Castle Roland

The Oberlin Five

by Sequoyah


Chapter 8

Published: 8 Apr 14

ASP--The Oberlin Five--Chapter Eight--Kent

In spite of what had happened Sunday, I didn't know what to expect when I got to my parents' place. When I drove up in Luke's truck, Fuzzy, our old collie, started barking. When I got out of the truck, she came bounding up to me, leaping as high as she could, trying to lick my face--and would have had I not turned away. I finally grabbed her when she jumped and roughed up her coat as her tail wagged a mile a minute. Eventually she calmed down enough for us to walk toward the house. Mom, Dad and Derrick had obviously heard Fuzzy and had come out on the porch. "What a welcome home," Dad laughed.

"Yea, quite a welcome back." I didn't want to say I was coming back home although I guess home would always be where my parents were, but I also considered where I was living home. When I reached the porch, I hugged Mom, then Derrick, then Dad. We had never been a hugging family, but no-one seemed to object.

"Come on in and tell us what's going on in your world," Dad said. I found I was bracing for a put-down every time he opened his mouth. Old habits and expectations die hard, very hard.

When we reached the living room, the smells of good food were evident and I realized I was hungry. I hoped supper didn't have to wait until 8:00!

"Well, how are things?" Derrick asked. I hadn't seen him in a couple weeks. A couple times, since Labor Day, Derrick had called and I had picked him up at school for supper and a visit at the house.

"Going great. Actually, they are going better than I expected. The work is hard--different from high school--but I'm enjoying it and learning a lot." We talked about school and then Dad asked about living at the house. "Dad, it is really great. If I run into a problem with school work, one of my housemates is usually able to help me out. Of course, I do the same thing for them. We almost let a few small things become big problems but, fortunately, we saw what was happening and dealt with those problems and now we have a weekly meeting to discuss anything we need to attend to. It really is like a house full of brothers and a sister."

"Kent, James, who works in my office and lives in Waterside, says your friends were involved in some nasty business there. Is that true?" Dad asked.

"Here it comes," I thought to myself. I looked at Mom and it was clear she didn't have the foggiest idea what was going on. "Now's the time," I decided. "Yea, it's true. As a matter of fact, I was involved as deeply as they were, except I was let off because I was a local boy." I then told my family what had happened without saying anything about why it had happened. Of course, without having some reason for the attack, it just didn't sound right and I knew it. Dad was not going to let that slip by unnoticed.

"Strange that you were attacked and arrested out of the blue. There must have been more to it than that," Dad said. "Why did you get picked on?"

I debated with myself. Dad had finally acknowledged he had not treated me right and now I was about to blast him out of the water. Did I want to dodge the issue or hit it head on? "Dad, a bunch of Waterside's worst took exception to something the four guys I live with had done and, because of that, vandalized Eugene's car. We saw them doing it when we came out of the movie and when they attacked us, we just defended ourselves. There were six of them. One pulled a knife but three ran after we had put them down, and we soon had the other three on the ground. One of them was Shawn Hendrick. His brother Sim came up, sent Shawn and me packing--because I was a local boy, he had said--and arrested the other four."

"Somehow or other, that doesn't surprise me," Derrick said. "Everybody knows Sim covers for Shawn, and that he and Shawn are good sources of weed."

"Weed? Why would anyone want to buy weeds?" Dad asked, looking puzzled.

Derrick laughed. "Guess you are not up on horticulture, Dad, weed is a very lucrative cash crop--if you can keep it until harvest time."

"Weeds, who harvests weeds?" Derrick and I were both laughing our heads off and Dad was looking puzzled and, I could see, getting angry. "This better stop right now," I thought but, before I could speak, Mom spoke up.

"Carl, you know: not 'weeds', 'weed'--pot, grass, gunga, marijuana, dope," she was laughing hard as it suddenly dawned on Dad what we were talking about.

"Oh, so now it's weed. That stuff has more names than the Queen of England. So they were in the dope business. Well, that doesn't surprise me, but I still don't see why they attacked you and your friends."

"Dad, I hoped not to have to bring this up because I know you won't like it and will probably pitch a fit..."

"Try me!" he said, in a defiant manner.

"A few weeks before the incident, Matt and Luke, Eugene and Larry had gone to an early Friday movie. The theater was practically empty so they sat on the back row and did some making out. They had no reason to think anyone saw them or would care, but they were wrong."

