Castle Roland

A Special Place

by Sequoyah


Chapter 32

Published: 8 Apr 14

A Special Place--Part Thirty-two--Michael

Matt and Luke were so involved in getting ready for their AP exams, I didn't want to bother them--I mean Mary Kathryn and I have two AP exams--biology and US history--but that is not like having five. Nonetheless--I love that word, heard Yong Jin use it and it really sounded so neat--nonetheless, I needed to talk to them. So Friday morning when we were running, I let Mary Kathryn get ahead of me and signaled Matt to drop back. I pretended I had a cramp and Matt got my signal quickly and started massaging my calf. "Matt, Man, I have a real problem."

"What's that, Lil' Bro?"

"Well, you know Mary Kathryn's and my birthdays are coming up?"

"Sure do. Sweet sixteen! Driving!"

"Yea, well, that too, but that's not what has me worried. Bro, you're going to think I'm a silly fool."

"Lil' Bro, you know better than that."

"Well, some of the guys at school do. They say I'm a fool for still being a virgin and nearly sixteen when I could have been in Mary Kathryn's pants ages ago."

"Could you? I'm not so sure about that!"

"Ok, I could have at least tried. I talked with Dad and Luke about becoming sexually active--shit, that sounds like a health sex education something or other--anyway, they both said I'd have to make up my own mind and the guys at school, well, they're kidding me pretty hard. I thought about just telling them Mary Kathryn and I were fucking like bunnies the way they do."

"You mean the way they say they do. Look, Michael, one thing you need to know. Guys lie big time when they are bragging about 'Man, I'm getting so much pussy I'm just about fucked out until I take a day off!' That's what they say and you can be pretty sure, the louder the talk, the less the action. And what about Mary Kathryn? How would she feel if you did that?"

"Matt, I will feel lower than dog shit if I did run around bragging--even if it were so. I mean, what Mary Kathryn and I have is very precious to me. It's not like I ever look at her as something to fuck, I mean, I never look at her... Well, you know what I mean, don't you?"

"I think so. She's the love and light of your life and one day you want to express that by making love to her physically, well, I mean by having sex with her. But you're not ready right now. Right?"

"Yea, it has to be special, loving..."

"Michael, Michael."

"Yea, yes Matt?"

"Lil' Bro, you've got a dreamy look in your eyes and on your face. You have drifted off into the land of romance.

"Yea, I have."

"So, Michael, if you can come back to this world, what's the problem?"

"Matt, I don't like being kidded and called names. I mean, I'm pretty tough, but it gets under my skin."

"Lil' Bro, your love's brother and I will be eighteen soon and we're virgins. Since we never so much as really dated girls, we get called names--they could be worse--and kidded a lot."

"Yea, but that's different. I mean, at sixteen you were gay and not interested in girls."

"I guess that's different. Actually, I was gay, but didn't know it or accept it. All I knew was I loved a Larsen with my whole being. That love has grown and changed since my sweet sixteen, but it had remained loving with all I knew--know--about love. So what's different about that?"

"All I know is I love a Larsen with everything I am, as much as any almost-sixteen could possibly love. I guess there's really no difference. But I still hate the kidding."

"Lil' Bro, when you and Mary Kathryn have sex is up to you two. Oh, Jens and David may talk big, but when you get ready you will. In the meantime, when someone starts kidding you, give them that wicked Michael grin and say 'If you only knew, you'd envy me because I sure as hell have more going for me than you do.' Then let them think what they want. They'll let up because since you don't give them the details they read off the net or some sleazy magazine, they'll wonder just what you have discovered that they haven't. And tell Mary Kathryn. She will know how to let the girls know what is going on and I suspect some who may be 'gettin' some' will find their supply cut off. And, Michael, talk with Bill. He has, in his own words, fucked around a lot and has some thoughts on that and, believe me, he's not gay!"

"Thanks, Bro. Now if I just knew what to get Mary Kathryn for her birthday!" I laughed and hugged Matt. "See you shortly," I said as I turned to go into the house. It sure was good to have an older brother and, believe me, Matt was as much a brother as he would have been had we had the same parents. But I really did need help in selecting a birthday gift for my wild woman. I laughed at myself. I guess you have to be around sixteen when deciding about having sex and selecting a birthday present seem equally serious!

A Special Place--Part Thirty-two--Eugene

When I went down for breakfast, Millie said, "Son, there's an article in this morning's paper which is of interest to you. You can read it later if you like, but essentially what it says is that the Temple of Praise has hired a high-powered lawyer from Jackson to represent McBride. He filed a brief with a judge above Judge Snow, after she refused it, requesting that the video tapes with kids' faces obscured not be allowed since the children cannot be recognized. He argues that while they might be used in connection with child pornography, they cannot be used as evidence of child abuse because no child can be identified. Unfortunately, the altered tapes have been barred. The three in the state hospital have agreed to testify but, as the DA said, how will a jury view three witnesses who are presently in a mental hospital. I called one of my lawyers and he agrees that it is going to be a pretty weak case if it rests on what will be called mental patients. I instructed my lawyer to file as a friend of the court, but it doesn't look good."

