Castle Roland

A Special Place

by Sequoyah


Chapter 15

Published: 8 Apr 14

A Special Place--Part 15--Matt

"I'll leave you four to get decent," Yong Jin laughed. "Matt, Luke, David is downstairs and needs to talk to you two. Mary Kathryn, Michael, breakfast will be ready in half an hour or so. I suspect you guys are going to have to miss your morning run today."

"We'll be right down, Mom.

We, of course, did have more on than usual. Mary Kathryn had on a shorty nightgown and we three guys had worn boxers to bed. I suppose some people would have had a fit because we had all slept together, but we were four friends--very, very close friends--who had been deeply hurt last night and needed the support and love of each other. We had slept in each others arms and there was absolutely nothing sexual involved, in spite of what anyone might think.

Of course, there were three woodies in the bed, but that had to do more with a need to piss than anything sexual. Luke, Michael and I rushed to the bathroom for a piss, then Luke and I threw on some clothing and went downstairs.

When we walked into the kitchen where David sat having a cup of coffee, he got up and hugged both of us. "How're you doing fellows?"

"Better than I expected," Luke said. I nodded in agreement. "I guess what I expected wasn't as bad as it turned out to be. No, that's not right. What I expected wasn't what happened. I didn't expect Dad to become as violent as he did and I expected that if he did and attempted to hurt anyone, it would be me. When he hit Matt I really wanted to beat the shit out of him. But I guess I was more concerned with getting to Matt. This morning? I haven't had time to think beyond waking in bed with three of the most important people in my life and realizing that I am not alone. And I am loved, I am loved!"


"I'm fine, I think. I don't hurt as bad as I expected. I too, spent the night in bed with three people I love very much and who love me. I have loving parents and you and Gabrielle who love me. I'm fine."

"What are you two planning on doing today? Margaret wrote out a medical excuse for you should you not want to go to school."

"I never thought about not going," Luke said. "Mr. Mitchell has bent over backwards to provide tutoring for me and Matt and while we have caught up on our work, there's still the AP exam coming up and I don't think it would be showing much respect for him if we were not there after school. Besides, I think I need to be in school today because... because, I don't know why, I just do."

"Same here. Plus I need to get together with Paula about the recital/concert. I have music to take to her and I need to see Eugene to find out if the horn players are going to choose to play with the ensemble. If they do not, I don't think the ensemble will play."

"Well, I guess that settles that. How are you going to explain the shiner you have? Man, it is a beautiful black and purple and green abstract."

"Don't know. I haven't thought about that."

"I have thought about it. I'll simply say that someone took exception to something I said last night and took it out on Matt," Luke said.

Matt laughed, "Just wait until Michael hears that! He thought I did a major move with explaining why we needed dates for the prom...."

"I don't want to hear it," David chuckled.

"Matt has an amazing ability to tell the absolute truth and have people hear an absolute lie," Luke said. But I do need to go home--to Jens' house--and...."

"Luke, it may be awhile before you live there again, but never, ever forget that it is your home," Yong Jin interrupted.

"That's hard for me to do right now, Yong Jin."

"I can understand that, but you are a part of that family and always will be if THE family is to hang together."

"Anyway, I need to go and get my things. I have clothes here and at your place and I assume I still can live at your place, David?"

"No question about that," David answered.

"But there are things I need and want--my computer, my art supplies...."

"Margaret and I talked for several hours last night and I guess I am finally ready to let Elizabeth go. That doesn't mean I don't still love her, it just means that I am ready to acknowledge that she is not here and will never be here again. After Margaret left, I went out to the craft house Elizabeth had and cleaned it out, putting away things that might be of use to someone and putting everything else in the dumpster down the road. It was very freeing. The craft house is a perfect studio with great light and it is yours for as long as you want or need it. Now I've got to get some sleep, but this afternoon I'll call Gabrielle and make arrangements to pick up your things. I know it would be a bit rushed, but if you and Matt could come home the free period you have and get things together, I will pick them up later. You can have the guest room most of the time. Margaret may sleep over occasionally and you can share Michael's room then."

"Pity you two can't be trusted and share the same bed the way Michael and Mary Kathryn do," Luke said with an evil grin on his face.

"They did what?! Man, if you think Jens was upset because you are gay, you haven't seen anything like what he'll be when he finds out his little girl and Michael are sleeping together!"

Yong Jin, Luke and I started laughing as if we were mad and Yong Jin said, "I don't think anything untoward went on since she was sharing the bed with all three of the young males in the family."

"That's a relief, but can you imagine the tale that would be told if that got out?" David chuckled. "Well, if you guys are going to school, you won't need the excuses. Oh, I almost forgot, and I don't see how since that magnificent shiner is right before me, Margaret sent some medicine which will help the eye, Matt. Before I go, let me check the cut on your cheek. I don't think it is actually as bad as the barbed wire one, but let me check." David examined my cheek and said it was fine. "Well, I'm going to bed. Luke, call your mom at work and let her know you're ok and make sure you can get your things together without running into Jens just yet."

"Will do, and thanks, David."

"No thanks needed. I kinda feel I'm doing it for my brother. See you later."

"Guys, you have time to shower and Luke, I guess you'll have to go without shaving unless you or Michael have a razor here. That's one advantage Matt and I have; we never have to shave," Dad said.

"I've had a razor in Matt's bathroom for ages. Matt may not have to shave, but he sure as hell can grow hair," Luke said as he grabbed mine and pulled me to himself for a kiss and then remembered. "Man, I don't know if I can live without a kiss."

"Babe, you let me do the kissing and maybe it'll hold you," I said as I gave him the lightest touch of my lips. "Ouch, even that hurts. Babe, you're just going to have to get by without a kiss for awhile."

"There's nothing which says I can't kiss you so long as I avoid the lips," he smiled and started kissing me on the neck, under the chin, behind my ear.

"Food or fooling around. You're going to have to make a choice soon, like right now," Greywolf said.

"Well, I guess without food we'd be too weak to fool around, so we better shower and one of us shave. Be down soon," I said.

When we got upstairs, Mary Kathryn was going into the guest room, her hair obviously wet since she had it wrapped in a towel. Michael wasn't in the room, but came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. He had a sheepish grin on his face and said, "I hope you don't mind, Matt, but I read your and Luke's 'Slow and Easy Menu.' Man, that showering together is really hot stuff! The only problem is I had to take care of a hard problem after I had dried Mary Kathryn!"

"You didn't! With my sister?" Luke tried to sound angry.

"I sure as hell did and I'll do it again if I get a chance," Michael said, then did the big 'YES!' You guys just don't know how sexy kissing a nipple on a perky breast can be."

"Not sure about the perky breast, but kissing a nipple I know about!" Luke laughed.

"And I guess you must have missed out on just how hot and sexy it can be having your nipple kissed," I said.

"Hell, you guys are always ahead of me!" Michael moaned.

"Well, Luke, I don't think you should let your sister get one up on you! And I know I don't want Michael to gain too much ground since I have kinda been sidelined for injuries." I grabbed his hand and headed to the bathroom.

As we showered, Luke very carefully washed my face then gave me a very gentle kiss on my cut cheek and black eye. "There. Now it's all better," Luke said, using the phrase all three mothers said when they kissed a cut or scrape one of the Gang of Four had gotten playing.

"It sure is," I said as I nuzzled his neck. Luke washed my hair and I his, then we washed each other's back. As I washed Luke's chest, legs and manhood, he became hard as a rock as did I. We both stayed hard as Luke washed me. "Luke, I think we need to take care of a couple of members who are begging for attention, Chili Pepper and Little Luke."