"They were making out in a movie? Who doesn't do that? I've even done a bit of that with your Mom in years past."

"Might be a good idea to try it again," Derrick grinned.

"So what was the problem? Who were they making out with? Was it some of the Waterside girls? Was that the problem?"

"Dad, you're not listening," Derrick said. "Luke and Matt were making out and Eugene and Larry were making out," Derrick said very slowly as if Dad was dense. Well he was being a little dense, I guess because he didn't want to hear what he was hearing.

"I heard that very clearly and I asked who they were making out with?"

I started to answer when Derrick said, "I told you: with each other."

"You mean to tell me four men were making out with each other?" Dad was getting red in the face and I knew an explosion could happen any minute.

"Well, not exactly all four making out with all four, I mean Matt and Luke are a couple and Eugene and Larry are."

"Damn queers, you mean!" Dad was holding his temper, but just barely.

"Dad, I don't like that word and I certainly will not have it applied to my friends. The four are gay and are couples. Matt and Luke have actually had a kind of marriage ceremony and had their union blessed by a priest. Eugene and Larry are every bit as committed as Matt and Luke, I suspect. And what they do in their bedroom is none of my business. All I know and care about is that they are steadfast friends. I would trust them with my life. In fact, if my life were in danger, I would sure want Eugene around. He is the smallest of the four but, man, is he fast and deadly."

"You are living in the house with four queers? Four fruits?" Dad was still holding his temper, but I didn't know how much longer he could or would.

"Dad, I said I didn't like my friends being called names and I won't stand for it in my presence. Now you can either stop and I'll stay. Otherwise I'll go, but I will not listen to them be called names or put down."

"All right, all right, but I really can't understand how you can live in a house full of gay men. It's unnatural!"

"Let's talk about unnatural, Dad. You sired me and are responsible--at least half-responsible--for me coming into the world. I wasn't what you ordered and you couldn't send me back, so you just pretended I wasn't here most of the time--and any time you noticed, you made sure I knew I was a disappointment to you. If you want to talk about unnatural, let's talk about a father's unnatural treatment of a son.

"I put up with it because I didn't have a choice. I proved myself to everyone except you. I was accepted to college on a scholarship and still you would have nothing to do with me. Frankly, I planned to go to college, but suspected it wouldn't last long because I couldn't afford to live on campus and had no sure transportation. I tried not to worry about it, but I did.

"Knowing that my college career was probably a short-lived thing, I ran across five people--five people who befriended me at once. Four of them are gay, but they gave me what you had never given me. They gave me true friendship. They cared about me and my needs. They respected what I had to offer to the group. I have a home where I am treated as an equal and a valuable addition. I have the assurance that if I want to go to college, they will see that I get there.

"Now the fact that four of them are gay may have disturbed me at first. I'll admit that when Matt and Luke or Eugene and Larry kissed each other or showed affection in my presence, I was uneasy. But you know something? It wasn't long before I not only expected that, but appreciated it. I saw very quickly that the expression of love--I don't care if it is male-to-male--was something I missed, something I had longed for. So, to be honest, I don't give a damn whether you understand it or not, or whether you like it or not; being in the loving presence of those five has given me more joy and more peace than I have known in my lifetime. Unnatural? I think that home is full of naturalness--the naturalness of people in love and who love and care for each other and for me."

When I finished, Derrick stood, applauded and shouted, "Bravo!". Dad looked a bit like I had hit him in the face and Mom looked as if she was expecting an explosion. There was utter silence in the room after Derrick's outburst.

After what seemed like minutes, Dad looked at me and said, "Kent, I'm sorry. I guess I really deserved that. Yes, you're right. They have offered you more in a short time than I have in a lifetime. Son, I am working hard at changing. It's not easy, but I'm working at it."

"Dad, that's all I ask. I know change is hard. I know that we both have nineteen years of acting one way to change. But you have to know that I value the friendship and love and caring I have found with my five housemates--right up with any relationships I have or have had. You tread on them and you tread on me."

"Son, I wouldn't have it otherwise. So back to what started this unpleasantness... how do things stand now with the four and Waterside? What happened after they were arrested?"

