he used a zip tie to secure his hands. Next he dragged the man to his feet, and placed a hand on his arm. "If you feel my hand leave your arm, you stop, and don't move unless I tell you to. If you do not follow my directions, you will find yourself… ventilated."

"I'm done!" Jory cried out as he yanked the last hard drive out of the computers.

"Set charges." Chang said quickly as he saw Germs and McCray preparing the patients to move. "I do not want anything in here to be able to be used again." Not waiting for an answer, Chang activated his radio. "Robin Hood's loose. Need a ride to Sherwood."

McCray chuckled then took the first gurney, and pushed it from the room, handing it off to one of the UNIT members who was waiting. Once all five patients were out of the room, Chang took Marcus's arm, and nodded to Germs who took point.

"Robin Hood's loose. Need a ride to Sherwood." Adam heard over the radio and sighed. "It's about damned time." He glanced over to Zack who nodded that he was ready. He reached up and patted Josh on the shoulder. The moment he did, Josh intensified his firing while Adam ran down the hallway. When he made it about twenty feet, he slipped behind a pillar, and started to fire his own rifle. Slowly the four of them leapfrogged back, giving up ground and retreating. With Adam's enhanced hearing, he knew that the enemy thought that they were falling back due to overwhelming odds. He stopped himself from grinning.

Just as they got word that Chang and his group were at the lobby and waiting for the Osprey, Adam gave Zack the signal, then threw himself down. All around him, the world erupted in noise, flame, and heat. He kept expecting to have something fall on top of him, but it never happened. Seconds later, he shook his head, and looked around. From where they had just been was nothing but rubble and fire. Adam grinned as he looked over at Zack. "I think you just got a promotion. Come on, let's get outta here."

When Adam and his team got to the rally point in the lobby, he looked over at Chang and nodded. With as close as they were, words weren't needed. "The Osprey will be here in 30 seconds." Jory said somewhat unnecessarily, as Adam could already hear them coming in.

"Injured only on the first one!" Adam called out to everyone as they saw the first Osprey come in for a landing. Even before it was down, Adam was leading everyone out to it. Halfway there, Adam had to duck behind a burning piece of armored vehicle, as small arms fire came at them from both the north and west. "Cover the patients!" Adam cried out as he started to open up with his MP5.

On the roof of the Wilderness Lodge, Juan and his team were firing as fast as they could find targets. "I don't know where the fuck they came from, Adam, but there's a shit load of 'em." He said over the radio.

"Billy!" Adam called out through the radio, but it wasn't really needed, as the Chinook came in low firing its rockets. Billy put them over top of the Osprey to try and give it as much protection as he could. Once the 50s opened up, Chang and the others rushed the gurneys as fast as they could into the Osprey.

Once they were inside, Billy pivoted the Chinook and moved to the side, so the Osprey could take off, which it did almost immediately.

Once in the Osprey, Chang, McCray and the others began getting everyone strapped down.The pilot's voice came over their head sets. "Get everyone strapped in fast, we are pulling out."

The big vertical propellers began lifting the plane and thrusting it forward at the same time. The sounds of the combat outside nearly drowned out by giant engines straining to get the Osprey in the air. The plane suddenly dipped to the left, Dr. McCray and Chang both threw themselves on top of the two very injured boys, trying to protect them.

The pilot's voice came clear over the headset again. "Command, this is Bishop we have been hit, I say again we have been hit. We are losing hydraulics and oil fast I need a safe place to put this beast down and I need it now."

"Bishop, roger, you are declaring an emergency. All air traffic stay clear of sector 2 alpha. Bishop, come to bearing 162. The FLS is secure, I say again make for the FLS."

"Command this is Bishop we are coming to 162 and making for the FLS, have search and rescue on stand-by. Bishop out."

As soon as the first Osprey had left, the other Osprey came in for a landing, as the enemy gunfire died down some. It didn't take very long for the VIPs to be loaded and for that Osprey to take off, but it was what happened as the Chinook landed to pick everyone else up that had Adam's blood pressure rise.

"Bishop's been hit! They're gonna land at the detention center!" Billy said as Adam got into the back of the Chinook.

"Have all UNIT choppers provide cover, then get our asses over there. We'll make sure nothing gets to them." Adam said after a second.

"Got it. The Detention Center is secure, so we should be good there, but…" Billy left the rest unsaid as he got the Chinook into the air, and screamed over towards the Detention Center, getting there just in time to see the first Osprey touch down, smoke billowing out of the left engine.

National Guard troops began to pour out of the building they were housed in. Two of the Cobras fired their Gatling Guns, killing and wounding many of them, while scattering the rest and forcing them to retreat back into their building.

The other two Cobras headed to the north parking lot where the enemy Strykers were located. They each had targeted a Stryker and hit the fire button for their Hellfire missiles when a line of small explosions erupted in front of them from a Tomahawk with a submunitions dispenser. They had forgotten about the cruise missile strike that had been planned so they were surprised and turned away to get away from the explosions. The missiles they had fired went off target when the pilots turned away in surprise.