"Matt, I don't want to sound as if I want hard and fast rules, but what do you think 'having sex' means? I know we promised to wait, but it never occurred until now exactly how far we go before we step over the line."

"Come to think of it, I don't really know. I do know I have to give attention to Chili Pepper 'most every morning and I don't think that your being here makes it 'having sex.'"

"I agree and we can find out what else is ok later, but right now, Babe, I'm going to give Little Luke some pleasure!" and with that, Luke grabbed his manhood and started stroking it. I did the same with Chili Pepper and while I wished I could kiss Luke as we worked to release our sexual tension, we had to be satisfied with nuzzling each other. Luke exploded, covering my stomach and pumping hand with a cascade of cum. That triggered my own release and our fronts were both covered with man's seed. "I think we better get washed up quickly," Luke said when he could get his breath again, "I think we're running out of hot water."

Once again, I soaped Luke's front and washed away evidence of our release and he did the same for me. "Yonghon Tongmu, that was awesome!" I whispered in his ear and very gently kissed his ear lobe.

"Awesome? Awesome? First thing I know you'll try to call me dude and saying kewl!" Luke laughed, kissed me on the ear then stuck his tongue in it, tickling like mad. He quickly dried me off and when I had dried him, we dressed and went downstairs.

When we got downstairs, Greywolf said, "There's four happy faces around the table this morning and I'm sure I don't want to know why."

"No worry Greywolf, Mary Kathryn and I did nothing that is not on the 'Slow and Easy Menu.' Now I'm not sure about those two," Michael said as he pointed to me and Luke."

"Same here, Sir, Mr. Greywolf, Sir," Luke stood and saluted Dad.

Then Dad said, "Luke, Gabrielle called to make sure you and Matt were all right. I told her you wanted to get your things together so David could pick them up this afternoon. She said she would come home early and help. Since you would be very rushed if you only had last period, I called Ron Mitchell and explained that you and Luke needed to skip today's tutoring session, but were unwilling to do so because you felt it would be showing disrespect for the sacrifice he was making for you two. He said he was pretty comfortable with where you were and was going to suggest that you drop back to only one session a week anyway so you can leave at the beginning of the last period. Luke, you need to call Gabrielle and tell her that. Again, I suggest you wait until you get to school and call her at work. She will know whether or not Jens will be away."

"Thanks Greywolf. Matt and I will make a point to speak to Mr. Mitchell and thank him."

When we got to school, the Select Few, now including Larry and Eugene, immediately crowded around us and wanted to know what had happened to Matt. Luke said, "Well, you know what I said at the service last night. Later I said more and someone took exception and decided Matt was responsible for it somehow or other and started beating the shit out of him. With the help of some friends, the assailant was forced to leave but, as you can see, not before Matt had taken a couple hits to the face."

"Well, it's over and done with. I simply cannot tolerate violence and so long as I can protect myself or be protected, I'll not fight back," Matt said. "Eugene, what was the decision of the horn players?"

"They said they'd be absolute fools to pass up an opportunity to perform serious music to march and swing a horn with the marching band. You have the full ensemble to work with."

"And after last night, I have no qualms about the Mixed Chorus performing anything you want to toss our way," Paula interjected. "With all the excitement yesterday, Mr. Smith didn't get permission letters for us, but I suspect we'll get them today and I'm sure after last night everyone will be anxious to take part."

"Great. I have most of the music together and we can talk more at lunch."

The opening bell rang as we broke up and went to our respective classes. No sooner were we in class, the roll checked and everyone settled down than the intercom came on and Ms. Jones announced that all students should report to the auditorium.

As we walked to the auditorium, students were all speculating what this was about. Luke and I were walking together and he said, "Matt, you know you're the school hero, don't you?"

Michael walked up just as Luke was speaking and said laughing "Yea, Matt, you are a real hero. I understand you took on eight or ten rednecks."

"Why? Those of you who spoke last night are the heroes and you know I did no such thing."

"But none of us got a black eye and cut face defending anything."

"Neither did I."

"Michael laughed and said, "Try telling that to your peers. Luke has learned from you, Sir Matthew. Not a single word he said was a lie, but what everybody heard was an absolute lie." Shaking his head he said, "I don't know about you two. See you later. I've got to sit with the sophomores and, I guess, by that sister of yours Luke. Much rather be lying in bed with her in my arms. Ah, the sacrifices we have to make."

"Just remember what Greywolf said about playing around with Mary Kathryn and don't forget this face," I reminded him.

When the students had gathered in the auditorium, Mr. Gray was nowhere to be seen. Ms. Jones stepped to the microphone and, again, the students fell silent. Amazing. "Students of Independence High School, before I get to the purpose of today's assembly, and I hope the last called one for awhile, I want to tell you how proud I am to be associated with students like you. In all my years as a teacher and as an administrator, I have often been proud of my students, but I have never been as proud of any as I was of you last night. Let no one say that today's youth are not some of the best that the world has ever known. I am also very, very proud of the faculty members who helped make last night possible, especially Mr. Patanka St. Michael Greywolf and Mr. Macon Allan. You are indeed fortunate, as I am sure you know, to have men of such outstanding character as your teachers. Now I am very happy to present to you Mrs. Millicent Willingham, president of your school board. Mrs. Willingham."

Millie Willingham stepped to the microphone and said, "Thank you, Ms. Jones. If you think you are proud of this student body, I assure you and them that I am equally proud to be a part of this school. I wanted to come today, first of all, to let you know that not only I, but the entire school board was moved by what you did last night. To be frank, it took guts and the students of this school proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have guts. In that regard, I especially commend Michael Andrews, who I understand, was responsible for announcing, without consulting anyone, last night's service, and Patanka St. Michael Greywolf who first protested a blatant example of bigotry. You will be happy to know, as I was, that Michael and Greywolf have received invitations to appear on the Today Show tomorrow morning."

I looked across the auditorium where Michael was sitting and saw he started to utter his usual "Holy Shit," but was not able to do so because Mary Kathryn covered his mouth with hers. Well, so much for that secret! "You can kiss him for me too, Mary Kathryn," Millie announced for all to hear. Not to be outdone, Mary Kathryn did just that and the whole student body started chanting, "Go Mary Kathryn, go!" Then they all started applauding and Millie and Ms. Jones joined in.

"Michael, I'm sure that meant more to you than the thanks of an old lady, but you have both. You and Greywolf are to be at the Lexington TV station tomorrow morning at 6:30. Sorry it's so early, but that's the request. All the information you need is in the front office."

"Your school board met last night after the service and was in executive session until midnight. Several decisions were made, all of which have a direct bearing on you and your school. First of all, your former principal, Mr. Michael Gray, has been placed on unpaid leave for four weeks. During that time he will attend and complete a course designed to increase his sensitivity to and acceptance of those who are different, not just gays, but also those of different races, religions, cultures, etc. Should he complete the course successfully, he will return as an assistant principal at Constitution Middle School. Should he not wish to take the course or not complete it successfully, he will no longer be with this school system."

"Also, as of midnight last night, Ms. Constance Jones is principal of Independence High School." Students had always referred to Ms. Jones as Jonesie behind her back, but now they chanted "Jonesie, Jonesie " with great delight until she stood up and did a turn on the stage, her hands held high. "The school board asked Greywolf to become assistant principal, replacing Ms. Jones--sorry, I guess I should call Greywolf "Mr. Greywolf", but I have called him Greywolf so long Mr. Greywolf doesn't sound right, so pardon an old lady. However, Greywolf politely refused the job saying he was a teacher and the classroom was where he wanted to stay. He also said it would be unfair to his students, especially those who were preparing for the AP exams coming soon." The students burst into Lakota war whoops and cries. Millie let them continue for awhile, then held her hand up for silence. "Fortunately, Independence has a second teacher who has completed his administration degree and who, yesterday, proved himself worthy of being a leader of the students in this school. Effective midnight last night, Mr. Macon Allan became assistant principal of Independence High School."

