Castle Roland

Protecting David

by TA-Terry


Chapter 4

Published: 14 Sept 15

Protecting David

by TA (Terry)

The fireworks display is being held at the park on the outskirts of town. In one part of the park the land slopes down and forms a huge bowl shape the rim of which is surrounded with fairly thick foliage and people are sitting all around this area waiting for the show to begin. The high school band is playing in the distance and the whole town seems to be out for the display.

David and I grab a couple of beers and find a fairly secluded spot to wait for the fireworks. There are other people in our general area but none closer than twenty feet and everyone is watching what's going on down on the field. It is very nearly dark now and the folks putting on the display are doing the final preparations. David sits between my legs and leans back against my chest, my arms are around him and my chin is on his shoulder and I'm constantly kissing his neck while he squirms and gasps.

The fireworks were great but I notice that the couple way off to our left seem to have noticed us even with the darkness so we decide it's probably just easier to leave.

On the way home in the car David and I have a conversation that I've been thinking about for a while now.

"David we've never talked about this before but, well, I wanted to ask you about condoms. I mean like I told you before you're the first guy I've ever had sex with and it was two years before that that I had sex with a woman and even then I wore a condom."

David is giving me a kind of "what's the big deal" look.

"Well Mark I'm negative, they tested me in the hospital. So if you don't want to wear them then don't. If your asking me what I would prefer I say forget the fucking things."

"David you're sure?"

"Yeah, I mean you always have to make sure you have one and it's a big pain. Forget it. Besides I'd like to actually feel you inside me. You know," he turned to look at me, "the thought of it makes me kinda hot."

I laughed. "David everything makes you hot."

"No the whole idea of your cum inside of me, your cum a part of me."

I am a naturally aggressive guy, I mean an Army Ranger right and now that I'm a civilian I'm aggressive in business, so being sexually aggressive with David was not something that I had to work at, it came naturally. But it's important to understand that David was and is the most important person that was ever in my life, next only to my parents but in many ways beyond them. It sounds weird but to me David is this little bird that I hold trembling in my cupped hands, this precious, magical little bird, that needs to be protected. So even though I was being more aggressive with David sexually, everything that I did was measured and thought over, because the thought of hurting him by accident through thoughtlessness was enough to make me physically sick. The thought that I might ever see hurt, that I caused, in those beautiful eyes was too terrible to think about.

Later back at the house we've both stripped down to our boxers and are about to lay down on the sofa together and watch the evening news. I lay down first and then just as David is about to lay down I tell him to lose the boxers, he doesn't say anything he's just kind of standing there watching the TV but he takes off the boxers and tosses them on the coffee table. He lays down in front of me and I wrap my right arm under his neck and then use my right hand to rub his left shoulder.

He asks, "Are you gonna fuck me." Not should we have sex or should we fuck but are you gonna fuck me.

I kiss the back of his head and say, "Maybe in a bit."

This seems to suit him and he snuggles down into me using my upper arm as a pillow. Then he bends his left leg up towards his chest giving me complete access to his ass.

After a bit I put a little bit of lube on my finger and start making slow circles around his asshole, he's still watching the news and just seems to take this to be normal. I continue this for five minutes or so and then start to slowly penetrate him with my finger.

The only sound he makes is, "mmmm, mmmm."

Another ten minutes or so and I remove my finger and place the head of my cock at his asshole. It rests there for a minute with barely any pressure at all and then I begin slowly pushing my cock into David. His ass is lubed but just barely and my cock is moving in very slowly. He has begun making the David sound very softly. Finally my cock is completely in him and I just let it rest there for several minutes. Eventually I start make very slow very short thrusts and I'm constantly but slowly moving my hands over David's body. I roll David over onto his stomach and with his ass sticking up a bit I straddle his body and climb up onto his ass carrying all my weight with my legs. I begin pistoning into David using full fast strokes and he's moaning very loudly. After a few minutes of this I'm not sure how much more David can take and I slowly pull my cock out of him and roll him over unto his back. I push his knees to his chest and bury my cock quickly and all the way into him. He says, "Oh God, Oh God!"

