Castle Roland

The Hidden Past

by Shinichi

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Chapter 8

Published: 8 Apr 14

After that day our friendship just grew. We passed most of our time together. The end of the week was approaching fast, it was Friday that Christopher showed his calmness, it was eerie actually.

"Christopher! Where are you?" I ran in his little shop yelling his name.

"Adrian, what is it?" he said coming out of the backroom.

"It's Jeremy! Someone dragged him into the woods behind the school!" I said, panting after running all this time.

"Damn! Go get the school police officer! I hope he's alright," he said taking off, the last part was to himself mostly.

I ran to the Police Office in the school and told them what was happening.

Christopher's point of view

I ran as fast as I could in the woods, looking around, trying to find them. I know some of these woods quite well, as I've seen most of it on my mountain bike. Then I heard some noise. I followed the sounds to a little clearing not far from where I was.

"Stop thrashing around and follow me!" a voice said.

"No! Let me go!" I heard Jeremy's voice.

As I approached, I saw Jeremy and another student of the school. I didn't quite recognize him, but I had that sensation that I knew him. I silently followed them to a little stream, in about a hundred meters from the clearing.

"Let me go!" yelled Jeremy, still trying to get free, but the other boy was too strong for him.

I continue to follow them slowly, I didn't want them to hear me or see me, at least not yet. Then the other guy took Jeremy by the arm and slammed him on a tree. Jeremy crashed down, rubbing his arm.

"Look, you little faggot, I need something and you are going to help me," the guy said.

I saw the look of horror on Jeremy's face, that guy was going to beat Jeremy and I could not let that happen, so I stepped up closer so they could see me.

"Let him go now," I said calmly.

"Oh and what are you going to do, what are you, his boyfriend?" he asked.

"Just let him go," I said, stepping forward.

I don't think that he noticed when I shifted my body weight on my right leg, stabilizing myself and lowering my gravity center. He moved closer to me with clenched fists. that is when I noticed a flash in the woods.

"What do you think you will do?" he asks smirking.

"I don't want to fight you," I said softly.

"Oh and you think you are a match against me?" he asked grinning.

"Maybe, but if I have to, I'll stand my ground, let him leave, now," I said even calmer.

I know that I needed to stay calm and to not panic. I never liked to fight and I never believed that violence was the answer to any conflict, but I know that sometimes, to protect someone, you need to step on your morals and a promise.

"Jeremy, go now," I said.


I could clearly see that Jeremy was afraid and he was silently crying, looking at me. The student leaned backward and was going to hit me, but I was faster and dodge the hit by leaning on my left, seeing he was right handed. While he was in motion, I grabbed his wrist and, twisting it, I sent him into a flip on his back. After that he was furious, he was back on his feet and tried yet again to hit me, but this time I leaned on my right and turned; using my foot, I sent him face first into the dirt. That is when I noticed yet another flash coming from the woods.

"Will you stop it, I told you I don't want to fight you," I said.

I looked at Jeremy, he was smiling and I could see that he was trying hard not to laugh. I looked back at the other student. Now he was red with anger and again tried to hit me, but this time he used all is body weight and tried to tackle me, I grab his wrist, but this time I didn't let it go. I turned it in his back as high as I could without dislodging his shoulder and I used my own weight to slam him hard on the ground, holding his arm.

"Now I said stop, so stop trying to fight me," I said forcefully.

I heard a noise behind me and saw the school police officer coming this way quickly. I decided to let go of the student and I stood up, brushing the dirt off my pants. The guy didn't even realize that the officer was here and tried yet again to hit me, but this time the officer was right on him and grabbed him by the arm. I ran to Jeremy and grabbed him in a hug.

"Are you OK?" I asked him.

He just smiled and murmured, "Yeah and thanks," and hugged me harder, burying his head in my chest, I looked around and to where I thought the flash came from. Adrian arrive not long after and hugged Jeremy, asking him if he was all right. The Officer asked us to follow him and he was still holding the offending student. We followed them to the school. He asked us to wait in his office while he took the student into a holding room. Jeremy was telling Adrian how I was able to stop the other guy.

"You should have seen him! He moved fast and sent him to the ground three times!" Jeremy said.

"Wow. Chris, I didn't know you knew how to fight," Adrian said looking at me.

"I don't, but I know self-defense," I said softly.

"Bullshit Chris!" Jeremy said.

"Don't say that." I said grinning.


"Anyway guys, I was only protecting myself and I didn't hit him once."

After that the police Officer asked us questions, well to Jeremy and me. Jeremy related what happened and, being one who was technically fighting, I just added comments here and there. The police Officer just told me that he won't say a thing against me because I didn't try to hit the other student, but simply held him down to protect myself. He passed us some late slips and he sent us to our next class, but before I could leave he told me that, off the record, I did a good job and that if I wanted, I could have hit him back to knock him out. I nodded at him and he smiled and waved for me to go.

End of Christopher's point of view

That afternoon we all meet up at Christopher's shop and talked about the events of today. He told us that we all needed to talk about it because we could have after effects or psychological effects of the event. Afterward, Christopher's mother came to drive us home, but we keep the events of the day to ourselves, as Christopher asked us to. When we arrive at Jeremy's house, we said goodbye and thanks to Christopher's mother and headed inside.

To Jeremy's surprise his mother was already there and greeted him with hugs.

"The school police officer called me at work, Jeremy, and I wanted to be here to see that you were all right," she said softly.

"I'm OK Mom. Everything is OK. Christopher helped me a lot."

"Ah yes the friend you made last year, and I would like to meet him one day," she replied simply.

"One day if I can get him to come in with me," he said slyly.

"Jeremy, the Officer told me that the other young man tried to beat."

"Yes, but Christopher arrived in time to stop him," I said.

"Yes, he told me that Christopher stopped him without even using force," she added.

"He was awesome, Mom! You should have seen it; he never even hit the guy once, but sent him down three times!" Jeremy said without taking a breath.

"Jeremy, the Officer also told me what he thought about why the other student wanted..." she said pausing. "He told me that the student called you gay a multiple time. Are you gay, Jeremy?"

Jeremy dropped down on the couch and started crying, I went and held him, and his mother just looked at us. She sat down on the sofa in front of us.

"Jeremy, no matter what, I will always love you. You are my son, my blood, and I could never hate you for any reason," she said softly.

"Yes, Mommy, I'm gay and..." he sobbed.

"I am his boyfriend," I added.

"Really? Well then, that means you're my son-in-law!" she added smiling.

I was shocked! She looked strict, yet she accepted us so well and even called me her "son-in-law". Jeremy just looked at his mother with a shocked expression. She laughed and told him that she always knew, that every mother knows these things about their children, and that she was happy that he finally told her, even if she needed to confront him. She told us to go in Jeremy's room while she prepared the diner, but to leave the door open; we both laughed and headed to his room.

To be Continued...

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