Again the students erupted in a chant, this time "Allan, Allan."

"I have devoted my life to fighting intolerance, bigotry, discrimination and prejudice. I was horrified when I learned that students from this school had abused, beaten and sodomized Gregory Burnette. Last year the school board, at my insistence, passed a policy on bigotry, harassment, pejorative name-calling and intolerance. Gregory's fate here in this school demonstrates that policy has not been enforced. As president of the school board, I assure you it will be enforced to the limit in the future. A vast majority of you proved that you agree with that policy and will, yourselves, no longer tolerate bigotry. The school board and I intend to support you in your decision. Again, thank you for making an old lady happy beyond her wildest dreams with what you did yesterday and last night."

Independence students had never been known for their school spirit, but that had definitely changed as the chant started, "Millie, Millie!"

Ms. Jones took the microphone from Millie and said, "Mr. Greywolf and Mr. Larsen, you will surely make us proud again when you appear on nationwide TV." Lakota war whoops and cries echoed throughout the auditorium. "Students, I can only underscore what Mrs. Willingham has said. Intolerance will not be a part of this school. Pejorative name-calling, even in jest, will be punished swiftly and firmly. If you are not aware of it, the first offense will result in a ten-day suspension from school and attendance at mandatory classes on prejudice. A second offense will lead to a tribunal hearing with possible permanent expulsion from this school system."

"But I do not want to end on a negative note. I have sensed a different atmosphere in school today. I think many of you found a cleansing of your spirits in yesterday's events and know a new wholeness. I know I do. We are one family. And again, I have never known the pride I felt yesterday and last night because I was a part of you. Thank you!"

Someone, somewhere started the alma mater and soon the whole student body was singing it, probably for the first time in the school's history. As the song started, Millie and Ms. Jones walked off the stage. Without being told, students started filing out of the auditorium, still singing. Again, as yesterday and last night, many were walking arm in arm. I couldn't miss this golden opportunity; so Luke and I walked out of the auditorium arm in arm. We were soon joined by Michael and Mary Kathryn. "Well, I guess your secret romance is the worst kept secret in metro Concord," Luke joked.

"Yea!" Michael responded, then became very serious, "and I really wish yours could be as open as mine. Damn, I am still sick over what Jens did last night."

Just as Michael finished, we turned the corner and Millie and Ms. Jones saw us. "What in hell happened to you Matthew," Millie exclaimed.

"I don't think we'd better talk about it here," I replied.

Ms. Jones said, "The four of you come with me," as she led the way to her office. When we got inside she closed the door and said, "Ok, now you can talk." We all four looked at each other with questioning looks.

Finally Millie said, "Oh, ok. Constance Jones I would trust with my life, but if you'd rather not talk in front of her, I'm sure she will excuse herself."

"Of course I will. I'm sorry. I guess I just thought this might involve last night. I've heard gossip in the halls and the teachers' lounge, but if it's something else...."

I looked at Luke and he nodded that it was ok with him so I said, "Well, Millie, Ms. Jones...."

"You call Ms. Willingham 'Millie'? Isn't that being disrespectful?"

"I'm sorry, I have called her Millie since I could barely talk and it never occurred to me it was being disrespectful. Of course I'd never call her that except among family and at St. Mary's." I responded.

"We're among family here, Matt, so Millie's ok," Millie said. "Now explain this messed up face I see before me."

"Well, Mrs. Willingham...."

"Luke, you're family too. It's Millie."

"Well, Millie, I guess I'm to blame. Last night after the service we were watching the TV special and Dad kept making worse and worse remarks about "perverts" until, finally, he said he'd have nothing to do with perverts. I said I guessed he'd have nothing to do with me since I was gay and in love with Matt. He started shouting, grabbed Matt by the hair and punched him in the face twice, saying Matt had turned his son into a pervert and hell-bound faggot. Michael and David restrained him and Mom sent him to their room."

"Your mom sent him to their room? Gabrielle told Jens to go to his room...."

"...and stay there. Yes, she did. Dad is Lord and Master until Mom becomes the avenging Teutonic warrior and then we all seek shelter," Luke laughed.

"What did you do last night, Luke? Surely you didn't stay in the house."

"No, David had said when he first learned about me and Matt that I would always have a home at his place, but Matt thought that the Gang of Four--that's what we have called ourselves for ages--needed to be together so all four of us spent the night at the Greywolfs'."

"Well, I certainly hope you were some comfort to each other."

Mary Kathryn blushed a little bit and said, "Well, we all crawled in Matt's bed and hugged each other all night."

"I gather from your display this morning there is more than a friendship between you and Michael."

Mary Kathryn blushed even more and said, "Yes ma'am, but we had kept it secret so we wouldn't lose the freedom we had as friends since we don't intend to give up our friendship."

"Well, I certainly hope not! Matt, how did you handle questions at school today? There were bound to be some given that great shiner you have."

Michael laughed and said, "Millie, Luke has learned a lesson from Matt. Matt can tell the absolute truth and have people hear an absolute lie! Luke told those who asked that after last night's service he had more to say and someone took his rage out on Matt. Absolutely true, but suddenly Matt is a hero who took on a dozen rednecks."

Millie laughed and said, "Comes as no surprise to me. That Greywolf kid has always had the ability to come out on top, right Matthew?"

I smiled and said, "Well, I may have come out on top so far as the students here are concerned, but Luke and I have been placed on a no-kiss diet and that sucks."

"So what are your plans, Luke?"

"David is providing a place for me to stay and he has cleaned out the craft house Elizabeth--Michael's mother--had for me to use as a studio. I'm going to stay there until Dad comes around or...."

"I thought you'd stay with Matt."

"I would, but I can't keep my mind on what I have to do with that wild Korean Lakota around," Luke said as he kissed me on the neck.

"Well, I can certainly understand that. If I were younger and Matt was straight, I'd give any woman a run for her money. In the meantime, I think I might better call Mr. Jens Larsen in for a little chat. I don't like to mix business with people's personal lives, but I just wonder how I can take an employee of mine calling my son a pervert, hell-bound faggot. I don't think I like that at all and I know I won't tolerate him beating up on my favorite organist and putting the organist and his lover on a no-kiss diet. I think that might interfere with my Sunday mornings."

"Millie, I appreciate that, but I think I'd prefer, if you don't mind, to give Dad time to think about what he has said and done. Basically he is a good person. He just has some ideas put in his head by his upbringing that he needs to examine. I don't think he will ever approve of mine and Matt's relationship--my Mom doesn't--but I do want him to accept me and my relationship to Matt as my mom does."

"Luke, I didn't think I'd ever see someone I thought would be good enough for Matt; he's special, you know...."

"Of course I know!"

"...but I think--I know--I have met someone as good and great as Matt. You are all great--all four of you--and you have my greatest respect and support. Anything I can do, anything, please ask. I would be honored to be considered part of this remarkable family even with its present bigot!"

All four of us gave Millie a hug and were surprised when Ms. Jones said, "I guess this conversation explains some of the passion you four put into yesterday's and last night's events."

