Castle Roland

A Special Place

by Sequoyah


Chapter 25

Published: 8 Apr 14

A Special Place--Part Twenty-five - Matt

When I opened the door I couldn't believe my eyes. I just stood there with my mouth open until I was finally able to ask, "Michael, what on earth has happened to you?" Standing before me was, obviously, Michael--but something drastic must have happened to him. He looked a lot older that David. "It is you? You are Michael Andrews aren't you?"

"As a matter of fact I am, young man, but I think you have an advantage over me. I don't know you. I was directed here, at least I thought it was to here, by a man at a convenience store in town. I'm looking for my brother, David Andrews," the older version of Michael said.

"Please excuse my behavior," I said. "I am Matt Greywolf. Do come in Mr. Andrews. Mom, Dad, David's brother is here." I shouted. Mom and Dad came rushing out of the kitchen, both still clutching their napkins. "Mr. Andrews had been directed to our house rather than David's and when I opened the door I almost fainted. I thought something had happened to Michael." I was so excited I was talking a mile a minute.

"Welcome, Mr. Andrews," Dad said. "I am Greywolf and this is my wife Yong Jin. We are having lunch. Won't you join us while we fill you in on what's going on with your brother? This is really going to be a big day for him. David's house is the one just down the road. But, please, have some lunch and we'll tell you what's going on today. David will be so high he may never come down."

"Well, I guess it would be a good idea to know what I might be walking into and I would like something to drink." While Yong Jin is not quite as adamant as Gabrielle, no-one, even a long-lost brother, gets by with just something to drink. As soon as he was seated, Mom started getting lunch for Mr. Andrews.

"I know David will be so excited he won't know what to do when he sees you. For a number of years he has tried to locate you, but never found a trace. Matt must have thought he saw a ghost from the future when he opened the door. David has a son, Michael, who will be sixteen shortly. I didn't know David named him for you, but he has always said his son reminded him of you. Aside from the fact that you're a bit over sixteen, you really do look as if you were Michael--some years from now," Dad said. He then told Mr. Andrews about David's wedding tomorrow and the rehearsal shortly.

As soon has he finished the lunch Yong Jin had prepared, Mr. Andrews said he should be going to David's place. I offered to go along with him--I wanted to see the look on David's and Michael's faces when he walked up.

When we reached David's, Mr. Andrews knocked on the door. When Michael opened the door, he was even more opened-mouthed than I had been. He yelled, "Dad, Dad, Michael's here." David ran out of the kitchen, stopped--thunderstruck--then ran and embraced his brother, tears flowing.

"I didn't think I could be any happier than I was,' David said, "but this is the most wonderful surprise." He was still clinging to his brother. Realizing he was still standing in the door, he said, "Michael, come in, come in. I can't believe it's you." Then both brothers started trying to talk at once.

"I'll see all of you later," I said. Neither brother seemed to notice I had said anything and Michael just looked at me and grinned.

A Special Place--Part Twenty-five - Michael

Dad asked Uncle Michael if he had lunch and he said he had. "Yong Jin insisted on feeding me when I came to their door by mistake. Seems your families are very close."

"Actually there are three families and we look upon ourselves as one. Just past the Greywolfs' is the Larsens'. But tell me about yourself. I have tried and tried to find you, but could never find a trace."

"That's because I have used a different name and managed to hide for years after what that man did to you. I was afraid you would find me and he would do something worse the next time. Six months ago my companion of thirty years died after a long fight against cancer and, when he did, I realized that my biological parents must be dead also and that I wanted more than anything to find you. It took me a while to realize that I was just bumbling around so I contacted a lost persons firm and they found you last week. I finished up what I needed to do and set out. I didn't want to call you for fear it wasn't really my brother they had found. Foolish, I know, but I wanted to see you in person, not talk to you on the phone."

"Since it has been so long, you couldn't have picked a better time," Dad said. He then told Uncle Michael about Mom's death and how he had not gotten over it for a long time. "Suddenly one day I noticed a woman I had known for at least a couple years, actually more, and kinda fell in love at first sight--I guess you'd call it that." He then told Uncle Michael how he had held back because of the age difference and having a son, until the kids in the family kept at it until the two of them got together.

"You have other children?"

"I said the three families think and act as one so there are other kids, but Michael is my only biological child."