I'm fucking David very fast and thinking about how much I love him and how perfect I want these moments to be for him and for the umpteenth time how I don't deserve him but thank you God, thank you.

David has tried to grab his cock twice and twice I've stopped him. His head is whipping back and forth and the sounds he's making are soft and unintelligible. I know that the time has come and I say to him, "David I'm gonna shoot in your ass now! No condom just my cum filling up your hot ass!" He's looking up at me with a wild look in his eyes and he just says "Oh fuck yes Mark!" I start to reach for his cock as I feel my orgasm starting but he starts shooting before I have a chance to touch it. His cock is jerking up and down and cum is spraying everywhere. His first shot lands in his hair and the rest just go wild, long strands of white cum looping through the air and landing everywhere.

The next morning I woke up to David sucking on my cock. He looks up at me with my cock totally buried in his mouth. He pulls off of it.

"Morning babe." I mumble. "Find something you like?"

Now his head is propped on his hand and he's bouncing the head of my dick on his chin. "Mark…do you think I should sell the house? I mean I know that we've only been together a short time but….do you think I should?

I but my hands on his shoulders and say. "Come up here for a bit." David comes up into my arms and lays his head in the crook of my neck. I wrap my arms around him loving the smell of him.

"David I don't want to say anything too selfserving here." I'm stroking his hair lightly.

"Well I just need to know what you think. What do you mean selfserving?"

"I mean that I want you living with me…us…as a couple. But that's your house…I hope not your home but it is your house." I slide David off my chest and roll him onto his back then I wrap my arm around him and look into his eyes. I can feel the beginning of tears in mine. "Sell the fucking house David! This is your home and I'm your lover and baby that ain't changing. I want you here, period. That house belonged to another time but we're an "us" now and I'm totally committed to you and….well…David I want you to be here with me, always." David uses his thumbs to wipe my eyes.

"I'll put it on the market today." He pulls me down to him our faces next to each other.

He's stroking my hair now. "I'll never leave you Mark." I'm like totally crying now and David just keeps saying, "I'll never leave you," while he strokes my hair.

Finally I sit up in bed and wipe my eyes with my palms. "Wow! Where the fuck did that come from?" I feel really stupid. David is rubbing my back I look down at him. "David you're so fucking able to turn me inside out." But I feel myself choking up again then I start sobbing and I rollover into a ball with my head on David's chest and he holds me while I cry.

I must have fallen asleep and I wake around ten o'clock, David isn't in bed with me and I'm hard as a rock. I lay there wondering why I was crying earlier I mean the obvious reason is that I love David and want him with me but why the crying now. I know that it's dumb but I have this feeling, this conditioning, that says people like me aren't suppose to cry and it's an embarrassing thing for me. Finally I decide to just say fuck it, I mean if I can't cry with David then I am a sick fucker.

I can hear David's voice coming from the kitchen and it sounds like he's on the phone. I get up and walk naked towards his voice with my hardon pointing the way. David is on the phone, obviously with a realtor named Carol, he's dressed only in cargo shorts. He looks at my face and then down at my hardon and starts smiling. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around him and begin kissing his neck. He's squirming and I tilt his head up so that I have better access to his neck. He's beginning to make little sounds and is trying to cover the phone so that Carol doesn't hear. I kind of have him pinned to the counter and I reach over him and get a bottle of vegetable oil. He looks at me with this odd little worried and intrigued look and I undo the button on his shorts and let them drop to the floor. He's getting hard now and I take some of the oil and start making circles around his asshole. When my finger penetrates him he says. "Oh!" then, "Oh Carol that's good I'd really appreciate that. How about if I stop by later today and sign the papers?" I start slowly sliding my cock into David's ass and he bends over and lays his head and arms on the counter. Then, "Thanks Carol I'll see you in a bit. Bye hun." Now he gives himself over totally to the fuck. I going into him in long fast strokes, my knees are bent and spread a bit so that I can get the right angle, my hands are on David's shoulders.