I had forgotten she was still in the room since we had all been focused on Millie. "I suppose it explains some of it, but I hope and trust there was more than hormones involved," I said.

"Matt, I hope there is more than hormones involved in all you four do. It's the friendship that will stand the test of time and the basic goodness I see in all of you which is a big part of who you are. I guess that's one of the reasons I'm willing to give Jens a bit of slack because he has to have some goodness to have produced Luke and Mary Kathryn. Well, we'll see what develops, and remember, anything you need and I can provide, ask. But I'm not letting Jens off the hook yet. Anyway I've got to run and you four need to get to class." Having said that, Millie hugged each of us and left.

"I have passes for all of you to get into class. Again, let me say I am very proud of you and hope that the new atmosphere at Independence will last. Matt and Luke, I know you will have hard times ahead. I hope if there is any way I can support any of you, you will call on me."

We all said thanks and went to class. The rest of the school day went as usual, more or less, except for a definite different atmosphere throughout the school. Students were greeting each other with a smile as they had not done before. I couldn't believe the people who went out of their way to speak to me and say they were sorry I had been beaten by some rednecks. I was laughing inside all day as the story of my "fight" took on the proportions of an urban legend. Finally the school day ended for me and Luke. He had talked to Gabrielle and she assured him Jens would not be home and that she would meet us at their house.

When we reached the Larsens', Gabrielle greeted us with a hug and Luke started crying on her shoulder. Through his tears he said, "Mom, why does Dad hate me? I'm no different from what I was yesterday or last week. I haven't changed. I love you and I love Dad, but he hates me."

"No, Luke he doesn't hate you."

"Well, it certainly seems that way. And if he doesn't hate me, he hates the man I love more than anything. More than anything, Mom, and he hit Matt. Look at him. His face and lip are cut, and his eye is black and my dad did that."

"Luke, your dad and I talked well into the night. He doesn't hate you. He doesn't hate Matt. He's very confused. His world--and you know this--is like his books. It's all in neat categories of good and evil, right and wrong. And then along comes a son who was all on one side of his ledger and tells him what he thought was one way is not that way. Not only had he placed you in the wrong box, but you tell him you belong in a box that he has marked as evil, as sin, because in his mind you chose to be gay. Oh, he could not admit that last night. Someone had to be to blame else he might have had something to do with your being gay. I simply told him that while I might not approve of your loving Matt, I was not going to reject a son and a young man I have always considered a son because of what I had been taught. I say what I have been taught because there has never been a reason to question it; now there is. I am struggling with what I believe and what I have been taught to believe without question. I know your father and you do as well. You know he can be--he is--rigid. He does not question what an authority says or does and his ultimate authority--I realized last night--is not God, but the Church and what he thinks/believes the Church teaches about being gay. You know it takes him a long time to admit to himself he is wrong. It is even harder for him to admit to someone else. But he will. He loves this family and the family too much to isolate himself from it. He'll come around. It will be awhile, but he will come around."

"But he hit Matt."

"And for that, at least, he is profoundly sorry but, again, you know how difficult it is for him to admit it. He loves Matt as well but Matt, too, is not in the box your dad thought he was in."

"Mom, how would you feel if someone hit Dad because he loved you?"

"Luke, Matt, I thought about that very thing. I guess I know that's when your loving Matt really hit home. I had not thought that way and when I did, well, I guess I came to see your relationship to Matt in a whole new way. It's hard for me to understand, but I'm getting there and so will your father. Because of who he is, it will just take him longer."

"Gabrielle, I never wanted to come between Luke and Jens. I would give almost anything to mend that break, but the one thing I cannot do is stop loving Luke. No one could love him more and I know that my love is returned. I almost lost him because of my foolishness and I will never do anything that would take his love from me and I know that nothing he can ever do would stop my loving him. Beyond that, I will do anything to heal the wound Jens has given his son."

"I know that, Matt, and, believe it or not, so does Jens. Just give him some time. If he doesn't come around, he's going to have to deal with me and I think this German can make that Dane come to his senses! Now let's go get Luke's things ready."

"Mom, David cleaned out Elizabeth's craft house last night after spending hours talking to Margaret. He is giving it to me for a studio. I got my art class changed to an independent study so I can come home... go there and work. I have a great idea for an addition to my exhibition and I am going to have to work hard to get it ready, but it will be worth it."

We went to Luke's room and, as Luke and Gabrielle got things ready, I took them to the Jeep. Since we had the rest of the afternoon, David would have nothing to move when he came. Luke took his computer, his art supplies and a few clothes, although he didn't really need to. When everything was loaded, Gabrielle looked at his room and said, with tears in her eyes, "It is so empty and this house is so empty."

Luke hugged Gabrielle to himself and said, "We'll just have to give him time, Mom."

As we turned to go, the phone rang and Gabrielle picked it up. She said few words and when she hung up, she said, "That was Yong Jin. We are to have supper at your place tonight, guys. I'm to tell David when he comes. I'll see you then. And both of you remember, I love you very much and that has not and will not change." We both hugged Gabrielle and left.

As we approached the river bridge, Luke said, "Matt, to the falls."

I parked on the side of the road, we got out, and holding hands ran toward the river. When we reached the entrance, the canes were crossed. "Now why do you think the path is closed," I asked Luke. He looked as puzzled as I felt.

"I'm sure I don't know. Greywolf and Yong Jin are at school and Michael and Mary Kathryn better be. I know it's not Dad. Maybe David needed some time to think after last night. I don't know why, but they're crossed and no one's in danger. So I guess we'll go on to David's place," Luke said as we turned and walked back to the Jeep.

[A Special Place--Part 15--Margaret]

After the episode at the Larsens', David and I went to his place and talked for hours. We sat in his living room and, before long, he had first placed his head against my shoulder, then lay with his head in my lap. I guess I had contracted the hair fetish because as he talked, I found myself stroking his hair. He started talking about his life with Elizabeth and how lonely he had been since her death.

"I was so exhausted by her illness that I neglected Michael and was like a robot doing my job. When she died, I felt guilty because I was so glad she was out of pain and, I guess, because I felt free from the day-to-day misery of caring for her and seeing her suffer, all the time knowing nothing would change the outcome. As time passed, I gradually got over the initial shock--I guess we're never really ready for the death of someone we love. I began the recovery process but, as I realized on some level she was not coming back, I had a big, empty hole growing inside. Michael has a big place in my heart, but there is still a huge empty space there."

"A year or so ago, I saw you come into the ER and felt my heart do a flip-flop. I felt like I was Michael's age for a minute. I guess, in spite of what I told myself rationally, it was kinda love at first sight--well, hardly first sight since I had known you for, I guess, a year or two then--but it was kinda first sight, the first time I had seen you that way. But I was only a nurse, several years older than you and have a half-grown son, so I put the whole idea of even asking you for a date out of my mind. Margaret, when Michael told me he had picked you to be the 'older feminine figure in his life,' I thought to myself how great that would be if things were different. But...."

"David, Luke and Matt called my hand about being afraid to love. I denied it, of course, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized a med school romance turned sour had, indeed, made me afraid. I still am. But I know the feeling you had when you saw me that day. I had much the same feeling one afternoon, about the same time I guess, when I saw you bringing a child into the ER. You were so strong, masculine, yet so gentle and tender as you held the frightened and hurt child. But I denied my heart because of that earlier romance."

We continued to talk until I had to leave because I had to be at the office in the morning--actually in about three hours. David had a late shift and said he thought he'd spend some time "cleaning his mental attic." I didn't ask what he meant.

