Castle Roland

A Special Place

by Sequoyah


Chapter 39

Published: 8 Apr 14

A Special Place--Part Thirty-nine--Matt

Couples at Independence had a long-standing tradition of car leaning. After they parked in the parking lot, the guy would go around, open the door for his girlfriend and they would then stand, leaning against the car. Usually it was the guy who would place his arms on either side of her, his hands resting against the car while they talked, but occasionally it was the other way around. Either way, there were some exchanges of kisses, but nothing excessive. If they were really into being a couple, the guy--the girl if she was on the outside--might push his hips against hers, but moving them around was frowned on. If a couple really got carried away, they could expect a chorus of "dry fucking, dry fucking" from the others. It was something that just wasn't done--in the parking lot at least.

When Luke and I arrived at school Tuesday, Mary Kathryn jumped out of the Jeep and hurried into the building. Luke also jumped out quickly and came to my side of the Jeep, opened the door and, when I got out, pinned me in the "Independence car lean". As he leaned into me, I could feel his hardness as he pressed his hips against mine. When he gave me a great Luke kiss, I objected, "Luke, everyone is going to see us".

"So? They know about us now, so why try to hide?" Of course he was right. As Luke finished speaking, Larry and Eugene drove up, followed by Bill and Linda. Bill and Linda had long ago gotten into the car leaning habit and we just spoke and they went at it, but I was surprised when Larry got out of the car, grabbed Eugene and immediately had him leaning against the car, giving him a passionate kiss. "Whoo! Look who's joined the club," Luke laughed.

As I turned to look, four of the football players walked by Larry and Eugene. "Well, well, well," one of them, Marc Stanley, said, "look who has joined the faggots, as if we didn't know. Pretty boy toy you've got there, faggot."

Larry, wisely, decided to play it all off as a joke. "Yea, you're right. From what I've heard, you're just jealous. Guess you're sorry he's mine and you didn't get him first."

The football player who had made the remark lunged at Larry shouting, "You faggot son of a bitch!" The next thing he knew--or any of us for that matter--he was in the dirt. Eugene had ducked under Larry's arms and decked him in a blur of motion.

As he stood over the player, Eugene said, "Looks as if Mr. Football Hero slipped and fell in the dirt," and extended his hand to pick him up.

"Keep your faggot hands off me!" Marc responded and got up, brushing himself. His buddies were laughing. Most of the students in the parking lot were also laughing, happy to see a bully put in his place. After all, the guy must have had almost a hundred pounds and a six-inch advantage over Eugene.

"Guess you need to pick on someone your size who is not a black belt," Larry laughed.

As the little drama ended, the warning bell rang and immediately Ms. Jones was heard on the outside intercom speaker, "Will the following students report to the front office at once... Larry Watley... Eugene Willingham... " She was pausing after each name.

"Oh shit, Eugene exclaimed, "we're in trouble, Lar."

"Paula Wright... "

"Maybe not," Larry responded.

"Matthew Greywolf..."

"Maybe you are. Matthew? She called you Matthew," Luke said in a puzzled voice.

"... and Luke Larsen. Thank you."

As we walked into the school, a surprising number of students spoke to Eugene, making such remarks as, "Good job, Man." "He had it coming." "We'll have to call you Flash from now on." Some students indicated their displeasure at four guys walking down the hall holding hands, but few said anything. Most just ignored us.

When we reached Ms. Jones' office Paula was already there. "Understand there was a bit of a commotion in the parking lot this morning," Ms. Jones said with a raised eyebrow, looking at Eugene.

"Nothing worth discussing," he responded.

"If that's the way you want it, ok."

"It started as a joke and I think ended with someone being a joke," Larry said.

"Let's drop it," Eugene suggested.

"So long as you are sure," Ms. Jones said. "But if it happens again, I definitely will do something. There's a very fine line here between student jokes and outright bigotry. If it's crossed, I want to know about it. But that's not why you are here. A letter arrived yesterday after school. It was sent to me, but had separate letters inside addressed to each of you. Lucky me, I know what's inside," she laughed as she handed each of us a letter from Oberlin.

We were ripping into them like kids Christmas morning as the exclamations started. "Holy shit!" from Luke; "Hot damn!" from Eugene; "Frigging awesome!" from Larry; a squeal from Paula and I just stood with my mouth open.

"I plan to announce the contents during homeroom," Ms. Jones said. "Students need to know that talent helps, but discipline and hard work are what count."

The letters were official confirmation of our acceptance at Oberlin and of our full scholarships. But there was more. A special scholarship fund would pay for all our books, supplies, practice rooms--big items for three of us--studio and lab fees. If we could sleep on the ground and go without food, college would cost nothing! Of special interest to most of us was the statement that the scholarships would cover any fees or charges involved in any joint enrollment.

"I will make an additional announcement this morning regarding graduation. Ms. Norman and I have calculated every way we can think of and the results are the same every time. Matt, Luke, you are absolutely tied as top students--as valedictorians. Our decision is that the two of you will be the two speakers. I will leave it up to you to determine the order in which you speak and what you have to say. You should have been told earlier, but we were trying to come up with some difference so one would be valedictorian and the other salutatorian, but we couldn't. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I don't think it will cause a family fight," Luke laughed, "especially since tomorrow is our birthday."

Ms. Jones laughed and I blushed. "So you have kept the promise you made to yourselves--not that it is really any of my business."

"We did," Luke said. "But you need to know, Matt and I have never ditched school before, but don't look for us Friday."

"What about senior practice? That's Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning."

"I guess we'll just have to be perfect Thursday." Luke laughed.

"I think we can handle that," Ms. Jones said.

There were five happy campers walking to homeroom. When Ms. Jones made the announcements, there were cheers and most everyone in our homeroom piled around Luke and me, hugging us, shaking our hands and patting us on the back.

Walking down the halls was a new experience since Luke and I were almost always holding hands. I think I had forgotten just how much holding hands can mean, but I was glad to be reminded. Of course, it also meant there were some dirty looks and a few rotten comments, but we chose to ignore them. Being able to hold hands and let the world know of our love after trying to hide for so long was worth putting up with dirty looks and comments. "Sarang Hanun Pomul, the poor suckers just don't know about being in love," Luke smiled at one point.

The Fellowship had just settled down for lunch when a runner from the front office brought a FedEx overnight package to the table. It was from Professor Ruth Rote-Batten and addressed to the five of us--now officially the Oberlin Five. "I think Paula as the only lady among the Oberlin Five gets to open it," Jacob said.

"Ok, but hurry up!" I urged. When Paula opened the package, there was a letter and a pile of pictures, diagrams and a map. "Well, read the letter to us, Paula! Don't hog it for yourself," Larry chided.

As Paula read, our mouths fell open. Sometimes life deals you a hand so good it's hard to believe. Seems the Professor was the last surviving relative of a great-aunt who had left her a house on Lake Erie, near Loraine. The stipulation of the aunt's will was that it was to be used to benefit an Oberlin student or Oberlin students in any manner the professor chose. She said she had decided to sell the house to the five of us--if we were interested--for $50,000 down and a balance of $50,000 to be paid in five yearly payments. She wrote that would benefit us and the money she got would benefit other students. The official appraisal--enclosed--of the house and the five acres of lake front property was $850,000.

"Look at this map," Larry said. "We'll have practically a straight shot to Oberlin and it's no further than Elyra we had talked about. No further from Cleveland either."