Moose led his crew to the base of the fence surrounding the three resort buildings being used to hold the prisoners. Moose and Jiffy slapped some small C-4 explosive packets to the fence and stepped back to detonate them. When the explosion cleared, there was a large section of the fence blown open. The SEALs ran through the hole and headed to the first building to secure the prisoners.

When they exited Dragon, the Blood's Honor forces split in two. One half headed around to the National Guard barracks under Jillian's command, while the other half under Tony's command took up positions in front of the main building.

As Christina led her team to the front of the main building, some of the guards who were on duty exited the building as the Red Dragons came around the resort sign in front. They opened fire on the guards who were there. As the enemy soldiers went down, the glass entrance behind them shattered in the fusillade. Instead of opening the lobby doors, the Red Dragons jumped through the bullet riddled glass, breaking it as they entered the building. Other guards in the building opened fire on them as they came through the glass. A couple of the Red Dragons were hit and knocked to the ground. The guardsmen who fired at them were hit by a barrage of fire from the team's MP5s and went down. The two team members jumped back up as the Red Dragons split up into two groups of three to clear the building of any remaining defenders. At this time of night there weren't too many on duty. Most of them had been in the lobby area and went down when the Red Dragons entered the building.

The two groups quickly cleared the building. Christina and her team found the communications room. The Duty Lieutenant looked up in shock as they entered. "Don't move or you're dead." He quickly surrendered when he saw the three black armored figures run into the room. On the radio, they could hear someone asking for a sitrep. Chris waved Oliver forward. He slung his MP5 as he took out some zip ties to secure the prisoner.

From the radio they heard the same voice again.

"Detention Center, this is Havoc Troop. We are sending our Strykers to you as reinforcements. Acknowledge."

The voice paused for a moment before continuing. "This is Havoc Troop, Detention Center Acknowledge."

Chris looked at Ram. "Go tell the Blood's Honor to expect two platoons of Strykers heading their way." Ram nodded and ran from the room.

Ram went out front and found Tony of Blood's Honor. "Sir." Tony glanced at the figure in black armor. "Yes?"

"There are Strykers headed your way sir." He nodded. "How many?" Ram answered him right away. "Two platoons sir." Tony looked to how his men were deployed. "That's about sixteen or so. Okay. Thanks." Ram sketched him a quick salute and headed back into the building.

Tony raised his voice. "We've got about sixteen Strykers headed our way. Get the anti-tank weapons ready, they'll be here soon." He watched as the weapons were pulled out and readied for action.

Alpha and Bravo Teams of Boat Crew Roc split up as they ran through the hole they had blown in the fence. Alpha headed to building A to secure it, while Bravo went to building C.

Alpha Team moved along the side of one wing of building A, heading to the central area where the three wings joined. They suspected that the guards for the building would be located there. As they got closer, they could see the lights in the entrance area were on, but they couldn't see anyone. They crept forward until they were near the door, staying in the shadows near the building wall. When they got close enough, they could see the doors opened outward. That was going to make it harder, because they couldn't just push the door open to get in, they would have to stop and pull the door toward them to open it.

Moose pointed at Rabbit and Falcon to cover the door. When they were ready, Oreo ran forward and pulled the door open, while Moose and Alien ran inside. As they entered the lobby area, two guards popped up from behind the counter and fired the pistols they were armed with. Falcon and Rabbit added their fire to the fire of Moose and Alien at the two guards and put them down. Alien and Moose checked the guards, they were dead. The rest of the team entered the building. Moose and Oreo secured the bottom floor as the other three headed to the stairs to check the rest of the building.

On the next floor they found a guard in the center area of the floor, facing the elevators. When the SEALs yelled for him to freeze, he instead whipped around firing his pistol and they put him down hard. When the guard's pistol fired they heard screams of fright from behind the closed doors. They checked the guard, he was dead. The three of them went down the hall of each wing to check for other guards. There were no others to be found. They met back in the middle and reported clear.

Alien led the way as they climbed up to the next floor. When they got there, Rabbit stayed low and peeked out of the door. In the central area was another guard facing the elevators and he could tell that the guard was nervous by the way he was looking around, trying to see everywhere. The guard had his pistol up and he saw him look down one of the halls and yell. "STAY IN YOUR ROOMS!"

Rabbit looked back at the others and held up one finger. The other two nodded. Rabbit stood up and grabbed the door. Alien nodded and Rabbit yanked the door open. Alien yelled as he ran through the door. "DROP IT OR DIE ASSHOLE!" Falcon and Rabbit both heard the pistol hit the floor and the young man's scared voice. "I give up! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" Alien glanced at Rabbit who ran forward and zip tied the soldier and picked up the dropped pistol. Once he was secured, they again split up and headed down the wings to search for other guards. As they advanced down the hall a few doors opened. The SEALs waved at them to go back inside their rooms. Once they were sure it was clear they went up to the top floor of the building. The guard on duty for that floor quickly gave up when he saw the SEALs come out of the stairway door. Once it was secure they let Moose know what was going on.

"Good. Let the people know to stay in the rooms while we get everything secured. Tell them we're here to get them out."

"Aye, Aye."