When I went to lunch, Gladys was there. I found it strange that a woman worth a million was still working. When I said something about it, she said, "Where else would I be? I think I was made to be a nurse." I couldn't have agreed more. "But I may not be here much longer. I'm trying to get Chelsea involved in a project with me. This county needs a hospice and I'd like to spend some of my money starting one."

"Gladys, you're a wonder," I said.

"By the way, did you know about the service at St. Mary's last night? I watched on TV long after I should have been in bed. Chelsea told me she was able to watch almost all of it while she was on duty. Our boys really looked good."

"The whole thing was Michael's idea," I said, then told her of the events which followed.

"Luke's dad hit Matt? Why I ought to go to his office and give him a kick in the butt right now! Where's Luke? Where's Matt? Is Matt all right?"

"Well, Matt no doubt has a beautiful shiner today; he's got a cut lip and the way he and Luke get into kissing, that's a major injury. He also had another small cut on the cheek. It's opposite the one the wire cut. All four of the kids spent the night at the Greywolfs' and Luke will be living with David until Jens comes to his senses."

"I hope that happens soon. I know Luke loves his dad, but I have seen Jens and I can see how difficult he could be."

"I've got to get back to the office. Let me know how the hospice idea is going."

"Will do. See you later, Dr. Bailey," Gladys said as we left the hospital cafeteria.

"Dr. Bailey, there is a message from David Andrews on your desk. He said it was important," Marcie, the receptionist, said as I walked in the office.

"Thanks, Marcie."

The message simply said, "Call me. Important. David." I had Marcie dial the number and when she buzzed me I said, "David, what's up? What's the problem?"

"I'm not sure there is a problem. How many patients have appointments this afternoon?"

I looked over my appointment book. It was not nearly as full as usual. "I have seven appointments. Why?"

"How many can you cancel or reschedule?"

"Well, I can cancel all of them except the next two. The rest are physicals and those can be rescheduled. Why? What's going on?"

"Reschedule or cancel those. I'll pick you up after the last one. That'll be about 1:30 or 2:00, right?"

"Right. But what's going on?"

"It's a surprise. See you at 2:00," David said and hung up.

I had Marcie reschedule all my appointments except the two who needed to see a doctor today. When the last one left, I changed and waited in my office for David. When he walked in, he looked as if he hadn't been to bed, but had a little boy sheepish look on his face. "What's going on, David?"

"I told you, it's a surprise. Come on."

We drove to David's place and he took me out back and into a small building. "This was Elizabeth's craft house where she did all sorts of things. When she died, I closed it without disturbing anything. Last night, after you left, I came out here and sat for a long time. While I was here, I let Elizabeth go. Everything I though was usable, I put aside and the rest I took to the dumpster. It was kinda like cleaning up my own past. This morning I told Luke this place was his studio. It has wonderful light. Margaret, it was a very tough time, but very freeing," David said and took my hand. "Now it's time to go. You like to walk?"

"You know I do."

"Then let's walk."

When we reached the front of the house, David took my hand and we started walking. It didn't take long for me to guess our destination. After we crossed the river bridge, David held the barbed wire of the fence up so I could crawl through. Hand in hand we walked toward the river. When we reached the path, David crossed the canes and we walked to the falls. The day was really warm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The trees were all in full leaf and there were wild flowers blooming around the falls' basin. David had placed a blanket on the sandy beach. When we sat down, David lay back and looked up into the sky. I sat beside him, stroking his hair realizing, suddenly, how very much I loved this man. It was not the hot, passionate--no, I think desperate--love of my med school romance but a softer, warm, longing love for this man who had known so much heartache.

David turned his face toward me, looked into my eyes and smiled. "Margaret, I love you. I love you very much. I don't think I knew that--I mean beyond that 'love at second sight' bit--until I put the last load into the dumpster last night." He laughed, "How's that for a romantic statement? 'I realized I loved you when I went to the dumpster.'"

"David, any statement with 'I love you' in it is romantic. I love you too--even without a dumpster."

David pulled me to himself and covered my mouth. His kiss made me feel like a love-smitten teenager. I returned his kiss and, as I did, felt his tongue enter my mouth gently. As we continued our kiss, he pulled me on top of himself and I lay between his legs. As he broke our kiss I laughed, "David, I guess this marks the end of our slow and easy stage." He laughed and answered with another deep, passionate kiss. I could feel his manhood pressing against my body and realized that I was as hot as he. We continued what the kids would have called real heavy making out. I felt his hand enter my blouse and cup one of my breasts as he continued kissing my face and neck. I slowly unbuttoned David's shirt and removed it, revealing his manly chest. As I ran my hands over his bare skin, I realized how much I had missed loving a man, not sex, but loving and feeling the hard body of a man.

David had removed my blouse and bra and was kissing my hard nipples. We lay side by side, our bodies pressed together as he began kissing me more and more passionately. His mouth was against my neck as he was nipping and kissing a spot below my ear. "Margaret, I love you so much. I really didn't know how much until this moment," he said and started kissing and biting my neck again. "I need you, all of you. I want you right now."

"David, I need and want you as well." With those words, slow and easy went by the boards big time. David tenderly undressed me and I lay bare under the sky. I pulled him to myself and managed to find and loosen his belt. He stripped his pants from his body and lay beside me, his manhood creating a tent in his boxers. I slid them down and off his powerful legs. Both freed from the restraint of clothing, David lay between my legs, as he, once again, started passionately kissing my lips and neck. Reaching between his legs, I found his rock-hard manhood and felt its slickness. "David, I want--I need--to feel you inside me. I want us united; I want us to be one!" With those words, I guided his man's tool into myself. As he entered me, he bit me hard on the neck as I did on his.

As he thrust in and out of me, I started breathing in short gasps and whimpering. "I love you, David, oh God, I love you. I love the feel of your hardness in me; I love your body against mine. I love you, David!" An orgasm took control of my being and I felt David's body go rigid as he shouted "Margaret!" and shot his hot seed into me. Once again an orgasm shook my body. I had pulled David to me and as the second orgasm shook me, I bit into his neck hard. His seed continued to shoot into me again and again until he finally collapsed on top of me.

When he again regained control, he eased himself to my side and pulled me to him. Now his kisses were gentle, tender, sweet, born of love, not lust. "Margaret, I do love you; I do; I do."

"David, I love you too, very, very much." We lay side by side, naked beneath the blue sky, gazing into each other's eyes, awash in the afterglow of making love which was born out of need, lust and, I knew, deep love. David started tracing the lines of my face with a finger and smiling at me. "David, when Matt and Luke asked me if I was afraid of love, I pretended I didn't know what they were talking about and I guess I didn't, but I had never given it any thought. They started me thinking and I am sure had you not been around, I would still be afraid to love because I realized I was, but when I saw you day after day caring, giving, without asking anything in return, I gradually came to realize I had nothing to fear. The guys also reminded me of something else..." David had raised himself on an elbow and was looking down into my eyes now, still with a beautiful smile on his face. "They reminded me that this is a year evenly divisible by four...."

"Margaret, we have just finished what I thought was earth-shattering love making and you want to talk math?"

"No, silly. It's leap year. David Andrews, will you marry me?"

"You're damn right I will. When? Tonight? Tomorrow morning? An hour from now? Yes, Margaret Bailey, I will marry you!" To seal his answer, he pressed his lips against mine in what started as a tender kiss, but which grew more and more passionate. His tongue explored my mouth as our legs entwined and our arms held each other tight. The feel of his hard body against mine was causing me to become more and more aroused.

"David, if I remember my physiology, you're starting something you're not going to be able to finish," I laughed. "I know you're a stud, but twice...."