I told them the whole story and that the four would probably be called to testify when the trials came up in late October or early November. "I think the police and the political mess in Waterside will be cleaned out, but the prejudice and hatred will still be there until decent people stand up and take charge. Meanwhile, none of us will even drive through Waterside. The only time I am even close is Sunday morning when I come to church."

"Good idea," Dad said.

We then talked about school and how it was going. I told them--Derrick, of course, knew--about the combo and things we had done. Aside from the one bit of "unpleasantness", everything was fine and dinner was delicious.

After dinner I told my folks I had to get back to get some studying done and reminded them they were expected for Sunday dinner.

Just as I was leaving, Derrick asked if I was still going out with Christine and, if so, why I didn't pick him and his girl up. "I haven't been out with Christine in a couple weeks. I've been kinda busy."

When he walked to the truck with me, he said, "Kent, that Christine is hot-to-trot, man. I think you're missing out on something there."

"Little Brother, there is more to a relationship than a piece of ass," I said as I climbed in the truck. "See ya," I said to him as I started out the drive.

As I drove home, I thought about what Derrick had said and my response. I was pretty inexperienced when it came to women and I didn't know whether I was misreading Christine or if I was wrong. I laughed when I thought about asking one of the guys anything about dealing with women. I supposed they might have had some ideas, but would probably not be a great deal of help to me. My mind was just wandering around. Actually I was semiconscious when suddenly I came to my senses. Of course there was help at hand! If anyone could help me out, Paula was the girl. I laughed at my denseness and increased my speed. I would talk to Paula.

I got back to the house at 9:30 and saw Eugene, Larry and Paula pulling in right ahead of me. As soon as we had the car and truck put away, we all walked into the house, went to the kitchen and I put on coffee. We were all sitting at the kitchen table and when the coffee was ready, I poured four cups. We sat and talked about how choir practice went, all the work the two guys had gotten done and how dinner at my place went. I started not to tell them about Dad's blow-up, but decided they needed to know--that he had blown-up and had apologized, at least as much as he could.

"You'll have to admit, Kent," Larry said, "it must have been a pretty big shock to find your son is living with four men who love men."

"Yea, I'm sure it is and would be, but he had no right to put down my friends."

"Don't think it will happen again," Eugene said. "Well, I'm for a run on the beach. Anyone else?"

"It's dark already," Paula said.

"It's light enough to run," Eugene said. "Ready, Larry?"

"Yea, let's get dressed." The two raced upstairs, leaving me with Paula.

We sat in silence for a couple minutes, drinking another cup of coffee and, finally, I said, "Paula, I have a problem. I thought about talking to the guys about it. I mean, that's what would be usual but, well, what I mean is, I'm having a bit of a problem about women and don't think they would be much help."

"You might be surprised. They have been big brothers that way to Michael--and Mary Kathryn--but shoot. What's the problem?"

"Well, you've met Christine." Paula nodded. I don't know why I made that obvious statement.

"I've noticed you haven't gone out recently. Too busy and she's upset?"

"No, that's not it at all. I haven't asked her out because of a problem. This is kinda embarrassing, Paula, and I'm sure most men would laugh like hell and say they wished they had my problem."

Paula laughed and said, "Are you going to tell me about it or do I have to guess?".

"Damn, Paula, its embarrassing and, well, maybe not natural." I stammered to a halt and sat with my head down, not looking at Paula.

"Oh, so that's the problem, the reversal of the usual one. She wants to go faster and further than you. Right?"

"Yea, how did you know?"

"It wasn't too hard to guess. I saw her Labor Day and saw your reaction when she was crawling all over you."

"Don't you think it's unnatural? I mean not to want to go all the way big time?"

"Kent, I have been in love twice in my life. The first time it all came unglued because I wouldn't have sex. The second time, I know Jacob and I could have had beautiful sex, but we decided to wait. I guess that might be seen as unnatural if we were animals, but I don't think so for two human beings in love and who expect to spend years together. Sometimes we pass up pleasure today for something more important tomorrow."