"Look at the floor plan of the house," Eugene said. "It's huge--four bedrooms upstairs with two baths, the usual kitchen, dining room, living room, and family room down plus a library and two more bedrooms and a bath. All huge, I might add. And look at this sun porch overlooking the lake!! Man, we could move in a neighborhood."

We all started looking at the pictures of a huge Victorian house sitting near the lake, surrounded by old trees and sand dunes. "It's so old, I wonder what shape it's in?" Practical Paula asked.

Larry was examining a document which didn't look too exciting, but proved to be very interesting. "This is an examination of the house by an official inspector and states that the heating plant, the plumbing and electrical systems were updated three years ago and are in perfect order. Winterizing was done ten years ago and renovated last year. The old lady--our benefactor--sure kept things in good shape. According to this, the exterior needs painting and the interior needs cosmetic work. Man, what a deal!" Having said that, Larry suddenly got a pained look on his face and said, "But we all have to come up with $10,000 plus $2,000 more this year."

"But we pay nothing for college," Paula said.

"I know, but I wouldn't have had anything for college anyway. I mean my mom and I have always been pretty low on funds."

"Not to worry, Lar. We'll work something out," Eugene said.

"Gene, you took me to love, not raise," Larry responded.

"Not Fellowship business," Eugene responded, but it did dampen the spirit of our excitement a bit.

After school, Luke and I went to the hospital. Michael was sitting in a chair when we arrived. Luke greeted him with, "Looks like progress to me".

"I guess," Michael said with what had become the new Michael smile--different from the old one, but definitely Michael. "It sure hurt like hell, but I have been walking around a bit. Kept thinking what would happen if I had gotten hold of a weak cat or the staples were cut-rate. I could just see my insides dumping out on the floor!" he laughed. "Actually, Mom told me I was doing great and that there was no real reason for me to stay here, but she wants to keep an eye on me. I'm going home tomorrow under the watchful eye of Chelsea one day and Gladys the next."

Without thought, I jumped in with, "Mom?"

"Yea, Mom. I think it's a title she has earned and... well, I hope it's one she'll allow. Doesn't mean I don't still love my mom, Elizabeth, or that Margaret is a replacement. It means that when I needed a mom, Margaret was my mom. But guys, this is THE WEEK! Right?"

I blushed big time as Luke got a wicked grin on his face and said, "Yea, and Matt better make the wait worth it!"

We talked to Michael a while longer. He was the Michael we had always known--bit more sober--but very much Michael. "Matt, Luke, when I get out of here and am up to it, we've got to talk. I have had time to do a lot of thinking the last day or so. But what's going on? I miss seeing the gang."

We told him about the incident in the parking lot and he said, "Just watch for knives. They hurt!"

"Don't think there'll be any more trouble out of that bunch. Eugene made Marc look like a fool," Luke said, "but, hey, we have great news." We then told him about the additional scholarships and the house.

"Hey, two years from now Mary Kathryn and I can move in. We'll only need one bedroom."

"You're talking about my baby sister," Luke said in his serious big brother voice.

"Damn right I am! Doubt that we'll wait that long, but we'll be eighteen which I believe is a magic age," Michael grinned his new grin.

"Dr. Lucas was right, that new grin and smile of yours are different, but definitely Michael and they're as sexy as Matt's scar. Man, you guys are getting all the breaks," Luke laughed.

"If you don't mind, I think I'd rather be less sexy," Michael said.

"Add me to that list," I agreed.

"And I don't think this is sexy at all," Michael said as he dropped the hospital gown from his shoulders revealing a huge, ugly red scar crossing his chest then his stomach. "At least the son of a bitch didn't get a nipple. I need both when that wild woman gets hold of me!"

"You're pushing it, Brother," Luke said again with a wicked grin.

"Aside from your private time which we all know about, when's the birthday celebration?"

"Can't happen with you out of commission," I said. "We have put the official 'everyone come party' on hold until we see how you do. May be a week away."

"You don't have to do that."

"We know we don't have to, but it's not a party without a Michael," I said and suddenly choked up. I guess the strain got to all of us because we were soon a teary eyed bunch holding each other. "Michael, you have always been special, but I never knew how special until I saw you go flatline. Bro, I am going to burn a train load of candles in thanksgiving for your being back."

"You can toss in some for me as well," Luke said as he dried his eyes.

"Well, I never thought I would say otherwise, but I didn't..."

"Drop it, Lil Bro," I said.

"Ok, but in spite of what I might have said, I'm damn glad I'm back and I plan to stay a long time."

A nurse came into the room to check his vitals and I said, "Guess we better go," and leaned over to hug Michael--gently and he kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thanks, Bro." He did the same when Luke leaned over him.

"Want to stop by Uncle Michael's and see what's going?" I asked as we got into the Jeep.

"What are you trying to do, avoid me?" Luke asked.

I blushed and said, "Well, in a way. Thursday is so close that I keep thinking, 'What's a day or two?' when I want you so bad."

"Know what you mean, Dark Angel, know what you mean. But I really do need to see him. I had completely forgotten the exhibition had to be taken down. We'll need to work on that this afternoon, I'm sure. St. Mary's would probably like to have their space back."

Uncle Michael met us at the door and, before he could speak, Luke said, "I have to apologize, Uncle Michael. I had completely forgotten about taking the exhibition down. I'm sorry. It was thoughtless of me.

"I would have thought less of you had you been concerned about it given all that has gone on. But not to worry. It has been taken care of. In fact, when John and I went over last Wednesday to start taking it down, there was a crowd of people going through it and Fr. Tom asked that it be left up until yesterday. The movers came in and packed everything up, including those works which were sold. They moved the sculpture to the hospitality house and I had taken the pencil sketch of me and John earlier to be matted and framed. I think it turned out well, what do you think?" He pointed to the sketch which was displayed over the living room fireplace.

"It looks great. I'm so glad you like it, small token of appreciation that it is," Luke said.

"Yea, I guess you could call it a small token, but I wouldn't. Not even where money's concerned. The first offer I had from a dealer was for $250. Fat chance he had to purchase it. It was not for sale! I think he would had still been bidding had I not finally convinced him it was not for sale at any price--when I finally said 'No' and he knew I meant it, he had just offered $700. I finally said, 'It's mine, period'. But come and see what is left for the gallery. By the way, I had Paula's picture framed as well. Her mother has it."

I was surprised at how few pieces were on display. "What happened to the others," I asked.

"Sold, all sold"

"Even that montage?" Luke asked. "That hardly qualified as art."

"Maybe to you, but the dealer who got it had to outbid several others. It increased your sales by a good bit over a thousand."

"Holy shit!" Luke exclaimed.

"Overall, you did pretty well. Sales came to a bit over $18,000. I let one dealer have the entire set of the family with the promise that he would not sell any individual work, but keep each family together. I would like to have had them all together, but having been in the business, knew that was unlikely. By the way, the abstract cost me $2,000 and I didn't think I would get it at that. You are a talented young man and I don't want you selling yourself or your work cheap."

"Damn, I can't believe this day with the house and all," Luke said

"What's this about a house?" Uncle Michael asked. We told him about the house, the scholarships and Eugene's putting a football player in the dirt.

"The house and scholarship are great news, but watch out for the football player. Jocks can get nasty when they make an ass of themselves and everyone knows it," Uncle Michael warned. "But to more pleasant things than jocks. Isn't this Thursday the magic night?"

Well, what do you expect? I blushed and Luke laughed. "Sure is," he said.

"I know you two want your time together and with Michael still in the hospital, when's the party?"

"Not sure. That'll depend on Michael."