Alien cut the zip ties off the legs of the captured guard and stood him up. He took the young man to the elevators and went down to collect the guard from the floor below.

Falcon took charge on this floor while Rabbit went down to the floor below. Falcon knocked on one of the nearest doors. No one answered. He pounded on the door. "You're safe. Open the door." A man opened the door a crack and looked out. Falcon smiled at him. "Hey. I need you to do something and go to the others on this floor… He heard some noise in the hall and glanced in that direction, bringing his gun up. He quickly lowered it when he saw that some of the others who were being held here were peeking out of their doors.

He raised his voice, so everyone could hear him. "Everyone! I need you all to get dressed and then stay in your rooms! We're here to get you out of here once we secure the area! For now wait until one of us comes for you! Do you understand?" Falcon looked around and saw several of the detainees nod. "Good. I need to head back downstairs." He pointed at one of the men. "I want you to take charge and get everyone ready. When we are ready to leave, one of us will come get you." The man nodded. "Who are you?" Falcon smiled at him. "US Navy SEALs. We work for President Bryce. He sent us to get you folks out of here." Those within earshot smiled and gave him a little cheer. "Okay, I have to go rejoin my team, we got more work to do. Remember stay here until we come for you." The man nodded and turned to some of the others, asking them to help him get everyone ready to go.

On the floor below, Rabbit had a similar experience, except by the time he returned to the floor, several of the detainees had gathered near the dead guard. When Rabbit stepped out of the elevator, he saw one of the men had just bent down to pick up the fallen guard's pistol. "I wouldn't touch that, were I you." The man who was kneeling down froze with his hand just above the pistol and slowly looked at the elevator, where the heavily armed SEAL was standing. Rabbit smiled. "Good choice." Rabbit walked over and the people moved out of the way. He picked up the pistol and tucked it in his belt. "Okay people, I need you folks to get up and dressed, but don't move from this floor. We're here to break you out of this place and take you to safety." He looked around to make sure they understood. "Okay, I gotta go back downstairs and join my team. We have some more work to do before we leave. Just stay here until one of us comes and gets you." Rabbit went over to the elevator and pushed the button. When it opened he went inside and turned around. He waved at them. "See you in a bit. Remember stay here." When the door closed, the people looked at each other for a moment and then broke out of their surprise and began rousing the others on the floor.

Bravo Team went to one of the end doors of building C to make their entrance, since it was the closest entrance to them. They found it was locked. Hell Hound called Jiffy up to blow the door. He placed two small breaching charges on the hinges. They all stepped back to the sides of the door and Jiffy triggered the charges. The hinges were blown off and Hell Hound grabbed the door handle and ripped the door open. Nemo led the way down the hall, the rest of the men following behind him.

At the end of the hall a soldier appeared. When he saw the men coming toward him, he raised his pistol, but Nemo fired his M4 and gave the man a short burst, taking him down. They continued down the hall. They burst into the lobby area and two guards behind the desk fired at them. The team took cover and returned fire. The two sides exchanged fire for about a minute. One of the guards was hit and the other realizing if he continued fighting that he would be killed, threw his pistol out and raised his hands. They zip tied him and Hell Hound tended to the wounded guard. Goldie stayed with him while the other three headed upstairs. They also found a single guard on each floor. But these guards were smarter. As soon as they were ordered to drop their guns, they complied immediately and put their hands on their heads. Once each floor was secured, they also enlisted the detainees to assist them in getting the people ready to go. They reported back to Hell Hound. Hell Hound contacted Moose in building A.

"Bravo to Alpha. Building C secure."

"Acknowledged. A is secured as well. One building to go. Send three of your team around the pool and make your way to the front door. I'll send part of my team across from here."

"Aye, Aye."

Hell Hound looked at his team. "Jiffy, Wookie, Goldie, go help Alpha take building B." The three nodded and left the building. They made their way quickly around the pool and along the south wing of the last building. There was plenty of cover available to hide their approach. They halted just before they could be seen by anyone through the front door. They watched as Alien, Rabbit and Falcon made their way from building A across the plaza, using the cars that were located in the area as decoration as their cover. They skirted around until they were along the wall of the north wing of the building.

All of them turned around and looked to the north as they heard gunfire before turning their attention back to their mission.

Jiffy signaled the other team. "Bravo in position." They received an immediate answer. "Alpha in position." There was a short pause. "Go." As soon as they heard the order, they rushed the building. As they entered the building there was no one at the desk. The six of them began to search the building for guards and were able to quickly determine that no guards were inside. "Building B secure. Looks like the guards bugged out."

"Acknowledged. See to the detainees. Make sure everyone is okay."

"Aye, Aye."

They got the detainees in building B ready to go. Once they finished with talking to the people in the building they joined up with the rest of the boat crew. There was an intense amount of gunfire to the north. Moose sent Rabbit and Nemo to the north end of the area, to get a look see at what was happening. He sent Falcon and Goldie to the top of the buildings to get in an overwatch position. Moose placed two members of the crew in each building and they waited for the word to leave.

To the north they heard the sound of gunfire rise in volume, along with the sound of the helicopters flying overhead and firing.