"That's not my problem, Paula, not at all. We're not talking about two people in love. Maybe she loves me--she's never said so--and I know I'm not in love with her. So long as we were just friends and all we ever did was have a few kisses, it was ok. But the last couple times I have been out with her, she has had her hands all over me. The last time we were out, she actually, well, kinda, I mean she, well, damn it, she unzipped my pants and took my cock out. Now I'd be a fool to think you would believe me if I told you I wasn't aroused. I was. I was as hot and hard as hell but, at the same time, I didn't want to do anything with her. Well, I did but I didn't. If I have had, it would been just sex with no feeling. Well, I'm sure I would have felt it if I had, you know, shot off. What I felt was kinda disgusted with the whole thing. I mean, Paula, I'm no prude and I sure as hell am not sexless. I am as horny as the next guy, but I can't bring myself to have sex with just anybody. I mean I want to feel love for the person when I have sex. I mean..."

"Look, Kent, you don't have to say any more. You never need to apologize to anyone for not having sex. Usually, I'll admit, it is the woman in your situation, but it doesn't matter. Sex to some people is just a way to feel good and they aren't interested in their partner or, if they are, they still don't want to hear no. I guess if you didn't resist and Christine kept turning you on, you'd end up having sex. There comes a point beyond which it is nearly impossible to say no, but to drive someone to that point--who doesn't want to go there--is dirty and rotten."

"But when I tell Christine I'm not ready, she just keeps on."

"Kent, when I say no, I mean no. If you do and Christine doesn't respect that, then you need to move on."

"I hate to hurt her. She has been a good friend."

"Kent, she has been a good friend, but she's not being one now."

"What do I do?"

"Have you told her how you feel, I mean really."

"Yea, that's why I can't understand why she keeps on."

"My advice is just to forget it and not call her again. If she calls you, you can explain again or just tell her you have other plans. I'm not sure she will be all that hurt. She'll probably have someone else in short order."

We sat in silence a few minutes and I said, "Thanks, Paula. You are sure you're not available?"

"Very sure, Kent, but thanks for asking," She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "And some young woman has a real treat in store for her one of these days."

ASP--The Oberlin Five--Chapter Eight--Luke

I had nothing I really needed to do Wednesday night. Well that wasn't quite true. I could have spent the time in the studio working on the paintings I was doing for the house, but time with Matt was more important to me. I loved watching him play. I sometimes wondered if I was second in his life. I knew I wasn't most of the time, but when he started playing, I wasn't sure I even lived in the same universe he was in!

Choir practice went extremely well, I thought. Paula was a hard task master and if anyone thought she was too young for the job, they hadn't seen her work. She treated the choir with respect, but that didn't mean she took any nonsense just because they were all older. St. Anne's was getting two bargains in Paula and Matt and I was sure of that.

I was sitting in the darkened church, watching Matt and Paula, when Larry and Eugene came in and sat beside me. "Get a lot done?" I asked, "or did you just find a dark spot in the library and make out?"

"We thought about that, but decided our room was better for making out. That way you can stop when you want to and not when you are really getting in to it and realize the library frowns on naked bodies," Larry whispered.

Paula finished with the choir a few minutes after the two housemates had arrived, and the three left together. I joined Matt on the organ bench while he worked on his prelude and postlude. That didn't take long, and soon we were on the way home.

Sunset was clearly much earlier than it had been when we came to Ohio as it was dark when we left the church. Once again I drove to our lovers' lane, parked, and Matt and I got out. I had thrown a blanket in the truck before I left the house, so I grabbed it and we walked, arm-in-arm to the lake. I spread the blanket on the beach and we sat down, Matt between my legs. We just sat silently for a few minutes, then Matt turned his head toward me for a great kiss. As we broke the kiss, he said, "Luke, do you ever think about what life would have been like had we never discovered we were loved by the other?"

"Not really, but I do have nightmares sometimes in which that is true and I sure don't like them."

"Pity I was so dense I couldn't see you were in love with me. Sure would have saved a lot of anguish."

"But you didn't, nor did I but we are together now and that's what counts." I kissed Matt, then we stretched out on the blanket. Matt continued kissing me as he moved atop my body. As he did, I reached up and took the bands from his hair. It fell in a black cloud, creating our private world and flooding it with the fragrance of Matt. As we kissed, our passion increased until we both were rock hard.

Matt slid his hands under my shirt, pinched a nipple, then pulled my shirt over my head. As soon as my chest was bare, he started kissing it, nipping my nipples and rubbing his hands over my bare chest. Finally I was able to get Matt's shirt off and we lay, bare chest to bare chest.