"Shit! That bastard is going to get away with years of child abuse! It's not fair, Millie! It's not fair!"

"Son, I would have thought you would have learned long ago: life is life, it's not fair!"

"Mom, what should I do?"

"Son, I can't answer that for you. I pulled you out of that tub when you attempted to drown off your memories of the past and I suspect, your fear of the present. I wish I could answer for you. I wish there was an easy answer. I wish you had never been hurt as you have. But wishes don't change things. Talk to your love because your decision will definitely affect him. Talk to your friends. I know you won't have an easy time of it, regardless of what you decide but, remember, I'm here for you."

I hugged Millie who held me to her ample bosom and stroked my hair as I cried. "Mom, just once, I would like to be free and happy for longer than a few days."

"I know, Son." She continued holding me until I stopped crying. She lifted my head, kissed me on the forehead and said, "Eugene, when you hurt, I hurt, but you have brought me more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. I love you dearly, Son."

"I love you too, Mom."

I got ready for school and drove by Larry's and picked him up. As soon as he was in the car he asked, "Read the morning paper, Gene?"

"No, but Millie told me about the article. Lar, I broke down and cried again. What should I do? Millie talked to one of her lawyers and he's afraid that without the tapes and with the only live witnesses being called mental patients, McBride will walk."

"Well--Hey! What's with this Lar bit?"

"It just seemed to fit."

"Love it, Gene." Larry pulled my face to his for a deep kiss.

I was trying to get into it and see where I was driving, when I gave up and pulled to the side of the street for an absolutely divine kiss which went on until I finally asked, "Are we going to make out or go to school?"

"Man, if those are the choices, the decision is easy! But I'm much afraid it's not a real choice," he said, gave me a final kiss and scooted to his side of the car.

"But Lar, what am I going to do? I just about came apart when I thought they might show a video of me being fucked by McBride. Then I was told I couldn't be recognized. Now the tapes are all out without live witnesses and the only ones who are willing to testify are--will be--called crazy, insane, unreliable mental patients."

"Gene, I can't make the decision for you. I'm here for you regardless. Would it help if you talked to Luke and Matt? Want to talk to the whole bunch? Want to be left alone? Babe, it's your call."

"I don't know, Lar. I just learned this morning. I'll think about it. But love me, babe. Love me." I had pulled into the parking lot and parked beside Matt.

Larry pulled me to himself for a kiss. "To hell with anyone who has a problem with me loving my man," he said and kissed me again.

When lunch rolled around I was still in a quandary as to what I should do. I couldn't stand the thought of that bastard McBride getting away with what he had done to so many boys, but I was also terrified of what would happen if I testified. I mean, what would people think of me? When everyone had gathered around our table, I was sure of one thing: the Fellowship of the Rings would stand by me--well, I wasn't sure about Jacob. He was a part of the Fellowship, but not really since he was in the dark about us. Michael--always Michael--started the discussion by asking, "I suppose all of you know what's happened to McBride? Everyone had. "Well, I hope someone other than the three in the hospital will testify but, damn, it would be hard. I always said I'd do what was right and stand up for what was right, but I don't know..."

"Ok, Gang, I guess... I guess..." Everyone was suddenly silent and looking at me. Larry reached for my hand as Luke took the other and Matt placed his atop Larry's. "Jacob, this is neither the time nor the place nor way I planned to tell you, but..." Michael got up, stood behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Jacob, first off, I want you to know I'm gay. Do with that what you will."

"And I am his lover," Larry said without hesitation. Everyone was looking at Jacob to see his reaction.

Jacob got a silly grin on his face and said, "I kinda got an idea that might be so when I saw you kiss Eugene this morning. And while we're at it, I'm not, but have no problem with it. My favorite cousin is gay and he's a great guy, just doesn't have the kind of plumbing I dream--wet of course--about. Further, if what I saw in a Jeep a couple days ago is any indication, I don't think you two guys are the only gay couple in the Fellowship."

I guess Matt's blushing was catching or it might have been a reflection of his red face lighting up Luke's.

"Well, so much for having Paula see how Jacob would handle two gay couples in the Fellowship," Luke said.

"Well, there's more. Much more. I was also one of those McBride abused. Along with other things such as having me beat off, sucking me off, he raped me when I was twelve. I had pushed it so far back into my memory that I had forgotten it until I saw those video tapes--he had videoed everything he had me do and did to me--then I started having nightmares." I told them everything which has happened since then. "Now I have to decide."