Jillian's team from Blood's Honor came around the south end of the main building of the resort. As they came to the area behind the building, gunfire greeted them from above. They looked for cover as they tried to find the source of the fire. It was coming from a pair of guard towers that flanked the entrance to the fenced in area where the prisoners were held. Several of the men returned fire and the soldiers in the tower ducked down. While the guards were out of sight, two of the men came up with LAW rockets and fired them at the two towers. The towers exploded into a flaming mess. Problem solved.

They were about to advance on the building when gunfire erupted from their right. They looked in that direction and saw a group of guardsmen who were trying to run from the detention area and get into the guards' building. Blood's Honor returned fire and the guardsmen were put down hard. Jillian directed a couple of their soldiers to check the downed guardsmen.

They continued their advance to the building that was the guards' quarters. As they headed to the building a large group of guards came running out of the building. The two groups saw each other and began firing. As Blood's Honor took cover, they heard the sound of the Cobras overhead and watched as the Gatling Guns on the two Cobras opened up on the guards and their building. The few that survived the first strike, stumbled back inside the building to take cover.

The Blood's Honor group moved forward carefully, taking advantage of the cover that was available as they took positions to assault and take the building. Guards inside the building began to fire on them from the windows of the building. Blood's Honor went to ground and returned fire. Since the guards were firing from a higher spot, it was hard for the Blood's Honor group to return fire without exposing themselves to fire from above. Once again it was the Cobras that helped take care of the problem. They began a sustained fire at the guards' building, firing half of their Hydra rockets at the building. They were chewing it up pretty badly when someone started waving a white sheet out of one of the windows.

Jillian held up her hand. "CEASE FIRE!" Her troop's fire slackened and stopped. She looked at the entrance that was near them. "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEADS!" Slowly the guards came out of the building. Some were injured. Most of them looked a little dazed by the attack by the Cobras. Jillian and the rest of her troopers stood up to take the guards prisoner. Gunfire rang out from their left. Two members of the troop were hit, as the rest of the troop hit the ground and returned fire. The guards who were surrendering, froze as they tried to figure out what to do. A few them looked a bit comical as they looked back and forth with their hands still on their head. Finally some hit the ground trying to find a hole to jump into, while others turned around and ran back inside their building.

Jillian had most of her troop turn to face the new threat and saw a large number of soldiers moving their way. She knew who they were. It was the soldiers from the cavalry troop that was stationed at the other end of the resort. It looked as if they were outnumbered and these were regular Army, not the National Guard troops they had just been fighting. She keyed her mic. "We need a couple of those Cobras over here, east of the main building. A lot of the cavalry troops just showed up and they are hammering us."

"Roger. Cobras are a little busy right now. We'll see what we can do." Brett called up to the cockpit. "Apollo. They need some help on the east side of the main building."

"Roger." Apollo glanced over to Eve with a grin. "Let's go get some." Eve prepared the gunner controls and nodded. "Drake. Change color scheme to Red Dragon. We're gonna breathe some fire on those poor unfortunate souls."


As Apollo brought Dragon down from its command and control position, the standard US Army coloring on the CH-53, changed into a red dragon. At the front under the cockpit a tooth filled, snarling, open mouth appeared. Apollo brought Dragon over the top of Jillian's position. Drake labeled the enemy forces on the screen in front of Eve and she squeezed the trigger for the dual chain guns in their chin turrets and started working them back and forth over the enemy positions.

Down on the ground, Lieutenant Lanstra was directing Lieutenant Werts to take some of the men and go around to the east and flank the enemy force. He heard the sound of a helicopter coming near and looked up to see a huge CH-53 painted like a dragon, coming into view over the top of the enemy force and from what looked like a snarling mouth, it started spitting fire at him and his men. Everyone around him hit the ground. Not all of them got out of the way and the fire from the helicopter tore into their ranks, throwing bodies and body parts everywhere. The men were ripped apart by the chain gun fire. Some of the men headed for cover by dashing into the main building on their right. Others tried to find cover in and around the other nearby buildings. The large helicopter then turned and flew off.

Lanstra looked around. "Shit. What the hell happened to our Air Defense? They should be shooting these fuckers out of the sky." He contacted the Tactical Operations Center. "X-ray, this is Three One. Contact Air Defense and find out why they haven't shot these helos down yet. If any of the Avengers survived the initial strike, they need to start taking them out. We're getting chewed up."

He turned around and looked at one of the men. He knew that they had some Stingers in the makeshift armory in the hotel. "Take some men and go get some Stingers and bring them up. Next time one of those fuckers shows up, we'll take 'em down." The man nodded and moved back as he tapped some of the men nearby.

Captain Pendleton heard Lanstra on the radio as they advanced on the main building. He keyed his mic. "Havoc Two, this is Havoc One. Did…." The rest of his words were cut off by several nearby explosions that rocked his track. Looking up he saw two Cobras firing missiles at his troop. Two Strykers were burning. They showed their training as they spread out some to make it harder to be hit by the Hydra rockets being shot at them.