I sat, fascinated, as the two brothers covered their personal history of more years than twice my age. "I met James while we were students at the Chicago Art Institute. After we graduated, we got jobs in small galleries in Chicago. We worked hard and learned the art business very, very well. I discovered I was a pretty good businessman, and James was an expert at design and helping people choose pieces they really like. Although he was from Chicago, one winter's day we can home and the furnace had stopped and the house was cold. James said, 'Damn, I hate Chicago winters and I'm not overly fond of Chicago summers. One day of spring and one day of autumn is not living, Michael!' I couldn't have agreed more with his appraisal of Chicago's weather and said so. James' mother had died two years before and he had their huge old Evanston mansion on his hands--we had continued to live in his carriage house apartment where we first started living together. The mansion was leased to a prominant Chicago lawyer. James asked if he'd like to buy the place, knowing full well he would since he had asked about it every few months. The deal was made and we took off, looking for a place we liked. We ended up in Charleston where we opened a very successful gallery. We had a great life together. His mom more or less adopted me and, as a sign of my appreciation for her and as a pledge of my love to James, I took his last name. To those who did not know we were a couple, we were brothers."

"Two years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He went through surgery, chemo and radiation, all to no avail because it kept recurring. When it came back the last time, he chose not to suffer treatment. He stayed at home as long as he could under the care of hospice nurses and workers. Finally, he entered the hospice and died six months ago. Of course, it was very hard, but the love and care we both found in hospice made it much easier. When James became ill, we hired a young man to help out in the gallery and, after James died, I decided I wanted to spend my remaining years around family if I could locate you and you'd have me around. Roger is perfectly capable of running the gallery, so I gave him James' share to run it. I had money of my own and James was the last member of his family and left me his estate. I have enough to live very well without income from the gallery, but I know Roger will do well with it. After all, it's his livelihood! When all of that was squared away, I decided I would look for you. And here I am!"

Dad was beside himself. He kept saying, "I really can't believe you're here!"

"Tell me about your life, David. I have thought about you so often, wondering what had happened to you."

Dad told him the story that I knew so well, the story of how he came to be where he was today and concluded with, "Now that you are here and I'm getting married tomorrow, I can't imagine being happier!"

"How about you, Michael? How's life treating you? Girlfriends? Boyfriends? School?"

"Well, I'm kinda alone in the family since I am the only one without a boyfriend if you mean what I think you mean," I laughed. I told him about Mary Kathryn and all about Luke and Matt. About Larry and Eugene. About what was going on at school. "Luke was here earlier. He left this morning about six-thirty for Lexington. He has a major art exhibition coming up and is doing something in Lexington which is a big secret. You met Matt. He's also involved in a major project. He's a musician and is preparing for a recital--actually it's now more of a concert since the brass and percussion ensemble and the chorus are a part of it."

"Sounds as if I arrived at a good time to see a little activity," Uncle Michael said. "I'm glad."

A Special Place--Part Twenty-five - Matt

After lunch, I went to my room expecting to become a zombie until time for the rehearsal. I had just flopped on my bed when I felt Luke's presence. I looked at the window, expecting him to climb in any minute. As I gazed out of it, his presence got stronger and stronger until I turned to see him standing beside my bed, a wonderful Luke smile on his face.

"Hi, Matt, Babe," he said as he leaned over and kissed me lightly.

"Hi, Luke, Babe," I said as I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him on top of me, returning his kiss with passion. "How'd it go in Lexington?"

"Perfectly. Absolutely perfectly. There are a few more steps to be completed, but I can pick up... I'll go back and get the ... anyway, it was perfect. And your work?"

"The same. Oh, I forgot. I had the most amazing thing happen this morning." I told Luke about opening the door and seeing a sixty-year-old Michael. "I mean, Luke, he looks exactly like I think Michael will when we are all old men."

"And when we are an old couple," Luke said, laughing as he kissed me again.

"Luke, I want you to promise me something. I'm going to ask you something and will you promise me--absolutely sacred honor, cross your heart promise--that you'll tell me the truth?"

"This sounds serious, Sarang Hanun Pomul."

"It is very, very serious, Yonghon Tongmu. Promise?"

"Promise," Luke said and crossed his heart.

