Castle Roland

A Special Place

by Sequoyah


Chapter 59

Published: 8 Apr 14

A Special Place--Part Fifty-nine--Luke

When we got up Monday morning, Michael said to Matt and me, "Brothers, waiting is really hard".

"I'll bet that's not the only thing that's hard!" Matt laughed.

"You're damn right about that!" he replied.

As soon as we had breakfast, we started priming the outside of the house. Dad and Greywolf were going ahead of the painters, caulking any places which needed it. By lunch, we had only one side almost done. By quitting time, we were well on our way--I thought--but Tuesday we started on the gingerbread trim and it was slow going. In fact, Tuesday night, we still had a long way to go.

"I had thought about us taking Wednesday off and going into Cleveland--art museum, zoo, whatever people wanted to do, but I'm not sure," Greywolf said.

"I think we better wait until we see how long this painting is going to take," Howard said. "It's surely not going as fast as I had hoped."

"Think you're right," Greywolf agreed.

"Think some of us need to stop at 5:30, as we have been doing," Douglas added, "but some of us can keep going. I know I can."

"Well, we could, I guess," Eugene said slowly, "but we wanted this to be fun time as well as a work party--I mean for the parents and those of you who will not be living here."

"I think it is a fun time," Millie said. "I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I don't think I can work much longer each day than I have been, but I can sure help in the kitchen and relieve someone who can paint longer."

Wednesday we started earlier than we had been doing, and finished the primer coat by mid-afternoon. We took a break and went back to work. Woody said he and Millie would take care of dinner and we painted until after 8:00. As people finished a section, they went inside, showered and got dressed for dinner. The guys of the Fellowship were the last to go in. Luke and I, Eugene and Larry shared a shower--as though we wouldn't had we not been in somewhat of a rush. When we came down, Millie and Woody served a delicious supper. While we were eating, Millie said, "I almost forgot--senior moment I guess--Douglas, the dealer called today and said your car will be delivered Friday".

We had learned a few tricks in applying the primer--you know, by the time you finish a job you have learned how to do it--so the actual painting went faster than the primer coat. In fact, by working longer hours and utilizing the tricks we had learned, the house and garage were all finished by Friday evening. We had planned a celebration when we finished, but everyone was so tired we decided to save that for Saturday, after the blessing of Douglas' and Janet's marriage.

Jacob, Sandra and Paula had washed up early, gone to temple and returned just as we had finally all showered and were ready for dinner. As we were ready to sit down to dinner, two cars pulled into the driveway. The one in front was a bright metallic blue convertible--a real sporty model. We all had to go out and inspect Douglas' car, but decided it would wait for a trial spin until we had eaten.

We had worked so hard this week that I suspect the other couples were like Matt and me. There just wasn't energy for any hot and heavy sex, but we did enjoy our tender love-making and sleeping nestled in each other's arms. I hoped I would never forget how wonderful it was just to hold Matt and be held by him. I also hoped we wouldn't have many weeks we were too tired for sex!

The weather had been very kind to us or we would never have finished the house. Friday night the weather took a sudden change and we got up to a cold, dreary, rainy day Saturday. We had planned to have the blessing of Douglas' and Janet's marriage in the newly recovered garden, but that was definitely out unless there was a change in the weather and, even then, it would probably be too wet. Millie immediately took charge when it was obvious the garden was out. She called a florist and ordered flowers for the living room, had all the men moving furniture, and arranged a table and dressed it as an altar. The women started arranging flowers as soon as they arrived, and soon the living room was transformed into a lovely chapel. The blessing was set for 4:00 in the afternoon and the sun came out about an hour before but, after Millie had finished with the living room, no-one was disappointed that we couldn't use the garden.

The service was beautiful. Matt and Eugene played for it, looking across the hall from the family room. When they finished the opening, they joined us for the service itself, then went back and played a recessional after the nuptial eucharist. Janet had asked Paula to sing the hymn that was sung at our ceremony and she, of course, did a beautiful job.

After the ceremony, we all danced and had a grand time, then sat down to a meal fit for a king. Woody and Millie had engineered that with the help of all the parents.

Sunday morning, Millie went with Woody to play for the service at St. Alban's, but the rest of us skipped church and spent time with each other, knowing that tomorrow we would be separated until at least Thanksgiving. We had Sunday dinner ready when Woody and Millie got back and enjoyed it thoroughly, sitting at the table talking--long after we had eaten.

Finally Dad said, "I hate to bring this up, but we need to get packed so we can leave early. We all have to get back to work Wednesday, even Greywolf and Yong Jin. School starts a week from tomorrow but you two teachers have to report Wednesday, right?" Yong Jin and Greywolf nodded and made sour faces. I had been around them long enough to know that teachers have the same attitude about school as most students.

"Janet and I have already registered, but we start Monday week as well and need to get ready. In fact, we need to be on our way now. I had planned on leaving earlier today, but I have enjoyed these two weeks so much I hate to see them end."

"I sure wish we were staying," Janet said, "but Sarasota and the wicked mother-in-law call."

"She damn well better call sweetly," Douglas laughed.