"Eugene, I'll stand by you regardless of what you decide," Jacob said. "I can't imagine what it must be like to be abused--raped. Man, you've got guts even to be around after that. You decide to testify and I think you're a number one hero. But if you decide not to, I sure can understand. I don't think I would, to be honest."

"Thanks, Gang. I know it's finally my decision, but it's a great feeling to know you have people standing with you." I looked at Larry and saw a tear running down his cheek. I reached out with my napkin and wiped it away. "Hope I didn't sandpaper your face, Lar, but this school napkin is like recycled sandpaper, and it's all I have." Larry smiled, weakly, but he smiled.

"Matt, I guess a very minor problem has been solved by Jacob; we don't have to worry about him any more. And you know something, I just remembered Nelson said something about 'with permission'. Gang, Matt and I, Eugene and Lar..."

"Hey, that's for private use only," Eugene interrupted.

"Sorry. We were planning on going to the club in Lexington tonight. We wanted to ask all of you, but with Jacob not knowing..."

"And me single," Paula added. She's not dumb.

"Well, I guess getting permission for the straight couple in the family will be easy and, now that Jacob knows about us... Jacob, think you could tolerate two guys dancing together?" Matt asked.

"And having a Lakota Korean kissing the fool out of his partner while doing it?" Luke added and Matt blushed.

"Hey, whatever you're into so long as it doesn't step on my space. And Paula, just friends of course, but I'd be happy and honored to step out with you, Prom Queen!" Jacob said.

"That settles that. Linda, Bill, up to a night on the town?" Luke asked.

"Damn straight--no offense," Bill laughed. "What time?"

"Dinner? Steak and Ale? I like that place," Linda said.

"We could, but not necessary. There's a bistro at the place and we wouldn't need reservations," Luke answered.

"And more time for dancing," Mary Kathryn allowed.

"Damn, that means that Jeep again!" Luke whined. "Unless... Matt, how's the insurance on the Jeep?"

"When Yong Jin fixed it for you, it's fixed for anyone I give permission to drive it."

"Jacob, would you and Paula be willing to drive Matt's Jeep. It sure puts a crimp in my style."

"Sure," Jacob said, "but, as I observed, it's not a major crimp."

"Try a gear shift in the balls and then say that!" Luke exclaimed. "How about we meet at Matt's place at 5:30?"

"That's kinda pushing it, Yonghon Tongmu. I mean we have to get all sexy and good looking and, for some of us--like you, that takes a while. And we don't have to rush back since I don't have to be at St. Mary's next morning. 6:30 sounds more reasonable."

"As I recall, Sarang Hanun Pomul, it takes you about 10 seconds to get sexy and good-looking, but I think you better wear clothes!" The whole gang laughed as Matt turned bright red. "Ok, meet at Matt's at 6:30."

A Special Place--Part Thirty-two--Luke

After school, we went straight home. I had Matt drive me by the house to pick out clothes and then we went to his place. Since we had some time before anyone else got home--we were skipping last period these days--It seemed just made for some serious love making. When we got to Matt's room, he dashed across the hall and came back with a huge beach towel. As soon as I saw it, I knew what he had in mind, "YES!!!" I exclaimed. Matt then held up the bottle of massage oil.

"Yonghon Tongmu, you lie down right there and don't move a muscle! I'll be right back." Matt left the room and I heard him going down the stairs two at a time. I wondered what he was up to, but I did as he said. I lay on my back, my hands behind my head, staring at the ceiling and thinking about how much I loved my beautiful, full-of-life Matt. Only minutes after he left, he came back into the room, placed the bottle of oil on the night stand and became a wild Lakota as he climbed my body, literally, lying atop me and smothering me with kisses. I was finally able to get to his hair and, when it was loosened, I was covered with a cascade of blackness and the fragrance of my love filled the room. Our lips locked in a deep, passionate kiss, Matt started undressing me. When my shirt was off, he started kissing my bare chest, licking my nipples and sucking one, then the other. Without taking his attention from what he was doing to my chest, Matt had my belt and pants opened before I knew it. I raised my hips from the bed and he slipped them down my legs. Finally, rocking back on his heels, he pulled them off my legs and quickly slipped his thumbs in the band of my briefs and freed my man's tool which was already hard. As he freed it, Matt started moving up my body, looked up, gave me a wicked Matt grin and quickly kissed my cock. "Matt!" He looked at me, grinned and slid up my body to cover my mouth with his. While he was kissing me, I removed his shirt and opened his pants. Matt flipped himself in the bed and I pulled his pants and briefs off.