"Luke, a few days ago, after I had finished at St. Mary's, I needed to take a walk to clear my head. I walked around for a while, just sorta not thinking, when I saw something I just had to have. Today I picked it up. In fact, I picked up two." I then reached into the drawer of the night stand and took out two small boxes. "Luke, you asked me to marry you once, remember?"

"Sure I remember. Of course I remember. In case you forgot, Matthew Sarang Hanun Pomul Greywolf, will you marry me?"

"Yes. Till death us do part." Our kiss was full of love and hope and promise, no lust this time. I opened a box and took out a silver Hopi overlay ring. The overlay was a thunderbird design. "Yonghon Tongmu, will you wear this as a sign of our promise?"

"Forever, Sarang Hanun Pomul, forever. But why all the 'tell the truth' questions? Did you doubt for a moment that I would wear it?"

"No, that's not the question. The question involves this." I opened the other box which held a second ring. "I was going to get two alike, but then I saw this one. Yours has a thunderbird--a symbol of power--this one had corn, the symbol of life for the Hopi. That's what you mean to me. My question is--and Luke, for God's sake, be honest--should I wear it since the school is in an uproar already? If you think I shouldn't, I won't. I don't know. I really don't know."

Luke took the ring from the box looked at it, kissed it and slipped it on my finger. He looked into my eyes as he said, "Till death do us part," as he kissed my eyes, then my lips. "Till death do us part."

It was time for us to go to the falls for the rehearsal which went well... I mean, what can go wrong at a wedding rehearsal? Well, a lot of things can when there is a mother of the bride present. Do I ever know that from the weddings I have played for at St. Mary's! But when you are dealing with just the couple, as Fr. Tom said, "We'll walk through all of this, but you'll not be in any shape to remember it tomorrow, I'm sure. Even people who have been around a long time forget what to do on their wedding day, so we'll walk through it and tomorrow I, and everyone else, will keep you two on track. Everything will be perfect or that's what we will all remember." As soon as we had walked though the ceremony, it was time for the rehearsal dinner--a family picnic. Greywolf and Jens were not slouches at fixing a picnic and soon we were all stuffed. For a half hour we just kinda relaxed on the beach and then Michael said, "Ok, swim time." We had all brought swim suits and Greywolf had even thought to provide one for Fr. Tom. I wondered if he was game enough to turn his back, strip and put it on. He was the first one in the water. Soon the whole bunch were swimming, diving and having a great time. Uncle Michael had joined the rehearsal party and was having just as much fun as the rest of us.

Mary Kathryn was the first to notice Luke and I were wearing new rings and commented on them. "They are our engagement rings," Luke said when she took his hand and looked closely at his.

Michael joined her and soon everyone was admiring the rings. Then Jens raised the question I had raised with Luke. "Matt, Luke, I don't want you to take this wrong, but given the situation at school and your decision to keep things as they have been--in as much as that is possible--do you think wearing them at school is a wise idea?"

"Jens, I worried about that myself and asked Luke if he thought I should wear mine. He can wear his and no questions would be asked--well, not questions we don't want raised, but he wanted me to wear mine. I guess we'll just have to handle whatever flack that may cause."

They are beautiful rings," Uncle Michael said. "I am very partial to Hopi silver work and those are especially good. Since you two know what they mean, would you be offended or upset if the other members of the family--the kids I mean--had Hopi rings? Then they could just be passed off as friendship rings and no-one would be the wiser."

"If I had one to give to Mary Kathryn, it would be a great deal more than a friendship ring and the whole school would know that," Michael said. "Unlike Matt and Luke, the whole damn school knows where I stand with Mary Kathryn." Michael then told Uncle Michael about Mary Kathryn kissing him in front of the whole student body.

"Well, it SEEMED like a good idea and I was willing to spring for one for you and Mary Kathryn. I had forgotten that the two of you were also an item. You all are really keeping it all in the family, aren't you?"

"Luke, Matt, I know how special the rings are to you and I don't want to take anything away from that, but I also see the danger involved in your wearing them. I also suspect, if I remember young love and I think I do, you put them on with some kind of promise, implied at least, that they would never be off," Fr. Tom said. Luke and I nodded. "I remember well the first time I took off the ring my wife had placed on my finger. But it was special because she put it there, not because others didn't have rings--some exactly like mine. Larry and Eugene could wear rings--Millie would see to that or Eugene probably has an allowance large enough to take care of both, but that would only add fuel to the fire."