He buttoned up and yelled into the mic. "HAVOC TWO, GET THOSE AVENGERS FIRING ON THOSE DAMN CHOPPERS!"

"This is Havoc Two. One of the Avengers was taken out in the missile strike and the other was damaged. They're trying to get the launcher up now."

"Well tell them to hurry the fuck up!"

Up in Dragon, Drake alerted Brett to a communication that he had intercepted from the enemy down below. "Doctor, there is a threat to our air group. They have at least one Avenger that could give us a problem."

"What is an Avenger, Drake?"

"The Avenger is a weapons system that fires Stinger Anti-Air Missiles."

"And they've got one of those?"

"Affirmative, but it is damaged. They are attempting to repair it and bring it into action."

Brett contacted Eve and Apollo. "There is an anti-air vehicle system called an Avenger that needs to be taken out before it can be brought into action."

"Roger, breaking off." Apollo pulled up so they could get a good look at the area. Eve looked at the computer screen in front of her. "Drake, locate the Avenger."

"Acknowledged. Scanning…" Apollo brought them up high to where they can see the burning vehicles that had been part of troop's vehicles. Drake quickly searched through his database on military hardware and matched it to the vehicles in the area. "Target found. One Avenger. It appears to be damaged."

"Good. Send the location to the Cobras, Drake."

On the targeting displays of the two Hellfire armed Cobras the information about the location of the Avenger appeared. The gunners of the two Cobras contacted their pilot about the new target. The two Cobras headed toward the target, ignoring the group of Strykers moving toward the main building. They could see soldiers moving around the target tagged as Avenger. One Hellfire on each Cobra was aimed at the Avenger.

"Target Avenger. Missile Away."

The blast of the missile engines brightened the sky. As they streaked toward the Avenger, the troopers working on her got the power going on the launcher.

"Got it. Power is on. Bringing up the radar." The sergeant in command punched commands on the radar's targeting computer. As it came online, he spooled it up and immediately got a missile warning. "Oh…shit." On the radar he saw two missiles heading his way. The missiles hit a moment later and destroyed the last Avenger. The men who were working on it tried to get away but it was too late.

The two Cobras saw tracers go past their cockpits and peeled off to get away from the .50 caliber rounds coming at them from one of the Strykers down below.

The surviving Strykers swung out to the landing strip and around the main building, before heading toward the front of the building, where they expected to find the attacking forces.

Rio and Fox moved forward, alert for any sign of guards. They came to the first group of buildings. They were dark and didn't appear to be used. The two of them moved to the center area between the three buildings. The area was decorated in a Little Mermaid theme. The two made their way through the central pool area. The buildings around them remained dark and there was no sound. When they got into the central area, Rio held his hand up to stop Fox. He looked around the area. What Fox didn't know was that he was using his telepathy to listen for anyone nearby. After a couple of minutes he had to stop as he could feel the drain. He looked over at Fox. "There's no one here. We can move to the next group of buildings."

"How do you know?"

Rio tapped his head with a grin. "Trade secret. Trust me, these buildings are empty."

Fox hesitated for a moment before he keyed his mic. "Superman. It's clear. Move up. The first group of buildings is empty.

"Acknowledged, moving up."

Superman and the rest of the boat crew moved forward to the first group of buildings. They made their way between the them. They came from around the east end of the northernmost building and then made their way into the central area. They kept their rifles at the ready as they moved to the area between the buildings. As they arrived, Fox and Rio appeared.

"Superman, the kid and I are going to move forward to the next group. We'll let you know….." They all stopped as they heard several massive explosions coming from the north. They saw the giant fireballs from multiple strikes. Superman looked around. "I guess that's the sig…." Moments later they heard the roar of a rocket engine as a Tomahawk flew overhead. Just beyond the buildings they were in, they heard a lot of explosions followed by secondary explosions. As the fireballs rose into the sky, Superman looked at the two scouts and pointed in the direction of the explosions.

The two scouts headed out. As they got to the end of the buildings, they could see to their right front, a large number of burning armored vehicles. Between where they were and the next set of buildings was an open area with a few trees in between them. Rio waved his hand and led the way forward, using the exploding vehicles to mask their approach to the next set of buildings. As they reached the edge of the group of buildings, they were able to hide in a group of trees. These buildings were decorated in a Lion King theme.

They had just started to make their way through the trees to the middle of the buildings, when they heard the shouts of men coming out of the buildings. They heard orders being shouted and they froze in place. On the other side of the buildings they heard engines starting up. They were about to move forward when they heard and saw some men coming their way. They froze in place and watched as the men stopped just short of their position and began to move around in the area. Rio held his hand up to Fox before he got down low and began moving forward. He was out of sight in moments leaving no evidence of his movement. He returned a minute later and moved right next to Fox as he pointed to where the men's voices were coming from. "The two mortars are in the open right beyond these trees and bushes." Fox nodded and motioned for Rio to move back with him. They moved back until they were at the north end of the jungle like trees.

"Stay here. I'm going to bring up Superman and the rest of the crew." Rio nodded and watched as Fox turned and made his way across the open area to the Little Mermaid buildings. He turned to face the direction where the mortars were located to keep watch.