As if to answer, David rolled over and pulled me atop his hard body. When he did, I realized that one part of his body was considerably harder than the rest. Once again an emptiness I had felt for so long was filled as David's manhood entered that special place women reserve, if they are wise, for men they love. Our love making the second time was more tender, more playful, more gentle, yet our orgasms were no less intense. I felt as though the earth shook under me and I'm sure David felt an equally strong sensation as he came inside me for the second time.

David held me in his arms and then looked into my eyes and said, "Margaret, you cannot know how happy you have made me. I love you and want you as my wife more than anything in the world."

"I did the proposing, you name the date."

"Here, in this place, as soon as possible," he said as he kissed me again.

We lay in each other's arms, the warm sun on our naked bodies. Soon, too soon, David said, "Margaret, I have to go and get Luke's things. I'd like to stay here forever with you and your love in this world without problems...."

"Yes, I know, but our boys have real problems and need us."

"Yes!" David shouted. "Our boys need us! God, Margaret, you don't know how happy that makes me feel! Our... us. YES!"

It took awhile to get dressed since we kept stopping to kiss a nipple, to tongue an ear, to stroke hair, but we were finally presentable, or so I thought. Then David laughed, "Dr. Bailey, I think you may have a hard time explaining a hickey to your patients tomorrow."

"Not if they see yours first," I laughed in return.

"Man, we better be ready for heavy kidding from the Gang of Four!" he said as we started walking through the cane brake, hand in hand. As we started across the meadow to his house, I saw Luke and Matt climbing through the fence and getting into Matt's Jeep.

A Special Place--Part 15--Luke

Matt and I took my things to David's. We all have keys to all three houses so we let ourselves in and started carrying my clothing and computer upstairs to the guest room. The art supplies we took to the craft house. "Matt, this is like your having a full-size organ at home. This is great."

We started putting the supplies away and, before we finished, David and Margaret came walking into the craft house. As they walked in Matt said, "The answer to the mystery, Yonghon Tongmu." Turning to David he said, "From the looks on your faces and the glow, I have a hunch that you went past the slow and easy stage at the falls." Margaret turned bright red and, when she did, I noticed the hickey on her neck. I quickly checked David and said, "They even left evidence, Matt, look at the hickeys on our lovers' necks!" Margaret turned an even brighter red and David was not far behind.

"Well, what do you two have to say for yourselves," I laughed.

"Guilty as charged and no regrets and no promises it won't happen again," David said, still blushing.

"Margaret, did you remember the math lesson we gave you when we decided to get on your case about being afraid to love?"

"I sure did and he said 'Yes!'"

Matt and I grabbed both of the lovers and hugged them. "So when's the big event?"

"Well, we definitely know where. It will be at the falls. Now there's a question of who and when. Matt, you're the church expert here," David said. "Give the word."

"Well, I'm positive Fr. Tom would be honored to officiate. So unless you have someone else in mind, ask him. Now as to when. We're still in Lent and unless there's a real emergency... you're not pregnant are you Margaret?

"Not likely, but I would be ecstatic if I were, though it would be just barely."

"You would?" David asked Margaret with a strange look on his face. "I'm too old to become a father again."

"I see we need to do some premarital counseling here, Matt," I joked. "Now it's a real problem when a couple gets married and have never discussed whether or not they want children."

"We have four already," David protested.

"But the family wanted a troop of kids and only have four," Margaret responded. I was sure she was, at most, only half-joking.

"Ok. We'll start a second generation of the family. What the hell, I feel about your age right now, Luke."

"That's the spirit, but let's see about getting you two married. So far as we know there's no emergency, Matt."

"So that means no wedding until Easter. Easter's a really big day and I'm sure Fr. Tom will be feeling more like his grandfather than like Luke when it's over, but this is a very special event. I think we should ask him to do the whole big production Easter Sunday afternoon. He's not afraid to say 'No' if he feels he can't. Do you two think you can hold out that long?"

"We may bend a rule now and then, but that sounds good. I'll call Fr. Tom right away," David said.

Matt turned and gave me a high five and said, "Man, I wish all the other projects of the Gang of Four were as easy!" Margaret laughed. Matt said, "David, why don't you go and call Fr. Tom right now while Margaret helps us here. That way we can get the planning underway."

"Do you think he'll be in?"

"If not Gertie can have him get in touch with you," Matt said.

"By the way, Luke, there's a phone jack here so you can have a phone out here."

"Thanks, David, but I don't want one. I have a grand idea for a project and if I'm to pull it off, I'll to have to have some time when I am not disturbed."

"Ok, I'll call Fr. Tom," David said as he left for the house.

"Ok, guys, how can I help?"

"To be honest, Margaret, Luke and I had a question for you and I didn't really want to ask in front of David. This morning Luke and I showered together--and I don't think we have ever thanked you for your gift. It meant a whole lot to us when we got it and even more this morning. Anyway, I guess you know that showering together is great and we love it, but when we do, we get har... aroused."

"Margaret, this morning we were both hard as nails and that usually requires attention to Chili Pepper and Little Luke...."

"Chili Pepper and Little Luke? I've heard that guys often named their penis, but Chili Pepper and Little Luke?"

"Sounds a lot better to me than penis or cock or peter or pecker or a hundred other generic names. Chili Pepper is what my Korean Mom called my penis when I was young and I kinda kept it. And with Luke around, it is usually about as hot as a chili pepper!" Matt laughed.

"Little Luke is small, compared to Big Luke, but he is Luke all the way," I said.

"Little Luke and Chili Pepper. Now I wonder...."

"Don't know about David. We don't discuss these things between generations, but Michael carries the Sword of Love although, when he first told us, we told him it was more like Pen Knife of Lust. Anyway, this morning we kinda took care of... well, you know, but we were wondering what making love or having sex meant. You know we have chosen to wait--at Greywolf's request--until we are eighteen to have sex, but we are not sure where making out stops and having sex begins."

"I suppose in one sense you have to make that decision. And we need to get together soon and talk about gay sex but, right now, I guess I'd go with having sex to mean penetration--oral sex or anal sex. Mutual masturbation would, so far as I am concerned, be permitted. In fact, I'm surprised you two haven't done that already. My understanding is that most male best friends do, experimenting, gay or straight."

"Margaret, we, both of us, were trying so hard to keep the other from knowing he loved him that I suspect we were more cautious about experimenting than two of the straightest guys in the world. Guess we missed out on a lot."

"Babe, we are going to make up for that!" Matt said with a huge grin.

"Well, back to the present. Since you are both engaged in the activity at the same time, why not express your love by giving the other pleasure? Seems entirely reasonable to me. But no anal or oral intercourse and no oral contact with Little Luke by you Matt or with Chili Pepper by you Luke. So no anal or oral intercourse until you decide to make love by having sex. Ok?"

"Thanks, Margaret."

"Yea, thanks," Matt said, "watch Little Luke, here I come!"

"I don't think that's the way it works," Luke said, and kissed me on the neck.

Margaret laughed and said, "I said it before and I'll say it again: you two are impossible and I love you to death!" as she gave each of us a hug and kiss on the cheek.

As we stood laughing, David came back. "Fr. Tom said he was overjoyed that we finally came to our senses, Margaret, and that he might be bushed, but he wouldn't miss this for anything. So as of now, we will be married at the falls Sunday afternoon at 5:00 on April 16. You can send out the invitations."

"That's the only sad thing about this, David. The only family I had were Mom and Dad and both are dead. I was born long after Mom thought she was past childbearing age and had decided they would never have a child so they were almost fifty when I was born. Both have been dead for some time now. I have no family."