"The Select Few--that's the answer if you guys are willing--the Select Few. That way no-one other than the Select Few would have to know that the rings were more than friendship rings," Mary Kathryn said.

"How would you feel about that?" Yong Jin asked. "I want you and Luke to be sure before you answer," she said.

I took Luke's hand and we walked way from the crowd and I looked deeply into his eyes and said, "Luke, what do you think?"

"Sarang Hanun Pomul, thousands of people wear rings. Only one person gave this ring and only one person wears it. What others have or wear makes no never mind. This is the ring that says you have pledged yourself to me and yours says I have pledged [myself] yourself to you. Nothing will ever change that."

"Yonghon Tongmu, you are so right, nothing will change that!" I said as I pulled Luke's lips to mine for a passionate kiss. We had an audience? I didn't care. Besides some might even learn something about kissing! "So we are agreed that the Select Few show up Monday with rings?"

"Agreed, if we can round up the rings. What about sizes? And the store will be closed by the time we could get there even if we knew the sizes."

"You're right. So let's tell the family what we have decided and the problem as we see it."

When Luke and I returned to the group, we explained why we thought it would be ok if all the Select Few had rings. "And it will allow us to wear ours without raising new questions, but there are a couple problems," Luke said.

After he had explained about the need to get sizes and the shop being closed soon, once again, those who loved us and cared for us all came through. "Elizabeth Allison is senior sponsor this year and I know she had all kinds of measurements on her computer," Yong Jin said, "including ring sizes from last year when senior rings were ordered. That leaves only three--Linda, Mary Kathryn and Michael--as unknowns. Two of those will prove to be no problem since they are right here."

"There is another member, Bill Lance, but he's a rising senior and his size should be available," Michael said.

"You think Linda doesn't know her ring size?" Mary Kathryn asked. "That girl knows everything about herself. She may not be just a cheerleader type, but she knows how to put on the act well. She'll know."

"Ok, I'll call Elizabeth and get the sizes she has. Mary Kathryn, call Linda and get hers," Yong Jin said.

"We still have two problems. Uncle Michael--you are Uncle Michael to all of us aren't you?" Luke asked and Uncle Michael nodded. "Uncle Michael says he will spring for Mary Kathryn's and Michael's. Matt, call Eugene and see if he can afford two rings. That still leaves Linda, Paula and Bill. And the shop will be closing in a few minutes."

"I think I can handle that," Fr. Tom said. "Mr. Swartz is an old and dear friend. I'm sure he would be more than happy to open the shop if I asked. Besides, he enjoys kids who have fine taste. When could you all get to his place to choose rings?"

Mary Kathryn got on my cell phone and called Linda and Fr. Tom got on his and called the shop. Sure enough, Linda knew her ring size and when Mary Kathryn told us that, Fr. Tom reminded us that we really didn't need to know ring sizes since we could meet Mr. Swartz at his shop at 8:00.

I called Eugene and he didn't have the money. He and Millie hadn't talked about an allowance so he said, "Well, I guess now is when I find out just how spoiled I am. Call you back."

"When I told Linda what was up, she asked if Millie was buying a ring for Eugene and when I told her of course, she said, then Mom would probably buy me two if it's something Mrs. Willingham, THE Mrs. Willingham, is involved in. That leaves only Bill Lance and Paula," Mary Kathryn said.

"I think we four should pay for Bill's since he has made enough sacrifice for our cause," Michael said.

"Agreed," Luke and I said at the same time. "But you know Paula has no money," I added.

"I think St. Mary's owes that girl a lot for her performance at the service for Gregory and for what she is doing for the concert. After all, with her and the chorus, many people will see the inside of St. Mary's who would not otherwise. My discretionary fund will take care of hers," Fr. Tom offered.

We called all the Select Few and made arrangements for all of us to be at the shop at 8:00. By the time all that was done, it was almost 5:30 so we gathered things together and started walking home. "I see the gate is in," Jens commented as we walked away from the river.