Did I dare? Sure I did. I kissed the head of my love's Lakota arrow. Matt flipped himself again and looked into my eyes as a special Matt smile covered his face. "On your stomach, Bright Angel!" I turned over, placed my head on my arms as Matt reached for the oil.

He poured a stream of WARM oil down my back. "Oh, Babe, that is wonderful! What did you do?"

"I nuked it. Margaret told me 15 seconds or less in the microwave would do wonders."

"It already has, babe. The fragrance is filling the room as never before and it feels soooooooo good."

"It's just started!" Matt started massaging my shoulders and neck, kneading the muscles in warm oil. His fingers were absolute magic on my back and, finally, on my butt. He, again, allowed his fingers to slide over my cheeks, into my crack and brush my rosebud. I was streaming precum as he moved down my legs and started massaging my feet. He then moved back up my body, his body sliding over my oil-slicked back. When he reached my neck, he started kissing the back of my neck, then stuck his tongue in my ear while laughing madly. I turned my head, lifted it, and his lips met mine as his hair created our world. "On your back, Yonghon Tongmu!" When I turned on my back, it was obvious what Matt's attention was doing to me as my Nordic spear stood straight out from my body. Matt's body covered mine, his hair filling my whole being with the scent of my man as his mouth covered mine in a deep, passionate, kiss.

Raising himself, he reached for the oil and poured a warm stream over my chest. Straddling my body, he started massaging my shoulders and neck and quickly moved his hands to my chest where he pinched my nipples, rubbed his palms over them, then continued on down my body. Avoiding my manhood, he massaged my legs and, again, paid particular attention to my feet. Finally, he reached for the oil again and as he did, his hair covered my cock. The feeling was so exotic! I almost shot and started groaning, "Sarang Hanun Pomul, Sarang Hanun Pomul, damn, Matt, your hair is driving me crazy!" Matt just looked at me, smiled, and released a stream of warm oil over my man's tool.

Leaning over me, he spilled his hair over my rock hard manhood. Looking into my eyes, he gave me a mischievous grin and started shaking his head. His hair on my pulsating cock was driving me wild! Again, Matt poured warm oil over it and took it in his hand, kissed the head and started stroking me oh so sloooowly, all the time looking at me with those sparkling black almond eyes, and the mischievous little boy smile on his face. As he continued to stroke my manhood, he slid up my body, placed his lips to mine and his tongue invaded my mouth as my breathing became faster. I was breathing through Matt's mouth as his hand started moving faster and faster. I was making small noises in my throat as I held him to my chest, tightly. Then it hit. Skyrockets went off in my head as I stopped breathing for a moment. I was only conscious of the scent of my love, his arm around me and the electric charges going through my body and the fireworks in my head. As I gradually became conscious again, Matt smiled at me and again shook his hair over my now very, very sensitive man's tool. I grabbed him, pulled him to me and kissed the reason I was alive and wanted to live forever. "Sarang Hanun Pomul, if it gets better than that, I don't think I can stand it!" Matt's sparkling eyes looked into mine, a smile covered his dark, beautiful face and the scar told me the pleasure he had given me was but another of the many ways he had shown his love for me. He lay beside me as I gave him a tender, love-filled kiss and said, "Now, it's my time to make you see stars!" I reached for the oil and found it had cooled so I said, "Wait for me, Dark Angel!' Matt warned me to test the oil after I had nuked it because it got hot quickly. Three minutes later I was back, and proceeded to attempt to give Matt as much pleasure as he had given me--and all indications were that I succeeded!

After we had lain in each others arms for awhile, Matt said, "Yonghon Tongmu, love sure is messy," and laughed a great Matt laugh. "I think we better get cleaned up."

"Do we have to?"

"No, but I hear the shower calling." The truth of the matter was that both of us had just about exhausted our passion or lust and our time in the shower was plain playful. Of course, we washed each other thoroughly, including our hair. Matt had gotten his really oily with his using it to give my man's tool a new thrill, but we were clean long before we decided to get out of the shower. In fact, I don't know that we would have got out, had the water not started getting cold.

A Special Place--Part Thirty-two--Matt

I always enjoyed making love to my man, but today was special. It was fun and it was fantastic. And, believe me, Luke had made me wonder if going all the way could be more fantastic. We were both exhausted when we finally dragged ourselves out of the bed and into the shower. But we're young and our energy returned quickly and both were playful as puppies when we got in the shower. We played until the water started to get cold, then dried each other and tended to each other's hair. Luke's hair was now a mass of pale gold curls covering his head. It only added to his already perfect beauty. He had chosen all black for tonight. When he was dressed, I looked at him and knew he needed something special and realized I had it. I opened my treasure box and took out the beaded headband I had worn to Lexington and put it around his head. Perfect!

