Castle Roland

Sentinel Mountain

by Sequoyah

On Hold


Published: 8 Apr 14

The Photo Which Started It All

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Almost a decade ago, M, my soulmate, and I were traveling in Australia with two Aussie friends, G and S. While driving in the mountains in Victoria (I think) we happened upon a a lookout and stopped. A trail lead from the parking area to a large outcrop with a boulder sitting on its very edge. G, one of our companions went down the trail and seated himself on the boulder. Both M and S, the other Aussie, are terrified of heights and went back to the car. I snapped the above photo.

I recalled the photo at the beginning of the summer and started a search for it, but after two days of searching, I did not find it. I emailed G to see if remembered the photo and if he had a copy. He emailed a copy with the note that he could never had located it, but B, his husband, went right to it.

I had asked about the photo because thinking about it started a germ of a story. I planned to use it as the cover photo of the story, should it ever develop, but, as stories are wont to do, the photo didn't quite fit what developed. Nevertheless, _Sentinel Mountain _came from a germ planted by the photo.


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