"Yes. I think your idea of having people park at your place and the Greywolfs', and using the two vans to shuttle them to the river is a good one and the gate will make that easy," David said. "If we had a driver for mine it would be even better." He and Margaret, Dad and Mom, Jens and Gabrielle and the Gang of Four were walking arm in arm across the pasture. Fr. Tom and Uncle Michael were bringing up the rear, carrying on an animated conversation, when Dad took Mom's hands, stepped in front of her and, walking backwards, started singing, "More than the greatest love..." Almost immediately five lovers were holding hands, facing their beloved as they walked backwards and joined in... "the world has known...."

At 8:00pm all of the Select Few were at Mr. Swartz' shop. He brought out several trays of Hopi rings. "You're in luck," he said. "I have the largest collection of Hopi overlay rings in the southeast. I sell very few, but I love them so much I just keep buying them when I see one which strikes my fancy--and most do! I know I may never sell many, but they are so lovely I can't resist."

The whole crew kept finding a ring that was more to their liking than one they had chosen earlier. Of course, there were times when the ring someone liked wouldn't fit, but finally everyone had a ring they loved. "Ok," Luke said, "you all know about everyone else. Matt gave me mine and got his for me as signs of our promise to marry each other--of course that's not exactly right since we cannot actually be married, but as a promise that we will have a commitment ceremony when we are ready. You all have a right to know that."

Immediately Larry fell on his knees and said, "Eugene, will you marry me?"

In answer, Eugene pulled Larry to his feet, kissed him passionately and said, "Yes."

Michael looked at Mary Kathryn and said, "I'm not sure I want to go that far right now but, Mary Kathryn, I pledge my love to you".

"And I mine to you," Mary Kathryn replied.

I suddenly remembered Mr. Swartz was present and turned to look at him. He was misty eyed. "Young love is so wonderful, children, and only becomes more wonderful as it becomes old love. Bless you all! But if I may ask, just exactly why the interest in Hopi rings and why are some... well, what? Engagement rings while others are..."

I explained how I had been walking by his shop a few days ago and saw the ring that I wanted as a symbol of my promise to Luke and had then had purchased the two, one for each of us. There have been problems at school involving some gay bashing and, since the two of us wearing our rings might stir up more trouble, the Gang of Four--That's us," I said indicating Luke, Michael, Mary Kathryn and myself--"are like brothers and sisters. We decided we would all get rings, but the whole school knows Michael and Mary Kathryn are an item, so that wasn't too good a cover, so we decided we would get rings for our close school group--we call ourselves the Select Few--as a sign of our friendship. What else they symbolize is up to individuals."

"Beautiful, beautiful," Mr. Swartz said. "I am happy to be a part of your getting the rings. By the way, Matt, is it?" I nodded. "I take it you are wearing a medallion.'

I felt myself blush as I replied, "Indeed I am, Sir," and pulled it from my shirt. "It's, of course, special because I received it from Luke, but it's also special because of your beautiful work."

"Thank you, I enjoyed doing it."

We left the store and were all standing together when Paula said, "The rings were a tremendous idea, especially since we are really going to have to stick together the next few weeks. I'm afraid we haven't heard the last from the jerks at school."

"Linda, what about you? You are pretending to not be a part of the group now. Won't there be questions about that?" Bill asked.

"I hadn't thought about that," Matt said. "I had forgotten Linda was undercover these days."

"Not for long. I think I have found out about all I can from Orie so I suspect I'll be joining you again for lunch Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'll let Bill keep my ring until then. Orie can't keep his hands off me and the next time he touches me in the wrong place after I'm sure I have learned all I can, bam, and I'm out of there."

"Bill, are you sure you want to get involved with that woman?" Michael laughed.

"I guess I'll have to learn how to deal with her," he replied. "I haven't had much experience with women who want anything other than to get in my pants."

"Well, Mr. Bill, you better learn because you try to get in mine--at least before you're invited--and you'll be on the sidelines next year," Linda said.

"You better remember that, Bill," I said. "Otherwise you'll suffer and we'll suffer because we'll have to listen to a second-by-second, blow-by-blow account of the whole thing!" Obviously we were all in a good mood as we broke to go home. Luke and I took Paula home; Uncle Michael took Mary Kathryn and Michael, and Bill took Linda. They seemed to be off to a good start. Larry and Eugene decided to walk to Eugene's. "Sure you don't want us to drop you off Larry?"

"I'm kinda not going home tonight," he replied with his goofy grin.