Our kisses became more and more passionate, tongues working overtime. Soon I was breathing through Matt's mouth. Matt, without taking his lips from mine, found my belt and zipper, opened my pants and took Little Luke in hand. Not to be outdone, I did the same for Chili Pepper. The position we were in made doing anything, once we had our tools in hand, pretty much impossible until Matt rolled off of me and lay at my side. We stroked each other while exchanging kiss after kiss. Finally, Matt started kissing his way down my chest and when he reached my belly button, he gave it a good tickling with his tongue. Moving further down, he reached Little Luke and took him into his hot, hot mouth, sending shivers up and down my spine with his tongue work. Sixty-nine was not one of our favorite activities because we both liked to watch our lover's face and look into his eyes when we were having sex. But it was dark and I couldn't really see Matt that clearly and knew he couldn't see me too well. Without taking Little Luke from Matt's control, I pulled my body around until my face was at Matt's pleasure place. I used my tongue on his thigh, his balls, and then took Chili Pepper into my mouth.

Since Matt was uncut, I had learned that a tongue between his foreskin and shaft gave him tremendous pleasure. Not to worry, although I was cut, Matt's tongue was sending skyrockets through my head. We continued giving each other pleasure, using our tongues as we sucked each other's tool and stroked it at the same time. I felt myself reaching the point of no return but before I could say anything, Matt exploded in my mouth, rapidly filling it with his gift. As his first charge hit the back of my throat, I exploded in his mouth.

Both having experienced a tremendous climax, I turned my body around again and kissed my dark lover. "Sarang Hanun Pomul, promise you will never, ever leave me... never."

"Of course I promise, Luke, but why do you think you need a new promise? I have promised to be with you until we are parted by death and I meant it."

"I know, Matt. And I don't know why I need to hear it from time-to-time, but I do. I just get to feeling insecure. It's a bad feeling and I need to hear you say the words. Ok, Matt, Dark Angel, I need to hear you say it because I am very unsure of myself right now. I hope you don't mind, but I made an appointment to see a psychologist on campus and made an appointment for you as well. I think after the first one, we need to see her together. Do you mind?"

"Luke, I told you we needed to see someone, so I'm glad you took the initiative. I should have done it but I didn't. And maybe she can help with some of our problems, Luke, my Bright Angel, but I don't think she could help much with the problem I'm having lying naked on a beach in Ohio the last of September. Luke, it's cold!"

"Want me to warm you up?" I laughed at Matt.

"I think I'd rather you warm me up in a nice warm bed!"

"Ok, killjoy," I said in as pouty a voice as I could manage, while trying not to laugh as Matt shivered beside me.

When we got home, Paula and Kent were in the library, Paula writing e-mail and Kent reading a botany book. "Where are the other two, upstairs making out?" I asked.

"Probably, but they went up to shower after a run on the beach," Kent said. Just as he spoke, Larry and Eugene walked in, hand-in-hand. They were dressed in sweats, their hair wet from the shower.

"Where have you two been? I would ask what you were doing, but I know the answer to that!" Larry laughed.

"We were on the beach too," Matt said. "Found a nice place at the end of a dirt road. What have you all been up to?"

Kent told us about the dinner with his family. When he finished, Matt said, "Sounds as if things are well on their way to being where they should have been all along."

"Yea, that's right," Kent agreed. "And they are definitely coming for dinner Sunday."

"That means it has to be special," Paula said.

"I also had a good talk with Paula about Christine." Kent and Paula then told us about their conversation.

"Kent, I may not be into women, but I am definitely a man and I know a lot of men will take sex any way they can get it. Some gay men screw any woman who will stand still for a minute--to prove to themselves they are not gay. I knew guys in school who made terrible remarks about this girl or that and their loose ways, but who delighted in using them for their own pleasure. I think a guy who has sex only with someone he at least respects, and hopefully loves, is the right guy, not the one who has a string of conquests," Eugene said, and there was general agreement with him. For a while we talked about sex and attitudes, and loving and being loved, then all went to our rooms. Matt and I were soon in a warm bed and asleep before there was much playing around.

ASP--The Oberlin Five--Chapter Eight--Eugene

Sunday the choir sounded great and it was noticed. Several parishioners came up to Paula during coffee hour and complimented her on the job she was doing. Matt was hugging her when Luke, Larry and I finally got to tell her how good the choir had been.