"I'd like to have it here if you will. Meanwhile, if you two would like it, I'd enjoy treating you to dinner in Lexington Thursday--I mean just the two of you. I'll take care of all the arrangements and you can have the Lexus so Luke won't damage important equipment," Uncle Michael laughed.

"What do you think, Matt? You're the one who can't wait."

I blushed again and said "Actually, sounds good. Say 8:00? We could come back and..."

"And?" Luke laughed and I blushed.

"Well, that's up to you, but I'll make reservations and take care of everything. You could even spend the night in the hotel if you didn't want to drive back."

"Uncle Michael, you know this is serious business for us. I mean, I am looking forward to a hell of a lot of fun, but it's..."

"I know, so what are you saying?"

"We have promised each other our first time would..."

"How thoughtless of me. I should have known. At the falls."


"You know, you could have chosen a better day to be born so your eighteenth wouldn't have fallen on the dark of the moon. The falls will be dark. I don't know about you, but I want to see Joh... my lover..."

"You want to see Mr. Stephenson when you two are making love," Luke said matter-of-factly.


"Damn, So do I--I mean I want to see Matt when we make love."

Uncle Michael got a funny look on his face then said, as though coming out of a trance, "You will have dinner in Lexington, right?"

"Sure, and thanks for everything, Uncle Michael," I said.

"Oh, by the way, Luke, the painting is in excellent hands--the very best--and will be fully restored, but it will be a month or so before it is finished."

"Uncle Michael, I know I told you that the painting wasn't important after what happened to Michael--and compared to Michael it wasn't--but you were so right. It is important and there could never be another one--at least so far as I am concerned. That painting is, for me, an attempt to express my love for Matt. I felt like a knife had been driven through my heart when it was slashed. I can never thank you enough for getting it restored. It's kinda like getting Michael into the best possible hands. You did that for my painting--for me--and I do appreciate it. Just as we'll have to wait for Michael to heal, I'll wait for the painting, knowing both will have suffered, but both will still be with us. Thank you!" and with those words, Luke hugged Uncle Michael close.

As we got into the Jeep to go home, Luke said, "It has really been a great day." I agreed.

We went to my place and sat and talked about the events of the day and the future. We decided, in general terms, what we wanted to say in our speeches. "We'll have to work hard on those Friday," I reminded Luke.

"Yea, we will, but I don't think that's a problem. Meanwhile..." We did some pretty fantastic love-making, something we had been neglecting lately, but managed to save ourselves for later if you know what I mean.

Wednesday at school was uneventful until Luke and I were ready to leave. Of course there were a few cat calls and some dirty looks, but again, that was a small price to pay for being able to hold my Yonghon Tongmu's hand when I wanted to and sneak a kiss from time to time.

Luke wanted to see Mr. Stephenson before we left to thank him for helping take down the exhibition. As we walked toward the art room, I saw Marc and his three buddies disappear around a corner. Just as we were about to turn into the art room hall, Eugene came down the hall headed for the band room. Before he reached it, Marc and his three fellow jocks jumped him.

Again, before I could see what was happening, he had one groaning on the floor, but the other three grabbed him. As Marc pulled back his fist to punch Eugene in the stomach, Larry flashed around the corner and Luke and I ran toward Eugene. I wasn't much of a fighter, but I grabbed one of the jerks, put my arm around his neck and started choking him. Larry punched one in the gut big time and Luke did the same. By then the jerk on the floor was up and headed for Eugene. Big mistake! He hit the floor again. The guy I was holding got loose and Eugene floored him. Luke and Larry had the other two and Eugene said, "One at a time!" Larry laughed and released the guy he was holding. As soon as he was free, he rushed Eugene. "Another turd on the pile of shit," Larry laughed. "Luke, free that poor guy. He wants to fight." As soon as Luke released him, he took off down the hall, running for his life.

"Hold it, Ben," Mr. Smith shouted. Then he said, "Ok, looks as if the fight's over and I saw it all."

"So did I," Mr. Stephenson said. "I pushed the emergency button, but it looks as if everything is under control. You three head for the office and collect your buddy Ben on the way. When I get there, you had better be there. Luke, Matt, Eugene, Larry, let's take a casual stroll to the office," he said. "I've called for someone to watch my class."

"So have I, "Mr. Smith said. "And here they come--coaches," he laughed. When they arrived, he said, "Thanks for watching our classes. We have to take care of four of your football players." The coaches snarled.

When we reached Ms. Jones office, she had the four writing out their version of the incident. They finished just about the time we walked in. "Come in gentlemen. Eugene, I understand you and your three friends attacked these four young men who were merely walking to class."

"That's strange," Mr. Smith said. "Are they in your class, Mr. Stephenson?"

"No, if they were walking to class, they must be in yours. I mean, after all, we have the only classrooms in that area. Very strange. But it didn't appear that way to me."

"Oh, were you two teachers witnesses to the attack on these four young men?"

"Actually, no. What I saw was the four attacking Mr. Willingham who was alone, walking to my class," Mr. Smith said.

"Appeared that way to me as well," Mr. Stephenson said.

"Eugene, would you like to give an account of the incident?"

Eugene told Ms. Jones exactly what happened. She asked if that was what we had witnessed and we agreed. "And you two teachers as well?"

"That was the incident we witnessed," Mr. Smith said.

"Right. That's what I saw," Mr. Stephenson added.

"Ok, the fun's over," Ms. Jones said in a very stern voice. "You fellows made some very bigoted remarks this morning which Mr. Willingham chose to ignore. That would have gotten you in deep hot water, but he let you off. Now you have committed a tribunal offense. I will have the four you attacked write up your version of the incident as well as the two teachers. You will go before the tribunal for a bigotry-related fight and writing up a false report and I can assure you that you will be expelled from this school."

"All of you are seniors, right?" All four nodded. "You all four have football scholarships to college, right?" Again all four nodded. "Well, you can forget them. You have to graduate and you cannot since you will be expelled. As of now you are suspended until the tribunal meets and rules on your case. Although I can tell you, that is a mere formality. I believe the expression is you have really fouled your nest. Do you understand what that means?" Again four nods.

"You are to leave the campus at once and not return. I'll have to call, but since this is Wednesday and graduation is Sunday, I'll ask for the tribunal tomorrow. Unless you hear otherwise, it will meet to deal with your case at the central office at 10:00. It won't take long then you can find something to occupy your time because I can assure you you will not be coming back to school."

"You mean we won't walk? We won't graduate?" Marc asked.

"That's exactly what I mean. It's over. You blew it. You are out of here."

"Is there nothing we can do?" one of the others asked. "My dad will kill me."

"Pity," Ms. Jones said. "Had he taught you right from wrong he would have saved himself the trouble."

"Ms. Jones," Eugene said, "I hate what these four jerks did and I think they richly deserve the punishment they'll get, but I hate to see them mess up the rest of their lives because they were assho... jerks. Maybe if they could be taught a good lesson it would be worth more than putting them on the street."

"Did you have something in mind, Mr. Willingham?"

Eugene had the most wicked smile I have ever seen spread across his face. "Well, I don't know. Maybe."

"Look, Eugene... Mr. Willingham," Sandy, one of the four was begging, "We'll do anything if we can graduate and keep our scholarships. We're sorry."

"Bullshit," Larry exploded. "You're sorry you got caught. If you had found Eugene alone, as you thought he was, you would have beaten the shit out of him. Don't give me that 'We're sorry' bullshit." Marc and his buddies had gotten a look of "We may get out of this" on their faces, but when Larry exploded, it quickly faded.

"Ms. Jones, they like calling people names. Maybe if they could experience that, they would think twice about doing it. That would be better than expelling them."