Fox ran quickly to where the crew was waiting. "We found the mortars. The kid is back there keeping an eye on them." The sound of a large amount of gunfire reached them. Superman stood up and waved for the crew to follow him as they ran across to where Rio waited for. Once they were there. Superman split the crew into the two teams. They carefully moved forward through the trees and bushes until they could see the mortar positions. The area was an open space with fake bones of elephants in the area. It was a recreation of the elephant graveyard from the Lion King movie. The two 120mm mortars were set up and the soldiers appeared to be waiting for target coordinates. Superman keyed his mic. "Fire."

The ten SEALs and one UNIT member fired when they heard the command in their radios. The twelve men never stood a chance and were cut down in seconds. Their fire discipline was such that as soon as all of the men were down they stopped firing. Superman led them forward into the area. He sent Bravo Team to the south to set up a guard position, while Alpha Team secured the site.

Rio silently contacted Christina. 'Chris, Rio. The mortars are neutralized.'

'Great. Any casualties?'

'Not for us.'

'Disable the mortars and check the nearby buildings for any enemy forces. I don't know how many are still there, because I think they've come down to our end of the resort to play.'

'Will do. Rio out.'

Rio went over to Superman. "Sir, Christina says to disable the mortars and check the building for enemy forces. She doesn't believe there are many left back here, they've moved to attack the rest of our forces to the south."

Superman nodded and quietly gave the orders. "Disable the mortars, and then we're going hunting for anyone left here." Two of the men pulled out small V40 grenades and once the rest of the team was moving to join Bravo, they pulled the pins and dropped them inside the tubes before running after the team. Moments later, they heard the sound of the grenades going off inside the tubes of the two mortars rendering them useless.

As they joined the crew, Superman pointed toward the building, when Rio got their attention with a loud whisper. "Soldiers coming this way." Superman looked up and they saw a group of five men coming toward them. The men were moving carefully with their M4s at the ready. Superman could see that the men seemed to be looking in the direction of the explosion from the mortar's location. Superman gestured for them to hold their fire until he fired. They nodded and passed the info on to those who could not see Superman. All of them were well hidden in the jungle like trees and bushes in the area that looked toward the entrance of the building that was being used by the cavalry troopers. Superman watched as the men moved carefully forward. The sergeant leading them had the men spread out using hand signals. The troopers moved forward, checking everything before them. Rio saw the sergeant point at two of them and then to the doors of the building. The two men broke cover and ran to the building. Superman started firing, quickly followed by the rest of the crew opening. The troopers were surprised by the amount of firing coming toward them. The two that had run for the doors went down immediately as they were hit by several rounds. The sergeant gestured for the men to move back.

When they were out of sight, Superman looked at Poppy, the Bravo Team leader. "Poppy, have your team take up positions around here and watch for more of the soldiers coming this way. The rest will come with me to check for anyone else inside the building. You too Kid, come with me. Let's go."

Superman led the way to the door and inside the building while Poppy got his team into position to watch the backdoor.

Inside the building they moved quickly toward the front lobby area. They passed an open door. They could hear groans coming from inside the room beyond. When Superman looked in, he saw some wounded soldiers being tended by a medic. He motioned for Flasher to follow him in while the rest waited. When the two men entered the room, the medic looked up and his eyes widened in shock as one of the men held his finger up to his lips. The man pointed his rifle at the medic and motioned for him to get up. Flasher came over and made sure the man was unarmed. "He's clean." Superman nodded. "Stay here Flasher and help him." He pointed at the medic. "You keep your mouth shut and my man here will assist with your wounded. Understand?" The medic nodded.

Superman turned and left the room. He led the rest of the team around to the front part of the lobby. As they came around to the front desk, they heard someone talking in one of the offices nearby. Superman pointed to Black Crow and then at the door. Black Crow moved to the side of the door and the others stacked up. When he felt the man behind him tap his back, he threw a flash bang into the room. They heard some yells of surprise as they ran into the room. There were a couple of soldiers in the room bent over, holding their ears. They quickly subdued the officer and soldier that were in the room. They figured this was the Command Center because of the communication equipment in the room and the maps and building plans on the walls. They could hear someone on the radio.

"We don't know what you're talking about. We haven't seen any aircraft to shoot down." Rio cocked his head as he listened to the voice. Inside his helmet he was smiling. "He walked over and keyed the mic. "Sean is that you." Superman whirled around, "What the fuck are you doing Kid."

"Wha….Who's this?"

"It's Rio."

"Hey Rio. I take it you guys have control over there."

"No exactly yet. There's still a bunch of those Cav guys still fighting. We just took their Command Center. So you guys have the Air Defense under control?"

"Yeah we do. Although I think we lost a few launchers when the Navy plastered the Magic Kingdom."

"Cool, see ya later."

Rio put the mic down and looked at Superman who was glaring at him. "I knew it was Sean trying to sound older, so instead of fucking around, I let him know we got this place here." Superman turned around and shook his head as he muttered under his breath. "Jumper, Black Crow and you Kid, you're with me."