"You do now. David comes complete with more family than he probably wants."

"Never!" David said, emphatically.

"Luke, I don't know how many more of these action-packed days I can take," Matt said.

"It has been a real week, hasn't it," I replied. "And just think, it is only Wednesday. David, I guess I don't need to worry about having to give up the guest room after all."

"Not tonight anyway," Margaret said, "I'm going home after dinner and I think I'll keep David on the Slow and Easy Menu until the sixteenth."

"From the looks on your faces when you arrived, I suspect the best you can do is put him BACK on the Menu," I chuckled.

Margaret blushed--again--and said, "Whatever...."

After the engaged couple left, Matt and I continued putting away my supplies and I started setting up my studio. "Matt, this is really going to be great," I said when we had finally finished. When I looked at my watch I noticed it was much later than I thought. "Sarang Hanun Pomul, it's time we got to your place for supper." Matt embraced me and very, very gently kissed me on the lips. "See, I told you when I kissed it, it was all better."

"But not well. Yonghon Tongmu, I am about to die for a real kiss."

I held Matt close and kissed his neck, his cheeks, his forehead. "Maybe that will hold you until you're kissable again."

"I guess it'll have to do, and that doesn't mean I don't like it, but it's like dinner without dessert."

"Speaking of which, we'd better go."

When we reached Matt's place, Yong Jin and Mom were in the kitchen, Greywolf was in the library with Michael and Mary Kathryn. David and Margaret were nowhere in sight. Where's Dad?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"I guess he's at home. I told him we were having supper here tonight and he just grunted. He'll just have to make do for himself. I'm not humoring him," Mom answered. "I told him he should go by Immaculate Conception today and talk with Fr. O'Brian. When I asked him, he said, 'I went by Immaculate Conception and talked to a priest.' I suspect that means he talked to Fr. Muller and that probably made things worse, but there's nothing I can do about his hardheadedness. He'll just have to deal with the situation," Mom said in her "I'm-through-fooling-with-him" voice. We all knew that voice well. It meant "case closed" until the offender was ready to come around. "We're here to enjoy supper and I intend to do just that!"

About the time the Gang of Four had the table ready, Margaret and David showed up. David announced as they walked through the door, "Ok, Greywolf, break out your best and Yong Jin, we need glasses in the library." Greywolf got two bottles of wine and opened them. Mom and Gabrielle came into the library carrying nine glasses.

As Yong Jin sat the glasses down she said, "What's the celebra... " She laughed and added, "Now that I see your and Margaret's necks, David, I don't think I need to finish the question."

"Man, if slow and easy leaves that kind of mark, I don't think I'll be able to take fast and hard," Michael joked.

"Margaret, I have some cover-up makeup to use to hide zits; it might hide love bites, but I've never had the problem."

The adults were laughing like mad and Margaret and David were blushing like middle schoolers. "Ok, David, Margaret, what's up?"

"Margaret proposed to me today and I said 'yes,'" David said.

"That, indeed, calls for a celebration," Greywolf said as he started pouring the wine. When we all had glasses, he raised his glass and said, "Here's to David and Margaret and to their love and the loves of us all!"

Supper continued in a festive mood even without Dad, but I missed him. When we finished, we kids cleared the table and all went to Matt's room. We all sat on Matt's bed. Mary Kathryn sat between Michael's legs and I between Matt's. We talked about the recent events for awhile, then Greywolf called up to remind Michael they had to hit the road early tomorrow morning. He gave Mary Kathryn a great kiss, which she returned with equal passion and the two said "Goodnight" and went downstairs.

"Matt, I miss my Dad," I said as I leaned back against him. His arms encircled me, holding me close.

"What do you want to do, Luke? What can you do? Do you want to...." Matt choked up. Tears were falling from his eyes and wetting my shoulder. "Luke, I love you so very, very much, but I will not stand between you and your father."

I turned and, forgetting his cut lip, pressed my lips to Matt's. He winced as my lips touched his. "Oh, Matt, I hurt you, Babe. Why am I always hurting you? I'm so sorry, so very, very sorry." Then I started crying. Before I knew it, I was once again crying out of control. Matt pulled me to himself and held me tightly, stroking my hair, rubbing my back until I stopped sobbing. Then, ignoring his cut lip, he kissed me with a soft, gentle, loving kiss.

"Yonghon Tongmu, I know you have no intention of hurting me any more than I would you. It's just that both of us are in a place, a situation which hurts. But as much as I love you...."

"Sarang Hanun Pomul, you are not standing between me and my father. No one is. All that stands between the two of us is his hatred, maybe, certainly his rejection of me, of who I am. He wants his Luke and that Luke does not exist. I love him; I miss him, but until he decides he loves the real Luke, there is nothing I can do and certainly losing you would only make me more miserable and make no difference to him. So don't ever, ever think that it was you who has made my father act as he is. Mom's right; he had to have someone to blame because his Luke is not the Luke that is and he always finds a the guilty party as far away from himself as possible."

"Luke, come tell your mom goodnight," Greywolf called up the stairs.

When we got downstairs Gabrielle's German "call a spade a spade" came out and she said, "You two have been crying. Is it about Jens?" We both nodded. "Probably know it already, but you have done nothing to warrant Jens' treatment of Matt or apparent rejection of Luke. Frankly, he has a bigger problem than you two have because you have done nothing and there is nothing you can do. Jens has just got to change his attitude. She laughed and said, "I'm thinking a few night's on the den couch may have to be used. But give him some time."

"Millie wanted to kick his ass today," I said. "She was at school announcing all the changes and saw Matt and wanted to know what happened. She hauled the Gang of Four into Ms. Jones' office and was told the whole mess. We asked her not to do anything--yet."

"Well, if I can't get the Great Dane to see the light, I'll turn Millie loose on him. Luke, are you staying here tonight or going to David's?"

I looked at Matt and he said, "After today, neither of us are going to get any work done tonight, so why don't you stay? Before we go to bed, we'll lay out some kind of schedule so we can have some time together and still get done all we have to do before May 21. Please."

Greywolf had gone to bed since he had to leave about 4:00 or 4:30 the next morning so Mom and Yong Jin were standing with us. "Go ahead, Luke. You can have one night of freedom before you get chained to your easel," Mom laughed.

"Mom, tell Dad that I love him and that I missed his being here with us tonight. Tell him I really, really love him and want him to love me. Mom, I miss my dad." I was near tears again.

Mom reached out and put her arms around me. "I know you do Luke, as I--and your dad--miss you. I'll give him your message, Luke and don't think it won't matter to him. Danes have a thick skull and it sometimes takes a long time for things to sink in. But he does love you. Right now he is angry without really knowing what he's angry about. He's just angry at the world for not being the world he wanted it to be. Give him time. Luke, Matt, I love you both," Mom said as she kissed us both goodnight.

"Goodnight Luke, Matt," Yong Jin said as she kissed us and went to her room. We climbed the stairs arm in arm.

When we reached Matt's room, we did some very serious talking about what we had to do before graduation on May 27. We laid out the schedule for the AP exams: AP English, May 10; AP calculus, May 11; AP physics, May 17; AP art portfolio due, May 12; and AP music, May 15. The prom is April 22 and the big event, our birthday, is May 31! "Sarang Hanun Pomul, we have a rough six weeks ahead of us. I don't know about you, but while I'm fairly confident about the exams, I know that I still need to work on those as well as the usual school work. And while I could mount a passable exhibition with what I have, I know that I can do a real knockout if I try and I have a couple of great ideas to work on. I thought there was a disease called senioritis which made seniors quit the second semester and just coast."

