Castle Roland

The Hidden Past

by Shinichi

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Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

Arriving home, Christopher decided to lock himself in his room, not too sure of what to 'think' about his meeting in the shopping mall. Although he did feel bad about how he treated the two boys. He knew they were just trying to help him, as he helped them in past, but alas, he didn't want "this" secret out just yet, even though he knew Jeremy had some info about that, but not all.

Thinking and deliberating for about an hour on the actions he would take the next days, after apologizing to the boys the next morning, he fell asleep in a deep sleep… something that had not had for quite some time.

Back at Jeremy's house...

When I woke up the next morning I was still cuddled up to Jeremy, his arm draped over me, holding me to him. I could feel his breath tickling the back of my neck, this feeling of security and comfort was almost overwhelming. I needed to go to the bathroom badly though, so I dislodged myself from him without waking him up. I made my way to the bathroom and relieved my bladder. I sat at the end of the bed for maybe a few minutes thinking about that feeling I got at the mall, something wasn't right and I needed to find out what. The smell of breakfast hit my noise at that moment. Slowly making my way to the kitchen, after dressing in PJs, I was greeted by Jeremy's mom.

"Hello, Adrian, how did you sleep?" she asked.

"Good, ma'am, and you?"

"Very good, thank you," she turned and smiled at me. "Would you please go and wake up my lazy son."

I nodded giggling and ran to Jeremy's room softly opening the door, I walked to the bed silently, only to scream in surprise, as Jeremy grabbed me in a hug dragging me to the bed, lying over him.

"Morning!" he said, grinning madly.

"Good morning to you too," I giggled, kissing him softly. "Your mom says that breakfast should be ready soon."

"Um, yeah, but this is nice."

I pushed on his lower belly, making his eyes grow big, he ran to the bathroom to relieve his bladder, I guess that worked to make him move. He came out a few minutes later frowning.

"That was mean, you know," he said, trying to suppress a grin, but failing miserably.

"Come on, I'm getting hungry." I said, grabbing his hand to drag him into the room and kissing him softly on the lips.

After having breakfast we decided to lie on Jer's bed and watch some movies, most of the morning anyway, and talk about everything and nothing. Come one o'clock I needed to get back home, I packed my things. Kissing Jeremy goodbye for the hundredth time, I made my way back home. All the way I thought about the strange feeling I felt at the mall that day when we saw Christopher, and no matter how I tried to convince myself that my mind was simply playing tricks on me, something more seemed to make the scene start over again. Before I even realized it, I had arrived and was actually passing by my house, which made me chuckle as I back tracked my steps. Closing the door, I peeked outside and saw a black car slowing down in from of my house and as I looked, there seemed to be two men inside looking directly at me. When they noticed me looking at them, the car accelerated from the curb, screeching its tires.

"Adrian? What wrong?" my mom asked me, making me jump.

"I don't know, just being weird I think," I replied, falsely grinning to her.

"Ok, well did you have lunch?"

"Um, no, I didn't."

"Well, do you want me to prepare you a light lunch?" she asked.

"Sure, thanks Mom, you're the best," I replied, hugging her.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV, reading and going on my computer. I decided to write about the weird stuff that seemed to happen the last few days, and the weird feeling I was getting. Trying to sort all this in my head seemed impossible. The evening passed calmly enough, I went to bed and decided to keep an eye open for the next few days. The next day of school was coming fast. My bed felt empty without Jeremy beside me.

The next morning the weather was grey it seemed as if the night never left, hopefully there wouldn't be rain. I grabbed an umbrella just in case I needed it. I hugged my mom, wishing her a good day as we both left, her to work and me to school. I joined Jeremy at our now single usual bus stop, haven't talked to the bus driver that since we both lived about the same distance from this stop we both would get on and off here. Jeremy looked tired and grim this morning. I hugged him and was rewarded with that cute smile of his. Whispering my I love yous, to which he replied the same.

The bus pulled to a halt in front of us. As I was climbing in, I caught a glimpse of last night's black car out of the corner of my eye, I mentally noted the fact. We rode the bus mostly in silence, occasionally hearing others yawning, every student in it seemed overly tired. When we arrived and got off the bus I looked around, trying to see if I could find the Black Car.

"What are you looking for?" Jeremy questioned me.

"A Black Car that I keep seeing everywhere I go." When I turned to answer Jeremy I saw the car parked on the corner of the street, "There!" I pointed in the direction for Jeremy to see it.

"It's an everyday car, babe," he replied softly, almost trying to calm me.

"No it's not and I'm going to find out for sure," I said, making my way to the car, I didn't make three steps before someone grabbed my shoulder, I turned to see it was Christopher.

"Don't," he said looking straight at the car, no signs of emotions on his face.

The car left rapidly making a U-turn at high speed. Most of the students were looking at the car, shaking their heads, possibly, thinking it was someone trying to impress them.

"Can you please explain why I'm being followed by that car?" I asked angrily.

"Right now I can't," he said shaking his head, still looking at the spot where the car was parked. "I will try to explain a little, but not now..."

"Christopher!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Yes... Jeremy, maybe..."

"Will someone explain to ME what is going on?" I asked, becoming quite annoyed. I was getting ready to shout.

"Later," Christopher said forcefully, looking directly at me now, putting a hand on my shoulder squeezing lightly.

The bell rang at that moment, stopping me from complaining. Jeremy grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Christopher and toward the school. Chris was standing there looking back at the street. Then he turned around and started walking toward the school, seemingly keeping a distance between us, when inside the school, he turned in the other direction.

"Meet me at lunch," he yelled over the buzzing of students in the hallways.

In my first class I was totally unable to concentrate, all of what was happening was mind shattering. Why was it happening; for what reason? I was trying to think about this morning's event and the reaction of Jeremy to Christopher's statement. My first two classes seemed to drag in length. I couldn't even find Christopher or Jeremy at the break; I found it quite strange for both of them to disappear. I finally saw Jeremy in our third class of the day, but before I could ask anything, he looked at me and whispered, "Later." This was getting annoying, not knowing about anything. When the bell rang to announce lunch time, Jeremy came to my desk before I could get up from it.

"We need to go see Christopher, come with me," he said, as he started to walk out of the room.

"Jeremy, what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"Not here and it's not for me to say, sorry," he said apologizing.

We walked to Christopher's Journal edition room and through a door at the back of the room. Christopher was there, talking on the phone with someone. That's when Jeremy told me to wait a moment before going in. Keeping me out of earshot, we both waited for Christopher. After a few minutes he finished with the phone call and he slammed the receiver down, looking furious. He looked up and saw us at the door waiting; he motioned to us to come in and to sit.

"I take it it's not good?" Jeremy said softly.

"No... Well, not yet anyway," Christopher replied sighing, passing a hand through his hair.

"Will you now explain to me?" I asked exasperated.

"Yes I will," he said looking straight at me.

Just before he could start with his explanations there was a loud BANG and the whole building shook, making me fall off my chair. The last thing I saw was Christopher pulling something out of his desk and running out of the room at full speed. Jeremy picked me up off the floor. He looked upset.

"Come on, let's see what happened," I said.

We both ran after Christopher dodging students in the hallway and teachers trying to make them all go back in their classes. I caught a glimpse of Christopher running out of the school, with one swift motion he opened the door with a flying kick. I ran in that direction, looking to see if Jeremy was still behind me. When we got to the door and opened it to go outside, we both where faced with a scene so incredible that I looked at Jeremy and could see the look of disbelief on his face... clearly the events just became more intense.

"WHAT THE HELL," I shouted, pulling Jeremy down to a corner.

To be Continued...

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