When we got to my place, Luke said, "Loser, I'm collecting on my bet tonight."

"I wouldn't mind losing every day if it gets you in my bed," I laughed as I kissed him. As Luke started to get out of the Jeep, he reached into the back seat and picked up a package. "A surprise for me?" I asked, as I kissed him again. Luke gave me the smile he knew turned me to water. "You're dimpling me again."

"Yea," he smiled. "I'm making sure you can't resist me."

"And just how often have I been able to resist you?" Luke merely gave me that smile again.

When we got inside, Mom and Dad asked us about trip to the shop and how our work earlier had gone. We talked with them a while, then we said goodnight and went upstairs. When we got to my room, Luke placed the package he had taken from the Jeep on the night stand and looked at me briefly before pulling me into his arms. As he did, he covered my mouth with his and his tongue slid into my mouth. My whole being was flooded with the taste of Luke. My arms wrapped around him, pulling him close. Luke's arms were around my neck and his fingers loosened my hair. Our kiss became more and more passionate; our tongues entered into that battle we both loved and in which we were both winners. Luke broke our kiss, looked into my eyes and smiled. We were standing by my bed so Luke could easily reach behind himself and picked up the package he had brought up. He handed it to me. As I opened the package, Luke stood smiling, his arms again around my neck. When the box was open, I saw massage oil, shampoo and soap, the same as Margaret had given us. "Tonight you're mine," Luke said and kissed me again.

Soon the bed was uncovered. Remembering the mess we had made before, I went across the hall and brought back a huge beach towel. When I returned, Luke had undressed and stood; his hard, defined body was so beautiful I stood, wondering at his beauty. As I stood gazing on my beloved, he walked to me, took the towel from my hands and spread it on the bed. Turning, he began undressing me. As he slipped off my shirt, he bent and kissed my nipples and then started licking them, driving me crazy. With an arm around my neck, he unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. As I stepped out of them, Luke swept me into his arms and, as he carried me toward the bed, he lifted my head and bent to kiss me again.

When he had laid me on the bed, he knelt between my legs, bent forward and kissed my manhood which was straining against my briefs. "Luke, Yonghon Tongmu, you are getting close to the line." He looked up, smiled, slid my briefs down and off. My manhood was standing proudly. Once again, Luke bent down and kissed my manhood. An electric change went through my whole body, a feeling unlike any I had ever experienced before.

"Sarang Hanun Pomul, as difficult as it is to stop, I will; but that's a promise for the future." Luke lay on top of me, kissing my eyes, nose, neck. As he rolled off of me, he reached for the oil and said, "On your stomach, Lover!" I turned over, resting my head on my folded arms. Luke poured a small stream of oil down my back and spread it over my back, necks, and legs. Then he started massaging me, kneading the muscles of my shoulders and neck.

"Luke, Babe, that feels so gooood. I spent so much time at the organ today and I guess I was more tense than I realized. It feels soooo good!" Luke continued to knead the muscles of my neck and shoulders, then spread his hands and rubbed up and down my back. After he had massaged my back, he took the bottle again and poured a small stream over my butt. After kneading my butt cheeks, he moved his fingers into my crack and lightly brushed my rosebud. Until he did that, I had be enjoying the massage and the feel of his strong hands on my body. However, when his fingers touched me in that special place I, once again, felt an electric shock run through my body. I was hard as nails and wanted Luke so bad I was groaning. After another feather-light touch on my rosebud, Luke slid his hands down and started massaging my legs. He took one foot and then the other into his hands, massaging each toe, and when he finished a foot he kissed it on the bottom. "Babe," I groaned, "you're tickling me!" I turned my head, so I could see Luke's face, and saw his evil grin as he kissed my foot again.

When he had finished with my back, I turned over and Luke started working on my front. When he had stopped running his fingers down my crack, the heat was turned down a bit--although I was still so hard my manhood was pulsating with each heartbeat. As Luke massaged my chest, he rubbed my nipples with his open hand, then pinched first one, then the other. He continued his massaging, stopping occasionally to kiss a nipple or run his teeth over it. When he started on my stomach, he bent forward and stuck his tongue in my belly button. It tickled like crazy, but also made me hot. Luke skipped my private parts to move down and massage the front of my legs. Again he took each foot, massaged it well and kissed the bottom.