The happy couple were packed and ready to leave when Janet said, "We came up to get you guys ready for Oberlin and never even saw the campus. Maybe next time."

"We'll take a quick detour," Douglas said. "That will hold us until you guys can show us around properly." After hugs all around, and more than a few tears, the two left, headed for heaven only knows what in Sarasota.

"The Oberlin Five register Thursday and begin school Monday week as well," Paula said, "and, as Janet said, we haven't even seem the campus."

"We need to do something about that today since the parents are leaving tomorrow," I said. "How about we call and see if Ruth is available to show us around? If not, we can just look around on our own."

Ruth was at home and was surprised that we had not been on campus. I explained that we had gotten so involved with getting the house ready that it slipped our minds. She said she would meet us at the front entrance in twenty minutes or so. "Should take about that long for you to get here."

She gave us a great tour of the very beautiful campus, including opening some buildings which would have been closed had she not been with us. Of course, she made sure Matt saw a couple of the organs. She also showed us where we needed to go to register Thursday. When we finished, Eugene said, "Ruth, why don't you come out and see the house and stay for supper?".

"I was about to invite myself for a look at the house," she laughed. "See you there."

To say she was impressed is a definite understatement. "You don't know how pleased I am that you have the house and have really made it the showplace it once was," she exclaimed as soon as she got out of the car. "You have done a lovely job."

We had supper and Ruth left shortly afterward. The rest of us went for a walk on the beach and, as soon as it was dark, Paula shouted, "Skinny dipping time!". This time no-one stopped us as we stripped off our clothes and hit the water. When we came out, the parents had gone into the house and we walked in our birthday suits to the outdoor shower, showered, and then pairs of lovers dried each other.

As we approached the tents, Michael asked, "Matt, Luke, have you noticed anything about this grove of old trees where we have been sleeping?".

Later I thought that I should have been surprised by his question, but I wasn't. As soon as he asked, I knew what he meant. Before I could answer, Matt said, "I wondered if it were just me but, yes, it's a sacred place". When Michael looked at me, I nodded agreement.

The others overheard us and asked what that was all about. Sleeping bags were dragged out of the tents, and we sat around talking about sacred places and how they were special. "I've no idea how I--we--know a place is sacred," Michael said, "but the three of us do. I felt it when I was mowing here the other day."

"Strange that Luke and I didn't discuss it," Matt said, "but I knew it the first night we slept here. It started me thinking about something else. We did all those strange things this summer, and Red Hawk started your instruction as a medicine man, Michael, and said Luke and I also had that power, but now he's dead and we have had no instruction."

"I think we barely scratched the surface while I was with him," Michael said, "and now we are without an elder to teach us. Maybe Taequo can."

"Don't think so," I said. "He told me he knows little about Indian medicine, in terms of being a medicine man, I mean."

"Heaven knows, Red Hawk said he was finished and I guess his spirit will provide a way for us to continue with whatever training we need," Michael said. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see what develops." On that note, we all went to our tents.

It had been a very relaxed day and, for the first time in almost two weeks, Matt and I were not too tired to make love. Our love-making was passionate, hot and heavy. We began by giving and receiving pleasure as our mouths covered each other's manhood. Each of us brought the other to the brink, then backed off, several times. Finally, I brought Matt to a climax as one shook my body. As he filled my mouth with the taste of himself, I was completely overcome. I know I blacked out for a moment, but his mouth-to-mouth brought me around quickly. I was lying on my back and his hair, free of all restraint, fell around my face and I was in the world that held only the two of us, lovers forever.

As our breathing became regular again, Matt continued kissing me, then he started nipping at an ear. He continued kissing my body, moving from my neck to my nipples, then used his tongue on my chest. I was getting very, very hot when he started kissing my manhood and licking my ball sack. I was so hot that I was groaning--I hoped quietly, for the sake of the others--when he reached for his shorts and took out the tube--which I think he had started carrying all the time, for it was always handy when needed--and handed it to me. As he lay atop my body, kissing me all over, my fingers found what they were seeking and I opened him with them and a generous amount of lube. Finally, he took the tube from me and applied a huge amount from it to Little Luke, stroking him slowly as he did. When he had finished, he said, "Luke, my Yonghon Tongmu, I am ready," as he rolled off of me and lay on his back.

Slowly and smoothly, I entered my Sarang Hanun Pomul. As I did, he grabbed two handsful of my hair and crushed my lips to his, his tongue carrying the wonderful taste of Matt to my mouth, from which it flowed through my entire being. "Now, Luke, now. I want you deep inside me now!" I pushed as deep as possible into Matt, then withdrew as far as I could without coming out, then entered him again deeply. I was moving in and out of my lover slowly, smoothly, when he started moaning, "Faster, Babe, faster!". He continued to groan as I increased the speed of my thrusts, making sure each was long and deep. I knew I was approaching the edge when he grabbed my hair again, pulled my lips to his and started breathing through my mouth and nose, all the while groaning and making funny noises. We were both sweating profusely, not only because the night was warm but also because of the fantastic love-making we were engaging in. Finally, I thrust deep inside my Dark Angel and Little Luke erupted, pouring pulse after pulse of man's seed into my Matt. As I did, I saw stars--literally--spinning around in my head and before my eyes. When I had finally exhausted my supply of man's seed, I collapsed on Matt, my head resting on his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat.