I looked in my closet, having decided I, as Luke, would wear something a bit less dramatic than the last time. I decided on black pants and a bright red shirt. Both Luke and I left our medallions out. When we were dressed, Luke took me into his arms and said, "You are beautiful, you are wonderful, your are mine and I love you more than life itself." His kiss was soft, tender, loving.

"Yonghon Tongmu, I have dreamed of loving you as long as I can remember. Never did I dream you would love me and, even had I dared, I could never imagine how wonderful it would be to hear you say those three words, 'I love you!' And, Yonghon Tongmu, never could I have imagined how very, very much I could and do love you." Again, we shared a tender kiss. "My heavens, it's six already! I suspect the rents are home so I guess we better go down." Holding hands, we went downstairs and found Dad sitting on a stool in the kitchen, helping Mom prepare their supper.

"Well, from the looks on your faces, the fragrance throughout the house and the fact that there is no hot water, I suspect two of Independence's finest cut class today and played around."

"Two, I believe the words are stud muffins, ditched? Couldn't be," Mom laughed.

"Technically true, I suppose, Mr. and Mrs. Greywolf," Luke said in his most serious voice, "however, I would like to point out that 1) most seniors are doing nothing and 2) we two, Independence's finest, have completed all the requirements of the classes we ditched that we could do at this time. As to playing around, we did not play around. It was serious business! I am, however, afraid we are responsible for the lack of hot water but, I assure you, you would rather have cold water than..."

"Spare us the details, Mr. Larsen," Mom said, in her best classroom voice. We all had a great laugh.

"You look great guys. Luke, the headband really suits you," Dad said, "but a blond Lakota I'm not sure about." We continued just talking and joking until the kids started arriving. Bill, Linda, Paula and Jacob came in first. While both Dad and Mom knew Jacob as a student, he was properly introduced and welcomed into our house.

We got to Lexington about 8 and went straight to the club. We were all starved so we went to the bistro and proved that next to sex with teenagers was food. We were all in a great mood and even Eugene seemed relaxed and happy. When we finished, we walked to the dance floor where the DJ was already on duty. The music was fast and loud and we immediately hit the floor. One of the nice things about fast dancing was that you really didn't dance with a partner. Before I knew it, the gang was dancing like mad and the guys were trying to outdo each other. I had seen the Gang of Four dance and Michael was, hands down, the best at fast dancing. He was going wild when Bill danced over in a kind of male challenge and it was on. The rest of us just stood back and watched. Matt was an excellent dancer and I wasn't bad, but neither of us could keep up with Michael's moves. I noticed Jacob standing near me with a wicked smile on his face. Before I knew what was happening, he hit the floor and challenged Bill and Michael. They got wilder and wilder and soon had the floor to themselves. Everyone was standing on the sidelines, egging them on. That Jacob had some moves!! When the song ended, the DJ put on another equally fast one and the three started again. Michael was barely holding his own when Mary Kathryn had enough of her man being challenged and hit the floor, and the two started a wild, erotic dance. Cheers were rocking the roof.

As if to answer the challenge, Linda and Paula slinked onto the floor and immediately became wildcats! Eugene and Larry, Luke and I were shouting, applauding and having a ball. While there was no doubt Luke and I couldn't match what was going on out on the floor, Luke grabbed my hand and we were on. Eugene and Larry couldn't resist and soon the entire Fellowship of the Rings was competing against each other in an unofficial contest. The cheering got louder and louder and our dancing got wilder. When the music finally ended, the DJ said, "Let's hear it for Mr. Greywolf and his entourage!" Those on the sidelines shouted, whistled, and applauded. "Now, to see the kids really get into dancing, here's their song!" We were all still standing on the floor when the music started and "More" poured from the speakers. In spite of the fact that we were all panting and sweating after the fast dancing, we each gathered our partner into our arms and started slow dancing. Luke rested his head in the crook of my neck and whispered, "Sarang Hanun Pomul, I love you, man, I love you!" and started singing softly. Then I realized that everyone--well, maybe not Jacob--was singing to their partner. Michael and Mary Kathryn started the kissing, but soon everyone except Jacob and Paula was dancing with their lips pressed to their partner's.

When the song ended, we returned to our tables and were all sweating like mad. "I think we need drinks," Michael was finally able to say but, just as he got the words out of his mouth, Nelson and Holly appeared with a tray of soft drinks and water. Water was the drink of choice--at least at first.

"Matt, Luke good to see you again. I assume these are friends?" Luke introduced the group and invited Nelson and Holly to join us. "We will if we're not expected to accept a challenge to dance! I haven't seen anything like that around here."

"I guess it's because we're just from a hick town and have nothing better to do," Bill laughed.