"Your plan?"

"Ok, if they are willing, I say we forget the whole thing. Beginning the minute they walk out the door, they are to walk, holding hands. Check and see which pair has the most classes together so they will be holding hands most of the day. And no changing partners."

"You're full of shit, Willingham," Marc said.

"Wait, I'm not finished. Tomorrow and Friday the two partners are to kiss each other--full, open-mouth, tongue-and-all kiss--in the cafeteria when ALL the students are present."

"I'll see you in hell first!" Marc exclaimed.

"Very unconventional, Mr. Willingham, but since they aren't interested, the tribunal is tomorrow at 10:00. I guess..."

"Look, I don't like this one frigging bit," Randy, one of the four said, "but without graduating and that scholarship, I'm nothing. Besides, I'll be beat to death by my dad as well. It was a stupid thing to do and I know we deserve being expelled because we have been told that's the punishment. And I can tell you, Sandy and I have all our classes together. Sandy, you've got a boyfriend." Sandy blushed, but he reached out and took Randy's hand. "May we go now?" he asked. Ms. Jones nodded. "And as much as I hate to say it, thanks, Eugene, you're a better man than I am and you sure can move. Damn, I couldn't believe how fast I hit the floor." Having said that, Sandy and Randy walked out of the office holding hands.

"Marc, I'll see you and Ben at the tribunal."

"I guess not," Marc said in a very defeated voice and took Ben's hand and walked out of the office.

The two were hardly out of the door before the pent-up laughter started. "Well, for once in my life I have seen the punishment fit the crime," Ms. Jones said. "Now I have to call four sets of parents before they are on my back. Do the write-ups because if those four don't take advantage of your generous offer, Eugene, they are out of here, out of graduation and out of college scholarships. 'A full, open-mouth, tongue-and-all kiss' in the cafeteria? Really, Eugene, you are too much. I hope they don't come to you for lessons!" Eugene started making gagging noises. "Ok, do the write-ups and get out of here," Ms. Jones said, laughing her head off.

Well, you can imagine what happened when the four super jocks started walking all over the place holding hands.

The next day the football jocks had decided to help out their buddies and all were paired up, holding hands. Students were having a field day and the teachers as well. You know that anything going on in the school is a topic of conversation in the teachers' lounge. It was fun watching teachers try to hide their smiles as a pair of jocks walked down the hall holding hands. It was especially bad when Ms. Jones changed the marching order for graduation so the four were together--holding hands--for graduation practices.

But it all stopped--except for the four--after lunch. I had started to wonder about Sandy and Randy before lunch. They seemed to be enjoying the hand holding. Well, about half-way through lunch they stood in the middle of the cafeteria and Randy shouted, "If you folks need a lesson, watch!" He pulled Sandy to himself and gave him a kiss that wouldn't wait. I mean he would give Luke a run for his money--well, not really, he wasn't that good--but a major kiss it was--open-mouth, tongue-and-all and it wasn't a quickie! Ben and Marc, on the other hand, just walked to the middle of the room and gave each other a pretty terrible kiss--but it did meet the requirements. That did it. The shouts and hoots and catcalls--the general student chaos--was enough to stop all the hand holding among the jocks--except for the four.

As soon as we could, Luke and I left school. It was our big night, but we decided we needed to see Michael so we drove to his place. Chelsea was there and Michael was in the downstairs bedroom/nursery. "I know you're being babied," I laughed, "but isn't this a little much?"

"You try walking up and down stairs after having your belly cut open and you'll welcome baby toys and cute animals on the wall," Michael laughed--carefully. "Actually, I'm doing great, but stairs I can't handle yet. But why aren't you guys off saving your energy or something," he said with a wicked grin and started singing--off-key I might add--an old love song, "Tonight We Love".

"I guess we've waited long enough that a few more minutes won't matter and we had to check on our brother,' Luke said, seriously.

"Hey, lighten up. I'm ok. Got some things straightened out--I think--in my head. Being put out of commission for a while is not all bad, but I think the method could be improved on," Lil Bro responded. "What happened at school today?"

We told him about the fight and the resulting punishment.

"Stop!" he said, "laughing hard hurts." And he was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his cheeks. "Marc and Ben holding hands! Man, I'm sure sorry I missed that. But get out of here. I understand the big night starts with dinner in Lexington."

"You know better than that, Oh Corrupter of Baby Sisters!" Luke said. "The big night starts with play time in the shower."

"Well, keep it a bit calm. You don't want to run out of steam before the main act. Now go!"

We did. When we got to my place, we raced each other up the stairs and as soon as we were in my room, Luke took me into his arms and started kissing me. He could give lessons on kissing to anyone! While we were kissing, we were both getting all tangled up trying to undress each other, but we got it done. When we were undressed, Luke stepped back, holding me at arms' length, and said, "God, Matthew Sarang Hanun Pomul Greywolf, you are so beautiful! You are a hard, handsome man, Sarang Hanun Pomul, but you are also beautiful." Of course I loved to hear those words, but even more I loved admiring the blond god standing before me--hard both in body and otherwise. Suddenly he scooped me up and carried me to the bed and, just before he lay me down, half-turned and said, "You almost crushed some packages".

On the bed were two small boxes and a much larger one. Luke picked up a note lying beside the two small ones and read, "For two wonderful sons. May your love grow as ours has. Yong Jin, Greywolf, Gabrielle and Jens." We opened our box and inside each was a beautiful--short--silver chain. "What the heck is this?" Luke asked, puzzled. Sometimes he can be pretty slow. I reached up and unclasped the chain holding his medallion, slipped the long chain from it and replaced it with the shorter one from his box. "Guess I can be pretty dumb sometimes," he grinned sheepishly.

"Especially when your mind is all on making out," I laughed as he replaced my chain. The larger box was from David and Margaret and contained more massage oil and shampoo. It also held a small stainless steel vacuum bottle with a note attached which read, "This will keep the oil warm".

"What's your pleasure, Bright Angel?" I asked.

"You," he replied promptly.

"I mean how do you want me?"

"All the way, Matt, all the way."

"Here and now?"

"Yea, but I think I can wait. How about a massage and a great shower before we get ready?" Luke grabbed the bottle and went running down the stairs. I glanced at the clock and hoped that Mom and Dad would be held up a bit at school. Otherwise, they would see a naked blond god heating massage oil in the microwave! While Luke was heating the oil, I snagged a couple of beach towels for the bed and had just gotten them in place when he came running up the stairs. "Ok, Babe, time for play." he kissed me passionately and then said, "On your belly, Lover".

I rested my head on my arms and felt the stream of warm oil on my back. Luke started massaging my neck and shoulders, kneading the muscles. It felt sooooooo good! He gradually moved down my back, eventually reaching my butt. As he kneaded my cheeks, his fingers occasionally slipped into my crack and brushed my rosebud. I had been hard before--I thought--but now--well, I was lying on a hot iron rod and wetting the bed with precum. I was so hot I started moaning and Luke laughed. "Tonight I'm really going to make you moan sure enough!" He finally moved down my legs kneading the muscles good. "Babe, you are tense as hell. I should have done this a couple days ago."

"I wouldn't have objected," I said as I turned to look at my Bright Angel. He was now massaging my feet, taking pains to work on each toe. When he finished, he kissed my feet and then sucked a toe. It made me hotter than ever.

"Turn over, Dark Angel, he said and when I did, I saw what I had suspected. I was streaming precum. "Luke, Babe, I am so hot. I want you right now!"

"No, first time at the falls?" he asked, seriously. "If that's what you really want..."

