Castle Roland

The Hidden Past

by Shinichi

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Chapter 11

Published: 8 Apr 14

"WHAT THE HELL," I shouted, pulling Jeremy down to a corner.

In the middle of the parking lot there was a huge ball of energy, or what looked like plasma, swirling around. Christopher was walking around it, looking at a small device in his hand. He kept walking around, alternately looking at the device and the energy ball. Streams of energy where constantly shooting away from it like great electric arcs. Strangely, none seemed to touch or hit Chris as he almost danced around it. Loud banging noises could be heard coming from the arcs it was generating.

"What is that?" Jeremy yelled pointing at the thing.

"I have no Idea," I yelled back.

Christopher looked in our direction; upon seeing us, he made his way toward us, and pocketed the device he was holding. He kept moving in a zigzaging path, trying to evade the bolts of energy still crackling around us. Suddenly there was a louder bang and flash, then silence. It was like there was no sound. Once I was able to see again after the blinding flash of light, I looked around and saw that the ball of energy was gone, I looked at Jeremy; he was shaking his head, trying to stop the buzzing noise. Then I noticed something else...

Christopher was gone... and there was silence... total silence... no sound or noise.

Christopher's POV - Five minutes ago

There was a loud "bang" making the whole school shake, I grabbed my equipment and ran outside, dodging the body of student in a state of panic in the hallways. I ran fast till I reach the door, and, in a flying kick to the door, opened it with a thundering crash. Outside I stood and looked at the cause of all the commotion.

This could not be happening again, I ran to it, activating my counter device and scanning the area with my E.M.P. reader. That is when I noticed the same variance in the magnetic distortion from two years ago. This was bad! I was about to call in for re-enforcements when I heard someone shout. I looked towards the school and saw Jeremy and Adrian looking at me. I started making my way to them in the manner I was trained to prevent any lingering distortion in my direction. I needed to act fast or else something bad could happen. I watched as Adrian got up to try to join me.

Just then, what I feared happened.

He got struck by an energy burst and vanished; at least I hope he vanished and it didn't fry him. Jeremy looked on in shock as the love of his life disappeared in front of us. He got up and charged at me. I braced myself, expecting him to hit me, but he simply slammed into me crying and asking where Adrian was and pleading to me to bring him back.

It broke my heart, but there was nothing I could do; when Adrian was hit by the burst, it disrupted the energy field within the singularity, hence dissipating it. 'If I only had all my equipment and team...' That thought hurt me the most, bringing back bad memories.

Flash Back (two years ago)

I was in my room thinking it was all my fault, if only I hadn't been so smug and over confident. I sat on my bed, replaying the scene in my head. Everything went wrong from the beginning. I was supposed to be there for them, to lead them, not get them killed. I kept rethinking the events. Something didn't seem to fit, but I couldn't figure out what. Frustration got the better of me as I hit the wall full force with my fist, punching my hand right through it, breaking three fingers in the process.

"FUCK!!!" I wailed, out of frustration and pain.

My mom came charging to my room, having heard the noise and my swearing. She turned and looked at the hole in the wall; she shook her head and sat on my bed. I stayed standing up, nursing my hand and looking at the floor. I heard her sigh and looked at her; she was tapping the bed beside her, inviting me to join her.

"You know, what happened was not your fault," she stated.

"Yes it was," I sighed. "It should have been me."

She looked shocked, "How can you say that? And to me on top of it."

"I... I'm sorry, Mom, but it is how I feel. I was supposed to protect them; lead them to-"

"Yes, and you did all you could," she cut in.

"I... I suppose, but something is not right... I need to find the truth about what happened."

She looked at me and sighed, telling me to stay here, that she'll get the first aid kit to take care of my hand. The door bell rang and I reacted on instinct, moving fast to my closet, my mom just looked at me sternly for me to put what I took back in its place. I obliged, but not without a frown of my own. She went to answer the door, and get the first aid kit. I sat back on my bed listening intently, though all I heard was my mom telling someone "thank you" and the front door closing. I let out my breath; I didn't realize that I was holding it.

"I have a letter for you," she said. Coming back in the room, she gave me the letter.

The only thing written on the envelope was my code name. I opened it and removed the letter from inside, while my mom took my hand to start dressing it. I started reading the letter out loud for my mom to hear while she worked on my hand.

"Following the recent events, and the unfortunate death of your teammates, it was decided to give you an extended leave of absence for a period that is to be determined. Also due to the recent aforementioned events, you will be required to attend counseling. This is not negotiable and is mandatory before we revise your status. Please take care and we hope to see you soon. Sincerely, the Director of Operation."

"I can't believe this! He's suspending me!" I said, throwing the letter away.

"No, he's giving you time to get well," she said.

"It's a polite suspension, Mom, and I don't need to get well. I... OWWWW!"

"Oh sorry sweetie... you'll need to bear with me, I need to set this one," she said, holding my hand in her left hand and one of my fingers in her right.

I braced myself and groaned as she set my finger straight, then begin to dress it properly. She looked at me shaking her head and pointed to the hole in the wall. I looked at it and nodded to her. I broke it, now I need to fix it. At least it might get my mind off the problem.

Back to the Present

"WHERE IS ADRIAN?" Jeremy yelled at me, waking me from my daydream.

I got my cell phone out and called out for After Event Control. I took Jeremy away to talk to him as the team quickly arrived on the scene and started taking control of the situation. I called my mom so that she could come get us, since I doubted seriously Jeremy or I could go back to school. I kept holding him as he cried on my shoulder, constantly asking me to bring Adrian back.

My mom arrived shortly after the AEC team-leader came to me asking for info about the event. I provided him with all the intel I gathered in the short time I scanned it. Then I helped Jeremy into the back seat of my mom's car, always talking to him to try to comfort him, but I seemed to be unable to get to him.

"JEREMY LOOK AT ME," I said sternly, finally getting his attention. "I promise you on my life that everything will be ok. Adrian is SAFE and I'll find him. Ok?"

He simply nodded, I guess that'll have to do for now. I called the director of operations, asking him to re-instate me after the events of today. After a short while he gave me the green light.

"Be careful, Christopher," he said in a short silent breath.

"I will, Sir," I replied softly. My mom looked at me sternly, communicating her disapprobation silently. I sighed and replied to the phone. "Sir... I mean... Thanks... I will, Dad, I will..."

Adrian's POV

I looked around, but I couldn't see Chris anywhere, it was like he just vanished. I Looked back at Jeremy and he wasn't there anymore, where did they go? I heard the bell and looked at the school as the students were exiting and going to the school buses.

"Wait... what? It was lunch time... What the hell happened?" I said to no one.

Suddenly I heard a shout behind me; I turned to see Jeremy running toward me. To me it made no sense. A few seconds ago he was beside me along the wall of the school, but now he's running toward me from the school bus parking lot; I was really confused. Then I felt my legs give way and everything became black. The last thing I remember hearing was Jeremy calling my name and someone catching me in my fall...

To be Continued...

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