We rushed home to finish dinner which had to be special for Kent's parents. They arrived shortly after us. Matt served them a glass of wine in the living room and gave Derrick a glass of juice. As soon as dinner was done, Paula, Larry and I joined them. We also had glasses of wine with them. When he brought the wine in, Matt had told the Glazes that we had wine at home and our parents knew we served it here as well. Mr. Glaze commented that if more families handled wine that way it wouldn't be a way of showing off for kids and we all agreed. Hearing that, Matt asked Derrick if he'd like a glass and he said he was fine with juice.

Dinner conversation revolved around all we had done on the place and how school was going. Derrick was interested in the sports we were playing and we all laughed. "I'm sure your high school team could beat any of ours," Luke said. "There are so few men at Oberlin all are on a team if they can walk. But it keeps us in shape and it's fun. Of course, winning once in a while would make it more fun."

After dinner, we went outside so Mr. Glaze could see what we had done with the garden and orchard. He even admitted that the orchard looked great. "Have you set up your spray program yet?"

"We haven't," Kent said. "Of course we sprayed when we had finished pruning, but that was the last of it. Got any information on what we need to do? Spraying fruit trees is not something I know a great deal about."

"I'll see you get the information and the materials you need. Little enough I can contribute to this operation." As we were walking back to the house, he turned to me and said, "You are married?"

"No, it's Luke and Matt who are married, at least as married as they can be. Our parish priest at home blessed their union. It was a great day and a very impressive ceremony."

"Are you and Larry planning such a ceremony?"

"We have talked about it a little but not much. It was important for Luke and Matt, but Larry and I have made our vows to each other and that is enough for us... at least for now. If we could be legally married or have whatever it would be for two men, we might but, when you get right down to it, Luke and Matt are no more married than we are. And I think I am right when I say the four of us are not only living in sin according to most people, but also violating the laws of the state. I wish the state would just admit it has no business in the bedroom, but I don't expect that to happen any time soon."

"Kent told us about the mess in Waterside. It's our closest town, but I stay away as much as possible although our church is there. It is a filthy mess that I hope gets cleaned out. He said you were pretty fast and something to deal with. That surprised me because you are the smallest of the crew."

"Yea, but I haven't been involved in martial arts for nothing. It has served me well. As a matter of fact, it got me Larry."

"You karate kicked him until he gave in?" Mr. Glaze laughed.

I told him how I had defended Larry when he was the new boy at school. "When that happened, I was much larger than Larry, but I stopped growing and he started."

"To be honest with you, Eugene, I am having a hard time with the idea of two men being married or living together like a husband and wife. I guess I'll get used to it, but I'll admit it's not easy."

"Well, we are not exactly like husband and wife--we are, after all, two men."

"But isn't one like the woman and the other the man?"

"No, not at all. We are definitely two men and we live and act as men."

"But I mean when you... well, when you... I mean, you know..."

"You mean when we have sex?"

"Well, yea. I don't want to pry or anything, but isn't one a woman then?"

"Nope. Anything Larry does, I do. Who does what depends on our mood at the time. Guess that's a bit hard to understand, but what you have to remember, at least for the four of us, is that our partners are our equals in everything. One doesn't rule and the other obey. And if you are wondering about Kent, he's as straight as they come--I'd bet on that--and none of us will hit on him. We have what we want and are united by a sacred bond, recognized or not."

"I hope you know I am very new at thinking being gay is ok. I have always thought it was a horrible sin. I might have thought otherwise, but I had a very bad experience while I was in the military. You know there are no gays in the military, right? Wrong! I had a corporal in basic training who was in charge of a squad. One night he asked if I wanted to sneak over to the PX for a beer and I certainly did.

We drank more than we should and on the way back to the barracks, we passed a shack of some sort. He said, 'I need to take a piss, let's go inside.' There was a latrine inside and as soon I took my dick out to piss, he grabbed it. When I protested, he said, 'Look, Glaze, you are absent from the barracks without leave and you are half-drunk, which you could not be unless you had left your area. Now we can have a little fun or I can turn you in. It's up to you.' I was scared shitless. I knew I didn't stand a chance if I was turned in or got caught, so I went along with him. I had to give him a blow job and then he said he was going to pay me back with a good fuck. I drew the line there and he laughed and said, "Fucking or being fucked, I like both. Fuck my ass. Get naked.' While I was undressing, he went to a closet and came back with a jar, I guess, of Vaseline. So I fucked his ass to save mine."