"Luke, you know that's what I really want but, well, it's not what I want. It's what my lust is demanding. But back off a bit, ok? I really do want you to take me all the way the first time at the falls."

It's hard to be massaged by your lover and it not be erotic, but Luke came about as close as possible. He avoided my nipples and my Chili Pepper altogether. I loved the massage, but I didn't get as hot as usual.

Old cool Luke. As I massaged him, he got hard as a rock, but never even suggested we do more than play around. "Matt, your hands feel sooooo good on my body. I love your touch. I love to feel your hands on my naked body," he said. When he turned over on his back, I continued massaging my love. Finally, he pulled me to himself and pressed his lips against mine, passionately. His tongue invaded my mouth and the taste of Luke filled my entire being. We continued kissing and holding each other which was a bit difficult because we were covered with oil. We kept sliding around over each other. It became very funny and soon we were both laughing like fools.

We hadn't heard Mom and Dad when they came in, but now I heard them talking. I glanced at the clock and said, "Luke, we better get that shower". He scooped me up in his arms--and dropped me! His oil-slick hands and my oil-slick body were not a good combination. When I fell to the floor, Luke dropped down beside me as we both laughed our heads off. "I guess we better just walk across the hall," I said.

We played around in the shower, but held back a lot since... well, after all, tonight was the night. We had finished showering and dried our hair. Luke's was quite long now and was a beautiful blond Afro it was so curly.

When it was time to get dressed, I wondered what Luke would wear. He had become quite clothes conscious--I didn't mean clothes crazy, just conscious of what he wore--in the past weeks, no longer tossing on just anything. I hadn't seen him in dayglo green shorts with a shocking pink tank top and open orange shirt since I don't know when. Not that he didn't look good enough to eat in anything, but you know what I mean.

I had already decided I would wear my buckskin-colored slacks and a matching silk shirt. "I see the bride is wearing white," Luke laughed. "Well, almost white. I guess that means you have played around a bit. I hope with no-one else!" I slugged him on the shoulder.

Luke dressed all in black. Just as my near-white outfit showed off my darkness, his black made his golden hair and body shine. For the first time, our medallions could be seen at our throats. When he was dressed, I couldn't stand it any longer. I grabbed him and kissed him with utter abandon--kissing his neck, throat and mouth. "Yonghon Tongmu, I love you beyond measure. I am so happy, so damn happy, I can hardly contain myself."

"Sarang Hanun Pomul, I have loved you with all that I am for eighteen years, maybe longer. I'm not sure I didn't love you before I was born. And I never dreamed I could even tell you, must less hold you in my arms, kiss you and make love to you." Then he became very quiet. "Matt, I almost faint when I think how close I came to making all of this impossible. What if Gabrielle hadn't come home early? What if you hadn't known where to find me? What if..."

"No what ifs, Luke. I think about that day and get cold chills, but it was also the day that made tonight possible. No what ifs, just ises--what is." Luke kissed me again, this time softly, gently with a heart filled with love--love for me, the luckiest man in the world. "Do you think we can get control enough not to announce our approach by a tent preceding us?" I laughed.

"I doubt it, but we can try."

When we got downstairs, Mom and Dad were in the library. When we walked in, both whistled. "Mighty good looking man you have there, Son," Dad said.

"Don't think Mr. Larsen did so badly either," Mom added.

"Mom, Dad, don't expect us at school tomorrow," I said.

"Why not? You're not planning on staying up all night are you?"

"Depends on how much loving an eighteen-year-old can stand," Luke answered.

"I think I might warn you that I heard rumors of a skip day for the Fellowship tomorrow. Something about never having ditched school and this looked like the time to do it.

I groaned, "They wouldn't!"

"Oh, yes they would," Luke laughed. "You know they would."

"The grapevine with whom I spoke said they might well show up at the falls around 9:00. Just a rumor, of course," Dad said.

"They wouldn't. They couldn't. You are kidding, Dad, right?"

"Just a rumor, but I think I'd bank on it if I were you. You don't have anything to hide from them do you?" Dad laughed.

"Well, to be honest, Greywolf, unless we're being 'sexually active'"--Luke used a much-mocked counselor's voice we had all heard since middle school, that of Mrs. Yonetta Esterbrook-Smythe who said "sexually active" as she would have said "shit wallowing". Anyway, he continued, "... unless we are being 'sexually active' when they arrive, they have seen all we have to offer," Luke laughed and I blushed.

"Be careful driving and, remember, I'm very serious about this, Luke and Matt--very, very serious--slow and easy. You want this to be a beautiful night you will always remember. If you rush things, you can hurt each other. Be tender, be gentle, be loving and make the stars spin," Dad said quietly.

We kissed both my parents and then went to Luke's to tell his parents goodnight as well. Unlike Dad, Jens pulled us aside and then said almost the exact words Dad had used to tell us to be gentle. As we kissed Gabrielle and Jens goodnight, even Jens got teary eyed.

We got in the Jeep and drove into town to pick up Uncle Michael's Lexus for the drive to Lexington. We would be dropping it off when we got back.

The drive to Lexington was uneventful. Uncle Michael had a CD burned of the music we loved, including several versions of "More." I know kids thought we were weird listening to that old music at top volume, driving through Concord and then Lexington with the windows down so the wind could blow our hair but, hey, they didn't know about being in love.

When we reached the hotel restaurant, the maitre d' told us that he had a special table reserved for us and that Mr. Sanders had requested that Nelson be our exclusive waiter. After he had shown us our table, which was in a very private nook, Nelson came and greeted us. "Your uncle has ordered everything so all you have to do is enjoy yourselves. I wasn't on duty tonight, but he hired me--at a generous wage I might add--to take care of you two. So tonight's the night?" I blushed; Luke nodded. "By the way, what's been going on in little old Concord? I heard Michael was hurt and McBride is in prison."

"Why don't you serve us and then sit down so we can tell you all about it?" Luke asked.

"Man, the maitre d' would have a litter of kittens."

"Send him over," Luke said, "after you bring our drinks".

It turned out, as I expected, anything Mr. Sanders' nephews wanted, they got. If they wanted a waiter sitting with them, a waiter sat with them. Kinda strange, but I think we enjoyed our time at dinner as much with Nelson as we would have alone, but it didn't keep us from playing footsy under the table.

Nelson had been really concerned about Michael and we told him everything was fine and he was home. We didn't try to tell him the details of what had happened at the hospital; he would have thought we were nuts! As we got ready to leave, he asked, "When are you guys coming back to the club? We'd love to have 'Mr. Greywolf and his entourage' back."

"As soon as Michael's able. We promise," I said.

We were about four or five miles out of Lexington when the wind suddenly started blowing like mad and the rain came down in sheets. The wind and rain finally got so bad we had to pull off the road. Luke couldn't see to drive and even the Lexus was being buffeted by the wind. The thunder and lightening were crackling and rumbling across the sky. "So much for a night at the falls," Luke said, heartsick.

"Yea. It all started out perfectly, now this. But the lightening is beautiful." Luke agreed and we cuddled close to each other and watched the storm.

"It's beautiful all right--from inside the car--but the falls..." I waited for Luke to say the next word. I was holding my breath.

"Ok, Matt, what do we do? We have talked and planned and dreamed about our first night being at the falls, but we have waited--actually very patiently, I think--for our big eighteenth and now this. What do you want to do?"

"What I want to do is to take you right here in this car in this storm. That's what I want to do. No, I'm too much of a romantic. I mean, I'm always ready--hot to trot I believe it's called..."