"Well, the fact that our mamas sent four of us to dance class every Saturday when we wanted to be playing might have helped too," Mary Kathryn said.

"Those four sure have taught the rest of us how to slow dance. Man, I can't understand how that ever went out of fashion," Larry said.

We sat around, talking and drinking--water and then soda. Gradually couples started getting up for a dance and returning. When everyone was on the floor except Luke and I, Nelson asked, "What's going on in Concord with this Rev. McBride?"

"We'll tell you, but if Eugene comes back, it stops. He was abused by McBride and is trying to make a very hard decision," Luke said. Luke then told Nelson what all the uproar was about.

When Luke finished, Nelson said, "Holy shit!"

The conversation ended as Larry and Eugene came back to the table. As he walked up, Eugene said, "Matt, think Larry and I could spend the night at your place? It'll be late when we get back, but Lar and I need to talk to you and Luke tonight or tomorrow."

"Sure, the guest room's yours."

"Thanks. Guess I better call Millie. She may already be in bed, but I don't want her to get up and find me gone."

"Phones are in the entrance. You couldn't hear here," Nelson said. Eugene thanked Nelson and he and Larry went to make calls. "He calls his mother Millie?"

Luke and I laughed. "Well, that's a whole other story. Eugene's father is the senior elder in the Temple of Praise where Rev. McBride holds forth."

"Shit! I bet he had a litter of kittens when he found out his son was gay."

"Not sure. Not even sure he knows," Luke said and told Nelson about Eugene's being beaten and thrown out of his house.

"Because he took part in that service?"

"Yes. He was adopted the next day by Millie Willingham who is..."

"Who is Concord! Even here in Lexington most of us know that. Damn. And she knows he's gay?"

"She has a gay son. Eugene is the grandson she'll never have. Of course, legally he's her son and she calls him son. And she knows about Larry and Eugene."

"Poor kid. I thought my brother had it hard. Hope things work out for him, but I'm sure glad I'm not in his shoes, but he's got guts.

"This whole bunch has guts and we have had to prove it this year," Luke said.

The Fellowship continued enjoying itself until the last dance was announced at 12:30. Someone in the crowd shouted, "Greywolf's choice" and others took up the cheer. The DJ said, "No need to ask. Greywolf's choice, 'More'."

When we got to the cars, I said, "Jacob, why don't you keep the Jeep until tomorrow? I don't need it and Larry and Eugene are spending the night at my place. Bring it out when you feel like it." Jacob was happy to do so.

As we started to Eugene's car, Eugene asked, "Matt, will you or Luke drive? From what I saw in the rear view mirror, that back seat is perfect for making out and I'd like to try it." Luke grabbed the keys when Eugene tossed then in the air and slid into the driver's seat. The drive home was pretty calm in the front seat, but steam was rising from the back!

It was almost two when we got home and I asked Eugene if he wanted to talk tonight or wait. "I know we are all bushed. That was an exciting evening and I am so glad we went and very glad that the whole Fellowship went," Eugene replied. "I know we are tired and ready for bed, but I think I might sleep better if we talked now." We were all four in my room, sitting on my bed, waiting for Eugene.

"I have been thinking about whether or not to testify against McBride. Tonight I forgot about it while we were having fun but, as soon as we headed for the cars, that was all I could think about."

"From what I saw in the rear view mirror, you did have some other things on your mind!" Luke said with a laugh.

"Well, I'll admit that it soon slipped my mind after Lar and I got in the back seat," Eugene said with a slight smile.

"Eugene, you know you have steadfast friends who will stand by you regardless of your decision and I know it is not an easy one," I said.

"That's the only reason I have kept thinking about it I'm sure. But I don't think I could live with myself if I allowed McBride to walk, not only because of what he did to me and other boys in the past, but I'm sure he would not stop if he were set free. I've decided to testify and, God, Lar, I know it will hurt you."

"No, it won't hurt me. I mean, it will because I know it will be painful for you, but he has already hurt me all he can. I can and will only admire you for your guts, Gene," Larry said very softly as he pulled Eugene to himself for a tender lover's kiss.

"I guess I just needed reassuring. I know you guys will stand by me, but I needed to hear the words and probably will need to hear them again and again. Now I hope I can sleep. Having Larry beside me helps a whole lot."

"Luke looked at me with a real twinkle in his eye and winked. I knew exactly what he meant. I took what was left of the massage oil out of the night stand and headed for the kitchen. Luke got beach towels and said, "Larry, come with me."

When I got back upstairs, Eugene was alone, looking puzzled, and I said, "Come with me," took his hand and headed to the guest room. Luke had found a couple large candles and placed them on the night stands on either side of the bed, covered the bed with the towel and left another towel folded on the foot of the bed. I put the oil on the night stand and Luke and I said "Goodnight, sweet dreams."