"When we got back to the barracks, I managed to slip in without being caught, but the company commander had been looking for the corporal and he was gone the next day. You're the first person I ever told that, Eugene, but I wanted you to understand my aversion to gays is not just empty-headed prejudice. After Kent told us the four of you were gay, I had a hard struggle reconciling my one experience with someone I knew was gay with you four. I mean you are hardworking, honest, caring--all the things a father hopes his sons will be--except you're gay. It is going to be hard for me to reach the place where I can say, 'They're gay, so what?'. I'm not there yet, but you four sure make it hard to think there is something evil and rotten about being gay. I mean if that's what you want..."

"Mr. Glaze, it's not a question of what we want or don't want. It's just the way it is. I didn't choose to be gay, I just woke up one day and realized I was."

"That's what Kent told me about you guys, but I found it hard to believe. But it's true then?"

"Yea, as a matter of fact, Larry did just about everything to prove to himself he was straight, but it didn't work. He was born gay and he's still gay. And if you want to know the truth, I'm glad because I love the guy. I can see why, from your experience, you'd hate gays, but that was only one guy. There are four of us here and I can tell you, none of us would force someone to have sex." I knew I was telling the truth now and I sure as hell didn't want Mr. Glaze to find out about Larry. I didn't think he would, but I needed to make sure Kent never told his father about that dark moment in my relationship with Larry.

When we got back to the garage, Kent said, "How'd you like to see the studio and practice room?" The Glazes were all for it, so we climbed up the steps to the studio. All of Luke's work was hidden behind drapes except one. "When did you finish that, Luke?" I asked.

"Couple days ago. It's ready to hang when we get around to it." The painting was of the falls. Very different from the one he hung in the exhibition. This was a scene at sunset and the colors reflected that. It was beautiful.

When we got back to the house, the Glazes said they had to go. They started walking toward the car and Kent was with them. When they reached the car, Kent hugged each of them. It was clear this was an unexpected gesture on Mr. Glaze's part, but he got into it when he realized what was going on. When Derrick got in the car on the driver's side, Kent said, "Yea, Man! I forgot you had a birthday and have your driver's license! Now you can come by more often. That's great!"

"Yea, Derrick, we expect to see you around. And bring that good-looking woman with you. You are still hanging on to her aren't you?" Luke said with a laugh.

"Yea, still hanging on, see you."

As we walked inside, I had an opportunity to tell Kent he was never to tell his dad about the painful part of my relationship with Larry.

After the Glazes left, the six of us made short work of cleaning up after dinner. As we went about the job, we talked about the change in Kent's dad. "He didn't say it was a secret, so I suppose it's ok to talk about it. Mr. Glaze told me a horror story today which sheds some light on his attitude toward gays." I then told them what Mr. Glaze had told him about his experience.

"I can see how that would definitely color his thinking," Paula said, "but women who are raped don't assume all men are rapists. Stereotyping, even when it is based on an experience, is a damnable thing."

"Yea, but we're all guilty of it at one time or another, I'm sure. Remember when we talked about coming to Ohio and living among Yankees? Look at Kent and his family, the van Hooks, the people at St. Anne's. None of them are like what we talked about and expected. To be fair and just, you have to stay on guard against painting a group with a wide brush," Luke said.

We were all silent for a while, then Paula said, "Yea."

After getting things cleaned up and our "debriefing", everyone went to their rooms. When Larry and I got to our room, he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "Eugene Willingham, I love you, do you know that? Do you believe that? I love you Gene."

"Lord, I'm glad to hear that," I laughed as I kissed Lar, "I'm really glad to hear that. I thought you might have changed your mind."

"Never. You have me as long as I live, so just get used to it, Gene."

"I guess I better get started then," I laughed and started undressing Lar.

Lar and I had started seeing a counselor several weeks before and brought up a new problem. When we first got together as a couple, it was as I told Mr. Glaze. Anything I did, Larry did, but that was no longer true. Ever since we had been in Ohio, Lar could not get inside me. The counselor encouraged Larry to at least try giving me what I wanted, him inside me. "Pick a time when you are both being playful and, Eugene, keep Larry from your penis until you are both very ready and have him try. Sooner or later it will happen." I remembered her words because Lar was being very playful.