Superman stopped and looked at the black armored figure standing before him. He heard a crack and saw the back of the plastic chair where Rio's hand was resting, splinter as it shattered under his grip. "I know, I'm not part of your crew and I know I'm a 'Kid'…". He made air quotes. "…but I have a name and it's Rio."

Superman looked at him for a moment and nodded. "Okay Rio, you're with me."

Rio nodded and followed Superman as he left the room. Superman led them to the parking lot side of the building. They saw several covered bodies. They also saw a lot of burning vehicles outside and none of the soldiers. Superman led them back to the Command Center. "Condor, Jumper, go out the back and reinforce Bravo. We'll hold the fort here." The two men took off and joined Bravo out back. Superman looked at the others, "Okay, let's set up to cover this room here in case any of the troopers decide to come back." The others nodded and they found cover out in the lobby of the building.

In the main building Chris and her team heard the sound of running footsteps coming from the back part of the building. The footsteps resolved into a group of soldiers running into the main lobby area. "Fire!" Her team caught the men by surprise and most of them went down in the initial volley. The rest tried to run back the other way, but they felt themselves lifted up and thrown into a nearby wall where they sank to the base of the wall unmoving. Chris and her team moved forward, looking for more coming their way. "Aleks, Fiona, Jamil, you head to where they entered and cover that area in case anyone else wants to come in here. We'll cover this side." She looked at the soldiers sprawled in the main lobby. "Ram, check 'em out and see if you can help any of them. Ollie, secure their weapons." The two of them nodded.

Out front Tony and the thirty members of Blood's Honor that he had with him could hear the Strykers moving toward them. He looked at his Javelin gunners and told them to get ready. "Remember, everyone watch your fire and don't hit the planes out there near the runway." His troops nodded and turned their attention to where they expected the Strykers to appear.

Moments later the first of the Strykers appeared around the corner of the main building. "FIRE!" A moment later the Javelins fired. The missile from each launcher shot up into the air while both of the two-man teams relocated. The missiles reached the top of their arc and then came down right through the top of the two targeted Strykers. The explosion took out the two lead Strykers and rocked the others nearby. The rest of the platoon pulled back out of sight.

Tony looked around at his team members nearby and grinned. He keyed his mic. "Great job! Two down, but a bunch to go. Keep sharp. They're going to dismount now and move in on us. Javelin teams watch for the Strykers coming back as infantry support." He looked up and saw the Cobras coming around as they set up for attack runs.

The two Cobras came in and fired a couple of Hellfires each. From the direction that the cavalry troop had pulled back to, the Blood's Honor troops heard some explosions and saw the flames rise into the air.

The members of Havoc Troop ducked down, as the debris from the three Strykers that had just been hit by the Hellfires rained down on them. Captain Pendleton shouted orders to his men.

"You need to close with the hostile forces. If you're too close to them, the Cobras won't be able to attack. Move out."

The men moved forward around the building and began taking cover behind the vehicles, trees and bushes that were still in the parking lot and opened fire at the Blood's Honor team. Behind them the Strykers came back around the building firing their top mounted machine guns.

LAW rockets shot out from the Blood's Honor positions. Some hit vehicles that the troopers were hiding behind causing them to explode and the troopers were thrown back. Two Strykers were hit and began burning.

The troopers continued to advance under the cover of the Strykers. The Javelin teams fired from their new positions and two more Strykers blew up. Moments later, the four Cobras fired the last of their Hellfires and then followed it up by firing their 20mm Gatling Guns. Nearly all of the remaining Strykers were hit. The Hellfires were effective, but the Gatling guns were a bit less effective. Only one of the Strykers hit by the Gatling Gun fire was immobilized.

The fire from the Blood's Honor team was directed to the cavalry troopers. The two sides exchanged fire for a few minutes. The Cobras seeing that their Gatling Gun fire was less effective against the Strykers, they came back in and directed their fire at the cavalry trooper's positions, tearing through them. At the same time Dragon appeared out of nowhere in its Red Dragon guise with both 30mm Chain Guns firing. The shells penetrated the final two Strykers, one caught fire and the other was immobilized.

The troopers had had enough and the survivors began to surrender.

After Dragon finished with the last two Strykers, it peeled off and headed to the other side of the main building where a heavy firefight was going on. Apollo ripple fired the last of his 2.75 rockets at the enemy positions and followed it up with a couple of bursts from the dual chin turrets. Some of the troopers headed back to their building and were met by the accurate fire from Poppy and the others of Boat Crew Chimera. They realized that they were surrounded and that they had no air cover. The survivors began to give up.

Dragon directed its chin turrets to the resort building that the Florida National Guard soldiers were firing from and hovered. With its menacing paint scheme it looked to be snarling at the building. Jillian called for their surrender and moments later men began coming out of the building with their hands up. Right behind them came the surviving C-130 flight crews.

Jillian looked at her men and waved them forward. "Take charge of the prisoners, tend to their wounded." She reported to Tony that they were secured. Tony told her that they were done as well.

Christina was monitoring the radio and heard Jillian. She keyed her radio. "All teams sitrep."