Luke gave me a wicked Luke smile and kissed me hard, passionately, lustfully.

"I want you right here and now, but I want to make love to you under the stars at the falls. I guess if there could be two first times..."

"You're only a virgin once," Luke said. Then, finally, "Out with it, Sarang Hanun Pomul, as hot to trot as you are, you want to wait."

"I don't want to--well, yes I guess I want to. You're not mad or hurt or..."

"Matt, one of these days you'll learn us Nordic types can be romantics too--we just don't let it show. It's unmanly, you know. Yea, if there could be another first time, you wouldn't have to take me right here. I'd be all over you, but I want our first night to be under the stars at the falls as much as you do. So it's another night of cuddling, holding each other, loving each other without going all the way. And, hey, I have no complaint about the job you have been doing... but I am disappointed."

"Same for me, Bright Angel. Well, the wind and rain seem to have slacked a bit. I think you can drive now." We started off again and both were strangely silent until Luke said, "Matt, so many good things have happened this week, as big as this disappointment is, it's been a great week".

I kissed him and said, "Indeed it has. Even the fight was a lot of fun in the end." The thoughts of the two jock couples holding hands and enduring the cat calls made us both laugh. We were enjoying ourselves, even though we had been disappointed. Actually, we were so wrapped up in each other and our love that we failed to notice the wind and rain had stopped until Luke exclaimed, "Holy shit, Matt, look at those stars!" I looked up through the windshield and saw the sky spangled with bright stars. There was not a cloud in sight! I don't know which of us had the bigger smile.

When we reached Uncle Michael's, he insisted we come in. "I know you're in a hurry to get to the falls--even I was young once--but John and I would like to toast your first night. It would mean a lot to us." After all Uncle Michael and Mr. Stephenson had done for us, how could we refuse? As we walked in, Mr. Stephenson was hanging up the phone. "Parents. Sometimes I wish all my students were orphans," he laughed. "Present company excepted, of course."

Uncle Michael appeared with a bottle of champagne and four glasses. After he had filled the glasses, he raised his and said, "Luke, Matt, may your love grow forever and may you know the beauty of love and sex as I have known it twice in my life."

As soon as we had drunk the toast, Mr. Stephenson raised his glass and said, "May your love be ever faithful and may it be as deep and strong as the love I have found with Michael and may your love-making set a new standard for spinning the stars!"

Luke raised his glass and said, "Here's to the finest friends, mentors and teachers a man could ever have. May your love keep you forever."

Finally it was my turn and, as usual, I was already teary eyed as I raised my glass and said, "Mr. Stephenson, Uncle Michael, may you love each other more each day 'til death do you part--and beyond."

"Matt, Luke, I know you want to get out of the company of two old men and be on your way to a night of fantastic love-making. But before you go, do take the advise of two old men--keep your love-making gentle, loving, slow and easy. Always, always remember to listen to your lover and never forget that your love-making is to give your lover pleasure, not to pleasure yourself. If you do, you will learn the secret of making love, your greatest pleasure comes when you are thinking of making your lover happy." He then laughed, "I know you usually hear it in church, but it is true of love-making double time, 'It is more blessed to give than receive'. But the amazing thing is that in giving, you truly receive. Now get out of here and have a wonderful, magical, beautiful night under the stars." We hugged both men, whom we had come to love dearly, went outside and got in the Jeep. We said little as we drove into the country, but I couldn't help but notice the grin on Luke's face. Me? I wasn't grinning, I had a smile all over mine.

When we reached the gate to the falls, Luke hopped out, opened it, and I drove through. After he closed the gate, he hopped back into the Jeep and we drove to the path leading to the falls.

A Special Place--Part Thirty-nine--Luke

As I crossed the canes, I noticed Matt was carrying a package. "What's that?" I asked.

"I don't know. When we were walking out the door, Uncle Michael handed it to me and said, 'In case you have forgotten something'."

"Holy shit, Matt. After all Margaret told us and all the things she gave us to read. After all the preparation we have done for tonight, I forgot to..."

"Oh, damn, Luke, so did I. We forgot lube and all that. At least I did."

"Well, I did too. Shit! Piss! Fuck! Where does that leave us?"

"Standing in the middle of the night unprepared. That's where it leaves us."

"Well, open the package and see what Uncle Michael thought we were dumb enough to forget."

Since the night was dark it was hard to see what was in the package but when Matt opened it, I could see a grin on his face again. "Not to worry. Saved by Uncle Michael again. Man, what a welcome surprise!"

But the surprises were not over yet. As we neared the falls, there was a glow coming from them. "Damn, do you think there's a fire? Would put an end to the night at the falls wouldn't it?" I said, somewhat bitterly. I grabbed Matt's hand and raced down the path. As soon as we emerged from the cane brake, we both stopped dead still. On the beach was an air mattress bed surrounded by at least a hundred candles. All around the falls were other candles placed here and there. The scene was breathtaking.

"Luke, Uncle Michael said, 'I like to see the face of my lover'. That phone call and the toasts and talking to us was partly a ploy to keep us there until these candles could be lit--by whom?" I asked.

"Remember what we did for Margaret and David? It's a good bet that they and Mary Kathryn--maybe our moms and dads--did this. Matt, we are so loved."

"Yea." We stood, taking in the beauty of this special place lit by many candles with the stars sparkling above. I was so overwhelmed that I found myself shedding tears of joy--not something I do as easily as Matt. He, of course, had tears running down his cheeks and a beautiful smile on his dark, handsome face. My heart was about to burst as I looked at him, the candles reflected in his black, black almond eyes and giving a glow to his beautiful dark skin. How could life be more perfect than it was at this moment? The answer came when a boom box in the dark started playing "More". "You can bet that's Larry's handiwork," I commented as I took Matt in my arms and we started dancing. Matt's head was nestled in the crook of my neck and as we danced, I took the bands from his hair. As it fell loose, our world was filled with the fragrance of Matt. God, I loved this man so much I thought I would pass out!

We continued dancing as I lifted his head so I could look into his eyes. As I did, he smiled and whispered, "Luke Hans Yonghon Tongmu Larsen I love you so much I don't think I can stand it, my beautiful Bright Angel." He then kissed me, not lustfully, but passionately, softly, gently, as we continued to dance, our lips sealed together. The music kept on and we danced, but while we were dancing, I unbuttoned Matt's shirt and kissed his bare chest and first one nipple then the other. When his shirt finally fell to the ground, he had unbuttoned mine and it soon joined his.

We danced, bare chest to bare chest as we kissed, more passionately now, our tongues doing the duel we both loved so well. I unsnapped his pants and unzipped them as we still danced but, when they fell, so did he. "You sure know how to break up a romantic moment," he laughed, sitting bare-assed--we had decided this was a 'no briefs or boxers' night--on the sand of the beach. I reached down to pick him up but, instead, he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. They, too, fell, tripping me and I fell down beside him. We both slid our pants off our legs and stood, again holding each other close.

I felt his hardness pressing into me as I'm sure he felt mine. We started brushing off the sand which was sticking to our butts, but we were not getting rid of it. The thoughts of making love to my Dark Angel in a bed filled with sand didn't appeal so I took immediate action, sweeping him into my arms and racing for the falls' basin where I tossed him in and dived in right behind him. We swam for a short time, then got out. "Just exactly how do you expect me to get dry, Mr. Larsen?" Matt laughed. Earlier I had spied a basket near the bed and, when I opened it, it had towels, a blanket and other things including the vacuum bottle. I tossed Matt a towel and showed him the bottle. Taped to it was a note which I took near a candle to read. I read, "Enjoy this, but remember, oil and latex do not mix! Use accordingly." I looked up at Matt and said, "This is for later."