When we reached my room, I asked, "Luke, why was there another towel on the bed?"

"Babe, Eugene has hardly been sleeping, even with Larry in bed with him. I have a hunch that if Larry is half as good as you are, it will not end like our sessions with the oil. I suspect Eugene will be sleeping like a baby before Larry finishes. I told Larry just to cover him with the second towel, so there'll be no oil on the bedcovers, and let him sleep."

"You know, Yonghon Tongmu, you have a heart as big as all outdoors."

"Sarang Hanun Pomul, don't know what size it is. I guess you know because it belongs to you." With those words, Luke kissed me softly and started undressing me and, as soon as he finished, I uncovered the whole of my Luke's beauty. We crawled into bed, Luke lying on his back and me lying with my head on his chest, listening to his warm and loving heart beating. "Matt, sometimes I get to feeling sorry for us having to hide, with all that's happened because of our love, but when I look at Larry and Eugene..."

"I know, but they have each other and, even with their rough start, I think they meant it when he said, 'Till death do us part'."

"I sure know I meant it, Dark Angel."

"And so did I, Bright Angel." Our lips met in a soft, tender, loving kiss and--in each others arms-- we slipped into the Land of Dreams.

It was ten o'clock when I waked up. Luke was still sound asleep and I got up, slipped on shorts and a T-shirt, and went downstairs without disturbing him. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. Apparently they had slept in as well since it was obvious they had just finished breakfast. "Have a late night?" Dad asked.

"As if you didn't know," I laughed. "I know you and Mom keep tabs on your youngest--and oldest."

"Since you got in late and we seem to have extra kids this morning, I assume you had a good time," Mom said.

"We had a great time. It was good that Jacob was able to go so Paula would have someone. We danced our legs off! And the last song, without our asking, was 'More'! I let Jacob drive the Jeep since Luke maintains it places a crimp in his style. Eugene asked that Luke or I drive home so he and Larry could make out in the back seat. Yes, we had a fantastic time!"

"Something developing with Paula and Jacob?" Mom asked.

"Don't think so. Jacob is a free spirit and not likely to be tied down and I'm sure Paula is still stinging from that jerk Sheldon. No, I think they are friends and that's the way it will be. Besides, she will be gone next year and Jacob will still be here. Larry and Eugene asked to stay over because Eugene wanted to talk when we got back."

"I hope Millie knows where he is. I know how I would be if I had gotten up this morning and you weren't here."

"Not to worry. He called her from Lexington before it was too late."

"Eugene wanted to talk about his problem?" Dad asked.

"Yes, and since he talked here and it will all come out soon, I guess I can tell you about it. He was one of McBride's victims." I then told Mom and Dad the whole horrible story. "When the newspaper said McBride might walk because the only witnesses would be three mental patients, he just about went nuts. Well, he was well on his way before." I told them about his apparent attempt at suicide. "He was afraid what would be said if he testified, but he has decided to do so. Millie has a lawyer who has filed as a friend of the court and I guess Eugene will be talking with him today or as soon as he can."

"The kid has guts and that's for sure," Dad said.

"Who has guts?" a somewhat groggy Luke asked.

"Mom handed him a cup of coffee as he sat down and Dad said, "Matt was just telling us about Eugene. He has guts. I admire his courage and understand his situation."

"Breakfast?" Mom asked.

"Foolish question," I responded. "I could eat a horse."

"Afraid that's not on the menu, but if you could make do with bacon and eggs I could handle that."

"Pile it on," Luke said as Larry walked into the kitchen. Luke got him a cup of coffee and he joined the group around the table.

"Eugene still asleep?" Mom asked.

"Like a baby. I was careful not to disturb him since I think it's the first decent night's sleep he has had in a couple weeks."

"From what I could smell in the hall when I went up to check on you all this morning, I think he might have had help," Dad said.

"Yea, thanks to Matt and Luke, I started giving him a massage with warm oil..."

"That's why I heard the microwave ping last night--rather this morning," Mom said. "When you guys are doing that I sure hope you test the temperature of the oil before pouring it on someone. Oil can get very hot very quickly."

"Matt warned us about that. And not to worry, Mrs. Greywolf, Luke gave us a couple beach towels so we wouldn't mess up the bed."

"Good to know Matt and Luke have learned something. The first time they..."


"Anyway, I'm pleased that it helped him sleep."

"He was asleep before I finished. Sound asleep, and I think he slept peacefully all night. I guess making a decision and knowing his friends would stick by him eased his mind."

"I'm sure it did," Dad said. "And speaking of the devil, good morning, Eugene. Understand you slept like an angel."

"Morning. It was more like a rock, I think. Lar, why didn't you wake me up?"