It occurs to me for some reason that we must look like a couple of dogs fucking and I think fleetingly that that would make David my bitch but the thought disgusts me and I push it out of my head. David isn't my bitch, he isn't my boyfriend and he isn't my boi, he's a grown man that I love and so if anything he's my lover and while I'm standing there fucking him like crazy I decide that if anyone asks that's what I'm going to tell them David is, my lover.

I'm slamming into David like a fucking wild man and he's moaning and almost screaming the David sound while rolling his head back and forth on the counter. There's a sheen of sweat over both of our bodies and my cock is moving so fast it's hard to see. I can feel under my feet the precum that has been running out of David's cock and I reach forward and let it flow into my hand being careful not to touch his cock too much. When I've got a handful I take it and rub it all over David's chest. He makes a gasping sound and at that moment I grab his cock and it starts shooting as I release my own orgasm which gets pumped up David's ass. I'm gently fucking now while the rest of my cum is flowing into his butt and David is coming down from the high, his body still being hit with aftershocks. I can feel his legs getting wobbly and wrap my arms around him to make sure he doesn't fall.

"Oh fuck! Man you should get a fucking patent on that! Oh wow!" David is gasping for breath and leaning against me, my cock slipping out of him. "You know that I can feel you cum! Fuck you cum so hard that I can feel it hitting my insides!" He turns in my arms and wraps his arms around my neck. I wrap my arms around him, his waist is so tiny and his ass is so perfect. I can feel some of my cum by his butt.

I push him far enough away so that I can kiss him. I hold his head in both of my hands and push my tongue deep into his mouth and then suck his into mine. Then I pull him hard to me holding him very tight. I hold him there so long that he's beginning to wonder why.

"Mark. Baby are you okay?"

I hold him away from me. "You bet David, I'm great." Then. "Wanna take a shower."

He says yes and we walk together to the bathroom, my arm around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss every few feet. Finally he pulls away from me and looks at me.

"So I guess this means that you like me." David asks with a smile.

"Damn right you handsome little fucker!"

An hour or so later and we were driving in to town, this only took ten minutes or so and it wasn't long before we had pulled into a small strip mall that as it happens contained both places that we needed to go, Walgreens and the real estate office.

Just as we had gotten out of the car we heard this loud voice calling.

"David! David honey!" There was a really large woman with blondish gray hair bearing down on us or rather on David. "Oh honey have I missed you!" David's head was buried in the woman's huge cleavage. "Honey are you all healed after all that crap? I mean really you can tell me."

"Allie damn it's wonderful to see you!" David had managed to get his head far enough away to breath.

Allie turned to me while still holding on to David. "Honey you must be my David's boyfriend." She held out a pudgy hand to me which I held for a second. "Damn David you sure got a cute one, big too." She squeezed David again and laughed. "Bigger is better isn't it sweetie. You don't have to tell me. Believe me I know how it works."

By this time both David and I are blushing totally.

Allie looked me over from head to foot. "Damn honey if I was thirty years younger you wouldn't make it out of the damn parking lot."

"Allie," David says, "please! I just got him to eat oats outta my hand and I don't want him running off." David winks at me from Allie's cleavage.

"David honey by the look in this studs eyes you couldn't chase him away with a stick." Then she kisses David on the forehead. "Honey Fred is waiting for me in the car and he gets really nuts if I keep him waiting." She looks at David again. "You take care of yourself sweetheart." She gives me a quick wave.

"I will Allie, nice seeing you and I'll see you at work Monday.

Allie is already starting to walk away but she turns. "Oh? Oh right honey. I guess I'll see you then." Allie trundles off apparently in the direction of Fred.

I wondered if David has caught the undertone.

I head into Walgreens and David walks down to the real estate office.

