Castle Roland

The Hidden Past

by Shinichi

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Chapter 14

Published: 12 Mar 15

From Chapter thirteen:

Tom complied, knowing it was futile to try to get an answer from Christopher as he was frantically typing something on his mini-computer. Tom returned with something that looked like a small USB key and gave it to his son. Christopher never missed a beat and plugged the small_ USB_ key into his device.

"Ah!" he exclaimed, making us jump from the sudden yell. "I might be able to predict when he will come back!" he said.

Adrian's POV

I woke up in a bed, my head was pounding and I felt like a freight train just ran over me. I didn't know where I was or what happened, the only thing I remembered was the weird energy ball, Christopher circling around it, and out of nowhere, Jeremy was running toward me from a completely different direction from where he was. I lay there for a few seconds pondering what has transpired.

Just then, I felt movement beside me; someone was against me, cuddling me with an arm over me. I felt protected, for some reason it was familiar. I tried opening my eyes, but the little light seeping through what appeared to be blinds made my eyes water and sting intensely, forcing me to close them as fast as I could. I tried moving, but the simple act of lifting my arm made me almost cry out in pain. A whimper escaped my mouth; the person beside me moved slowly, stirring out of sleep and carefully moving the arm from me.

"Are you awake, Adrian?" the voice asked.

It was familiar and warming. My head was spinning as I tried to figure out where I was and who was beside me, trying to put a face to the voice I just heard.

"Adrian?" it asked softly, almost pleadingly.

I tried speaking, but my mouth was so dry it felt like sandpaper and the only thing I could do was groan softly. The person beside me became excited almost jumping on me. As I let out a soft yelp, indicating my discomfort, the person moved aside, apologizing profusely. I heard some noise as he rose from my side. I tried to figure it out from the voice. I searched for something.

"Christopher!" he almost yelled, making my head hurt slightly more. "He's awake come quick!"

"I'm on my way!" came the reply from what seemed like a radio.

"Jeremy?" I whispered with difficulty, my voice raspy.

"Yes, Yes! Adrian, it's me," he replied, sounding as if he was about to cry.

He put a hand on my forehead, softly rubbing a thumb across it and softly whispering soothing words. It's then I felt wetness fall down on my head, I knew he was crying. I didn't know why though, I had no idea of what happened. I lifted an arm painfully, putting my hand on him. He quickly grabbed my hand, bringing it up and softly kissing it.

"I love you, Adrian, I was so scared I'd never see you again," he said, choking on his words. I felt wetness on my hand; he was still crying.

I was about to try to speak again. Just then the door open slowly and Christopher came in the room looking worried and relived at the same time. The next person to enter was my mom. What the hell happened? She looked like she had being crying. I tried to sit up, but Christopher put his hand on my shoulder stopping me.

"I will explain in due time," he said softly, reading my thoughts. "Get some more rest; your body went through a traumatic event."

My mom was kneeling beside Jeremy, her left hand reached over his shoulder, taking my hand, and with the other she took Jeremy's, holding onto them firmly yet with utmost care and gentleness. It was too much for me, I wanted explanations now, not later. I tried to speak again, but I couldn't find the energy. As my head couldn't take it anymore with all the questions running around, I felt myself fade and everything was black again, the last thing I heard was Jeremy telling me that he loved me.

Jeremy's POV

"We should let him rest," Christopher said plainly.

Everyone in the room looked at him, his back to all of us. Something wasn't right in the way he was acting. He left quickly, without a saying anything else. I really wanted to stay beside Adrian, but I had to know what all that was about. Looking back at Adrian's mom, talking without words, she let go of me and nodded. I kissed Adrian's hand once more and stood up, determined to know what was going on with Christopher, I mean, we found him; shouldn't he be happy?

I looked for him in every room of the house, not finding him. I was about to make my way back to the room to be with Adrian, when I heard something from the backyard. That's where I found him, leaning on the side of the house. He vomited again, his knees buckling. I rushed to his side, only to be stopped by his outstretch hand.

"Christopher, what's wrong?" I asked with concern.

He didn't say a word; he didn't even look at me. I think he was crying as well. I was more worried now. I know all this must have taken its toll on him, he's always so strong mentally, and now it's like he's breaking down emotionally. I walked quickly inside to the kitchen to find a roll of paper towels. I went back out to him, still bent over at the side of the house. I handed him a few towels, which he took to wipe his mouth.

"Chris?" I asked, "Please tell me what's wrong. It's scaring me."

At that, he looked at me. Now I could see he was crying with a very deeply sad look in his eyes. When he saw me, his legs gave out from under him and he collapsed to his knees, crying harder. I quickly reached for him and knelt beside him, holding him in my arms, my head against his. He grabbed onto me, clutching with his hands, not wanting to let go, and he let out a sob filled with pain while crying on my shoulder. I held him tighter, letting him know I was there and would not let him go.

I never saw anything like that; his body shook with each sob, his pain evident to me. He was hurting so much that it brought tears to my eyes, but I needed to be strong for him now. A tear rolled down my cheek. Then suddenly he stopped moving, his sobs, his trembling, not one part of him was moving at all. I pulled him away to look at him, he was in panic, he had that empty look in his eyes almost as if his mind had just shutdown.

"Christopher?" I called out, "Chris talk to me. CHRIS?"

Then, as if someone just flipped a switch, he got up without a word and walked back inside, quickly making his way to his room. I followed, calling out to him, but it was as if I wasn't even there. He sat down at his desk, woke his pc up, and started typing furiously. I could see lines of code rolling down the screen. I guess everyone heard me calling to him because just then everyone was behind me wondering what all the commotion was.

"What's going on?" asked Christopher's father.

"I don't know. I found him outside being sick on the side of the house, then he just collapse and started crying," I said, trying to keep my voice from shaking. "Then he just stopped, got up, and went to his room; it was like I wasn't even there."

"Christopher?" his father said. He didn't even acknowledge that he heard, he just kept typing fast on his keyboard.

"Christopher, answer your father," his mom said sternly. He stopped typing, but didn't move.

"I can hear you," he said so softly it was almost a whisper. "I have work to do." He started back typing as we all look at each other with concern.

To be Continued...

Howdy folks

Hero's return... not...

I'm sorry it took so long. Life didn't really treat me well the past months or years... sigh.

Anyway, my writer's block allowed me to write this chapter and I'll be continuing writing more.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It was hard to write because of the state of Christopher. Since he acts a lot like me, it was almost like seeing myself breaking down like that.

What will happen next? Why is he like that? What could have brought is emotional turmoil?

Stay tuned!!!

P.S. : I want to thank my editor Pete for his sainthood patience with me.

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