We dried each other and, as we were wiping our feet, Matt started giggling. "Remember when Yong Jin used to tell us after playing barefoot all day, 'Don't forget to wash your feet before you go to bed or you'll be sandpapered!' Carefree days. And, oh how I loved you even then, Luke."

After we had carefully removed the sand from our feet, we lay back on the bed. Matt immediately became my wild Lakota Korean beauty, kissing my chest, nipping my nipples, his body atop mine pressing Chili Pepper into Little Luke. He started licking and kissing my chest then moving down my body. When he reached my belly button, his tongue tickled it briefly before he moved down, took Little Luke in his hand and stroked him a few times. Looking up, he got a huge grin on his face as he kissed Little Luke. But this time he didn't stop, he kept kissing Little Luke's head, then started running his tongue over it. "God, Matt, that feels soooo good. I don't think I can stand it!" The words were hardly out of my mouth before Matt took Little Luke into his hot mouth. It felt wonderful! He continued doing things with his tongue, then started gently sucking as he also stroked me slowly. His tongue found Little Luke's slit and thrust inside, then started moving 'round and 'round my now very sensitive head. All the time he was looking across my stomach and chest, keeping his eyes on mine. As much as he could without ceasing to give me pleasure with his mouth and tongue, he smiled--my beautiful, beautiful Matt smiled.

I started to move so I could take Chili Pepper into my mouth, but Matt sensed what I was doing, looked at me and said, "No. I want to make love to you and you can love me by accepting it. I want to pay attention to loving you or your loving me and I don't think I can do both at the same time." With his words, I relaxed and allowed myself to experience the loving Matt was giving me.

Once he tried to take more of Little Luke into his mouth and gagged--not very romantic. "Matt, don't. You were sending me into outer space when you were just kissing and tonguing Little Luke." Matt understood that the head was the thing and he again started a gentle and then not-so-gentle sucking, his tongue working wonders as he stroked me slowly. But the experience was beyond what I had dreamed and that, coupled with the fact that we hadn't made love beyond a few kisses for several days, meant that I couldn't hold out long. "God, Matt, you are driving me crazy! Babe, I can't stand any more! Babe, you've got to stop! Damn, Babe, don't stop! Don't you dare stop! Holy shit, damn that's wonderful." I was practically shouting between groans. My climax hit me before I knew it. I just had time to shout, "Matt, I'm cu... " before I started blasting man's seed into his mouth. Bless Matt's heart, he took it all. Again and again I blasted his mouth full of my manhood and he took it all. Then there was a final blast which shook my body as the stars started spinning and all went black.

Finally I heard Matt calling faintly, "Luke, Babe, are you all right? Are you ok?" Matt's anxious voice reached me and I slowly opened my eyes to find myself looking into pure heaven. Matt's face was inches from mine and his hair had created, as it had not done for what seemed like weeks, our special world.

I smiled, pulled his mouth to mine and as my tongue invaded his mouth, the taste of Matt was mingled with the taste of my own man's seed. "Matthew Sarang Hanun Pomul Greywolf, I have never been more all right! I guess I just can't take you full force! I think I kinda blacked out."

"You sure did. I hope I didn't break something," he smiled.

"From what I saw and felt, it was all working perfectly, Dark Angel." I again pulled Matt's lips to mine for a deep, passionate kiss.

I'll admit I was drained by Matt's love-making and was happy when he just lay beside me as we both stared into the heavens. "Luke, did the stars spin for you? They did for me. I felt as though you were pouring yourself into me and every drop was precious beyond measure."

"Matt, they spun, they sang, they danced with the joy, at the love I felt for you and the love I was receiving from you."

"Luke, I am so happy, so very, very, very happy. I have, finally, given you something I have wanted to give you so very, very, very much for such a long, long time." We both fell silent, just enjoying the touch and pleasure of our bare bodies being together. After a while, I reached down and found Chili Pepper was ready for more love-making.

I turned on my side and Matt did likewise and as we gazed into each others eyes, I stroked Chilli Pepper slowly then started kissing Matt--on the mouth, then his neck and his chest. Keeping Chili Pepper in my hand, I licked and nipped Matt's beautiful dark nipples, sucking first one, then the other. Both became hard as I continued to mouth them. Finally I could stand it no longer and kissed my way to my goal, a steel rod called Chili Pepper. Matt had a special gift for me, thanks to Greywolf. I slid his foreskin back and ran my tongue around the groove where it met his head. Still exploring with my tongue, I pulled his foreskin forward and ran my tongue between it and his head. Matt was making little whining sounds, like a little puppy. I couldn't help but laugh. "Has baby puppy lost it's mommy?" I asked as I looked up at Matt and smiled.

"He just needs you to give him some more petting," Matt smiled back. I used my tongue to give Chili Pepper pleasure, then sucked him into my mouth. Sucking and tonguing Chili Pepper's head, I also stroked him slowly. Matt was groaning softly and whispering, "Yonghon Tongmu, Yonghon Tongmu, Yonghon Tongmu. Oh, Yonghon Tongmu, you make me feel so good. I love you, Yonghon Tongmu!" then he was groaning again. His hips started thrusting upward, pushing Chili Pepper deeper into my mouth. "Oh, Luke," Matt said between clinched teeth, "you are making me feel sooooooo goooooood!" I started moving my tongue between his foreskin and head again then I sucked harder and took more of Chili Pepper into my mouth. Matt's hips were thrusting upward and moving around in small circles and he was breathing in gasps as he groaned. Finally, he said, more loudly than before but still between clinched teeth, "Yonghon Tongmu, I love youuuuuuuuu!" as Chili Pepper exploded in my mouth. I was afraid I couldn't swallow as fast as Matt was shooting and I didn't want to lose a single drop of his gift to me. As the last blast hit the back of my throat, Matt collapsed and lay very still, but his eyes never left mine.

I crawled up his body and he pulled my lips to his in a crushing kiss, his tongue probing my mouth. My whole being was flooded with the taste of Matt, my lover, my Sarang Hanun Pomul, my world. He continued to kiss me and then, as I lay atop his body, he took my face in his hands, looked into my eyes and said, "More than the greatest love the world has known, Yonghon Tongmu, is the love I give you 'til death do us part and beyond." As he spoke, I felt tears in my eyes and saw tears streaming from his eyes. I kissed the tears away and said, "And such is the love I give to you, Sarang Hanun Pomul, 'til death do us part." I then slipped the ring from my finger, took Matt's ring from his, and slipped my ring on his finger. He took his from me and placed it on my finger and as he kissed me said, "'Til death us do part."

Again, we lay side by side in the afterglow of our love-making, staring at the stars. "Bright Angel, I wonder if the stars are looking down on any other couple as happy as we are at this moment?" Matt asked, quietly.

"I can't answer that, Dark Angel, but I can tell you this, they are not looking down on a happier couple. And here's to them all--young and old, rich and poor, bright and dark, gay and straight--here's to all who love and are loved as we are," I said and blew a kiss to the stars.

We lay silent for a time, then Matt got up, found the boom box and started the music again. When he started back, he took the bottle and two beach towels from the basket and walked back to where I lay. Soon Matt had me on my stomach and I felt a stream of warm oil on my back. It felt so good in the cool night air. Matt gave me an excellent massage. As he massaged my feet, he kept kissing the bottoms, tickling the fool out of me. Then it was my time.