"God, I love you, Luke Hans Yonghon Tongmu Fire Thunderbird Larsen," Matt was finally able to say as he again pulled my lips to his. We remained wrapped in each other's arms until Little Luke, satisfied for the moment, slipped from Matt.

Our tent was filled with the fragrance of men having made love and I loved it. I buried my face in Matt's armpit and inhaled the fragrance that only Matt has after making passionate love. But I was not finished. I reached down and took Chili Pepper in my hand and stroked him gently until he was hard and pulsating. Matt's magic fingers knew what to do and he was doing it well. Finally, I lubed Chili Pepper well, and placed my rosebud over Chili Pepper and sat upright. Slowly I lowered myself on Matt, guiding Chili Pepper to where he wanted to be and where I wanted him. When he was all the way inside me, I leaned forward and kissed Matt, then started using my legs to raise and lower myself, sliding Chili Pepper in and out. When Matt started groaning again, I raised and lowered myself faster and faster. Soon both of us were groaning. When I felt Matt's hot seed enter my body, I lowered myself to get Chili Pepper as deep inside as possible. When Matt had finally emptied his seed into me, I leaned forward again and kissed his mouth, his eyes, his nipples, his neck. "Matt, you are the most wonderful lover in the world and you make me the happiest man in the world."

I could imagine his sparkling black almond eyes and his smile, even though I could not see them, when he said, "Wanta bet?".

As I leaned over to kiss him again, Chili Pepper slipped from me and I stretched out on Matt's body and we lay entwined in each other's arms, exchanging soft, gentle kisses until we fell asleep, our passion satisfied.

Sometime in the night, I heard soft voices passing our tent. When I raised up and opened the tent flap slightly, the moon was in its last quarter, but bright enough for me to see Bill and Linda walking toward the lake, hand in hand. My movement disturbed Matt and he raised up and asked what was going on.

I told him Bill and Linda were headed for the lake. He was immediately awake and said, "Great idea, Luke. Let's join them." As we got out of the tent, I saw that apparently others had been awakened as well, because Eugene and Larry were crawling out of their tent. Luke walked over to where Mary Kathryn and Michael were sleeping, and suddenly started slapping the sides of their tent. "Holy shit," Michael exclaimed, as he came roaring out of the tent. "What the frigging hell are you doing, Luke?"

"Just inviting you and my baby sister for a swim."

Mary Kathryn poked her head out of the tent and said, "You'll find it difficult to swim with two broken legs--which you will have if you pull a stunt like that again". It was clear, however, that both thought the idea was a good one, as they joined Matt and me, walking to the beach. As we walked, Mary Kathryn asked, "Think I should go back and get Jacob and Paula up?".

"Think it might have been their idea," Matt responded, pointing to the two frolicking in the lake.

Soon we were all swimming and playing in the lake. Just in case we might be heard at the house, we kept the shouting down but surely made enough noise otherwise. We must have played for about an hour then, one by one, the couples returned to their tents. Matt and I brought up the rear and as soon as we were in the tent, started making love again. Once we had given each other great love and pleasure, we wrapped our bodies in each other's arms and slept.

I guess it was a combination of the love-making Matt and I had done and the late-night swim, but I wasn't ready to get up when Paula called. "Matt, Luke, I think we need to fix breakfast for the travelers while they check and make sure they are ready to leave. They want to get off early." She was right, of course, but it didn't make getting up any easier.

By the time breakfast was ready, the travelers were sure they were ready to leave right after breakfast. The parents talked about how much they had appreciated being with us the past two weeks and getting to know each other. "I'm especially pleased to learn Bill has the kind of friends he does," Howard said. "And, I'll tell you all, I will always be grateful to Jacob for reminding me I have a son. Bill, I know I have neglected you, and want you to know how proud I am of what you have made of yourself. You are one fine young man." We all shouted our agreement.

After Howard's speech, the breakfast conversation continued on a serious note, but everyone avoided the fact that it was a matter of minutes before the Fellowship would be changed forever, and the Larsens, Greywolfs and Sandra would be leaving their children behind. I think we all put off the separation as long as possible, but it had to come.

It was 8:30 when we were all gathered in the front of the house and the hugging and tears began. I was surprised to see Woody, not just saying goodbye to Millie but giving her a pretty good kiss, on the mouth already! Everyone was in their cars except Jacob, who would start to get in and then run back for another kiss from Paula. Finally she said, "Get going, redhead, before I decide to keep you".

With that, he turned and ran back to her for a very, very long kiss, while everyone laughed and applauded. But it had to end, so Jacob got in and the caravan left.

Luke and I were standing arm in arm, as were Larry and Eugene. Without thinking, one couple got on one side of Paula and the other couple got on the other side, and the Oberlin Five walked slowly toward the house which suddenly seemed very empty. In the foyer, we five stood together, realizing that this was it. Now there were the Concord Five and the Oberlin Five. And all we had known was way, way, away. We were all very silent, then Larry said, "And now the new adventure really begins". We all nodded.

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