When he finished, he again looked at me with his special Luke evil smile, which made his dimple appear and sent me skyward. Reaching for the oil again, he held it high above my erect manhood and poured a generous stream of oil on it. "Yonghon Tongmu, you are torturing me," I groaned as Luke replaced the bottle of oil on the night stand. Carefully not touching my erect manhood, Luke rubbed the oil on the inside of my thighs and on my balls then, lifting my ball sack, he again ran his fingers along my crack, touching my rosebud. "Babe, I am so hot I'm aching!"

Luke leaned forward, pressed him lips against mine, his tongue snaking into my mouth. Holding the kiss, his hand moved down my chest until it reached its goal and his fingers encircled my aching tool. He pushed the foreskin back, removed his lips from mine and moved down my body until his face was at my hips. He moved his hand slowly up and down my steel rod, all the time looking at it intently. "Sarang Hanun Pomul, do you know you have a beautiful cock?" he asked. "It's so dark, darker than the rest of my dark beauty. I love the foreskin and how it slides back to reveal such a beautiful, delightful pink arrow. You are well armed, my Lakota warrior!"

Luke continued to slowly, oh so slowly, move his hand up and down my Lakota arrow while I groaned, wanting more, so much more--not just to receive more, but also to give to Luke, to surrender totally to him. As Luke continued to move his hand up and down my shaft, charge after charge of electricity shot through me. I was so aroused I thought I could hold out no longer. "Yonghon Tongmu, I am going to explode into a thousand pieces. I can't stand this any longer!" I said through clinched teeth. Luke looked up into my eyes, smiled, and started moving his hand faster. I was panting for breath--on the verge of passing out, my feelings were so intense. "Luke, Yonghon Tongmu, I love you," I shouted as my climax hit me more powerfully than I had experienced before. Shot after shot, load after load of man's seed exploded out of my body, striking Luke in the face, shooting onto my neck and chest. Wave after wave of electricity shot through my body until, momentarily, I passed out from sheer pleasure as a thousand bursts of light made the inside of my head like a Fourth of July celebration.

When I caught my breath and the lights stopped flashing in my head, I looked down to see Luke's golden head lying on my stomach, his depthless blue eyes looking into mine, a sweet smile on his face. "I told you tonight you were mine," he whispered. He raised a hand to his lips and licked my man's seed from it. "I now know how you taste, Sarang Hanun Pomul. I longed to know and now I know. You taste wonderful, my Dark Angel." Luke then drew himself up beside me and placed his mouth against mine and this time his tongue had not only the taste of Luke but also of me--mingled together.

After our kiss, I lay back on the bed, exhausted. Luke lay beside me, his head on my chest. "Luke, Babe, I would never have believed you could have given me that much pleasure without, you know...."

"Having sex? Somehow or other, Babe, I think love making has gotten short-changed if it only means sex by penetration--Man, that sounds so damn clinical: sex by penetration. Shit, Man, we just made love big time."

"I know something--rather someone--else that has been short changed."

"Me? You think I have been short-changed?" I nodded. "That's what you think. Giving you pleasure made me the happiest guy in the world," my Luke said. "Never, ever think that love making is 'I do you, now you do me,' Matt. That's not the way it is."

"I'm not sure Little Luke agrees with you," I laughed as it was obvious that Little Luke was as hot and hard as Chili Pepper was soft and calm. Luke laughed. "Babe, tonight you were mine, tonight was your night. But I wouldn't mind at all joining you in the shower--for a shower and a bit of play time."

"You've got it, Lover," I said as I sprang out of bed, scooped Luke into my arms and headed for the shower. Luke snagged the soap and shampoo he had brought as we passed the night stand. Of course, I made love to Luke in the shower! His climax was not as intense as mine, I'm sure, but when Little Luke exploded, Luke collapsed against me and I held him close. And, yes, I did taste Luke and it was no less wonderful than the taste of Luke I have known when his tongue invaded my mouth.

After we had washed and dried each other, Luke carried me back to my room, stripped the oily towel from the bed and gently laid me down. Our bodies entwined, we gave each other a goodnight kiss and, gazing into our lover's eyes, drifted off to sleep. And while our guardian angels watched over us, we slept; happy, content and loved--in each other's arms.

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