"Kreegar here. My team and I are crossing the bridge now, we'll be at the resort in moments. The rest of my team on your side of the lake should be moving up to your position now."

"Chimera Crew here, north side secure, mortars destroyed. We have the cavalry troops Command and Communications room."

"Roc Crew here. Detainees are safe and secure. Awaiting transport."

"Blood's Honor. Our positions are secure."

"Roger. Secure any prisoners and bring them into the main building. There are a couple of large conference rooms near to each other. We'll use one to hold the prisoners. The other will be for an aid station. Check everyone and get the wounded to the aid station. All medical personnel report to the aid station to assist with the wounded."

The teams acknowledged the orders. Tony's men went among the prisoners, searched and gathered them together before sending them to the room designated as a holding room. They spread out among the damaged and destroyed Strykers searching for any survivors.

Jillian did the same on her side of the building. As the soldiers and guardsmen were brought inside the building, they were surprised to see several kids wearing black armor and carrying MP5s, except for the one kid carrying an M249 SAW. It was clear to the soldiers that saw them that the kids seemed to be handling the weapons with an easy familiarity. They looked like any other soldiers except for their age and size.

While the prisoners and wounded were being taken care of, Christina contacted the helicopters. "Commander Casey here, position secure. You are cleared to land."

Outside, the four Cobras and Dragon found places to land near the main building.

She then changed to the operational command frequency to report. "This is Detention team. Position secured. We have secured the guests. Send their drivers. They are ready to go home."

"Roger. Drivers will be on the way in one mike."

"Command, Casey here. Request reloads for our air cover. Need everything, 20mm, 30mm, Hydras and Hellfires."

"Acknowledged. We'll have the reloads to you in one five mikes."

"Casey out."

Tony came up to Christina with an officer wearing captain's bars and the insignia of the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment. "Commander Casey, this is Captain Pendleton, commander of Havoc Troop."

She looked at him. "Captain?" Pendleton looked at the teenage girl and scowled. He looked at Tony. "Is this some joke? What's this girl doing playing soldier. Let me talk to the officer in charge." Christina shook her head and rolled her eyes. She poked Pendleton hard enough in the chest to cause him to stumble back.

"Look Captain Pendleton. I…am the officer in charge. And I'm getting real tired having to explain that." She then grabbed the front of his uniform. He suddenly found himself having difficulty breathing as she twisted the collar tightly and lifted him off the ground He found himself dangling in the air several inches above the floor, while his hands tried to pull his collar free from her grip. She wasn't even straining to hold him up. He looked at her. Although she was scowling at him, showed no sign of strain of any kind as she easily held him in place.

"You backed the wrong horse Captain. Asswood's days are numbered and anyone who supports him, their days are numbered as well." After holding him up for a few moments, she tossed him back a few feet causing the captain to stumble and fall to the floor. Christina looked at him for a moment before turning away. "Tony, please escort the captain to the detention room now."

For the next several minutes there was a lot of activity going on in the main building of the Detention Center as they made sure the prisoners were secure and the wounded were tended. Ten minutes later they heard an aircraft coming in to land. Christine went outside and watched an Osprey coming in for landing. Once it was down, the aircrews for the C-130s disembarked. As soon as they were all off, the Osprey took off and turned back to the staging area.

Christina and Oliver went out to meet the pilots. "Gentlemen, you know your mission. There are your planes. Do your preflight checks right away while I get your passengers out here and ready to load up." The pilots nodded and jogged over to the line of seventeen C-130s parked nearby.

As Christina headed back to her team she keyed the mic. "Boat Crew Roc. Prepare our guests and get them out to the field. Their drivers are here."

"Aye, Aye."

In the detention buildings, the SEAL Team members went floor by floor and evacuated the buildings. They emptied A first, then B and then C. The SEALs decided they needed the hole in the fence to be bigger so they used some of the extra explosives. Before they triggered it, everyone heard through their radios "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" When the smoke had cleared there was now a hole big enough to drive a truck through. They escorted the detainees through the hole and over to the parked C-130s.

The people were looking everywhere at the evidence of the battle that they had only been able to hear before. They saw a good number of armed soldiers everywhere. They were each carrying small bags or backpacks with their few belongings that they had been allowed to take with them.

As they neared the planes, the back ramps were lowered and the people were directed into them. Several asked where they were going. The answer was all the same. "To a safe place, under President Bryce's orders." They usually relaxed a little when they heard that. Christina told Rio to contact the Air Defense team and make sure the sky was clear. Once she was assured it was. She contacted the first plane and gave them clearance to take off.

The soldiers outside watched as one by one, the planes took off and headed east with their precious cargo.

Colonel Sheltons voice came across the radio "This is Archer, all ground elements report status"

Bucky keyed his Mic. "This is Juliete, Target Bravo neutralized. All resistance routed or surrendering."

"This is Oberon, Air Defense secure."

"This is Unit 1, in route back to main element."

"This is Red Dragon 1. Detention Center secure, refugees loaded and ready for departure."

"This is Archer, move to phase two, get those refugees out of there. Archer is moving to Command Center."

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