During the ride home it struck me that we had really been on a honeymoon and it was going to end Monday. David would be going back to work and while I had never really stopped working I had sure eased off. Well that was coming to a screeching halt next week. I had six customers to call on Monday and my boss was coming out to visit on Tuesday and the rest of the week was going to be just as busy. I still hadn't told David that we were pretty much expected to have my boss over for dinner on Tuesday. I had a feeling that I was gonna get yelled at.

During the next few weeks David and I move everything that really means anything to him from his house to mine or ours as it really had become. He couldn't seem to bring himself to go over to that house by himself and although he never really asked me to go with him it wasn't lost on me that he wouldn't go unless I was going to go with him.

Monday morning I woke up and David wasn't in my arms. The clock said 6:30 and I swung my legs outta bed and started looking for him. He was running around the kitchen, fixing coffee, toasting toast, frying eggs. I grabbed him and hugged him from behind.

"Are you nervous about going back?

He turned in my arms. "I guess a bit. Everything is so different now. I mean before, my job was my life or at least pretty much my life. Now you're my life. I mean I enjoy what I do but," he laid his head on my chest, "back then I didn't really know what life could be."

I kissed him. "Me too. But baby remember, no matter what happens today or tomorrow or next month, you're not alone. Whatever happens from now on it doesn't happen to just you or me it happens to us and at the end of the day we've got each other. You've got your cell phone if anything bad happens just call me and I'll come and beatem up."

David smiled.

I remembered my own appointments and took off to get my shower taken. After I was showered and shaved I walked in to the kitchen in my boxers and David was standing there all dressed. He was beautiful. He was wearing a lightweight navy blue suit, white shirt with and a burgundy and green tie. The green in the tie really made his eyes crackle.

"Wow," I said, "you look fucking great."

He looked at me shyly. "Thanks"

"How much time do you have?"

"I have leave in about ten minutes. I'll be a little early but there's probably stuff to catch up on."

I walked over to him and pushed him back gently to the counter, then I kissed him and while I was doing that I was opening his pants. He was trying to object but my tongue was down his throat. I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out of his pants and started sucking on it before he could say much. He was hard in a few seconds and I he was cumming in my mouth in about a minute.

I kissed him again and zipped up his pants. "Now maybe you won't be so tense." He started to say something and then stopped and then said, "Fuck man I gotta go." He kissed me goodbye and left. I walked into the bedroom and finished dressing and then wandered off into the living room and saw one of David's shirts laying on the floor.

I picked it up off of the floor and brought it to my nose, the shirt smelled of him and I inhaled it deeply. I laid down on the sofa and cradled his shirt against me the smell of David overwhelming me with a desire for him.

My day was totally filled with business and while I did try to keep in touch with David by cell phone it wasn't until about six o'clock that I was able to head for home. I called David and told him that I'd see him in about a half hour, he sounded tired.

When I finally walked into the kitchen David was leaning against the counter wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. He was sipping a glass of wine. I threw my suit coat over one of the chairs and walked over to David and wrapped him in my arms my face buried in his neck. I pulled my head away and kissed him.

"God I missed you today!" I was holding his head with one hand and running the fingers of my other hand through his hair.

He turned his head slightly and kissed my palm. Then he looked into my eyes. "I thought I'd go nuts with needing you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his head on my chest. "I made salads." I looked and saw them on the table along with another glass of wine.

"Handsome and talented too." I was rubbing his back. "Is the other glass of wine for me or do you have some hot stud coming over?"

"Nope babe, no hot studs. I don't have the energy." He smiled up at me. "If you're gonna take your shower why don't you take the wine with you and I'll get you some clean shorts to wear. I washed clothes when I got home.

"Sounds good." I started walking towards the bedroom. "So how was your day?"

"It was okay." He sounded tentative. "McAllister, he's the president was kinda, well I dunno, maybe distant is the best word." David was sitting on the john as I stripped down for my shower. When I slipped off my boxers David reached over and cupped my cock and balls. It didn't feel necessarily sexual and I didn't get hard.

"Geez your big!" I actually felt embarrassed.