We fooled around, sliding over each other's oil-slick body, playfully nipping here and there. Not having to worry if we decided to kiss Chili Pepper and Little Luke, but not getting as aroused as might have been expected. We were playing and having a good time. Then, remembering the problem oil-slick bodies can be, for the second time, we dived into the basin. We only swam for a few minutes, then used the soap Matt had found in the basket. "Damn, the family sure takes care of its children," I said as he came walking to the basin carrying it.

"Yea, we are two lucky guys who chose our parents well," Matt laughed. He started soaping my body as we stood in a shallow edge of the basin. It took some doing to get a good lather since I was covered with oil, but finally I was "fat free" and lathered Matt good. Just to be on the safe side, we lathered each other well again, then dived into the water to wash the soap away. It took a long time for us to dry each other because we kept interrupting the process for kisses, each more passionate than the last. When we were finally as dry as we could be, Matt pulled me close, his cheek against mine, and said, "Luke, I want us to be united. I want you inside me. Please, Luke."

"Dark Angel, there is nothing in the world I want more except to have you inside me."

"Please," Matt pleaded, "now, Luke." I scooped Matt into my arms and carried him to the bed. Without putting him down, I swept the oily towels from the bed and laid my precious treasure on the bed. As I did, I noticed when he had brought the oil he had also brought lube. We started making mad passionate love, our lips sealed against each other and our tongues going wild. Then, with our mouths open, they did battle outside our mouths. Finally, I broke off our kissing and started sucking and nipping Matt's hard, wonderful nipples. As I did, I reached for the tube of lube which had a nozzle on it and slipped it into Matt, making sure I had a generous supply inside him. I also took a large amount on my fingers as inserted one into my love. I moved it around slowly, then added a second finger into the place where he wanted me. As I continued, I felt him relax and asked, "Are you sure you want me inside you? It will hurt."

"Yes, I want you inside. Yes, yes, yes.

"You're not afraid? Nervous?"

"Why would I be? You're my Luke, my Yonghon Tongmu, my all."

I took another large amount of lube for Little Luke then placed Little Luke against Matt's rosebud as he reached down and pulled his cheeks apart. "Babe, you will tell me to stop before I hurt you, won't you?" I was nervous, I'll admit. I was so afraid I would hurt my Matt.

"Don't be afraid, Luke, I want you inside me NOW!

I pushed forward slowly and as soon as Little Luke's head was inside, stopped. "Are you ok, Babe?"

"Just wait a minute until I relax more," he replied. "I'm ok. It does kinda hurt some--just a little bit--so don't move." Was careful not to move inside Matt as I started kissing him like mad. I could feel him relax more and more, but I waited until Matt said, "Now, go ahead." I pushed again and more of Little Luke entered the most wonderful place he had ever been. And I stopped. After I had waited a bit, I pushed again. Stopping and waiting, then pushing again, I was finally inside Matt--all the way.

I was very still, just enjoying being completely united with my love. Matt looked up at me, smiled and said, "Luke, make wild, mad, passionate love to me!" In spite of his request, I still took it very easy for awhile until he started bucking his hips to meet my thrust into his hot, tight, magic love place. As I gradually started thrusting harder and deeper, Matt started groaning again, this time saying, "Yes, Luke, yes. Harder, harder. Deeper, deeper. Make love to me. Make me know you are inside me." In spite of the fact that I had had a tremendous climax only a short time before, the pleasure of being inside Matt was too much and I knew I couldn't hold out long. In order to make the pleasure last, I thrust deep inside Matt and lay still atop his body and we kissed passionately. After awhile, Matt said, "Luke, again. Let me feel you thrusting in and out of me again. Let me feel you cum inside me." I started slowly, but soon I was moving in and out of Matt in rapid, deep strokes, but still being careful. And if I thought my first climax was perfect, the one which rocked my very being this time was perfect times two. I thought I would never stop. Matt was groaning and whispering my name over and over then he said, "Luke, I feel you pulsing inside me. Babe, you are making me feel so great. God, Luke, I love you." Again, with the last explosion, this time deep inside Matt, I collapsed as my world became one of sky rockets and fireworks, then nothing.

When I came to, I was still inside Matt--barely, because Little Luke had grown soft--lying atop his body. He took my face in his hands again, smiled and kissed me. "Luke, I have waited so long for what you have just given me. Had I known it was like it was and had I been told I had to wait a hundred years, I would have waited. My soulmate, we are now truly one and I have never known such happiness and pleasure until this moment. God, I love you, Luke, my Yonghon Tongmu."

I felt Little Luke slip out of Matt as I leaned forward to kiss my love. "Matt, my one love, my happiness and pleasure is beyond all bounds, but it is incomplete until I feel you inside me."

There's no use going over the details of preparation again--but you got to remember that you skip nothing! Matt was in a rush and went absolutely wild kissing me and mouthing my nipples as he prepared me for his entrance. After he had covered Chili Pepper with lube, he started to enter me. He was so aroused and hot I had to say, "Whoa, Babe, slow and easy, remember." He pushed in and it did hurt. I guess he saw me grimace and stopped and pulled back. "Easy, Babe. You're going to have to do a little more with your fingers and stuff. I tensed up I'm afraid. Just go slow and easy, stopping along the way."

"But Luke, I've hurt you." He was right. I mean he hadn't intended to and he hadn't hurt me terribly, but I just wasn't ready when he started. I saw tears in his eyes and I saw right away that he was no longer hard enough to enter me.

"Matt, Love, yes, you hurt a little bit me. But didn't I hurt you?" I tried to comfort him.

"Not like I have hurt you." I held him close and said, "Matt, you are always hot before I am, ready to go at it before I am, wanting no holds barred. And that's ok for some things, but now you are going to just have to go slow and easy. I want you inside me, Babe. I need you inside me. You know that. Maybe I haven't prepared myself as well as you, but don't let one little mistake take anything away from us. I want you, I need you, I have to have you, Matt." My hand found Chili Pepper and I began to stroke him slowly as I kissed Matt, assuring him of my love and need for him. Soon he was hard and hot again. While I worked on Chili Pepper, Matt was opening me up with well-lubed fingers.

This time Matt was gentle and took it very slowly. He, as I had done, pushed just inside me, stopped and waited as he kissed my neck and mouth. Then, bit by bit he pushed all of Chili Pepper into me. I felt full--filled with Matt, united with Matt. I had known my greatest pleasure when I was inside Matt. Now, as he started slowly pulling out and pushing in me, I wasn't sure which gave me more pleasure. I was now fully relaxed and welcomed Matt's man's tool. It felt wonderful and, unlike Matt, I wasn't very quiet as he increased the depth and speed of his thrusts. "Yes! Matt! Yes! Damn you make me feel so good. Harder and deeper, Lover." I was practically shouting. Matt was pounding in and out of me as he reached down and took Little Luke in his hand and started stroking him in rhythm with Chili Pepper's moving in and out. Again I was surprised when I realized I was going to climax again. "Matt, I am cumming again," I shouted and, as I exploded over his hand, I felt him explode deep inside me. My climax was short and not as intense as the two previous ones. Matt, on the other hand, kept pulsing and pulsing inside me. Finally he collapsed, exhausted, atop my body, breathing in short, quick gasps.

When Matt had finally recovered, he looked at me, smiled and said, "Luke, if I never know that much pleasure again, I have known pleasure. Yonghon Tongmu, you, again, have made me the happiest man in the world." We held each other in the cool night air, cuddling and whispering to each other of our love as, one by one, the candles flickered out and we were left with each other in the darkness of a night of wonder and love. We slept.

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