"Why? You haven't slept worth a damn--sorry Mrs. Greywolf--for a couple weeks and you expect me to wake you up from a peaceful sleep? Not on your life. Guess getting the decision behind you made a big difference."

"And the warm oil massage didn't hurt any." Eugene kissed Larry gently. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Greywolf, I guess I need to tell you what this is all about."

"No need, Eugene, since we talked last night and it will all be in the open soon, I thought it would be ok to tell them. They know."

"Eugene, I can't tell you how much I admire you and your courage. Having been where you have been..."

"You were sexually abused?"

"By an uncle when I was maybe a bit younger than you were when McBride abused you. It's a hard thing to deal with and even when you think you have dealt with it, you'll find you haven't. I was lucky, as are you, that loving people were there to help me. It's painfully true that often abused children become abusers. That's what happened, I'm sure, in the case of the three guys in the state hospital. But even at that there have been times... well, the night Matt told us he was in love with Luke, I just behaved terribly. Not because he was gay or in love with Luke, but I had a flashback to when..."

"I know about that, Mr. Greywolf. It happened to me when... well, it happened to me. And when I saw those tapes being brought in, it triggered something and I started having nightmares until... well, I think I tried to kill myself although I wouldn't admit it, even to myself. But last night, from the very beginning I had a wonderful time. I knew I had friends who would stand beside me, and who could ask for someone better than Millie to support them? Then when we got here and I told Matt and Luke I was going to testify and they got Larry set up to give me a massage, wow! I was asleep before I knew it."

"Always ready, Babe," Larry said, and Eugene kissed him again.

"Well, don't think I won't call on you, and I hope I don't have to wait until something's wrong. Wow, look at that!" Mom had placed a huge plate of bacon and eggs on the table and Dad brought hot biscuits from the oven.

"Dig in guys, I understand that food ranks right up there next to sex for teenage males," Dad laughed.

"Sometimes I'm not sure it doesn't outrank sex, especially when Mom Greywolf does breakfast and I am starved," Luke laughed.

After breakfast, Eugene and Larry took off without bothering to shower--headed, I'm sure, for a shower and then the jacuzzi. Luke and I took a leisurely shower, playing around, making love and then got dressed for Saturday chores. He left and went home. We had agreed to spend Saturday night at his place and include a study session. The closer AP calculus came, the more shaky I felt.

I helped Dad with the Saturday chores, showered and left for Luke's at six. Gabrielle had called and invited me to supper. She had also invited Eugene, Larry and Millie. Of course, we had a delicious meal which four teenaged boys fell into as though they hadn't eaten in ages.

After dinner, we went upstairs to Luke's room. Mary Kathryn was having supper with Michael so we had the upstairs to ourselves. Eugene said he had felt great all day and was glad he had made his decision. Millie was so proud of him she was about to bust, he said, when he told her. Her lawyer and the DA had come over when she called them and they spent the afternoon talking about how they would handle the new development. It was decided Eugene would view tapes to make sure they were the ones made during his camp and of him. "I know it is not going to be easy, but Larry has agreed to watch with me. The DA said McBride had carefully labeled tapes and he was sure he could pick out those of me. I'm sure the hell not looking forward to that!" When he finished, Larry hugged him and Luke and I joined in.

The visitors left at eight and Luke and I immediately hit the books, going to bed after midnight. We had not split the time between English and calculus tonight because Monday was the first AP exam--English. Luke had two problems with English, both of which were a matter of attitude rather than intelligence or knowledge. He had a real problem understanding metaphor, which seemed really strange to me since he used it constantly. After we had been dealing with it for a while he said, "Light of my life, I think I have it, then I don't."

"Luke, what did you just say?" I asked, and he repeated himself. "Then why do we have the desk lamp on?" I asked.

"So we can see. Why else would we have it on?"

"I can't understand you. You tell me I am the light of your life, but you have a desk lamp on."

"You know what I mean. I don't mean you are really a light."

"Oh, I see, you are using a metaphor. Now I understand."

Luke had one of these "ah ha" moments and said, "I see what you mean: life is a ball game, you are my life... Now I see!"

His other problem was that the essay would ask a question he couldn't answer. "In that case, Luke, you have to rephrase the question to one you can answer and stick to it." We worked until well after midnight and then went to bed. I was confident Luke would do well and he certainly was more confident than he had been.

Gentle, soft kisses marked our good nights then our hard, naked bodies became entwined and, after a final kiss, Luke said, "Sarang Hanun Pomul, I love you so much, so very much."

Nestling my face in the crook of my love's neck, I answered, "Yonghon Tongmu, those words make me the happiest person on the face of the earth and my love for you is as boundless as the universe." Moments later, I was dreaming of a perfect life with my Luke.

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