"David come on, this isn't the first time you've seen it and there's lots of guys bigger." He let it go.

"Not that I've ever seen." I took a sip of the wine and stepped into the shower. David had a way of coming up with these out of left field comments.

"David, I've got something to tell you and I don't want you to get mad. I mean I've been kinda putting this off for the last few days."

His head was in the shower instantly. "What? Oh fuck, is this gonna be something really terrible? I quickly rinsed off and turned off the shower.

"I invited my boss to dinner tomorrow." I felt like ducking.

"Oh fuck! You had me scared." He smiled at me. "You were afraid that I'd be mad?

"Yeah, well mostly cause I put off telling you and cause it's like my boss and all. I thought you'd be pissed at me."

David was looking very selfsatisfied. "That's so cool!" He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me. I didn't have a clue what he was thinking.

"How is that cool?" I was drying myself off and then stepping into my shorts.

"It's cool that you cared." He looked at me quizzically. "You don't see that?"

"Well…..I guess. You mean you're happy cause I was worried that I'd fucked up and that you'd be pissed and the fact that I was worried meant that I cared?

"Yep. Don't worry about it sweetheart. You did good. Come on I'll feed ya."

We took our salads and wine out onto the patio and threw some steaks on the grill. The potatoes were already there.

I sat on one of the chairs on the patio while David was putting the steaks on. When he was finished he went to sit in the chair next to me but I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto my lap.

He straddled my lap facing me with his chin on my shoulder. I had my arms around him.

"I'm suffering from a serious David shortage." I whispered in his ear and then kissed his neck. "God I love holding you." I backed off a bit and lifted up his tee shirt to look at his incision. "That's looking good. Thank god."

David was looking into my eyes with his own green eyes working at full blast. "What's your bosses name?"

"Frank Connelly. You'll like him, I think." David had a little five o'clock shadow going and it was kind of turning me on. He always looks so hot.

"It sounds like you like him."

I laughed. "Yeah, I guess I do. He's really been pretty kind to me. When he was interviewing me for the job and found out that I had been an Army Ranger his attitude towards me changed. He had been a marine and even though he's in his late fifties it still shows and somehow we kind of connected." I pulled David's head down for a kiss and then rubbed his back. "I lot of people aren't aware of it but Frank has a masters from Wharton. I mean he can seem kinda gruff but he also speaks French and German fluently, the guy is no dummy. His wife Marcy is an incredibly beautiful woman for someone in their fifties and supposedly she comes from a very wealthy family. It's weird, when I see him at corporate he's like this very polished guy but when he and I are alone he reverts to being a marine. Yeah, I like him. I think I understand him."

I look into David's eyes. "God I missed you today! I held him tight and touched my forehead to his chest. "It's almost like physical pain being separated from you."

David lifted my head up and kissed me deeply. "The only thing that kept me going today was the thought of this moment." He kissed me again. "I'm totally yours Mark, I can't imagine it any other way."

"You gonna be able to deal with Frank coming here?

"Oh hell yes. Can we cook him a steak on the grill or does it have to be something fancy?"

"No steak is good. I'll stop and get some tomorrow and scotch, he likes scotch."

"Does he know about us?"

"Well, maybe."


"Well I told him that I had a roommate." I looked up a David a little sheepishly. "But I'll explain it to him tomorrow before he gets here."

David put his hands on my shoulders. "Mark, however you need to play it. If you don't think he can deal with it, then don't tell him."

I looked directly into David's eyes. "No babe, I'm telling him tomorrow. If they can deal with it that's great, if not they can go fuck themselves."

David and I ate dinner and then laid together on the chaise lounge that was on the patio. We were both starved for each other and we ended the evening with a gentle fuck that took a very long time and left both of us exhausted. Being able to fuck David without a condom really made a huge difference, I mean it's probably not for everyone but it added a whole new level to intimacy. When we finally crawled into bed and I wrapped David in my arms the feeling was so right, so totally perfect that he and I should be together, it felt like we were blessed, like even the angels would approve.

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