Matt laughed and said, "Well, I guess we were hanging around the hospital when the germ was at school because I don't see any coasting in that schedule. But, Yonghon Tongmu, I do see a great climax to the whole race!"

"You would have to say climax! You're a devil, you know that?"

"Maybe, but I'm your devil!"

"No, you're my dark angel, Matthew Sarang Hanun Pomul Greywolf!"

"And you're my bright angel Luke Hans Yonghon Tongmu Larsen!"

"Well, Dark Angel, what are we going to do about a schedule? If we don't have one and hold each other to it, we'll spend all our time making love--with or without sex."

"Bright Angel, I'm pretty sure it would not be without sex if we had nothing to hold us to what we need to be doing," Matt said as he started to brush my lips with his then remembered, so he just pressed his forehead against mine. "So what will it be?"

"Ok, what will it be? We are free now after 1:30 except the one day we have with Mr. Mitchell. You need to practise how often at St. Mary's?"

"By myself? I think I better do two days a week. Maybe Monday and Wednesday. Then I'll have to schedule time with the ensemble and chorus when they are ready. We'll meet with Mr. Mitchell Thursdays if he's agreeable. That leaves Tuesday and Friday for me to work on composition along with Saturdays to do what we need to do."

"Ok, I'll work in the studio Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Saturday we'll plan a week ahead. What about the transportation problem for the ensemble and chorus?"

"I'll need to talk with Ms. Jones about that tomorrow. One year the two activity buses were used to take kids home after football practice. Maybe she can authorize the buses to take kids home. If she oks that plan, Greywolf can drive one of the buses and maybe Mr. Allan will drive the other even though he has a more responsible job now. But tell me, what is this great idea you have for your exhibition?"

"You tell me what your two compositions are first."

"I'm saving them for a surprise."

"And you think you can keep that secret with the chorus and ensemble involved?"

"I'm sure going to try."

"Well, mine is also a secret and a surprise."

"How are you going to keep that a secret since you're working at David's?"

"Ha, apparently you didn't notice the studio has a lock, so there."

"Well, I guess we'll just have to wait on the projects the way we have to wait on everything else."

"Weelll, if you have finished with all these frivolous things, there's one thing we don't have to wait on. THANK YOU, Margaret!"

I pulled Matt to myself and gentled nuzzled at his neck and under his chin, nipped his ear lobe and finally stuck my tongue in his ear which I knew tickled him good fashion. "Matt Babe, I want to kiss you sooo bad," I whispered in his ear as I started unbuttoning his shirt. As soon as it was off, Matt started nuzzling my neck as he pulled my shirt up and finally sat back, looked into my eyes, smiled and pulled my shirt over my head. As soon as my chest was bare, he hugged me to himself then lay atop me and gently brushed a nipple with his lips. "Ouch," he exclaimed. "Damn, I can't even kiss a nipple. Serves Jens right if Gabrielle puts him on the den couch for a month!" His hair cascaded over my chest and I found it made me just about as hot and hard as a kiss--at least since I wasn't going to get a kiss.

"I don't have any lip injury, Lover Boy," I said as I started kissing first one then the other of Matt's nipples. As he leaned into my kisses, I took one of his nipples in my mouth and started sucking on it as it hardened in my mouth. Matt raised himself up and rolled off of me and, as he lay beside me, he unbuckled my pants. I raised my hips off the bed and he slipped my pants off, revealing a pair of snow-white briefs being tested for a breaking point by a steel-hard man's tool.

Before he could remove my briefs, I unfastened his pants and slid them over his luscious ass. "Dark Angel, did anyone ever tell you your ass is beautiful?"

Laughing, Matt replied, "Not that I recall, although an awful lot of girls must think so since they pinch it all the time."

"Well, Matthew Sarang Hanun Pomul Greywolf, you have a beautiful ass and I think I'm going to put a sign on it which says, 'This magnificent ass belongs to Luke Larsen. Hands off!'"

"Bright Angel, did anyone ever tell you your ass is beautiful?"

"Not that I recall, although an awful lot of girls must think so since they pinch it all the time."

"Well, Luke Hans Yonghon Tongmu Larsen, you have a beautiful ass and I think I'm going to put a sign on it which says, 'This magnificent ass belongs to Matthew Greywolf. Hands off!'"

We both started laughing like we had gone completely nuts. When I looked, I realized that Chili Pepper was struggling as hard as Little Luke to be free and I believe in freedom! I stood on the floor, pulled Matt to me and placed my hands on his hips and my thumbs in the waist band of his boxers and freed Chili Pepper. As he stood naked before me, I almost got tears in my eyes because, to me, he was an angel, a beautiful, beautiful dark angel. As I stood in awe of my beloved, he nuzzled my neck as he slipped my briefs from my body and I stood naked before him.

Suddenly he encircled my body with his arms and, literally, swept me off my feet and carried me back to the bed. Placing me gently on the bed, his body covered mine as he started licking one nipple then the other. He raised his head, looked into my eyes and said, "I guess that will have to do since I can't kiss."

As he continued I said, "Kissing's great but, man, that tongue!"

It was pretty obvious that Matt was as hot as I was, because I felt a wetness where Chili Pepper rested against my thigh and I certainly knew that Little Luke was not being stingy with precum either. Matt lay beside me and raised up on one elbow and slowly reached out and took Little Luke into his hand. He did nothing more than look at Little Luke intently as he slowly moved him around. "You know I have never really looked at your manhood before except when I stole a glance, hoping you didn't notice? Look, it is beautiful--so white, so like you--firm, solid, so right, so you."

I raised up and as Matt had done, took his manhood in my hand. Because Greywolf would not permit it, Matt was uncircumcised. His foreskin almost covered the head of a hard, dark shaft. I slowly pulled the foreskin back, revealing an arrow shaped head. It, too, was dark as was my love. I started stoking Chili Pepper slowly as Matt gave Little Luke the attention he was demanding. We matched strokes in a slow, even rhythm. I was kissing Matt's neck and he was nuzzling mine. I was surprised how long the slow even stroking continued before Matt said, "Luke, I can't hold out much longer."

"Neither can I," I replied and, as I felt my own point of no return approaching, my hand started moving faster and faster. Matt still matched me stroke for stroke. Suddenly Matt bit into my neck and I felt his hot seed explode from his man's tool. That sent me over the edge and I, too, exploded. I knew we had said we would set stars spinning with our love making, but I didn't think it would be literally true. But I did see stars--shooting stars--as my breath came in gasps, my body arched upward and I continued to shoot charge after charge from my body. I stopped stroking Matt because I couldn't stand any more of his stroking me. He was gasping for breath, his eyes closed, and then his body totally relaxed.

Slowly he opened his eyes, smiled at me and said, "Yonghon Tongmu, if real sex is any better, I'm not sure I can stand it!" and, in spite of a cut lip, he pressed his lips to mine in a passionate, tongue in the mouth, all out Matt kiss. I returned the kiss with equal passion and, yes, lust. As we broke the kiss I tasted blood and, when I looked at Matt, his lip was covered with blood. "Babe, I hurt you. I'm sorry."

"I'm not," he said as he passionately kissed me again. "Luke, I love you, Babe. I really, really love you."

"Matt, I love you too, Dark Lover. I love you with all that I am and, maybe not all the way, but tonight with my body." Awash in the afterglow of our first orgasm brought by the one we loved, we fell asleep in each other's arms, our bodies pressed together.

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