I kept putting up some resistance to Lar's undressing me and at one point he was chasing me around the room. When he caught me, he took the rest of my clothes off and then it was my time to undress him. It wasn't easy! When he was finally undressed, he was fully aroused, as was I. Each time he reached for my cock, I moved so he couldn't get it in his hand, but made sure I got his in mine. After horsing around a bit more, Larry grabbed me and lifted me off my feet. Had I chosen, he could never have taken me, but I wanted him to win this fight! He tossed me on the bed and immediately covered my body with his. His lips covered mine and he sucked my tongue deep into his mouth. As he did, I reached for his cock, took it in my hand and stroked it gently as he continued his passionate kissing. When he moved to start kissing down my body, I flipped over on my stomach, drew my knees under me, my ass in the air.

Lar started kissing the back of my neck, nipping an ear as his hard cock slid up and down my crack. I reached into the bedside stand and took out a tube of lube, opened it and squirted a generous amount in my hand. It was difficult, but I managed to apply it to Lar's hard, hot cock and a large amount on my ass pucker. Larry certainly knew what I was up to and continued kissing my neck and nipping at an ear as he worked more and more lube inside me. I reached back, grabbed his cock and placed its head against my ass pucker and started pushing back slowly. This time, Lar didn't go limp or protest. I was ready and said so. Lar answered, "Babe, if you want it, turn over. I have to see your face 'cause you'll never tell me if I am hurting you."

"You promise you'll keep at it until I feel you inside?"

"Promise, Babe."

I turned over and said, "Lar, I'm ready. I want you now!" urging him on. I spread my legs wide and Larry placed the head of his cock against my hole and pushed slowly, gently forward. I was deep-breathing and doing everything else I could think of to relax. There was some pain, sure, but I tried to keep from showing it. Lar was entering me slowly when suddenly he was inside and if there was pain, I was too happy to notice as I felt him moving in slowly until his pubic hair was against my ass. Lar was fully inside me and, I can tell you, he had not gone limp! Once inside, he was very still for a time then started drawing his cock out of me, then pushing it in again. He was definitely being slow and easy and it felt far more wonderful than I had remembered it.

Lar kept up his slow rhythm, but I wanted more. "Lar, faster, Babe, and deeper." Lar paused, raised first one, then the other of my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He was kneeling behind me as he grasped my waist and pulled me to himself until his knees were under my ass. Now he could really plunge deep inside me. Once he was in position, his thrusts were deep, fast and hard. Once he was inside me, I had gone half-limp, but now Lar took my cock in his hand and began to stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts. "Yes, Babe, yes," I said through clinched teeth. His thrusts were now hitting a magic spot inside me, sending electric shocks through my body. I was determined to hold off but, with Larry's cock in my ass and his hand stroking mine, there was no way I could last much longer. I started to tell him to slow down with the hand but, just as I opened my mouth, Lar thrust even deeper inside me, his body became rigid, and I felt his hot seed explode into me. That did it. I started shooting, globs hitting Larry's chest and one actually getting him in the face.

Having reached our climax together, our last shots were also together. When he stopped shooting, Lar lifted my legs from his shoulders and lay on me. His mouth found mine and, once again, he was kissing me passionately. Finally he just lay his head on my chest, over my heart, and stayed there until his cock became limp and slipped from my ass. When it did, he rolled off of me and we lay side-by-side, my eyes smiling into his and his into mine. After a few minutes I said, "Thank you, Lar. You have made me very happy."

"Not half as happy as you have made me, Babe. I never thought I would be able to make love to you that way again, and I knew it was very important to you. But, Gene, I think it was even more important to me. For the first time, I really feel forgiven for what I did. You accepted me, wanted me, and that makes my world."

"And mine as well." We lay together, exchanging kisses for a long time, then Lar got up, took my hand and pulled me up, swept me into his arms again and took me to the bathroom where we cleaned up after our fantastic love-making.

When we got back to our room, we crawled into bed and, holding each other, were soon asleep.

We slept late Monday morning, too late for a run. We showered, shaved and got dressed. While we were dressing, we heard Matt, Luke and Kent come into the hall talking about their morning run. We went downstairs, fixed coffee and sat at the kitchen table drinking it. When the other three guys came down, Matt started breakfast but, before he did, he said, "I think I see a happy look on two faces this morning."

Both Lar and I blushed and said, "Yea, bet you do!".

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